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The Exhibition of Jade

by Kinky Me

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© Copyright 2009 - Kinky Me - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; vacbed; display; susp; tease; toys; cons; X

Chapter 1

The darkness of the building contrasted starkly to the brightness outside, as she closed the door the corridor fell into shadow. She had to wait a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dim light from an overhead window, eventually she started to make her way down the corridor towards Adam Danforths’ office, her supervisor. When she reached the battered wooden door, she nervously knocked three times and waited.

As she stood outside she contemplated her project, rethinking and second guessing all of the aspects of her final year and which title to choose out of the project choices. She remembered last year’s final exhibition and how the exhibits with a strong social or political statement were graded higher than those simply there as aesthetic art pieces. She thought to herself, just what would impress the grading examiners and would her idea be accepted?

She was shaken out of her introspection as the door suddenly opened and out stepped another student, “Thanks, that’s really helped a lot”.

“No problem, just make sure to write up your proposal by next Thursday and put it in my box. Ah! Jade, please come in”

She walks into his office, if it could be called that, the liberal arts building was designed to have 6 modular rooms set aside as studios around a single corridor, each room was built with large windows to let in lots of natural light leaving the central corridor in darkness, the building had since been renovated to separate one of these rooms and convert it into offices for the faculty while expanding the general studios. This room still had the feel of a studio rather than an office and he seemed to prefer it that way. The walls were covered in posters, sketches and photographs, notes drawn on random scraps of paper were pinned to a notice board and an array of tools, sculptures and unfinished drawings lay around in piles on the floor. The large windows and skylight let in more than enough light and gave the room a bright airy atmosphere. She could see why it would be easy to be creative in this room.

“Please take a seat.” He said, gesturing towards a vacant chair across the desk. “First I want to talk to you about your art history dissertation you handed in last week, at first glance it’s pretty good, but not as good as I think you were hoping for.”

“Oh.” she sighed with a little disappointment.

“It’s looking like it will be a B or a C, which will drag your mark down. Now not to worry you can still get a first honors degree if you work hard on this last project, but it is going to have to be something spectacular. I know you’ve worked really hard up to this point and I hope you don’t let it slip away, it would be a huge shame to let that happen.”

“Yes, I know. Thank you so much for you help so far”

“Don’t thank me, you’re the one who did all the work. So which title have you chosen for your final project?”

“Consumerism in the west.”

“Ok, so what have you been thinking?”

“Well as the title implies I’ve decided to base this project on consumerism as depicted in the west. The most pertinent image for consumerism in western culture that come to mind is either a mall, a mega corporation, the stock market or the globally dependant gas stand. So basically for my exhibition I want to display a store.”

“A store?


“Ok, please explain.”

“Well the idea of a multinational mega corporation is the typical global image of western consumerism. Well that and grotesquely overweight American’s eating canned cheese on doughnuts and drinking a 5oz tub of soda.”

He chuckles a little at the idea and says, “Yes, I see, but I’m not sure that a store could be considered as a serious art submission for a final year graduate of art.”

“No, I don’t think so either, but what if we take the idea of a superstore and change it, take the idea of consumerism to the extreme, deal in things not normally found in your local wall-mart or target.”

“Which is?”

“Pretty much anything else, you know: water, land, resources, power, minerals, people, and…”

“What? Did you say people?” He interrupts.

“Yes, people. It’s not often talked about or shown on TV but human organs can be bought on the black market or from other countries, children from third world countries being adopted by celebrities, or the hundreds of people trafficked each year to the west to work basically as slaves either in industry or in the sex trade.”

“I see. Mmm, so what exactly do you want to put into a store setting?”

“I think you may have guessed but, I want to focus on the human trade, and bring this issue to light with my project. Through my research I have concluded that this is probably the most interesting and controversial subject to do with consumerism in the west. People believe that slavery is no longer in existence especially now, and that donors of organs for transplant are always generous, willing participants, I want to show through my project that it’s not the case and that the trade in peoples lives happens every day in a very real sense and try to dispel the taboo surrounding discussion on this topic.”

“I Agree, I think that would be a fantastic project idea.”

“Really you think so?”

“Well I’m just saying the concept has potential. What about human trafficking and slavery. It’s a rich topic in the west especially where there is a lot of history and numerous tributes, art projects and laws in place. How were you thinking about approaching this issue in your work?”

“Well, I hadn’t finished. I was going to say that to fit in to the ethos of the superstore concept, I would have to package everything and it’s with this that I intend to base my project around.”

“Packaging?” he said a little dumbstruck

“Yes.” She replied. “I can package pictures of children to be the designer babies, and simply use fake organs and pack them in boxes with clear windows, or even take photographs and have them glued onto the outside of sealed ice boxes, “presumably” with the organs inside, I could even include some information, like age, blood type etcetera. On the box to make it look like a mass produced consumer item or specialist hand made goods, you know with a photo of the people who made it. I think the shock value will be increased if people are confronted with the idea that there not just parts but actual people they may know.”

He leans back in his chair considering her words, she looks a little nervous, sitting a little too straightly with her hands holding her folder a little too tightly. He looks across the desk and asks “Ok, I understand you so far, and I think it’s a very good idea, but continuing with your idea about human trafficking, how on earth do you intend to package people?”

“Here we go, no turning back now.” she thinks to herself and takes a deep breath before replying, ”I’ve done a lot of research before coming here to present this idea, and I’ve found several ways which I think could work with my project, but I think that this would be the most visually stunning” She hands him a folder containing some photographs she had printed that morning, he takes the folder and looks at them.

His eyes bolt open and he sits upright “What are these?”

