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From Top to Bottom 8: More Steps to Subjugation

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; naked; cream; depilatory; tease; latex; steel; ball-ring; stuck; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part 7

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter 8: More Steps to Subjugation

A few days later came a further recognition of my transformation. When we went into the shower one morning, Ryan had already armed himself with a large container of thick white cream. Already I had an idea what this was. I am light skinned, with light ash-blonde hair, very short. I’m not very hirsute, I can grow a beard eventually but my hair is very blonde so there isn’t much 5 o’clock shadow, and my body hair is not pronounced, a little on the chest, arms and legs.  I wasn’t hugely surprised that he wanted me hairless all over. Of course it would certainly help with the dressing in rubber.

So I put up no resistance at all. Apart from at home the only time I’m nude is the gym and that can be easily covered up in the showers, and anyway we see lots of fit guys with shaved legs or arms who are into serious exercise, silly though that may sound.

He donned a pair of thick rubber gloves and began to smooth the thick cream all over me, from neck down to ankles. I was interested to note that it was the same brand that Candy had recommended all those weeks ago. He left my beard, such as it was, and my hair for the last few years had always been kept very short. Once I was covered he pecked my cheek and told me to stay like this for 20 minutes or so. After a while that is when it began to tickle, then itch, and then finally burn, particularly around my crotch where the growth was thickest.

It was with a huge relief that he finally allowed me to shower, and I watched as all my body hair disappeared down the drain. I was a little pinkish and itchy still, but after he rubbed some soothing gel all over me, which made me incredibly horny, over the morning the soreness gradually receded. Around the house I wore a thin rubber housecoat for most of the day. Despite the sensitivity of my skin, the feel of the thin rubber caressing me really aroused me, but for the next day I took it easy, dressing only in light rubber, something I loved doing anyway. He advised me that the depilation cream would be applied every two weeks, to keep it all nicely under control and eventually I would need it less often, as Candy had also said. And again I accepted this, quite calmly, it almost seemed natural now.

Over the next few days I got used to being “hairless” and it was not really that difficult. The obvious area was my crotch and it was certainly different down there, but not unpleasant. After a few days I hardly noticed it at all.

It was later, one morning, when we had the oddest of conversations.

We were lying in bed, very early in the morning, warm and a bit sweaty between the latex sheets. Ryan was running his forefinger around my nipple, then giving it a gentle pinch, a thoughtful look on his face.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh, just thinking.”


“How great you would look with this ringed or bar-belled….well, both of them.” And he had that smile on his face.

“What? Yes, I remember you telling me you wanted them pierced, permanently with a rod and barbells if I remember correctly. Well no thanks.” And he was now all innocent.

“No? Why not, you would look great, I could run a chain between them and lead you around, or nice brass bells.” He had leaned close to me. “I’d love that, or, even one through your nose, your septum, then, then I could attach a thin chain to it and control you with just a single finger, hhmm I’d like that.” His hand had moved to my crotch. I was hard now, but brushed it away.

“Well, if you think it’s such a great idea, why don’t I puncture and grommet your septum, and see how you like it and….and why stop there, we could do your ears, how about your tongue, or your lips, get you all done up like some goth.” I wanted to dismiss this quickly, I was certainly not ready for this.

“Okay, calm down, just having fun with you. We see a lot of pierced guys down at the club, I just thought you’d….”

“Nope, as in no, non, niente.” He squeezed my cock.

“Or even ring your cock. Hhmm? No, maybe not, that would feel very strange up my bum, or in my mouth.”

“And for me too. Look I have no real issue with all the piercings on others, but I, we, have a certain standing, no, don’t laugh. We are professionals, and we still do work in the real world, it’s good to keep our hand in it, and make some money too, so turning up at some board meeting to make a presentation with rings protruding from nose, ears, mouth etc would not look too smart. Sorry, but there it is. I know you like the idea of me being under your complete control and I don’t mind that at all when we are in the mood, but not all the time, right?”

“We could make them detachable.”

“Jeez, you don’t give up do you? No.” I simply didn’t like the idea, and the thought of needles going through my nipples, or septum, or tongue, or cock for god’s sake, didn’t really appeal to me.

And we left it at that, but as always with Ryan, one always got the feeling he wouldn’t leave it alone, as I would find out once again about a week later.

Again we were in bed in the morning, my smooth hairless skin very sensitive to the caress of the rubber sheets. Without any preamble Ryan smiled slyly and disappeared under the sheet and I quickly felt his warm mouth over my cock. Oh, I thought, this is a nice start to the day, as he worked his mouth around my head, his hand rolling my hairless balls like marbles.

