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From Top to Bottom 7: Another Encounter, with Unexpected Results

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 6

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter 7: Another Encounter, with Unexpected Results

But we made it to our underground parking lot, and then it dawned on me the next hurdle was to get to my apartment on the top floor, either in the elevator (oh no) or the stairwell. Okay, it was well after three but supposing we met…..anyway Ryan pulled on my leash and I waddled behind him as we entered the basement lobby, me again shaking my head and grunting my annoyance. I backed into the elevator, aware that my arse was exposed and my cock and balls still in chastity I hoped were out of sight.

And then….the elevator stopped at the main lobby, ooooh jeeesus.

The door was opened and there was a second’s silence followed by a screech and then a loud laugh, and Ryan shouting.

“Patpatpat, it’s okay, Pat, hey it’s okay, it’s only Don and me, come back, it’s okay.” And very slowly returning and peering into the elevator was Pat, looking a little shocked, but on reflection not as shocked as I thought she might be, given the circumstances, but more amused. Pat is one of my neighbours from the floor below. An articulate, bright, vivacious, really fun woman in her late 20’s, very attractive – dark wavy hair, tall and with a very voluptuous figure, not Rubenesque, but like an Italian beauty from the 50’s – Sophia or Gina - when women had real bodies to show off.

She was single which surprised me, but whenever we talked which was quite often, she always said the men she met were such dickheads! She was far too much for them to handle, a woman with a strong will and mind, and she had no time for them. She owned a very successful shop in the west end, selling fashion that was either ahead of its time, or retro, I couldn’t really tell, but all I knew was that it was expensive and very popular. And she certainly made a lot of money. I’d have thought looking at her, she would have been fighting the men off and I suppose she was but she was very bright, obviously had lots of money, but she didn’t suffer fools gladly, and simply wasn’t able to put up with them. She was very independent. We always had a chat when meeting in and out of the building; she was always very friendly, but as there were no men in her life I always wondered what she got up to. . Ryan had met her a couple of times and really liked her too.

He held the door open, he’d taken his hoodie off and left it in the car, so he was in all his tranny glory, dress, stockings, gloves, high heels and of course mask, and all in shimmering rubber. And me, well there I was by his side, his rubber gimp, complete with doggie mask, and arse tight against the back of the elevator, cock and balls (I hoped) hidden under me. Christ, this could go very weird I thought, but Ryan seemed quite amused by the events, he was a cool cookie for sure.

“Pat, hi, come in, sorry for the shock, we are quite a sight aren’t we? Well we’ve just come from a fancy dress fetish party, ha ha, and you know us gay folks, we like to really dress the part, hey come in, we won’t bite…I have my doggie here on a short leash, and he’s pretty well-behaved, ha ha.”

I was saying nothing, just holding my breath, but Pat had quickly gained her composure, which I have to say surprised me. Maybe there was more to her than I thought. After a couple of seconds she stepped into the cab and the doors closed, Ryan even pressed her number. She now had a broad smile on her face.

“You, you gave me a hell of a…I mean dressed like this. You look, erm well, amazing Ryan, and this is latex of course? I know all about that. Your figure, I mean how do you get into….well obviously a corset, haha, and this is you, is it Don, playing the gimp?” Well, I thought, at least she knows the term.

“Christ, how did he get you into that? What a sight you are. Do you mind?” And she ruffled my ears, and took Ryan’s dress in her hand and rolled it through her fingers, feeling the smooth rubber.

“Hhhmm. Lovely and smooth, isn’t it?” She said quietly, as if to herself. She didn’t seem put out at all.

“Look, we’re really sorry for giving you such a shock. We promise we’re nice neighbours, but sometimes we like to have a bit of a fling. We actually went to a club we know, basically for gays, of course. And the guys like to wear rubber too.”

“No, no it’s fine, yes, you are quite the sight, but I’m okay, fine. Hey look, consenting adults and all that, I’m fine, ha ha. Look I am not a nun, okay, I know about all the clubs around town. In fact, if truth be told..” she smiled again in a conspiratorial way, almost as if giving away a secret, “I went to a fetish club a couple of times earlier this year. Just for fun, sort of to check it out.”

The doors opened at Pat’s level, but she didn’t get out.

“It was great fun, very uninhibited of course, I only had slim leather pants and boots, a lacy bra and a leather jacket, but it seemed to fit in okay. Although there was a lot of latex there and some wonderfully designed stuff. Sort of got me thinking about putting some in my store, I think it would go well for some of the clubbers. Anyway I went on my own, didn’t have any girl or boyfriends that I thought would get into that, so I was a bit nervous, but everyone was great, really great uncomplicated fun, everyone very accepting, no creepy guys hitting on me, which was a relief, so I thought I would get some better gear and give it another try. Stupidly I haven’t got round to doing any latex shopping yet though….but you will be my inspiration, as I definitely will.”

She realised she had been chattering away, and now stopped, a little self-conscious I think. The door had closed and we were still on her floor.

“Okay, so, yes, well great to see you both again, although I’ll take your word for it that it’s Don playing the rubber doggie. Hey don’t think twice about this, haha majorly kinky, I’m cool, okay? You look fantastic, really, haha. So perhaps I could give you a call tomorrow, just for a chat you know, yes?” Ryan leapt in.

