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Institutionalised 7: Knowing My Position

by rbbral

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story continued from part six

Part 7: Knowing My Position

They returned a half hour later or maybe less, I had lost track of time, and without preamble they unhurriedly released me. My bum was still quite tender and my nipples and breasts tingled. And my inflamed clit was released and slid back behind its hood.

I was returned to my room by Tyra, holding onto my elbow as I was still a bit wobbly in my hoof boots. She stayed and tenderly rubbed some cooling salve into my tender sphincter. It was a great comfort having her there. She said nothing during this, but I could tell that I had passed another “test” and she was pleased with my performance. That first time was a bit of a shock obviously, however after that the general discomfort lessened to the point that I hardly noticed it, as my anal muscle, and I, simply got used to it. It sounds like an odd thing to say, but there it is.

All scenarios are variations on a theme, and a variation on the above scenario occurred a couple of weeks later, and we were all dressed identically to the first scenario. I was again hooked up to all the suction tubes and strapped to the milking frame in my cow suit and oppressive mask. After Mann had fucked me in my rear - and this time it was less uncomfortable than before, as you would expect, as my tight ring had appeared to loosen somewhat - they left me again after the buggering, but this time they shortly returned, with Jessica pulling behind her a drip stand, the sort of thing you see beside beds in hospitals, holding up saline drips and the like. But suspended on this stand was an upturned bag of some unidentifiable semi-liquid, attached to a half inch wide rubber tube.

What flashed through my mind was why the enema if I had just been bum fucked? And then I realised that this tube was not going in my rear, but down my oesophagus! With the tube extending from the snout of the cow head to the middle of my tongue this would be an easy task for them. Despite my wailing through the tube I could do nothing to stop them, they didn’t even have to hold my head, or open my mouth, I was ready and prepped for them. Jessica did the duties and introduced the tube through my mouth tube, an easy fit, and it slowly progressed to the back of my mouth and after a small amount of gagging (I think I am pretty good at deep throat now) it was on its way to my stomach. Once there, Jessica released the valve and I was force fed this goop, which thank goodness I didn’t have to taste.

What is more humiliating? Being force fed dressed as a (rubber) cow, or being bum fucked as a (rubber) cow? Well, take your pick. And at the same time, having your nipples sucked by a mechanical milker and your breasts and clit pulled out of their natural shape and squeezed into clear plastic tubes. Did it really matter? No, for I had no choice in it at all.

They kept me in the milking stall for 24 hours that time, and fed me twice. It was humiliating and degrading, exactly what Mann wanted me to experience. Before leaving me for their beds, they inserted a catheter tube in me, which was painful at first, and strapped the collector bag to my leg. And if that wasn’t enough, they finished me off with a butt plug (compared to Mann’s cock, not a particularly large one, thank goodness) in my tender and recently abused anal passage. After the buggering I had received from Mann, I noted that this slid in quite easily this time.

After my anal virginity was breached during my first milking, they very progressively introduced me to the “joys” of anal sex, and Mann part took great pleasure in this. I say that with a certain element of irony, for the first time was not joyful for me. But on the other hand, it shocked me that I didn’t actually find it that distasteful. I had had the butt plugs on many occasions, and a thick, long muscular cock is entirely different, being for the most part the same diameter from helmet to root, while the butt plug can be at least accommodated due to the narrow base. But as I say, while Mann might have thought, hoped, that he was really punishing, humiliating me, in fact that was not the case. Was I actually getting to like it? Well maybe not, but the sensations that the rubbing of his cock inside my rear were different (obviously) to anything else I had experienced. I wasn’t going to let Mann know this, I would pretend to hate it, and allow him that small victory, otherwise he might come up with something really unpleasant.

Their anal training intensified over time, by way of different scenarios, and gradually my tight sphincter slowly accommodated it all without any great discomfort, strange though that may sound. Mann obviously liked taking on this education and after a while I got the impression that he much preferred to fuck my bum than my pussy. He must have felt that this was more degrading for me I suppose, and therefore more enjoyable for him, and after the second or third time, he could ease his cock into me without too much effort.

In any scenario, anal or otherwise, Mann seemed to like humiliating and degrading me as much as he could, either when I sucked his cock or he fucked me in my pussy or arse. But every time the women were there, which I suppose was some sort of consolation. I felt that if they left Mann on his own with me things might have got tougher for me. They were certainly getting me accustomed to my anal passage being assaulted.

