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The Experiment

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; lab; experiment; latex; liquid; accident; stuck; naked; hum; discovery; tease; cons/reluct; X

"Ok, so it's new and it's interesting. But does it actually have any practical use?"

Selena Warren frowned, turning to glance at her assistant, Jeremy Wilkes. "Of course it does," she replied. In theory, we could revolutionize the toy industry, among other things. And we know it works. All we need to do now is test it to make sure it's safe."

Jeremy nodded. "So," he remarked, "another late night. Half your funding is going to go on overtime. Anyway, I need to run to town and pick up those new computer components. I shouldn't be gone more than an hour or two."

Selena nodded absently, barely noticing when Jeremy left the lab. Her mind already racing with plans, she gazed proudly at what lay around her.

The lab was Selena's own design, created just for this work. On one side, tables laden with equipment and computers stood in even rows. But it was the other side that really mattered, at least in her eyes.

On this side, the room was completely empty except for a circular, slightly raised platform in the center, a wide, shallow trench in the floor encircling it. Atop the platform stood a stoneware vat, now filled with a dark liquid. A notch had been cut into one side of the vat, to allow any overflow to fall into the trench. It was this vat, or, more precisely, the liquid inside, that lay at the heart of Selena's work.

Now, eager to begin, Selena lifted a smallish electronic device from the table, along with a plastic scoop. Gripping the scoop between her teeth, she turned toward the vat, her fingers punching a series of buttons on the device. Eyes intent on the small screen, she paid little attention to her progress until one foot slipped off the edge of the trench, throwing her off balance. Instinctively, she threw her hands out to balance herself, staggering forward a step so that her hips struck the rim of the vat.

"Oh, no!" Horrified, Selena felt the small device slip from her fingers, her eyes widening as it dropped into the liquid filling the vat. She reached as it to try and catch it before it could sink, but drew back, eyes on the crisp white sleeve of her lab coat.

For a moment, she stood in silence, then glanced around as if to verify she was alone. Nice as the lab was, it could get a bit warm, and she'd gotten into the habit of wearing nothing beneath her lab coat. Slipping it off, she stood naked, once more glancing around her.

It should be ok, she told herself nervously. Jeremy will be gone at least an hour, and I'll be done and dressed long before then. Nodding as if to reassure herself, she stepped forward and plunged both arms into the dark liquid, leaning forward to push her hands toward the bottom of the vat.

Unfortunately, her first attempt was a bit too energetic. Her outstretched fingers struck the bottom of the vat, pain shooting back through her arms, which automatically drew back. The motion of her upper body continued, however, causing her face to dip into the liquid. Selena clamped her eyes and lips closed, raising her head and exhaling hard through her nose to clear the nasal passages. Still, she didn't need her eyes for this, and she leaned in again, fingers searching the bottom of the vat.

Finally, after several seconds of increasingly desperate swishing with both arms, the fingers of one hand brushed against the plastic case of the device. Closing her fingers triumphantly over the device, Selena began to rise, only to realize that everything had changed.

The liquid in the vat was a special form of rubber created by Selena with a deliberately unstable structure. While liquid in its initial form, its properties changed if hit by a certain frequency of microwave pulse, which, unfortunately, came from the small device she'd just accidentally activated.

The change, when it happened, was almost instantaneous, which meant Selena now found herself with her arms buried in a vat of solid rubber. To make matters worse, her face had obviously been in range as well, the liquid coating it becomming a solid mask that effectively sealed her eyes and lips shut.

Desperately, Selena tried to straighten, but the combined weight of vat and contents was far too heave. Her decision to try a different stance only revealed a final twist. The impact of the device, along with the insertion and motion of her arms, had evidently caused some of the liquid to pour out the overflow and into the trench around the base of the vat. Which meant her feet were now trapped within the ring of solid rubber now filling that trench.

For a moment, Selena continued to struggle, but the rubber held her too securely. With both arms encased nearly half way between elbow and shoulder, feet firmly locked in place, her hips were about the only part of her body capable of any kind of motion.

At least my tits didn't get dipped, she thought, seeking consolation of any kind. Indeed, her breasts were the most mobile part of her body, swinging freely during her struggles. Trapped, blind, unable to make any sound louder than a hum, she could only wait until Jeremy returned. With no way to tell time, it seemed forever before she heard the lab door close behind her.

"What the....?" Hearing footsteps approaching, Selena suddenly became acutely aware of how her bent position must cause her bare ass to poke out behind her. Worse, her feet had been slightly separated, which meant she was completely exposed to Jeremy's view. For a second, she was actually grateful for the mask covering the furious blush she just knew now lit her face.

Jeremy's steps halted beside her. "How did you get like that?" Selena hummed, nodding her head down toward the vat. "Yes," Jeremy said, "I can see you're stuck. What I don't understand is how? Where's the activator?"

Humming, Selena nodded once more toward the vat. "In there? How did...?" Jeremy's voice fell silent. "Don't tell me you dropped it in there." Another nod. "And accidentally triggered it while you were trying to find it?" A nod. "Ok. Strange, but ok. Just one more thing. Why are you naked?" Hearing this, Selena was sure her whole body was glowing red with shame.

