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From Top to Bottom 5: About Time

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; gimp; encased; collar; pet; tease; chast; hood; enema; denial; oral; anal; first; climax; cons; X

story continued from part 4

Chapter 5: About Time

Ryan came back to the bedroom, looking very contented.

“How are you subbie? Did you get much sleep, hope we didn’t keep you up all night, ha ha. Let’s get you cleaned out for the day ahead. Come on.” And he released my chain and I waddled after him, my tail sending shivers through me. The tail was first removed and he prepared my daily enema, I was so used to this by now I didn’t find it unpleasant at all and raised my arse to accept the tube. After a few minutes wait I was flushed out and Ryan returned, ready to implant the butt plug tail back inside me. I still couldn’t speak coherently with the dog mask keeping my mouth both full, open and available, and so remained silent as my muscle relaxed and he pushed the plug back into me.

However, finally, as he began to remove the dog mask to brush my teeth at last I had the chance to talk to him. It was wonderful to get it removed, my hearing and vision improved 100%. I coughed a couple of times, the gag of the doggie mask had been very efficient, then I swallowed and whispered.

“Um, er er master, may I speak? I have something to tell you.” I looked up at him, and he waited a second, and I could see that he knew the moment had maybe finally arrived.

“Yes, you may, subbie, in a few minutes perhaps. But I can get you cleaned first, and I’ll give you a drink and then we can go to the bedroom and get comfortable, yes.” And I nodded as I knew I didn’t have to say anything more. He had got the message he had been waiting for, and expected. And after this had all been taken care of, in complete silence, each with our own thoughts, he sat on the bed and I knelt before him, still masked, collared, gimped, butt plugged and in plastic and steel chastity. He wasn’t smug or self-satisfied that he had “won”. There was genuine love in his eyes, as he placed his hand tenderly on my head.


“Well, yes, the time has come.”

“Okay, I see, you’ve made a decision have you?” And I could see he was now relaxed, at last. But strangely I thought, that then he looked a bit apprehensive.

“Yes, I have and I think we can both agree it has taken far too long, but there it is. I have decided that you can be my master, well, erm yes,…. want you to be my master, I want you to take me, however you want. I have thought about it hard and this is what I… desire. Somehow I can’t believe I am saying this, that I have arrived at this moment, but I have, willingly.” He said nothing for a few seconds, then a huge smile lit up his youthful face. He placed both hands either side on my rubber masked head.

“Oh yes, my gorgeous rubber gimp, it’s taken far too long, I was I have to say, getting a bit desperate and running out of ideas to push you to a decision.” He kissed me hard on my lips and I opened my mouth as his tongue sought mine. My cock was bursting in the brutal plastic chastity device.

“Now, let’s make this clear, you’re not going to the guillotine, this is going to be so much fun, we are going to take our time and you will never forget it, I promise. Time I think for a morning treat, for both of us, I have to say I have really missed your wicked tongue.” And he parted his house coat and I saw he was already hard.

“Come on, you show-off.” He laughed as my lips kissed his purple head, it had been a few days and it was fantastic to be back again servicing him. I licked the head and the shaft and then as I dipped my head felt the warmth of his cock back in my mouth. Tenderly he stroked my head as I heard him above me take slow, heavy breaths. It didn’t concern me in the least that he’d been with Paul the night before, for I was now where I wanted to be, and had him where I wanted him. Right to the back of my throat I took him, holding my breath, and then forward and more licking, biting and sucking. I could have gone forever, but then all too quickly I felt a gush of warm fluid jettison into my mouth. I withdrew, swallowed and licked him clean, smiling up at him.

“Oh subbie, I should punish you for being so good and making me come so soon and spoiling it, but I’ll have to just to learn a little more self-control, now I’m back with you.” Hearing that last part made me very content.

