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Jessica Darling 5: Not Any Plane-Jane Fantasy

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; leather; latex; corset; porno; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 4

Chapter 5: Not Any Plane-Jane Fantasy

"Jessica!!! It's so cool!!!" Heather's piercing squeal caused Jessica to temporarily turn down the volume on the speakerphone in her study... "Brulée sent a letter with a date and time for my session! It's in two weeks at her private studio in the south of France! She's even sending a private jet to pick us up!!! Can you believe it Jessica?! A private jet!!!"

Jessica hit the 'mute' on the speakerphone and rolled her eyes at Antonia, "Like she hasn't been on my private jet a half-dozen times at least. She's such a freakin' spaz."

"I can't wait!!! I had to rearrange some shoots and a few club appearances, but I got everything rearranged so we can go!!!" Heather continued her excited squealing.

Jessica suddenly latched onto a single squealed word: "Us? What do you mean us?" she had to shout over the porn starlet's continued celebration.

"That's the best part Jessica!" Heather had finally calmed down enough for Jessica to turn the volume back up... "She says I can bring one 'friend/companion' with me! Jessica! It's a week's vacation in France! You HAVE to come with me! Please say you'll come with me!!"

"Of course I'll go with you Heather! I wouldn't think of not being there with you!" Jessica smiled at Antonia.

It took a little doing, but Jessica had managed to extricate herself from a few meetings and events that would have kept her from taking this golden opportunity to see Brulée's factory, and maybe get a lead on Cardinalli's whereabouts from the woman who somehow knew more than two weeks ago that she was the last artist the model had posed for.

Heather had come over several times to take Jessica shopping "I want some new stuff to wear when we hit the clubs over there." was her excuse.

Somehow, Jessica just wasn't able convince her that there weren't any clubs where Brulée's factory was located. "In fact Heather, there's not much of anything anywhere near her place." Jessica had told her. Heather just switched her assumption to saying that Brulée would have some party going on while they were there, or would take them to some party somewhere. But Jessica went shopping with her, keeping up the appearance that she was going solely to keep Heather company.

Antonia made sure Jessica had her favorite outfits carefully packed, including some of Jessica's latex and PVC outfits "You never know Mistress, Miss Heather may be right in assuming there will be a party while you are there." had been Antonia's excuse. Jessica always appreciated how Antonia made sure that she had thought of everything whenever Jessica went on travel. "Since I can't be with you Mistress, I need to make sure that I send everything you might need with you."

Antonia also helped Jessica pack her 'black bag' the bag that Jessica always took with her when she was working a case and thought it would require some equipment to support some 'questionable activites' that Jessica thought might be required. Jessica always packed the bag herself, with Antonia running through an equipment list that Jessica would prepare beforehand. The final piece added before the bag was closed was the thick, flat-black, rubber catsuit Jessica wore whenever her activities required a measure of 'stealth'. Antonia always called it "Mistress' cat-bugler suit." Jessica never told her trusted Lady's Maid about her previous line of work, before getting into private investigations. Jessica knew it wouldn't matter to Antonia, but somehow Jessica just didn't think she needed to know that Jessica used to be one of the most sought-after industrial spies in the world. "Besides..." Jessica would always remind herself, "that's in the past and a closed chapter in my life."

Antonia accompanied Jessica to the airport, riding with her in the passenger seat of Jessica's luxury SUV, making small talk and quizzing Jessica on the details of the itinerary. The last conversation that always took place before Jessica left on a case were the instructions for Antonia to follow if Jessica failed to contact her at prearranged times. They were the same instructions that Jessica had locked in the safe in her study, Antonia being the only person in the house aside from Jessica who had the combination, but Jessica always felt better telling Antonia the generalities before leaving.

Heather was waiting for them in the private aviation terminal at the international airport outside the city. Heather answered Jessica's query "I wonder if Heather is here yet" by squealing and running up to Jessica, throwing her arms around her in her usual greeting as Antonia opened the back of the SUV and directed the valet to be especially careful with "Mistress' black leather bag." Once Antonia made sure everything had been carefully taken inside, she patiently waited for her mistress to escort her to the drivers door of the big SUV.

