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Jessica Darling 1: Don't Take Candy From Strangers

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; corset; boots; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  

Chapter 1: Don't Take Candy From Strangers

Jessica shifted slightly in her chair, sitting a few feet away from the three men who had contacted her about a job.

"Ms. Darling, we have a rather special problem we would like you to solve for us," Mr. Grey Suit Number 1 began. "No doubt you've been hearing through your contacts within the media of the various celebrities who have gone missing or otherwise disappeared over these past several months."

Jessica feigned interest but knew about the famous models, actresses, and singers who had in walked off the public stage in recent months. It was the disappearance of her favorite singer, Bobbi Brennan that led Jessica to consider taking this case in the first place and this subsequent meeting with the Gray Suits.

"Obviously Ms. Darling, a supermodel with the 'talent' and beauty of Linda Cardinalli represents a significant source of revenue and prestige to this firm..." Jessica tuned Mr. Grey Suit Number 2 out as she tried to piece together a list of the various movie stars, models, and singers who no longer heeded the call of their adoring fans - at least that's how the press kept describing it - over the past year or so. Near as she could tell, the number must be approaching 7 or 8 by now if you went back 2 years, which is when folks began to notice something strange.

"So Ms. Darling... do you accept our offer to take the case?"

Jessica scanned the faces of the three Gray Suits in the room, trying not to convey the incredible disdain she had for them and the way the talked about Linda Cardinalli as if she were their property instead of a beautiful young woman. After a long silence, Jessica responded: "Well, I suppose that you already know that my fee for this type of case is upwards of $1.5 million US dollars, half paid in advance and the rest upon resolution of the case?"

"We do Ms. Darling..." responded Mr. Gray Suit Number 2, obviously the money man Jessica surmised

"And that when I say 'resolution of the case' that means if I find Ms. Cardinalli dead or otherwise unable to return to your agency, I still get paid in full?"

"We do Ms. Darling..." responded Mr. Gray Suit Number 3, obviously the lawyer of the group. No doubt he'd reviewed her contract and legal verbiage numerous times to locate any loophole he could find in it so they could avoid paying her if things turned out badly. It was men and companies like this that prompted Jessica to covertly tape record every meeting she had when discussing cases and compensation in these situations.

"And you understand that I have no financial or other responsibilities to you and your agency other than finding your 'property'" - Jessica hissed 'property' for emphasis - "and relaying her status back to you?"

"Ms. Darling, let me be blunt..." Mr. Gray Suit Number 1 began, "We fully understand the terms and conditions you have outlined in your contract, and exactly how you conduct your investigations. Your reputation for results and your fierce determination to work alone has been factored into the decision of this committee to seek your assistance. The job is as we've outlined: Locate Ms. Cardinalli, determine her condition and, if possible, return her to our agency." This last statement brought a slight frown to the face of Mr. Gray Suit Number 3, but Jessica didn't care. She knew she'd be paid, or else she'd trash the agency's reputation throughout the fashion and media industries.

"Then I guess we have a deal" Jessica concluded as she stood up and approached the large mahogany table the three suits were seated behind. Almost in unison the three suits stood up and each extended a hand towards Jessica to conclude the meeting. As Jessica shook the hand of Mr. Gray Suit Number 3, she noted that he made no effort to hide his sneaking a look at Jessica's 36D breasts. "Well, its not like I didn't wear this outfit for a reason." Jessica giggled to herself as she turned to walk out of the opulent conference room, "Never hurts to distract them during business negotiations."

In actuality, Jessica rarely wore anything that she didn't enjoy wearing. In this case, she had specifically chosen to wear a favorite white leather bustier with integrated garters and sheer white nylon stockings. In a nod to 'traditional' corporate attire she wore a white silk blouse under her bustier, but kept the front unbuttoned to where the blouse was swallowed up by the restrictive leather garment. She coupled those with a pair of white 5" spike-heeled ankle boots and a matching white leather knee-length skirt, topped off by a white leather overcoat. Granted the outfit was not 'traditional' business attire in the view of the Gray Suits. but Jessica didn't exactly concern herself with traditional business etiquette.

