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Family Secrets

by Foreverdm

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© Copyright 2009 - Foreverdm - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; vacbed; electroplay; caught; F/m; oral; sex; toys; con/reluct; X

Something very interesting happened to me one stormy night during what I thought was a private session. This is the scenario, being somewhat imaginative I create a lot of my bondage gear. One piece of equipment happened to be a homemade vacbed made out of ½” pvc pipe and plastic drop cloth. I have tested this unit multiple times each time making more and more strict.

The night has come, its dark, rainy, thunderstorms all around and my wife is working late. The opportunity knocked and I answered. I pulled out the vacbed, clear plastic with a nose hole and my homemade mouth dildo. This dildo goes into my mouth and sticks out of the plastic about 4”, having a hollow center for breathing in case my nose gets covered. The only thing i've found for stimulation that works is an e-stim unit so I place the miniplug in my ass and the two rings are slid over my penis. I set the electronic timer hooked to the shopvac for 30min with it turning on in 5, knowing full well that I would orgasm at least twice during that period with the e-stim.

Having things set I slid into the bed, ran the wires to the tens unit outside turning it halfway and I almost lost it right there but I kept going. Tucked the excess plastic under me to create a seal, and placed the dildo/breather/gag into my mouth and waited. I could hear the thunder outside, rain rolling down off the roof, I thought to myself what a long 5 minutes. Just then the shopvac kicked on and I was slowly enclosed into my plastic tomb.

As the first orgasm crested quickly I thought I could never take 30 minutes of this. I tested my bonds and could not move even an inch. I was deprived of sight sound and speaking. I started to dream, wondering what it would like stuck like this, sort of like han solo in return of the jedi frozen in carbonite, when I thought I felt a hand. Yes it was, a hand running up my thigh, feeling me through the plastic. Was my wife home? Shouldn’t be for another hour.

My penis began to feel as if it was on fire, the tens unit was being turned up… who is doing this??? I shout into my gag and it instantly get covered… i couldn’t breath through my nose or mouth. I struggled and then gasped for air when the hand removed itself. I felt someone kneel down and I could hear them through the plastic… whispering… ”interesting setup you have here… does your wife know your interests?”

I forced out a mumbled no…. listening carefully to try to figure out the voice. “well what happens here will be our little secret won't it?... you will not tell her or I will give away your little secret”

I figured it out… oh my god… it was my wife's sister. I began to struggle to be let out, she all but maxed out the tens unit and I just froze inside, sensory overload. She told me to let it happen and stop struggling or there will be punishment that I could never imagine.

I felt her move around and slide herself down on the dildo… my breathing becoming more and more unstable as I inhaled through my nose. She began sliding up and down, up and down… turning my tens unit all but off allowing just a little stimulation. Not being able to move and breathing restricted I began to panic again. She slapped me on the face through the plastic making a very loud cracking sound. “I told you not to struggle”

As I take deep breaths through my nose I began inhaling liquid… could it be?????... i couldn’t swallow quick enough… she was peeing in my mouth and trickling around the dildo. About halfway through the tens unit was being increased gradually.

“You like this you little bondage whore don’t you”

I couldn’t help but mumble yes Mistress. She continued up and down on the dildo, almost bring my head off the ground and slamming it back. As she got closer to orgasm her pussy got closer to my nose almost snuffing out all air available. She came so hard her legs squeezed my head almost making me pass out. She turned the tens unit off and layed next to me. “Our secret right”

I mumbled, “Yes mistress”, my body completely exhausted, hardly struggling at all. I mumbled through the gag a simple question, “did you turn my timer off?”

She dragged her fingers down my chest and around my penis… ”Yes but I will turn it back on… by my account my sister will be home in about 45minutes… I like the 30 minute timer, what do you think?”

I mumbled “Cutting it close isn’t it”

“Oh you have no idea”… she reaches down sets the timer and puts my tens unit to max. I hear her giggle and kiss me on the cheek.

My body completely engulfed with sweat, twitching, convulsing and complete ecstasy begins to shut itself down. I cramp up and cannot move, my penis is now rock hard and cannot go limp, i'm on my 5th orgasm in an hour. I begin to wonder how much my body can take… I feel as if my penis is now cuming blood, painful yet severely pleasurable. I hear a loud crack of thunder and the shopvac shuts down.

Did we lose electricity?

Oh sweet heaven great.

Just as I began sliding myself out, pools of sweat dripping off me, the electricity kicked back on trapping me once again. Oh no a scenario I hadn’t thought about. Would it the timer reset to thirty minutes or just stay on? My genitals now having lost all feeling is laying quite limp. What seemed like days I finally begin to feel my lower half… again with the touching up the inner thigh.

Oh my god… my wifes home… I scream into the gag to let me out… she begins rubbing my raw penis through the plastic. I feel the sharp pains cease as the tens unit is shut off but am having trouble breathing… why… why cant I breath I begin to gasp as my wife now rides the dildo... might I say quite hard, smothering my nose.

As she cums and I feel faint… I hear clicking of a razor blade opening. Like a surgeon my wife begins cutting around my penis.. she reaches in and pulls it outside the vacbed and begins slowly licking it, sucking it and stroking it. The vacbed holds strong and amazingly I begin to get erect, the shear pain from the erectness almost makes me black out but she slides it into her pussy and rides the rod with such vigor it almost broke (if it could do that)

Upon completion and climbing out the bag my wife explains to me that this was a interesting turn of events and she wishes for more things like this. I smiled, knowing full well I would definitely continue. We kissed and talked and I jumped in the shower to take away my soreness. I jumped on the computer to look at email much later in the evening and found one from her sister.

“Take a look at the pictures, I think they turned out great!!”

“My sister and I talked while you were in the shower slave... it has come to our attention that you need more discipline and I explained that I would be more than willing to help”

“With that said, we expect that next week you will tied spread eagle on the bed with a ring gag, vibrating butt plug and a cock ring”

I glance at the pictures and quickly delete them. A grin comes across my face……what an interesting family.


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