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Jessica Darling Chapter 24: Not Exactly a Cakewalk

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; D/s; bond; spray; coated; confectionary; hobble; maid; costumes; display; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 23


Chapter 24: Not Exactly a Cakewalk

The hostess introduced herself with a deep formal curtsey towards Jessica: “For your benefit Lady Jessica, I am Elizabetta Grace and I will be your hostess for the evening. Madame Brulée has most graciously asked me to ensure that your dining experience is one which you will not soon forget.”

Jessica’s eyes immediately surveyed the woman in front of her, drooling over yet another of Brulée’s distinctive candied fetish uniform creations. Elizabetta’s legs were each encased in perfectly smooth deep black ‘licorice latex’ from the cuffs of her calf-length stiletto heeled boots to her waist. Each leg was polished to a mirror shine that reflected the shimmering light from dozens of candles dispersed throughout the dining room, sending it glancing off every curve of the hostess’ legs and hips. The woman’s torso from waist to midsection of her breasts was enclosed in a tight white corset which was constructed of the now-familiar ‘IM’ material. The hostess further elaborated that “areas which require more ‘support’ than IM is capable of providing are reinforced with strips of a white chocolate polymer plastic” when Jessica inquired further about the garment’s construction, illustrating the locations of the strips by the movement of her hands down and around the gleaming corset.

Their movements down the hostess’ torso drew Jessica's attention to Elizabetta’s hands and arms which were covered with equally smooth gloves of the same black material as that which covered her legs. The ‘gloves’ disappeared under the iridescent sleeves of a red licorice-latex tailcoat, where the front of the coat was cut away at waist height, leaving only the rear section of the coat; the tails, to drape over the hostess’ jet black licorice covered ass to end just above at knee length. As she continued her visual feast upwards, Jessica noticed the young woman's perfect smile, her full red lips, and her piercing emerald green eyes. "Could those really be their natural colour?” Jessica pondered quietly just as the reply came. "Why yes My Lady..." Elizabetta's mezzo-soprano voice sang; "they are my natural colour… Madame continually remarks on how they are my most mesmerizing attribute."

Blushing slightly, she hadn't been aware that her gaze had lingered so noticeably long; “Yes, they most certainly are mesmerizing..." Jessica replied with a smile as she returned to her survey.

The hostess’ strawberry blond hair was pulled back into a loose bun and perched on top of her head was a top hat also made of the same black licorice-latex substance as her gloves and leggings. The visual feast offered by the hostess was completed by the row of crystals encircling the brim which sparkled even in the random candlelight of the dining room. Yet, the way the stones reflected and refracted the light, the way they sparkled and the way the light was broken into the various colours of the spectrum prompted the question: “Those crystals on your hat…”

“Why diamonds of course My Lady!” The hostess beamed as she shifted her head slightly back and forth, illustrating how they caught and released light in the manner that only diamonds can. “Madame was most explicit in her instructions that the staff for this evening’s meal be dressed in their finest uniforms!”

Jessica was about to question even Brulée's over the top display of extravagance when she recalled how her own hand-picked members of her own household staff had specific 'fancy' uniforms for use during the rare special events Jessica sometimes held at her estate, and how she would specifically ensure that Antonia was dressed in the most lavish latex uniform, even loaning her trusted maiden the best jewelry from her own private collection to ensure that Antonia made for the most spectacular vision when she first greeted Jessica's guests. A slight smile crossed Jessica's lips as she remembered the first time she saw Antonia in her 'fancy' regalia, a vision of perfection in a custom-made black and white latex tuxedo complete with black ankle high boots, white latex gloves and, instead of a bow tie, a brilliant diamond choker that was one of Jessica's favorite 'party' pieces.

“Now, if you will please follow me My Lady, I will escort you to the Madame.” Elizabetta smiled and beckoned Jessica to follow her into the dining room, pivoting elegantly on her heels and toes in a gracefully fluid motion to begin leading her guest to her dining companion for the evening.

The procession to Brulée’s table was slow and deliberate, necessitated by the combination of the hostess’ stiletto heels and Jessica’s restraining hobble skirt and caramel leggings, all of which gave Jessica ample time to survey her surroundings and to drink in the exquisite candied-latex hostess in front of her. Scattered about were various antiques of all types and sizes, numerous mirrors, as well as a few assorted artistic ‘pieces’ of her Brulée’s own design, the entire room lit by candles dispersed on the periphery, their light bouncing and reflecting off both candied women as they made their way to the island of light in the center of the room which marked the virtual boundaries of Brulée’s private dining area.

“Madame has requested a most exquisite meal be prepared for you this evening…” the hostess commented as she glanced back at her following charge, her gait never wavering from the well-practiced path to their destination; “If I may say so My Lady, I believe our staff has outdone themselves this evening.”