Tyra Takes Over

There was another reason that I got more accustomed to the anal training, and here is how that began.

Tyra and I continued to exercise together even after my escape bid. They had bought some new exercise equipment and moved it into one of the rooms in the security area, very considerate of them, just for me! No one else used it, for I was the only one under secure lock and key, and Jessica or Dawn didn’t use it, so we had it to ourselves. Once Tyra was over her bad mood concerning my escape, we renewed our time in this new, private gym area, and this nearly always involved the running machines. We would dress in our rubber running gear - I was in the standard institute attire - bra, ventilation gridle panties, loose top and long loose pants. Tyra would join me, and change from her power suit into the same gear, taking plenty of time and knowing I was watching her. I don’t deny it, watching her just putting on bra and panties made me moist. And then we would run and run till we were exhausted. It didn’t take long before Tyra challenged me again, as we were similar in our competitiveness. We were close in terms of speed and endurance and, as has been seen already, I like a challenge.

Again, the rules were simple, over a given time we would see who could run the farthest. But there was a catch this time, Tyra explained that to the winner would go the spoils. The winner would choose a “punishment” or “pleasure” over the vanquished. She made it clear that the punishment should not be severe, this was meant to be fun, after all, but also an incentive. I fancied that this time I could maybe take her, and anyway, what had I to lose? We were in the security area, and I couldn’t escape through the locked doors, should I win and put Tyra in severe bondage - which rather appealed to me, but it might be fun anyway. Neither of us said what we had planned for the other if we won - I hadn’t thought about it yet, and well, that made it more interesting, certainly, and also gave both of us a real incentive. So our punishments had to be reasonable and within the boundaries of being a good “sport”. Anyway, she was so confident she would win, I don’t think it ever crossed her mind that I might be the victor.

So we agreed the time and set off. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say she was the victor again. Not by much, in fact very little. God knows I tried. Yes, she was older than me, taller, heavier - well, more voluptuous - but to tell the truth, she was in great shape and ran like a (very sexy) gazelle. And so it appeared I had to take my poison. We dismounted the machines and Tyra hugged me, pulling me into her, a big grin on her face, and I think just a little relief as well.

“Don’t look so glum, Connie. You did very well, I thought you might have me for a minute, and was quite worried what you would have in for me, after the way I have treated you over the months.” I thought on this for a second.

“Well, there’s been some good with the bad, for sure.” She nodded in reminiscence. “I hadn’t actually thought what I might do with you if I had won. And now it doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t get mopey Connie we’ll see how this goes, it will be fun, and who knows, perhaps you’ll get another chance soon. Adding a bit of incentive to our running will keep us in good shape, won’t it?”

“I’d prefer it to be outside, running with you next to me in the sun, the wind in my hair, but that’s not going to happen, is it?”

“Erm, no Connie, you should get that out of your mind, for now anyway. But it would be fun, yes. Although we have plans to get you in your pony gear some time soon, the beautiful rubber suit, the bit, bridle and harness, and of course the butt plug tail. But that will be in the private garden at the rear here, not much area to stretch out in, but you’ll look wonderful in your rubber and full tack.”

“I’m not so sure, but I suppose I don’t have much of an option, do I?” We were jousting, fairly playfully, I wasn’t mad at her. I knew they had pony girl plans for me, and that’s all there was to it, I was actually rather intrigued as to how I would react to all the pony gear, the hoofs and the suit. There really wasn’t much there that I already hadn’t experienced. But right now, I wanted to find out what she had planned for me.

“Come on, let’s shower. Although I have a feeling we’ll both be sweating again pretty soon.” We stripped and showered and then Tyra threw me a very thin rubber dressing gown.

“It won’t exactly cover your modesty, whatever you have left of that,” she laughed, “but it’ll cover you as we go to the playroom.” She donned an identical one, pulling the belt in tightly over her shapely waist, and I could see her every outline through the gossamer rubber. I felt my heart race a little as she approached me and caressed me through the wafer-thin rubber. Seeing me take a breath, she cocked her head.

“Ready for some fun?” Of course I was, but her idea of fun sometimes didn’t turn out quite the same for me, but I nodded, feeling myself moisten in anticipation. She took my hand and we entered the playroom. She led me to the hospital gurney and I saw laid out on it identical clothes in shimmering white rubber. Her set was larger, but otherwise we would be identical rubber twins. She saw me lick my lips and take a swallow.

