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From Top to Bottom 3: From A Different Perspective

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; latex; drug; gimp; dogsuit; encased; collar; pet; train; enema; tease; chast; toys; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part two

Chapter Three - From A Different Perspective

I awoke feeling a little muddle headed and as if wrapped in a blanket. In my semi-sleep I tried to move arms and legs and neither would obey. I opened my eyes and focussed on him looking down on me, appraising me coolly. I tried to move again but with no success. What was going on?

“What the… hey Ryan, what have…” he sat next to me.

“Good morning again my beautiful, you’ve been out a while, I was beginning to get worried I’d overdone the dose, but you’ll be fine. Now Don,” he moved closer into my focus, “I’ve got a long speech to give and I don’t want any interruptions, so here’s the deal, you say nothing, okay, everything I tell you will answer all the questions you will have, so…. silence, otherwise I will gag you, which would be fun anyway.”

“Ryan, Ryan what’s going….” He placed his gloved hand over my lips.

“What did I say? All will be revealed, I promise, silence or gag, up to you.” And with the other hand he held up a ball gag, my ball gag that I kept in the bedside drawer. He was very calm, and very much in control, with a coolness well beyond his youth.

“Now will you listen and not interrupt… at all?” I thought of the option for a second and nodded. I felt a bit silly and really was in no position to argue, plus I wanted to know what the hell was going on.

“Good.” And then he began, slowly pacing at the end of my bed, looking down at me, clearly enjoying his authority over me.

“You’ve figured out by now that you are in a gimp suit, a doggie suit. You’ve seen them at the club I’m sure. This one is the absolute best, and cost a lot, but I think it will be money well spent. Exactly why you are wearing it I will explain in a minute but first I’ll tell you about the suit. I’ve had it a while and believe me it works, turns you into a completely powerless four legged plaything, which ever since I saw you, I wanted you in it. And this is an absolute beauty, unlike most gimp suits where your legs and arms are doubled up this one is much better. Yes, your legs are folded back, but not your arms. My feeling is that when the arms are folded the gimp is just too low to the ground, not good for mouth action, and you are a bit more mobile too, very considerate of me.” Here he nonchalantly laughed.

“And more important those other ones put a real strain on the back, so this one is much better and much more comfortable for long durations, really long durations if necessary. And I hope that won’t be necessary.” I didn’t like the sound of that as he smiled again.

“And here I have to commend you on your fitness, love, you are superbly flexible, which will make your getting used to it all the easier.” He laughed again. I was about to say something, but he placed his finger on my lips.

“Ah, ah, naughty. Have you any idea how hard it is to get an unconscious person into one of these? Very hard I can tell you. But your flexibility helped a lot. Must have taken me over an hour though, for a while I thought you might even wake up, that would have been interesting. I have worn this suit on occasion to clubs with past masters, ones who I have really grown to trust, for believe me once in this you will never, ever get out without assistance. And you are a tad bigger than me so it will be a slightly tighter fit, but no worries, for me that is.” I must have looked stunned and no doubt very worried as well, and began to wriggle, fruitlessly. It was starting to get warm and sweaty in the suit.

“Don’t look so worried Don, let me say from the outset, I’m not some crazy psychopath, who is going to torture and kill you. No - quite the contrary.” He now sat next to me and took my masked head in his hands; I didn’t have any chance to move at all.

“You see Don, I gave you so many chances over the last month or so, to seal our feelings for each other, an equal relationship, top and bottom, bottom and top. And you just couldn’t take that step, could you? Well I can only wait so long and so I’m taking that step for you, life is short Don and I want you to experience the sensations of a bottom as well as a top. Think on this,” he stroked my cheek, “if, ha ha, no, when you learn to enjoy the position of a sub – of a hard cock in your rear - you open up new avenues of friendships and relationships, I suppose you double your pleasure, I have, I can assure you.” He was talking calmly and quietly, like a mother explaining to a naïve child the new rules, the way the world is, or should be.