At the center of the room was an antique French painted Louis XV style dining table. “Figures…” Jessica murmured under her breath as Jessica recognized the massive antique.

“Madame Brulée…” the hostess announced as the procession stopped at a strategic point just beyond the realm of light which cordoned off Brulée’s private table; “With your indulgence, I present to you the Lady Jessica Darling.” Elizabetta, who had strategically positioned herself in front of her, moved to the side, revealing the caramel-coated Jessica to Brulée.

“My dear Jessica!” Brulée rose to her feet, the lights dancing off her glossy black latex skirt and coat; “I applaud you! Nobody has ever looked more splendid or more delectable in that material than you do tonight!” Brulée applauded softly as Jessica, unconsciously, did a slow 360 degree turn to show off her body and attire to the candy Madame. “I simply must say that you are a delicious start to what will be a most enjoyable dinner!”

Turning to Elizabetta, Brulée instructed; “Elizabetta, remind me to reward Ava for doing such a wonderful job in dressing Miss Darling this evening!” which was received with a nod of acknowledgement from the hostess.

Brulée sauntered over to Jessica, slowly looking her over from bottom to top and back again as Jessica stood silently as she was inspected, her legs quivering slightly. It took a whispered; “Penny for your thoughts my little pastry...” served to Jessica's ear by the fetish Madame to pull the caramel-clad woman from her reverie.

“Madame Brulée, I believe you know what I'm thinking...” Jessica didn't see the point in denying the obvious to the woman who had already demonstrated what she knew about Jessica's sexual desires and fantasies, to the point of deliberately fulfilling several of them.

Brulée simply smiled and acknowledged the concession with a soft nip to the base of Jessica's neck, sampling her caramel coating as if she was a child preparing to consume a caramel apple at the county fair before she returned to her chair at the head of the table and, as she sat back down, signaled her approval for Elizabetta to continue with the proceedings.

“Madame, Lady, if you permit, I would like to escort the Lady Jessica to her chair and start the service…” The hostess nodded in turn to Brulée and to Jessica as she mentioned their names in turn before extending her hand to Jessica to escort her to the chair at the end of the table opposite from Brulée who had returned to her seat and, raising her glass of wine, granted Elizabetta permission to commence with the dinner service.

Elizabetta led Jessica to the end of the large table, and after pulling out the large wooden chair, assisted her hobble-skirted caramel mistress in settling down on the plush burgundy cushioned seat. “Are you comfortable My Lady?” Elizabetta inquired before she excused herself to inform the waitstaff that; “Our guests are seated and awaiting their attention.”

“My dear Jessica, you are in for a treat tonight!” Brulée smiled broadly to Jessica as Elizabetta retreated into the room’s periphery. “My personal chef is among the best in Europe. Only my very closest guests and associates are ever afforded the privilege of eating a meal prepared by her.”

“I would expect nothing less of your staff Madame Brulée.” Jessica replied. And, in fact, it was a serious compliment that she willingly gave the woman sitting opposite from her. In the time since her capture, Jessica had come to learn that Brulée, albeit twisted, had managed to create a very well-disciplined staff who knew how to cater to her ‘guests’. “At least the willing ones…” Jessica had to force herself to recall.

Jessica was about to ask Brulée exactly what was on the menu when she was interrupted by a procession of servants emerging from the outskirts of the room. The light above and surrounding the table the two women were seated effectively formed a bubble of light surrounding the dining table extending on a few meters in every direction, leaving the rest of the room in apparent darkness from the perspective of anyone seated within the bubble.

Jessica understood the phenomena; it was a situation which had the potential to be perilous during night operations: Going from darkness into a lit area would take time for one’s eyes to adjust to, and the same was true when going from a lit to a dark area. She recalled her basic biology and how the human eye relies on rhodopsin to absorb light. She also remembered her basic tactical training that it normally takes the human eye roughly ten minutes to become mostly adapted to night, with full adaptation in about thirty minutes. The effect she was experiencing was equivalent to being in a brightly lit room while trying to look out a large window a meter or so away at nighttime; until your eyes adapt, you’re essentially blind.

As the procession came within range of the ambient light leaking outwards, Jessica recognized it as the wine stewardess and two of her assistants. “Well, Brulée is going all out on this.” Jessica thought it was overkill to be this formal for just two people, but she quickly corrected herself as she knew that Brulée was an entertainer and was parading her staff for the sheer theatre of it.

The wine stewardess was dressed in a deep burgundy red latex corset with a long matching tulip skirt long enough that it hid her mirror finish black stiletto heeled boots whenever she stood still. She approached Jessica; “If I may My Lady, Madame’s cellar has several highly prized vintages of whites which will be appropriate with this evening’s meal. Or if you have a specific preference I shall ensure that it is retrieved by my staff for you.”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin since I have no idea what the Madame has on the menu for this evening…” Jessica pointed out to the stewardess; “So, please, I place myself in your expert hands to indulge me with what you would think most appropriate.”

