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The Experiment 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/fm+; lab; latex; liquid; catsuit; tease; kidnap; captive; bond; corset; drink; spiked; gag; blackmail; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part two Part 3

Selena Warren frowned at the paper in her hand. "I don't believe this."

Jeremy Wilkes, Selena's assistant and lover, glanced up from his work. "What's wrong?"

"They're buying out my lease on this property," Selena replied, glancing around the converted factory she'd called both home and lab since her latest project had begun. "I now have the choice of paying full market value, or forfeiting the building and all contents. Including," she added darkly, "all my materials and research."

"They?" Jeremy looked puzzled. "They who?"

Selena snorted. "Who else? Alva Morris and her crew of intellectual rapists. They've been after my work ever since we published our findings. Now, if we can't come up with a lot of money fast, she just may get it all."

"Anything we can do about it?"

Selena shook her head thoughtfully. "Not for now. But if we knew more about what they're up to...." Selena's frown slowly turned into a wry smile. "And I think I know where to start. Jordan!"

"Coming, Mistress." Seconds later, a gleaming black figure entered the room. The thinnest possible coating of Selena's formula covered most of her body, its solidified sheen faithfully following every curve of her body. The soft skin of her breasts, along with the smooth, hairless swell of her mound, formed a stark contrast to the gleaming black. The black ended at her neck, leaving her attractive face exposed. In her eyes, there was nothing left of the talented thief. Instead, her whole demeanor expressed an eagerness to serve.

Selena smiled at the sight. Several days of helpless stimulation, trapped in a thicker layer of the formula, had totally broken Jordan's will. Now her only thought was to please her Mistress, in whatever way required.

"Jordan," she said softly, "who hired you to steal my work?"

Hearing this, Jordan flinched visibly. It had been her attempted theft that had led her here. Now, broken and enslaved, she wanted nothing more than to forget her past. Still, if her Mistress required, she had no choice but remember.

"It was a man, Mistress," she replied. "Alexander Scott, I think his name was."

Selena nodded. "Alva's right hand man. Which means it was her idea. He would never have acted without at least her approval, if not her direct orders. Jordan, would you like to cum?"

Eyes wide, Jordan nodded eagerly. "Oh, yes Mistress, I would!"

Smiling, Selena pulled a chair back from Jeremy's lab table. "Then sit down," she instructed, "and tell me everything you know about Alexander Scott and Alva Morris."

* * *

"Well, how do I look?"

Holding the atomizer in one hand, Jeremy eyed Selena appreciatively. "Perfect from here," he replied earnestly, making Selena laugh as she glanced down at herself, examining the quality of Jeremy's work.

Her legs gleamed, a thin coating forming rubber stockings that outlined every curve, stopping only when they neared the tops of her thighs. Above her waist, more rubber had been applied in a slightly thicker layer. Waiting until Selena exhaled before solidifying this layer, Jeremy had created a corset that encircled her torso, holding her pinched within its grasp. Above, another light layer barely covered the outer curve of her breasts, the edges just concealing her nipples while leaving the inner curve, as well as the valley between, completely exposed. With her shoulders and arms left bare, it looked as it her breasts could spring free at any second.

Above this, her face had been transformed into a gleaming black mask, only her eyes and lips exposed, along with the openings of her nostrils. Carefully, Selena moved about, testing her outfit. The corset restricted her breathing somewhat, but she loved what it did to her figure. Selena slipped into a black rubber skirt that reached to the middle of her thighs, slipping her feet into black leather shoes with five inch heels. Turning, she stared at her reflection in a mirror, fascinated by the way the tight rubber seemed to pull her breasts apart slightly with every breath, widening the valley between as if to call attention to it.

"You do good work," she said softly. "Now, do you have my invitation?" Jeremy nodded. "And the original guest? Is she safe?"

Instead of replying, Jeremy pointed to one side of the room. There, a naked woman sat on a plain wooden chair. The woman's arms rested atop the arms of the chair, fingers curled around the ends. She sat with knees spread, the sides of her ankles against the inner surface of the chair's front legs. A coating of rubber covered both, holding her securely in place, wide eyes staring at them from the mask that covered her face. Soft hums came from the woman's sealed lips as Selena examined her.

"Excellent." Turning away from the rubber prisoner, Selena accepted the invitation from Jeremy. "Lucky for us Alva enjoys her costume balls. Luckier still she doesn't know all of her guests by sight. This way, I can get inside and do my part while you do yours."

Jeremy, dressed in the uniform of a caterer, nodded. "My cousin's catering service delivered the first part this afternoon," he said. "I'll take the rest with me. It will be ready when you are."

"Do we know if the first part will work?"

Jeremy shrugged. "We haven't exactly had a chance to test it in the field," he replied. "Still, our preliminary tests and simulations turned out well, so all we can do is go with it and hope for the best."