As had been pointed out 'Ms. Darling' had a very well-established reputation for success and, after all the work that went into getting to where she was, she felt more than a little justified in doing things her way. And Jessica's way was to make an impression from the moment she entered any business negotiation. Which meant that Jessica typically wore leather to any meeting, especially when she thought it would make the 'suits' feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, but not in the same way Jessica made the valet uncomfortable when she gave him a rather generous look down her blouse as he helped her into her convertible.

By the time Jessica gunned her black Mercedes SL65 AMG out of the parking lot back towards her spacious home office, her mind had already begun to line up the facts of the case she knew to that point;

"Numerous women...

All from the entertainment industry... Beautiful, attractive, successful in their areas... Singers, actresses, and now one of the most lucrative supermodels in the industry"

"Not much to go on so far," Jessica considered as she accelerated through highway traffic, her blond hair whipping in the wind. "Come on Jessica, what else do you know..."

"All disappeared at the height of their careers, the height of their popularity...

Their careers took a major boost when they disappeared, record sales through the roof... Pictures, portfolios, final interviews, all prompting bidding wars by magazines to show the 'final' of everything... Almost anything having to do with them selling for big bucks on Internet auction sites to the standard fan-boys (or girls for that matter Jessica added)... To the point where even items created after their reported disappearance sell for major green..."

Jessica's train of thought was interrupted by a call from her loyal Lady's Maid asking if she was planning to attend the charity gala this evening at the estate's winery. It was a fetish gala being held to help garner donations from the entertainment industry to support the recent catastrophe in Russia. Jessica had to think about if she really wanted to attend or not. Jessica had graciously agreed to allow the gala to be held at the her winery, especially since she didn't have to plan and host the event "just provide the location and facilities, we'll take care of everything else" the gala's chairwoman had assured her.

Jessica found herself struggling to answer the simple question asked by her 'Lady's Maid'. Jessica had agreed to attend the gala when she still had her lover in her life, but now that she was unattached... again... she just wasn't sure she felt like it. "But... it is a fetish gala... and I've not had a reason to dress up in a while..." Jessica considered...

"I believe you need a party to liven your spirits." her maid's voice came through over the phone. Jessica smiled as she remembered what a good servant, "good friend" Jessica corrected herself, she had in Antonia.

Antonia always seemed to know exactly what Jessica needed and made sure it was there for her. Jessica thought back to when she first encountered Antonia working as a servant at the spa in northern Italy she had retreated to after a difficult case, and another failed romance. She had quickly developed a rapport with the young Italian girl to the point where Jessica demanded that the spa assign Antonia to Jessica's beck and call during her two week stay. Antonia was always there first thing in the morning when Jessica awoke, always magically appeared whenever Jessica needed something during the day, and was the last person Jessica saw when she went to bed at night as Antonia would turn down the bed after helping Jessica get undressed. After running through several servants over the previous year, and being somewhat taken with the girl, Jessica felt that Antonia might just be what she required in a dedicated and reliable Lady's Maid. So, she made Antonia an offer she couldn't refuse and brought her back with her, setting her up in the house on Jessica's winery estate.

"OK Antonia, you win" Jessica responded, "I'll go, if only to make you feel better about me not working too much." She knew it was pointless to argue with Antonia, as she had probably already laid out just the right outfit for the gala.

"I am so glad you see it my way Mistress Jessica. And I've taken the liberty to lay out a most wonderful outfit for you to wear this evening. I will have it in your dressing room when you arrive." And with that, Antonia was gone.

Jessica continued to ponder the facts of the case as she wrestled her way through the metropolitan traffic that had caused her to flee the city and purchase a quiet estate in the country, well away from the area. The estate was once a winery, having fallen into some disrepair over recent years as the conglomerates took over the industry. However, Jessica liked the land and the main house so she purchased it and had decided to set about rehabilitating the winery and try her hand at being a 'cottage' industry. Her timing, as usual in business, was impeccable. The estate had just finished its first vintage when the public rediscovered the allure of the smaller private wineries and came out like buzzing bees to any estate that had its own wine to sell. Thus, over the past two or three years, the estate had brought in enough money to expand and to continue to restore those parts that had not been essential to getting the place running to make wine in the first place. Jessica had never really thought, until Antonia mentioned after a difficult case, that the estate would make a good 'retirement' activity once Jessica got out of the private investigations business.