“Yes, of course Pat, we were saying we hadn’t seen enough of you, hey better yet, why not come up for coffee, it’s Sunday so we can have a nice chit chat with each other. We promise we won’t be dressed like this, haha.”

“Really? Okay, great, love to come up, sure. I’ll call before coming, wouldn’t want to catch you, erm well, haha, okay, so have a good night, great to see you again, and wow, you look so good, seriously kinky, bye, bye, night.” And she was still staring at us as the doors closed, still smiling.

As we rose to our floor and the doors opened Ryan was chuckling away to himself, whereas I started out livid, but was amazed how Ryan had taken control, for after all I had said not one word. We entered our apartment and went straight to the bedroom, and Ryan took off my leash, then un-locked and began to loosen my posture collar and take off my doggie mask. Then he stopped smiling and gave me a serious look.

“Okay, okay, I know you are mad, and you like to be the perfect neighbour, but no harm done okay? Pat was great, and so cool and she’s not a tattle tail I’m sure, so I don’t want to hear any whining from you or…..I don’t know I’ll have to gag you. Now, you were hungry for me before, have you lost your appetite?” And he ran his hands over his skirt above his crotch.

And of course I hadn’t. What was done was over now. Pat was super cool, and I was looking forward to seeing her tomorrow, Sunday. She had seemed remarkably unruffled with it. And I was looking forward to hearing her thoughts on the club and her intention to get some rubber, that would be interesting.

“Well good, we have that out of the way. No talking now, you’re still my sub and I want you masked so once this dog face is off I’m going to put you into a full head mask.” And he proceeded to do so. When I extricated myself from the dog mask I gave him a dirty look, which only made him giggle. 

“I don’t think you’re hardly in a position to complain, are you?” He wiped my face dry, giving me a slow kiss and then he placed my head into a black rubber mask with white edging at mouth and eyes, then smoothed it out and re-locked my posture collar. And now came the moment I had been waiting for.

“I think these fellas need some exercise.” He chuckled as, finally, he unlocked my chastity device. God, what a relief. Immediately I began to harden, and he laughed.

“We’re going to have to take it easy otherwise it will be over before we start.” But he lowered his head onto my cock and kissed the end, ohmygod….it had seemed like weeks since I’d felt his tongue and lips slowly, oh so slowly envelop me. Ryan could sense I was about to come inside a minute and so he leant back and unzipped his skirt from knees to waist, then lay back and raised it, exposing his stocking tops and tight frilly rubber panties.

“Here, I think we have to slow down, so see if you can get this fellow out from behind the rubber.” I took no time in lowering my head to his panties and then he dropped his skirt, and held it firmly over my head. I heard him chuckle as I was thrust into complete darkness accompanied by the overpowering perfume of rubber. But this did not deter me, not in the least, I drew in a deep breath and the rubber odour almost made me light-headed. There was nothing I could do with my hands, mittened as they were, so I just had my mouth to work with. His panties were drum tight, but with my nose I could feel the outline of his cock, lying sideways. I ran my nose up and down the shaft, then breathed in and licked the slick rubber, and I could feel him throb underneath. I nosed my way up, seeking the tight frilled waistband of the panties. It was pitch black under there, and the sweet smell of the rubber, together with Ryan’s sweat was almost overwhelming. But I loved it.

I continued to rub my nose up and down his shaft, the smooth latex an intoxicant, but finally I moved on and found the edge of the waistband and nudged my nose underneath, and then gripped it between my teeth and gently pulled it down. I moved along to his right hip and did the same, and then the left. Now I could return to the centre of the waistband and I gripped it again between my teeth and pulled it down sufficiently for his wet cock to spring out and brush across my face. I continued until his balls also rolled out and I was able to release the panties and they swiftly thwapped back, under his cock and balls, holding them perfectly exposed, as if on a rubber platter! Now I could get my reward.

All cocks are not alike, and I was beginning to get a feel, and a taste for Ryan’s. He loosened his grip on his skirt, enough for me to now get a bit of fresh air (not much) and to raise my head and lower it over his warm, slick member. It doesn’t need to be said that the next few minutes went very well. Yes, my throat was beginning to get a bit sore after all the efforts of the evening, but that was easy to put up with, and I was blissfully happy to take him again right down to his root. I felt him raise his thighs and rest them either side of my head but he didn’t squeeze me, and allowed me to go at my pace. I was still rock hard but didn’t seek satisfaction there, for now anyway, as I was concentrating giving pleasure to my “master”.

I took my time, savouring every minute, but finally he came, too soon for me, as his hot juices filled my mouth, and I withdrew to the head of his cock and swallowed contentedly. I licked him clean as he raised his skirt, allowing me to emerge.

“Good subbie.” He said kissing me full on my lips unconcerned with his own cum.

“Now, even though you are still in rubber sub mode, you definitely need a reward, you’ve made a lot of progress, and well frankly I want to have you inside me, filling me again, ha ha, but don’t get any ideas, you’re going to be the sub for 90% of the time. I need a good fucking though, and I want you to do it, no one else.” As he said this he had come closer and taken my cock in his mouth, getting me nice and moist. I took a couple of breaths, to calm myself as I felt him slip a condom over me, and then smooth some lube up and down my shaft. Thank god it was cold as I was just about to come right then.

