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In the Vice

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; cons; X

In the Vice by Rbbral


(This little story is written with acknowledgements, a great appreciation, and apologies, to JG Leathers. Those of you familiar with his work and writing will note in a scene, or two, I have unashamedly plagiarised his “Creature”, a contraption so wonderful and devious it is hard to imagine. I do this with the best of intentions. My own imagination has not yet reached his limitless one. But I am still striving).

Chapter One

“We want you to work undercover for us.”

“Why me? I’m in fraud, I’ve never worked in vice.”

“Precisely, the players here don’t know you, you’re clean.”

Detective Inspector King smiled; as head of vice he had a certain charm, a bit of a ladies man. Detective Sergeant Dee Long was in fraud and enjoyed her work; she thought she was a good cop, pulling in the bad guys. She was a real beauty, which was why King and his bosses higher up wanted her transferred to vice. Tall, muscular and athletic, she took karate, judo, the whole lot; she felt she could take care of herself. She would need to, she thought. The story was this. 

Women were going missing. Four of them to be precise, but not hookers, these were high-class call girls based out of the top hotels. Vice had tried everything, but they had simply disappeared. The only common thread was an escort agency, which on the face of it seemed legit; they didn’t seem behind it, if they were then they were very good at it. So the plan was that she’d be set up as an escort; a simple cover, single woman, secretary, needs some extra cash – the old story.

“Nervous about it?”

“Yes, a little, not keen on giving away my virginity for the job.” King raised his eyebrows. “Just joking, I’m a big girl, I can look after myself.” 

We’ll see about that, thought King. She was certainly bright, strong and fit; let’s see how she fares under pressure. The agency was run by Kathy Marr; mid forties, attractive and seemingly upper class. She immediately took to Dee. She laid out the rules, Dee would keep 70% of her initial fee, for dinner, theatre or whatever, if they wanted anything beyond then it was up to the girl, but, Kathy noted, turning down a client was rather frowned upon. 

Dee was broad-minded and felt, like the actresses that given the right context and if it got the job done, that it might be necessary. She also felt she could talk her way out of most situations. Anyway, this was a possible step up the ladder. Find the women and there would be commendations galore.

For the first month all went well, she went out a couple of times a week with the clients, who were all seemingly well vetted. They ranged in age and race but were all well mannered, pleasant and apparently well off. Once she was required to have sex and it was all rather perfunctory, like a one night-stand. Good messages got back to Kathy, who was impressed, booking her regularly. Dee had to move the case along and under king’s instructions gently raised the name of two of the missing women. She said she had been an acquaintance of theirs at the gym and they had mentioned how she could make some more money. Kathy was cautious and seemed a little wary, saying the girls had simply lost contact with her, and she assumed they did not want to carry on in the business. Dee pushed a little further – what about her clients? Maybe they might know. Kathy again hesitated. 

“I don’t know. Well, you see both of them catered to a small number of our special clients….they did very well. These men …and women required discretion so…I doubt they would know.”

“Well, there’s no harm in trying is there. Maybe I could escort one of these clients, just gently mention their names. I can do it Kathy, I’m very discreet.” 

“Yes, my dear I know, you are getting rave reviews, but when I say special interests…well I mean slightly more way out…how do I say it…kinky?”

“Oh, I see, spanking and the like.”

“Well yes, and a little more than that, dressing up, a little bondage, BDSM, you know the thing. But only if the girls were truly consenting did I allow them with these clients. Of course the fees are considerably more.” She smiled and Dee thought maybe she knew more than she is saying. Only one way to find out she thought, she was getting nowhere at present. 

“I can do it Kathy. I’m broad-minded, try me out, if it doesn’t work out then fine, I’ll go back to regular escort.” To Kathy, this was obviously a chance for her to make more money; she thought Dee was a natural.

“Okay Dee, I’ll try you out, next time we have a call from one of our special clients I’ll see if I can do something for you.”

Dee reported back to King, who was pleased at the progress and said for these special clients they would set up surveillance. That made Dee feel happier, having a crew of four within range. A week later she got a call from Kathy, tomorrow night a client required some company. His needs were specific and prior to going to his apartment she was to go to the office and change, under Kathy’s guidance. The client’s (Kurt) clothing requirements were very specific. She reported back to King and they would stake out the office and, as soon as she left, the client’s apartment. All next day Dee was nervous. Was she in too deep? This was the only way of moving the case along. King was competent, and how else was she to find the women?