“So tonight will be our big night, your deflowering, and I know you will love it, although you may be a bit nervous, the butt plugs over the last week will prepare you for my member to plug you, good and proper. Now it happens that I must go to the office one last time on this job I’m consulting on so you are going to be here on your own most of the day. I don’t want you to get all excited and so, as you are still my rubber gimp, all this stays on. Particularly the butt plug and chastity device, I don’t want you pleasuring yourself before the big event, but the dog mask we can dispense with. I want you hot and horny when I return.”

I was hardly in a position to argue, I just wanted the day to pass. The butt plug and chastity device I could endure easily now, although I still hated the damn ringing of the bell. After he’d dressed in office clothes, we had breakfast together, and for the first time in a while I knelt by him as he spoon fed me again, and between mouthfuls tenderly kissed me. He looked down at my poor imprisoned cock, pink and sore as it tried to escape the plastic, and chuckled.

“That poor chap is going to go wild after his release, I can hardy wait myself.”

As he left, with me on all fours at the front door, he flicked my tail playfully.

“Soon this will be replaced by the real thing, I can hardly wait, I’m very pleased you came to your senses Don (this was the first time he’d called me this in days) as I said, this will be a decision you will never regret, and I certainly am glad you made it. Now be good.” He pecked me again and was gone.

Needless to say, the day passed very slowly as I paced the flat, or waddled it, counting the hours, listening to the bells tinkling between my legs and from my nipples. I ate a few snacks from my bowl, quite used to that now, slurped some water, watched a bit of TV, and watched the clock. I had made my decision, and had no regrets whatsoever, I wanted him inside me, I really did, and once a decision is made you want to get on with it, yes I had come a long way.

Finally he got back and I rushed to the door as fast as my suit would allow me, and as he entered the first thing he did as I knelt back on my haunches was kiss me tenderly, and say.

“So, miss me?”

“Yes, dammit, I did, now can we get on with it?”

“My, you’re in a hurry, this should not be hurried but savoured.” He was teasing me horribly.

“I’ve brought some Chinese food, easy and quick, then a couple of glasses of wine and we’ll be relaxed and ready.” So we ate, but very little, me kneeling back on my haunches being wined and dined by him, with the odd kiss in between. He still wouldn’t let me out of the gimpsuit, but by now I didn’t care, I really was quite comfortable with the “role”. We talked very little, just looking at each other and enjoying the moment, but both wracked with rising anticipation. When we were done, we moved to the bedroom and he said.

“As it’s the big night tonight, perhaps I should give you an enema, just make you crystal clean for me.” Well I’d never heard it put that way, but I nodded. I just wanted to keep it all going. So I raised my arse ready for him as he removed my butt plug tail accompanied by no great discomfort to me, collected the enema equipment, gloved up and then applied some lube. By now this was all very familiar and as the warm water seeped into me and I obediently knelt on all fours, he said.

“I’ll go and change and get things ready while you fill up.” After ten minutes or so I was full and had been for a while when he returned. He was wearing a catsuit I’d never seen before, just plain black, with attached hands and feet. It must have been a toughie to get into but he looked fantastic, the outline of his cock and balls very obvious. He gently removed the nozzle and helped me up on the toilet and left. Soon after a few minutes of holding it in, I was then thoroughly cleaned out, followed by a couple of minutes on the bidet. I was ready for him, and waddled to the bedroom.

There I got another surprise, for he was now wearing an ankle length cape with stud fastenings, high collar and slits at the side for his hands to pass through. He held his hands behind his back. With a big grin he asked.

“Not too much?”

“Oh god no, you look fantastic.”

“Good, one last final touch.” And he brought his hands to the front and held in one hand a full head gas mask and in the other the inflatable helmet with just the single hole opposite the mouth that I had seen Paul wear not long ago.

I could see that over the last few days he’d been on quite a spending spree, but I had absolutely no complaints.