“You have been very silly about this, a gay man who likes to fuck but not be fucked, a bit anal don’t you think? Ha ha. So… I’m going to train you, Don. You will be anally trained by me, to appreciate the life of a subbie, ah ah, don’t say anything now, remember? Now here’s the deal. I am moving in with you here Don, it will be very easy. Your flat is perfect, one large suite on the floor, solid, soundproof building and no one looking in from other buildings. Later today I’ll leave you and go and get some of my stuff. I wasn’t totally honest with you, I have pretty well finished my contract work for now and so I have lots of time, for your training, and I can’t wait. I’ll have to leave on occasion but then, and think on this, if I do leave you, are you really going to call for help?” He shook his head.

“No, I don’t think so. A well respected, successful rich entrepreneur calling for help dressed in a rubber gimp suit and mask. Being gay is fine, absolutely, but the rubber scene still hasn’t been quite as accepted by the general public as we would like, has it? Somehow the tabloids would get a piece of it, and then you are really screwed. So leaving you here is not a problem, anyway I’d like to see you unlock the door and make a break for it dressed like that, your arms, even though they are not folded back, are pretty useless. And you don’t have a land line phone, and I’ve taken over the use of your mobile phone. You know I had hoped it wouldn’t come to all this because I really have taken to you, a lot.” He was now so very mature, very much the top now, I could hardly believe it.

“I am going to be the one to educate you, train you, and I will be your virgin fuck, the one you will never forget. Now I know you are worried about it – and I really don’t know why, so hear me through, I’ve not half finished yet. I don’t want a lover who hates me, who does things with me under duress, what’s the fun in that? So here’s the kicker, when I have finished training you, you will WANT to be my sub, not only to please me, but to please yourself, because this is what you will want. You and your stupid anal fixation, I’ll get you over that I promise. I know it sounds hard to believe but we have lots of time and I will use all of it.” I was now lying back on the bed and he was playing almost subconsciously with my cock which, I was surprised to admit, despite my predicament, was becoming hard in his gloved hand.

“So, that’s what will happen. One day I will penetrate your virgin bum hole, all the way to my root…. and you will welcome me doing it, you will beg me to do it, because you will want it. You during and after the er process, you will love it. This may take a while but we’ll do it in little steps.” He leaned over and kissed my forehead tenderly.

“I’m sorry about the drugged drink, but I’m not waiting forever to get into your arse, consensually that is, which I really want to do, so it was time to move things along, speed things up a bit, ha ha. Anyway up you get on all fours, you better get used to it as you are going to be like this for a good while. Okay, good, now let me explain the suit.”

I was now kneeling on the bed, feeling very self-conscious. As he explained, he ran his gloved over my tightly rubber encased body, making me shiver.

“Heavy duty rubber that will not split, believe me, very thick but flexible rubber, back zip to the neck. Your legs are, as is traditional, doubled up and encased in tight sleeves. The arms are in tight sleeves too with some thin flexible steel rods at your forearms and elbows. This will allow you a little flexibility, but the steel will spring back quite quickly to this straight position, you’ll find out soon enough.” Now with one hand he was stroking my head. “The large mitts here are filled with thick sponge rubber and your hands are folded around the sponge, but you will get a bit of movement, that is when not using them to waddle on all fours, so that will help with the circulation.”

“You may be feeling a bit sore and cramping already in your legs, but that is normal. I have some strong muscle relaxants and some painkillers, which I will give you the first couple of days, but you are wonderfully supple, so that will pass soon. You should have been a ballet dancer, you can almost do an en pointe already. There is a lot of padding at your buttocks so you can hardly see your feet pressed to the tops of your thighs. Your knees are heavily cushioned like your hands, so walking, or waddling will be no problem at all.” He stroked my head again. I had a lot of questions but kept them for now.

