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It Suits Mandy and it Suits Me

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2008 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; toys; oral; cons; X

You cannot easily force someone to wear rubber. It takes some care, even skill to put on, to roll it over the skin, smooth out the wrinkles. This is especially true of a full body suit.

It had taken time for us to save up for the suit; time and patience. We are not wealthy. We had made do with a few items we had picked up: a skirt, a top even a helmet, but Mandy did not like that. The helmet enclosed her face completely and she felt claustrophobic inside. I did not like it really either because it hid her face from me. I love my wife, but I also love the smell of rubber.

The suit was bright blue. It was clean, it was fresh and it fitted her perfectly. We had sent off with her exact measurements. It had cost more than the cost of our honeymoon. It enclosed her right up to her face with an opening at the back to allow her hair to flow freely.

I watched her undress. She was still a little self conscious, even now. Why? I don't know, but her breathing rate increased. I hoped she would not sweat because that would make getting into the suit almost impossible. She was very careful, using plenty of lubricant and rolling it carefully up, over each leg and past her hips. I had to help her get her left arm in. I zipped up the back. She pulled the hood over her head and I eased out her hair. Even though she was fully covered I could see every perfect curve and line of her body. I am very lucky. My wife has a lovely figure.

The next bit is for her. My love is rubber; her love is bondage. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing with her when she is helplessly bound, but it is Mandy who insists that she is bound and gagged; yes gagged. She claims it  makes her feel more helpless and that excites her.

The restraints we use are leather. They are easy to put on and yet very secure. There is no need for locks just plain old fashioned buckles but Mandy cannot remove them. My only complaint is that with her wrists fastened behind her she can still move them almost to her pussy. So I bought a leather belt. She had not seen this before and looked a little puzzled when I put it on her. There is a D ring at the back. The wrist cuffs are sewn together at right angles, by threading one of the straps through the ring it prevented her moving her wrists at all. She made a short gasp and opened her mouth to say something. I immediately filled it with the ball gag. Whatever was on her mind would have to wait.

I watched her pulling futilely at her wrists. Her eyes were wide. I was a little surprised. The bondage had always been inescapable so why should this be any different? She was still able to walk about and started to back away from me. I was a little upset. She could not be scared could she? I did not pursue her yet. She obviously needed time to get used to the restriction.

Eventually she seemed to calm down. I was in no hurry.

"Are you OK now?"

She nodded slowly.

"You know I won't hurt you?"

Her response was quicker this time.

"Now come here and let me cuff your ankles. I will help you to the floor."

She came to me. I breathed a sigh of relief. She was obviously disturbed at having no movement in her arms. I wondered why. Surely the idea of bondage is to make you helpless and unable to move? Then I realised that even when she was on the bed with her arms and legs spread wide she still had some movement. Perhaps she had never been fully restrained and unable to move at all? We would have to discuss this sometime.

I helped her to the floor and cuffed her ankles. The cuffs were similar to the wrists but this time they are sewn side by side. I knew that she would still had some freedom in her legs but I needed that to get at her pussy. I then wondered what would happen if I put a strap around her thighs? Would she freak out? I decided to find out.

"I am going to put a strap around your thighs," I told her. I think she shivered.

I doubled a strap around her legs above the knees then stood back and watched her roll back and forth. It was the only movement left to her. She raised her legs slightly but it seemed to hurt. I suppose the thigh strap tightened when her muscles contracted. It was almost funny watching her roll about. I wondered what she thought she could achieve?


There was a reluctant grunt.

I looked at my lovely rubber package. She was lying on her tummy, her hands were clenching and unclenching and her feet were moving but apart from that there was just a slight rising and falling of her chest as she breathed. I decided to tickle her in the ribs.

When I suggested the rubber suit Mandy had thought about it for a while then decided it was a good idea. She knew I liked to tickle her and seemed to think that the rubber skin would prevent it. I was pretty confident that there would still be ways and means but did not say anything to disillusion her. Now I was going to find out and so was she.

The reaction was classic. After the initial gasp and attempted complaint she tried to double up but the bondage and the suit made it almost impossible. Within minutes she was puffing and laughing unable to stop me.

I watched her carefully. I am conscious that the gag reduces the ability to breathe and laughing has the same effect. As soon as her face started to go red I relented. I watched her roll about in the aftermath. It was very erotic.

I think she tried to complain but the ball gag is very good at muffling words even if the odd squeal or grunt gets past it. She also seemed to be trying to escape which was equally pointless. I mused to myself about the "dangers" of allowing yourself to be restrained even by someone you love.

I got out the big mains vibrator. I was pretty confident that it could get past the rubber protection just as my fingers had. I touched the back of her leg and she jumped. I pushed it between her locked thighs and she started to wobble. I moved it around and soon she was writhing again. It was fun, at least for me it was fun. Mandy was laughing but I'm not sure that it was pleasure as such. Eventually I let her catch her breath. She still seemed intent on trying to escape but we both knew it was futile.

I wanted some quality time with my rubber clad love, to take in the smell and the texture. It seemed only fair to give her something to distract her. I released the belt around her thighs and carefully unzipped between her legs.  I probed inside with a finger and found her very moist. Mandy had always claimed that tickling turned her off! Either the severity of the bondage had over ridden her natural aversion or she had been telling porkies. Something else to discuss maybe? For now I just wanted to make sure she did not lose interest. I eased in the bullet vibrator and set it on it's lowest setting. With any luck she would not climax but it should keep the juices flowing nicely. I zipped her back up and re-tightened the belt at her thighs. She was now mine to enjoy. Mandy let out a quiet moan. I could not tell if it was pleasure or frustration.