“Now, I’ve decided that as this will be a momentous occasion for you, it is imperative that you experience and concentrate on all the sensations as I enter and fuck you without any peripheral distractions. And I think this helmet is perfect for that. You will lose your vision and your hearing will be significantly reduced, so you will be in a world of your own and can focus on our coupling. There is of course the breathing hole here, right opposite your mouth. So you can obviously breathe easily, and at the same time, well, you get the message. And I will wear the gas mask, well, just because I want to.” I watched as he expertly strapped the mask over his head, turning him into a somewhat intimidating Darth Vader-type, with the full cape adding a nice touch.

I was ready for the heavy rubber inflatable mask now and happily dipped my head as he placed it on the crown of my masked face and gently eased it down and over my head. Then he loosened the collar, tucked it under, and tightened it again. It was at first a slack fit with my existing mask underneath, but quickly began to get tighter and tighter as he inflated it. In no time my head was held in an inflated, immovable grip, but in truth it was not that uncomfortable and with a hole opposite my mouth easy to breathe.

It was evident that we were not going to be doing a lot of kissing and cuddling, maybe for later I hoped. I felt him approach me as I knelt back on my haunches, my heart now beginning to beat faster - a rubber masked master to his rubber masked pet. Firstly he gently removed the two nipple suction cups accompanied by a sigh of relief from me, as my nipples felt on fire. Then I felt him place a hand on my head and with the other raise his cape, up and up, and then with a chuckle I felt it drop over my head.

I moved my head forward in the complete darkness of my double-skinned helmet and came to a halt against a thick horizontal shaft, ah ha, so here we are again. I moved my head around a little till the bulbous head was at the entrance to the hole in the mask opposite my mouth and I greedily sucked him in. I could just hear him take in a deep breath as I enveloped him in licking and sucking and nibbling. I could only breathe through my mouth and I was able to take breaths between a suck and a lick, but managed to get some form of rhythm going. I was able to take in about three or four inches, just plenty to pleasure him. I could feel his hands gripping the hard rubber surrounding my head, encouraging me. I was quite frankly in seventh heaven, doing something I do very well, giving pleasure.

The only discomfort I had was from my poor imprisoned cock, which was desperate to burst out of its captivity, and I hoped that would happen sooner rather than later. But as he said, we had all night, and more, so I took my time, leisurely licking and nibbling, I could tell he was near coming a couple of times so saucily withdrew and could hear him chuckle in acknowledgement.

Oh, this was going so well - almost suffocated by the smell and feel of rubber around me and a luscious cock to suck on, well, for me it doesn’t get any better. The fact that I was trapped in a rubber gimp suit, inflatable helmet, cock held in chastity, and unable to do pretty well anything on my own did not deter me, in fact I was now realising, like I had slowly over the last couple of days, this seemed to enhance the pleasure. The tightness of the helmet over the inner mask that gripped my head and the cape draped over me seemed to isolate me in a world of my own, a pitch black world of pure rubber pleasure.

It seemed like forever before he decided that my moment was to come. He spoke loudly for my benefit.

“That is lovely rubber sub, but time to come out now and get your reward.” I felt rise from my shoulders and I gave his cock one last lick, then I turned round, raising my arse, now eager for him to take me. I heard him prepare - the surgical gloves, the condom, and then the lube. I shivered with anticipation as he gently placed a little round my tight, expectant muscle and then with a single finger pushed some into my hole - so cool it made me shudder with pleasure. He ran his finger around my sphincter, relaxing the muscle, playing with it and at the same time talking to me, urging me quietly to relax and enjoy, his voice a bit distant as my head was covered in three layers of rubber.

“All right, you’re doing very well, I know you’re a bit nervous, but you’re going to love this; so I want you to talk to me, tell me what you feel, how you feel. Tell me everything. My cock is hard as steel, thanks to your wonderful mouth, and it’s at your luscious rosebud. I can see you are tense, your muscle is naturally unconsciously clenching, that’s normal, but we’ll get that to loosen up.” I felt the head of his cock rest between my cheeks, above my hole, then down past it and then back up again, and down again. He was getting me used to the feel of it there, for the fleshy warmth of it was different to that of a butt plug. And I found I began to relax. He placed his hands on the cheeks of my buttocks and slowly, gingerly almost, spread them.

