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Hope in the Forest

by Kromus

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; kidnap; enslave; permanent; catsuit; plug; toys; anal; inflatable; force-feed; catheter; torment; nc; XX

Olya loved nature and walks. And on that warm summer day, she wanted to take a walk through the forest, away from the city. So she got into her car and drove. She wanted something new and she decided to go into the forest, where she had not yet been. Having driven enough distance from the city, she turned into the forest along the road and parked the car in a clearing.

Olya wandered through the forest for at least an hour and, tired, decided to return. She went in the opposite direction as she thought. But for a long time she could not return to her car. The girl realized that she was lost. She simply wandered aimlessly between the trees, hoping to come at least somewhere.

Olya lost track of time and was very tired. And at some point she saw a house among the trees. Nice, two-story house with a garage. It was noticeable that someone was living there. Hope appeared in the girl’s heart and she hurried to this house. Going to the door, she knocked. A girl named Katya lived in the house. She was 27 years old. She worked as a freelancer and she had enough money to build and maintain this house. She was sitting at a computer when she heard a knock on the door and was very surprised. After all, her house was deep in the forest, about 100 km from the nearest city. And for all the time she lived here, no one came to her. Katya saw that a young girl, about 25 years old, was standing on the porch. Short height, about 160 cm, with dark hair to the middle of the back. She opened the door for her.

“Hi. Who are you? How did you get here?”

Olya saw a girl who had opened her door. The owner of the house was taller than Olya. Approximately 180 cm, with black hair and nice features. She calmed down slightly that there was a girl in the house. So she felt safer.

“Hello. My name is Olya, I walked in the forest and got lost. Do you have a phone so I can call the city? My mobile phone was left in the car.”

“I am Katya. Come into the house. Let's see what can be done.” Katya stepped aside, inviting Olya to go inside. And closing the door behind her, she examined her from the back. Olya was a miniature, but at the same time athletic girl. She had a wonderful ass and Katya appreciated it. Katya has a plan. It was a chance in a million and fate coincided too well.

“Go into the room, rest, while I make tea. Then we will solve your problem,” Katya said and went into the kitchen.

Olya went into the room, sat on the sofa and looked around. There was a computer table in the room, on which stood a computer, TV, wardrobe, a pair of night tables, a coffee table and a sofa. There was a good carpet on the floor.

Katya returned with two cups of tea and set them on the table. A strong paralytic was mixed in the cup for Olya.

“Here, have some tea, calm down. You're lucky to find my home. It is located deep in the forest, I do not like people, so I built this house here. I travel to the city about once a week, for groceries and more.”

“Thanks for the tea. Yes, it is a great luck that I came to this house. I already despaired and thought that I would not leave the forest.”

Olya drank tea. For some time, the girls talked peacefully, until Olya felt that her body was starting to weaken and gradually she simply went limp on the couch. She could only breathe and blink her eyes. Katya noticed that her victim had become helpless and smiled.

“It seems the substance worked. Now you are not able to move until tomorrow. It’s time to prepare you.”

Katya got up and pushed the table from the sofa, making room. Olya could only follow her with her eyes. She was completely scared, but could not do anything. Her body did not move. Katya at that time brought a lot of things from the closet. And she went to Olya with scissors.

“It's time to undress you, honey.”

She began to cut clothes from the poor girl, and after five minutes Olya was left lying on the sofa completely naked. Katya examined her body. It was beautiful. Small neat chest, narrow waist.

“Ohh... I see you are tending to your pussy, perfectly smooth.”

Olya looked down helplessly and blushed. She could not cover her body. Katya began the next action. She began to lubricate the body of her victim with some kind of gel.

“This is a special gel that will not allow your hair to grow anymore, and will also remove your fingernails and toenails over time.”

The gel was applied completely to the entire body below the neck. After that, Katya took a lot of electrodes and placed them on Olya’s body. On the chest, stomach, pussy, hips, legs, ass. Abundantly lubricating Olya’s body with grease, Katya took a black latex catsuit and began to pull on the victim’s body. It was extremely difficult. Katya spent an hour stuffing Olya's body into latex, but she was able to do it. She was very pleased with the result. There were holes for her pussy and anus in the catsuit.

The owner of the house took a catheter and began to put it into Olya’s urethra. The girl could not even frown with pain, because her body was completely immobilized. Only tears rolled from her eyes. When the catheter was in place, Katya pumped a small balloon at its tip. Now the catheter tube could not fall out.