One thing he liked to do, and I liked it too, was to grip my scrotum at the base by creating a tight ring between thumb and forefinger, then squeeze and pull them down, thus tightening the sac around my balls. This somehow made me harder and my balls in the constricting sac more sensitive. Then, with no excess slack skin he could pop both of them comfortably in his mouth, which he did. Oh, that was so good and it was even better now that I was bald down there. This carried on for a couple of minutes, Ryan even hummed while his mouth was full with my balls and I almost exploded, but managed to hold it. My head was above the sheets, my hand fondling his cock, and I could feel him fumbling a bit down there. Then I felt something hard and cool around the base of my ball sac, then his hands manipulating, accompanied by a tightening around the base.

Then I heard a discernible sharp click, and a chuckle from Ryan.

“Hey, hey, what’s going….” And as he lifted himself out from under the latex sheet a big grin on his face, I sat up on the side of the bed, and looked down.

I inspected my hairless crotch, lifting my quickly softening cock and saw a bright steel ring wrapped around the base of my ball sac. Well it wasn’t a ring, but more of a cross between a ring and a short tube. About three quarters of an inch in diameter, over half an inch long and a quarter inch thick. It was exquisitely smooth and shiny….and quite heavy. I inspected it in detail.

“What have you…?” I twisted it gently, there was room for me to do that, but there was no way that my balls, or even one of them could be prised through the ring and out from their captivity. They hung down, now clearly outlined in their sac, the skin around them was very snug although not stretched to the limit, but any slack had disappeared. I was still a bit lost for words. I turned it round again and could see no keyhole, no lock, just two very fine lines where presumably the ends had connected.

“Ryan, what have you….?”

“Don’t you love it? It’s a perfect fit. Let’s be honest, the scrotum is not the most beautiful of appendages, wrinkly, saggy, hairy, yes? Well you now have none of the above! Look at you, nice and firm, hairless, each ball clearly defined, yummy!”

“Yes, but Ryan…it’s quite heavy, I mean..”

“You’ll get used to it in no time, the skin will relax a bit, but in a few days you won’t know it’s there, and come on, you look gorgeous.”

In truth I had never been a huge fan of the scrotum – even the name for god’s sake. Cocks, yes, but Ryan’s observation on the remainder I pretty well agreed with. And I had to admit my balls, clearly outlined behind the tautened skin looked a lot better, but how would I get out of it? So I asked him this.

“Yes, well, it’s a self-locking mechanism, you know, male part female part and squeeze them together, pretty simple. And yes, it’s pretty strong steel, so I suppose…..some serious metal cutters?” I got the feeling that he’d not really thought, or more likely cared whether I liked to be held “captive” like this.

“So what you’re telling me is it is permanent, or semi-permanent with some help from some metallurgist, yes?” and he sort of nodded, but sloughed it all off.

“Oh come on Don, you look great, look it involved nothing invasive, no piercings, no pain.”

“And I should be thankful for that, should I? And what about going out in public, the gym?” and he dismissed that with a shrug.

“Aaah, they never look there, and anyway it’s all hidden by that lovely cock of yours.”

“And we like to travel, yes? What about airport security, well? I’ll trigger the machine and what will I tell them?”

“Oh come on Don, people trigger those machines all the time, with their cock or labia or nipple rings. They’re used to it at airports, they’ve seen everything, they just take you in the back room, and you’re out in 30 seconds.” He seemed to think it just wasn’t an issue, and perhaps it wouldn’t be, for I’m sure those security guys are pretty unshockable, but it still didn’t mean I wouldn’t be at least a little bit embarrassed.

Anyway it was done, and barring getting hold of some heavy-duty metal cutters the ring would stay on, for now anyway. I was madder than hell with him initially, but of course if you love someone, with all their foibles, then you have to have a very forgiving streak. I stood up and immediately felt the weight of the ring drag down onto my balls. Not painful at all, not uncomfortable, but definitely a “presence”. It wasn’t too tight, I could twist and turn it easily and there was enough of a gap to clean and dry myself, probably with a hair dryer.

But more than anything else I knew what it was. It was a further reminder, a further intensification, a further deepening of my position as a rubber sub. Ryan knew that, and I knew that.

But if truth be told, my hairless, tightly steel-entrapped balls did look pretty damn good now!

It probably took me no longer than two or three days to get accustomed to the ring. Its presence was always felt, a gentle weight, a slight drag but nothing more and within that time I had adjusted. And it certainly made my balls more sensitive now they were more “exposed” to the outer skin. And I found myself almost unconsciously playing with myself down there, enjoying the subtle sensations. But the most compelling thing about it all was what it represented, and my acceptance of it.


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