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The Fetish Party

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2013 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; Femdom; leather; collar; padlocks; leash; cuffs; latex; hood; gag; stuck; caught; susp; cons; X

Tonight it was time again. The monthly fetish party. I had just gotten back home from work when the phone rang. It was Shannon, a close friend not only in life but in the fetish scene as well. She just wanted to know when she could come over and get dressed for tonight's venture. The reason for this was that she still lived at home with her parents and that they didn't quite accept her lifestyle when it came to "dressing up like a hooker in public" as they put it. I had always had open minded parents so I had no problem with this and the fact that I had gotten an apartment of my own just amplified the reason for dressing up at my place.

I told her I just got home so she gave me two whole hours to eat, clean up and tidy up the apartment a bit. One hour and 47 minutes later the door rang.

"Please step into my humble dwelling" I said as I opened the door to let her in.

"Thank You darling" she replied.

Our relationship had always been on the "just friends" level though people always told us we were the perfect match, she being dominant and me submissive. But we had been friends since god knows how long, so a relationship at this point could ruin a "feels like forever" long friendship. Sure we have played around a little with some BDSM games but we have always stopped when we got to the "now that you are tied up and I have tormented you for two hours, we are supposed to do what..." part.

We had first met when our mothers got introduced during a family picnic in a local park. Shannon and I were still in our babycarts not able to walk but they say we bonded anyway right there. Since that we have followed each other through life up to our common age of 23. It was one day after school we discovered our common interests in BDSM and Fetish. We were at my place doing our history homework together. After a couple of biscuits and a whole lot of lemonade it was time for me to visit the toilet. When I returned Shannon had a funny expression on her face. She had opened a different page in the book with pictures of roman slaves in a torture chamber.

"I wished we could get to this chapter," she said. "I like this era much more don't you?"

"What do You mean" I answered not knowing exactly what she was getting at. I knew I loved that part because of all the pictures but what was her interest in that particular era.

"I wish I could be one of the guards with a whip" she said. "Only that I was to be a woman of course. I still think it's unfair that only men got to torture the slaves in those days".

She wished what! My heart started racing.

"Who would you like to be?" she asked me.

"Err.. You mean the torturer or the slave" I replied.

"Yes, which one?"

"For real".

"Duh... Yes for real".

"I would guess.... I... would have to be.... the.... slave".

There, said it. Just don't think I'm a freak please, please, please.

"Cool, I thought so!" said Shannon. "I found this bag of yours in the closet while you were in the toilet". She smiled from ear to ear and held up my black leather posture-collar.

"You snooped through my closet," I said a little upset at first then quite relieved that she took it that good.

"Yeah.... so? If I hadn't I would have never have guessed you to be a sub" she answered. "I can't believe that we have know each other for this long and neither of us have said anything about this".

"So you are into this as well... like all the way?" I asked.

"Yeah, only that I like to dominate. Not that I ever have but I sure would like to. It's something I have always wanted I think," she said and tried to put a real evil look on her face. "What other stuff have you got?" she asked.

I got both of my "play" bags from the closet and we sat down on my bed. I opened the bag with leather items, whips, chains, rope and padlocks and emptied it between us. Now I was not more than17 years old but still I had collected a good amount of equipment. We have a local fetish shop in which I spent a considerable amount of both time and money in my youth and still do of course. Now don't think that I'm some wealthy snob kind of dude because I'm not. It's just that my priorities regarding fetish and BDSM are VERY high. Anyway...

She started running through the various leather items when she suddenly froze.

"Hello Shannon, I didn't hear you coming. How is your mother?". It was mom.

"Ahhh.... great thanks. How are You?" Shannon replied. She tried to get my bedcovers over all the "toys" but to her annoyance it was impossible.

"I'm fine thanks, tell your mother I said hi will You Shannon," my mother said. "And don't let him scare you away with all of those horrid things". With this she left and closed my door.

"She knows of this?" Was Shannon's first words. "And she doesn't mind that you do..... this?"

"No, she doesn't mind," I said. "As long as I keep the things away from her and others sight when we have visitors and that I tell her in advance when I use them".

"Why ain' t I your sister. Sure wish my parents could react like that!" she said and looked a bit sad. "When I showed what I wanted for Christmas they got furious and said that I had no business with that kind of things nor with people who was doing them".

"What did you wish for?" I asked.

"A pair of black leather thigh-high boots with lacing in front," was her reply.

"NICE... sure sad that you won't get them."

"Who says that I don't already have them. I ordered them over the net from my own money and I got them last week. Now all that I wish for christmas is money" she laughed.

"I have to see them, please!" I pleaded.

"Your things first then mine, OK" she said.

"OK" I replied.

She started once more to go over the leather equipment asking what everything was called and what it was for. It became clear to me that I was more knowledgeable than her but I liked to answer her questions. When she once more picked up the posture collar she said. "Could you put this on. I would love to see how it looks on you".