I put my face close to her and drank in the aroma. I felt myself getting hard, rubber does that for me. I was still fully clothed. I had to adjust my pants to allow for the erection.

I spent time sniffing and caressing my rubber captive. I rolled her onto her back and buried my face in her cleavage. I glanced up and saw that Mandy's eyes were closed. There were signs of strain in her face. It could be the vibrations or it could be the discomfort of lying on her bound wrists. I pressed my hand to her pussy. I could feel the vibrations inside. Mandy moaned again. I did not think she sounded in pain.

I pulled myself away from her. My erection was now painful. I had to give it some room.

I find undressing a chore in these circumstances. Undoing buttons and peeling of socks is hardly erotic. Mandy was not watching me, but it had to be done. Mandy squirmed and rolled without me to obstruct her. I could see some flexing of her hips as if trying to get more stimulation. The bullet was doing it's job well.

To my dismay I ejaculated. I had not touched myself intentionally but the scene had got the better of me. I stood for a moment bemused. Mandy was unaware of my indiscretion, I think she was trying to reach a climax herself but had not succeeded. A few patches glistened on her hips but I do not think she was aware of them.

My intentions had been to open her thighs and take her from behind still fully bound. My recovery time is about twenty minutes, what to do until then?

As you probably realise we have not been married long, a couple of years next month to be exact. Our engagement had been several years also but Mandy had insisted we save sex until after we were married. I had respected her wishes; not wanting to lose her. The first night had been disappointing for both of us. Mandy was tight and dry and I was very naive and inexperienced, but as the relationship had never been based on sex it did not matter.

I discovered her love of bondage by accident. It appeared that, although she had never had intercourse she had been getting it off with vibrators for years. She was a little coy at first but eventually she admitted that she had been brought up to almost despise sex as a pleasure activity but had climaxed once while playing a kidnap game with some school friends. Since then she had always got bigger orgasms when tied up. The first time I tied her up and fucked her she went wild. I watched her in her own little world now, the mixture of pleasure and frustration was clear. I knew that she could multiple orgasm but I usually interrupt her with my own needs. I was still a little hard but I knew I  could not perform for some time. I wondered what would happen if I pressed the mains vibrator against her already vibrating pussy.

The result was spectacular. Her eyes flew open. She gasped. He body straightened like a drawstring fully taught then she convulsed like someone having a seizure. It took all my concentration to hold the wand in place. She gurgled and drooled and even let out a high pitched squeal. As I watched her whole body seemed to vibrate in time with the wand in my hand then she convulsed again. She started mewing in a specific sequence and I had to stop.

I unbuckled the gag.

She panted for a little while but had stopped struggling.

"My God Carl what did you do?" she puffed.

I wondered for a second whether she was referring to my premature ejaculation but realised it was the ferocity of her own climaxes that she was referring to.

"Just having a bit of fun," I said innocently, "did you enjoy it?"

Her eyes rolled.

"Are you going to let me go?"

"I haven't fucked you yet."

I  knew such course language gave her mixed feelings.

"I am shagged out, can't you wait?"

"It was quite an effort getting you into that suit," I complained

She did not respond immediately. She pulled at her wrists with the usual non effect.  I tweaked the remote control to her bullet. Her hips bucked.

"No please," she whined, "I can't"

I watched her struggle with more ferocity.

"Turn it off, please, You can  F.....u..........c.........k           m...........e          i........f             y......o..........u   l.......i........k......... ooooooh  shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttt!"

It was most unlike her to be so crude. She convulsed again. I had not thought there would be enough stimulation.

She shrieked our safe word and I turned the machine off, a little reluctantly, I was enjoying watching her squirm. In fact I was getting quite hard again myself.

"I don't think I could take you now," she complained, "that last one was almost painful."

I knew that she could not actually prevent me from entering her but, she is my wife, and I do not like hurting her.

"How about a blow job?"

The subject had come up before and she had shown  great reluctance. She thought it dirty, but then again she had thought full intercourse dirty at first. She was afraid of choking, which was understandable but not a real excuse. She had implied that I would have to force her into it. Now seemed a good time.

"If you can't take me down below what alternative is there?" I continued.

"You could do without?" she suggested, but her words did not carry conviction. I began to think she might concede.

"That's not really fair," I told her. She did not need to know that I had already shot one load onto her, besides,  she had had at least three, probably more. Her face betrayed her guilt.

"I don't know," she began.

"You will never know if you don't try," I encouraged. I stopped short of promising that it would be the last time if she really didn't like it, after all, this situation might occur again.

"You will have to undo the belt around my thighs, I cant bend my legs properly right now."

It took all my will power not to rush over and rip the belt off immediately. Instead I knelt down and cradled her head in my lap.

"I love you," I told her.

"Hurry up before I change my mind," she chivied, "You pervert."

I thought that a little unfair. I think bondage is more perverted than oral sex, but I was not going to prolong the discussion.

I helped her to her knees. I could see the fear in her eyes but there was also a determination.

The fact that I had already climaxed once may have worked to my advantage. It took several minutes for her to make me cum again and it was probably less in quantity. I growled my satisfaction and to her credit she tried to swallow although she did splutter. I stroked her head running my fingers through her hair. My pride and joy shrivelled and fell out of her mouth.

"Can you release me please I would like a drink or something," she said quietly.

I did not release her straight away but fetched a glass of water first. She drank gratefully. I unbuckled her wrists and then released her ankles. She was obviously very stiff.

"I will need some help to get this off, " she told me. "How about we shower together?"

Life is good.




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