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In the Vice 2

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; ponygirl; reluct/cons; X

In the Vice by Rbbral
Chapter Two

“Late this afternoon, Dee, a package will be couriered to your flat. It has clothes and instructions, the usual from her, her name’s Joan, she pays well, if satisfied; good luck, talk to you tomorrow.”

What this meant was that Joan now knew her home address. Well, it was too late now, Dee thought, but it did make her a little uncomfortable. An hour later the package arrived, and with a beating heart Dee opened it. Outside the container there was a handwritten note.

“Dear Dee, you come highly recommended and I am looking forward to meeting you this evening. Please dress in the enclosed clothes, nothing else, and stand outside books etc on Charing Cross Road at 7 p.m. sharp. Do not be late. A blue Bentley will stop and you will get in. With much anticipation, Joan.”

It seemed fairly straightforward, thought Dee. Now what kind of kinky clothing has she for me? She opened the box and even after the last couple of days of exposure to rubber clothing she was shocked – to say the least. There were clothes all right and a list of instructions. This was unreal, she phoned Kathy.

“Calm down Dee, you’ll be fine, all the girls returned the next morning, none the worse. She’s a tough woman all right, but the pay is good and I said you would do it. I don’t want to have to call her again.”

The implied threat was real and Dee realised she was trapped. The guys at the station would sure chuckle if they saw this rig; at least there was another cape to cover up what was underneath.

“Okay, I’ll do it, Jesus, this is too much. But can you pick me up at 6.30, and take me to Charing Cross Road? I’m not… to take the bus or taxi like this, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll see you later, and don’t worry.” That’s easy for you to say, thought Dee. She had an hour to prepare; she’d need all of that. She stared at the instructions again. She didn’t get past number one! 

“Your pubis is to be fully shaved.” Well, I can sit here and whine, or I can get on with it, she thought. She went to the shower, entered and washed herself, after lathering herself well, with a new razor she carefully shaved herself. It was not easy, she was not practiced, but she was pleased she finally managed it without cutting herself. The area around her lips was pink and a little sensitive. Gingerly, she dried herself off, and then followed the further instructions. 

She brushed her shoulder length hair into a pony tail, drawing it tight to the crown and pulling it through a half inch rubber ring that Joan had provided. It gave her head a different look, her hair almost glued to her scalp. Further instructions required bright red lipstick, dark eyeliner and accentuated eye shadow. She now looked quite different but, she admitted, a bit gaudy. She phoned King and told him the arrangements, and he laughed at the cape bit again. She didn’t tell him anything else but was glad she was going to be tailed. He noticed she seemed a bit on edge and he calmed her down, saying this was what vice was all about. Small consolation to her, she thought, as she looked at the clothes laid out. There was no point in dwelling on this, she was the lead player and the game was on. 

Get the boots on first, she thought, she’d never get them on once dressed. They were fully 30 inches high, plus three inch heels, and extended all the way to her shaven crotch. This would take forever; they were made of thick, shiny but pliable rubber, with endless eyeholes, maybe fifty on each side. Joan had written that she wanted them tight and it took Dee fully five minutes on each one. Soon she had tied a bow at the top, just below her crotch. There was a half inch strap at the top with steel attachments that looked like the ends of a car seat belt. They barely touched but she managed to push them together with a click. She was now locked in! What was it with these fetishists about dressing and locks? 

She stood up. Wow, they sure knew their clothes; she felt so empowered, like Boadicea! The rubber sheaths gripped her like a vice and the heels pushed her hips forward just the right amount! To be honest, she didn’t mind them at all – give me a whip and I’ll sort all those guys out at the station! She looked at the instructions again. Okay, skin tight leotard, long sleeved and front zip to high collar. Fair enough, but the two holes for her breasts and the four holes down below! There were two large holes exposing her buttocks, a third further down opposite her bum hole and one finally, an oval one, opposite her now shaven pussy. The garment also had steel rings embedded in the rubber at her collar and hips.

It was attractive, exposing her body, which she was not shy about, but foreboding as well. What had Joan planned for all these holes? There was no point in dwelling and she slipped her heeled boots through the gusset and pulled it up her legs. When the lower half was snug she leant back and slipped her arms through the narrow sleeves, pushing down hard. Once her hands were through it was easy to zip up the front, from just above the waist to her neck. Again she noticed steel rings at her belly and the small of her back. She adjusted her large, firm boobs through the reinforced holes at her chest. Her firm buttocks were held in the tight grip of the suit and felt very exposed. She gingerly felt the rear hole, right opposite her anal passage. She could only imagine what Joan had planned. The front hole squeezed out her pubis in a pink extravagance. 