“The suit is also reinforced with narrow, flexible but strong steel inserts from hip to upper chest to give your back support, and keep it from sagging, so you can stay in the doggie position for a long time. Here…” he stroked my head, “you have a plain rubber full head mask with eye and mouth holes and short tubes for your nostrils. It makes you so beautifully anonymous. I also have a brilliant doggy mask, incredibly life-like with short snout and little floppy ears, and it incorporates an internal feeding and gagging mechanism for your mouth, but I thought we’d start with this first, and when you are ready we may move up to that. I would love you to, but I won’t force it.” Again he stroked my rubber cheek, bathing in his complete control.

“Your mask is tucked into the top of the suit and over that I’m sure you can feel the posture collar, which keeps your chin elevated so you can look straight ahead instead of down. It also supports your neck as the weight of your head will tend to drag it down. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Now you may be in the suit for a long while, as you ponder your future, so here under your armpits, here around your waist and at your hands and knees there are a series of ventilation holes. You may indeed be sweating buckets but the sweat will disperse quickly. There are a number of holes in the mask too over your scalp for added ventilation. And these two one inch holes here opposite your nipples allow me easy access to punish you; I have some ideas on how to treat your beautiful nipples, but maybe that will be for later. This suit is perfect for long-term use.” I really didn’t like the sound of that. Again he moved his hand to my cock.

“Now, ha ha, down here. Your delicious cock and balls are pulled through a reinforced hole here and will be exposed at all times. I am going to enjoy so much watching you waddle around, cock and balls swinging under you. And your delectable virgin rosebud will also be exposed at all times with a similar reinforced hole adjacent to it. That will receive a lot of attention during your training, clearly in my opinion, you have a problem with it, very strange, I think for a gay man, but trust me Don,” he leant over again and kissed my forehead, “you are in good hands and I will get you comfortable with yourself, I guarantee it.”

“You know, that’s about it. I will feed you, clean you and take care of you, and gradually you will learn what it is to be a sub, not a passive, reluctant partner, but someone who embraces the role, relishes it. I like you Don, I like you a hell of a lot, maybe love you, and it would be nice to see if we can go further, or whether we need our own space.”

During his long speech I had a lot of time to think, well I certainly wasn’t going anywhere. Here I was, a master, a dom, a top, a proud one, but now very much in the sub role, and for the first time in my adult life, I really didn’t know what to do… as if I had an option. And I did like Ryan a lot, and yes, maybe loved him.

“Am I allowed to talk?” I said. My throat was dry, I was I suppose still in shock. He thought on this for a second and replied.

“Yes, for now, but not later, I expect you have a few questions, which I will answer, honestly.”

“So, you have me as a prisoner, a rubber gimp, your sub, until you decide to let me go? That’s of course blackmail, although it’s the least of my worries now.”

“No, no, you don’t get it at all. You’re the sub and like all subs you retain ultimate control. You know the rules. You have a very straightforward choice Don. It’s really simple.” He placed a hand under my chin, smiling down on me. “You can stay as my sub until you come to me, and ask me, implore me, ha ha, to take you, to fuck you, and only when you want me to, because it would please me, and more important it would please you. And the other choice is this, a very simple one.” He stroked my rubber cheek. “You come to me and say I want out, right now, I don’t like this, I’m a top, not a sub and I never will be, yadda yadda, and I release you, just like that, you can do it now if you want, but then here’s the kicker.” And he leant over me, stroking my masked head in both hands now.

“You never see me again, I go, for good.” He sat back on the bed, coolly, his skirt rising up and exposing his rubber encased cock and balls. He saw me look and beamed. “Yes, you will miss all this too.”

“Still blackmail.” I said like a pouty schoolgirl who had to get the last word. “So, supposing I go along with this, how long before, well…”

“Up to you of course, you’re in charge, and you’ll know when you are ready, and willing.”

“Well what if I said now, come on Ryan, I want you to fuck me, come on, do it now.” And he again coolly looked at me, no longer the early 20 something, but a different person indeed.

“Because I know, and you know, that you are not being sincere, and I think I know you well enough now to know when you are really ready, and you will know of course. Ha ha, you might get to like the life of the rubber sub so much that you prolong it voluntarily, not telling me you want to be fucked, just because you like to be my gimp, now that would be a turn-up wouldn’t it? And you know, it’s not too far-fetched.”