I could not believe my ears. This was heaven. "Why don't you put it on me" I replied.

She positioned herself behind me and put the collar around my neck. I could already feel the immobility of my neck. She started fastening the three straps and when she was done she held up a pair of padlocks and looked me questioningly in the eyes. I tried to nod as best as I could due to the collar. She acknowledged my nod and proceeded to fasten the three padlock at the strap points at the collar. She then put the keys in her pocket. She was to decide when the collar came off. This was just to good to be true.

Next she found a pair of leather arm-cuffs and these too were put on. She took yet another padlock and locked my arms behind my back. A metal leash came next and she fastened it to the d-ring in front of the posture collar.

"Guess you are under my control now aren't you slave!" she said.

"I guess I am..." I answered.

"I guess I am what...?" she said sternly pulling the leash closer making me bend forward.

"Oh sorry... I guess I am.... Mistress?" was my reply.

"That's better slave, now lets look what's in the other bag shall we?" she said and let go of the leash so I could sit up straight again.

She opened my other bag and emptied also this one on my bed. Her eyes did almost pop out of their holes when she saw what it was. My entire collection of rubber clothing and accessories She quickly ran through them only to get stuck with one item. A black rubber hood with cutouts for eyes and mouth and with two small holes for the nostrils. It closed with a zipper in the back and then you could lace it tighter using the ten d-rings that also was positioned in the back.

"You just gotta put this on. This looks so erotic" she exclaimed.

"You better do it since my hands are a bit tied up. It looks better if you take the collar off first and put it back after you are done lacing it." I said.

So she did. The collar was off after unlocking the padlocks and then she presented the hood in front of me. She put it around my head and positioned it for a perfect fit. Next she zipped the zipper closed and started the lacing process. As the hood got tighter around my head my already stiff cock got even stiffer.

"So you like this huh... slave!" Shannon said and looked down at my crotch.

I said nothing letting my stiffness speak for itself.

She tied the piece of string after she was done and put the posture collar back in place. But she was not finished. She held up a ballgag harness and I nodded for
her to put it on. The ballgag harness straps went around my head horizontally as well as vertically with an o-ring at the root of the nose. There were also a strap under my chin that prevented me to open my mouth thus not being able to spit the ball out. Not that is was that easy any way because it was so big.

"This is the best time I have ever had," said Shannon. "You look so god damn sexy I could just keep you in my closet forever. I have gotten a lot of pictures of men in bondage and rubber but in real life it's so more sexy."

"Mphh ughh ngh" was my reply.

She played with the leash and a riding crop she found for a while and then we went back to doing the homework. Me still in bondage and rubber of course.

Two hours later she suddenly said that it was time for her to leave so she just stood up and left. She paid no attention to my somewhat muffled protests that I was still not unlocked. She closed the door and I could hear her running down stairs and out the front door. I started to panic. OK, so my parents knew what i liked and got up to in my room but they clearly stated that it was my business and they wanted no part of it.

'Got damn that bitch, was she going to get it or what!' I heard the front door open and someone coming up the stairs. 'Sounds like she has changed her mind', I thought to myself when the door opened.

But there was no Shannon on the other end of the door, it was my mother. I just stood there and could do nothing.

"Shannon gave me a handfull of small keys and said something about that you might need them!" she said. "Can you really breathe enough in that thing, it look kinda tight." She put her hand on my face and took the leash in the other.

"So this is what gets you going." my mother continued. "I have tried to get your father to try this, I mean there is no harm in trying and since we have an expert on the subject for a son, we have all the equipment we need right?"

I could not believe what I was hearing. My mother was thinking of trying this with dad. The pure thought made me feel sick. Then again, why not.

She pulled at the leash and made me follow her downstairs. She stopped in the kitchen and put me up against one of the walls. Above my head was a bar for hanging towels to dry and she fastened my leash to this. She stretched it tighter so I was almost forced to stand on my toes.

She spoke: "Your father is not due for about three hours so I'll just keep you here for inspiration while I prepare dinner OK sweetie. And oh... this will be our little secret won't it. I just wanna feel if this is for me OK. And don't worry, I won't do any kinky things to you though I would like to try some of the things I saw on the
photos I found on your computer. Well I guess that will have to wait for your dad won't it."

I must have been dreaming. Here was my mother in the flesh (not literally) and she was speaking about things I didn't even know she knew about. And she could use a computer... jesus.

The following two hours I stood there fastened with the leash and watched here do her thing in the kitchen. Preparing dinner that is. She didn't pay me much attention except for an occasional kiss on my rubberclad forehead and a "You alright in there sweetie?"

Later at dinner my mother and I just looked at each other silently. Our already close relationship had just gotten closer.


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