“Hhhmm, well, ready?” Oh god, I certainly was? He turned and eased the rear of his panties down, exposing his beautiful tight ring, and raised himself on all fours. With my hands mittened and my elbows held fairly straight by the reinforcing springs of the gimp suit, it was hard to get any grip on his hips, but I managed to hold him with my forearms. I didn’t need to look down; I could feel his anal crack and his rosebud with the head of my cock. So I played a little, running it up and down his crack, teasing him.

“Oh, oh, subbie, do it now, get in there now. I want you now, do it, fuck me, or you’ll be in that suit for the next week.” And perhaps it was an indication of how “far” I’d come that the threat didn’t frighten me at all, it actually quite appealed to me!

But nonetheless I pressed my head against his love channel, resting it there for a second, allowing him to relax, and then leant forward an inch. It had been a while, for me at least, and so I was going to savour this, I pressed again and felt resistance in his anal muscle diminish. Ten seconds more and I pressed again….and my head was swallowed up. Ryan gasped as I stopped. I was now past the gate and the rest would be straightforward, just a nudge and another inch disappeared, and then another. I remembered how tight he was before, how my cock pressed against his sides, and it was the same again, pure unadulterated pleasure.

He wasn’t saying anything now, no threats, no encouragement, just breathing in deeply and expelling with a soft aaaaahh. And quickly he was plugged to my root, I gave a little muscular tweak with my cock and felt him shiver. For the next ten minutes at least I set up a steady rhythm, every time I sensed that I might come I stopped. There was no threat from him now, nothing was said, and he seemed to have transported himself to a different plain. All he did was breathe slowly, deeply and make faint mewing sounds.

I didn’t know when the next time would be when I would have this opportunity again, I recalled what he had said about me being the 90% sub - and I was surprised to feel that that fact didn’t concern me anymore really, it was clear I had turned the corner of acceptance, of recognition of my role in the future, but there would be other times when he would be kneeling in front of me, and I would be fucking him - and that thought thrilled me.

But I would make the most of this, and did, drawing it out for as long as I could. Amazingly when I came - finally - he came as well, with no encouragement from my useless hands at his side, just came, just like that. He squirted over the latex sheet as I gushed into him, for both of us I think it was an important moment, a bonding of bodies, and of souls. I licked him clean again and he tucked his cock back in his panties. Then he cleaned me up and wiped the bed. I was now completely exhausted and ready for sleep. I wasn’t even bothered about the gimp suit and mask. Clearly my body was adjusting to its unyielding grip and I was not cramping at all any more. In short I was very happy and content.  

“Want out?” Ryan asked.

“No, no I’m fine just need a teeth clean, ha ha, and a drink.” And so Ryan helped me with this, and then we lay down on the latex sheets, Ryan still in his rubber tranny outfit, complete with corset, false boobs and mask, and me his rubber gimp, cock now limp, but very satisfied. In the dark I heard Ryan say.

“Right now, with you beside me I can’t tell you how lucky I feel.”

And those were entirely my thoughts.

The next day, I was extricated from the suit and we spent a part of the morning just cleaning everything and getting sorted. We didn’t say a lot, we didn’t have to. We were bonding more and more as each day expired, I was getting very comfortable with him around and the only problem I could see was that we had to tone the sex back, we just couldn’t keep it going at this pace, certainly the anal had to be limited as we both liked a good tight fit!

Around 10, Pat called and we invited her up, having cleared away all the rubber gear. I have to say I was a bit nervous, I don’t know if she’d seen my exposed arse or my cock and balls in chastity in the elevator but she’d certainly seen me as a submissive rubber gimp with dog face. Not to mention Ryan as a rubber tranny with heels and perky false boobs. But she had laughed and had seemed very cool with it all. We went to the kitchen as I brought in a bottle of wine, which I thought would loosen the conversation. This was a bit strained at first, and when we sat I was a bit surprised that it was Pat who took the reins.

“Look you two, I don’t care what you get up to as long as you both are for it, I have to say though it all looked quite erm, well strange, and also…….quite interesting?” She grinned a bit sheepishly. “Ryan ha ha, you looked amazing, really. I know there are clubs in town here that can be pretty wild, and I’m familiar with the gay ones too, as I said last night I’m not a nun, and I’m aware that folks like to wear latex to them - and they even wear it during the day, don’t they?” Neither Ryan nor I had said anything; we were just letting her talk for as long as she wanted. She took a sip of wine, thinking about her next comments.

“And I know about the BDSM thing, the…..submissive and dom stuff, so that is not what initially shocked me. The fact is, it was three in the morning and my mind was miles away, and then there are two black rubber figures in the elevator, well….of course I was shocked.” She laughed, a little embarrassed.

“I’ve known you Don for quite a while now, and Ryan I’m getting to know and you seem pretty close already, which is great, I’m happy for you both, and honestly, really, I’m not shocked, not horrified in any way, it’s just fine with me, in fact,” she took another sip and stopped, as if trying to figure what to say next, “I have to say that it kind of….intrigues me if you see what I mean, ha ha.” And here she looked pensive again, and I could tell, without any urging from us, that she was going to somehow confide in us, get it all out. We had “exposed” ourselves to her, albeit unwittingly and this appeared to have triggered a response in her.

