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Jessicka's New Role

by Lastdirewolf

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© Copyright 2014 - Lastdirewolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; furry; latex; encase; bond; hood; corset; gag; gasmask; breathplay; toys; insert; machine; tease; torment; denial; cons/nc; X

Author's Note: An alcoholic and pot-headed Earth-based plague-demoness gets in over her head with a Dominatrix-Anthropomorphic mouse who is surprisingly more equipped with bondage gear and a domineering attitude than the demoness expected. Guess who wins?

Chapter 1

A loud buzzing had been going on for nearly ten minutes now, a nude and lightly-tanned, human-looking demoness lay strewn carelessly across a bed made of oily black latex. The sunlight shown brightly inside her room - Reflecting delightfully off of her shiny humanish latex-flesh, and her hoop piercings through each nipple and her clit. Even in the year of 2048, alarm clocks still sucked, and were still as annoying as ever. Sitting up, the demoness slammed her fist down on the alarm - Breaking it, but it hardly seemed to be her main worry as she rubbed her head, there was a distinct jingle coming from her horns!

The headache from a long night of drinking hit her like a ton of bricks, and the jingling was thoroughly irritating, so she got up and staggered to her mirror with a couple of loud groans - Though something odd hit her in the back of each calf, and she felt herself shrink a bit. Peering down, she could see her hooves had been transformed into normal humanoid feet. "What...the fuck..." She groans once more. It had been done several times before to her, it's always been temporary, and she knew of only one person capable of doing it.

A whirring caught her attention next, as she was trying to ignore the jingling, and as she peered in the mirror, she could see a monitor coming down from the ceiling behind her - As well as her panties entwined in her multiple sets of arced-back horns, and the bells with loops that fit down around the base of her each of her 9 horns. "Guten Tag, meine liebe kleine Sklavin!" It was a voice she knew all too well. “What do you want, Maus?"

The monitor had only shown the infamous hat with a hint of the bright pink hair of her owner, but it panned down and zoomed out to show the upper-body of the anthropomorphic mouse. “I see you were drinking again. Tsk-tsk, Jessicka! How did you even get your panties up there?"

Jessicka summoned out her handy .357 Magnum, always a stickler for using classic weaponry, and shot out the monitor. Untangling her panties from her horns, and going to put them on, it still felt odd with her hooves reverted into proper humanoid feet - Another monitor came down from the ceiling - Jessi seemed far too hungover to question when or why they were installed. "Well that wasn't very nice. Don't bother with putting on underwear, I want you to open the door and let me in." 

Giving an exhausted sigh, Jessicka dropped the panties and staggered over to the door and unlocked it. As soon as she had, a whirring sound came from directly above her and something started beeping - Curious, she looked up and was met with a very brief glimpse of what she swore was a long black dildo and the inside of a gasmask. Brief, because it immediately thrust down upon her and confirmed exactly what it was. The extensively detailed dildo thrust deep into her mouth and trained throat - Rendering her mute with how deep down the shaft went.

While the gasmask began tightening around her face and the back of her head - It took the poor demoness a second to realise what was happening, but by the time it came together in her head, she could hear the locks clicking on the multiple straps keeping the rubbery gasmask nearly air-tight against her face. The gasmask was familiar, but it had a peculiar scent that was rather overwhelming - Though she couldn't place it with her hungover, hazy mind. Thankfully, the dildo was connected to the external filter of the gasmask by means of a narrow hole through the center of the dong - The lenses were also heavily darkened, even in the brightly-lit room Jessicka could hardly see anything; like wearing sunglasses at night. 

Hearing knocking coming from the door, Jessicka staggered away from it and gripped the mask, trying to gather herself enough to focus and willing the latex away - It is a neat power, being able to control latex, but required mental acuity to perform, and it simply hurt too much to think that hard. Jessicka had not realised it initially, but a faint beeping made her aware of just how dulled her hearing had become. Of course, it meant much more than that, and she could feel something round nudging at each of her hands - Out of curiosity, she simply gripped what ended up being squishy balls of some sort, and before she could process the information, Jessicka could feel rubber being pulled over her hands and very far up her arm, just short of her armpit! Her hands had been rendered into fist-like nubs, absolutely useless, and without proper talcum powder, the inside of the very long gloves gripped her skin quite firmly - It'd be an extensive and rather painful process to get them off, especially since both hands were trapped, wrapped around rubber balls.

