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Jessica Darling 2: You Call This 'Model Behaviour'?

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; corset; catsuit; caramel; statue; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 1

Chapter 2: You Call This 'Model Behaviour'?

Jessica thought it was a little odd when Antonia mentioned she had reserved a limo to take Jessica to the gala, especially since the winery's banquet facilities on the estate was only about a mile away from the house. But given the tightness of Jessica's skirt and the somewhat limited mobility it and the corset allowed, she understood as Antonia and helped her settle into the car and send her on her way.

It took only a few moments to reach the winery's banquet hall, although it took a few moments of waiting in line before the limo was able to stop in front of the entrance. The driver and the hall's doorman each offered Jessica an outstretched hand to help her out of the car, and up the short flight of steps into the building. True to the nature of the event, the doorman was dressed in a full PVC tuxedo, complete with white PVC shirt and black PVC bow tie.

As Jessica entered the main reception area, she surveyed it in an attempt to locate the official event greeters. As this event was 'by invitation only', the planning committee had indicated that attendees needed to present their invitations to the official greeters before being allowed into the event. It didn't take long for Jessica to find the greeters.

Both women, twins, looked as if they had been carved out of a solid block of caramel. "Or it was poured over them" Jessica considered. The only parts of their bodies that were not covered were their heads and arms from the shoulders down to their fingertips. Their torsos, from their middle of their breasts down to the point just above their sex, that sensual intersection where legs and torso meet to form a 'y', were meticulously sculpted to resemble what Jessica assumed were their natural contours. However, from that point to the floor, the caramel had a chunky, flowing, 'goopy' appearance as it if had been poured and then quickly cooled. No part of their legs or feet could be seen emerging anywhere from the blocks.

Jessica reached the greeter to her left and handed her the 'complimentary' invitation she had received for agreeing to donate her winery's facilities for the event.

"AH... Good evening Ms. Darling!" the greater gushed. "So lovely to have you attend this evening's gala. I've been instructed to convey the sincere appreciation of the planning committee and the chairwoman for allowing us the use of your winery this evening!"

"You're most welcome" Jessica politely responded, having a difficult time keeping her eyes from scanning the carameled greeter. "I must say that is certainly an 'interesting' dress you have on my dear. At some point this evening you must tell me how it was made."

"Thank you Ms. Darling. It is no dress it is what it appears to be… caramel. Courtesy of Madam Crème Brulée!" the greeter replied.

Seeing the line behind her binding up, Jessica let the matter drop and moved into the hall and out of the main flow of traffic. "Crème Brulée..." Jessica knew the name but had to query her mental database to recall where she had encountered it.

"Jessica!!!" a loud soprano voice squealed. "Jessica!!!! It's soooo good to see you!!!"

Jessica turned to see her friend, Heather Jensen, come running up to her just before she wrapped both arms around Jessica in a tight hug.

"Ooof... Good to see you too Heather" Jessica managed to squeak out before the porn star released her grip on her.

"I was hoping you would show tonight! You've not been out to your usual haunts in ages and a few of us were beginning to worry!" Heather had been harassed a while back by a secretive stalker who eventually kidnapped the 23 year old starlet and the studio hired Jessica to take care of the matter. The studio couldn't afford to have the number one adult entertainer in the industry not be able to 'produce' because of what turned out to be some obsessed senior VP at a computer conglomerate who couldn't separate his fantasy life from the reality of his crumbling marriage to a trophy wife hooked on plastic surgery. Ever since, Jessica had been 'adopted' by Heather and her entourage. Which meant that at least a couple of times a month, Jessica ended up invited to some party somewhere that gave her an excuse to wear something from her 'special occasions' wardrobe.

"I heard about you and Alexandra" Heather consoled her friend, referring to Jessica's recent relationship failure with Lady Alexandra. "She wasn't right for you dear, we all knew it. You're better off for it."

Jessica had hoped she could get through the evening without having to be reminded of Lady Alexandra, and although Heather was right in her assessment that Alexandra wasn't right for Jessica, she couldn't help but let the thought "but somebody is better than nobody" creep into her consciousness. Fortunately, Heather quickly changed the subject.

"Did you see those greeters?!! Aren't they amazing?" Heather tuned to stare at the caramel-coated twins. "I wonder if that's really caramel?"

"The one on the right says it is…" Jessica replied “told me that it's the work of someone named ‘Crème Brulée’ or something like that. I've heard that name somewhere but can't for the life of me remember where."