It was about two hours later when Jessica finally rolled her jet black roadster into the garage and parked it next to the Ducati she occasionally took to tour the winery grounds and on weekend trips through the area. True to form, Antonia had set out a chilled glass of Jessica's favorite white wine, produced on the estate naturally, on the table in the hallway leading from the garage to the main house. Taking the glass, Jessica made her way through the house, her spike heels announcing her presence to the entire abode by their distinctive 'clack-clack-clack-clack' on the tiled floor of the foyer before she worked her way up the winding staircase to the upper floors and her bedroom where Jessica heard the sound of water emanating from her bath suite.

"Welcome home Mistress. Jessica!" came Antonia's voice as she made her way from the bath suite towards Jessica. It had taken a while, but Jessica had trained herself not to jump whenever Antonia managed to appear from nowhere. As with all good Lady's Maids, Antonia excelled at staying in the periphery until the exact moment a need of her Mistress arose, at which point she would appear to assist in whatever manner required.

"It went just fine Antonia. They gave me the job with no strings attached, as I knew they would." Jessica confirmed as Antonia began to help Jessica unzip her skirt and unhook her stockings. It was a seamless, well-practiced operation that Antonia had insisted on helping Jessica with from the moment she arrived in the investigator's home. Before long, Antonia had helped Jessica out of her stockings, bustier, and blouse, leaving Jessica standing in front of her servant in her white lace g-string.

"I'm glad they hired you Mistress. These disappearances are causing me concern." Antonia commented as she led Jessica into the master bath suite. "One of my favorite soap opera actresses is missing and the actress they brought in to replace her is not as pretty."

Jessica snickered at Antonia's comment: "Antonia, you don't watch soap operas."

"True Mistress, but that does seems to be one of the concerns of some of the staff." Antonia stated as she reached the large bathtub placed in the windowed alcove of the suite and shut off the faucet that had been working to fill it since Jessica had first set foot in the house.

"Well... I will try to solve this one quickly so none of the staff will have to suffer the loss of another of their soap opera favorites then..." Jessica giggled as she slipped out of her g-string and took Antonia's outstretched hand to steady herself as she stepped over the rim of the large tub and began to settle down into the hot, scented water.

Antonia smiled at Jessica's promise to solve the case quickly for the staff as she placed several bath towels in the warming cabinet next the tub so they would be warm for when her when Jessica was done with her bath. "The stylist will arrive here in exactly an hour to fix Mistress' hair for the gala. So you have a few moments to relax if you wish."

"Thank you Antonia." Jessica had settled down into the water's warm embrace, and leaned back to rest her head on the tub's edge before Antonia gently lifted her head with one hand, and placing a rolled-up hand towel between Jessica's head and the tub before she gently eased her Mistress' head onto the make-shift pillow. "mmmm..." was the only other sound to come out of Jessica's mouth as she let the bath lap away the day's stress.

After what seemed like only a few moments had slipped by, Jessica suddenly twitched as she felt a pair of hands softly begin to run through her shoulder length blond hair. "I really wish my Mistress wouldn't drive so fast with the top down..." Antonia's soft voice, still slightly tinted with her native Italian, quickly let Jessica know that she had dozed off for several minutes and this was Antonia's subtle way of reminding her that she needed to get moving if she was going to make the gala on time. Jessica quickly slid down into the water, going completely under for a few moments before raising back up and wiping her eyes and face with her hands. "But it was so beautiful outside Antonia! Seemed like a waste to put the top up."

"I understand Mistress, but it leaves your hair in such knots." Antonia admonished as she set about washing Jessica's hair. This was one of Jessica's simple pleasures, having Antonia wash her hair whenever she was stressed and needed relaxation.