"I do believe I asked you to open the door, Jessicka. Or are you a bit... mute, blind, and deaf?" Maus said in knowing tone; teaching Jessicka very quickly that this gasmask had built-in headphones, because that's exactly where Maus spoke through. "The longer you take, the more impatient I get. You know that." Maus was sounding more and more irritated, knocking on the door loudly this time - Even though she knew the door was already unlocked.

There was a low thrum of some sort... It wasn't so much heard as it was felt, and soon enough, Jessicka's piercings started to become parallel with the floor - Urging her towards her dresser, though she could hardly make it out and just wanted the aching tug on her bits to go away. As she stepped up to the dresser, completely led by the painful tugging, she felt herself start to sink into the floor and her feet becoming embraced with something. Not only that, it started forcing her heel up much higher than her toes - Nearly en pointe! The floor didn't raise back up until it was done forcing her feet into painfully arched heels of some sort - They were quite tall, and she could feel the tight leather up to her knees! Jessicka was guessing 5-inch heels, but was irritated that the piercing tugging had been replaced by painful walking. 

"Well if you're not going to open the door, then I'm breaking it down." Maus spoke through the headphones, and shortly after, a loud crack and bang as the door was kicked open - It sounded worse than it was, Maus had simply opened the door and kicked it, but it caused Jessicka to turn around and step carefully towards the door to find out what was happening.

"Wie wird meine kleine Hündin tut?" Maus spoke aloud, though Jessicka could hear it played through the headphones. It seems Maus had a microphone! "Oh that's right, I had the extra-long dildo installed, so your throat is probably filled deep down and you can't even speak! I bet you're enjoying the additional detail it has, nice and veiny, huh?" Jessicka pulled a fist back to punch the anthro mouse, but it caused such unbalance with the new-found high-heels that she fell back upon her bed.

"You're offering yourself to me? My my, and I thought you'd hate being rendered helpless and rubber-bound." Maus laughed, echoing in through the headphones as well!

Jessicka sat up and could faintly see Maus standing before her, but the tiny mouse tackled her upper body down onto the bed once more and grinned. "You like the stuff I installed in your room? It was expensive, but worth it!"

Jessicka's arms were pinned down by the mouse's knees, who began to fiddle with the filter on the gasmask. "Now it's time to really get you worked up." The filter was unscrewed and replaced with a rebreather bag - Complicating an already low amount of air intake. "I laced the inside of this bag with untested stimulants, so you probably won't be able to sleep for a while, but I know what will help you enjoy it."

Jessicka's mildly squirming body was no match for the unfettered, unrestrained Maus. Though Jessi could hear the faint beeping, which hasn't been a good sign thus far, and soon, she could feel her whole body being compressed by a tight, but familiar material. Whatever Maus had, it was layering her in more latex - Providing an almost complete coverage - From the neck, sealed over the gloves, and all the way down to seal over the heels as well. Making it significantly more difficult to remove anything that's been added thus far. The only thing it couldn't reach, was under her gasmask. Though as she felt the latex start to smooth out and conform to her figure, she felt it tighten significantly more around the base of her breasts, and what were once barely noticeable dull rubber spikes, became a constant agony digging into her forcibly-engorged tits. There seemed to be a rough patch that settled over her clit as well, almost any movement had her poor sensitive nub dragging across the rough surface.

There was something odd though, on top of all that, Jessicka felt pressure on her tailhole and pussy as the rubber warmed up further and got tightened upon her body. "Oh, did I forget to mention the fuck machine?" Maus laughed and slowly slipped off to the side of Jessicka, murmurring "FYI; there's a fuck machine."

