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From Top to Bottom 4: A Frustrated Pet

by rbbral

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story continued from part 3

Chapter 4: A Frustrated Pet

This continued for three or four more days, Ryan treating me like an obedient pet – which I suppose I was. He would pinch the suction pump over my nipples when he felt like it, but strangely I was even getting used to the dull ache. And as each day progressed I realised that I was less offended by this, it was a slow progress but I had to concede that Ryan’s plan seemed to be working, very slowly at least. I was now off the muscle relaxants and the pain reduction pills as the natural flexibility of my body seemed to have adjusted to the suit and there was no more cramping. I was now part of the suit, and if you could say so, and I suppose relatively accepting of it.

Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle.

Wherever I went the repetitive, infuriating high chimes accompanied me, no matter how slow or carefully I waddled. What a fool I must have looked, the shiny bell dangling between my legs and my balls and cock held tightly captive and the matching bells dangling from my chest.

During that time I knew if I said anything to him, implored him to allow me to please him (and myself) he would immediately gag and paddle me and I had no wish for that, and so remained silent. And he also had very little to say, just calling me to the table for my food or to the couch where he would read, do some work or watch some TV. There he would caress and stroke me - and pat me like a good dog, but each time I tried to respond and move to his groin, he would gently pat me away.

In the mornings after the enema, which by now I was used to, he would progressively replace the butt plug with a marginally larger one and now I was on the largest one, a good size but thankfully with a narrow collar. Getting the thickest portion past my tight anal muscle was initially quite painful. Although the first hour or two was uncomfortable I was clearly getting used to these intruders and as long as the neck was narrow it was not that uncomfortable, strange as that may sound. They didn’t fill me to bursting, but their presence was always there, and soon I was accommodating a plug four inches long and one and a half inch wide at the widest point, but fortunately with still the narrow neck. When this was pressed inside me, and here he took plenty of time pushing it into me, he seemed very pleased with my “progress”. And I really was getting used to them, when I waddled around the room I could feel them moving inside me, a strange sensation, but I had to admit, not an unpleasant one. Then one time he said to me, with a glint in the eye, to which I did not respond.

“You are definitely ready for me now, subbie, I would just love to slide my hard cock in between those cheeks, and I know you would love it too, so just say when.” And he laughed, kissing me on my masked head, knowing my dilemma and very self-assured as to what he could see now as the only outcome.

The next day, after my enema and ablutions, I noticed he had not replaced my butt plug. He leashed me and led me back to the bedroom and told me to kneel by the bed. I was hoping that this might lead to me servicing him, but no, instead he opened a bag on the bed and said with a smile.

“Well subbie, there you are, on all fours, in your doggie suit, eating and behaving like a dog, so…. it only seems right you should have a doggie tail.” And out of the bag he showed me the largest butt plug I’d seen to date. But this was different, for attached to the end was a flexible rubber tail - resembling that of a poodle, with a short tube and then a fluffy rubber ball at the end. In my condition I could do nothing about this, as he lubed the pear shaped invader and ordered me to turn my arse to him.

I said nothing to him as I knew he would immediately gag me. I would never have been able to take it the first time but the previous week’s “training” meant exactly what he had intended, for as he pressed the narrower end to my sphincter I felt the muscle relax, almost subconsciously. He continued to push, firmly and without break, quietly chuckling to himself, and my entrance eased to allow the widening plug to enter me. I gasped silently as the widest part finally entered me, and then relaxed as my anal muscle then snugly gripped the narrow base. I was truly plugged again. Jokingly he flicked the tail and I felt a tremor vibrate inside me. But again I didn’t find this unpleasant, not at all, for it gave me a full, tickling feeling, almost like a mild electric shock. Just what was happening to me I didn’t know and could do nothing about.

Under his command I waddled around in front of him, hearing the bloody bells tinkling and seeing myself in a mirror, my tail just wagging slightly and sending tremors through me. And behind me I saw Ryan beaming broadly.

“You’ll have to be careful sitting, so as not to cram that plug further up inside you. Now come here for another piece of your suit.”