There was nothing hidden at all, she was covered and yet lewdly exposed; it was cruelly imaginative. She tried to poke back her pussy lips but the reinforced hole just pushed them out again! And her lips were so sensitive! Next came shoulder length black gloves, similar to the ones Kurt liked. With the suit sleeves underneath the gloves made her arms a bit stiff – she was sure this was intended – these people spent hours planning this stuff. The last instructions she did not like – but Kathy would be there in a few minutes and there was no going back now. 

She put on the heavy cape and fastened the studs from neck down to mid calf. She would be sweating in minutes in the fetid heat of the heavy cape. She had decided to meet Kathy outside her flat, she didn’t want her wandering around, and so she left the flat. Under the cape she held the last two pieces of her costume, two heavy rubber mittens with snap rings at the ends. Kathy arrived almost immediately; she got out and opened the door, letting her sit, got back in and smiled. 

“Mmm, you look great Dee, do you mind if I look?” She said, beginning to raise the cape. 

“I guess not, you mean this is new?” 

“Oh yes, the holes for your boobs and pussy I haven’t seen before. I say, did you shave yourself?”

“Yep, I’ve got to keep the client happy. Which means I had better have the mittens on, I guess.” She slipped her hands into the two mittens. Kathy helped her tighten the wrist straps and then clipped them to the rings at the side of her collar, replacing the studs of her cape. Dee was now in inescapable bondage. Soon they were at their destination; Kathy let her out, pecked her cheek and drove off without looking back. 

Dee felt very vulnerable, standing on the pavement. To the ordinary onlooker she was just a beautiful woman waiting for a ride, dressed in a long cape, her pony tailed head held high. Oh, if only they knew! The cool rubber of the cape brushed her nipples and exposed buttocks, and amazingly she found herself becoming aroused. The thought of possible discovery actually excited her; crowds milled round her, looked at her, bumped into her, she even got a couple of lewd suggestions, which she ignored; but she felt very horny all right. 

The Bentley, blue and sleek, arrived at the kerb. A liveried chauffer got out and with an “evening, miss” opened the rear door. She hesitated and then stepped into the dark interior, and an aroma of leather…and rubber! Dee gingerly sat in the rear seat, the door closed and the car slowly moved off. Next to her sat an attractive woman of about 40 or so. She had white hair, cropped quite short and cool grey eyes that examined Dee, who noticed she was dressed for riding! She wore white jodhpurs tucked into black leather knee high boots, a white shirt with high collar, black gloves and a scarlet jacket with silver buttons. She looked as if she was going to a hunt. But more bizarre, and Dee shouldn’t really have been surprised, was that all the clothes were of latex. Joan smiled, showing even white teeth.

“Dee, my dear, hello. Kathy did not do you justice. You are quite beautiful in your rig.” Dee smiled nervously back, licking her lips, her mouth was now dry. Joan leaned over to her and Dee was aware of her vulnerability.

“Now, let’s see if you have obeyed my orders.” She released the studs of the cape, laying it open. Without averting her eyes from Dee’s, who was embarrassed, laid out as she was in front of her – Joan then examined Dee’s exposed breasts, her pussy moist and shaven pouting through the hole at her crotch. Her hands clipped to her collar, Dee was totally submissive 

“Mmm, your little quim looks wonderful, and newly shaved.” She gently ran her rubber finger up and down Dee’s lips; she said nothing, just breathed slowly through her open mouth.

“Dee, let’s get things straight dear, you look as if you are about to faint, I’m not going to rape or murder you, I’m not a lesbian, I seek only one thing – obedience, blind obedience. No harm, permanent harm, will come to you, I promise. I will return you tomorrow after I, and you I hope, will have had some fun. Okay?”

Dee nodded, feeling a little relieved.

“Good, now the first rule, after we have had our little chat I don’t want to hear you speak again, absolute silence. You will be a mute, otherwise I will punish you, and you wouldn’t like that. But one last thing how do you like your costume - the rubber and the boots?” She laid her hand on Dee’s thigh.