She can feel herself turning red as she says “They’re pictures I found on the internet, I put in different combinations of “packaged, people, humans” and a variety of other words into Google and these are the images I found, it’s all in my research folder.” she said trying to maintain an air of professionalism, all the while she was screaming at herself inside her head “Oh god! What is he going to think about me now? Why did you do it? Why?”

“I see, well it’s most certainty provocative…. And will definitely have the shock value you were looking for…”

“Well… Um… What do you think?” she sits squirming, red faced in her chair as he looks through the folder of mounted photographs.

“Where exactly did you find these?”

“Um…” she pauses slightly before replying nervously “on an adult website.”

He stares directly at her as if judging or challenging her, she has the feeling that he is some how looking at her differently. He places the folder down on his desk and spreads the photos out before him.

“I see, well at least you’re thorough in your research. So what exactly do you mean? There are several images here.” His arm waves across the desk as he leans back in his chair.

“Oh sorry, I meant this one?” she reaches across and pulls an image from the pile and lays it on top. He pauses slightly as he looks down at the picture, looks up, and looks down again at the picture.

His face shows a considering frown as he picks up the picture “Mmmm, it’s interesting, but don’t you think this is cheating? I mean this image is someone’s work and to take your main concept idea from it would be, well plagiarism”

“No, I don’t think so.”


“No, the image itself is… ok, granted, erotic art, but the actual thing isn’t. Besides it’s just one element of my concept and not the main idea.”

“Oh?” he says raising an eyebrow “I suppose that’s true, you can be inspired by other artists so long as it’s referenced in your research. So just what is this thing?” he asked as he looked at the picture once more “It looks like one of those cheap plastic doll boxes.”

“Exactly! That why I think it would work really well for my exhibition” she replies somewhat enthusiastically “It’s something called a vacuum bed.”

“A vacuum bed?” giving her a look of incredibility.

“Yes, it’s basically two sheets of plastic or latex, sealed shut and connected to a vacuum with all of the air taken out, she can breath through that hole and it looks like she’s been packed in plastic.”

“I see... I’ll have to look over all of your research before I give you the go ahead. I’m starting to see the idea for your project but still not all of the details, who or what are you going to put into this and then how are you going to display it? It’s for your final grade.”

“I know but I’ve done a lot of research and figured out how I can do it. It’s all written up in that folder.” she points to the folder now lying on his desk. He glances down at the folder and then across at her for a moment and says

“Ok I’ll take a look at it, but it had better be up to scratch, and we still have a lot to talk about before I approve funding for it and allocate you a space.”

Knock, knock, knock!

“Oh right, I have a meeting with Steven. I’m sorry but we're going to have to call it a day, but if you come back next week with your idea fully written up and I mean with all of the details drawn out and explained, and maybe some more research we can discuss this further before you submit your final proposal.”

“Thanks Adam, you are always able to help me.” she replied as she stands up, shoulders her bag, picks up her notes and makes her way for the door. She gets to the door just as he opens it for her, and says “You really think it could work?”

“Of course, it’s a very interesting idea and most definitely un-conventional, if it goes well you could even win an award, I honestly haven’t heard or seen anything like it before, just don’t get lazy, I want a full proposal idea next week, ok, do some research, focus your ideas and then come back to me.”

“Ok, Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t thank me yet I still haven’t approved your idea.”

She steps past a boy holding a rather disorganized looking folder and into the darkness of the cool corridor; she suddenly becomes aware that she’s hot and probably glowing bright red. She takes a few steps into the darkness and starts to breathe deeply to calm herself down. As she stands for a moment, she can feel her heartbeat pounding in her ears.

“Oh! Steven what’s wrong? I thought you had this sorted already….”

The words were cut off as the door is closed leaving her alone in the dimly lit corridor. Silently she thinks to herself, as she walks towards the front door of the building and out of into the sunlight.

“Did you really just hand a your art supervisor a folder of pictures from an adult website and claim it was part of your project, and do you really think you can get away using your final project to fulfill one of your fantasies, just what were you thinking? Oh damned I have to get a cup of coffee. Still I suppose he’s probably seen worse stuff than that presented as art, like that Jeff Koombes photography he showed us in the first year…”

Chapter 2

To: Jade Lin 3rd year Art student.
From: Professor Adam Danforth, Department of modern Arts
Subject: Final art project approval
Message: Hello Jade,
This is just a message to let you know that we’ve decided to approve your project, and that everyone was very impressed with your proposal, despite some rather risqué elements and subject matter.
Please come to the liberal arts building this week to pick up your project funding and to select your exhibition space. You must also timetable yourself to use the studio workshops by the end of this week. Chris and Anne will be in the office on Tuesday so please talk to them about ordering any special materials or tools you need.
If there’s anything you need to discuss about your project or if you have any problems I’m in my office every day between 2 and 5 pm. We will be having group meetings every Thursday at 10 am as usual.
Other than that good luck.


Please note that the views and opinions contained in this e-mail are those of the author and may not reflect the official views and opinions of the university. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
 Professor Adam Danforth, Department of Modern Arts.

This was the e-mail that awaited Jade when she woke up on Monday morning. It had been more than a full week since she had submitted her final project proposal to her supervisor and she was quite anxious about it. The fact that her proposal was accepted and approved for funding left her felling exuberant. She went to the shared kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She mulled over her project as she drank her coffee and ate a light breakfast.

“Good morning!” a cheery voice chirped as someone entered the room. “How’s it going?”

Jade looked up to see her best friend Sara walk into the kitchen in her pajamas. For the past 3 years they have shared a dormitory, and had gotten to know each other very well.

“Great! I got the go ahead for my project.” She beamed.

“Wow! That’s great. So does that mean..?”

“Yep, that’s right! Fully approved! I’m getting a latex vacuum bed courtesy of the arts department”

“You’re crazy! I should never have taken you to that club.”