“As you can see I prepared for this evening. Perhaps a little over confident that I would win the race, but it turned out fine, for me anyway, and Connie, the remainder of the evening will too, I know it. No bondage this evening, Connie, no butt plugs, no cuffs and chains, no gag, no paddle. Just you and I. Now I’m not sure I love dressing in rubber more than undressing, I think the former, because it leads to so much pleasure, and the anticipation almost makes me shake. Come on, we can dress each other.”

Why would I have been excited over this? This woman after all was my jailer, I was here because she and her colleagues had made that decision, albeit I had to a degree forced it on them. But the fact was I was a prisoner, and like all prisoners you make the best of what you have been dealt. But, if I was more honest with myself, I am immediately and deeply aroused when in the company of this woman. She is a beautiful and extremely talented lover, and that alone significantly lessens my distress a being held against my will. The clothes were powdered inside and with us helping each other slipped on easily. But there wasn’t a lot to put on, shoulder length gloves came first, then stockings (I don’t believe I had ever seen Tyra in tights, she was a girl with 50’s tastes) where we helped each other draw them up our thighs. When she pulled them to the top, I shivered as her hand brushed my naked pussy. Then halter top bras, with the inevitable openings for the nipples (mine were already hardening) to peep through. I took a breath as she spread out the panties. These were high waisted and incorporated six suspenders, and I wasn’t surprised (well actually pleased) to see that the panties had large round openings at front and rear. I pulled them up with another shiver, then, rather embarrassingly, I don’t know why, adjusted the openings to line up with my pussy and bum. She chuckled and helped me attach them to the stockings assiduously smoothing out the wrinkles, and we were almost done. I could feel myself getting just a little moist already. Now she raised two masks for me to see.

“Identical masks, Connie, except mine has a reinforced hole in the crown here for my hair to sprout out in a ponytail. So, your decision. We can wear the masks and have that element of anonymity, maybe hide our shyness, ha ha, er no, or more likely allow us to be a bit more adventurous. Or we can stay as we are, and I have to say I love watching your face as we make love, but then I love the masks too, up to you, Connie.”

I had to take a moment to think on this, her face was classically beautiful, and like her, I enjoyed watching her facial expressions as we played together. But I knew that I was much more focussed, less inhibited when I wore masks, I felt I could do anything, and with my short hair I was very comfortable wearing them now. So, rather surprisingly perhaps I went for the masks.

“Hhmm, interesting. Okay you first, you’ll see they’re just brilliant white rubber, no edging around the openings, and no zip, so we’ll help each other.” I dipped my head as she stretched the rubber over my dome and with a practised pull, down over my face. With a bit of difficulty we got it over my ears, and she adjusted the openings at eyes, nose and mouth. Immediately I felt a calmness sweep over me, the cool silky rubber caressing every pore. I was going into another zone, one which I was getting more comfortable and familiar with, and I was immediately at ease, and suddenly, no real surprise, very horny too. Tyra stroked my face, my head for a few seconds, watching my reaction and intuitively knowing that I was already yearning for her. She drew her flowing locks back and pulled them into a tight pony tail.

“Okay, this will be a little harder.” And I assisted in pulling it down, and after a couple of hitches pulled her hair through the crown, then adjusted the openings. I took a breath, taking in her beauty. We were ready, rubber twins, she the more voluptuous certainly.

“Oh Connie, you look good enough to eat.” And we fell into each other’s arms, our lips at first just brushing, and then locking. Our breasts crushing each other. When we separated, without any hesitation or plan, I dropped to my knees, placed my hands on her buttocks and pulled her to me, and burrowed my nose, my face into her familiar pussy.

“Oh god, that was fast, oh oh.” And she cuddled my rubber head as I sought out her clit. What had made me do this I had no idea, but it was exactly where I wanted to be.

“Slow down there, girl, we have all the time in the world, oh oh, wait a second now. Let’s get on the gurney here.” We scrambled over to it and she lay back, legs parted and I straddled the bed sideways – not very comfortably and dipped my head into her love channel again, seeking out it’s familiar taste and texture. After a minute she was breathing hard and chuckled.