Another piece? I thought. What could be left? But then I remembered as Ryan produced the full head perfect replica doggie mask that he had mentioned earlier. And as he held it in front of me I could see it really was a stunning creation. It had a long neck with a back zip and would tuck under my posture collar easily. The face had a short snout rather like a boxer’s with fairly small eye holes and short floppy ears. Ryan opened the inside and I could see two teeth impressions for my upper and lower set, like a snorkel mouthpiece or boxer’s gum shields but a lot more intrusive as attached on the outside of each piece there was a large half circular section of rubber. This I saw quickly would extend from the outside of my gums and push out my cheeks. Between these was a flexible hole perhaps a half inch in diameter. It was evident that I would be able to breathe and open and close my mouth a bit, but the two gum shields and cheek extenders would act as a very effective gag. The snout also incorporated wide nostril tubes for breathing when, and I’m sure it would be when, my mouth was full, possibly with his cock I thought.

“Come on, come closer.” It was clear that this mask was to go over the one I had worn now for many days, so now there would be two layers of tight rubber enclosing my head. Ryan could see my hesitation.

“Come on my cute doggie, come on.” I had little option so I approached him closer, accompanied by the infuriating jingling of the bells and he loosened my collar first. Then he opened the dog mask almost inside out and I peered down towards the complicated device that would keep my mouth under control. I dipped my head in and opened my mouth feeling for the two teeth impressions. I had to open as far as I could to allow the gum extensions to fill my cheeks and then I felt my teeth slip into their gum shields.

“Okay, now bite down, and get them nice and snug.” With some manoeuvring they settled in, covering my full set of teeth, and I could feel my cheeks puffed out. This left my mouth encircling the semi-circular hole that I was aware if I opened it further was just big enough to house a cock, but I was able to fully close and fully open it, with some effort.

Ryan pulled the ends of the mask back over my head, careful not to disturb the mask underneath, then I heard the tell-tale buzz as the zip began to close. I could see straight ahead, but the portals were a lot narrower than my existing mask, and my breathing was unimpeded as the tubes slid up my nostrils. Taking his time Ryan pulled the zip down and the second skin of rubber compressed my head in an unforgiving grip. Satisfied, he turned to face me and checked my breathing and eyesight, then tightened my posture collar back in place.

“All okay?” He asked. And all I could do in reply was grunt and nod. “Ha ha, good. Well you know with this on I think we can dispense with my gag order, ha ha. From now feel free to talk your socks off.”

Oh, he really was having fun with this and knew full well that all I could do was ahhhh  and nnmmff for him. He tickled me behind the ears, for now to all intents I was his pet – rubberised, gimped, my cock and balls held in chastity, butt plugged and tailed, a bell ringing between my legs and two from my nipples and with a very convincing dog face, through which I could only make a few grunts and aaahhs.

In a short period of a little over a week he had turned me, a committed top, into an obedient rubber house pet, irrevocably under his absolute control. How long would this last? It seemed that it would be up to me, as it always had been, to make a decision. I waddled around the room trying to get used to everything - my mouth now half open, my teeth deep-rooted in rubber, my cheeks pushed out, my head now covered in two layers of rubber, my arse filled and quivering as the tail wagged a beat of its own. And my poor cock and balls imprisoned in plastic and steel.

Now I was the ultimate rubber sub.

He left after that, to work I assumed, saying he’d return in the afternoon, patting me on the head and again giving my suction pumps and squeeze. And I continued my new life as a rubber captive in my own home. I waddled around, the bells jingling, tried to read, tried to rest, tried to sit but that was impossible with the plug in my arse. Thoughts whipped through my mind. When would I yield, what an arrogant fool I was, for god’s sake admit defeat and get it over with, etc etc. So frustrated beyond belief, throughout the day I waited for my master, for that he now was, without question.

When Ryan returned he ate a leisurely dinner without much fanfare, although he stroked my head and tickled my ears. This ritual continued for a couple more days, with me in my doggie suit and mask and only de-plugged for ablutions. I was unable to get any relief for my sexual tension. I just wanted his touch, never mind a good blow job!

Then one evening he advised me that he was going to be “entertaining” that evening. Apparently he had earlier met a friend at our club and had invited him over. I had noticed he had been to the club during my rubber captivity, but I was stunned to hear this, not only inviting him to my apartment, but he would see me like this!

Well over a week had passed and what a period it had been and how had I been transformed, but this was only under his eyes. But now a stranger was to come and see me, inspect me. He prepared my meal, and here, once again he had planned ahead. As I had the tube in my mouth, slurping up food from my bowl I had found out was impossible, as was chewing. And so Ryan, ever the practical planner, had devised a method for me to eat, and it had been humiliatingly and cruelly effective.