“Good, that’s better, you want this don’t you? Of course you do, it’s just that first hurdle, don’t push back to me, I’ll do it all from my end. You just relax there, you are in good hands.” And then I felt the head rest at the entrance and just nudge me, followed by another squirt of cool lube, then just another almost imperceptible nudge. This was all right so far. I was starting to breathe a little faster now I felt my tight muscle was starting to relax and stretch.

“Ohhh, aaah, whoooo.”

“Good, you’re doing fine, widening slowly, that’s the trick, now we’ll stop for a few seconds, okay.”

“Oh, it feels like you’re ripping me, oh, oh.”

“Ha ha, no not at all, you’re doing fine, the head’s half in, just a bit more that’s all. We’ll take it a little more now, lots of time.” And I felt him move his hands and tighten his grip on my hips a little and then drive in another barely discernible half inch.

“Aaaahh.” It was not a shout of pain, but more I think of relief, for now I knew his head was in me, that I could take him, and I was just fine with it. And now the shaft was to come.

“Well, we made it, ha ha. What a great sight it is, you impaled on my head, and don’t worry, no splitting, you’re much more flexible than you think you are. So we’ll just rest for a second, allow some more relaxing and stretching.” He stroked my hips as I took in a few deep breaths.

“Actually….I feel okay, great so far, oh.” I couldn’t believe how sensitive the nerve endings at the entrance to my rear were; it didn’t hurt at all, but I could feel every square millimetre of his cock stretching me to what I thought was my limit. He stroked my helmeted head.

“Good, excellent, you look fantastic, so are we ready to move on?”

“Oh yes, I think so, I told you, this is what I want now. It really is.” And it truly was as I felt my own cock harden and try to escape its plastic prison. I was clearly strongly aroused with his cock inside me and my cock desperately wanted to get out. Now I felt him drive very slowly forward and his cock push further into me, then a stop and a little more cool lube and then another half inch, and another. During this, as requested, I began to give him a calm, almost breathless commentary.

“Yes, okay, that’s fine, oh….yes…oh…aaaaah, that’s so good….so much nicer than a…butt pl…..aaah butt plug, keep going.”

And then after perhaps a full minute, finally I felt his balls resting against my buttocks, and was accompanied, amusingly, by a tinkling from the bell dangling between my legs. It was as if it was announcing something. And it was.

I was now filled!

So what did I feel? No pain, no discomfort, just a tremendous feeling of fullness (well I was!) every part of his cock touching me, resting against my insides, stretching my sphincter muscle, but not painfully. And then a feeling of serenity, of pure calm contentment; a blanket of unadulterated gratification enveloped me; a deep warmth swept over me, wave after wave. How could I have denied myself this? What a fool I had been.

“Oooooooooooh, plea…. please don’t move ahhhh. I had never…..imagined it could, would be like this. I’m so full, so warm, aaaah.” He continued to stroke my body and I felt him tense his sphincter, sending a shiver through me as his cock twitched inside me. He wasn’t thrusting in and out, just tweaking his cock inside me, as if it were alive, which it very much was, and sending me crazy. And this he knew was relaxing me; the nerves, the apprehension were gone and I wanted him to now pump me, and I told him.

“Okay, please, please, fuck me, fuck me. But just nice and easy, oooooh.” I whispered through my two masks, my heart pounding now and sweat building in the gimp suit. And he began to do this, withdrawing very slowly a couple of inches and then pushing forwards, then repeating it, allowing my sphincter to relax, stretch and accommodate him, the bell pealing out in unison.

I now embraced that feeling of powerlessness, of utter vulnerability; I had handed over my body to him, willingly, to do as he wished. I had been a top since I became an adult - late teens I suppose, and nothing else, and I had never really appreciated the role of the sub. Of course I loved my role as a top, as the subs knelt in front of me, accepting my power over them. But the physical pleasure I was receiving from having my new master behind me and fucking me, filling me completely, surprised me beyond my expectations. I had never realised how tender, how sensitive my love channel was, and how much I took pleasure in having him now run his cock deeply in and out of my insides.