“All right, this is all one-way traffic here, time for me to even the score a bit, look, roll over here, get your feet up and roll on your side, good, now bend your upper leg, good.” And within a few seconds we were on our sides, in a quite perfect 69, and her wonderful tongue had found its target. The next twenty minutes, or half an hour, I don’t know how long, I was transported to another world. Now I had much more confidence with Tyra, I knew exactly what I liked and she liked and knew how to provide it, and she, of course, reciprocated. Within minutes we were both wet, very wet, and I was now very acquainted with her aroma, taste and the succulent texture of her flesh.

It occurred to me that this was a strange punishment for me, as I was the one who had lost the race, however I was certainly not complaining. But as I flicked, stabbed her clit with the pointed end of my tongue, I felt that perhaps later on she might have other plans for me. After a couple of shuddering orgasms, we broke for a few minutes, and I turned around, and lay by her side and she kneaded my breasts and squeezed my hard, sensitive nipples. I kissed her again and tasted myself on her, and we worked our way back to some energetic foreplay as I sucked her nipple into my mouth, gripping it gently between my teeth while her gloved fingers stroked my head. After we had tried a few more variations she whispered.

“Beside you, in the top drawer by the bed here there is something I want you to get for me, for us.” I leant back, opened and rummaged in the drawer and pulled out a good-sized rubber cock attached to a v shaped pubis pad and strap-on harness, which she took from me, laying it by her side. Before I could say anything, she placed her scented finger on my lips to silence me, then caressed my cheek.

“Now I’m aware you don’t think much of Mann’s cock and considering the circumstances, I understand that. But, what if the cock was mine, attached to me? I’m sure you haven’t gone off it in such a short time. It’s pretty clear you love being with a woman now, and me I hope the most.” I nodded silently, I knew she was right, although I loved being with her didn’t mean that I didn’t like having a cock inside me. After all the two were not mutually exclusive. “So, what say you try the best of both worlds? No, maybe not the correct description, but if I strap this on, well, we could try another variation on our lust-making.” She laughed and I licked my lips, still tasting her juices, why not, I thought? And nodded.

She stood up by the bed and handed me the harness and I had a few seconds to inspect it. It was a fine piece of design. Attached to the contoured pubis plate was a good-sized rubber cock. It was connected to a bayonet attachment at the base, so it was apparent that the plate could accommodate any size of cock with the right attachment. The harness straps were of pliable rubber and curved from the upper corners of the plate, over the hips to attach at the back, together with the strap between the legs which separated into two just below her anal cavity. They were no buckles but adjustable plastic sliders. And on the inside I was able to see a two by one inch area of hard rubber bristles, below a single one inch clit stimulator. Tyra smiled when she saw me inspecting the inside.

“Can’t have you having all the fun, I’ve had this on a few times and this section here gives me a wonderful rubbing on my clit, not as good as you Connie, and you get to experience the big boy here.” Actually it wasn’t that big, certainly not like Mann, but big enough to satisfy me, I hoped, and I was sure Tyra knew exactly how to use it. She stepped through the harness straps and I drew it over her glistening pussy, pulling on the sliders until it was a snug fit over her rubber panties.

“Hmm, that’s nice and comfy, okay I’ll lie back on the bed here and you can sit on my lap.” She laughed and lay back, adjusting the hospital bed motor until the upper portion was slightly raised, to about 20 or 30 degrees. The cock now pointed to the ceiling as if challenging me.

“I don’t think we need any lube, do we? You’re about as wet as you could be, come on Connie, jump on for the ride.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement and straddled her on my knees. I am fortunate in that I have always been very flexible, so I easily stretched my folded thighs wider and wider as I felt for the head of the cock. Ooooh. Then I lowered myself onto it, inch by inch. For deeper penetration I was able to stretch my legs even wider to almost 180 degrees. I closed my eyes adjusting to its girth, as I felt two hands cup and then encircle my breasts. I did likewise, rubbing her nipples, and then using these for balance raised myself a few inches and began to unhurriedly ride the cock. Our eyes now locked and although we were identically masked I was able to detect the slightest change in expression in her mouth and eyes. One of her hands moved to my pussy, edging its way under my clit hood, and ooooh, finding it. We said nothing for five or ten minutes, I don’t know, but one mini-orgasm after another came over me. She kept me on the edge, backing off allowing me a breather and then led me there again. The way she could manipulate me was almost cruel, but then of course, it wasn’t.