With her hair washed and rinsed, Jessica quickly washed her face and body, stopping only long enough to take her half-finished glass of wine from Antonia's hand when offered and have a sip or two. And then again she took Antonia's waiting hand, stepped from the tub and was quickly wrapped in a warm bath sheet to dry. Jessica had come to see this as another simple pleasure ever since Antonia introduced it to her at that spa in Italy. Jessica had just finished a mudbath and been rinsed off by Antonia when she quickly wrapped a heated towel around her "To keep Ms. Jessica warm in the cool breeze" was how she explained it. After that, Jessica had a heating cabinet installed in her bath and had looked forward every morning to warm bath towels ever since.

The rest of the preparations went by quickly; The stylist arrived promptly as scheduled, Jessica's hair was dried and styled, her makeup applied. Jessica was particularly satisfied with the way the makeup had been used to accent her ice-blue eyes. Jessica's blond hair had been loosely pulled up into a bun on the back of her head and held in place with with two white lacquered Japanese chopsticks. The stylist warned Jessica that all she had to do was pull those out and her hair would come tumbling down, "so be careful." Jessica thanked her, and didn't comment that she had her hair done in this style several times and knew how to take care of it.

A manicure and pedicure followed, with one person on each limb since time was running short, and was completed with each finger and toenail painted in a pale pink polish. Jessica liked the color, one of her favorites, but was curious over Antonia's instructions to the technicians that they apply that specific color for this evening.

Satisfied with everything, Jessica returned upstairs to the bedroom to find Antonia waiting for her at the entrance to Jessica's dressing parlor. "I have something special for you this evening Mistress!" Antonia beamed at her mistress' appearance. Antonia had often said that Jessica looked particularly attractive with her hair up rather than down about her shoulders, or in a ponytail as she typically wore it on weekends, so it was little surprise to Jessica that the stylist Antonia selected had finished her hair in accordance with her Lady's Maid's wishes. Led by Antonia to the corner of the parlor, Jessica sat down in the red velvet chair and waited while Antonia brought out her 'suggestions' for the evening's attire.

Antonia quickly returned carrying a long, white, fish-tail skirt made out of a medium-weight latex. It had been custom measured and fitted for Jessica during a recent trip to Europe and hadn't been worn yet. Jessica had modeled it for Antonia after her Lady's Maid insisted on it the moment Antonia unpacked it from Jessica's bag. It fit like a glove and helped to call attention to Jessica's tight figure. Antonia had already polished it's entire length to an iridescent shine, but had set out a bottle of gloss just in case it got smudged while wrestling it onto Jessica's naked body.

"Well, guess I won't be needing panties then!" Jessica commented as Antonia laid out the skirt in front of her. The skirt was tight enough that even Jessica's usual g-string underwear would leave noticeable lines. Antonia laughed and disappeared into the wardrobe, quickly returning with a pair of semi-transparent white latex thigh-high stockings, placing them on the dressing table next to Jessica before again disappearing into the wardrobe. The next time Antonia appeared she deposited a pair of white latex opera gloves. "Aren't you forgetting something Antonia?" Jessica laughed as her maid disappeared one more time into the wardrobe.

"No Mistress, just saving it for last!" Antonia responded as she emerged cradling in both arms a beautiful, strapless, pink and white heavy latex corset. The background was the same pale pink color as the shade Jessica was carrying on her finger and toenails, with a white brocade floral pattern delicately placed on top. Jessica had not seen it before, but could tell from its appearance that it wasn't one of your 'buy it from an Internet sex-shop' corsets. Jessica stood up as Antonia offered the article to her. She examined it closely, noting the heavy boning and elegant lacing pattern on the back. There was no tag telling her where this marvelous item came from or whom had made it. Finally, Jessica had to ask her Lady's Maid where it came from as it certainly wasn't one that Jessica remembered buying.

"I had it custom made especially for you Mistress. I wanted a gift worthy of the Mistress who took me into her home and who continues to take such good care of me. You treat me with dignity and respect, and it is more than I ever would have had in Italy. I hope it meets with your satisfaction, as it was the only gift I could think of that my Mistress Jessica did not have."