“Well, er…I’m getting used to the rubber I think; Kathy has another client who introduced me to it. And well, I quite like the cool cling of it.” Joan smiled approvingly and gently rubbed Dee’s exposed breast. 

“But these holes make me…a little nervous.”

“I’m glad you are getting into rubber, Dee, it’s all I wear. The holes…well, they are there for a purpose, and you will find that out later.” Dee winced at the thought. 

“Now Dee, I like my privacy, so just lean over and I will put these dark glasses on you. They are blacked out and you will not see out of them. Don’t be nervous, I am taking you to a place I have in the country. Right now I’d rather you not know where it is.” Dee’s vision was blacked out, and she began to hope the stake out team was doing their job. As the car sped silently out of London, Joan admired the beauty sitting quietly, obediently, now sightlessly next to her. Her breasts were held tightly in the reinforced holes of the suit and rose slowly in unison as Joan could see Dee trying to keep herself under control. Joan gently squeezed a nipple and was pleased to feel it go hard under her touch. Oh yes, thought Joan, this one was a gem, a natural. She will be perfect. 

The car eventually pulled to a halt, for Dee this was a nervous time, but for Joan the start of an exciting night. The chauffer left, the picture of discretion. He was well paid and he kept his mouth shut, although nothing much surprised him. Joan helped Dee out, and tossed the cape in the back of the car. She admired her prize, standing still in her boots, leotard and gloves, her arms useless at her shoulders and her sexual parts exposed. She removed her glasses and Dee blinked in the light.

“My, you are a beauty, fine buttocks and boobs, and those thigh boots, they’re made for you. This is, as you can see, the stables, the car takes up a quarter there and the rest is the tack room.” Dee stared around and noticed the harnesses and the tack on the walls. Her eyes widened.

“You may have guessed by now that this tack is not for horses, but for young ladies, such as yourself. Yes, my dear I like, I love, to place beautiful, young, spirited ladies into harness as young fillies, to be put through their paces – trotting, cantering and even galloping – all the while blindly obedient. It’s called equus eroticus.”

“You have to be kidding.” Dee blurted before thinking.

“Silence. That’s the last thing you will say, young filly, or you will taste the whip, and I am not joking.” Dee hung her head, difficult to do with the high collar. This was getting weirder, first immobilised and abused at the theatre and now she was playing a pony! She had no idea what connection this had to the missing women, but it looked as if she would have to suffer to find out. 

Joan took a complex harness of brass rings, leather straps and buckles from the wall and draped it over her. Dee stood motionless as Joan busied herself. Straps encircled her waist and between her legs, with brass rings strategically placed opposite her exposed pussy and arse. Further ones passed between her breasts and over her shoulders to connect with further horizontal ones under her breasts and round her back. Joan pulled them all tight, assiduously adjusting all the buckles. Dee felt as if she was in some strange body corset. 

But that was not all; Joan released Dee’s sore arms from the collar rings and clipped them to the ring at the small of her back. Then she produced a nasty looking neck brace. 

“Head up.” She ordered, and not making any eye contact Dee raised her head, while Joan wrapped the thick rubber brace round her neck. It had a raised front that cradled her chin so she had to raise her head above the horizontal. Dee could barely move her head, this was ridiculous, she wanted to complain but knew better not to. But more was to come. In Joan’s hands she saw a rubber head harness; and Joan laid it over her head. Like any young filly she did not take kindly to the bridle for the first time. 

“All right, it’s okay, be over in a minute, you’ll be fine, easy now.” But it wasn’t fine, as Joan efficiently fitted it. Above her nose it parted and a strap passed over her crown and she pulled her pony tail through a brass ring. Other straps passed round her head and under her chin and were then attached through straps in the neck brace, both back and front. Now Dee could barely move her head at all. On either side of her mouth were two brass rings; and she knew what these were to hold.

Joan pulled on a couple of straps and seemed satisfied with her work, then she moved behind and released Dee’s mittened hands momentarily, and then raised them higher up her back, higher and higher, until she attached the two snap rings of the mittens to a short chain hanging down from the back of the collar. God, thought Dee, she’s trying to split me in two. She couldn’t move her head or her arms, but this tough woman was not finished with her yet. She brought over a rubber-covered tube half an inch in diameter and about six inches long. She held it up in front of Dee.