Earlier that year, the two on a drunken night out in the city had decided to experiment while living away from home for the first time, Sara decided to take Jade out on the town for some alternative culture and they ended up in a fetish club. Although Jade had never had any interest in that type of thing before, after the visit to the club she had since become somewhat obsessed. It was there that she had first set eyes on a vacuum bed and saw it being used. After that moment Sara’s unusual habit of leaving handcuffs lying around her room seemed to be far more normal. Jade began looking at similar things on the internet when she was alone and over time developed a fantasy born of that night. The idea of being bound and restrained in shiny latex fueled her natural desires. She had always had a thing for mild voyeurism since she was a teenager kissing boys in class, but to take it further with something so, taboo and erotic and to do so in public, just sent her off the edge.

“Yep, I know!” She quipped “But right now I have to go and pick up the stuff for my project.” She said as she stood up to leave.

“How did you convince them to let you do it anyway?”

“I lied, I said I would hire an actor or actress, but if I was unable to find one who would do it, I’d volunteer myself. Apparently they respect that.”

With that she cleaned away her dishes and went back to her room. In no time at all she was ready to head onto campus, but lingered a while to use her computer. Double clicking the internet explorer icon she opened a window, then moving through her favorites bar, she jumps to a webpage, “kink engineering”. She’d visited this website so many times that she had it all mapped out in her head, today she would finally be able to make the order she’d been dreaming of for months. She followed the page down to what she was looking for, a transparent latex vacuum bed, with a breathing tube at the mouth and frame. The reason she had chosen this one over the many available on the internet, was because of a very special feature, a one way valve for the vacuum. Most vacuum beds require a vacuum cleaner to be on constantly or it simply expands like a balloon, but because of the one way valve, it would only require intermittent pulses to keep the seal active.

This was one of the stipulations Adam had given her when mapping out her project design, if she were to actually use a vacuum bed in her exhibition over other alternatives, it couldn’t be constantly vacuuming, because of the sound which would affect the other exhibitions. But thanks to some luck on the internet she had stumbled across this webpage and found a way to incorporate the special one way valve and a timer. In this way she was able to convince Adam, to let her make her proposal to the art department.

One final click and it would be on its way, she hovered over the button for less than a second, “click” and she was done. Closing her laptop she grabbed her bag and headed out. Passing Sara in the hallway going back to her room she called out

“See you later!”

Only to hear the reply “Good luck you kinky bitch!”

“Ha ha ha, Thanks.”

And was out of the dorm and on her way to the liberal arts building to order the rest of her materials, choose her display area, schedule her workshop times and pick up the funds to pay for her now confirmed internet purchase. It was going to be a long month.

The weeks passed, as Jade worked on her exhibition. Her materials arrived on schedule and she had been busy building her space to look like a store. She had chosen a windowless middle section of one of the studios. Because of the module nature of the studios, the room had been split into three, each about 12 ft by 18 ft (3.65m x 5.5m) for individual installations. Hers was the central room with a single door entrance in the left corner of one end. The room then extended back and was walled off from the windows. She had decided to put two fake doors in place that were made of old plastic and painted to look blacked out.

Inside she had put up shelves, made fake sale signs and even designed a sign for the door, “BLACK-MART” as a play on the black market and another well known store brand. By the end of the second week the room had the feel of an empty store, with clear shelves, a counter and a painted black and white tile effect on the floor. She had removed the normal shades from the florescent lights above to give the room a cheap, cold atmosphere and covered the remaining wall space with posters, and slogans such as “BLACK-MART the best place for black market goods” and “BLACK-MART, for all your socially banned goods”. She had even built what appeared to be a frozen foods section from an old wardrobe and some Perspex to make it look like a battered refrigerator.

She had finished building the store by putting a welcome matt at the door way and labeled all of the shelves with various prices, and offers. The look was disturbingly realistic of an old run down, store.

As for the “goods”, she had decided to go with polystyrene ice boxes for organs, and had created a label design to glue on to the side. It featured various people from campus as if being followed, and a picture taken from a medical journal of a respective organ. She had used the same people several times to make a set of organs presumably from the same “donor”. These boxes she lined up in the refrigerator on the wall behind the door.

On one set of shelves, she had boxed mannequin arms and legs painted different colors and visible through a plastic window, she labeled this shelf “Cosmetic enhancements”, a row of toy eyeballs suspended in pickle jars, fake teeth and bottles of domestic cleaner marked as “skin bleach” completed one wall of the store. On the opposite side of the room hung a shelf, much like you see at a travel agent. She had taken the idea of tourist destinations and used it to make a catalogue of adoptive children from all over the world, there was a European section, Asia, South America and Africa, all broken down into different ages, regions, sex, location and cost. She had spent many evenings at home working on an array of travel catalogues and turning them into her display by cutting and pasting different photo’s into place. The effect was impressive.

To complete the store atmosphere she put row of shelves as a central isle. On these she put what appeared to be drugs in plastic bags marked by weight, but in reality were just bags of flower, and oregano. She lined up a set of syringes taken from the medical department and filled with colored water. Next to these were signs labeled “Despair”, “Control” “Euphoria” and “Desire” along with various prices.

She then had a section to the back that could be found in any modern sex boutique, made from various donations on loan from her friends she had several racks of underwear and some shelves with plain boxes drabbed in brown packing tape, marked only as “Dildo”, “Vibrator” “Butt plug” and various others in a crudely drawn marker pen.

It was between this set of shelves and the sales counter along the back wall that there was a stark and vacant space, about 8 ft high and 3 ft wide. All that was against this section of white washed wall were two hooks hanging by a pair of chains and a spot light that shone light down on to the empty space from above. The attention of the room was brought to this conspicuously empty spot by the light and its position in the room. It was here that she intended to put her main exhibit.