“Not much of a chance of that.” I replied but my voice really wasn’t that confident, I was having problems analysing my emotions, which were in a turmoil.

“Don’t speak too soon. Sometimes there are feelings inside us so deep that we don’t even know or are aware of.”

“Hmmm, thanks doc, but we are getting ahead of ourselves here I think.”

“Indeed we are,” he laughed. “So enough chat, but just one last rule and it’s a biggie. From now on, no talking, none at all, you only talk when I invite you too, all right? You are my gimp and I decide your future for now. The only time you will say anything to me uninvited is to say one of two choices, yes, I want you to fuck me, now, I want you to please me, and I want to please you, or..” he stopped for effect, “get me out of this, I don’t like it, and you can leave, that’s it.”

“And what if I choose to speak, are you going to gag me, spank me, whip me, punish me?” I said in semi-jest. He held my chin in his hand and raised it up to his face, grinning.

“Oh, yes, all of the above, and a lot more. I know it’s a bit corny, but then you still have the choice to run. So those are your last words, I will get you a couple of pills, relaxants and something for the discomfort, as I’m sure you are starting to cramp.” Very considerate I thought, for indeed I was. He kissed me gently and left the room, leaving me to deliberate my now rather tenuous position, a committed top, but with the tables truly turned.

After he left I looked into the mirror in the large Victorian wardrobe to the side of the bed. What I saw was the epitome of perfect rubber subjugation; a rubber doggy on all fours on the bed. I started to test my movement in the suit. I could move my head sideways slightly, and upwards, but the rigid collar prevented me from lowering it. I could bend my arms at the elbow to about 90 degrees but for only a few seconds as the flexible steel boning quickly pulled them back to the straight position. I squeezed the sponge rubber in my hands and was able to get some movement. From upper chest to upper hips my torso was straight, held firmly again by the corset-like boning in the suit. It was also slightly hour glass shaped, pulling my waist in and also lifting my buttocks upwards marginally, and provocatively.

In truth although I had only just been stuffed into it, it was quite comfortable and supportive. As I turned there was no sign of my ankles and feet, for the upper thighs were cushioned and my buttocks smooth and shiny. I could faintly wriggle my feet, get a little movement, and that produced a rather sexy wiggle to my rear. The knees were well cushioned and not uncomfortable at all, at least not yet.

In short I could tell very quickly that this suit was of really top quality design, extremely tight but it could – unfortunately – be worn for long periods without too much discomfort.

It occurred to me that had I come upon a defenceless rubber doggie like this, I would be aroused immediately, and take my time, stroking, pinching, licking and finally tenderly buggering the powerless puppy! But I had in a very short period gone from plunderer to defenceless prey. I was the goat on a rope, waiting for the tiger to relish his tender meal.

I suppose the reader could now ask why didn’t I stop it there and then, and wave a fond farewell to Ryan?

Easy answer - because I couldn’t. I wanted to be with him, even under these circumstances I got to be with him, to be kissed and fondled by him. I wasn’t ready to play the full sub role, not yet anyway, all of the action would be one way I concede, but I could still take him in my mouth and show him just how good I was, that is if he would let me.

And that’s exactly what happened over the first three or four days.

I gradually got “used” to the suit, it actually wasn’t too hot and sweaty, for the small ventilation holes all over it allowed sweat to pass through. Yes, they had thought of everything. The perspective of my apartment from three feet elevation was a bit strange of course but slowly I got better on my four limbs and could move around quite well. Quite a sight I must have been waddling between the furniture, my arse in the air and my cock and balls exposed behind me.

In accordance with his orders I stayed mute, I had no interest in spending the day gagged, and I knew Ryan was as good as his word, so all the conversation was one way, silly and childish but there it was. There were lots of things I couldn’t do for myself and one was feeding. But Ryan took care of that. He shopped and cooked and then fed me. Some may say that is humiliating and I suppose it can be interpreted that way, but for me there were rewards at the end of the day!

