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Have I shocked You

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2017 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; boardroom; tease; fondle; hum; latex; femdom; acquire; transfer; owned; latex; maid; cd; fem; servant; cons/reluct; X

A brief fantasy inspired by and dedicated to my very own Queen of the High Heel, Ms Sheila Williams


“Do you like the colour?. See it’s the same as one on my toes”

The young man looked down towards the woman’s feet and sure enough the same shade of cherry red glistened from the opened toes of her polished nude coloured sandals. Sandals, which even to his eye were fashioned with terrifyingly high heels. The young man nodded.

“It is a lovely colour, quite sensual I think. Look, see how it shines against the black of your trousers”.

Now the young mans eyes widened as without invite the woman rested her slim elegant hand on his leg, settling it just to the top of his thigh, His mouth dried.

“See what I mean, it really sparkles if I do this”

The young man felt himself tremble as gently the woman fluttered her fingers against his leg.

“Don’t you think they look good? I had them done especially for today. I never have naked nails, always polished. But did you notice it is the same colour as I have on my lips?”

The young man jumped slightly as her hand rose higher up his thigh.

“Did you?”

The young man took a breath, his fingers shuffling the papers on the table.

“Did you?”

The woman repeated, her fingers tapping gently on his thigh. Now with cheeks burning the young man turned his head at a slight angle and flicked his eyes to the woman’s lips. They were smiling, warmly and knowingly and yes were glossed in the same sparkling red. The young man nodded and for the briefest of moments their eyes met for the first time.

The young man swallowed and nodded again, turning his eyes to see if anyone else from the meeting was seeing his embarrassment. But with the edge of the tables’ aid, anyone else’s view would have been obscured.

“How would you describe them?”

Again the young man swallowed, he felt the heat from her hand on his leg, he glanced up once more. His voice silenced.

“My Nails”, the woman purred in her soft American tone, “how would you describe them? sleek?… smooth?… polished?… Glossy?… Glossy, yes I like that Glossy. Do you think my nails are glossy?”

The young man took a breath and nodded.

The woman smiled, she could sense the effect she was having on the smartly dressed young man to her left .

“Don’t you have a voice darling?”. she purred, her voice seeming to lower and seep into his head like warm honey. “I know you do. You have that sexy British accent. Let me hear it. Tell me what my nails are”.

The young man felt himself flush, sweat on his brow. “G… Glossy… your nails are glossy Madam”. The woman’s fingers squeezed on his thigh, causing him to raise his eyes to meet hers. She smiled

“Madam? Oh my God that is so cute”, she whispered, her eyes dancing with light, “I just love your British accent, I could listen to it all day. Mmmm yes, I love glossy shiny things, glossy lips and glossy nails and high heels, I just love them and do you know what else I love that is glossy?”.

She paused, really not expecting any more than the slight shake of the young mans head she received. She lent in closer still.

“Latex rubber, Isn’t that wicked, I mean naughty and alittle… kinky, but Mmmm I just adore it, I love it, I love its touch and I love its smell ”.

She shifted in her seat, slightly angling her body towards the now very red face young man, her tone lowering into a hushed secretive whisper.

“Do you not think that is ever so naughty, some one of my age, liking Rubber I mean”.

Again her eyes sought out his, revelling in the clear confusion they contained as he answered her with a faint shake of the head. She smiled and squeezed his knee; the polished red of her long nails gleaming against the matt black of his dull office wear.

“I’ll tell you what else I love about Latex, the sound it makes, Mmmm I adore that soft delicate rustle and creak as it is stretched and smoothed across freshly lubricated flesh”, she felt her prey tense at the word, Flesh, a tingle passing down her spine. She continued her tone low and matter of fact.

“You see a body must be lubricated, oiled before you can put Latex on, it is that tight, that clinging, without it, well, dressing would be almost impossible. I have an imported blend of oils, which is scented with Royal Jelly and when it warms beneath the tight latex, Oh, the aroma is pure heaven”.

Now she paused, looking away to paperwork laid out on the wide boardroom table before her. The young man watching as the polished fingertips of her free hand moved over them, sliding one piece across the desk. He took a breath, a deep breath, his heart pounding freely in his chest as he felt her other hand gently caress up his thigh. She turned back to him and smiled, leaning close.

“But do you know what I Love most about Latex?… it's the way it shines when it has just been polished. You see when it is sprayed with silicone it becomes so glossy, so slick, it’s like… like wet oil, it glistens and ripples with each and every movement of the wearers body, highlighting every curve, every crease and every cute dimple. Mmmm I just adore polishing a slim young body in Latex. Feeling a body tremble beneath my touch, shiver at my slow caress, because that is what polishing Latex is, a slow deliberate caress, a caress of every inch of a body, every millimetre and every detail”.

She gazed straight into his wide dark eyes, “I could polish my girls all day”

She paused, her eyes guiding his to the two stunning women who stood to one side of the room. The woman’s Assistants, blonde, tanned, long legged, and exquisitely elegant, were as beautifully figured and made up as any catwalk or magazine model and seemed to be looking straight at him, a knowing glint in their richly made up eyes.

“Do you find that… shocking?”

The young man remained silent, he could feel his face glowing with embarrassment and confusion, his mouth dry.

“Young Man?”

Still the young man, barely out of high school remained silent, his voice lost in a tangle of bewildered emotions. But it was a silence the woman would not accept.

“Young Man!” her voice was little more than a raised whisper but its tone was sharper, demanding. “Do you find that shocking?”