All she had to do was modify her purchase and her exhibition would be finished. She had received the vacuum bed through the mail as expected, but had been far too timid to try the modifications she would need until now. She had only one chance to get this right otherwise the latex would be ruined and it would all have been for nothing.

She spread out the latex on the workshop floor and pulled the frame together, it fit perfectly, everything lined up exactly. She pressed the closure bar down and attached a vacuum cleaner hose to the pipe frame. At the flick of the switch the bed became taught. The latex collapsed in on itself and held firm. She ran her hands over the smooth flat form in front of her, it was as if she were touching a massive membrane of skin, it was so smooth and flawless. She ran her hands beneath and saw her hand become slightly blurred by the latex sheet above, the further she moved her hand away the more blurred  her features became, she pressed up into the sheet and could see her hand in almost perfect detail.

At another flick the vacuum cleaner shut down and the bed deflated and lost its texture. “What the hell!” she cursed. “I’m sure I sealed the one way valve!” she disconnected the vacuum and checked the pipe, indeed the valve was there but why wasn’t it working? Then she remembered the breathing tube. “Of, course! Idiot!” with a piece of tape she sealed the breathing tube and re attached the vacuum. Again she flicked the switch on and again the sheet became a transparent membrane. She took a deep breath and switched the vacuum off once more.

This time it remained taught, she thought to herself “Perfect! It works great.” She waited a few minutes and there was still no change. After 10 minutes the sheet was still as taught as before, she had hoped the bed would hold the seal for maybe five minutes at best but this was incredible. She made a note to check with the visual exhibitions and their running times, if it was possible to time the vacuum to run in the intervals of the video it would be perfect.

She wanted to try it but with no one around to let her out and the one way valve proven to be effective it could be dangerous if not embarrassing if something went wrong. For now her better judgment took over.

She sighed and pressed the valve, releasing the vacuum in the bed, again the latex expanded back into its original shape. With the bed flat on the floor she marked where she would attach the hooks to hang the bed and its occupant in the “store”. Now here was the tricky part, if it went wrong now not only would she have wasted a large sum of money but she would also have nothing to use in her exhibition.

“Screw it, fortune favors the brave!” she thought to herself.

After marking the two points she would use to hang the bed she drew two circles, then opening the latex she squeezed out a drop of glue on each line. Then closing the bag she turned the vacuum on. The latex compressed and spread out the glue into two perfectly formed disks. After waiting for over an hour for the glue to set, she turned the vacuum off. The latex expanded in all but two spots, the disks of glue which remained perfectly flat and sealed together. The result was just perfect, exactly what she wanted. She repeated this process again on the other end until she had four sealed disks at each corner of the vacuum bed.

Next taking a knife she cut a small hole into the centre of each disk and waited. The glue held, and the latex remained taught at the disks. “Perfect!” she rejoiced. “Now all I have to do is get the rivets in place and then it can be suspended.” Taking a large circular cutter and a block of wood, she pressed the 4 inch ring into the centre of the disk. Then placing the wood block directly beneath she hit the ring with a hammer, the ring cut through the latex, leaving a circular hole in the disk. Working quickly she pulled out the ring and replaced it with the bottom half of a 4 inch rivet. Then she put a layer of glue around the edge of the rivet and then placed the top half of the rivet in place. A few hammer taps sealed it in place creating a permanent seal between steel and latex. Again she repeated this three more times until she had a 4 inch rivet at each corner of the vacuum bed.

Taking hold of the frame she carried the bed into her exhibition room, and hung it up on the two hooks left in place. She then draped the vacuum tube from the vacuum cleaner over the lights and dropped the vacuum cleaner down into a crawl space behind her exhibition, a few moments later and she had connected the vacuum cleaner to a timer which she would set later.

Back in the exhibition room or the store as it had become, Jade bolted two pieces of chain to the floor and attached two carabineer clips to them. Then she took each chain and connected the carabineer to each respective corner of the vacuum bed. A quick test with some left over mannequin parts ensured that the system worked brilliantly and that the bed was safely and securely held in place. She went back and switched off the timer and stopped the vacuum.

She had done it, her store looked fantastic, and the latex vacuum bed worked just as she had imagined. She took a last look around and decided to call it a day. All she had to do now was write up her final report and accompanying brochure, explaining her work and she was finished. “Nothing to do now but chill out and relax. I think I’ll go out tonight and celebrate.” She mused as she left the liberal arts building. Soon in just a few weeks Jade would be living out one of her most intimate fantasies and hopefully be getting a passing grade for it too. Just a few more weeks…

Chapter 3

“What do you mean? You couldn’t find anyone to go inside this thing? What happened to asking the drama club for a volunteer?” Adams voice clearly stressed as he looked at Jade with his second glass of wine in his hand.

“Well I asked, but no one would sign up to it because you have to be nude, I even asked the life art models but they said that it was just too strange an idea for them.”

“So what now? The exhibition starts in 25 minutes and you haven’t managed to finish your scene, except for the last element it’s a great display, but without finishing you’ll fail.”

“I know, but as I said in my proposal, if I couldn’t find anyone to do it I’d do it myself.”

“I know you said that but I didn’t really expect you to do it, that’s just what everyone says to get funding, most people would have had someone lined up and a back up before even presenting the idea.”

“I did but it didn’t work out so I tried using a mannequin but because it’s hollow it just collapsed in on itself. Now I’m stuck. You said it yourself. If I don’t then I’m going to fail, and I put too much work into this to let that happen.”

“What about your friend, Sara, I thought she was here to help with your exhibition?”

“Yes, but she won’t strip off and be on display, not even for me. She’s going to introduce my exhibition while I do that.”

