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The Internet Rubber Lady

by Rubberone23

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; true; catsuit; buttplug; gloves; boots; mast; gasmask; climax; video; cons; X

I am telling this true story only names have changed for the sake of the innocent and still I can not believe it really happened that an average Joe living a quiet life would have a meeting with such an incredible woman. It has all been a blur that still makes me think I must have been dreaming.

I just had the news that I had COVID 19 and was not really sick but was in quarantine for two weeks. I had little to do so went onto a popular internet video site where people place their own or others videos. I had uploaded a few rubber related videos myself and perused the different people on the site when I came upon an incredible lady dressed head to toe in wonderful rubber, pegging a man and masturbating him to a wonderful orgasm changing dildos several times, even fisting him at the orgasm point.

Both of them had rubber all over their bodies as the male orgasm-ed this type of video had never before attracted me but there was something about this woman that greatly attracted me. 

In a few days I received a message on the website from this lady and I was in shock and awe that such a voluptuous woman would want to chat to me and she exclaimed I was one of the first to see her videos on the site and could I do her a favour.

She asked if I could write a scenario for an upcoming video she was making with lots of rubber involved. This offer I jumped at, the chance to interact with this wonderful person. So I found out her likes and what rubber clothes she had, and sat down to write the best story I could come up with. One with lots of rubber for her and her partner to wear, and sex play with a BD&SM theme.

The story was accepted, with some changes and I waited with baited breath to find out the results of my exercise for their rubber bound fun. At our next connection I was informed that my rubber scene had worked out, with some problems, but she had some bad news: her partner was leaving her and her shows would be stopped for a while.

I tried to console her and we started chatting about our love of rubber and latex, which we both had from childhood. About how our lives had followed similar lines in our rubber fetish involvement, the clothes, gloves and other items made of rubber and latex we had purchased.

Over the next few weeks we started corresponding daily and our conversations were getting hotter and heavier and she put forward that I should make a video for her, dressed in rubber, following a set of instructions she would supply in a file she would send.

I would have to dress in rubber all over, a black male bundle of excitement, covered head to toe in rubber. She would supply me with a video of her to spur me to greater heights and I would have to record my excitement for her pleasure, which seemed to be almost as much as mine.

I readied my booty, which included a rubber sheet for my bed, a black rubber suit, black mask black gumboots, surgical rubber gloves, heavy rubber gloves and a butt plug and vibrator. I covered my bed in the rubber sheet and plonked all my rubber extras on it. I readied a webcam to capture my excited utterances so my web mistress could inspect my work.

The clothing slipped on my body as I shook with excitement. First the mask to hide my identity and on went the camera, recording my most interment utterances. I slipped into my black rubber suit next, then surgical rubber gloves and gumboots, and arranged all the rest of my stuff on the bed for easy access.

I jumped on the bed and slipped the butt plug into my bum, squealing with excitement and pain. I had not done this since I was younger, but it felt good.

I started the video on my TV and up popped this wonderful woman, dressed head to toe in lovely red rubber, caressing her lithe body. This almost sent me over the edge but I had a mission. I had to send my web-mistress a video she would like and approve of.

I slipped heavy rubber gloves and started to masturbate as this lovely lady on the screen added a gas-mask to her ensemble and spun around so I could see her whole latex coated body this sent me into a frenzy wanking hard and the gas-mask jumped up and down as my breath rose to an incredible sonata of ecstasy as I knew within the next day this video would land on my web mistresses desktop for her approval.

My body exploded in orgasm and I nearly passed out at the incredible excitement. All the rubber I was wearing was soaked with sweat and I had to lay there my chest heaving clad completely in latex and fully sated. I removed all my gear and prepared my offering for my incredible rubber darling over the water, hoping it would be received with a positive reply. 

The next day my reply arrived and I had pleased my rubber lovely. She exclaimed her body had quivered as she watched me in the depths of ecstasy, clad completely in rubber with a butt plug in my nether region.

These conversations continued for about 3 weeks; my internet rubber mistress ordered me to do many different sexual exploits, supplying me with more incredible videos on a regular basis. I waited with bated breath for her to contact me daily, I was in a state of ecstasy.

I thought I was in heaven but I did not realise that our sessions were becoming more and more personal and my lovely incredible rubber goddess was falling for me. I missed all the signs; I was getting closer to a wonderful rubber woman who had been finding me attractive and I did not see it. I thought that she was my internet rubber woman, who could not in any way have feelings for me.

After a night where I had dressed in her favourite rubber outfit and had donned a mask, apron, dildo in the bum, long black heavy rubber gloves, before exploding in ecstasy, I sent her my latest offering.

To my shock and dismay my wonderful woman sent me a message that she could no longer chat with me as she was falling in love with “this little idiot” and could no longer see me.

It was over. Suddenly all my incredible times that had seemed like months, but was only three weeks, was over. All my world slammed shut. I did not see it coming. I was blinded by this incredible lady's charm, sexuality, beauty and intelligence was no longer in my life; everything in my life stopped there and then for a long time. It was like being hit by a train but I could not go against her wishes and now my wonderful rubber sessions would stop forever and there was nothing I could do.

For that month I was a king and I was in rubber heaven and my dreams of meeting a woman who was into rubber just like me were fulfilled and I am very glad to have known her and wish her well for the future, she changed my world and I will never forget her.

So don't ever think you are alone in your rubber world. One day you may come across a wonderful rubber friend, but be observant to the signs that you are wanted and not be blinded by the lust and miss the signs that will destroy everything.

I wish I could tell you her name but that is not possible but one day you may see a porn video on the net with her in it and you must know I would hope every rubber fetish enthusiast would have such an incredible experience as I have had and I hope she has a wonderful and happy life she deserves it.

I will always have a place in my rubber heart for her and no matter what else happens in my life she will be remembered with great affection and love.


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