Quite simply it was a baby’s bottle full of some sort of smoothie, with a short tube of the precise diameter as the tube in my mouth, so that all I had to do once he stuck it in my mouth was to suck and swallow…. something I was very good at, he reminded me with a smile. And that is what I did while he held the bottle with one hand, and the other at the back of my head. It was palpably a degrading position being bottle fed like a puppy, which I was of course, a powerless rubber pup. But I was very hungry, and so, like everything before, I endured in silence and sucked the glutinous liquid, swallowing to the last drop. He wiped my mouth and went to the bedroom, packing some rubber clothing for the evening. Then he took my dog face in his hands, kissed my snout, gave my rubber buttocks a playful slap and said.

“I’m going to have a lot of fun with my friend, subbie, but you will not be allowed to participate, until you are my committed bottom. I shall have some fun at the club I’m sure, and I will miss you. Now behave yourself when he comes, or otherwise we will both enjoy reprimanding you.”

I was horribly jealous of him, and mad at him, and worried, genuinely worried that he would hook up with someone else. I wanted that person to be me, I wanted him, and I didn’t want him to be with anyone else, but still the last step to that – me accepting him fucking me - for an unaccountable reason – blind pride probably, I couldn’t make. So I moped around the flat waiting for this guest to arrive, hearing the bells tinkling which constantly reminded me of my embarrassing position but also feeling the plug in my rear quiver with every step, and I had to admit that was now a quite pleasant sensation,. The vibrations in my arse were having a strange effect, over the days I could feel my cock start to harden, at least as much as it could, and I didn’t want that, having it squeezed by the rigid tube. I went to rest on the bed.

Much later I was lying on the bed, sideways, and trying not to “activate” my tail, or the stupid bell, when I heard the door open!

I heard two voices, Ryan’s and another I didn’t recognise. I was embarrassed and very angry at the thought of being introduced to his “friend” like this, but there was nothing I could do about it, nothing. I looked for a place to hide, and then thought what a ridiculous idea, hiding in my own flat. No, so I got up from the bed, with difficulty, and waited on all fours for Ryan to come through.

“So make yourself comfortable, Paul I’ll be out in a sec.” He shouted to the living room, and then came in and knelt next to me and whispered.

“Hi gorgeous.” I was still mad and now very nervous, which was hard to show the way I was dressed. He flicked my tail playfully and I could feel a shudder through my insides and my cock begin to harden, it was almost a Pavlov response, and very strange.

“Well I met a pleasant chap a while ago and as I told you I have invited him over. Now subbie, if you had allowed me to take you in your arse this would never have happened, but well, your choice…. he’s going to stay the night, and I’m going to have sex with him, quite simple really.” He placed his hand round my chastity tube and fondled my cuffed balls.

“It could have been you, I would prefer it to be you, but he’s consented, and you are being a real obstinate fool. So we’re going to spend the night together in your latex bed here…. and you will be here to watch and listen to us. Yes, that’s very cruel and a little perverse I know, but think on this. If you are really jealous right now, really mad at me, then why is that? Because you would rather it be you in bed with me here. Yes?”

He had all the answers of course, and was quite enjoying himself, but underneath I thought I detected some regret, for as he had said he’d rather it be me with him, and of course that is what I wanted. But it was not to be, for now anyway. I was a top, dammit, and I was still holding onto that idea, stupid though it may have seemed maybe I thought he would yield first and release me. He slipped a chain on to my collar and whispered.

“Don’t be a bad host, come and meet Paul.” I pulled back instinctively, grunting but it was no use as he tugged a bit harder and so I waddled behind my “master”, bells tinkling between my legs and from my nipples. Ryan was wearing his gunmetal catsuit with the black trim and from my angle looked fantastic, his arse and firm legs just screaming to be fondled and licked, I wanted to grab him and devour him but that was not for now. And so, humbled, humiliated and embarrassed I was brought in front of Paul.

“Well here he is, my live-in rubber subbie I told you about.” Paul almost fell over at the sight of me, he was tall and slim, blonde and quite handsome, and about Ryan’s age, a good bit younger than me. He’d obviously slipped out of his street clothes for now wore a skin tight sort of surfing suit of red latex, with mid-thigh leggings, a high collar and long sleeves. I noticed his cock was already hard behind the crotch zip.