Depending on his moods, and sometimes he was less affectionate than others – maybe he was getting frustrated that I hadn’t yielded to him yet, for it was early days – he would spoon feed me, with me kneeling by his side at the table like an obedient dog, or he would simply dump it into a bowl and place it on the floor. I understand the whole psychology of sub/dom and being treated like an animal but, put simply, I still wanted to be with him, and felt convinced he would yield before I did. I am very stubborn that way. So I would spread myself, arse in the air, and dip my face in the food and do as best as I could to eat. When finished he clicked his fingers - yes he did - and I would approach him and he would clean my mask, give me a drink, sometimes wine even, and then, and this was worth it, hold me, play with me and kiss me all over, even pinch my nipples lightly and I just melted. I of course got a hard-on, but at this early stage he chose not to satisfy me and that of course frustrated me.

And what goes in must come out, and that is a story in itself. I of course had enema equipment acquired for when I wanted to fuck my subs at home, and every morning just after waking he would administer an enema to me. He knew I disliked the whole procedure as I had always been the top, and considered I had no need for it myself. He took his time getting me to push my arse in the air as he poked the tube inside me, always saying…. must have you nice and clean subbie, ready for me, though I’m a lot bigger than this tube… or something to that effect. Then he would withdraw it and I would be ordered to stay like that for five minutes before he left me. On my own I then half-climbed and half-squatted on the toilet and did my bit. I had installed a bidet when I moved in and that proved a very good idea, for then I would squat and get cleaned, and Ryan didn’t have to do anything more.

Again this all sounds so humiliating but I simply did it, not prepared to yield an inch. Yes, I am a stubborn bugger.

It took a few days but soon I was getting better at getting around, climbing the toilet, kneeling at it to piss etc. After that he would brush my teeth – now there’s another humiliating procedure when done by others, and then shine my gimp suit, running his hands all over my body with the cloth, and that was a lot more pleasurable.

He would spend some time away from the apartment, and it never occurred to me to break a window, scream for help, or whatever, but he was right – if I had been “rescued” I’d have a lot of explaining to do. Yes, very embarrassing indeed. So I’d try and make myself comfortable, quite hard to do in a gimp suit. I could use my nose, yes really, on the remote so I could watch TV, and even read – but that was a very slow process.

And I would wait for his return, wanting his return, and when he did I would waddle up to him at the door and nuzzle his crotch and he would stroke me, get out of his street clothes – sometimes he wore some latex under them, and take me to the bedroom, and for me that was the best part of the day. We would kiss each other, and I would suck him off if he allowed me to, and being with him was very comforting. I hoped that he would yield, but no, not yet. But I was the sub, and was no longer permitted to fuck him, and that was hard, for I craved that. Every time we would get rock hard erections very quickly and both of us would come, but I still wanted to be inside him, and I certainly knew that he was desperate to fuck me, which was the whole point of this challenge.

We talked very occasionally, when he permitted me to, usually in bed, but never about the big “when”, just normal stuff (which sounds crazy, I know, completely insane) the news, TV, movies (he would bring DVD’s back) and how beautiful I looked in the suit. A couple of times in the first two days I had talked out of place, and without any preamble he had first gagged me with a ball gag, then taken me by the collar and given me a fearful whacking on my behind, being very careful to hit my buttocks and not my trapped feet. He really liked doing this, and afterwards despite the padding of the suit my arse was horribly sore. He had been true to his promise and after the fourth time I decided it would be better to keep quiet, for he was becoming, or perhaps always had been, a very demanding top.

It was on the morning of the sixth day I think that the routine changed. After my enema and clean out, he gave me a smoothie to drink, and then after I finished it he said.

“I think it’s time you had a shower, your beard must be growing and I don’t want any rashes under the suit and you need a good clean, so we’ll get you out of it.”

Well this was interesting I thought, clearly I would be able to escape, but what, escape into my own apartment? No, that didn’t make any sense, all I had to do was say I’d had enough, and of course, as I knew, he would leave and I didn’t want that. So he helped me out of the suit, very slowly. After six days or so my legs would be very sore, not having had any action at all, but he had thought of that.