Jessicka could feel the added weight to her thighs, and hips, but as she sat up and tried kicking the machine away - She felt it simply didn't go that far down, no matter what angle she attacked it at, she wouldn't be able to reach it - It was strapped between her thighs, restricting her movement only slighty. Her gloved hands could smack and punch it, but they were so padded, it was rendered ineffectual at best. It seemed the Maus wasn't done either, because within moments of sitting up, there was something wrapping around her torso and crushing her middle down - A boned corset!

Jessicka couldn't even groan, thanks to the large dildo filling her throat, but Maus could feel the angst - Though it didn't stop her from putting a paw upon Jessi's back and cinching the damned corset incredibly tight. Jessicka was forced to exhale hard into the rebreather bag and sucked it all back in with hopes of fresh air; her hands pawing at the mask feebly as she's forced to inhale what she just exhaled with a teensy bit of fresh air - Quickly exhaling it back into the bag and sucking it in again with the same tiny amount of fresh air as her increasingly burning lungs ached for much more usable air. Maus loosened the corset an inch or so, and peeled the gasmask aside to let fresh air come in from all angles - She was a tormentor, not a murderer!

Once the corset was tied, knotted, and the zipper panel was covering the laces and locked down tight - Maus stood Jessicka up and pushed her a little away from the bed. Standing up was a chore, and it seemed to have caused the two dildoes to slide deep into Jessicka's body - It also seemed the suit forced upon her had internal sheathes that were well lubed - Allowing for nearly infinite penetration at no harm to the wearer, but Jessicka couldn't see the machine between her legs well enough to understand it.

Given the high heels and double penetration, walking was not a favoured activity at this point, but she was forced to move over to another corner of her room by the mouse. A very powerful magnet was very convincing when regarding her sensitive piercings. Her air limitation was becoming arousing, as much as she hated admitting it, but she could start to feel the effects of whatever was laced into her gasmask as well, starting to really get her juices dripping down the front toy buried increasingly deeper within her pussy. 

"I feel as if I'm missing something." The Maus spoke, the microphone sending it into the headphones of the gasmask. Jessicka wildly shook her head, swaying on her painfully high-heels, and Maus clapped. "A collar!"

The Maus had disappeared from Jessicka's low visibility, but being forced to stop in place, she knew the short thing was back, and feeling something tall and tight wrap around her neck - It was going to be her least favourite collar. A posture collar, similarly boned like her corset, but not quite as tight - It kept her head facing straight forward, and the way it cupped her neck and chin, it didn't allow head-turning at all.

Once that was wrapped, zipped, and locked down, the mechanical dildoes started up. Alternating between stuffing her ass and pussy, Jessicka was sent onto quite a wild ride - Two out of her three holes always being stuffed, given the dildo she was throating never moved really.

While Maus was dragging Jessicka into an off-shoot of her room, she murmured, "I should mention that the dildo in your throat is coated in a special chemical I had made for you - It shuts off the ability to orgasm.... except under special circumstances. I would explain it to ya fully, but I know you wouldn't understand."

Understanding was the least of Jessicka's worries, as she felt herself being pushed up onto something a few inches off the floor, and the tips of her gloves being chained to something sturdy in front of her - It seemed an additional chain was wrapped around her waist as well. "I think ten miles should be a good start. I'll keep the pace slower at first, don't worry."

Of course that had a double meaning - The twin dildoes started pumping Jessicka faster as she was forced to walk along what she soon found out was a treadmill, and it practically matched her pace, so that every step down meant a faux-cock was buried within one hole or the other.

"I know this might seem extensive, but I've realised you'd be much happier as my PONY, than as my slave, and I'm sure you'll agree with me by the end of all this training - This is the first step amongst many more, and I'll be sure to keep you happy, fit, and well-fed throughout." The Maus called into the Mic - Jessi knew it was propaganda, but not being in a position to complain... nor really do anything about it, all she could do was step to the set pace and receive the double-penetration that would slowly drain her will and increase her want for pleasure... for orgasm... for...



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