"OK Antonia..." Jessica calmed her Lady's Maid. "This should be a simple reconnaissance mission, nothing difficult. I'll be fine and I'll see you back here in a week." and shut the door after Antonia had climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine, waiving to her as she rumbled away.

"Damn Jessica! You sure know how to dress for a trip!" Heather commented as she scanned her friend's attire. True to form, Antonia had picked out a black leather boots that laced up to just short of Jessica's knees, black leather leggings tucked into her boots, black silk spaghetti strap top, black leather waist cincher, completing the look with a black leather three-button sportscoat. Jessica was carrying one of her black leather trenchcoats over her arm.

"What? This outfit? Antonia's idea of comfortable traveling clothes." Jessica grinned.

"Sure babe! Antonia's idea.... If I had your wardrobe Jessica, I'd be wearing leather or latex every day too." Heather laughed as she took Jessica's free hand and led her into the terminal, looking for whomever Brulée had sent to pick them up.

It took maybe a minute for the pair to walk enter the small building before a young, petite, Japanese woman presented herself to them with a short curtsy. "Miss Heather Jensen?"

"Yep! That's me!" Heather giggled. Jessica smiled at her effervescent friend. It was always funny to watch Heather whenever someone, either on the street somewhere or in a store, recognized her. Even though Heather was a big-time porn starlet, and had won several awards in her industry, Jessica wasn't surprised that Heather wasn't recognized more often. Or more accurately, acknowledged, more often. Jessica remembered how she explained it to someone at a party one night: "Just how would you explain that to your wife or partner? Honey, wait her for a second, I think I see this porn star that I saw in 'Bound and Fucked III'?"

"And Miss Jessica Darling?" the woman in the brown vinyl flight attendant's outfit.inquired as she turned and repeated her short curtsy to Jessica.

Jessica nodded her head.

"I am so pleased to meet you! I am Yumi Takahashi and I will be your willing servant on this flight. I have been instructed by Madame Brulée to submit to your every desire while you are in my care and to do everything in my power to ensure that you have a pleasant flight."

Heather looked at Jessica and giggled again before Jessica quickly acknowledged their assigned servant; "We are most pleased to meet you Yumi, and we are sure that you will be more than capable of meeting our requirements today." Jessica had to remind herself that Heather had no experience in working with a dedicated, formally trained servant.

"Thank you kindly Miss Jessica." Yumi again performed her short curtsy, "I you and Miss Heather will kindly follow me, I will take you to Madame Brulée's waiting plane." Then in a very practiced and experienced move, the vinyl flight attendant motioned for the valets to bring the duo's luggage and then spun pivoted on her toes and began to lead Heather and Jessica, and the caravan of their luggage, towards the hanger containing Brulée's jet.

"Jesus! That thing is bigger than your jet Jessica!" Heather exclaimed as Yumi led them towards the dark brown Boeing Business Jet. It bore the cream and and pink logo of Brulée's company and had already begun to spin up its engines as the three women and their trailing luggage approached. Their vinyl-clad flight attendant stopped to the side of the stairway leading to the cabin and taking Jessica's leather topcoat from her arm,. instructed Heather and Jessica to board the jet and make themselves comfortable as she saw to the loading of the luggage.

"One moment Yumi..." Jessica halted. "I need that black leather bag there to ride in the cabin with me." Jessica instructed, pointing to her 'black bag' resting on the top of the luggage cart behind her.

"Of course Miss Jessica! I will have the valet take it up there right now as you like." Yumi immediately, with the motion of a finger on one hand, pointed to the valet and then motioned to the plane's cabin directing him to take the bag Jessica wanted onto the plane.

"Wow!!! This is really..."

"Red?" Jessica finished the statement for Heather. The entire inside of the jet was finished in multiple different shades of red, from the walls to the curtains over the windows, the carpet on the cabin floor, even the large reclining seats which were finished in rich red leather.

"Yes Mistresses, after Madame Brulée's favorite chocolates... Chocolate-covered cherries." Yumi quickly explained, as if she had done it thousands of times before.