“You’ll have some pain in your limbs as they are freed so I slipped you a couple of painkillers in your smoothie, and they should be acting pretty soon.” Very thoughtful I thought ironically. When I was finally extricated from the suit, I could hardly move, really, and he began to rub my arms and legs, like a masseur. It was very painful, despite the drugs but gradually I got some movement and strength back, and then he half carried me to the shower.

He knew that I was not going to “escape” and so accompanied me into it and then, and this was the nice bit, helped me wash by rubbing me, everywhere, with a soapy sponge. I was still sore and so he did most of this, and I certainly didn’t complain. As I still had slightly shaky hands he then shaved me as close as possible, taking his time. It was a very intimate moment, his naked body close to mine and soon our cocks were hard rubbing against each other. He smiled but continued his task and soon I was clean and bright as a new born.

“Maybe I should shave your head too.” He mused, as if to himself. “If you are going to be a long time in the suit, and of course that’s up to you, ha ha, then having a bald head is so much healthier than your hair getting all matted.” He must have seen my shocked look as I didn’t like that idea at all, and then said.

“Okay, maybe not, it’s pretty short anyway. All right, dry off and we’ll get you back in the suit and mask. Unless of course you want me to fuck you.” Again he knew the subtle form of blackmail he was administering, for if I chose to decline, he would, or at least he said he would, leave. So while I dried off he cleaned the suit in the shower, dried it, and powdered the inside. Then he helped me into it again, there was no struggle from me, for at that time the only option seemed to be for me to return to being the compliant rubber subbie. As he squeezed my folded legs into the tight leggings and very tenderly pulled my cock and balls through the reinforced hole at the crotch of the suit, not surprisingly I became hard again and he gently stroked it.

“Now I wonder,” he grinned, “is it me, is it the rubber, is it the idea of returning to being my obedient sub or all of the above?” He chuckled. And indeed I had to think on that as well. Of course I loved the rubber, and Ryan really was gorgeous, but the subbie bit, I didn’t know. But then I was returning willingly, wasn’t I? Albeit under a cloak of subtle blackmail, from being a confirmed top back to being his rubber pet. Submissively I slipped my arms into the sleeves, knowing that from this moment there was no return, only he could release me now. Then came the mask, which I found almost comforting as I became anonymous again, just a pet, and then the collar. I was back to being a rubber sub, a pet to my master, now clean and shaven.

I’m a top, I kept telling myself, I’m a top, but perhaps I didn’t sound that convincing.

Then why are you now in a situation like this? Because even like this I’m with him, and that’s all there is to it.

And maybe, maybe, I was getting just a bit used to all this?

It was later on that sixth day that he seemed to decide that things had to change, perhaps he thought we were going nowhere, perhaps he was surprised that I was still holding out, I don’t know, but I still wasn’t ready to have him take me, don’t ask me why, in my mind, stupidly perhaps I was still a top. Hell, yes, I was still a top, although I was weakening. That afternoon he returned with a large shopping bag, accompanied by an equally large smile. I knelt next to him on the couch as he opened his “gifts” for me, but they were gifts that I certainly didn’t want.

“It’s time we moved things along, subbie, so I’ve got a few things especially for you as you seem to be quite comfortable with the new relationship, but let’s be frank, this can’t go on, it has to move…. one way or the other. So from now on you will be wearing this.” And in his hand he showed me a male chastity tube.

“I’ve seen you rubbing yourself with your padded mitts and frotting the furniture over the last few days, so it’s time I denied you that pleasure and get you to focus on me fucking you some time in the future. This clear plastic tube comes complete with wider helmet and pee hole, and your cock will slide nicely into it. At its base is a steel ring, attached to another steel ring, a much thicker one, like a figure 8, which will be locked at the base of your ball sac via this adjustable ratchet, like a pair of rigid handcuffs, then it will be locked by this tiny key, no erections, no coming from now on, pleasure only when I decide, my rubber subbie.” He grinned.