After several seconds of silence, she heard Jeremy speak again, this time from in front of her. "Well, we need to get you out of there, so I guess I'm going to have to break open the vat." At this, Selena shook her head violently, humming in protest. This vat had cost a fortune!

"Selena," Jeremy said reasonably, "I can't liquify this stuff. The only activator is in there with your hands, and we haven't even figured out how to set it to reverse the process. That means I have to cut the rubber away from your hands, and to do that, I need to break the vat."

Again, Selena shook her head. This vat had been specially made for her, and, with it gone, all her work would stop until she could find the money for another one. Trapped and naked, her mind insisted, still beat naked and broke, which was what she'd be if she had to quit for that long.

"Fine," she was relieved to hear Jeremy sigh. "I'll see if I can put together another activator. If I can, we'll be able to try different frequencies to see if we can reverse the process. Of course, that means you'll be stuck there until I can find the right frequency."

Selena nodded, relaxing her body as much as she could. She could hear Jeremy's footsteps move toward the tables.

"At least," she heard him say, "the view is better than it's ever been in here." Selena again blushed furiously. From the sound of his voice, he had to be standing directly behind her. From that angle and distance, he could probably distinguish every hair of her neatly trimmed bush.

Time seemed to stop for the trapped woman. Behind her, she could hear the faint sounds of Jeremy trying to put another activator together from spare parts. At the same time, she felt as if his eyes were boring directly between her slightly parted thighs. Once, she heard footsteps, her mind conjuring an image of Jeremy moving to one side to get a better look at her breasts. Just the thought of being turned into a static, naked display of female anatomy filled her with a sense of embarrassment and shame strong enough to drown out any other feelings. Almost.

Finally, after what seemed an endless wait, Selena heard Jeremy's footsteps approaching. "I think I have it," he said, "but now we have another problem. You've been like that for several hours now, and I know that must be an uncomfortable position. Assuming I find a frequency that works to liquify the rubber, you could easily fall forward and go head first into the vat. So I'll have to find a way to support your upper body, just in case."

For a second, Selena pictured a framework of some kind erected around her, though where the materials would come from, she had no idea. Jeremy, it seemed, had a more direct approach in mind, sliding his hand beneath her and pulling up with his palm against her breastbone. "No," she heard him murmur, "too awkward."

Next, she felt his arm slip beneath her, just below her shoulders, his forearm lifting up on her chest. "Still no good," and the arm was removed.

"I guess," she heard him say, "there's only one practical way to do this." Even as he spoke, Selena felt cloth brush the backs of her legs, realizing with some shock that he now stood directly behind her. More cloth brushed her ass, making her wonder exactly what he was up to. The feel of his forearm sliding beneath her chest, flattening the firm mounds as he pressed upwards, quickly provided an answer.

"Now," she heard, "let's see if we can get you loose." In the silence that followed, Selena had no idea if Jeremy were actually doing anything. Maybe, part of her suggested, he's just standing there. Gradually, she felt him shift slightly, his arm sliding back until his hand was actually cupping one breast. At the same time, she began to feel something pressing between her thighs, something she only slowly identified as a quite respectable bulge.

"Half way through the frequencies," she heard at one point, surprised to realize that nearly an hour must have passed. Jeremy's body, after those final adjustments, had remained quite still. Her own body, however, seemed to have gained a mind of its own. Her hips, the only part of her even remotely mobile, had begun to twitch uncontrollably, moving her most sensitive area against the bulge pressed to it. Her breathing had deepened, and she could hear soft, intermittent hums she flatly refused to try and identify.

Suddenly, her upper body sagged, smashing her breast against Jeremy's hand. She felt his grip tighten as he drew her upright, guiding her feet out of the trench. "Got it!" His hand released her, and the feel of him pressing to her vanished. "Now, let's get that stuff cleaned off of you."

"Not quite what I had in mind, but I'd call it a successful test." Once more wearing her lab coat, Selena sat nodding toward Jeremy, who sat in an identical chair in front of her. "And I'm glad you found a frequency that would liquify the rubber again. Reversing the process expands the possible uses. Pour it into a mold and solidify it to make rubber balls for kids, yes. Now, you can also pour it into any confined space as insulation, solidify it, the liquify it later if you need access."

Jeremy returned the nod. It had only been an hour or so since he'd released her. In that time, she'd bathed, removing all traces of the rubber from her skin. Now, seeing her once more dressed, he asked, "So, what's next?"

For a moment, Selena simply gazed at him. Slowly, she rose to her feet. As Jeremy watched, stunned, she unbuttoned the lab coat, letting it fall from her naked body. Seeing his look, Selena smiled.

"I think," she said softly, handing him the activator and a paint brush, "we need more tests." Turning, she leaned forward, hands on knees, her ass pointing directly at him. With her feet slightly spread, he had no trouble seeing the moisture already beginning to form between her thighs. "Well," she added, glancing over her shoulder, "shall we begin?"

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