She arrived at the office and Kathy let her in, smiling and telling her not to be so nervous. They went to the back room, which was a bedroom – Kathy slept over on occasions. Then Dee saw the clothes laid out on the bed and took a small step back, Kathy gently took her arm.

“Okay Dee, it’s okay. Look, they’re only clothes, and you will wear this full cover cape – look, neck to ankles at all times. That is the way he likes it, no harm will come to you, I promise, he is a gentleman.” It took Dee no time to realize the clothes were made of latex; even the smell pervaded the small room. She’d heard of some people’s kink for rubber and seen the odd girl wear some in the clubs and had heard of the fetish clubs where people dressed and partied in it. But she had never seen it close up or worn it. Well, it was too late to back out now. The stakeout team was out there, and somewhere so was Kurt. 

“Okay, in for a penny. “ She said and started to strip. When naked and a little embarrassed, Kathy said to her.

“My, Dee, but you have a superb body, you must work out a lot.” She passed a can of talc to her. “You will need to put a lot of this on, otherwise you will take all night, all over now. Okay, excellent, now let’s start with the garter belt and stockings. Bet you haven’t worn a garter belt in some time.”

Indeed she hadn’t, thought Dee as she drew it up her thighs and round her waist, then sitting down she pulled the first stocking, in gunmetal grey up her leg. It was very tight but with the assistance of the talc she was soon clipping it on to the suspender. Then she repeated it with the other stocking.

“No creases now, Kurt doesn’t like creases, he’s quite fastidious.” Dee pulled and eased out all the creases until her legs were like two shiny, smooth gun barrels. The bra was of a similar colour and Kathy helped her on with it. It cupped her ample breasts firmly and Dee quickly noticed a sensation at her nipples.

“Oh yes, you have noticed the hard nodules on the inside of the nipples. Kurt assures me it will keep you alert and attentive!” It sure would, thought Dee, also the stockings, which were less cool and clammy now and were warming to her body. 

“I’m afraid Kurt insists on these panties, which you will see has similar nodules opposite your ….er pussy. The larger nodule here will prise you open a little and activate your…clitoris.”

“You have to be kidding, I can’t wear them. What sort of guy is this?” She stared at the panties, also in grey, and the half-inch nodule at the upper end of the crotch.

“He’s a very devious and rich man Dee. He likes his women to be sexually aroused at all times, yet perversely he has to do very little. He likes watching women on the edge, so to speak, while in his company. It is highly unlikely you will have sex with him tonight, but you will be aroused.”

“Jeez, this is weird stuff……but no turning back now, I suppose.” 

“No, my dear, not really.” Kathy said, thinking of the extra fee, and a happy client. Dee, with a slight wince drew the panties up her legs and very slowly up her waist.

“Ahhh, oohh that is strange, not painful nor comfortable either, just a little…strange. Tell me, did Jo and Marj dress in all this stuff?” Kathy hesitated a second and said.

“Oh yes, both of them and some other girls too. After a while both of them seemed to really like it. I’m…surprised they didn’t continue….strange, them just breaking contact like that.” 

“Yes it is, so they just…disappeared?” Dee smoothed the panties out, a slight bulge at her pudenda.

“Well I don’t know about disappeared, you seem to be thinking of some kind of foul play, they just lost contact.” Kathy seemed perturbed and handed Dee a pair of thin grey latex gloves, also in grey and shoulder length. Now it had become a bit quiet and Dee without prompting began to pull one of them up her arm, and then the other.

“You did that very well, are you sure you haven’t worked in rubber before?” Said Kathy with a smile, the tension in the room now eased. 

“No, no, but it is not uncomfortable at all, and the sheen and….tightness does, well, flatter.”