“What a waste you are, oh dear, that’s not right, to the straight community I mean, to women for goodness sake, I can’t seem to say what I mean. You are both extremely good looking and personable, you could be fighting the girls off.” Another sip of wine.

“Oh well it’s our loss for sure. And well anyway, I certainly haven’t been lucky in that field, oh dear, the men I have seemed to be drawn to have not been very good for me, some real shockers if I was honest with myself. So I am the last person to point fingers. Frankly I’ve pretty much lost interest in them. So however you want to dress, wherever and whatever you want to share with yourselves is just fine with me.” This had been quite the speech, and Pat could sense this, for with a smile she then said, much to our surprise.

“And the latex, well that does wonders for your figure Ryan, those boobs of yours look better than mine!”

“No, not a chance Pat, you have a shape men would fight over, you should be fighting them off Pat.”

“Yeah well, more often than not they are fighting me.” She said sadly. “I suppose my mouth will get ahead of my brain sometimes, but they are such twats sometimes. A couple of times I’ve received the sharp end of a hand. No, I’m very demanding indeed, I know that, and I won’t put up with any shit, and I know exactly what I want and I haven’t found it yet, so I’m more than happy to be by myself rather than with some twerp, truth be told.”

“Looks like you need a couple of pals Pat, and we will be here for you, whenever you want, any time, okay, we promise.”

After the subdued start our conversation thankfully lightened up, with the help of a bottle of wine. We talked about everything, including sex and dressing in rubber, and what it meant to us, the smell, the feel, the look. She was not dismissive at all but very open about it, in fact appeared genuinely interested. It was me, surprisingly that then said.

“Look Pat, if you want, if you feel like it some time, you can come up and try some rubber on, we have tons of it, and lots of female stuff that Ryan has bought. You’re as tall as us and my god, you have the figure, there’s plenty here that you could try in private, if you are a bit nervous about going to a store cold. I guarantee you will like it, and it will do wonders for your look….although it doesn’t need much improving from where I stand. Why not give it a go; you said you were thinking of buying some anyway and maybe going back to the clubs. You’d look sensational in the clubs.” I was delighted to see that Ryan immediately nodded his approval of my idea, as I could see Pat relax and with a tempting look she said.

“Well hmm, funny you should say that, it did feel very smooth and sexy last night I have to say.” She took another swig of wine. “Are you sure? Yes, why not, I wouldn’t mind trying some on, give it a go. It really does something for the figure, well yours anyway.”

 “It’s not just what it looks like Pat, it’s what it feels like, like nothing else, I mean it.” And here I had another thought.

“Look Pat, it’s Sunday, and we’re doing nothing, so…..if you have nothing on, so to speak, how about some rubber, now, eh? We could have some fun, we’ll get you dolled up as though you’re ready for the clubs, you’ll need a stick to fight them off, ha ha.”

Her eyes nearly popped out. “Now? I mean I have to…well, no I suppose I erm…”

“Looks to me like you have no excuse.” I replied, pushing her a bit.

“No, but, well I’ll be putting you out. This is all happening very fast, you know.”

“Well it’s up to you, strike while the iron etc etc. but now is as good a time as any, we would love you to stay and have some fun, don’t read too much into this Pat, you’re just trying on some clothes at some friends, that’s all, okay?” She thought for all of 3 seconds.

“Okay, okay, yes, I’d like that. So erm, what do I, we do?”

“Easy, you go to our bedroom, close the door, open the wardrobe and get to it, anything you want. There is talcum powder in there and you will need that and, if and when you need help with zips or whatever, just shout, it’s all yours.”

“Look, are you…sure”

“Yes, for god’s sake yes, now just get in there!” And she took a deep breath, giggled, stood and almost ran to my bedroom. I looked at Ryan, who gave me a look that said, well that’s a turn-up, but good job.

“Maybe it’s just the wine….or maybe we have a convert to rubber, perhaps.” I just shook my head, god, the last few weeks had been strange enough and now they were getting stranger. We carried on drinking wine and reading the papers, a Sunday treat, and then we heard Pat call. And so with a chuckle we both went to the bedroom. I took one look at her and blurted.

“Omygod, you are gorgeous!”

“Yeah? Really? You think?”

“Are you kidding, I may have to go straight now.” Ryan said, open mouthed. And she did look stunning. She already had a full Rubenesque figure. We didn’t have any bras (at least ones not padded) but she certainly didn’t need them. She wore Ryan’s white rubber blouse, long sleeved and high collared, but her wonderful boobs were almost bursting out. Black stockings and above-knee skirt in gleaming rubber, together with black gloves finished the ensemble. Coyly she raised her skirt (she seemed to have lost her shyness!) showing us black panties with white frilled edging and a small garter belt with six suspenders.

“Phew, well…hhmm, you were right, they were cool, clammy at first, but the talc helped a lot getting them on, and now everything is warming up. I like the way rubber rubs on rubber, I can almost feel it rustling. I love it, I love it already…what can I say, it looks good, doesn’t it? And it feels sexy, I don’t know, better than satin or silk, it just grips in the right places, and…erm…caresses. Well, hhmm, wow.” And she seemed to be deep in thought as she stroked her shimmering legs, and now I could see a slight glow of perspiration on her brow.