I was now dripping wet, the smell of our sex and the rubber was assaulting my senses, as Tyra said, almost whispered.

“I know this is redundant but you really are a natural, Connie, but then, just to finish I think we should try one last trick.” I was almost too far gone to reply and anyway what could be left? She gripped my hips and raised me a few inches and I supported myself by placing my hands on her superb rubber-enhanced breasts. One hand went to my pussy and she gently eased the cock out of me. But then she redirected it backwards and before I could… it was at my rear passage and with a grip of my hips again within an astonishing second, I was fully impaled down to the root,

“Nonono, aaaahhhhh.” Was all I could utter in shock. I had been in a bit of a daze, I was exhausted after all our wonderful lovemaking and was impaled before I knew it.

But what struck me were two things, one how easy the well lubricated (by me) cock had entered me, and after a few seconds, how easily I adjusted to its presence. It wasn’t painful, it wasn’t even uncomfortable. I looked down and saw Tyra return a knowing smile.

“See Connie, we can all adjust to pretty well anything. Your previous training has loosened your muscle perfectly and now look, you can take this with ease. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. Just appreciate it.” She still gripped my hips, locking me firmly on the rubber cock, and although if I really tried I could probably have raised myself using my thighs, well exercised over the last weeks, I didn’t. I didn’t. For the sensations of the cock on my nerve endings were not at all unpleasant. Again, for the hundredth time, I was finding out things about myself that I had never known were buried within me.

I found this significantly more palatable, my lover doing it, rather than Mann, Tyra was more caring, stroking my sides, my thighs, my buttocks, getting me to relax, and it didn’t take long. And so with Tyra’s guidance, I rode the cock, taking its full length - my sphincter relaxed and accommodating. It greatly helped that Tyra fingers were in my pussy and thumb teasing my clit.

But I didn’t care, by now she had tenderly attended to every erogenous zone I had, and some I didn’t even know existed. If I was disorientated before I had now moved to another zone, barely aware of time and surroundings.

And I came one last time. How can that happen while I was being thoroughly fucked by a hard rubber cock in my anal passage? I wasn’t in much of a position to logically consider that. I was barely aware of her raising me off the cock, my arse strangely seeming even reluctant to release it, and lay me on my side. Then she unharnessed herself and lay next to me on the narrow gurney, and her gloved hands stroked, caressed and fondled me to sleep.

 Some time during the late evening, she led me back to my room.

“That was quite a session, Connie, let’s hope we have more of those.” She whispered, pecked my cheek and left.     

And Finally I’m In Charge

I suppose it took me two or three days to recover from that session. Not necessarily physically, although my bum was a little bit sore, but just the psychological realisation of who I was, who I was becoming, what I liked doing, and what I liked having done to me. This was, like so many things I confronted at the institute, quite a shock to say the least.

Tyra of course took it all as if nothing had happened. Well not nothing, as when we passed in the corridor or patient’s lounge, for I was back in the less secure area, our eyes would lock and she’d smile, a very knowing smile, sharing the secret that we had.

A week later I had a session in the playroom with the other three women, and without Mann, so it went all right. Tyra fell back into the role of just one of three, and I was aware that she saved up her more elaborate ideas for when we were alone together. Should I have been flattered at this, I don’t know, but strangely I suppose I was, and also getting to the point of looking forward to them. After all, as I have said, you get your pleasures when they are offered. Two weeks after our last evening together she challenged me to another race on the running machines. I had been running most days and I knew I was getting fitter. Tyra had her legitimate duties as the administrator, and I didn’t see her in the gym quite so often, maybe she ran in her own time. In any event she challenged me one evening to another race, to the winner the choice of punishment. In light of our first race this didn’t worry me too much, for her “punishment” had been one of the most intense experiences of my life.

But I wanted to win. Call me competitive if you wish, for I was. But what else? Revenge? Well how can you get revenge against someone who had exposed me to so much body-shaking pleasure? If it was revenge it was against being held captive over the last many weeks, now into months. And I should have been seeking it against Mann, not Tyra. But he was not around much and how could I get revenge against him, other than escape? But Tyra was “available” and she had set the challenge anyway, so it would be her that I would “punish”. And how could I punish her when she held all the cards anyway? If I went over the top, she and her two associates could at any time they wished do anything they wished, within reason I hoped, in gaining payback on me. No, the game wasn’t exactly fair, but then what had I to lose? They were going to keep me here anyway, and do what they wished, so if I got the opportunity to play the boss or be the one handing it out instead of receiving it, why not? Tyra was a pro, and I wondered what she expected of me should I win, or perhaps it never crossed her mind. It didn’t matter to me now for I had, for good or bad, decided I would win, and seek some form of payback, and damn the consequences. And so over a few nights, lying alone in bed - and missing her - I planned what I would do should I win.