With no further explanation he told me to lean back, I did so for I had no option and felt the cool plastic envelop my cock as it slid down the tube. Then I felt him pull down firmly on my ball sac and the equally cool steel grip at the base of my ball sac, a couple of adjustments and a faint click as it was locked on. It wasn’t painful at all, but the steel rings were quite heavy and I was made aware of their constant pulling on my cock and balls. My manhood was now enclosed in a clear plastic facsimile of my cock, slightly curved and with a quarter inch pee hole at the centre of the helmet. My flaccid cock was almost touching the tube on all sides and so it was clear that I wouldn’t be getting any erections from now on. And my ball sac was gripped very firmly at the base by the heavy ring, with no chance of escape. Again I felt the weight of the device dragging my balls downwards.

“Be thankful I didn’t buy one with little plastic needles on the inside, that would have got your attention, but I’m not one to torture you…. just to train you.” He beamed again. “As a sub, I think you are getting a bit too much pleasure for yourself, after all you are here to pleasure me, so it is time for a bit of self denial. You will be able to still pleasure me, and I expect you to do so, up to your usual delicious standard, but no cock pleasure for you anymore. And I haven’t finished yet, this should be able to tell me where you are at any time and it will be nice to hear you as you move around, yes tinkerbell, and perhaps a bit embarrassing for you too ha ha.”

And he held in his hand a brass bell about an inch in diameter attached to a thick chain about two inches long. He jiggled his fingers and I heard a high tinkle sound. He grinned and then quickly leant over me and attached it to a small ring on the underside of the ring around the base of my balls. Then he wiggled the bell again and the high chimes rang out. He seemed very pleased with himself.

He must have seen my mouth and eyes behind the mask, looking daggers at him, but he was unperturbed, and seemed to taunt me in a friendly way. “Had enough? You only have to say.” And I think he knew me well enough that I wasn’t going to force him to walk out, as he knew equally well that I loved being with him, even in these circumstances. He delved into the bag again.

“Not finished yet. Remember when I said I had some plans for your nipples, well these should do the trick, at least for now.” He held two small suction cups with deflator pumps in his hand, from which two identical bells hung.

“I really do want to get those firm nipples under control. I would love to run a rod horizontally through each of them, then slide a U loop through both ends and lock them on with a couple of self-locking ball screws. Then there would be no escape for you. Oh, I could hang some weights or bells from them or a chain and attach them to a ring from your septum, haha, anything I wanted.” He saw the alarm in my eyes.

“But that will have to wait, when you find your true subbie calling you might be pleading for me to do it. So these will have to do, so you don’t try and rub them off you will see on the outer rim of the suction cup there are four press studs, and they perfectly match the inside of the holes at your nipples. So here we go.” He squeezed the suction cup and slid it under the perimeter of the hole opposite my left nipple, then he pressed the deflator bulb at the end and with a shock I felt my nipple and aureole sucked out and into the rubber cup. Ryan grinned as he pressed the four studs together and my nipple was held in aching tension. Then swiftly he repeated the process with the right nipple.

“Excellent, now they will loosen obviously and lose their suction, but remember while I am here I can give them a nice squeeze whenever I feel, ha ha.”

“Still not finished yet, now I have a feeling that you are still worried that I’m going to split you apart, with your poor virgin bum hole just not being able to take me. This is all crap I assure you, but I thought I could get you used to a little anal training before you decide…” he placed his hand on my cheek again, “and I know you will, to accept my cock as the first to plug your gorgeous bum. So I have bought a series of these, in gradually increasing size.” And he pulled out of the bag a rubber butt plug, pear shaped and with a narrow neck and wider base plate. He held it up as if assessing a prize antique.

“Now this is a tiddler, and we’ll start you on this, then as you get accustomed to it, every day or two we’ll increase the size. The neck of each plug is quite narrow, it’s just the plugs that change in size. I want to be the one to stretch your lovely virgin arse, and I want your muscle nice and tight. When the time comes when you want me inside you, and it will I’m sure, it won’t be quite such a shock, in fact I still guarantee it that you will like it, a lot. Okay now lick and suck on this, get it nice and wet, we know you are top man at that.” And he held the plug in front of me. It was about two inches long from thin neck to the head and about an inch in diameter at its widest near the base. I took it in my mouth, spreading saliva over it. I certainly didn’t want a dry plug stretching me. No, it was not big, not at all, but it would be my first.