“Now Dee, open wide, this is your bit. Remember a pony has no opinion or will; it is controlled by the bit and the reins. Now bite down on this, come now, open wide.” Arms strapped behind her, head held rigid and high, she could do nothing as Joan roughly crammed the rubber between her teeth. It tasted bitter as she gripped it in her teeth and Joan attached it to the two rings. Joan stepped back, now she was a true pony girl; so beautiful and with her face suffused with anguish. She could not wait to train her. But she wasn’t finished yet. Dee groaned into her bit as Joan laid out an attaché case on the bench beside her and opened it. Dee could not see much of the case due to the high neck brace and head harness. But Joan raised two small bells attached to small crocodile clips in front of her and deftly clipped them onto her exposed nipples. Dee yelped and waggled her breasts, which only made the bells ring out. Joan laughed out loud and said. 

“Normally I would want your nipples pierced so I can hang these by rings, but these clips will have to do…for now that is! You will get used to the throbbing. I have one more bell Dee, and this one will be sore I’m afraid, but it is essential for a pretty pony just like you. Spread your legs Dee, wide now, wider. This is going to go on, so let’s get it over with.” Dee groaned into her bit again but did spread her legs. She felt Joan prise her lips apart and begin rubbing them and then rubbing her clitoris between finger and thumb. Dee could not see what she was doing but she certainly could feel it. Despite willing herself not to, she could feel her bud harden and enlarge. Then she felt the cold steel of the clip on her clit.

“Aaahh, aahh.” She moved from one foot to the other, and then began to rub her thighs together. But the bell stayed on, and her lips closed over the clip leaving the bell to swing free. Oh god, she thought, when will this end? But no, the final indignity, Joan displayed a fine 18 inch tail, a horse’s tail attached to a white rubber dildo, glistening with lubricant. It was about 4 inches in length and an inch in diameter with a narrower end for her sphincter to grip. Dee wailed as Joan pushed her over the bench to the horizontal and placed the plug at her rear entry. Dee continued to wail. 

“Dee, you have a wonderful bum hole, nice and tight, but this is going to go in. Now I don’t want to do any damage so we will take our time. Now relax, relax Dee.” Joan did indeed take her time, gently pressing and then stopping so Dee could take a breather. But once past her tight entry it was a lot easier, for Joan that is! As Dee wailed and grunted Joan pushed, and in three minutes it was up to the hilt and her sphincter was gripping it firmly. The tail stuck up proudly as Joan released Dee and allowed her to stand up. Joan inspected her as Dee breathed hard, tears now forming.

“Finished, all done and my, how great you look in your rubber, boots and livery, harness, bells and tail. I wonder what your friends would say if they saw you now.” Joan waggled her breasts and gently pulled on her tail. Dee yelped and spittle was already forming on her bit and dripping down her chin. Dee indeed did wonder what her friends at the station would think. She was just hoping the surveillance was not that close! 

Joan attached reins to her bridle and, not too gently pulled her out of the stables. At the rear there was a sanded, circular track around a central grassed area. On the way out Joan took a long whip and led her to the circle and began to put her through her paces, jogging, trotting, with her knees held high.

And in the cooling dark night under the floodlit exercise track Joan trained her new filly; coaxing her, encouraging her, and when necessary, punishing her. Dee, needless to say, was not terribly thrilled with this exercise, and initially when she showed signs of reluctance a hard flick of the whip on her exposed nates got her attention. Dee was a policewoman, a tough, fit, smart detective, and here she was, being paraded in all her rubber finery, breast and clit bells jingling, her gaping mouth gripped round a rubber bit, it was humiliating to say the least. 

Initially she fought, and Joan calmly whipped her bottom, hard. She realised that standing still in mute dispute only presented Joan with a static target, which she took advantage of. Slowly, reluctantly, she realised the futility of fighting her. More than once Joan altered her punishment and flicked her exposed breasts, Dee was smart enough to realise there was no escape. In short Dee learned to be obedient, just like any recalcitrant pony, obeying orders was the only way to stop the punishment. 