“Well, yes it does, we know Pat. And as you now have a taste, would you like to try something else?”

“Oh god, could I?”

“Help yourself, there’s a couple of catsuits in there you will love, I know for sure. Now they will be tight on top there, we don’t have your beautiful boobs, but lengthwise, and legs and arms they won’t be perfect but should give you a good idea.”

“Oh, okay, okay.” And we left her to it. It wasn’t more than five minutes later that she called us back, and we almost rushed to the bedroom together. And she certainly didn’t disappoint. The catsuit fit her very well, a bit tight in the hips and boobs, and slack in the waist, but otherwise she looked great. She was obviously very flexible as she didn’t need us to help her with the double zip from back of neck down through the crotch and to the waist. But she needed help with something else, and that was our heavy duty rubber mono-glove!

Well, wasn’t she full of surprises!

She was handling it gingerly, but was clearly fascinated by it.

“Ooh, this catsuit is great, not a perfect fit, but it just grips, embraces in all the right places. I love it! But I also saw this, now this is interesting. You have to say now if I’m overstaying my welcome, but I feel as if I’m a bit drunk on this.”

“No, no of course not, I just am surprised you have taken to it so fast, I mean we’re addicts, but this is a first for you.” And she looked at me kind of guiltily.

“Well, ha ha, not exactly. When I told you about my trip to the fetish club a while ago, yes I was dressed only in leather and bra, but the whole rubber thing did get to me that night. I mean the smell of hot bodies warming up the rubber, not to mention the testosterone and pheromones; well it was quite an experience for me. And the reason I am looking at this glove is that there was a professional dom there, with a slave of hers, who she proudly paraded around, dressed in rubber and with his arms in a mono-glove just like this. She was incredibly impressive, and instead of taking him to a private room, she took him to a side booth, visible to everyone passing. And this is the amazing thing, she proceeded to give him a private session, in public, for a full hour! He was masked, and clearly doted on his mistress. I don’t know why she did it, maybe touting for new clients, for a lot of people watched and by the end three or four men approached her, they talked a while, maybe changing email addresses, or phone numbers. I don’t know, but she sure was popular.”

“Hhhmm sounds interesting.” I said, looking at Ryan, who raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, I tell you it was, and I have to say, I got really hot, watching her put her slave through the paces, she certainly didn’t hold back.” Then she became a bit contemplative.

“I tell you, I wouldn’t have minded having a couple of my ex-boyfriends in some of the positions she had her slave, including the whipping horse, ha ha. No, she really impressed me, she was never out of control, calm, assured, firm, almost unemotional, just really efficient. And I could see she had a rapport with her slave, she respected him and his ability to accept her control, they were like a well-oiled team. And you know, after a while I said to myself, and I know you won’t believe me, I said I can do that, yes, I could do what she was doing. It’s crazy but I got quite excited about the whole thing. So you see when we met in the elevator, it wasn’t what you were dressed in that shook me for a second, no, it was just very late, and it could have been anybody.” She ran her hands over her body, almost unaware she was doing it. And Ryan said.

“The way she acted is exactly the way it should be, Don and I love each other and in our role play there is love and respect. I will push him, because I know he’ll allow me to, when he’s ready and I have a pretty good idea where his boundaries are, even if he doesn’t.” He laughed.

“The top doesn’t act out of hate or disrespect, it’s precisely the opposite; the whole point is the bottom is really in control in a proper sub/dom relationship, as he is the one who desires the pain or discomfort, or he can simply say no. It’s all based on trust. ” And I nodded in agreement.

“Well as I said, I really got turned on by it all, and when I went home later, I just had to pleasure mys….oh well never mind about that.” She finished rather blushingly.

“And why not, I would have!” Ryan laughed, and lightened the mood again. “So, what’s with the glove here, sounds to me you rather like the idea of being a dom, haha, but of course it’s the sub who goes strapped into that. But if you want we can give you a taste of being a sub if that is what you want….but are too shy to ask us.” Ryan had an amazing facility for being absolutely candid, without giving offence.

“Well, yes I suppose. I heard somewhere or maybe I read it, that to truly be a dom, you have to understand the sub, and that may mean you have to live in his shoes for a while, and experience what he is experiencing.”

I glanced at Don, and we both nodded with a wry look.

“Well I agree with that for sure.”

“Okay, so….this whole dom thing has really has got me thinking, and I think I have got the psyche for it, but now that I am here, you know I’ve never been really helpless in a couples, well sexual setting as I’ve never felt truly at ease with the partner, yeah, obviously I pick the wrong partners, but that’s another story. I allowed a guy to tie me to my bed once, but you know, afterwards I thought that I would have liked to be the one on top, and anyway, he was pretty amateurish, but I have to say I quite liked it. I trust you two, and let’s be honest you’re not going to rape me are you?”

“Pat, you look fabulous in that suit, and we could squeeze your arms into that glove and any red blooded hetero would shag you crazy, but with us you would be safer than if you were with the Metropolitan police, oh, and of course we know what we are doing. So, if want to try a little rubber bondage…..” And by now there was a rapacious look in her eye.

“Oh, yes, I’m pretty hot in this suit already.” And I looked at Ryan and said.