“Absolutely Dee, and mainline fashion has never really appreciated this. Of course after a while you will find yourself warming up and sweating. Maybe that’s what puts some people off. But you walk down the street in this,” she held up a shiny black rubber dress, “and you would cause car crashes galore.” She smiled and Dee could only agree as she stepped into the dress. It was widely flared to mid-thigh and had a tight waist and firm cupped breasts pointing out. She slid her hands down the sleeves, which were tight at the wrists but loose to the shoulder. She shivered a little as Kathy drew up the back zip. The neck was white, high and tight and the cuffs were also white. She heard a click at the back of her neck but thought nothing of it. 

“My goodness Dee, you look fabulous, more so than the other girls, I think this outfit was made for you, or you for the outfit.” Dee looked in the mirror and had to ruefully admit she looked pretty stunning. The contrast of black dress with grey stockings and white collar and cuffs and the tight latex enhancing every contour of her already well-tuned body – no doubt about it, she looked simply great. If King and the stakeout crew saw her now they’d freak. She chuckled at the thought, when she joined the cops she didn’t have this in mind! Kathy told her to sit and then placed one foot in an ankle high, three inch heeled granny shoe and tightly laced it up.

“How are you in heels?” 

“Okay, I think, these aren’t too bad.”

“Well Kurt likes them a lot higher, up to seven inches, believe it or not, but first time out three inches should be fine. Don’t want you falling over on your first date. Now then, the silver belt.” She wrapped around her waist a thick, engraved silver belt; it was wider at the front, extending up to her breasts and down to her pubis, narrower at her hips and then wider at her back.

“Breathe in.” Kathy said and pulled it in.

“Woo, that’s tight.” Dee breathed uneasily.

“Meant to be, I’m afraid, but it shows off your nice waist, and nicer boobs I may add.” With a click the belt was on and Dee admired the engraving. At the belly button there was a two inch diameter ring, in gold! She examined it, turning it in her gloved hands.

“Gold, my dear, and the belt is solid silver. Only the best for Kurt, now the cape.” She draped it over her shoulders. It had a high thick neck, which forced Dee’s head marginally up; and a series of stud fastenings down to her ankles. Only her head and ankles were now visible and the cape was heavy, almost dropping her shoulders. Two slits at the side allowed her hands through, but they too were stud fastened. 

“Wow, that is heavy, one minute I’m chilled and the next I’m going to be a pool of sweat.”

“That my dear is the reason why fetishists love rubber so much – and the constriction of course. Anyway you look fabulous and no one will know how you are dressed under the cape, just someone prepared for the rain. It also has a hood, but we’ll leave that down for now.  The cab is paid for already, he knows where to drop you. Come on.” Getting accustomed to the heels, the warmth and weight of the cape and the nodules at her nipples and clitoris, Dee followed Kathy to the back door, out and into the waiting cab. Kathy pecked her on the cheek.

“Good luck Dee, see you soon, you will be returned here later.”

“Can’t I just go home?” She whispered.

“No, all your keys and possessions are here, remember. And besides…” She lowered her voice to a whisper and smiled. “I have to get you out of your rig, I’m afraid the belt and collar are locked onto you and only Kurt and I have the keys!”

“Wha… but…” But Kathy had already closed the door with a smile and the cab pulled away. Dee didn’t feel quite so comfortable now, being driven to an unknown destination effectively in rubber bondage. She hoped the team were tailing her, if not then she could disappear now, forever, just like the other four girls. She tried to relax, she was a pro after all; she could look after herself. Kathy seemed okay, a little distant on occasion, but she somehow trusted her. After a while they stopped at a block of expensive apartments. She did not recognise it but it was in Kensington, and nothing was cheap there. The cabby opened the door and she stepped out, her hands still under the cape. He pushed a button at the door and then left, saying.

“Goodnight love, have a good time.” She waited, rather embarrassed at the door until the elevator was opened and a man approached the door and invited her to enter. He was about 40, tall, slim, slightly greying but handsome. 

“And you are Dee, hello Dee.” He smiled and pecked her cheek. They entered the elevator and Dee noted her heart was pounding. She felt him looking at her, even examining her. 

“You are quite beautiful, Dee, despite the cape covering you up. Are you nervous?” he had a slight German, or maybe Swiss accent, but it was cultured. 

“Yes, yes I suppose I am, a bit. I don’t know what to do, to expect.”