And I won.

The look on Tyra’s face gave me a small sense of satisfaction, I think she really believed that she had my number. We were panting, sweating as we stood by the machines. She finally got her breath back.

“I have to say, I’m surprised, and impressed Connie, you have come a long way. So you’re the boss for the remainder of the evening. I’m true to my word, Connie,” she was still panting, “you choose the punishment, I think I used that word. Should I be nervous?” She had a slight smile, but I realised she actually was, a little, nervous.

“Come on, Tyra, who are you kidding? You have all the cards, whatever I do with you, you can get your revenge in any way, for as long as you want. I enjoyed my victory, but it’s a pyrrhic one, nothing more. I liked beating you, just because I beat you, but let’s not fool ourselves that there is any point in me punishing you. I will, according to our wager, but I’m not stupid to think that there will be some payback down the road. But, you know, it’s going to be worth it.” I have to admit that my sarcasm even surprised me, and it certainly did Tyra. She seemed genuinely put out by my attitude, and now faced me, our faces barely 12 inches apart.

“Well I’m sorry you take that attitude Connie. Yes, business is business when we’re with the other girls, and we have to get a video on the site, but this, if you haven’t got the message yet, is personal, between us, lovers as we are, well aren’t we?” She appeared actually offended that I would think this a bit of a sham. “I will repeat,” she continued to glare at me coolly, clearly affronted, “I’m as good as my word, to the winner the spoils, you’re the winner, and I am, the spoils. And the boundaries? Why do I have to even explain them, common sense, decency, consideration – and oh yes, whether you believe it or not, no payback, I can’t say any more. Now, Connie,” she was now even closer to me, I could smell her sweet breath, I wanted to grab her, embrace her right there, “I’m holding my end of the wager, so are you?”

And I think I believed her, why not? I had decided I was going ahead with my plans anyway, and so I nodded.

“All right, let’s go to your playroom, you can shower while I get your clothes and then I’ll shower and get dressed and we can get started.” She returned a rather grim smile as if to say “game on” and we went to the playroom. As she began to pull her rubber running gear off, my heart sipped a beat at her glistening flesh, and I just wanted to lick every inch of it. But I had work to do. She went to the shower, neither of us saying anything and I began to rummage through the endless closets and shelves for what I had decided she would wear. On close inspection, I couldn’t believe the amount of clothing and not just the clothes but gags, masks, helmets, inflatables, and needless to say tubing, dildos, strap-ons. I made my selection of both my and her clothes, laying mine on the bed in the adjacent dressing room, and hers I laid it on the gurney as she returned, looking so edible in her diaphanous rubber dressing gown. She came to the gurney and raised an eyebrow, a faint smile on her face.

“How can I ever forget when I last wore the schoolgirl uniform and you gave me that beating. So I thought you might like to try it on, hhmm? And you’ll look so yummy in it. Okay, so get into it, and fast, and I’ll go shower and change, and we can begin our session.” I left her to dwell on this, stripped and showered. I wasn’t in any particular hurry, I wanted her to have plenty of time to think about what I might have planned for her. Then I began to dress. By now, and even before, I was getting to relish the initial cool grip of the rubber as I slid it over my shivering flesh, and then feel it warm to my body heat. As Tyra was going to be my pupil, well I had to be her schoolmarm, with a bit of dominatrix thrown in.

Meticulously I powdered and dressed myself calmly, although I could feel my heart beating in anticipation. Black stockings came first, under Tyra’s tutelage I had become a huge fan of these sexy garments, all the more so if they were rubber. I had never worn them before being incarcerated, thinking them either old-fashioned or just for so-called sexy evenings, but I loved the way they shaped my legs, leaving that couple of inches of exposed flesh above. I smoothed out the creases and attached them to the six suspender of a small garter belt. Panties were next, again black and with the ubiquitous openings at pussy and bum. Now the opera gloves and I took my time stretching it over my fingers. I took a breath and pulled on the halter bra, placing my breasts in the support cups, with openings for my nipples, already hardening, to peep through. I massaged my breasts for a few seconds, getting hotter and hotter. I should be focussing on what was to come, but dressed like this, I felt so horny.