“That may be acceptable but I was really hoping you could explain everything to the examiners yourself.” He sighs defeated “You had better go and print out the label and get it ready.”

“I know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but I thought it was sorted. I’ve explained everything to Sara, and it’s all written up in the brochure too so there should be no problems, besides other exhibitions have been done without the artist being there to explain it.”

“They were different situations, some of them played off the lack of explanation and the mystery of anonymity… If you had told me about this sooner I might have known someone who would do it but it’s too late for that. It seems there’s no choice. Ok, give me a shout when you need help setting it up, I have to go and check on the other exhibitions. I hope you know what you’re doing…”

With that Adam turns around, drinks a full glass of wine and heads to the other exhibitions. As he walks out of the room he can be heard muttering to himself. Jade watches him leave and then turns to her friend Sara, who is standing in the corner wearing a uniform with a badge pinned to her chest “Hello my name is Sara, Welcome to BLACK-MART”

“So how did it go?” She asks in her usual cheery way

“Great it looks like he believed me. Thanks a lot for helping me with this.”

“I said before I think your crazy, but hey if you’re gonna do something like this then I’m definitely in for the ride.”

“Ok I just have to finish up here and we can get started.” Jade then rushes from the exhibition room to the computer lab, prints out a label which has her name, age, photo and vital statistics written in bold Arial type. She returns in a few minutes and places the last finishing touches to her exhibition. The label fits perfectly in the bottom right corner of the latex vacuum bed.

“Are you ready?” Sara asked

“I guess, Ok lets do this. Do you remember everything about my exhibition? And are you ok running a store for a night, you know just joke with people and put on a show…”

“Yes, yes, yes. I have been studying drama for the last 4 years you know. I think I can handle it…”

“I know, it’s just…” she pauses slightly “Well, I can’t believe that I’m actually gong to do this.”

“No turning back now.” Sara smiles

“You’re loving this aren’t you?” Jade asks looking over at Sara who has a huge grin across her face.

“Well I thought you would flake on it like the time you wanted to learn to pole dance, but you really got into it. I thought that it was just because you were drunk that night talking about getting one of them for yourself. But I have to hand it to you, you really followed through. Maybe I’m more of a bad influence than you think.” She teased.

Jade can feel herself turning red as she hears this. She takes one last look around her exhibition to check everything before going out to find Adam. They return together and walk over to the back of the store where Sara is waiting beside the translucent rectangle suspended on the wall.

“Ok we’re opening the doors in about 5 minutes, are you sure you want to start now?”

“Yes. I think it’s time. I’ve set the timer to start 2 minutes after I press this button. Then it should go on for thirty seconds every six minutes, which should be the loop time for the video in the other room. And Sara, do you remember what we talked about if I need out or anything?”

“Yep! When you grunt 3 times, I’m to come over and ask you the yes/no questions”

“Ok! Well here we go.”

First, Jade unclips the bottom two carabineers, and then lowers the bed to the floor. Laying the vacuum bed on its back, and making sure the breathing hole is clear, she begins to take off her clothes.

She can feel the cool air on her tanned skin as she removes her clothing layer by layer. She becomes aware that Adam is watching her as she removes her top and hands it to Sara.

Adam watches silently as the beautiful, tanned, 22 year old Chinese-American co-ed removes her top pulling her mid length smooth black hair through the neck of a crop top. It’s not the first time he’d seen a female student naked, but perhaps not one so naturally stunning as Jade. He notices her nipples become erect as she removes her bra and hands it to her friend. He had to admit, she had quite a beautiful pair of breasts. Instinctively he guessed their size to be about a c-cup. She continued to remove her clothing taking off her shoes, and socks.

Her lithe, well toned body was reacting to the temperature and the situation. As she removed her jeans her freshly exposed skin sent a wave of shivers up her spine. The cool air played with her as she becomes more aroused. Here she was in now just her panties about to take them off in front of a guy nearly twice her age. Sara stands by and folds her jeans, puts them on the top of a pile of clothing, then holds out her hand to take Jades underwear.

With a deep breath she lets them fall to the floor, and kicks them up with her foot. She rolls them up as she hands them over to Sara. “Whoa, girl!” Sara blurts out as she takes the damp balled up panties from Jade. Jade suddenly turns bright red and moves to cover herself with her arms as she looks from Sara to Adam. “Oh, Sorry…” Sara says putting the panties underneath the jeans. Jade looks over to Adam who has been slowly turning pink, as if he were suddenly too hot in his suit. Sara looks back from moving Jades clothes to behind the counter to see Jade from a distance. As usual she naturally begins comparing her own body to Jades. She notices Jade has recently shaved her legs and trimmed her pussy hair into a small smooth edged triangular shape.

“Ehem… Well Jade, what now? How does it work?” Adam interrupts looking away to the latex rectangle on the floor.

“Oh right, just let me hit this button, climb in, then can you close this bar over the top edge, and we wait for the air to be sucked out. Then winch it back into position and connect these two hooks to the bottom.” She replies trying to forget her blushing nakedness while simultaneously trying to cover herself and moving around the latex form to indicate the two chains connected to the floor.

“Ok then. Sara, if you can get the winch control and I’ll steady her. Are we ready?” He asks.

“Yep!” Sara chirped, seemingly unaffected by both Adam and Jades clear awkwardness.

“Jade?” He asks glancing over at her.


Jade hits the timer to start, climbs inside and lies down on the concrete floor between the two latex layers. The cold of the floor shocks her now highly aroused and flushed body as she lies on her back and positions the breathing tube in her mouth. Then reaching up she spreads her arms out to the sides bent at the elbows and positions her legs apart in a sort of frog like position exposing her sex. Adam asks Jade if it’s ok to close up the bag, to which she grunts through the tube trying to talk and then nods. Adam reaches across, takes hold of the closure bar, presses down and seals the bag.