“N….. n.. no, Madame”

“Oh really?” The woman sighed, tilting her head to regain control of his eyes “I do not shock you?”

“N…no Madame”.

“Then perhaps I must try harder”.

The woman smiled and turned away her hand slipping from his thigh as she addressed the group around the table.

“Gentlemen, I am prepared to sign, everything is very much to my liking.”

Swiftly a file of papers was placed before the woman, who without reading signed her elegant signature at the bottom before sliding it sideways to the young man.

“Please counter sign Andrew”, The young mans grey haired employer guided.

The young man from accounts, straight out of college, had been surprised at being such an integral part of what was a multi-million pound investment deal, but had been proud to be a part of it and so with a slight shake of his hand, placed his name clearly beside the woman’s, before he too was instructed to pass it on to Ms Richmond, his employers Executive secretary opposite.

The woman smiled and without another acknowledgment to the group turned back to her young man.

“Now, Shock you, yes. What if I were to tell you I have just acquired something I have always dreamt of owning. A new kind of assistant, one who will be on my personal staff back home in Los Angeles. Not an assistant like my girls here, not for business, but one for more… personal duties. A Maid in fact… No? not that exciting yet? ”,

The woman smiled, her eyes flickering with excitement.

“Okay, Let me explain. My home is up in the Hills, beautiful views over the city, warm sunny and peaceful, but I have never really had a Maid, not a personal Maid. I mean I have staff, housekeepers and gardeners and such, but I have never been truly happy with any of my past Maids. I could not think why, I mean they were all beautiful and attentive, but there was always something missing and then one day as I was surfing around and purely by accident I found this site, here in England, that specialises in Maids Uniforms, but not just any uniforms, Uniforms made from… Latex Rubber. My God, that was it, how could I have missed it. I mean my girls wear Latex occasionally, when appropriate, but it was obvious. Latex, Latex, My Maid would be able to wear Latex and nothing but Latex for me all the time. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine wearing nothing but Latex all day…. and ….night”

The woman’s eyes flickering with excitement, scanned the face of the flushed young man beside her, as, without looking, she brought up the sites page onto the Laptop screen before them. She felt her young mans leg tremble.

“This site had everything…”, Her tone was matter of fact, “… Long dresses, short dresses, really short dresses, all colours, frills no frills, high neck low neck, gloves, caps, aprons everything, underwear, I mean everything and I think I bought two of everything, cost a fortune, well not my fortune, but a heck of a lot, had it all shipped over. They even had this long Victorian uniform, Black, really high necked, long sleeved, floor length, trimmed with white lace, that had 4 matching petticoats underneath. About 900 Dollars. I almost did not buy it, not because of the cost, but because it would be really heavy and hot to wear in the California sun. But I just loved it though. Classic British Victorian style, so elegant and proper. I mean It is so beautiful, so I bought 3, two black and one in brilliant neon Pink and besides I thought, why should I worry about the heat, I ain’t going to be the one inside it.”

She paused, closing the screen, as another document was passed, she placed her glasses on and after a quick scan nodded her approval, before returning her sparkling green eyes to the young man beside her.

“So all I needed to do then was find the right candidate for the position. The perfect starting place, from which to create my perfect Maid. You see, I intend her not only to be my maid, but to be a living, breathing work of art. An example of feminine perfection in every way, from the tips of her toes to the last curl of her lashes. She will be perfect. Do you understand young man? Perfect. She will be exquisitely made up, a masterpiece of beauty, every detail of her eyes and lips must be refined and defined, I will accept nothing but perfection at all times, because she will be a reflection of me. Her body will be sculpted and flawless, She will have long, long legs and a slim waist, Flat toned stomach and in time shall have pretty, delicate, up turned breasts, tipped with copper nipples that shall stiffen to the touch of my slow polishing caress. Yes she will be perfection, because if she is not perfection, she will be….. punished”.

She paused letting the word hang in the air

“Young man….. Do I shock you?

The young man swallowed, he knew she could feel his legs tremble beneath her softly controlling touch. “N…. No Madame, you don’t”

“Really?, really truly? Then…. I shall try harder”,

She slowly and deliberately licked her lips, her eyes darting about his blush red face.

“What if I were to tell you something else….. a secret maybe, yes a secret, what if I were to tell you……”,

She lent closer still, her lips inches from his ear, her breath on his cheek.

“…..that My girls were not always girls and that My girls…… were once…. boys. Boys, Just ….like… you”

The woman's heart leapt as she felt the young mans leg tense beneath her touch.

“You see, I do not need any more money, I do not invest to gain wealth, I invest to gain….. pretty playthings, pretty feminine playthings… Like You”.

The cool, American beauty felt her heart flutter with delight, as confusion and uncertainty flooded her young mans face.

“Gentlemen”, She turned from the young man, back to the group, “may I address the clarity of clause 69, paragraph 12 of the transfer document”. She squeezed the young mans knee.

There was a shuffling of papers.

The head of the young mans company cleared his throat, “No, no dispute Ms Williams” he said, looking over the top of his glasses, “employee transfer document Signed by yourself and countered by myself, Ms Richmond and named employee Andrew Watson, the young man to your left. No I see no flaws in it at all. In Fact I must say, Congratulation Andrew on signing such a comprehensive contract. It is a shame you are leaving us after such a brief time, however I believe Ms Williams is offering you a very bright and secure future on her personal staff in California”.

“Thank you Mr Johnson”. The woman said, before returning her gaze to the stunned young man beside her. She smiled,

“Now young man…… Have I shocked you?”

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