Joan was pleased with this slow transformation; she so loved breaking them into docile, obedient women, or fillies. Dee realised that the more obedient she was, the easier it became, and less painful, but of course, all the more humiliating. They took short breaks, and Joan would encourage her, advise her, and wipe the sweat from her face and saliva from her chin. She would also gently fondle her breasts and nates, and Dee strangely would find this comforting. By the third hour Joan was happy to see that Dee was nearly broken in, and Dee knew this too, her arse cheeks were red and burning, her clit and nipples still throbbed with a dull ache, her mouth was tender from all the pulling of the bit and her arms were numb. But now she listened to each command and felt every tug on her bit, and now she wanted to please – she obeyed, without question. 

By the fourth hour she was running full pelt with knees raised, the boots providing no barrier to her endeavours. Joan was delighted, and without comment she fastened a rubber blindfold over Dee’s eyes, eliminating all her vision and leaving her standing, still panting and catching her breath, in the cool night under the floodlights.

Joan returned, pulling a small buggy, and drawing it behind Dee, fixed the two arms to the rings at Dee’s hips. Dee knew something was happening, and became a little skittish, gurgling into her bit. Joan placed a hand on her cheek. 

“Calm down now, Dee. You have done wonderfully well so far, you are a natural, but I have one test for you, and that is for you to put complete trust in me, and my commands. You are going to take me for a ride in my buggy. I shall give you no oral commands; you must obey the whip and the bit. Feel them, react to them, and obey them. Be a proud and obedient pony.” Then Dee felt the whip at her buttocks and on she moved. 

She was alert to every faint pull on her bit; and in her private darkness she began to suddenly enjoy the sensations! The air was cool but she was warm, her rubber armour was slippery with her sweat, the clit and nipple rings, instead of hurting now gave off a warm, faintly throbbing, sensation, and she liked it. Her arse had now seemingly accommodated the dildo, for it was not sore any more. She liked the feel of her tail swishing her hot buttocks as she ran with confidence. And she was confident, for she trusted this woman would bring her to no harm, so although she was blindfolded she ran, and ran, as if she had full sight. Under her heels she could feel grass, sand and earth. She could smell the trees and hear her bells jingling as she confidently stormed along. Her sensations were all enhanced. 

Finally she felt the reins pull her in as she was led into the stables and almost reluctantly she came to a halt. This was the best exercise she had ever had, talk about a workout! She was released from the buggy and then the blindfold, and she blinked in the bright light. She was exhausted, breasts rising and falling, sweat dripping down her face and spittle from her bit. Joan sensuously rubbed her down, wiping her dry, carefully massaging her bottom and breasts; Dee closed her eyes and groaned softly. There was a gleam in Joan’s eyes too; she seemed very pleased with Dee. 

“Well, that was wonderful, Dee, you are magnificent, strong, fast, beautiful…and obedient! Now I am going to take your bit out, no talking now, only when spoken too, remember.” As the bit was withdrawn Dee let out a huge sigh of relief, licked her lips and moved her jaw around. Joan helped her drink from a water bottle and slowly Dee calmed down. Joan released the clit and nipple clamps, accompanied by a gasp from Dee as blood rushed back. Joan tenderly rubbed the nodule; to help her recovery or for fun was not clear to Dee. Joan gently kissed her nipples and slowly massaged her breasts. Dee was beginning to pant again and Joan looked up at her with a knowing smile on her face. Then she removed, as gently as she could, the dildo/tail from Dee’s arse. She leant her over and slowly twisted and pulled it, the sphincter almost reluctant to release it. Dee sighed as it popped out and then Joan removed the body and head harness and the neck brace. Dee stood to attention, silent. She was now in the kit she had arrived in, would she be going home now? Joan answered her thoughts as she looked up at her, placing her rubber gloved hands at her hips.

“Now Dee, it’s time to put you to bed. You can bed here in the stables….or you can come into the house with me.” The air was electric; Joan had a very faint smile on her face. Dee looked at Joan, she had said she wasn’t a lesbian, but a bed, any bed, was what Dee wanted right now, and not some straw bed in the stables. 

“Don’t look so terrified, I won’t eat you – although you do look delicious enough to eat!” Joan smiled at her discomfort, Dee’s arms were sore and still behind her back, but at least not attached to the neck brace. But she had no protection against this strong, attractive woman. She lowered her head.

“With you, I would prefer…with you.” Joan slapped her bare buttock with joy.

