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Karens Punishment

by Ted S

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© Copyright 2007 - Ted S - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; hood; catsuit; bond; cuffs; susp; bdsm; crop; punish; torment; nipple; toys; insert; climax; reluct/nc; XX

The slave Karen has been in darkness for a long time now, her head is encased in a full rubber helmet with soft plugs in her ears, she dared only to move when lead, or prodded with a crop. Her tender mouth has been punished with a large inflatable rubber gag which fills her mouth to its fully streched capacity. She has been kept in handcuffs, and taken to the shower stall. She has been subjected to several enemas, she is now clean everywhere. As a rough towelling dries her, her nipples are still standing erect from the cold shower which followed her soothing warm shower, she had screamed into the ballgag when the cold water slashed at her without warning.

The nipple clamps were a stunning shock, she inhaled sharply, and whined into her punishing gag. She was led from the washroom in ankle manacles which were far too short, only the smallest of shuffling steps were permitted by the ten inch stainless steel rod between her ankles. The nipple chains were tugged sharply whenever she slowed down, she struggled to keep up the pace, but it is futile, the unforgiving Rubber Mother only torments her more with alternate tugs on the leash, and slashes to the buttocks with a thin wicked crop, she stumbles to comply, to prevent more pain from the crop, but it was no use.

Slave Karen finally is aware she has reached another room, certain it was the den, as the radiant heat from the fireplace begins to warm her. She shudders in her fetters, for, she knows this is the punishment room, the place of her darkest fears, her darkest desires. Rubber Mother is to discipline her this night. She more feels, than hears the electric winch, lowering from the ceiling beams. Her wrists are freed from the continental style handcuffs, they are like the ankle fetters, a stainless steel rod instead of a chain, they had allowed so very little movement.

Rubber Mother pulled oprea length rubber gloves onto Karen. Each wrist was then circled by a wide rubber restraint, comfortable, yet unyielding, she is now strapped to the lacing bar. There is a moment of stillness, her nipples sending a painful reminder she is enslaved by her stepmother. Her ankles are released now, but immediatly replaced by a cruel spreader bar, she remembers this well, it too is made from the same unyielding stainless tubing. This she now knows, is to be a long gruelling evening, she is to be punished.

The winch begins to move, her arms are pulled higher and higher, she is now streched taut, only her toes, and a very small part of her naked soles are allowed to touch the gleaming polished hardwood floor, slave is grateful for even this small gift. Although she is in darkness, she knows her stretched nakedness will reflect off the floor, from the flickering fire. She smiles as best she can, into her gag, with the knowledge of this. Slave senses that she is alone now, is it the lack of air movement, or perhaps a drop of the electrical energy in the room?

She does not know how, but she is certain she has been abandoned, left to hang helplessly, stretched in a taut "X". She tries to raise up, to give some relief to her arms, there is none to be had, she is stretched taut. Time seems to slow to a crawl, in her dark prison, she begins to lose the sense of time, she wonders how long she has been here, fifteen minutes, an hour? She is lost, the nipple clamps become her focus, all her pain, all her love of Rubber Mother, are concentrating in two pure flames of agony. She hangs forever, alone.

Slave's mind has begun to wander, the pain in her nipples a dull roar in her mind. She drifts into a haze, swooning within her dark crushing punishment helmet, she works her jaw as best she can on the rubber invader in her mouth. Suddenly she becomes aware of sounds or vibrations? The tattoo of high heels brings her snapping back to reality, Rubber Mother has returned. Oh God! What will happen now to me?

Her heart pounds in her ears, her breath comes in short intakes of panic! Nothing, the sound of the heels on the floor stopped near her, but she cannot tell where her punisher stands, she tries to breathe slowly, to quell the panic before she is overwhelmed, Rubber Mother takes great delight at times like these, she knows it. She is completely wired at this point, every nerve screaming for input, what is next?

She leaps as if shocked by electricity, when Rubber Mother runs a smooth rubber gloved hand up the inside of her thigh. She dances within the remorsless grip of the two bars, Rubber Mother knows just how strong her skaters legs are and how long they can hold out, she will endure.

Without warning the nipple clamps are ripped off, a flash of white searing pain slices through her, it is so strong, she cannot scream for an eternity! Her agony increases, she almost passes out. Then more pain! Cold ice has been applied to her tomented nipples, it sears like fire, she cannot distiguish between hot or cold, she thrashes out wildly, the crop slashes her repeatedly, warning to cease!

Her screaming subsides, the ice is now soothing her, she collapses within her bondage. Her breathing returns slowly to normal, the wave of pain receding. Rubber Mother has lowered her arms a little, she can now stand on her soles flat on the floor, she is grateful.

Rubber Mother now begins to run her gloves all over her, sliding in and out of her curves and valleys, her body is singing with the stimulation, she is aware her nipples have grown hard again, still throbbing with the memory of the clips. Her breath begins to quicken, she is becoming excited, she prays in her darkness Rubber Mother will be kind, and bring her to orgasm, but she knows better.