The dress was a thing of beauty, again all in black. I stepped into the skirt, which was flared to just above my knees, pulled it up, slightly snagging on my hips and slid my hands through the long loose sleeves and then narrow cuffs. The rear zip I drew up to a high, almost but not quite posture, collar. But then I had to go to work, for the dress incorporated a built-in corset, extending from under my breasts - nicely cupping them and pushing them out – and down to sit above my hips. It was front-lacing, but either side of the lacing were a set of five buckles for “extra support”. Taking all the time I needed, I pulled in the laces, took a breather, and then pulled them in again. Satisfied, I tied them off, then my attention moved to the buckles. I didn’t want it so tight it would be a punishment corset, but I wanted to look daunting, hourglass imposing. So I buckled staring from the middle, then down and up, and then repeated it. There was no point in being short of air or dizzy, I had a full evening planned so I stopped after I was satisfied that I look the proper dominatrix, without cutting myself in two!

I took a jar of silicone spray and buffed myself to a smooth, shimmering black beauty. Sliding my stockinged feet into 4-inch heels I surveyed myself in the mirror. Yes, yes, I was impressed, and hoped Tyra would be too. I took 20 seconds to compose myself, feeling my pussy moisten already. I was excited and for some reason a little anxious, as I returned to the playroom. I was delighted to see that Tyra seemed to have entered into the spirit of things, and had dressed exactly as I had wished, and she never disappointed. She even stood at attention, her hands clasped behind her, and now it was my turn to play the role of strict schoolmistress. So I slowly encircled her, placing a hand here and there, on a thigh on a firm breast.

I said nothing believing at the moment, less is more, and she said nothing too, perhaps waiting for permission, I liked that. She was dressed as I had been the night of my severe paddling – a very short flared skirt of dark crimson, with matching gloves, a brilliant white shirt where her breasts were almost bursting the buttons, which extended to the stiffer collar, with long sleeves covering the gloves. The stockings were white, tucked into crimson granny ankle boots. A crimson and white striped tie encircled her neck.

Love Hurts

I wondered if Tyra thought that I would go so far as to reciprocate her treatment of me. I came in front of her and our eyes met, I straightened her tie, then ran my hand through her hair which was still damp from her shower, and made her look even sexier. I had laid out her bra and panties and checked that she had put them on. I released a couple of buttons and pulled her shirt open, revealing the heavy white rubber bra and her exposed nipples, which I was pleased to see were hardening. I buttoned her again and then with an extended finger raised her short skirt and inspected her white panties, with openings back and front, her pussy glistening.

“How does it feel having the tables turned, the teacher now the pupil, and the pupil now the tutor.” She didn’t rise to the bait, if there was one, just kept an impassive expression.

“As I said, I keep a promise, but I rather like this outfit, and if I may say so, you look very impressive as a dom.”

“Well, it’s supposed to be a schoolmistress, but I see your point, and I rather like this too, the black, the corset, the heels, makes me feel in charge, all powerful.”

“You are in charge, for this evening anyway, as we agreed, and I’m sure you won’t disappoint.”

“That would depend on what you are expecting. And from now on, no talking unless instructed, all right?” She smiled and nodded.

This sparring wasn’t really going anywhere, so to get started I got from one of the cupboards a pair of cuffs and quickly cuffed her wrists behind her back, then manoeuvred her under a single chain from the ceiling grid, attached it to the cuffs and without ceremony drew it up until she was leaning over at about a 75 degree angle, still able to look ahead but now at eye level with me. Not able to resist her helplessness, I took her face in my hands and kissed her hungrily. Then from the same cupboard I took out an adjustable steel spreader-bar, attached the cuff to one ankle, slapped the inside of her calf and attached the other to the other ankle. I stretched the slider of the rod until her ankles were about three feet apart, not too much and locked it. Standing up, I ran my hand under her skirt, easing a finger between her cheeks and feeling her quiver. Now to get it going. I stood again, my face inches from hers.