“Don’t worry Dee, there is little for you to do, you will enjoy the evening I guaranty, although you may find it a little…unconventional. I am not an ogre, just a man with…specialized tastes.” They exited the elevator and entered one of four doors in the corridor. 

“Let me take your cape, we will have a chat and a drink, and then to the theatre.” Dressed like this, she thought – oh my God, I will die of embarrassment. 

“You will wear your cape at all times, do not fear, it may look a little strange but no one will say anything, we’re all far too civilised for that.” He chuckled and undid the studs at her throat and disrobed her and then stood back. 

“Oh my Lord, you are stunning Dee, you fit perfectly into the outfit, tell me, how does it feel?”

“Well, I started out cold, but now I am warm and a little sweaty.”

“Good, excellent, that is exactly how you should feel.” He handed her a glass of wine and invited her to sit on the couch. She looked around the room, admiring it; it was large, expensive and tastefully decorated. This man had big money, but he was not a show-off. He was quiet and almost deferential. He sat opposite her and made no overt move as they discussed how she had joined Kathy’s company. She had crossed her shiny rubber-clad legs demurely but the short skirt kept riding up her thighs and she kept pulling it down, now to his amusement. 

“So, do you want to know about me?” He suddenly asked.

“Umm, no, well you’re the client, I mean should I?” He laughed aloud and then stared at her.

“I designed this costume you are wearing. I have some other items I would like you to wear some other times. I hope there will be other times. Don’t you think you should know a little about me?  Or am I just a means to make money?”

“Look I’m sorry, only I thought, well, you call all the shots. Yes, well anyway, the costume is very…flattering.” And she smiled.

“Yes?” He encouraged her.

“And the panties and bra are… intriguing.” He laughed out loud again. She liked his laugh. 

“Oh, you British, why don’t you say what you really mean? Come on Dee, you are a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in tight black and grey rubber. What is going through your head, mmm?” If Dee were to get any information on the missing women then she would have to open up. She spoke with care.

“Okay, the rubber clothing is…fine, a little warm and damp but I don’t have a problem with it. You’ll see I’m sweating quite a bit in it and the nodules are doing some strange things to me, as I’m sure you designed them to.” Here he nodded with a smile. “But tell me, Kathy said I am locked in this, the collar and the belt, I can’t get out of it, why?” He shrugged.

“An honest question, I am rich enough to satisfy my fantasies. I love beautiful women, yet I love them submissive to me, to be held powerless by me, and yet outwardly normal. Many women enjoy this, believe it or not. You will find out soon. To be out in public and in submissive bondage; it is very exciting, for both parties. I enjoy normal sex, but I find it a little boring without the spice of rubber clothing or bondage.  There… have it, am I a nutcase then? I hope not, just a fairly harmless man with a strange quirk.” He spread his hands and smiled. Dee thought, is this a man that can make four women disappear, not likely, although he did have the money. She would have to learn more.

“Well thank you for being so open. I admit I didn’t know much about this stuff before, but as you say, no one has been killed yet have they?”

“Not to my knowledge Dee, but I don’t quite follow your line of thought.” Dee took a breath. 

“Well, let me expand a little.” And she explained her cover, of knowing these women in the gym. And now they had disappeared. She waited, her heart thumping, had she gone too far? Kurt looked at her, appraising her and then spoke quietly.

“You think I whisked these two women away to a secret dungeon, to sell them in the white slave trade. No Dee, I knew them both, they would dress for me and we would go out and we would have fun Dee, fun. And then we just lost contact, simple as that, they moved on to other things perhaps. By the way, as we are both being so honest,” and here he smiled, “there were two other girls who just dropped out as well, Lara and Michelle, I think. I don’t suppose Kathy mentioned them, as they weren’t friends of yours, were they?”

“Er, no, I haven’t heard of them.” Dee got the feeling that somehow Kurt was playing with her.

“Do you believe me now?” 

“Yes, yes of course, I suppose if I didn’t then I would be in trouble.” Kurt again smiled pleasantly.

“Yes I expect you would be. You are a very strong, assertive woman, and very smart too. Were you just friends or are you a private detective perhaps?” Dee swallowed slowly, is he on to me already, he can’t be. He must be just playing his little game.