“You know I think we should do this properly and get dressed in some rubber, otherwise it doesn’t seem right.” But Ryan was ahead of me and had grabbed two more catsuits and a couple of masks from the wardrobe.

“Won’t be a tick.” I said, leaving Pat to her thoughts, and we quickly headed for the bathroom. Maybe she was now getting cold feet, but I didn’t think so, as she seemed pretty much in control of her intentions. We undressed and talced quickly, and then helped each other into our matching suits. He gave me a look that said, well, I never expected this, playing dom to a gorgeous girl, but…let’s go with it. Once in the suits we helped each other with masks, mine black with red around eyes and mouth, and Ryan’s, white with red around eyes and mouth. Other than that, we looked like a couple of rubber twins.

When we returned, Pat’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

“Ohmygod, maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but you look great, it’s such a pity you’re gay, well for me that is.”

“We’ll have some fun Pat, a little role playing, that’s all. You’re the boss remember, the sub. If it all gets a little too much, just say and we stop. But if you really want to try experiencing the sub role then we can do this. Now one of the great things about masks, other than how they look, feel, and smell, is that they render you anonymous. And that is important in these games, because you lose your inhibitions, you’re not you, you will be a poor girl held in rubber captivity. You can scream and shout, wriggle and grind, and you can orgasm, without any shyness, embarrassment. That’s why, amongst many other reasons, we wear masks. So, how about you, you’re not claustrophobic I suppose?”

“No, not at all, I like the idea of a mask, you pick. Wow, you guys look so good.” I selected the flesh coloured one, like a perfect mannequin’s, with red lips and blue eye shadow, and dark eyebrows, and held it in front of her.

“With this you can truly be someone else, although it is not half as beautiful as you are. It’ll be very tight, but that is the point, but we don’t want to pull your beautiful hair out so put this bathing cap on first.” She did so, tucking her hair away. Then I talced her cap and the insides of the mannequin.

“Okay, good, now we’ll get this on you.” It took all four hands for Ryan and me to get it on her over her bathing cap as the mask had no zip. It was tight and she grunted a couple of times but we finally pulled it down and aligned her nose and mouth holes and tucked it under the suit’s collar. She placed her hands over her head and gently stroked it, then turned and looked into the mirror. And then we watched her run her hands up and down her rubber encased body (stopping for an extra second at her crotch) almost as if feeling it for the first time, saying nothing, just concentrating on her sensations, her impassive face staring back at her.

“Marvellous. It is very tight, but that’s okay.” Her voice now sounded slightly muffled by the rubber coating her head.

“Phew, it’s me but it’s not me, it would be fun going out like this, kind of mysterious, ooooh, I’m starting to get quite warm now.”

“Well no time to waste, a good sub has to be brought under control, so bring your arms behind you and place your palms together.” I said, holding the heavy glove open and ready.

“Last chance to change your mind.” I chuckled.

“No way, not now. I need to experience what the sub experiences.”

“Sure about that? Not taking it bit fast? Once in this you are at our disposal, we can anything we want with you, haha.”

“No, I have to do this, if it gets too much then I will tell you. You will stop then, won’t you?” she sounded just a bit nervous.

“You’re with experts Pat, just enjoy this, it will be quite an experience for you, I guarantee.” And I slid the glove over her hands and wrists then Ryan helped me arrange it under her forearms then I began to zip it up from her wrists. She was very flexible and it didn’t take long for the zip to reach the top of her biceps. Now we began to pull the single lace tighter, from wrists to shoulders. Pat said nothing, but I could hear her taking deep breaths. Finally we passed two heavy rubber straps attached to the underside of the glove under her armpits then over her shoulders, attaching them to the top of the glove and we were done. Pat’s arms were now rigidly restrained in the immovable heavy rubber of the glove.


“Oh yes, oh yeah, I can hardly move at all.”

“That’s the idea.” Her rubber face of course remained perfectly expressionless, but she continued to take deep breaths, moving here and there, testing for any give, and finding there was none.

“And there you have it, a powerless package of beautiful pulchritude. Now your master, or mistress can do anything they want to you down here,” I placed a hand very lightly at her crotch, barely touching at all, “and here of course.” And I placed a hand tenderly on her breast. “And I have to say, Pat, the glove pulling your arms back does wonders for pushing out your stunning breasts, just delicious, eh Ryan?”

“Almost enough to turn me straight.”

“Oh I love it, I’m so warm and relaxed…oh and damp! Maybe I’m a sub and not a dom?”

“Well only you can find that out in the next hour or so, you’ll have to find a partner and try out your dom side. Ha ha, maybe you’re a switch, and then you can get double the pleasure.” Ryan ran his hands over her sheathed legs, then her tight bum, before giving it a couple of slightly harder than playful slaps.

“Oh, ow, that hurt.”

“Well you are our sub now Pat, and we have only just started, so we’re going to do what we want.” And Ryan slapped her hard again, while I raised her imprisoned hands a few inches, forcing her head to dip and for her to spread her legs for balance. And as I held her like this, facing the floor, Ryan got the trusted length of rope from the closet and quickly slipped it through the hook by the light fixture in the ceiling. As I playfully slapped her perfectly contoured rubber cheeks, he clipped the D ring at the end of the rope to a large ring at the tips of Pat’s gloved fingers and then equally quickly pulled on the rope, allowing me to gently tap the inside of her thighs, saying.