“Regrets?” She shook her head. “You are very vulnerable now. But then as I have said, you hold all the cards really. But I’ll take my chances.”

I unbuttoned her shirt, flipping her tie over her shoulder. Then gripped her exposed nipples and rolled them between fingers and thumbs and she gasped. Now I licked them, pinched them, and softly bit them, and she began to shiver. With one hand I raised her skirt, and my finger slipped through the opening at the front of her panties and into her warm wet love channel. With her arms pulled behind her and in the air, and her ankles spread she could hardly move at all. I sat down on my backside, and slid forward to between her legs, the spreader bar now against my buttocks. I raised my head and looked up, settling my lips on her pussy, and went to work with my lips and tongue, at the same time stroking her buttocks and thighs. For a good half hour I played with her like this, and whenever I could feel her come, would stop, and she would groan in frustration, but I was impressed that she said nothing. I savoured her juices as I stood now, playfully slapped her buttocks and went to the stack of drawers where I knew lots of fun equipment was kept. I returned with two nipple clamps, with attached bells, and saw a worrying look on her face, and the faintest of a head shake. Her nipples were rock hard and within five seconds the clamps bit into them, accompanied by an inhale of air from her. I stroked her hair.

“Pleasure and pain, you were the one that taught me all about that, but then it’s different if you’re on the receiving end, eh?” She glared at me as I flicked her nipple and the bell tinkled. That was the pain, the pleasure came when I kissed her again, and she responded. I whispered in her ear, smelling her heat.

“I have been thinking quite a bit over the time I’ve been here. You are definitely a dom, aren’t you Tyra? Even when the other girls and Mann are in all the scenarios I don’t ever recall you taking anything like a sub role. Is that agreed with you all? You can nod.” She looked at me for some reason as if she had been caught out. Then she slowly nodded.

“So then all your talk about pain and pleasure, and getting used to having your sphincter stretched by butt plugs and cocks, and your arse paddled to a lobster-red - that’s not from personal experience, no?” She could see where this was going, and I don’t think expected anything like this.

“Well?” I flicked both bells and she winced, then after a second, shook her head.

“I thought not. I have nothing to lose here, Tyra, I’m here for as long as you lot want, unless I escape and that’s getting more unlikely, and I’m valuable goods for your internet business, so you won’t damage me, too badly anyway. So, the words shoe and other foot immediately come to mind.” I went to the drawers again and took a few second to make my selection, then returned, holding in front of her a moderately sized butt plug.

“You’re the great one with the anal training speech, such an expert but let’s see how you do, on the other end, so to speak.” She shook her head violently but said nothing, staring daggers at me.

“Now I know from personal experience the first time won’t be all laughs, and I don’t want a commentary from you about what will happen to me afterwards, I’m way beyond that now, so would you like to be gagged perhaps? Allow you to have a good scream?” I was hoping she would nod, the idea of me stuffing that gorgeous mouth into silence, well maybe a hhhmmm, with a big gag really appealed to me - in the mood I was. And she went for it, she nodded, perhaps she did want to have a good shriek. I nodded with a cool smile and returned a minute later with a good-looking inflatable butterfly gag.

“I remember this one, a beauty. Okay, open wide now.” Without resistance - just a dirty look - she did and I slid the two bladders into one cheek and then the other.

“Aaaargh, aaahh.”

“Oh come on, stop being a big baby.” Once embedded I screwed the tube of the inflator on and with a smile, me face inches from her face the first, and then the second squeeze. I could get to like this, I thought as she jerked her head back. I gave her four or five more until her cheeks were puffed out nicely and her eyes were pleading with me to stop. It was then I realised that I had very suddenly become wet, seeing her like this, helpless, within my power. I shook myself out of it as best I could but I really wanted her now.

The double-sided gag pushing out her cheeks was clearly impossible to be expelled now and I unscrewed the tube. She did look a sight, her cheeks stretched to the limit, and I thought that this was perhaps the first time she’d experienced something like this, her reaction certainly gave that impression.

“Calm now, calm, you’re doing well.” I stroked her rigid cheek as she started to breathe more evenly. I was in no rush so decided to taste her one more time, and dropped on my backside again, inched forward and laid my lips on her, drinking in her aroma - after all, she did deserve a little comfort with her discomfort! As I licked and sucked and nibbled I heard her hhhmm, and that gave me great satisfaction. But I had work to do.

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