“And these are 2 of your new friends,” Katya said with a smile, bringing two objects to Olya. A large steel egg, twice the size of a chicken egg, and an inflatable plug. The first egg was inserted and Olya immediately felt its weight inside. Then there was a plug in her anus. When the plug was in place, Katya pumped it to a huge size. The girl’s holes were greatly extended. The kidnapper sat on the sofa next to Olya. She pulled the wires from the electrodes through the hole in the neck of the catsuit. Lightly stroked her victim's chest and pussy.

“You look beautiful, Olya. I think our meeting is destiny. Think for yourself. My house is so far away from prying eyes, and the chance that you find it was simply insignificant. But you are here. And you will serve me for a very long time.”

Katya winked at her. And getting up from the couch, she went for the rope. She placed the rope under Olya’s chest and attached it to the winch on the ceiling. Raising the girl about half a meter above the floor, Katya removed the carpet from the floor to reveal a round hatch in the floor. When Katya opened it, Olya saw that underneath it was a cylindrical concrete pit, about 2 meters deep.

“This is your new home, my dear Olya.”

Katya said and began to lower the helpless girl. Olga tried to do at least something, but her body just hung on the ropes, like a latex doll. And she silently watched as she was lowered into a hole in the floor.

When Olya’s head was at the level of Katya’s stomach, her descent stopped. Katya went to the nightstand, took some things and returned to her victim.

“Last touches before you take your place.”

Katya put a gag in Olya’s mouth and fastened it. Then there were wireless headphones for her ears. Katya gathered hair on Olya’s head so that they would not hang. A corset was attached to the neck. And now Olya’s head looked strictly straight and slightly up. Continuing to lower the girl, Katya stopped when 10-15 cm remained to the bottom of the pit. Having connected all the wires and hoses in the necessary order, the thief brought a hose to the pit and turned on some kind of liquid to fill the pit.

Katya was very pleased with the work done and stood looking at her new acquisition from above. Rubber gradually filled a hole in the floor. Katya sat down nearby and connected the last pipes. Gag catheter and tube. Poor Olya desperately could not understand what was done to her and why. Rubber has already risen above the abdomen. And Katya removed the ropes on which Olga was hanging. The girl’s body simply remained in place, the rubber around it was already frozen and captivated the girl. When the rubber rose to the neck, Katya stopped the flow and removed the hose. Now the hole in the floor was filled with black rubber from the center of which Olya's head stuck out.

“Probably you can’t understand why this is all done. But I will explain everything to you. A tube connects a catheter from your bladder and your mouth. And you will have to drink constantly, it will be a continuous circulating process.”

Katya smugly looked into Olya’s eyes from top to bottom. Saw her tears. This was the only emotion that Olga could show.

“This is done so that you generate me energy for this house. There are a lot of electrodes on your body. Constant circulation of water will generate energy. You will be my battery. You are my personal mini hydroelectric power station. If at some point you do not want to swallow the liquid, then the electrodes will shock you, including the steel egg, which is now locked in your pussy. You are connected to a computer, it completely tracks your performance. You will receive vitamins and everything you need through a tube in a gag. So you have a long and enjoyable life. Enjoy it!”

Olga tried to move or say something but could not. Katya closed the hatch and plunged the girl into complete darkness. The mechanisms started and fluid began to flow into the mouth. Olya reflexively began to swallow. Now it was her life. From above Katya again spread the carpet. And the room again became ordinary and no one could ever say that the battery girl was locked in the floor.

After some time, the effect of the drugs disappeared and Olya tried to free herself, but her body was tightly sealed. She could only move her head a little and whine. Liquid had already filled her bladder for a long time and now she had to drink what came out of her. She tried to resist, but almost immediately received an electroshock at sensitive places in her body. She completely lost track of time, constantly being in the same position and in the dark. Once she heard a sound, it was her headphones. Katya activated them.

“Hey, Olya, hi. I see your indicators, you are in perfect order! I was worried whether everything would be fine, but a lot of time has already passed and we can confidently say that the experiment was a success. I also want to say that winter is coming and the house needs more energy, since the heating is turned on, so work harder!”

Katya laughed in her headphones and the sound disappeared again, leaving Olya in complete isolation, as before. She made a loud moan, but there was not a single sound from her room.


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