“Excellent, let’s go, you must be very tired after your exercise. You deserve a rest.” She laid a hand on her side and led her to the small cottage, and straight upstairs! All Dee noticed was a well furnished house, clearly belonging to a single woman, with no signs of another occupier. She stopped Dee in front of a big bed, with wooden railings at both ends. Dee, all at once, was exhausted and without asking she sat down on the side of the bed. Joan glanced over, smiled and stripped off her rubber clothing, tossing it on the chair. She had a fine, firm body, belying her age, which Dee couldn’t really tell anyway. Joan caught her looking at her, gave her a look as if to say, you naughty girl, and then approached her.

“Quick shower for me, Dee, for you nothing. It will take us too long to get you out of all this, and anyway you look too good. But I don’t want you ripping my rubber sheets, so the boots will have to come off.” She knelt in front of Dee, and with a small key she had got from the pocket of her breeches unlocked the tops of her boots and quickly unlaced them. Dee sighed with relief as she drew them off, her legs were pink and gleaming with sweat. Joan, naked and without embarrassment, towelled her dry, it was a strange sensation for Dee, for while she was the captive she had at her feet a beautiful woman tenderly attending to her. Joan smiled slyly and then gently brushed the towel over Dee’s exposed love lips, and Dee gasped. Joan wiped her breasts and then her face holding it gently, almost motherly.

“I’m having a shower; do you need to go to the loo?” Dee nodded and Joan led her to the bathroom. Dee had lost all embarrassment too – four hours of tit and clit clamps and a dildo up her arse had taken care of that – so she sat and peed. Joan, without being invited, gave her a gentle wipe and pushed her to the bedroom, slapping her buttock playfully. 

“Pick your side, I’m not fussy, but don’t rip the sheets!” Dee sat on the bed again, feeling the cool rubber against her still warm cheeks. She looked down at herself, the suit stuck to her every curve, her breasts were pushed out and the nipples were erect, was she excited at what was happening or was this simply a reaction to the crocodile clamps? She wriggled her arms, they were quite loose and not uncomfortable but, she thought, no protection against Joan if, that is, she wanted to be protected!

Joan returned, rubbing her hair, she looked younger somehow. She opened a closet a pulled out a pink leotard, similar to Dee’s, with cut-outs at her pussy and arse but with covered breasts. She squeezed herself into it. 

“My sleeping costume, nice and tight; it keeps my boobs firm, and I get to work up a sweat. You don’t look so comfortable like that. To stop you sleepwalking I think we will try this on you.” She brought out a soft rubber collar attached to a chain and cuff. She attached the cuff to the head of the bed and wrapped the collar round Dee’s neck, snapping it shut. Dee stayed motionless, lost in her own thoughts.

“Now we can dispense with these.” Joan released Dee’s mittens and with a loud sigh Dee brought her hands in front of her. 

“Oh, thank you, thanks.” She was still mittened but she could at least rub her arms and improve her circulation. 

“Well, time for bed.” Joan said and lay back on the rubber sheet, Dee followed suit as Joan turned off the light and pulled a single sheet over them. Dee held her breath, what would happen next?

“Goodnight Dee…and thanks for your…company this evening. I know this is all very strange for you. If it is any consolation you are a quite wonderful pony girl. You’re made for it. Be honest, did you not enjoy it, the trust in someone else and taking pride in doing something well? You run like the wind, Dee, it is a super sight to see.”

In the dark, Dee looked at the ceiling and tried to formulate her thoughts. 

“I don’t know, I suppose a little, yes, but the costume was really weird, and the clips on my…nipples and clit, and the dildo. It’s a lot to take in one night. I find it quite confusing.” Joan took her hand in hers and leaned into her.

“I know it is a lot to digest. Oh, by the way I set up a video camera on the circuit before you got to pull me in the buggy; I’ll give it to you later. You did look so good.” Dee was a bit shocked, she didn’t want copies of that floating around the station – but on the other hand she was intrigued as to how she had performed! She drifted off to a fitful sleep, snug in her latex sheets. During the night their bodies coalesced, and Dee felt Joan’s arm over her body, holding her breast. Dee wanted to break free but….well, it didn’t do any harm. Then Joan moved closer, her sweet breath at Dee’s ear and she felt a finger gently slide over her love lips. 