We were a good fit, a very good fit. No pun intended. Like a hand in a perfect leather glove or a pair of shoes you know straightaway that they are right, the fit was snug, tight but not uncomfortable, not uncomfortable at all, but pure delight. The pleasure of his cock inside me, withdrawing and returning, even overcame the discomfort of not having my own cock free, and still trapped in the plastic and steel chastity device. When would he allow me release?

This was not, yet anyway, a rutting, a violent thrusting at all. He stroked and caressed me and I responded, imploring him to keep going, to not stop the bliss I was experiencing. I had completely lost track of time.

And so it continued until ultimately I heard from him a faint groan through the three skins of rubber encasing my head, then a more violent thrust right up to his root that pushed me forward, and he came. After a couple of minutes he was slack and withdrew from me carefully and we slumped on the bed, my back to him as he held me in his arms. I was hot and sweaty but enormously contented. We said nothing for a while and then finally he spoke quietly, his head close to mine.

“It’s very rare that the event far exceeds the expectation, but this time it certainly did, I’ve been waiting to have this moment with you for what seems so long now, but that was really great, just perfect. You are a wonderful sub.” And I couldn’t argue. If I had a regret it was that I had taken so long to make a decision. All the nerves, the trepidation – and the stubborn arrogance had disappeared. We lay like that for a while, he still had his cape on but eventually he took it off, he must have been sweltering in his drum tight suit, and I was certainly nicely hot and damp in my gimp suit, and he still had the gas mask on and me the inflatable helmet, which on reflection must have been quite a sight.

We must have dozed off, for half an hour perhaps, we weren’t in a hurry, not at all, but eventually he placed his arm around me and whispered.

“Well I think one good turn, et cetera, you’ve been very good indeed and now you deserve a reward, so first things first.” And from the bedside drawer he withdrew the allen key, and as I rolled over on my back I felt him expertly unlock the chastity device, together thank goodness with the bell. When fully released I immediately became hard, for it had seemed like forever since I was last free. Then I heard him take off his gas mask, and the valve on my inflatable one was released and I felt it deflate. He eased it off my head and looked down warmly, and we kissed leisurely.

“I want to try something, see if we can get something working here.” Well I was up for anything now as I watched him slip on another condom, for it didn’t take him long to get hard again.

“Are you sore, how are you feeling?”

“A bit sensitive, tender, but okay I think”. I replied smiling. “Actually I’ve never been better.”

“Ready for some more? I’ll use lots of lube, but you are definitely looser now.” He expertly daubed some lube over himself. I had no hesitation in replying.

“Oh, yes, I’m ready, whatever you want to try.” And he raised me up on my knees, then sat on the side of the bed and drew me back to him.

“I know you’re really lithe and flexible but this might be a bit of a push later, we’ll see.” He pulled me towards him and I raised one folded leg over his thighs, then, with my back to him he positioned me over his rampant cock and manoeuvred me downwards. As he held me around my waist he lowered me onto his cock. I felt the head at my entrance and I thought there would be resistance, but no, after an initial hesitation his cock breached my entrance and, with a gasp from me, he glided inside right up to the hilt. I could feel his head at my shoulder and his arms at my hips as I stretched my folded-back legs as wide as I could to get the full penetration.

There was no pain, no real soreness, just a tiny bit of tenderness, but it was more a feeling of oneness, of complete calm. Yes, we seemed well matched! Having allowed me a few seconds to acclimatise, he raised me up and then down, oh my god, that was so sweet, I whispered to myself. He must have heard for I heard him chuckle and then begin a slow easy rhythm of up and down, up and down. My own cock, now released from its chastity, was rock hard and soon I felt a hand tenderly stroking it, and then caressing my balls. I think he could tell even after a couple of minutes I was close to coming - after all I hadn’t come in a while and there was a lot of pent-up emotion in me, so he stopped with my cock, but continued to raise and lower me onto himself, impaling me.