Slave Karen, senses the moment, the pause, she knows her punishment is to come soon, the ritual begins. She is here for punishment, she was caught skipping classes, she knows she will suffer for it. Rubber Mother is busy extracting hardware, slave hears the odd clink of metal buckles, she knows her time is nigh.

Slave feels a cold slickness being applied to both openings, Oh God she prays, not both holes! Please..... She cries out into her gag, it comes out like a whine, she is doomed! Rubber Mother pushes her lubricated fingers further with each probing, appliying generous amounts of cold lubricant jelly, slave is in deep trouble, she is trembling with fear, Rubber Mother is serious this time!

Oh God why was I so stupid, please she screams into the gag, nooooooo! I will behave!

She knows it will do no good, she was warned the last time she would pay dearly for the next embarassment she caused at the school, to Rubber Mother. Slave now jerked in shock as the first invader began pushing into her sex, it was too huge! It can't fit! Noooooo! The cold lubricant allowed the monster to invade her slowly, she screamed for it to end, she knew it would not. The monster was finally inserted to it's maximum, she was split up the middle, this was too impossible! She could not survive, she knew she would die! The monster filled her completely, Rubber Mother had purchased a new tormenter for her, she groaned at the impossibilty of it.

She didn't have long to consider her plight, her tender rosebud was next, she thrashed, tried to keep her cheeks clamped tightly together, she was seared with the crop repeatedly, she screamed she shook her head, and surrendered. Slave knew it was useless, Rubber Mother was going to have her plugged, she prayed it wasn't another new tormenting toy recently purchased, of course, it was. The size of the invader was incomprehensable, she was lubricated again by Rubber Mother's rubbered hand, more cold goo inserted. Slave shuddered with the implication. Then it began, slowly, with in and out motions, the huge plug began to force her open, then it began to invade her in one motion, she gasped in her helmet, it was impossible!

Noooooooo! The monster entered without stopping, it just couldn't be this big! She screamed again into her gag, it finally stopped, her muscle contracted around the narrow stem, she was plugged. She wept with the humiliation, her most secret parts of her body had been violated, it was like nothing Rubber Mother had done to her before, she became afraid, what have I done? How could I have been so selfish, so stupid? I will be punished now, she was certain, this was only the beginning, the horror of it slowly filled her mind. Rubber Mother was going to teach her this time, she was going to suffer. Her mind began to explore her lower body, the impossibility of the dual plugs, she had no idea of what was to come.

Rubber Mother softly rubbed her bound slaves distended lower torso, she could feel the invader within her step-daughter, she was to be punished, she could show no mercy this time, she must be taught her lesson. She was to become a Rubberslave this night, she was to be broken. Karen became aroused by the gentle stroking around all of her lower torso, she began to feel sexual awakenings, her breath became shallow, her pelvis began to do a slow pump, of it's own accord. Rubber Mother knew it was time.

Karen was surprised when something cold was fitted around her, she was unable to imagine what it was? There was something tugging at her front, then she was beginning to feel constriction, as Rubber Mother had gone behind her, she was being crushed! The poor girl had never worn a corset before, Rubber Mother had a custom rubber discipline corset made, Karen was to begin her life of figure training!

The corset continued to take her in, she writhed on her two spreaded bars, she cried out into her rubber discpiline helmet, little mewling sounds escaped the huge pump gag! She was crushed in stages with short respites, down to 19 inches, it took a half hour, slave Karen had completely lost track of time, she was in pain filled limbo. Rubber mother stopped the lacing, it was still open at the back three inches, this was to be her goal in three months time. Karen felt solid, she could hardly breathe! The corset came over her breasts but left them open, two straps over the shouders. She felt a huge tug between her legs!

God NOOOOOO! a strap ran through from the front to back, it was cruelly pulled tight, the tormenters were there to stay, "oh please..." she cried softly into her gag, "oh please......." she shook her head slowly from side to side.

This one small movement was not gone unoticed, a neck corset with stiff boning was then laced onto her, this was too much, nooooo! Her head was forced back as her neck was stretched straight up! She was now held solid, she could not move, what more could there be? how can I endure this, she swooned. Smelling salts stung her nostrils, panic breathing for a few moments as she swam back up to reality, she was still bound arms high on the lacing bar, but her ankles were free from the spreader bar, she could stand.

Rubber Mother set about pulling rubber stockings high onto Karen's thighs, and were attached to many garters on the rubber corset. Slave Karen was totally enveloped in rubber now, the strange odour filling her nostrils, it was somehow exciting, and relaxing smell at the same time, curious. She then realized Rubber Mother had let some of the air out of her pumpgag, it was tolerable now. She was drifting off into the mulitude of layered sensations, her mind explored all of her strict bondage.

The whip stunned her, she had ignored the tiny voice in both ears, commanding her to lift each foot. The tiny speakers warned her again to comply, the whip slashed her again! She screamed, the gag was pumped up huge! Smothering her cries! She obeyed. Rubber Mother set about forcing her into impossibly high heels, they were gleaming black patent knee boots, she was forced onto her toes! This was impossible!