“I told you I wasn’t a lesbian, Dee, but I am bi however. It was very naughty of me not to tell you the whole truth.” She giggled quietly in the dark. Over the last few days Dee considered this the least of her trials, and this revelation was hardly a surprise to her. So she silently acquiesced and allowed Joan to gently explore her body. And Dee very easily conceded that she was an expert, soon finding exactly which buttons to push. 

A week ago Dee would never have thought this possible and now…good grief, she wasn’t even uncomfortable. Chained to a bed, dressed in rubber and being seduced by a beautiful bisexual woman. With no resistance offered, Joan would have backed off if there was – there were always other days, and she needed little prompting as her soft, sweet and tender lips pressed down on Dee’s. Dee’s mittened hands could do little, but then Joan was doing it all anyway. With no fight in her (and did she want to fight?) Dee not only succumbed to the assault but also reciprocated, to her own surprise, and pleasure. In the drowsy darkness Dee felt fingers squeezing her nub, and then pressing inside her; then her raw nipples were sucked and nibbled. She bathed in a sea of sweaty pain and pleasure and soon passed into a heavy well-earned deep sleep.

She awoke to find Joan pulling back the curtains, now out of her leotard and in a fleecy dressing gown and already showered. She sat beside Dee. 

“You slept well.” 

“Could have been better, I was…otherwise engaged. God, I don’t know what has come over me. I can understand the pony girl thing, well I had little option, having my bum and boobs whipped, but last night…it’s something I never…”

“Don’t analyse it Dee, you explored a portion of your inner self. If you were shocked or ashamed, then you shouldn’t be. You enjoyed yourself, that’s all, nobody got killed, it was fun, for me anyway.” She released Dee’s collar and Dee sat up. 

“Come on, you need food, and then you are out of here.” Joan clipped her mittened hands back onto her collar rings, and Dee gave no resistance. She was immobilised again but did not complain. Then Joan took Dee’s boots and knelt between Dee’s outstretched legs and slowly laced them back on. No conversation was exchanged but as she did this Joan would look up at intervals and smile at Dee, at the same time glancing at her moist love lips, almost beckoning her. Dee felt, not for the first time, very vulnerable but at the same time she found this vignette also very arousing, this beautiful woman, kneeling in front of her, tying on her boots. 

As she finished, she gently pushed Dee’s knees apart and leant in and kissed her there, her warm lips riding over Dee’s inflamed pussy. Then she stood up, helped Dee up, and down the stairs. Breakfast was taken in almost complete silence. Joan fed Dee tea and toast treating the submissive woman as if she was a child and Dee played along, quiet and acquiescent. Both of them seemed to have their own thoughts. Joan asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom but Dee said she was fine. 

“Well my dear, you have a life to live and so do I, so let’s get on with them, Tom is bringing the car around. He is discreet, and asks no questions, nor answers them, so I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I’m feeling lazy today so I will just get in the back in my gown here; the windows are tinted so no one will know. We’ll take you back to Kathy’s office; she’ll be waiting for you. Now let’s get your cape on.’ Dee stood and Joan draped the cape over her shoulders and before closing the studs gently kissed her tender nipples. Dee shivered as the cool rubber brushed her sensitive damp nipples. 

Dee breathed deeply, now dressed as the day before, but inside..well…she was a different woman, she thought. Under the cape her body ached with exhaustion, and her groin, nipples and arse were still faintly sore. It was still warm and sweaty in the rubber embrace of the leotard; she had now worn it for over 12 hours. As Joan placed the dark glasses over her eyes, blocking out all vision, Dee realised she still had a mission. As they drove off she asked, tentatively.

“I have to tell you, that part of the reason I joined Kathy was two friends of mine, Jo and Marj, had also been with her. But well, I lost contact with them, they just disappeared.”

“Mmm, so I heard, yes, a real pity. I wonder what happened to them. I’m sorry Dee, but I can’t help you there. They did both come to me, we had some fun and pervery and that was it. Dee, my dear, they did not have your talent or spirit for the occasion. Oh no.” And that was it, for the rest of the ride she deflected Dee’s subtle probing skilfully, with a smile of indifference and lack of knowledge. So Dee left it, from the aspect of the case she had run into another dead end. 

Suddenly she felt Joan’s hand slip through her side panel and rest on her exposed, tender pussy. Dee breathed in slowly as a finger pressed along her lips. Despite herself she widened her legs and Joan eased a finger inside her. Soon Dee was rocking slowly and sighing.

