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The Island Part 3

by BishopFan

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© Copyright 2007 - BishopFan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; slave; auction; cons; X

The Island - Part Three

Madame began in a firm voice: “You have all read and signed The Rules, or you would not be here. Nevertheless, I will read them again, because there Will be a Test on Monday. Before you will be allowed to board the ferry back to the mainland, each slave will be ungagged, if necessary, and asked if The Rules were obeyed. If the answer is NO, and we decide we have reason to believe the slave, the offending guest will be seized and added to our stable for one year. Period.”

“No piercing. No tattooing. No branding. No cuts, no blood. No permanent damage of any sort. No piss play, and no scat play. If you want to make someone eat shit, go see the bear in the woods.”

“Other than that, any sort of bondage is allowed. Just be careful of blood circulation and respiration. If you kill or injure a slave by accident, the same procedure will be repeated upon you so that we can watch and see what went wrong. Our burial ground is on a lovely hillside overlooking the Sound.”

“Any penetration, in either direction, by any means, WILL be protected with a condom! No exceptions! However, you may assume that any protection supplied by us” (and with that she pushed Slave Unit E’s slipper down, and let it spring back up with a near-audible twang) “is secure. Each cabin is provided with two dozen assorted condoms, along with complimentary water-based lubricants. Additional supplies may be obtained at no charge from the front desk. No outside lubricants are allowed lest they damage the latex suits. You tear it, you buy it.”

“All slave units must be released from their bondage for a half-hour bathroom and meal break some time between 6 and 8 a.m. each morning, and again some time between 6 and 8 p.m. each evening. An adequate supply of liquid protein shakes will be provided with each slave. Keep them chilled until use, and shake well. The exceptions are slave units E and F, which may, if you request it immediately after your purchase, be kept as bought for the entire length of your stay.”

“This option does require that you allow the lodge nurse access to the slave for one-half hour twice a day to supervise feeding and elimination. Slave unit F already comes equipped with both a catheter and an enema plug, with the ends hidden between her ankles, but we do insist upon the nurse supervising their use. If you change your mind and decide to release either of them during your stay, you may be released from the visit requirement after one last visit by Me or the nurse to verify the slave’s new status.”

“Your own gear is welcome, and some slaves will come with custom-fitted gear you are welcome to use if you wish. The pillory stocks by the pool and the hanging gibbet cage are available on a first come, first locked basis. If you choose to place or allow your slave into the pool, the house lifeguard must be on duty. Just call the front desk and request him. I should mention that our mermaid here is an excellent swimmer.”

“The dungeon cells and play rooms in the basement of this building are available by reservation. Additional gear is available at the front desk’s bondage gift shop for purchase or loan. If you don’t know how some of the more exotic gear is applied, a practical demonstration can be arranged in your cabin or elsewhere. Safety at all times, please.”

“If you are not sure how much of the supplies, such as our special mummification tape, you might need, get plenty, and unopened rolls may be returned for credit. If you want to take some home, the gift shop will be open Monday morning.”

“This is a table stakes auction. You may bid what you brought with you, but no more. No credit, and no borrowing from a friend. All bidding will be done in U.S. dollars, to be paid immediately after each sale in cash. If you cannot pay your bill, you are the next auction lot. You may pay in U.S. or Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Saudi Riyals or Euros at full exchange value, or in gold or platinum ingots at 99% of the New York Comex spot price. Sorry, no diamonds. Today’s currency conversion charts are available from the cashier prior to the sale.”

“Round  One of the auction will be for the weekend ‘ownership’ of our six slave units here. All 18 of you may bid on each one of them as they are offered, but no one may purchase more than one slave unit. After payment is received you may leave with your slave unit immediately if you wish, but you are welcome to stay for the remainder of the auction. You may wish to see how the other guests bid, just in case you join us for a future sale.”

“After Round One is completed, the twelve remaining guests Will participate in Round Two. No exceptions, no backing out. Each of you was handed a sealed envelope as you came in the door. Inside the envelopes are numbers, one through 18. You will open the envelopes, and the guest with the lowest number who did not make a purchase in Round One will then be allowed to pick one other guest to bid against. However, that guest may bid against you in return. The person who makes the highest bid will win the rights to use the loser however he or she may wish for the entire weekend, subject of course to the same rules as the buyers of our slave units.”

“To discourage people from coming here for a free weekend of submission, the losing bidder will be charged one-half of their losing bid as a participation fee, after which he or she will be stripped naked and placed in one of these charming yokes such as slave unit C is wearing. Your cabin with your luggage will be secured, and your clothes and your remaining cash will be returned to you on Monday morning. All winners are welcome to secure their excess cash in the lodge safe until then also.”

“Round Two will continue until all twelve guests are paired off. After the bidding is complete, you are on your own for the next three nights. The Test to verify that The Rules have been obeyed will be conducted in this room at 10 A.M. Monday, after which all slaves will be released and the guest slaves will be handed their clothes and allowed to shower and dress. A complimentary lunch will be served at 11:30, and the ferry leaves at two.”

“We will begin the auction with Slave Unit A, The Olson Twins. The opening bid is $1,000, with bidding increments of $500.”

Seventeen hands shot up.


End of Part Three



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