“Jesus, but I thought you were kidding, oh my god, a real gimp, a real rubber pet, I don’t believe it. But, but is he… consenting, I mean this is what he wants, right? I’ve heard a lot about having a real rubber gimp as a pet. And how long have you kept him like this? God, I have so many questions. He’s so cute, I love the doggie face and the tail, don’t tell me he has a butt plug attached to it, oh yes, I can see, holy cow. And his cock, you’ve got him under control there I see, and the bells there are brilliant. May I…” He appeared in shock at first and babbling a bit but calmed and placed his hand on my head, then ran it down my back to the tail which he couldn’t resist flicking, sending a shudder through me, and I grunted an aaaaahh.

“So, how did you meet….”

“Oh, at the club, he’s convinced he’s a top, but I’ve decided to train him in the pleasures of being a sub. You know about that of course. And I’ve moved into his place here.” Ryan said, patting my buttocks.

“You mean, you mean this is against his will, I mean.” He again looked shocked. “I mean this is consensual. Right?”

“No, no he can’t talk through the dog mask, the tube in the front here doesn’t permit that and it is just the perfect size for a cock. Of course it’s consensual, and he can get out of it with one signal. But after ten days or so I think he’s getting to like it. Aren’t you pet?” Well yes, I was and I wasn’t, I was so confused, but how could I convey all my feelings dressed as I was?

“Ten days! I don’t believe it. That’s incredible, being like that, plugged and gagged and in chastity. He really must have sub blood in him otherwise he’d be out of it by now.”

“Oh I agree, he just won’t admit it to himself, he’s a stubborn guy for sure, but I am convinced he’s a natural sub. I look after him, feed him, wash him, but I don’t allow him pleasure. Look Paul, this is so easy, all I want to do is to fuck him, under all that rubber he’s a real cutie, I can tell you. I want to fuck him and hear him beg for more, that’s all, it really isn’t a big deal, but he’s really anal, ha ha, and can’t get over his so called top role. He hasn’t asked to be released so I think we’re getting there, slowly. I’m denying him any pleasure until he comes to his senses. For you and me tonight it’s easy, we know the ground rules, we’re going to have a great night, with nothing attached, right? You go your way, I go mine.”

“Yeah, absolutely, we’ll have fun. Sorry but I don’t get it with him, you look so great. I want you to fuck me right now, so why the wait? I would love to be a sub to a rubber master like you, I’m jealous, I’d change places with your gimp in a flash.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” Laughed Ryan.

“No, I mean it, there are lots of genuine subs out there seeking a loving master they can trust, and just frightened to go the extra step. Your cute rubber gimp is amazingly lucky to have you, he just doesn’t know it.” He patted my head again. “Oh well, it’s his loss, I guess he can watch us, ha ha.”

They talked a little while longer about me, my age, how cute I looked, how stubborn I was and what a good cock sucker I was. It was as if I wasn’t there and to a degree I wasn’t as I had no part in the conversation, just sitting on my haunches looking silently up at them.

“Oh really, well can he suck me off?” Laughed Paul, and then Ryan said something that really hit me.

“Oh no my friend, I’m saving him for me, no lending him out at the moment I’m afraid, he sucks only me and when I choose, and I’ll be the one to deflower him. He’s an obstinate fool but I have a real soft spot for him. Maybe when he decides to accept the subbie lifestyle properly and accept the commands of his master I’ll share him, but not yet, he’s going to have to want that himself. And once that happens then a whole new world will open for him.”

“Well he’s a lucky subbie to have you, for sure. Okay, so anyway let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Sounds good to me, I’ve got some more latex there and I know you’re a true subbie so you’re going to like what I’ve planned.” I was shocked to hear that Ryan had been planning for a while to see Paul, and I could feel that I was becoming jealous and I suppose possessive of him, but did I really have that right?

They had talked amongst themselves as if I hadn’t been there, for I was I suppose just a pet to both of them now, not a real person still struggling with his feelings. Ryan took my leash and led me to the bedroom and tied it to the foot of the bed, so it was evident I was going to watch and listen to them having sex right in front of me. The humiliation of this was clear, I was to sit powerless while the man I was growing to really care for, to love, at least I think I was, was having sex with another. No, I wasn’t too happy at all at this. These two were going to have sex on my bed, in my apartment, and I was to be a powerless rubber pet, forced to watch. But then, as it had been pointed out to me more than once, whose fault was that?

