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Just One Little Thing

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; latex; bodybag; encased; pill; tease; oral; sex; climax; mpov; cons; X

"Rough weekend?"

"You don't know the half of it."


"I met a girl."

"Well, duh."

"She has this thing."


"Yeah. We were, you know, on our way to bed and she said she had this one little thing. I asked her what she meant and she said it would be more fun to surprise me."

"And she surprised you."

"Oh yeah. Definitely. I never ate so much pussy in my life."

"Er, I thought that wasn't your thing."

"It's not. Not really. I didn't have much of a choice."

Greg sipped his beer.

"Dude, are you going to tell me or do I have to play twenty questions?"

Greg drained his mug and waved it at the waitress.

"Her name's Alice. I think it's Alice. Maybe Alicia."

"Oh man! You don't even know her name?!"

"It'll come to me. Anyway, I was at Scoogie's."

"If you want to get laid, that's the place to be."

"Yeah. Anyway, she was there with a couple of other girls and I kind of had my eye on the redhead. And I was kind of getting my move together when this other girl-"

"Alice? Alicia?"

"Let's go with Alice. Okay? So she comes over to the bar to get a drink."

"As opposed to what? Get a box of sheet rock screws."

"Bro, do you want to hear about this or not?"

"Sorry. You know I can't pass on a straight line."

"Yeah. So I start talking to her, kind of trying to find a way to meet her friend and she starts hitting on me. I mean like I would hit on a girl. She was all charming and interested in me, you know the drill. Well, long story short, I ended up leaving with her."

"She wasn't that bad. Kind of tall for me. About an inch taller than me, actually. You know I like 'em petite. Well, she wasn't petite. Nice rack, nice ass, but fit. Not a hard body, but seriously fit. I think she said she swam in college. Anyway, she has a place down in the south end, one of those new townhouses."

"That's pricey."

"Yeah. She's a lawyer. She can afford it. So we're at her place and she's really turning it on, coming on to me, being aggressive even."

"I thought you liked them passive. Little toys you could play with. That whole bdsm thing you're into."


"Whoa! Wait. She was like, what, a dominatrix?"

Greg sipped his beer.


"I'm not sure."

"Huh? It's simple. Did you top her or did she top you?"

"Neither. It's... well... we were making out on her couch and it was time to head into the bedroom. I mean, we're both half undressed. And she takes my hand and we're walking toward her bedroom and she says, 'There's just one little thing.' and I'm like what? And she says it'll be more fun as a surprise."

He drained his mug.

"You ready?"

"No I'm good."

Greg waved the mug at the waitress and held up one finger.

"So, go on."

"Well, we're in her bedroom and we're, you know, naked. And she opens a draw and pulls out this rubber bag."


"Yeah. Almost like a body bag except it was human-shaped and smaller. Anyway, it's got this hood thing and she pulls it over my head and I step into the bottom and there's this zipper running up the back. There's this hole in front and she pokes my cock through it and then zips the bag."

"Holy shit! Really?"

Greg nodded.

"So you're in this rubber bag with you dick hanging out."

"And my mouth. The hood covered everything but my mouth."

"Okay. I think I can see where this is going. The pussy eating and all that."

"Yeah. Anyway, she pushes me down onto the bed and kind of gets me into the middle of the bed and she starts playing with my cock and kissing me."

He took a gulp of fresh beer.

"She gave me a pill."


"Yeah, you know, the pill?"

"Which pill is 'the pill'?"

"The weekender."

"Okay, dude, you lost me."

"You know. Couple sitting in separate tubs holding hands."

"What? Viagra?"

"No, the other one. Cialis. Viagra only lasts a couple of hours. This one lasts a lot longer."

"Whoa, wait, you had a hard on the whole weekend?"

"No. Just all night Saturday and most of this morning."

"Holy shit."


"So you spent the whole time in the, what was it, rubber bag while she played with your dick?"



"Meaning mostly. She had this, I don't know, routine. She'd sit on my face while she sucked me. And when I came she kept doing it and I didn't go soft."

"The pill."

"That and her mouth. Anyway, she straddles me and fucks me. And she starts coming and I can hear her, like some fantasy porn star. Really vocal."

"And after a while I'm ready to come again and she plants her pussy on my face and goes back to sucking me."

"And after I come again, she goes back to fucking me."

"Holy shit."

"Yeah. Anyway, after the third time-"


"Yeah. After the third time she just stays there, rubbing her pussy on my face and sucking me. I mean, no way I'm gonna come again and I guess she knows that, so she just keeps rubbing herself on me, having a good time for herself."

"After a while she climbs off of me and lies down next to me and she's kind of half-heartedly tugging on my dick and then she fell asleep."

"You slept like that? In the bag? With your dick hanging out."

"I don't know if sleep is the right word, but I guess I dozed off a bit when my dick went soft."

"I thought she gave you the pill."

"It doesn't give you a hard on unless you want one."


"As long as she kept playing with me I stayed hard. See, the way it works is that the pill dumps this compound into your blood and it messes with the receptors in your arteries, so when you're horny your brain sends a message to your dick, it creates the receptors and a protein that opens the arteries and the compound clings to the receptors. But unlike the natural protein, it doesn't break down."

"So she plays with you, you like it, chemistry happens... boner!"


"And I assume she played with you a lot."

"Oh yeah. She woke up, I don't know when, and she's tugging on me and goes into her routine. Eat pussy, suck cock, fuck cock, repeat."

"And you kept coming?"

"Not so much. Only a couple of times. She spent most of this morning on my face kind of half-heartedly sucking on me."

"There are worse ways to spend a morning."


"But the pill wears off, right? I mean, she didn't give you another one, did she? I mean, you're not..."

"No. I thought of that. Kind of half expected it when I started to go soft. But she let me out of the rubber bag and we kind of napped the afternoon away."

"So, bottom line is she topped you, used you as some kind of rubber sex toy."

Greg waved his hand, let out a sigh.

"I don't know. All I know is I'm going to finish my beer then go home to my own bed."

"Good idea."


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