“This is the next step in the control process.” Once Ryan had her where he wanted her he attached the end to the ring of her glove and she was now perfectly positioned, legs apart, torso almost horizontal. Now we heard her muffled voice again as she looked up.

“Oh, oooh, I’m not sure about this, I can hardly…”

“Well Pat,” I stroked her rubber encased head, “that’s the point really. You remember the dom at your club, I’m sure this, or something similar to it, was what she got up to with her sub.”

“Yeah, hmmm, I suppose, I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.”

“Okay, I understand, so we’ll take it slowly, nice and easy, you need to stop worrying and relax.”

I could tell that she was really getting into this, but at the same time was very nervous, now that we had her in immovable bondage. I did know how women are satisfied, I knew how I could get Pat to relax,

I had a feeling that this was the start of something special between the three of us, and didn’t want to blow it now. So Ryan and I arranged ourselves either side of her, not allowing her much room for wriggle. I slid my hands into a pair of latex gloves and leisurely drew the zip to the cat suit down, and out popped her pussy, then I continued to pull the zip until her bum was exposed, well of course I am a bum man!. Her pussy was shaved and I was pleased to see already very moist. As Ryan stroked her masked head I eased my finger vertically along her vulva, and then very slowly into her. I may have not been getting turned on by this but she certainly was, as I heard her moan.

“Now just relax, easy breaths now.” I found her clit and gently rubbed it and she gasped. I carried on like this for a few minutes while Ryan massaged her very ample breasts, occasionally tweaking her nipple through the tight rubber of the suit. Again we hear her rubber muffled groans.

“Fuuuuck, don’t stop….just keep rubbing me, rub my…pussy…I know it doesn’t turn you on, but you certainly seem to know how women are built don’t you?” I looked over at Ryan who continued to massage her breasts, interrupted with an occasional slap on her behind, which she now seemed to be taking quite well.

Then Ryan he silently mouthed “butt plug?” Well I wasn’t sure about that, it seemed a bit premature but I knew she was now very hot and wet, and maybe up for anything. As I continued to rub and pinch her clit, and she grunted and gasped, Ryan expertly lubed the smallest plug we had, the one he had started me on, and it really wasn’t that uncomfortable, but I felt we had to at least give Pat the choice!

“Now Pat,” I continued to roll her clit between my finger and thumb, “we want to try something else.” And she moaned quietly. “An absolute prerequisite of being a good subbie is to be able to take it in the rear. To be properly plugged, I’m sure you know that.” I could see Ryan smile. “And you as a good dom, must understand what the sub is experiencing.” The irony was of course, when I was a dom, I chose not to go through this “experience”, but now I have changed a whole lot.

She panted, “Oh, I don’t know about that, just yet, I’ve never…”

“It will be fine, Ryan has lots of lube and it is a small plug and will slide in no problem, and believe me, it will just tickle you, and I really think you might like it.” Naturally I was still playing with her and had now moved a slippery finger into her moist pussy. She was now definitely having problems concentrating on my comments. She continued to roll her head from side to side and I was sure very close to coming.

“Oh, oooh, all right, just take it easy, oooh. Fuck I can’t believe this is happening to me.” Ryan and I pulled on the zipped edges of the suit surrounding her rear and now it was beautifully accessible. He pressed the end of the plug against her sphincter, and I noticed her flinch a little, but she was so near to coming, she seemed not to notice, nor did she say anything. He pressed further and as I saw the tip breach her tight muscle I slid a second finger inside her, followed by a muffled grunt. With me working on her clit and pussy, she was of course relaxed and Ryan pressed further and I watched her tight muscle finally yield. Then I heard her let out a long groan. She was actually coming at the same time as Ryan pressed the plug passed its widest part, and it plopped into her. With the plug firmly embedded in her rear she began to shudder for at least ten seconds. Her rubber face was impassive of course but from between the perfect pink lips came a long throaty groan, then a series of heavy breaths.

“Fuuuuu..aaaaahh, oh, ah, ah.” I withdrew my fingers, dripping with her juices, and with a look at Ryan, who just nodded, placed them in front of her face.

“Lick, like an obedient sub, lick and suck.” I really wasn’t sure she would do this at such an early stage in her “education” but slowly her rubber lips parted and I slipped my middle and forefinger into her mouth. I don’t know if she gained any pleasure in this, supping on her own come, but she said nothing, and I tenderly stroked her head.

“Good girl, we are doing very well indeed.” And I withdrew my fingers.

“Well you have had the pleasure, my pet, now like a good sub, you must endure the, well not pain perhaps, but shall we say discomfort?” Ryan by now had two nipple clamps in his hand, not the nasty crocodile type, but just rubber covered string clamps. Her nipples were still quite hard and Ryan expertly rolled them between finger and thumb through the rubber of her suit, accompanied by more groans from her. Then he placed both clamps over the extended nipples and released the spring, and Pat released a loud howl.

“Owooooow, nonono, that hurts, ooooooow. Fuuuuuuck.” Again I passed my hand between her thighs, and found her clit, while Ryan stroked her head. I have to say up to now, I was very impressed with how Pat had accepted all the trials we had set before her.