“Oh…..aah   please…no” But too late Dee shook in her seat. Joan grinned.

“Just a little something to remember me by. Ah, here we are, take care of yourself Dee, it has been wonderful for me, I hope we can do it, and more again, soon.” She took off her glasses, leaned over and with no resistance from Dee kissed her firmly on the lips; then watched as Dee, still in a daze, exited the vehicle. The chauffer closed the door, rang the buzzer and drove off. Dee leant against the door and almost fell into Kathy’s arms as she opened it.

“Hello sweetie, good evening?” Kathy grinned as she helped her in. 

“Just get me out of these, will you, I’m beaten.” 

“Mmm, looks like it!” Kathy said on seeing Dee’s red cheeks as she took the cape off.

“Still, nothing permanent, so, it went okay then?” Dee waited, now almost naked as Kathy stripped her, sweat pouring from the leotard. Then she unlaced the boots as Dee gingerly sat on the bed.

“Well, come on, cat got your tongue? Do you want to see her again?” Dee thought hard, she looked at herself in the mirror; she was pink, damp and exhausted. She Joan might not be helping the case, but then….well another visit wouldn’t harm!

“Yes, yes I think I do; she’s a very cruel yet…understanding woman, even tender. How do you find these people? Kurt was the same, cruel and devious and yet, a gentleman, and now Joan.” As Dee showered, Joan sat on the toilet seat.

“Yes, they are rather interesting. But you don’t seem too horrified Dee, so if you want to meet another one, I have a gentleman who would love to meet you. I talked to him last night. He’s the second of my three special male clients.” Dee got out of the shower, all pink and clean and Kathy handed her a pair of her silk panties, bra, jeans and t-shirt and thongs

“Here, you can borrow these. You can return them when you want. Well, are you interested?”

“What’s his kink?” Dee asked without hesitation. 

“Ahh Dee, now you know that’s a secret until you have taken the job. Tough, I understand, taking the job and knowing nothing of the client, but my guaranty is the same, you will come to no harm. Jo and Michelle went to him as well, if it is of any interest to you.” Dee thought it was as if Kathy knew that this would be enough to get her to take the bait.

“Okay, why not…as you say, the pay is good, so when?”

“Well tomorrow actually, if you are not too tired.”

“Oh yeah, I’m okay, I’m fine. So call me at home with the arrangements.”

Dee went home, tired but with spirits up at the thought of another lead….and another client. She reported to DI King and the other two DC’s were in the room. 

“Bad news, Dee I’m afraid. Now don’t get mad at me, we…lost your tail, in Soho. That chauffer was a slick driver, it was as if we knew we were following him, and also….they muddied the plates so we didn’t get a line on the car. Look I’m sorry, we screwed up.”

“Sorry, Jesus, you should be. You mean all last night was wasted?” King nodded.

“But did you learn anything?”

“Well, yes and no. She’s a bi woman and she knew the other women. It all went…okay. I’ll keep this short so you can keep your horny little thoughts in check.” King and the other two looked offended.

“Dee, we are profess…….”

“Oh, give me a break, a little bit of lesbo action is what you would like to hear, I know! Anyway it was all quite tame, a little bit of petting, dinner, drinks and I stayed over. She’s a…lonely rich woman who wanted company, that’s all, it wasn’t too terrible, we pecked and hugged, and that’s all. I’ve had worse dates with guys, believe me!”

She didn’t know why she didn’t give the whole story. Was it because she was embarrassed, or because she saw no need to expose Joan to their attentions? They were in vice, yes, but would they understand what went on last night? Probably not, she thought. King spoke, a little diffidently.

“Well, good for you Dee. What about any new leads?” Dee drew in a breath.

“Yes, actually. Another man wants to see me, tomorrow. I’m starting to get popular…I don’t know why. I don’t know his predilections but we don’t have any other lines to follow do we? So I’m up for it.”

“Good for you, Dee. It’s nice to know someone in our team is doing a good job.” He glared at the other two men in the room. The meeting broke up, King advising Dee that they may have something on Kurt in a day or so. Dee went home and slept for a good part of the afternoon. She found herself bored, she read, she watched TV, but she couldn’t Kurt or Joan out of her mind. She went to bed early and slept fitfully. She was woken in the morning by a call from Kathy, with her instructions.

story continues in Chapter 3


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