Jade breathes heavily heaving her delicate breasts as she lies and waits for her plan to come to fruition. She can hear each breath in her ears and is becoming light headed, she desperately wants to play with herself but knows that she can’t. They only have to wait a few moments before the air is sucked out by the thirty second burst from the vacuum cleaner.

Jade feels her cocoon of latex close in around her. It presses tightly against every inch of skin. She tries to move only to find herself unable, all she can manage is a small amount of flex before being pulled back into her original position. She feels a hand touch hers and something being mumbled over the vacuum. She tries to look but finds her vision is blurred by the latex now pressing into her face. Her hair is fanned out beneath her and she is now aware of just how totally vulnerable she is in this.

A few moments later the vacuum shut down. “Are you ok?” she suddenly hears clearly, and grunts a reply “Uh-huh”. “Ok, we’re going to lift you now.” “Uh-huh.” Suddenly she feels her upper body begin to rise, a firm hand caresses the small of her back supporting her weight as her body continues to become more vertical. She feels the weight being taken from her back and being transferred to her entire skin. She feels a slight downward pressure from all sides, then suddenly her feet become free of the floor and she swings back towards the wall. Now almost vertical she feels the hand gently lower her into place until she is resting vertically.

The hand disappears and she feels movement below her, she tries to look but again finds that she can’t even turn her head. She hears two clicks and a clank of chain. “Ok Sara, just a little more and I think it’s done.” A humming sound vibrates through her as she becomes more stable. Outside Sara has finished tightening the winch and securing Jade in position. Her body is completely visible through the latex membrane now imprisoning her. She struggles momentarily against the tight folds as if getting used to the position.

Adam stands back and admires his Students now naked and totally exposed form. “Excellent, it really is... Well remarkable! It’s stunning. I don’t think I really imagined it properly but I have to hand it to Jade. It’s just… remarkable.”

“Wow. That’s Amazing. Just like at the club but better.” Sara chimes, Adam looks at her with a confused expression as she checks herself. “So… When does this thing start?”

“Eh? Oh right the exhibition! I have to go and open it for the board of governor’s and the examiners. Are you Ok here?” He replied checking his watch

“Yes I’m great. And it looks like Jades not going anywhere either.”

“Well if you’ll excuse me. Oh, help yourself to some wine. It should be being served just outside.” He says as an afterthought.

“Thanks but I promised Jade I wouldn’t leave her in case anything went wrong.”

“Oh, of course, of course. In that case I’ll bring you over a glass later.” He said looking back one last time before leaving the store.

Back inside the vacuum bed the world looked like a blurred set of colors and shapes. Jade could see vague shapes moving around and hear muffled voices. Then one of the shapes melted into the distance and disappeared. Her world became focused on her immediate surroundings, the pressure enclosing her body, the warmth of the latex against her skin, the sound of her breathing. She was suddenly shocked to hear a roaring sound from all around her. The pressure suddenly increased and movement became all but impossible. Struggling out of fear she started to grunt to get Sara’s attention.

She soon felt a hand touching her on her foot and leg, but couldn’t hear what was being said above the rush of noise. The noise vanished as suddenly as it began. The pressure returned to normal and she could hear Sara’s voice reassuring her.

“Are you ok? It’s just the vacuum cleaner…Jade?”

Coming back to her senses she realized that the timer must have gone off and there was nothing wrong. Her breathing became calm and she grunted the “ok” signal.

“I think Adam has just opened the Exhibition. If you want out this is your last chance. Are you sure you’re ok?”

There was a slight pause, and then “Uh-huh”.

“Ok. Oh! I think they’re coming in now, I can hear clapping from outside.”

That’s the last thing she hears Sara say before she sees a blur of moving shapes move at the doorway, and feels Sara’s hand being removed from her leg. She sees Sara’s fuzzy shape move away becoming more and more blurred before finally leaving her field of vision.

Chapter 4

“Hello and welcome to BLACK-MART. How can I help you today?” Sara said to a group of suited people entering the store.

“Oh my word!” one exclaims noticing the naked form of Jade suspended and spotlighted on the back wall.

“We have everything here you could possibly wish to illegally obtain” Sara continues in her best professional shop assistant tone.

“Ah! Sara, these are the examiners and governors.” Adam says as he struggles his way to the front of the group. “I’d like you to introduce this exhibition if you would be so kind.”

“Oh, Of course…”

From inside her cocoon of latex, Jade sees a group of shapes move into view. What she recognizes as Sara walks forward to greet them. She can barely hear any of the conversation but gathers from the color of the moving shapes that the group is suited. She thinks to herself “I’m completely naked, tied up in a latex vacuum bed, exposing myself to the governors and examiners. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Oh god I’m horny. Everyone can see me and I can’t move…” She watches the shapes move around the shop being led by Sara to each display. At each section there is a brief discussion as Sara explains each nuance of the exhibit.

Suddenly the vacuum clicks on and Jade is taken by surprise. She struggles against the latex now pressing down on her. She lets out a moan through the breathing tube, and a drop of drool escapes and drops down her chest and over her breasts. She can feel the cool fluid run down her body adding a sense of humiliation to her predicament. She closes her eyes as she writhes in the latex holding her in position.

“And here is the main exhibit” Sara says gesturing to the source of the commotion. The attention in the room was now focused on the moaning, moving naked latex clad form. “This is actually the artist of this exhibition, but as you can see she is somewhat unable to answer any questions so I hope I can do that for you.” Sara continues talk with the people in the room however Jade is no longer able to pay attention. Her body is flushing bright red as she contemplates her situation. She opens her eyes to see what appear to be faces all looking towards her and she couldn’t be more turned on. Suddenly she feels something at her leg which brings her back to reality. It moves up and startles her, “Someone is touching me and I can’t see who. What are they doing? Oh god, I can’t move…” she thinks as she begins to struggle and grunt anew.

