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The Experiment 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; lab; statue; discovery; caught; drug; shave; prepare; latex; liquid; stuck; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one Part 2

With the grace and skill of long practice, Jordan slipped through the large building. Earlier, she'd heard voices in the room she now approached, but they'd seemed to move off, leaving her target area silent and inviting.

To those in the know, Jordan McNair was the 'go to' girl for scientific espionage. During her career, she'd made her way into some of the most secure labs in the world, so getting into this old converted factory had been child's play. Now all that remained was to find the information she'd been so well paid to retrieve.

From the information she'd receive, Jordan knew that the owner, Selena Warren, had developed an amazing process. Her work was veiled in secrecy, but there were always little snippets of information that leaked out, and those for Warren's work had caught the attention of some very well financed people. Financed well enough, in fact, to hire the very best to steal Warren's work. Which was where Jordan came in.

She'd already explored the rather large lab, with its stone vat full of some mysterious dark liquid. Jordan knew better than to touch anything she didn't understand in these places, but the liquid still intrigued her. Still, there had been nothing in the lab of any use. Now, making her way toward the living quarters, she hoped to find an office or something similar, where records, perhaps even a formula, might be kept.

Pausing outside a closed door, Jordan listened intently. There had been voices in this area before, but now all seemed silent. Silently, she slipped through the door, only to pause at the sight that greeted her.

Vaguely, she took in the details of the room. Downstairs, she'd found a series of prefab walls dividing the old production floor into a number of storage rooms surrounding the main lab. Here, where there had once been offices, she found paneled walls, carpets, and comfortable furniture. The main feature, however, had her undivided attention.

Slowly, Jordan approached a low table in the center of the room. On this table knelt a female figure of gleaming black. Incredibly, every smallest detail was perfectly rendered, from the proud thrust of the breasts to the tightened curve of the ass caused by the figure's kneeling position. The figure knelt with fingers intertwined at its back, facing forward. Jordan marveled at the seemingly real hair cascading from the head of the otherwise jet black figure.

Captivated, Jordan stared at the kneeling figure. Behind her, she could hear a vague rustling sound, but it was slow to penetrate her thoughts. It was only when the sound seemed to come from directly behind her that she broke the strange spell of the figure, turning toward the sound.

As she did, she felt a sting to the side of her neck. Completing the turn, she faced a man holding a needle in one hand. Startled at being so completely surprised, Jordan raised her hands in defense, only to feel her entire body begin to sag. Slowly, she collapsed toward the floor, only to feel the man catch her and lower her gently to her side. Desperately, she tried to move, but her body refused to obey her frantic commands, remaining limp and still on the floor.

Unable to move, she could only watch as the man stepped up to the figure on the table, a small plastic device in his hand. Raising it, he pressed a button on one side. Setting the device down, the man took up a rag and began wiping the figure's face. To Jordan's astonishment, the gleaming black surface wiped away, revealing the smooth skin of an attractive female face. The eyes opened, blinking rapidly before focusing on the man.

"Jeremy?" The figure's voice was soft but firm. "Is time up already?"

The man she called Jeremy shook his head. "No, love," he replied, reaching down to wipe the bottoms of the figure's feet. "I'm sorry to interrupt your time, but we have an intruder. She's been rendered harmless, but we need to decide what to do with her."

At this, the figure rose fluidly to its feet, turning to face her. "So we have. Time for a shower. Oh, and thanks for doing my feet. I hate leaving tracks on the carpet." Quickly, the figure stepped from the table and slipped from the room.

Alone with the man, Jordan tried once more to move, only to find her body completely unresponsive. "I wouldn't bother if I were you," Jeremy said with a smile. "The serum you were injected with is made from a special kind of seed found in Peru. It completely paralyzes the body, but leaves the mind aware. Selena managed to modify it so that it only inhibits voluntary functions. Otherwise, we'd have to put a mask on you to help you breath. Now then, let's see what you brought with you."

Carefully, the man removed Jordan's clothing one piece at a time. Each item was thoroughly searched before being discarded. By the time the woman from the table returned, Jordan was completely naked, a pile of clothing on the floor beside her and a small collection of items on the table.

"No identification," Jeremy said, pointing toward the table. "Just the usual stuff for breaking and entering."

"No matter," the woman replied, leaning to examine Jordan's face. "I know who she is. Jordan McNair."

Jeremy's eyes widened. "The thief?"

"Oh," the woman replied, "she's so much more than that. Obviously, someone with a lot of cash is very interested in our work. Interested enough to hire Jordan here to steal it".