“No, I’m not a P.I. Would it make any difference? Here I am…all rubbered up for you.” She was calling his bluff. 

“Dee, how can I tell you I have nothing to hide – except my little peccadilloes that is? If you wish to, investigate me at your leisure, but we can have some enjoyment along the way, can we not.”

“Fine by me, no, I am not going to investigate you or anyone; I was just concerned for my friends, that’s all.”

“I understand and I wish you well in your search, if I can help in any way you will tell me won’t you? You know I do miss their company, but now, well I have you. And now we must go, the theatre awaits. Stand up and I will put your cape back on. Firstly let me adjust your belt here. Do you like the engraving? So intricate.” He took one of her wrists gently; she could feel his warm breath on her face, she breathed slowly. Then he took her other wrist and as he seemed about to kiss her he gently brought them parallel with the belt ring and pressed them slowly inward. She heard two clicks as his lips brushed hers. She looked down and found her wrists bound at the belt ring by two small rings in each rubber cuff that she had simply not noticed before. She tried to wriggle.

“A little trick my dear. Do not try to escape it is quite futile. As I said I like women subdued and so you are, but nothing harmful will come to you, quite the opposite, I think you will have a very pleasant evening. You will not be kidnapped or sold into slavery. We will simply go to the theatre.”

“How do I know I can…trust you?”

“You don’t, but you should, I want you to trust me.” He draped the cape over her as she stood powerless, and pressed the studs from neck to ankle. He then took a light coat for himself, a white scarf and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. She found this so strange, she was in bondage and yet he was treating her like porcelain, a strange date indeed. After a twenty minute cab ride, where they did not exchange words, they were at the theatre. He took her up to a private box at the side of the stage. There was a bottle of champagne in a cooler on the floor!

The play was wonderful and she would have liked to enjoy it more, but for Kurt’s attentions. The champagne was great and she didn’t really care if the audience could see him placing the glass to her lips to drink. At the interval she could not move and Kurt did not allow her to. Their conversation was on the play, no one watching would know that she was encased in rubber and handcuffed to a silver belt! She felt strange, being flattered by this handsome, enigmatic man. But now she was sweating profusely, she could feel it dripping down inside her dress and puddling in her seat. She felt it at her brow and cheeks and he dabbed her gently with his silk handkerchief. 

Just into the second half she felt his hand at the studs on the side of her cape. Then she felt his hand inside her cape. She looked at him, shaking her head imperceptibly, but he smiled benignly, and she felt him slowly pull up her skirt and without turning to look at her, started to caress her pubis. She could do nothing but sit and sweat as he pressed and rubbed and pinched her. Within three minutes the nodules and his attentions had brought her to a shaking orgasm. She tried to stay as quiet and unmoving as possible but she still shook and shuddered in her chair. He looked across at her with a proud smile on his face. She tried to squirm away but to no avail as he continued to play with her through most of the second act. Her hair became damp and he dabbed her brow but he continued his assault on her. She maybe came 5 or 6 times, the forty minutes passing in a blur. The play ended, the lights came up and they slowly left the box. She was still shaking a little and they drew a few stares, but she was too shocked to care. 

“Let’s walk a little; we won’t get a cab here.” Her hands were still cuffed in front of her under the cape. She wobbled slightly, she felt weak and in need of air. He put his arm around her shoulder and she leant into him. They walked for half an hour through the busy London streets, no one aware of her plight. She wondered if she was still under observation. She hoped so, although perversely she did not feel threatened by this man. He hailed a taxi and there was no conversation as they drove to Kathy’s office. Strangely, she was almost disappointed she was not going back to his place. She slithered in the car seat, her sweat and other juices collecting in her moist panties as they arrived at the office. 

“Wait here a minute.” He said to the cabby and helped the handcuffed Dee out. He led her to the back door and held her by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. 

“Well Dee, I had a wonderful night. You are superb company, beautiful and inquisitive, also someone who is prepared to experiment. I like that in a woman. I would like to see you again, more than one time, but I leave that to you.” He kissed her firmly on the lips and she opened to accept him, her hands were crushed against her stomach; she felt his hands on her hard nipples, part of her did not want him to stop, she wanted him to take her there, right up against the door. But he stepped back, pressed the bell and turned to the cab. He did not look back but she heard a faint “au revoir” and he was gone. Seconds later Kathy was at the door. She took her in.