The whip again found her, she stopped her thrashing about, she stood still while the laces crushed up her calves, her hips were forced outwards against the crushing corset, the monsters invading her began to move in their dark wet prison. Karen gasped as best she could. 'What more! How can I endure this!'

Rubber Mother had switched on the invaders, they began pulsing, twisting, tormenting the poor girl. She thrashed about swaying on the lacing bar, she was whipped again 20 strokes, she screamed, but the torment continued... and then stopped. Rubber Mother put the ankle manacles with the short rod back on, she then lowered Karen's arms, her wrists were manacled to special cuffs attached to the corset, she was strapped to her waist, as if she had her hands on her hips in defiance. A rubber strap was passed around her elbows, first above then a second strap below, they were pulled tight without mercy, her elbows touched behind her. She cried out into the pump gag, there was no mercy.

The tiny voice commanded her to walk in the high heeled boots, and with the corset, with her hands strapped to her waist, she could only manage an stangely exaggerated pelvis swinging walk, Rubber Mother was behind her, urging her on with the whip, the dildoes tortured her, as each step forced them to move in and out slightly and twisting with each swing of a hip. Karen was in hell, she was sure of it, the cruel constriction of every part of her body, the tormenting dildoes, the crushing corset, Rubber Mother's relentless whip, she was forced around and around the room, it seemed it would never stop.

She finally collapsed after 20 turns around the room, the tomenting dildoes never stopped, it was only the slashing whip which held off the overwhelming orgasm for so long, once again she passed out. The smelling salts jolted her awake once more, she was no longer on the floor, she was somehow unable to move, she felt she was standing bent forwards, strapped rigid, what was happening?

She felt a tugging at her eyes, the punishing helmet had a removable blindfold, only the flickering fire lit the room, she couldn't even move her head, she was strapped solidly, it was a stainless steel frame, a bondage horse, then she remembered, it was the horse she had been warned was on order!!!!! My God it was here, she was strapped to it! Her arms were strapped together to a bar running down her spine about six inches above the crushing corset, her legs still in the boots, were strapped to the legs, holding her immobile, she was bent forward and strapped by three rubber belts to two poles running up her belly!

She panicked, she couldn't even move a muscle! Rubber Mother was no where within her limited vision. She then heard the small voice speak to her. She was to be punished. She was to be caned. Even without the tiny speakers, she could make out the sound of high heels on the hardwood floor, she was coming!!!!! Her heart raced! Her breathing came in short snorts though the tiny nose valves, her eyes darted wildy about, her head totally immobile. Rubber Mother's heels sounded like gunshots as she approached. Karens eyes almost popped out when Rubber Mother came into view.

She was dressed identically to Karen, a gleaming rubber helmet, the crushing corset, the straps through her thighs, the neck corset, the impossibly high heeled boots flashed evilly in the flickering firelight, only her outfit was all in blood red rubber! Karen almost passed out again at this vision of evil! A dominatrix standing with legs apart, flexing a very long evil looking cane!

Rubber Mother spoke into a tiny microphone attached to her corset. "You shall recieve 50 strokes Karen, I have tried to bring you into line, but you refuse to listen!"

Rubber Mother then produced a strange apparatus, two rubber cones with rubber tubing running out of sight. Karen was apprehensive when Rubber Mother kneeled in front of her, the neck corset, and restraining strap prevented her from looking down. She felt a cool draft on her nipples, and then suction on each nipple, as the cones were pulled on by a slight vaccum, Rubber Mother then stepped out of sight for a moment, the switch which Karen could never hear, started the main pump. She cried out into the huge pumpgag, but little sound escaped, the cones started their unholy task, her nipples felt as if they would tear off!

Rubber Mother then spoke some final words, "I too, am plugged with the same dildoes my sweet. I shall suffer along with you!"

She then applied two suction cones to her own nipples, her breath intake was sharp, and she hissed out, exhaling slowly with her eyes closed. She reached to a remote control and switched on all four of the dildoes, she had to hold onto the horse for a few moments. Rubber Mother then slowly swayed out of sight behind the stringently strapped Karen. The first stroke exploded with a white flash in Karen's brain, the shock of the first strike did not even register before the second sliced into her, then the screaming began.

The dildoes tormented both women, the suction on the nipple cones was set to increase continuously. Rubber Mother almost collapsed, but she continued to cane Karen mercilessly, it seemed to last an eternity, but it was done, the last stroke crashed into her poor tormented bottom, welt after welt stood up in ridges, turning from a raging red to purple, both women had had several orgasms. Finally, Rubber Mother who had collapsed on the floor crawled over to the remote, the tormenting dildoes ceased, the nipple cones relaxed their suction, and both women's pelvises continued to convulse for many minutes, helplessly out of control.

Rubber Mother finally managed to have the strength to stand without her legs collapsing, she gently removed the pumpgag from Karen's heaving form. She went down onto her knees before the strapped girl and began kissing her on the mouth, her tongue explored her stepdaughters, they wept together......

the end


Story Submitted By Ted S


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