“Sorry, just let me clean that up.” Sara says as she takes a tissue to mop up the drool from pooling on the floor and down Jades body. A few moments later and Jade is cleaned up and looking exquisite.

“You mean that this is actually the artist herself?” one asks

“Yes. She decided that having herself perform this aspect of her work would send a much stronger message. If the mastermind of the exhibition can end up as simply an object to be sold so could anyone. She’s really committed to playing her part too if you want you can touch her leg and see for yourself.”

Jade feels a hand much larger and warmer than Sara’s touch her leg. This is soon replaced with another and suddenly there are multiple hands touching and prodding her. She wonders “What is going on? What is happening to her? Who is touching her and why?” she becomes aroused at the thought of strangers holding her and keeping her like this touching her all over whilst being unable to stop them. She quickly loses herself in fantasy and closes her eyes as she tries desperately to get any friction or movement at all. When she opens her eyes the room is empty and Sara is standing next to her.

“Are you OK?” she asks

After a slight pause caused by her momentary disorientation and confusion she replies “Uh-huh…”

“The examiners though that it was really good, especially the trying to escape thing you were doing. They said it was fantastic and that it really made the piece alive.”

Jade could only think what she had just done, getting lost in a sexual fantasy in front of a group of people, trapped and restrained. It made her blush all over again.

“Anyway, I think you’ve done really well and they were all really impressed. Adam says you should pass with flying marks and he even brought me back a glass of wine” she says taking a sip. “Now all that we have to do is deal with the other people coming to the exhibition and we can finish in about two and a half hours. How are you holding up?”


“Good because you look great. If it’s ok I’m going to get another glass of wine, do you need anything?”

“ooope, Aim hood.”

“Ok, back soon” Sara says.

Jade sees Sara’s shape walk out towards the door and is then left alone. She stretches against the latex to find herself held fast. Again she can feel the drool dripping out of the breathing tube and down her body. The cool fluid feels good on her breasts and she is blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Her hearing is muffled and she is warm and cozy. She stretches again against the latex and closes her eyes lost in fantasy. She doesn’t see someone come into the shop as she writhes in her latex cocoon.

She feels something touch her breast, opening her eyes and expecting to see Sara she is shocked to see two people shapes in front of her.

“No way…” one says

“I’m telling you it’s a real person. Look at the drool down her tits” replies the other

Jade begins to struggle and grunt, hoping that Sara is there and will rescue her. She tries to move but the latex holds her still. She had to admit the idea turned her on, but she didn’t know these people and it was confusing her.

“Hey look, her nipples just got hard, she has to be real.”

Jades nipples were reacting to the touch, and the fact they knew made Jade even wetter. She moaned through the breathing tube and grunted when one of them pinched her nipple. She opened her eyes to see another shape appear in the distance, watching her being played with, spread out as a mere object to be toyed with. She was getting so turned on and was powerless to do anything about it.

“Excuse me! Can I help you?” Sara’s voice suddenly echoed from behind shocking them. Instantly the two boys stop touching Jade and spun around to face Sara who holding a wine glass exclaimed “Well?”

“Umm, sorry. We were just looking” one stutters turning red like a kid caught misbehaving.

The other says “Ha I told you, she couldn’t be real.”

“Of course she is. Everything here is. But in case you haven’t noticed there’s no touching allowed in this store. I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” she shot the two a very stern and commanding look.

“Um, Ok. Sorry” one mumbled as they both sped out as fast as they could. She hears them talking about Jade outside and how much they’d “love to have that to play with.” Sara quickly puts her glass down and rushes over to Jade and places her hand on her leg.

In a very concerned voice she says “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have left you. Are you ok?”


“Do you want out? I can get Adam. I’m so sorry”

“Ung ung”

“Are you sure?”


“Ok…. I’m just going to wipe you down again. You’re covered in drool again.”

Sara takes a tissue and wipes Jades now very aroused latex coated body, as she does she notices how wet her pussy has become and how hard her nipples are. She continues to wipe and lightly massage her, just to see. Jade lets out a slight moan as she passes over her breasts and mound for a third time.

“Oh, sorry.” a new voice makes Jade open her eyes again as Sara turns her attention towards a small group of people now entering the room. “Err, is it ok?”

“Oh yes please come in I was just cleaning up. These things don’t half make a mess.” Sara joked as she cleaned away the tissues, which elicits a light chuckle from her audience. She then proceeds to treat them as customers showing them around the store. The rest of the gallery viewers keep Sara busy for the rest of the night. Apparently word has gotten out about Jade being on display naked and the exhibition was very popular. Throughout the night Sara makes sure to never leave Jade alone again and keeps her wiped clean of drool. Every time she wipes up the drool however she also gives Jade a little bit of a massage, rubbing a little too much in some places, running her fingers across her latex covered form to “check” that she’s clean. Sara’s ministrations have the desired effect. Jade is kept in an almost dream like state, between being on display to a huge number of people who can see her but remain anonymous to Jade and her now regular teasing from Sara, she struggles in vain to sense any touch that may help her get off. She thinks up so many fantasies as she’s suspended she’s not even sure if it’s real or just a dream anymore. All she knows is that she wants to cum badly.

As the night winds down, fewer and fewer people are let in until eventually Sara and Jade are all alone in the store. Adam pops his head in to say “Ok that’s it were all finished. You two are the last ones here the other’s finished up and went to the after party already. I should help you get Jade down now because I have a meeting with the examiners soon and it could be another half hour if we don’t.”