“Well Dee dear, how did it go? Well I hope.” 

“Yes, yes, it was…fine. He’s quite….different, isn’t he? Quite a strange gentleman.”

“So I hear my dear, now let’s get you out of this so you can go home.” Dee was now collecting her thoughts as Kathy took off her cape. 

“Ah, still has you cuffed has he, well, each to their own I say.” She unclipped the cuffs and Dee dropped her arms in relief. 

“Were the other girls cuffed too?” She asked almost disinterestedly. 

“Some were, yes, so I hear, but you’re the first that’s been returned cuffed. You must be the special one.” She chuckled. 

“I hardly think so, after one date. What a term for it, a date. Tied up, sweating in a rubber cocoon while he assaulted me with his hand.” 

“You sound like you didn’t much approve.” Kathy said as she unlocked the belt.

“Well approve is hardly the word. I was his plaything, something to show off, he played with me all night.” She let out a gasp as the belt was removed and Kathy then released the back of the dress.

“Okay, so you don’t want to see him again, that’s okay.”

“No, no wait a minute, I didn’t say that.” Here Kathy chuckled. “It was just so strange.” Kathy helped her off with the dress, on seeing the stains and wetness at her crotch and down her stockings, she said.

“Well my dear, I don’t think you hated it all that much, now be honest.”

“Oh Jesus, it was so….compelling, but I wanted to have some say in it. God, I don’t know, yes it was certainly strange but also quite exciting, just to be played like that, and not being able to do anything, really strange but well yes, exciting too. I’m not making any sense.” Kathy chuckled again as she unlaced her bootees, again noticing the stains down her stockings and around her buttocks. Kathy left her to shower; Dee felt exhausted as she stripped off gloves, stockings and sticky, smelly panties. She was almost ashamed, almost, but as she reflected she was also a little fascinated by this man and his bizarre tastes. She dried off and put on her street clothes. As she looked at the latex clothes and was about to leave, she said.

“Did all the other girls make…such a mess?” Kathy smiled a knowing smile. 

“Why are you so interested in the others? Yes, actually most of them did. But not as much as you Dee, I think he knows precisely what buttons to press with you. But then maybe you had a predilection for this anyway. Think about it.” She raised her eyebrows and patted her arm as Dee left. 

And Dee did think about it that night and into work the next day.

“So, had a good evening?” Said D.I.King, with a wink. 

“Drinks, the theatre and a quick necking, all part of the undercover job, right? You seem to be enjoying this. Anyway, I’m glad to have you lot tailing me. I don’t know if he is our man, but he did have contact with all four women.” King really perked up at this. 

“Excellent, well, we’ll run checks on him. Good work, you do realise that if he wants to see you again, you’ll have to go?”

“Oh, yes, I realise that.” But she had already made up her mind. She would see this strange man again. Kathy phoned the next day. Kurt had been very impressed and wanted to see her again, soon!

“I don’t want to see him straight away, let him wait a bit, shall we?”

“Good idea, Dee, you’re getting to know the game better than me. Okay, I’ll let him know you’re not available for a week or so.” Dee took a breath and then replied.

“Got anyone else on your kinky list?” She wanted to move on, to other clients of the four girls.

“My, you’re keen all of a sudden.” Dee wondered if she was pushing it too far.

“Well, you saw my clothes didn’t you?”

“Indeed I did. Well I have three male and two female…kinky clients, as you call them. Maybe you would like a change, with one of the ladies. And in case you were wondering, yes, your friends did see these women, and the three men, so if you are still playing detective….”

“I’m not playing detective, I’m making money…and broadening my horizons.” Kathy laughed at this.

“But I’d like to know where they are, wouldn’t you if they were your friends?”

“Okay darling, don’t get touchy. I was just kidding a little. I’ll see what I can do for you, this afternoon okay? Are you up for it, or a bit tired?”

“No, I’m ready, anytime.” She said, a little nervous now. Two hours later Kathy phoned.

story continues in Chapter 2


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