And so I was relegated to a spectator, if I chose to be, and it was hard not to be as they began kissing and fondling on my bed. I knew this was a not too subtle reminder to me that Ryan was the boss, and I was powerless, and as the old Crosby, Stills, Nash song said; if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

When they were warmed up, Ryan went to the wardrobe (my wardrobe!) and returned with a double skinned inflatable straight jacket. Well, I thought, he certainly has moved in, for some reason I had never seen it before, and no doubt it had been meant for me. Again I felt a wave of jealousy crash over me. Paul gleefully crossed his arms and Ryan wrapped it round him, zipped the back up and began to inflate it from a valve at the shoulder. At the same time they continued to kiss and both of them were rock hard, their cocks touching in a bizarre kind of sabre rattling. Soon the jacket was drum tight, and Paul hhhmmed in pleasure at his vulnerability then dropped his face on Ryan’s cock and began to lick and suck him. I don’t know why but I continued to watch, feeling my own cock try to harden in its plastic prison. Ryan glanced at me once and gave me a look that said, well it’s up to you, don’t blame me. And he was right I suppose.

Now Ryan took the reins, and produced a zipless inflatable rubber helmet, something I also hadn’t seen before. Paul grinned as Ryan pulled it down over his head and quickly began to pump it up. It didn’t take long and soon his head was just a shiny black ball with a single hole at the mouth. Paul was now moaning in pleasure.

“Oh, oh fuck me, just fuck me.” It was quickly apparent that Paul was a committed sub, and wanted to be completely powerless in the hands of his master. Ryan laughed and then crammed an inflatable gag through the single hole of the helmet and into Paul’s mouth, there was a muffled grunt, but Ryan swiftly inflated the gag with the attached inflator. The gag I was pleased to see was a breathe-through type, but Paul was silenced in no time. He was now quite the sight, from waist up he was just two large inflated balls, one over his torso and one over his head, with a tube and inflator protruding from his mouth. Ryan had done a very quick job in turning him into a silent, blind and vulnerable rubber sub. But a contented sub for he was still fully erect.

Ryan now turned Paul round, pushing him forcibly onto his front, his inflated head resting on the latex pillow. Expertly he slipped on a condom – from my stash in the bedside drawer, and rested his cock at Paul’s rear entrance. Paul was mmmmfing through his gag, but Ryan took his time, running it up and down between his cheeks before resting it at his sphincter. Then he began his slow forward movement, and I watched now, holding my breath too.

Soon the head was entering, then the shaft and Paul was gasping. Ryan gripped the sides of the straight jacket and now began to thrust hard, in, out, in and out, and Paul was pushing back in unison, moaning and loving every minute of this, resting on the pillow.

And I suppose it was at this moment, this exact moment that I realised, and was not really surprised, that I wanted that to be me, I wanted to be in Paul’s place. It was not an epiphany or anything, it had been coming for a while if I thought about it. Gradually, day by day, embarrassment and shame receded and the walls of resistance slowly crumbled. I was now about to come to the conclusion that I now wanted, truly desired to be on all fours, my arse raised and presented to my master in a submissive posture, for him to do with as he pleased. Having the butt plug in me day after day was not painful, in fact it gave me a sense of contentment, of fullness, and when it quivered the vibrations actually excited me now. So it appeared Ryan had achieved his intent. Yes, I wanted to be with him, as his subbie puppy, for him to do with as he wished. In my mind there was now no hesitation.

Paul’s quiet moans of pure contentment were the moment that confirmed my decision. But now I had to convey that to Ryan and now was not the time, it would have to wait till morning and so I continued to jealously watch Ryan and Paul make love, and wanting to be in Paul’s role. I finally decided to get some sleep and curled round on the rubber mat and tried to sleep, well aware of the sounds above me, as Ryan continued to take Paul at his leisure.

The next morning I was ignored again as they woke. Ryan helped Paul out of his helmet. I was impressed that he had been in it all night. It was apparent that he was a dedicated sub. They then kissed and cuddled for a while, Paul seeming very comfortable in the restrictive straight jacket while Ryan blew him again. They rested a while more and it was Paul who finally said he had to go, so Ryan helped him with the jacket and they went to the shower together, and I resisted thinking about what happened there. They both returned and Paul dressed in his street clothes while Ryan just draped a rubber house coat around himself, dammit, it was my rubber house coat. Paul then approached me and patted my head like a good dog that I was.

“I really am sorry you couldn’t have joined us last night, you’ve a very loving and considerate master there, and a very skilled one. You should just overcome your silly obsessions and accept him as your top, it’s not that hard really.” He tickled my ears, smiled down at me and left the room. I heard them by the door, saying goodbye, Paul clearly understood the “situation” and was just happy he’d had a good night. I heard him leave and I was left on my own again with Ryan.


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