“Now, this is the bit that might be more difficult.” He whispered, and raised me off his member, then supporting me on his thighs, he began to turn me to face him. I was able to help him here by placing my stiff arms on his shoulders, until we faced each other.

“You’re going to have to come closer, much closer, really close, okay. I have hold of you, now slowly lean back and I can… let’s see, enter you.” It was all a bit gymnastic but I was all for it, for I could look my lover in the face. My cock and balls were squashed between our two stomachs but that was okay for now, and I raised my doubled-up legs either side of him and leant back a little. Then he pulled me towards him and I felt him enter me again, ooooh aaaaah.

For the purist it wasn’t deep penetration at all, but it was enormously satisfying. The head of his cock was inside me and rubbing the inside of my sphincter and he could move it a couple of inches or so. He pulled me towards him and I dipped my head for him to kiss. It was a bit contorted but having him face me definitely made up for it.

We went like this for a short time and then, taking complete control again, he raised me up, turned me round and dropped me on my back on the bed. Firstly placing a pillow under my buttocks and then a hand on each of my doubled-up legs he raised and spread them, spread them wide. Again my flexibility helped as my knees were now by my armpits. With my cock and balls flat on my stomach, my arse was now exposed and well stretched and without a word he placed his cock at my entrance, and still holding my legs wide apart, entered me again, as smooth as silk.

Oh this was more like it, he could go deep inside me, and I could look up and see his face, almost dreamlike with pleasure. He leaned into me, almost squashing me but I was loving it all so much I barely noticed it. In and out, then holding for a few seconds, he mixed it up. I was his plaything, a passive but very appreciative partner. I could really do very little as I was, still very much the gimp, and a happy gimp. Like the Victorian ladies I just lay back and enjoyed it, him kissing me and teasing me, whispering words of love.

After I don’t know how long this went on for but he finally gripped my armpits and raised me up, thrusting hard into me and came. Although I had not come I was still rock hard but also sated as I had been thoroughly, wonderfully fucked by him.

I felt like I should sleep for a year, but he had other ideas.

He slipped out of me, discarding his condom, then he smiled at me and without saying anything I leant over and began to lick him clean. He could hardly ignore I was still hard and after I had finished he began to lick me, I was about to burst and so he took a break and expertly slid a fresh condom over my cock, and rubbed some lube up and down the shaft.

“I know you’re still my rubber gimp but maybe you can get some purchase on my hips with your forearms and give me a good fucking.” Well I’ll give it the old college try, I thought, and he turned round on his knees, pulling his crotch zip further open at the back, exposing his rosebud. I aligned myself behind him on my doubled-up legs and gripped him as best I could with my arms, then placed my cock at his beckoning entrance. We hadn’t done this for a while, with me “in charge” but as they say, it’s like riding a bicycle!

And it was. I slipped into him like warm butter, a small resistance at first but then all plain sailing. There was a lot of ooohing and aaahing, for now I think we had moved to a different dimension, such was the shared pleasure. I managed to get some rhythm and he helped by pushing back onto me, and we were like a well lubed (!) engine.

I tried to slow it all down, not wanting it to end, simply resting dormant inside him, feeling every pore of me wrapped by his warm grip. But eventually we knew the moment had come and I came with a low animal whine.

Minutes later, we lay on our backs on the latex sheet, I had lost track of time, it must have been after midnight certainly. We were both exhausted and sweaty and perhaps strangely I had no inclination to ask him to release me from my gimp suit, my role as rubber sub would appear to have taken hold of me. I didn’t analyse this in great detail as I lay staring at the ceiling. I was just at peace, very contented and relaxed now in the role, and very soon I drifted to sleep.

We both slept well, I didn’t find the rubber gimp suit debilitating at all; it was almost a comfort, a warm assuring blanket. I was snug and content in the tight, clinging rubber, sleeping with my rubber lover.


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