"In that case," Selena said, smiling as she felt her nipples try to harden beneath the solid rubber that covered them, "let's get this party started."

* * *

"Let's see. Wanda, isn't it? I love your outfit, but how on earth do you keep it on?"

Smiling, Selena turned toward the voice. "Surgical glue," she said in reply. "You'd be surprised at what it can do."

Alva Morris grinned. "Well," she said, "you would know, being a doctor and all that. I'm just sorry we haven't met before. You've been with us, what, about a year now?"

"Something like that."

Alva nodded. "With an imagination for fashion like that, maybe I should move you to the household staff," she joked. "You could help me with my wardrobe."

Selena laughed softly. Here, within the palatial walls of Alva's mansion, walked the cream of local society. Including, she noted, every single member of Alva's inner circle. The wine seemed to flow freely tonight, especially the special vintage reserved for only the most honored guests. Seeing this, Selena nodded.

"Maybe," she suggested, "we should drink to it. In fact, I have a special vintage I brought just for a special toast. If you'd like, we can give it a try."

Intrigued, Alva nodded. Turning, Selena waved to Jeremy, who immediately approached. On the tray he carried were several small, sealed bottles. Seeing this, Alva gathered her important guests.

"Now," Selena said, glancing around, "this is a special custom, handed down through my family for generations. Luckily, there seem to be enough for everyone." Taking up a bottle from one edge of the tray, she explained, "This has to be done a certain way to follow tradition. So, if each of you will take one...." Eagerly, hands snatched up the rest of the bottles.

"Now," Selena went on, "we have to do this exactly right. Open your bottles and pour the contents into your mouth, but don't swallow. This man," indicating Jeremy, "will count down, and then we all swallow at the same time. Ready? Go."

At this, everyone in the group quickly opened and drained their bottles. With filled mouths, they watched Selena drain her own, then turned toward Jeremy for the count. Instead, he held up a plastic box, pressing a button on one side. Immediately, the liquid from the bottles solidified, filling the guests' mouths with solid rubber gags that muffled their stunned voices.

Smiling, Selena swallowed the water that had filled her bottle. "I'm glad I got the right one," she said, smiling at Jeremy before turning her attention back to the stunned group around her.

"You wanted my process," she said, locking eyes with Alva. "Well, now you have it. Unfortunately for you, I'm the only one who can reverse that process. Which means that, unless you do exactly what I say, those rubber plugs filling your mouths will stay where they are. You won't be able to eat, drink or speak. So," she went on, grinning, "who wants to spend the rest of their lives sucking on a rubber gag, and who wants to do what I tell them?"

* * *

"You won't get away with this."

Holding a stack of freshly signed papers, Selena grinned at Alva. "But of course I will," she replied. "These documents are totally legal, granting me ownership of my lab and all property surrounding it. It's mine now, and you can't touch it. You've also been generous enough to authorize a large annual grant to fund my work for the next twenty years. More than enough, I think."

"We can fight it," Alva vowed. "Now that you've removed that.... that stuff from our mouths, there's no way you can stop us from having those documents annulled."

"Oh, Alva," Selena replied, smiling, "did you honestly think I wouldn't be prepared for something like that? You will honor these documents, and you will do whatever I say in the future. Would you like to know why?" Warily, Alva nodded.

"You know that wine you and your friends have been drinking all night? It's a very special kind of wine. You see, that wine is mixed with a very special variation on my formula, one that bonds with living tissue. So as you've been drinking, the formula has been bonding with your body. From your throat all the way down to your, er, plumbing, everything is now saturated with formula. One touch of an activator, and every surface inside you becomes lined with rubber. Just as it did before, but you were too preoccupied with your new gags to notice."

Selena's smile turned cold. "Mess with me in any way," she said softly, "and I will turn your insides into rubber tubing. Which means anything you eat or drink will simply pass through you. You won't be able to digest any food, and nothing that enters your mouth will help your body in any way. Of course," she added, "as long as you behave, you can go on with your lives as if none of this ever happened. So, you're not going to fight these signatures, are you?"

Stunned, Alva could only shake her head slowly. She had no doubt that everything Selena said was true. How, she asked herself, had this scientist bested her? The finest minds money could buy hadn't stopped her. Stung by her total defeat, she found herself without the strength to argue further.

"Very good," Selena said, still smiling. "Now, I believe your other guests are wondering why you and your group aren't mingling. On with the party, Alva. And remember, I'll be watching your every move."

Turning away from a defeated Alva, Selena hooked arms with Jeremy. "Come on, lover," she said, moving toward the door. "We've got a victory to celebrate. And," she added with a laugh, "I think Jordan has earned her orgasm. Care to flip for who gets to give it to her?"

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