“Most excellent My Lady!” The stewardess smiled and bowed slightly to Jessica before turning to the latex-clad assistant standing behind her. A series of brief, whispered instructions and hand signals quickly sent the assistant on her way to the nether reaches of Brulée’s wine cellar as the stewardess marched to her Madame and took her selection, repeating a similar series of instructions and signals to the remaining assistant who had taken her position behind her superior as the stewardess received Brulée’s order.

Once both women had made their wine selections the latex stewardess shuffled off to ensure that the relevant bottles were retrieved, returning several minutes later with both the selected vintages along with two new wine servants following in her wake. Jessica understood the purpose of these new servants as being responsible for actually serving their guests, while the first pair of women were assistants to the stewardess. They were responsible for quickly locating the correct bottles of wine and to bring them to the stewardess for review and acceptance.

These new wine servants were dressed in matching short corsets which left their breasts uncovered for more than just decorative purposes. Their legs were left encumbered, unlike the constraining skirt of their handler the wine stewardess, instead being covered from their waist down by liquid black licorice latex stockings which looked so tight that Jessica bet herself that she could see the goosebumps on each of their legs if she looked closely enough. The stockings flowed down the legs of each server until they disappeared underneath the tops of their knee-high ballet boots, done in the same mirror finish as their stewardess’.

Each woman carried one empty wine glass on a silver tray that had been somehow attached to their torsos just below each servant's breasts such that it rested in a position that was perfectly parallel to the floor as they walked. Each of the server's arms were tied tightly together in front of their torsos with their wrists overlapping the opposite forearm and tied tightly just before the elbow; this had the effect of pushing each woman's cleavage together as well as provide a more 'stable' support for the silver serving trays attached to their bodies. The purpose of this effect was made clear as Jessica observed that each wine servant carried a gleaming crystal wine glass on their respective trays, held securely in place by having the stem firmly wedged into their exemplified cleavage.

The wine stewardess, after presenting both the respective bottles to Brulée and Jessica to confirm their choice of wine, returned to the servants and poured a glass of each wine into the cleavage-held stemware of the two servants. Then, both glasses being filled, the stewardess nodded slightly as the cue to each servant for them to begin carefully tip-toeing their way over to the Madame and Lady. The final act of this carefully choreographed dance reached its dénouement as each servant slowly knelt down to the floor in order to allow their assigned Madame and Lady to pluck their respective glasses from each servant's décolletage.

Jessica marveled at the masterful fluidity both servants demonstrated as, in unison, they flowed to the table with movements so slow and practiced that despite the several meters both had to traverse to complete their task neither one had spilled a single drop or even disturbed the wine more than a few millimeters along the bulb of their crystal glasses. Once both diners had retrieved their glasses, the two servants rose again in unison and just as gracefully returned to their original positions behind the stewardess in the corner of the dining room, where they waited until the wine stewardess determined that one or both of the diners required service at which time they would repeat their performance by bringing a fresh glass to replace the empty one with the same choreographed precision each time.

In between the randomly recurring wine recitals, Jessica watched the numerous serving maidens who scurried about the room dropping off and picking up glasses, plates, utensils, refilling water glasses, performing all the duties that would be expected of the waitstaff at any four-star restaurant. Each of the maidens was dressed in white IM bodysuits which ended just above their hips where an expanse of nude skin lasting from that point until mid-thigh where white IM stockings flowed down to the tips of their toes. Their feet rested inside transparent spike heeled ankle boots which allowed every square centimeter of their legs to show through to any interested observer. Around each maiden's neck was a matching rigid white collar which mimicked the heavily starched tab collar of a man's formal tuxedo shirt, the imagery completed by a bright white latex bow tie. Each woman's hands and arms up to their elbows were coated in the same IM material, giving the appearance of white glossy gloves of the finest latex. The final piece of their 'formal' serving uniform consisted of a white latex waistcoat, complete with tails which hung down over their asses reaching to mid-thigh.

The dinner itself was rather 'normal' and rather unremarkable so far as Jessica was concerned. Most certainly the food was excellent, as excellent as you would expect from someone with the obvious wealth and spending habits of someone like Brulée, someone who could afford the finest chefs and foods. “But…” Jessica thought; “It’s not that much better than what I’ve had on other occasions.” In fact, Jessica began to re-evaluate the entire meal as being somewhat 'mediocre' considering what she had come to expect from her ridiculously grandiose hostess. Considering her own personal culinary experiences, Jessica felt that the most exquisite portion of the meal wasn’t the food; it was the staff members and their uniforms. Jessica considered that maybe her expectations were too high, but then again it was Brulée and her ego that had set Jessica’s expectations so high.

Jessica’s opinion changed significantly when 'dessert' was wheeled out to the two women.


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