"I'd heard she was doing some of the decorations for this event" Heather confirmed. "You remember Brulée, she's that hot commodity in the celeb-decorating industry at the moment. Does all these incredible sculptures of models, actresses, singers… you know… celebrities. I've been hoping to get a chance to meet her myself and see if she'll do a sculpture of me or something."

Heather had created the association in Jessica's brain that allowed her to retrieve her known data points on one Ms. Crème Brulée:

Successful owner/CEO small, independent candy/pastry/confections company Attractive Ruthless businesswoman Shoulder-length, brunette Confirmed lesbian, self announced Dominant in relationships - rumored “lipstick” lesbian Extravagant Known for wearing high heels (5” or higher) both boots and spikes Always seen wearing diamonds of some type Early – mid 40s Trim, fit Well kept physically
If plastic surgery, was done by best in world Calls herself the “confectioner to the stars” Highly detailed confections/products for major events/parties Reputation for creating items/substances that don’t appear to be possible Persistent rumors that she is only 'show-woman' someone else is behind her artworks/creations Artist/Creative/Entrepreneurial spirit Very successful – creates attraction for stars/celebrities Known for flash, high profile demonstrations/productions Creates highly detailed, highly suggestive celebrity statues/sculptures Big hit initially with adult film stars Becoming more popular with more 'mainstream' celebrities Posing for her is sign of high status/position in person's profession Statues highly sought after amongst collectors Unknown background Not trained in any of the classic cooking schools No traceable internships in restaurants Suddenly emerged on scene

"Maybe she'll do a statue of you too!" Heather giggled as she pressed one of Jessica's breasts through the corset and gave it a soft caress. "Especially if she sees you in that corset! You look incredible! Sure you don't what me to play with one of those rings of yours? It would be easy to get to seeing as how you're practically spilling out that thing!" Heather good humorously teased her friend.

Heather's fondling snapped Jessica out of her business world and back to the event. "Come on! I know you've got to have a great seat for this Ms. Winery Owner! Let's go get some food and watch the auction!" Heather started to pull Jessica into the now filling dining room with such enthusiasm that Jessica was afraid her friend would pop one of the buckles that kept the entire front of her bright yellow second-skin latex mini-dress closed.

It took some time for the two to get themselves settled into their seats, each having been stopped numerous times by both friends and business associates. And Heather was right: Jessica had a small, private, table set at the front of the room where she and her friend had a clear view of the proceedings. After the standard greetings and messages of 'thanks' and 'let's raise lots of money' speeches, the time had come for the celebrity auction. The auction itself consisted of numerous items that had been donated by various celebrities, all with the intent of raising more money from the guests at the gala to send to the relief efforts abroad.

Jessica had no real intention of bidding on anything, despite the best efforts of Heather to force her hand up whenever something Heather labeled as: 'Jessica, you really need that' arrived on the auction block. In fact, Jessica was just planning on making her way back to the entry way and see if she couldn't find out more about how the two twin greeters were created when it was announced that the final item was up for bidding. An explosion of lights and smoke and music erupted in the room, as the final item was announced as "A very special, certified one-of-a-kind, artistic masterpiece from none other than..." and before the Master of Ceremonies could shout out the name, onto the stage came one Madame Brulée announcing herself to the entire hall.

Clad in a semi-transparent full body black latex catsuit that looked slicker than anything either Jessica or Heather had ever seen, complete with integrated waist cincher and shod in what had to be 6" platform thigh-high boots, Bruléevpranced out onto the stage reveling in the applause of the gathered crowd. "Damn, if I didn't know any better I'd say she was a drag queen..." Jessica whispered to Heather who giggled as she applauded with the masses.

As Brulée continued to play up to the crowd, blowing kisses, waving to certain people she recognized, Jessica watched as several latex-clad women pushed a large item covered with what appeared to be a velvet cover onto the stage. For a moment Jessica paused that the stage would break, but realized that the wine casks for the tasting parties the winery held every spring and fall had to weigh more than whatever was under the cover as Brulée's assistants placed whatever it was center stage behind Brulée.

"Ooooh... Jessica! That must be her latest sculpture! I can't wait to see who it is!" Heather squealed. Jessica knew that Heather had her eye on acquiring one of Brulée's pieces for some time, but even for someone as successful as Heather, the price was always out of her reach.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!!!" Brulée finally commanded Jessica's attention... "I am genuinely pleased to be invited to be here for your wonderful gala! And I’m especially pleased to be able to bring my latest work with me as the final piece to be auctioned off here tonight!" A loud round of applause rose up from the crowd as Brulée noted it was her newest piece.

