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Installation 5: Furniture

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; forniphilia; display; transport; sex; cons; X

Installation 5: Furniture

"Well I think it's good, don't you?" asked Carlos.

"Yes. You know I do," replied Valentina.

"Yeah but I need reassurance," added Carlos.

"Right, but then don't we all?" added Valentina in a quizzical tone.

"Even though both of us created this, it still needed to be asked. Besides, it's how it looks within its surroundings," said Valentina.

"That's what I really wanted to know," said Carlos.

The two of them admired the furniture, which stood before them in the gallery. Looking at it from different angles.

"If there's enough interest we could make some reproductions." said Valentina with a smile.

"Yes, indeed." said Carlos with eyebrows raised.

"Mind you how many people are going to buy a coffee table called, 'The Extreme table', um?" asked Valentina.

"I don't know but it's only going to be here for one day so I hope there's loads of interest." said Carlos.

"Do you think anyone's going to get the obvious Allen Jones inspiration? Asked Valentina.

"Some might but then it's more outrageous than that. Besides, did anyone spot some of his inspiration?" replied Carlos gesticulating.

"What?" asked Valentina.

"The fact that some of his artwork owes a debt of inspiration to Eric Stanton." said Carlos.

"Oh that. Yeah." said Valentina.

"Well what about the raison d'Ítre? The confining nature of modern life? The self imposed bondage of twentieth century living?" stated Carlos.

"Bullshit and you know it!" said Valentina with a smile on her face.

They left the gallery by the service entrance.

Suzie, on all fours, was wondering if they had finished yet. They had said this would be an early start for a dry run of the finished article. It was still dark and noiseless. She tried to wriggle her bottom but couldn't. Her fingers, nothing. Her toes, nothing.

'Well and truly stuck!' she thought.

She could feel the rubber gag that filled her mouth with the taste of latex, adhering to the roof and sides of her mouth, pushing her tongue down and pushing her cheeks out like a toad and which was wedged up behind her teeth. She breathed through her rubber-lined nostrils in an even fashion. She had her head back and looking visionless up to the heavens. She was positioned in her hands and knees bottom stuck in the air.

She tried rocking but again no movement, no give of any kind.

She felt the intruder in her anus; short squat and large made of steel. Her clitoris was resting on a very small stainless steel ball bearing, which nestled comfortably and provocatively against it. Her sensitive nipples were encased in little steel covers that her nipples filled like peas in a pod.

"It's very lifelike."

"Positively obscene."

"Aggressive" said another as people stared at the table.

The owner of the gallery, Sabine Von Braun had, during the course of the short time the gallery was open, gone up to the piece and run her practised hands over the object, feeling the glass table top, smooth latex covered legs, the rounded head. It felt so real, the torso, bottom; there was give when you pressed it.

They, MAP, had triumphed again. For foam rubber it felt very close to the feeling of latex enclosed skin and bone.

Carlos and Valentina had said that the skeleton was steel surrounded by foam rubber then dressed in a fetish outfit and then steel callipers placed around the body to hold it rigid as if someone was encased in the contraption.

It was quiet and nearly closing time, so she took the time to examine it closely. There had been plenty of interest in it and orders had been taken. The figure was enclosed in a highly polished black latex catsuit, the head in a mask with nose and eyeholes, blank eyes staring mindlessly at the viewer.

Around the neck was a heavy leather neck corset which reached under and supported the chin. Out of where the mouth should be was a large curved black phallus. Around the body was a stout leather corset that reached from just under the breasts to just above the bottom. There were no hands or feet just leather bondage mittens and patent ankle ballet boots.

Poking from the anus was a curved piece of steel which bent up and then continued along until it met the back of the head of the figure where it was secured. Rising from the corset, sticking out and curving upwards and then joining with its sister on the opposite was another steel rod which formed a cross upon which the glass table was secured by screws.

"We'd better get this back to the studio. Give me a hand," said Carlos picking up one end of the table.

"Ok." replied Valentina.

They loaded it onto a trolley, which they then wheeled out to the small van where they then placed the table on the loading bay of the van and secured it in the back. They unloaded it when they got back to the studio, a unit that they rented on an industrial estate near a railway station and placed in the middle of the floor. It was late afternoon. The weak rays of the sun struggled to shine down through the large windows in the roof from those decorating the edges of the fifty-foot high walls. Music began to fill the large space instead of the normal sounds of work or echoing silence.

Carlos and Valentina stood naked before each other and then joined in a passionate embrace, kissing each other slowly on the mouth. They parted and picked up a black bundle each. They helped each other into their respective latex catsuits. Carlos looked Valentina up and down and smiled. He loved her sensual curves. Valentina also looked her Carlos over and also smiled. She loved his toned physique.

Valentina stood in front of the head of the table, her latex lined vagina dripping with water-soluble lubricant and squatted above the curved phallus. Carlos stood behind the table and reached under it and pressed a switch. A humming began.

He squatted down, his lubricant smothered, latex covered penis erect before him. Valentina lowered herself onto the phallus while Carlos plunged forward, both joining with the table at the same time.

Suzie could feel her clitoris and nipples being stimulated at the same time and felt a rush of excitement hit her. She felt her head being grabbed at the back and a weight descending onto her mouth pushing the gag deeper into her mouth and her hips grabbed as someone thrust powerfully into her latex lined vagina.

Both thrusts were rhythmic and alternated.

Down then up at her head, in then out at her rear.

She could feel her nipples were hard and her clitoris engorged with blood.

Her leg and arm muscles were already tensing and contracting, spasms shooting all over her body, breathing shallow and fast, eyeballs popping, the sinews on her neck bulging and pushing against the restrictive neck corset.

Her fingers and toes tried to extend within their confines but were stymied.

She was a passive object being used for pleasure but also experiencing her own sweet ecstasy as her orgasm was building from her loins to the rest of her restrained body.

She screamed into the unyielding gag and felt a throbbing in her vagina and a quivering weight on her face.

In the studio three people were smiling.



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