On his instruction I turned round on all fours and presented my arse to him. He placed his hand either side of my bum hole, and with thumb and forefinger stretched my sphincter slightly apart. Then I felt the cold rubber at my entrance as he pushed it into me. Although my natural move was to clinch my muscle there was not a whole deal of resistance, it wasn’t a monster I would admit. As I took a deep breath, I was surprised to feel it quite quickly slide into me, my muscle gripping the narrow quarter inch neck and the base plate resting at the tender entrance between my cheeks.

With a slap on my rubber buttocks he said.

“Okay, now waddle around for a bit.” I did so under his amused eye, the plug was more an irritant than anything else, not large but making its presence felt all the time, sort of tickling my insides. That, in addition to the chastity device had now certainly changed the dynamics of our relationship. But the thing that bugged me the greatest, perhaps surprisingly, was the stupid jingling of the bloody bells dangling from my balls between my doubled legs and my increasingly painful nipples.

I looked in the mirror and was quite shocked at the sight. Bad enough was the drum tight gimp suit, but now the plug in my rear and the chastity tube over my cock truly enhanced my new role. And extending from my chest were the two black rubber suction cups, the deflator pumps and again, two more bells.

We were now in the realm of the classic tease and denial. I would please him – if he chose - but get no release at all myself. And the plugs, soon to increase in size, were preparing my anal canal to accept him. And furthermore I realised I would no longer be able to take pleasure, other than sucking him. And now was he going to deny me that?

But I was a top, always had been, and I was not going to yield from my natural instincts, at least I thought not. I am not stupid and I was realising that Ryan was calmly, coolly increasing his control over me and I was yielding it, bit by bit, and there was no possibility of escape. Each step I would take would be closer to that of an obedient sub, reliant on my master. The question I asked myself, and no doubt Ryan was thinking the same, how long would it be before I made a decision, one way or the other?

That evening he chose to feed me by way of the doggie bowls, no more spoon feeding at his side, and when we led me to bed this time he slipped a small chain onto a ring on my collar and attached it to the bottom of the bed, so I was to sleep there from now, on a sponge rubber pad, and he was to be on his own in bed, my bed. I quickly realised that the rules were changing and my denial would be complete. So, butt plugged and in chastity, I lay in my gimp suit in the dark, as my sexual tension increased. And with only one of two available outlets on offer.

The next day, after cleaning me out he replaced the butt plug with a slightly larger one, but with a similar narrow neck, clearly he wanted my sphincter muscle to be nice and tight when he broke my virginity. This I found initially very uncomfortable but gradually through the morning got used to it, if you can get used to something like that. Clearly my training was moving into the fast lane and I was sinking deeper, irrevocably into the role of the sub, like it or not.

Later as I knelt over my food bowls for breakfast he played with the base plate of my butt plug, just pushing it in half an inch, and twisting it, and the nerve endings at my sphincter gave me a tingle all over my body. I groaned softly, trying to deny my reaction, as my cock actually began to harden, and the bell tinkled again, but he simply chuckled and resumed his meal. At the end I did want to satisfy him, to please him and waddled under the table, placing my head over his crotch, nudging him with my nose. He was wearing latex hot pants and the outline of his cock was pronounced, and I wanted him in my mouth. But he chuckled, and taking my head in his hands raised it and looked down on me.

“My, you are the cheeky one, but no, my rubber subbie, I decide when…. and if… you are to please me from now on.” This was all very clever, I knew the game by now. And I watched in silence as he returned to the bedroom and into the shower. He left soon after, hardly glancing at me except giving the pumps of my suction cups and squeeze, and my nipples again were pulled away from my body. I was left on my own again in the flat, very frustrated and with no way of releasing it.

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