“Oh no, but I have to go to the bathroom.” Replies Sara “I couldn’t go the whole time and I had a few glasses of wine, I’m bursting!”

“But I can’t wait. I have to go.”

Placing her hand behind Jade and stroking her firm rounded ass Sara asks “Jade, is it ok if you stay there for another half hour while we wait for Adam? I just have to go really bad.”

In Jades current state she couldn’t tell if she were dreaming or if it was reality. After 3 hours she had become completely submissive by the combination of her denied orgasm, the public display and ultimately her latex restraint pressing in and holding her captive.


“She says that’s ok. But if you could keep an eye on her while I nip to the bathroom that would be great.” Sara says very quickly as she rushes past Adam not giving him a chance to reply.

A few moments later and Sara returns with a backpack she had brought with her and left in her car.

“Ok I have to go, is it ok if I lock you two in here? I have to get across campus and it’s quite late, I don’t want to leave you two like this alone otherwise.”

“Sure we’ll be fine. I brought some music to listen to.” Sara replies “and I’m sure Jade won’t have any problem, she’s been like that for a while. I actually think she’s been going to sleep in there if you can believe it.”

“Ok I’ll be back in about half an hour to forty five minutes.” He says as he rushes out. Sara follows him out to make sure he leaves and that the door is locked behind him. Sara turns the lights off in the building and makes her way silently back to the exhibition.

Sara returns to the store where the now dripping wet latex encased Jade hung on the wall. With the lights turned off the spot light illuminates Jade far more beautifully as the latex shimmers in the light. Sara sets her bag down and reaches in for a change of clothes. Moving quickly Sara changes her clothes and reaches inside for the other thing she always keeps in her bag just as the vacuum switched on deafening Jade, who limply struggled against the pressure as it compressed her body.

Jade woke up to a strange hand massaging her breasts. She struggles and tries to look out. All she can see is a dark person like shape. At the same time the vacuum turns off and her hearing is restored. It’s then she notices that the lights are out in the room, all except the one above her. She starts moaning and grunting to call for help, not even sure if Sara is there. Already aroused she struggles in vain against the latex. The hand continues to massage her breasts. She feels an arm slide behind the latex bed her and cup her ass. A tongue moves up her leg and begins to slowly massage her pussy. It soon finds her clitoris which is now fully engorged and filled with blood. She trembles inside the latex as the assault on her body continues.

Unable to escape or move she doesn’t notice that the form touching her is distinctly female. Her moans become much louder as she is lost in ecstasy. Her body shakes as she nears an orgasm. The relentless hands continue to stimulate and massage her to the very edge of her orgasm. Just as suddenly it stops, leaving Jade straining against the latex. Begging and pleading through the breathing tube. Sara steps back and comes into Jades field of vision.

“Hello, sexy.” It was Sara! Jade looks out, confused at what is happening. What is Sara doing? Why is it dark? “I know what you’ve been doing in your room for a long time. The walls are like paper and I can hear you on your computer at night. I also checked your history page.” Sara continued “You know that I’m bi sexual, and that I’m kinky, so I thought I’d reward you for coming over to the dark side. And since I have the chance...” Jade stares back at Sara moving outside “I know you’re going to love this…” Sara moves towards the heaving body holding a vibrating egg and some tape, in just a few moments Sara had taped the egg to the apex of Jades legs. Slowly the vibrations began to buzz directly on her clitoris gently getting stronger. At the same time Sara presses herself up against Jade’s latex form massaging her breasts through the latex.

With such strong sensations between her legs and the hours of teasing, Jade moans through the tube relishing in the sensation. As Sara continues to massage her breasts she nibbles lightly on her nipples. Jade’s breathing becomes heavier and she starts to grunt as she nears her long awaited orgasm. Suddenly her breathing stalls and her voice is caught in the throat as her orgasm explodes. Her body fights out against the latex but holds firm, she twists and turns anything to escape the sensations. Relentlessly they continue well beyond her orgasm. Inside her latex prison she is completely overwhelmed and her vision goes dim. Her ragged breathing slows as she loses conciseness, defeated, trapped and displayed.

Jade wakes up on the floor of her exhibition space, half wrapped in the latex and a towel draped over her. Sara was holding her head as she opened her eyes. Jade looks up and asks “What happened?”

“You fell ‘asleep’.” Sara replies looking down at her. Jade then looks past to see Adam standing over Sara’s shoulder looking somewhat concerned.

“Are you ok Jade? I’m deeply sorry for leaving you there for longer than I said but if it’s any consolation the examiners are going to award you with a first honors degree.”

“Really? Great… oh damned I’m thirsty.” She croaks. Sara helps her to sit up as Adam brings over a bottle of water. Holding the towel to her body she sips from the bottle thinking back over the night and what actually happened. “So what now?” she asks.

“Well the exhibition has to stay in place for a few weeks for the moderators but you don’t have to be in there, and then in August we need to clear the spaces out before next semester. You can have anything you want because it’ll just end up in the trash.” Adam replies gesturing to the now fully lit room.

Jade looks around to Sara, “Well, right now I think I’m going to take you back to the dorm for a drink and a hot bath.” Helping Jade to her feet she takes her over to a nearby chair and helps her to re-dress as Adam waits outside. When Jade is fully clothed and feeling a little stronger both Adam and Sara walk her out to Sara’s car, where she sits down in the passenger seat.

“Again congratulations Jade on a fantastic exhibition. Good evening girls and thanks again.” Adam says handing over a left over bottle of wine, then making his way over to his own car disappears into the night.

Sara climbs into the drivers’ seat and starts the engine. Although neither of them say anything, something had changed profoundly between them and they both knew that they were now closer than ever.




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