"And I am sure it will fetch an incredible pile of money. Her last sculpture went in the six figures." Heather leaned over and whispered to Jessica.

Brulée continued to work the crowd, telling them how much it meant to her to be accepted by the community after so many years of struggling to make ends meet as a young artist "blah, blah, blah" Jessica thought until she finally leaned over and whispered to her porn starlet friend, "All this 'history' is total bullshit! Nobody has any idea where she came from."

"I heard she escaped from eastern Europe while all the ethnic cleansing was going on and made her living drawing caricatures as a street artist in Berlin". Heather's eyes never left the spectacle that was Brulée in full self-promotion mode.

"And so... It is with tremendous pride... and great humility that I offer my latest work to you all tonight! I hope it brings a price worthy of the effort that went into creating it!" Brulée began to build up to the unveiling...

"Jeez! Has an ego doesn't she?" Jessica snorted half to her applauding friend and half to anyone in range to hear the comment "who's she kidding? 'a price worthy of the effort? What a...'" Jessica didn't get a chance to finish her derisive comment before a loud bang of pyrotechnics and recorded fanfare erupted over the room's stereo system.

"Ladies! Gentlemen! I offer up for your approval! MODEL BEHAVIOUR!!!" With impeccable timing, the latex clad assistants in unison pulled, and the cover dropped off the sculpture. There was a moment of stunned silence before the audience erupted in thunderous applause and rose to their feet.

Jessica stood up, not as part of what had become a 'Brulée Admiration Society' meeting but to get a better look at the creation sitting approximately 7 feet in front of her and Heather. Standing there, inside what appeared to be a solid block of crystal, was a life-sized sculpture of Linda Cardinalli. The statue showed the supermodel in the act of pleasuring herself, with one hand caressing her breast and the other placed between her legs, most obviously in the process of fingering herself to orgasm. The statue itself was a pure white, no marbling, no striations, no visible defects of any type, at least from what Jessica could determine from where she stood.

"Oh my God!!!" Heather squealed. "Jessica! I LOVE IT!!! It looks so real!!!" Heather mimicked the pose, placing her left hand on her breast and then, reaching under the hem of her mini-dress, she placed her right hand between her legs and pretended to masturbate. "Mmmmm... yeah.... Jessica... yeah... that's how I'd look doing it..." Heather mock-moaned to Jessica.

Jessica couldn't help but roll her eyes and giggle at her friend. "Well, if anyone knows what it looks like when you masturbate, it'd be you Heather!" Jessica whispered back, eliciting a reply in the form of a 'raspberry' from Heather.

The MC finally managed to regain control of the stage and the microphone from Brulée and then regained control of the audience to begin the bidding process. It didn't take long before the bids reached, and then broke the six figure barrier. But from there, the bids slowly rose until they appeared to hit a ceiling at $270,000. The MC attempted to work the bidders for more money, reminding them of the cause the money was going for, the need, etc. But the price stayed put. Until finally Brulée strode back to, and again dominated, center stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please! Take a look at the craftsmanship! Consider what goes into creating a work this detailed! If you truly believe that $270,000 truly reflects the value of this piece, then so be it!" Brulée was slowly moving around the statue, caressing it, acting as if creating had been an act of passion on Brulée's part. "But I obviously underestimated the artistic intellect and appreciation of this audience tonight! Especially considering that this is from the last modeling session Ms. Cardinalli attended before her recent disappearance!"

"What?" Jessica's radar went off. "What did she just say?" Jessica whispered to her friend.

"Huh?" Heather was too caught up in hearing the bidding continue to hear Jessica's question.

"Heather! What did Brulée just say? About Linda Cardinalli?" Jessica forcefully queried her.

"Something about this statue being the last session Cardinalli did before disappearing... I think" Heather replied "Why?"

Jessica was about to respond when a loud roar rose from the audience as the bidding broke the $300K mark. "Well, I guess computer-boy needs something other than her pictures to jack-off to" Heather snickered as she located the bidder who had just pushed the bid higher. Jessica turned and identified the bidder as the ridiculously young CEO of a computer game company based in Europe.

"Yeah" Jessica whispered back "Young, geeky... probably a virgin too. It wouldn't surprise me one bit Heather."

Finally, after a few more minutes of Brulée and the MC trying to bring the bids higher, the gavel dropped and 'Model Behaviour' went to 'Captain Geek', as Heather had labeled him, for a cost of just over $410,000 US dollars to thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

All except for Jessica, who instead stood and stared at both Brulée and the just sold statue.


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