"Oh! I get it now!" Heather giggled. "Dark brown on the outside, red on the inside!" That's cool! You should do something like this for your jet Jessica!"

"I'll get right on it Heather." Jessica replied sarcastically as she pointed to the valet where she wanted her valuable black bag placed and then found a seat.

With both guests seated, Yumi saw to the loading of the luggage and then returned, closed the cabin door and told the pilots to depart as soon as they were cleared. As they taxied out of the hanger and out towards the runway, the attendant offered Jessica and Heather a choice of several beverages and foods as soon as the reached the jet's cleared cruising altitude. Hearing the word 'champagne' Heather immediately decided she wanted a glass of bubbly and some chocolate-covered strawberries.

"A healthy breakfast Heather?" Jessica chided...

"Come on Jessica! Split a bottle with me. Its afternoon in Europe!" Heather prodded.

Jessica knew Heather would simply pout if Jessica at least didn't agree to share a bottle with her, and it would keep Heather from polishing off the bottle herself.

True to her word, Yumi had a tray with two chilled classes of champagne and a platter of just dipped chocolate-covered strawberries ready just as the pilot announce that they had reached their assigned cruising altitude.

"Mmm... this is good champagne Jessica" Heather commented after a couple of sips.

"It had better be Heather, seeing as how its from my own winery." Jessica fumed as she stared over the top rim of her glasses at Yumi, fully expecting an explanation.

"Why yes Miss Darling, it is! Madame Brulée thought that it would be a wonderful, limited-edition, contribution to her in-flight refreshments! In your honor of course! I've been told by Madame Brulée herself that it is quite tasty." Yumi explained.

"I bet you have..." Jessica thought as she took another sip, watching the vinyl attendant leave the cabin, still stating at her over the top of her glasses.

The flight went smoothly, taking a little over 12 hours to complete. Jessica had retreated to the jet's executive cabin to get some work done, Heather listened to music from the jet's extensive mp3 collection stored in the on-board network, dancing around the main cabin wearing nothing but her thong having slid out of her turtleneck sweater and PVC pants after she had finished off the better part of a bottle of Jessica's champagne.

Yumi served the two women an excellent sushi lunch in the main cabin, prepared fresh from the jet's fully equipped galley. Jessica returned to the executive cabin after lunch and missed Yumi's offering Heather a choice of DVDs for their in-flight viewing. Heather, not wanting to waste an opportunity to distract Jessica from the work she had brought with her, asked if Yumi had any of Heather's DVDs on-board. "Why yes Miss Jensen, Madame made sure that some of your more 'provocative' efforts would be available if you wished to view them. Instructing Yumi to patch the jet's DVD player into the monitor Jessica was using to keep track of the day's news, Heather moved herself into the executive cabin and plopped her semi-naked self in one of the luxurious seats in front of the cabin's monitor.

Looking over at Jessica and seeing that she was still too lost in her laptop to pay attention to her, Heather waved to Yumi to start the DVD player on the agreed upon track and feed it into the jet's media system.

A sudden loud moaning, accompanied by the requisite cheesy soundtrack, broke Jessica's concentration on the winery financial statements being displayed on her laptop. Jessica looked up to see her friend bound hands behind her back, a large red ball gag embedded between her lips, half her nude body enclosed by a large plywood box. Only Heather's head and legs from the waist down were outside the box. Jessica watched intently as a rather well-endowed nude woman carrying a bucket approached the box and began pouring, what looked to Jessica to be, plaster down the funnel that was sticking out of the top of the plywood box. Jessica looked over at her friend, who in turn was looking at Jessica and giggling uncontrollably.

"I was wondering when 'Ms. Winery-Owner' would finally get back to having fun!!!" Heather finally broke out into laughter.

"Remind me to thank Ms. Brulée for making sure we had a full selection of your movies." Jessica snickered in return before returning to her spreadsheets.

Disappointed that her tactic didn't work, Heather got up and walked over to stand behind Jessica's seat, bending over and resting her arms on the back of the large leather seat to look over Jessica's shoulder. "Come on Jessica, this is supposed to be fun! Do you always have to be so busy?"