“You’re doing very well, the pain will dull in a few seconds. Remember Pat, this is what your loyal clients must endure, if you really want to stop, just tell us.” And I looked at Ryan while we waited for a reply……….which didn’t come. I then had another idea.

“Pat, subs often prefer to be gagged during uncomfortable sessions, it allows them to really scream, vent their pain. We always say a good sub is a plugged and gagged sub, we can gag you if this would help?”

“Ow ow ow, sheez, yeeees, okay, yes.”

Ryan got one of his favourite ball gags, a very simple one on a strong rubber strap. He confidently pressed the large ball between her rubber lips and into her open mouth then pulled the strap tight and buckled it behind her rubber head.

“Aaahh, aaarrgh, mmmkk, mmmhhmm.”

“Don’t want you waking the neighbours.” Ryan sniggered, and of course there was no chance of that. The rubber cheeks of her mask were now puffed out, but all she could do was roll her head sideways and moan. I continued to tickle and tease her clit and pussy while Ryan slapped her rubber rump, a little harder now. And soon she was beginning to grunt more in pleasure than discomfort. She was not fighting it, not at all, but going with it, and it didn’t take her long to get to the edge of coming, but then I held back, and I could feel her willing me, imploring me to bring her to orgasm, but we were enjoying ourselves too much and it was another five minutes before we allowed her a shuddering, shaking orgasm, both of us holding on to her as her legs trembled.

We released her from her the rope from the ceiling and helped her to the bed, still gagged and plugged and still nipple clamped. But she didn’t seem to care, exhausted she lay on her side, almost drifting into sleep. We left her like this and went to get some wine. It had been quite an evening. After ten minutes or so we returned, suitably refreshed, with the remains of the bottle, and we lay down beside her.

“Well that was quite a show and we could certainly go on, but I think it’s enough for now. When we take these clamps off it will hurt, the blood flowing to your tender parts, so scream away through your gag.” Ryan eased off the clamps and she did indeed let out a muffled scream as I moved my hands lightly over her smooth rubber-sheathed head. Now Ryan paid attention to her nice tight bum, and expertly, for he had done this many times, parted her cheeks and with a bit of twisting extricated the butt plug, as Pat groaned again. Now I unbuckled the gag strap and pulled out the gag, covered with her saliva. She said nothing, collecting her feelings no doubt, while Ryan began unbuckling the mono-glove, and once off we both vigorously rubbed some blood back into her arms.

Finally, slowly and carefully we helped her with the mannequin mask and bathing cap. Her hair was sopping wet and her face bright red and gleaming but she had a beatific smile of contentment. She held us in a tight embrace for a long time. Then she looked down at her crotch and thighs, smeared with her juices.

“Jeez, well I suppose that gives the game away. Oh my goodness, I don’t know what to say, that deal with the gag was brilliant, I could scream my head off. And Don, you have magic fingers. Maybe I should still be wearing the mask, as I feel a bit embarrassed.” She took another deep breath. “Oh, that was soooo good. I really don’t know if I’m a sub now, it was all so natural, so…comfortable. Yes, there was pain, but so much pleasure too. But I have to try the dom role, I know I have to. Oh god, why can’t I find a nice hetero to do those things to me?”

“Give it time, Pat. You played the perfect sub. Of course we could have taken it further, but this was enough for now I think, you’re a natural as a sub. And I don’t think it’s just us playing the top, the rubber seemed to play a part in it too, eh?”

“Oh for sure. Starting tomorrow I’m going to be doing some serious shopping. There’s still some shops that sell the stuff retail, really nice designs, and of course the internet. I’ll be blowing quite a bit I think.”

It was much later on, after another bottle of wine and a soothing shower and a relaxing chat when she left, saying.

“I owe you fellows. I really do. Not sure how I can pay you back, but I will. I haven’t come like that ever before. That was a really amazing session.”

And I had a feeling she would pay us back. But we didn’t see her or talk to her for two weeks and I was getting worried that the session had been a bit too much for her. However one evening she dropped by, looking very pleased with herself.

“Major apologies, but I’ve been hugely busy……! I’ve bought a mountain of stuff, you won’t believe it. I loved the sub role the other week, but I’m still set on the dom thing, I think I could be really good at it. Believe me I’ve spent a lot of time on the net just seeing how the best doms perform. But, well….erm, one of the reasons I’m here is, erm you see I need a test run with someone I know I can trust, and someone who can trust me, you see?” She gave us a kind of imploring look and I looked at Ryan and we had a good idea what was coming.

“I owe you so much already, but you know a week next Saturday is the next fetish ball, well I was wondering if one of you would like to….erm accompany me. I want to try myself out there, you know, get a booth and see how I can…perform, yes? And I don’t want to cock it up. I need someone familiar, someone who I know I can trust, and if necessary help me along.”

Ryan, as always, was open to anything, and within a heartbeat laughed.

“So who’s going to be the lucky slave?”

“Well I don’t know, you have to decide, I would love to be a mistress to either of you, really.”

“Me.” I said immediately, for I was now clearly, day by day, accepting the role of the sub. Ryan nodded, aware that I was again moving further down that road, and happy with it.

But for the moment that is another story, for Ryan and I in the meantime were going to bond our relationship further, literally.


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