Jessica stammered for the words. "I... I..." but the tears that had begun to well up in her eyes said more to her faithful Lady's Maid than anything. She finally, softly, responded "It's beautiful Antonia. I don't know what to say..."

A smile that brightened up the room appeared on Antonia's face as she retrieved a tissue to dab the tears in Jessica's eyes. "You mustn't cry Mistress, it wouldn't do for you to arrive at the gala with red puffy eyes."

Antonia needn't have worried. Jessica quickly broke into a fit of laughter and embraced her as the only satisfactory gesture Jessica could think of to thank her for the wonderful gift.

Jessica dropped her satin robe to the floor and began to test-fit the corset by placing it up against her torso and breasts. It fit her perfectly, even having a little extra lining in the cups to cushion the small platinum rings Jessica wore in each nipple. Jessica was about to ask how Antonia had gotten the measurements without her becoming suspicious, but she quickly realized that Antonia would have known them by heart after the numerous times she had accompanied Jessica on her shopping trips. Jessica continued to marvel at her gift, wrapping it around her waist and turning several times to see it in the mirrors from every angle before Antonia reminded her that she needed to start getting dressed if she was to arrive at the gala by a fashionable time. Jessica smiled, and handed the corset back to her maiden, so the two could set about getting Jessica dressed and immaculate for the evening.

The latex stockings went on first, with Antonia helping to smooth out any wrinkles and watching for any bunching as Jessica padded around the room to help them settle onto her legs. Next came the long, heavy skirt. This took a coordinated effort from the two of them as it was very tight around Jessica's hips, ass, and thighs. But after several moments of effort, Jessica had poured herself into the flowing creation and Antonia zipped it up.

The corset came next; Antonia wrapped it around Jessica's torso as Jessica held it in place, and moved around to the back and laced it up. Jessica had several corsets in her wardrobe, ones that she wore on a regular basis and ones like this one that were only for 'special' occasions. So Jessica knew the routine well, 'suck in', 'hold your breath', 'stretch a little here', stretch a little there'. She sucked in her stomach one last time as she felt Antonia's final hard pull to cinch the laces as tightly as possible before tying them off and securing them.

Jessica sauntered over to the three way mirror in the corner of her dressing room and admired the outfit Antonia had created for her. "It's stunning" Antonia confirmed as Jessica turned again and again, a smile never leaving her face. The corset had a dip that reached down 3/4 of the way between her breasts, and the height of the corset's cups barely reached an inch or so above her nipples.

"Just a few more items Mistress, I thank you for being patient." Antonia apologized as she brought Jessica back over to the wardrobe and handed her the opera gloves. As with the stockings, Antonia helped her Mistress pull them on and smooth them out until it looked as if they had been painted onto Jessica's arms and hands.

Antonia apologized as she scurried into the wardrobe again and quickly returned with a pair of white vinyl boots that, once laced, would reach halfway up Jessica's calves. They had 6" spike heels and were polished to a mirror-like shine. Jessica rarely wore anything but spikes and never wore platform heels. She just never thought they were as attractive on her as other shoes. Antonia quickly fitted them onto Jessica's feet and laced them up, taking time to smooth out Jessica's stockings before hand just to ensure that there wasn't any bunching between the boot and Jessica's leg that could cause her Mistress any discomfort over the evening.

Finally, Antonia helped Jessica over to her jewelry cabinet and fitted the five-row diamond choker around Jessica's neck and then added the matching three row bracelet to her right wrist. Antonia followed with a set of diamond drop earrings, before she applied the final touch of a pair of lightly mirrored, clear lens, rimless glasses that Jessica liked to wear. Jessica hadn't needed glasses ever since she had the laser surgery to correct her minor nearsightedness, but she still liked how they added to her appearance so they were fitted with non-corrective lenses and worn whenever Jessica had the desire.

Antonia stood in front of Jessica and after several moments finally whispered... "You look wonderful Mistress!" Jessica could only smile in response as Antonia led her out of the dressing room and down the stairs to the waiting limo.



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