Jessica, not looking up from her laptop screen reminded her friend that the winery didn't run itself and she needed to verify the information the winery's accountants had sent over.

"Come on Jessica..." Heather softly whined as she ran her hands down Jessica's shoulders and began to lightly squeeze her breasts "lets have some fun..." Heather leaned over and whispered into Jessica's ear, punctuating her soft plea with a light nip at Jessica's earlobe.

Jessica closed her eyes and shivered slightly as Heather hit one of Jessica's sweet spots, one of the spots that always managed to get Jessica's 'motor' running.

"Come on Jessica..." Heather whispered again "you haven't played in a long time..."

"mmmmm...." Jessica murmured as her friend applied more pressure, squeezing Jessica's breasts harder, lightly running her tongue down the side of Jessica's neck.

Heather, confident her attempt to distract Jessica from her business was working, slipped herself around the side of Jessica's seat, and after pushing the table with Jessica's computer off to the side, straddled Jessica's lap and settled herself down leaning forward to push her own breasts into Jessica's.

"Heather..." Jessica protested.

"Come on Jessica" Heather retored, a soft smile on her lips. "You've not been out to play in soooo loooong..." Heather punctuated her plea with a soft kiss on the side of Jessica's neck.

Jessica took a deep breath as her body tensed at Heather's touch before regaining control over herself; "And that won't change right now Heather. I've got way too much work to get done."

"Jessica..." Heather whined.

"Come on Heather, get up so I can finish this up before we land." Jessica pushed against Heather's thighs with her hands.

"Fine! Go back to your computer. I'll just go over there and have fun by myself." Heather huffed as she scooted off Jessica's lap and and flopped back down in her seat on the other side of the cabin. "What's wrong with you Jessica? All you do anymore is work..." Heather quietly muttered, unheard by Jessica as she pulled her laptop back in front of her and prepared to pick up where she had left off. Before resuming to her winery business reports, Jessica looked back up at the screen to see Heather, now apparently embedded in a dirty white plaster block from the neck to her waist, having a large sex toy thrust repeated into her pussy by the woman who had earlier poured the plaster into the form.

"Ummm... Heather?" Jessica asked as she resumed looking at her computer screen "You're not really encased in a plaster block in that scene are you?"

"Oh, heck no Jessica! The prop guys just cut pieces of wallboard to match the sides of the box and stuck them on before we shot this scene." Heather replied as she got ready to flip the DVD off. "That white stuff that Tabitha poured in the funnel was just oatmeal that had been dyed white."

"Thought so." Jessica added as she began reviewing the past month's inventory receipts. "And you can leave it on if you want. I know how much you like to critique your work."

Heather smiled and turned down the volume slightly before putting the remote on the table next to her seat. Heather did like watching her movies, for various reasons, not the least of which being she liked to review her performances to see what she could do differently "to keep my work fresh" she told people.

Jessica managed to control herself despite Heather's best efforts but she couldn't totally control her private desires as she watched the rest of the scene on the cabin's monitor. By the time the scene ended with Tabitha adding a second plywood form around the rest of Heather's exposed body, save her head, and then filling it with the 'plaster' Jessica knew she would take Heather up on a repeated offer to play if she extended it. Jessica's pussy had begun to respond to the imagery of Heather being encased, the knowledge of it all being nothing more than special effects not making any difference as the fluids began to dibble into the crotch of Jessica's g-string.

But Heather didn't. She had reclined the seat and was fast asleep, leaving Jessica to struggle to get her mind back on winery business. Failing miserably, Jessica finally brought up her case notes and began to review what she needed to know about their mysterious hostess for the coming week.

Yumi came back into the cabin about three hours before they were scheduled to arrive and informed her two guests that if they wished to freshen up before their arrival she had placed a fresh set of towels in the aircraft's full bathroom next to the shower.

Both women took advantage of the opportunity, Heather 'calling' firsts and quickly scurrying into the bathroom. Jessica smiled at the child-like attitude Heather always seemed to display at just the right time and quietly commented to herself that her friend was right: All Jessica did anymore was work.


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