"By the way," she went on, smiling down at Jordan, "my name is Selena Warren, and this is my home and lab you've broken into. That's bad enough as it is, but you also managed to interrupt my quiet time. Normally, I'd call the police and have them come get you, but I think I have a better idea. Jeremy, love, be a dear and take her to the playroom."

"Of course." Casually, Jeremy lifted Jordan's limp body from the floor, draping her across his shoulder and carrying her from the room. From her position, Jordan could see the walls of a corridor passing, followed by another doorway. "Where do you want her?"

"Here, I think," was the reply, "but we need to get her ready first."

"On it," Jeremy replied, lowering Jordan to her back. Still unable to move, she could only stare at the ceiling as she felt her legs drawn apart. Something cold touched her mound, scraping slowly across it. She was, she knew from the feel, being shaved. When the scraping ended, a tingling feeling told her that all traces of hair had been removed. She felt something covering her mound, followed by more somethings over both nipples. "Ready to begin."

"First things first." Selena suddenly leaned into Jordan's view, staring down at her. "You wanted to steal my discovery," she said softly, "so it's only fair that you get a demonstration of how it works." Selena held up what looked like a paint gun. "This atomizer," she said, "holds my formula in liquid state, allowing it to be applied wherever we want. Then, once we activate it, it becomes solid." She grinned. "Perfect for making the most exquisite latex clothing, or secure restraint, depending on how thickly it's applied." Aiming the gun at Jordan's face, she added, "I'd close my eyes if I were you."

Seeing Selena squeeze the trigger, Jordan's eyes snapped shut. She could feel the liquid hitting her face, coating it completely. Slowly, the spray moved down her body, coating the front and sides of her body all the way down to the tips of her toes. She felt something pulled from her mound and nipples.

"Time to place her." Jordan felt herself lifted and moved a short distance, then lowered onto her knees. Her fingers were carefully wrapped around a thin bar of what felt like metal. More spray, this time on her arms, hands, and the back of her body. Once her entire body had been covered, there was a moment of silence, finally broken by, "Looks good. Time to set her."

For Jordan, nothing seemed to change, but she heard Jeremy's voice say, "Ok, done. The serum should wear off in about a half hour."

"Enough time for us to get something to eat," Selena replied. "Then we'll come back and see how our new toy is doing." Fading footsteps told her she'd been left alone.

Still helpless to move, Jordan struggled to understand what was going on. When she'd first been injected, her whole body had collapsed, unable to support its own weight. Now, however, when she'd been placed in this position, her body held it without falling. The serum, she thought. It must be wearing off. I still can't move, but my body can hold whatever position it's place in now. Which means it won't be long until I can get out of here.

Carefully, she began trying to move. As the moments passed, she felt control returning once more to her body, but something was still wrong. She couldn't straighten her fingers, wrapped around that mysterious bar. Nor could she straighten her legs. Her eyes refused to open, as did her mouth. Eventually, total control returned, yet she remained kneeling, unable to move from the position into which she'd been placed.

"She looks good, doesn't she?" Selena smiled, gazing at what lay before her. It was a simple framework holding up two parallel boards. At one end, a slender metal bar connected the two. Jordan now knelt with a knee on each board, leaning forward with her hands wrapped around the bar. Encased in the now hardened rubber, she was a gleaming black figure of helplessness. With only her mound and nipples exposed, she had become a gleaming erotic statue. "Care to try her out?"

"Love to." Stripping off his clothes, Jeremy slipped into the framework, positioning himself between Jordan's helplessly spread thighs. As he began stroking her exposed mound, Selena began pinching her nipples. Still struggling to move, Jordan felt her nipples begin to harden, even as moisture began to form between her thighs. Humming desperately through sealed lips, she struggled to move away from the hands touching her, but the rubber encasing her held her easily in place. In spite of herself, she could feel arousal begin to grow.

"On second thought," she heard Selena say, "don't try her. I think she needs some time to get ready. See if you can get an IV needle into her arm. I'll get the vibrating nipple clamps and dildo out. Let's see if a few days of constant stimulation with no orgasm will put her in a more agreeable mood."

Jordan moaned at the feel of clamps tightening on her hard nipples. The feel of something sliding within her brought a louder moan. The sudden low vibrations from both nipples and mound drowned out even the sting of something poking her arm.

Desperately, she struggled once again to move. Already, the vibrations coursed through her, a slowly rising tide of pleasure that threatened to engulf her. A few days of this, she knew, and she would gladly do anything for just one orgasm. A few more days, and Jordan McNair, master thief, could vanish entirely, replaced by a mindless slave seeking only the reward of her Master and Mistress. The thought horrified her, making her helpless struggles all the more intense.

Please, her mind screamed, no. Slowly, this mental cry was drowned out by her body's more insistent call.


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