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From Top to Bottom 6: Close and Personal

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2016 - rbbral - Used by permission

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story continued from part 5

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter Six – Close and Personal with Some Club Members

For the next couple of days we barely left the bedroom. That’s not to say we were at it all the time, not at all, but we were getting to know each other even better and to both of us it was clear we were now very comfortable with the others’ company. Once I was over the hurdle of being a sub we discussed this and I said how much I had enjoyed it. We agreed that both of us didn’t want the sole role of top or bottom, for we liked both and frankly it provided a greater variation in our lovemaking.

Inwardly I was still surprised that after the initial reluctance to accept the sub role how much I loved the intensity of my first fuck as a sub. I certainly wanted more and I knew that I didn’t have to tell Ryan that. In fact I had to admit to myself that already perhaps I even liked the role of sub better than top. How could I have come to this conclusion so quickly, I didn’t know?

I should say here that it was around this time that we did set a number of mutual rules. And one of these is that when we are fucking each other we both like a very firm fit. I love the feel of a tight muscle gripping my root, and likewise when in the passive role I now found that I liked to feel completely full, almost to stretching. Needless to say if we were at it every night then our rear entrances would certainly be loosened, which neither of us wanted. And so we decided to give up quantity for quality. But although the fucking was limited in number, well there is still an awful lot you can get up to under the (latex) sheets.

So we had a very relaxing and pleasurable couple of days, in and out of bed. For the most part I would be the sub, for I had now got a real taste for it, and loved it, but a couple of times I would take the initiative. It was very comfortable and easy, it was as if already we could read each others’ minds – and bodies.

Then one mid afternoon while we lay under the latex sheets Ryan said.

“You know what day it is today?” And I had to really think, as they had blended into each other.


“Hmm, and what does that mean? The club. What do you think, want to go?”

“As a couple?” And he laughed.

“Well aren’t we?” And of course we were now. But in the back of my mind I knew that at the club opportunities were always available for, well, experimentation.

“Yes, let’s go, should be fun.”

“Okay, I’ll get some clothes together that will catch a few eyes I think.” Said Ryan with a smile and I knew he had a flair for the dramatic so I would leave that to him. So later we got into the car in our civvies, with me for some reason a little nervous. After arriving at the rear, we found a playroom empty and began to strip, then Ryan said as he opened the big shoulder bag he’d brought.

“Now I’ll give you first choice, your choice for the outfit, whatever you choose I’ll take the other.” He dumped the contents on the bed and began to arrange them in two small piles. Quickly I saw that one outfit was my (well his also) gimp suit, together with my chastity device, deep collar and also the rubber doggie mask, but no butt plug tail.

Wow I thought, well we are going to be quite the sight tonight. Then I looked at the other pile and I saw he’s brought a rubber tranny outfit, similar to the one he had worn many weeks ago. There were stockings, high heels, suspender belt, frilled panties, a narrow corset high in the chest which incorporated silicon false tits, gloves and a short dress. This I could see was body hugging from high neck to knees and had long, tight sleeves. To complete the transformation the ensemble included a full head mask in black with red outlining the lips and eyes. I wasn’t sure that I would even get into it.

“Well, ha ha, your choice.” And right at that moment I really still wasn’t sure about the whole tranny thing. Although I had now embraced the sub role as a gimp, where I was truly anonymous, a complete makeover to being a tranny was something I hadn’t contemplated for myself. Of course I had fucked them, very happily, particularly the ubiquitous Candy but never been in the role myself. So I hesitated, and I could see that Ryan was quite surprised. I think he expected me to pick the rubber tranny outfit, rather than the gimp suit. But I was actually quite familiar with the suit, having spent a long, long time in it. And then I was fucked in it and that had been fantastic. So after a lengthy pause I perhaps even surprised myself a little as I picked the gimp suit.

“Oh, that’s a surprise, hhmm, not into the tranny role eh?”

“Well, erm no, I don’t think so. Well, erm not right now, erm…”

“Yeah,” he laughed, “but you said that about being a sub, a rubber sub, my cute rubber gimp, and you’ve changed your opinion of that big time, haven’t you? Well okay, maybe we’ll leave the tranny stuff for later. But you’d look really good, you know.” And he laughed again. “So you don’t mind going out there as my gimp, that’s good, we should have some fun, you’re going to be really showing your stuff, so to speak, arse in the air, ready for abuse. All the boys there will be fighting to shag you.”

And I had thought of that, but I would be masked, with my cute dog face. And unable to communicate with the gag/gumshield stuffed in my mouth I would be very vulnerable…. at both ends.

And I realised that this thrilled me, the idea of being completely vulnerable, powerless in public and available to be taken at either or both end. This now gave me a shiver of excitement. What was coming over me? Well I didn’t have time to think on that as I had to help Ryan into his girly gear.

His tall, slim, athletic body I knew immediately would look pretty great in the corset and all the female clothing, and I was looking forward to getting him into it. Like me, Ryan is light skinned and haired and not particularly hirsute, so getting him into drum tight stockings and shoulder gloves wasn’t too hard with a little talc. And I was quite liking it, pulling up the stockings and attaching them to his suspender belt, so much that already I had a hard-on. Then I helped him slip into the feather light panties, pulling them up, over his cock, which I was happy to see was also hard, but it was quickly trapped against his stomach by the tight rubber.

The corset was a different matter, and under his guidance I helped draw it round his torso and pulled two straps over his shoulders and attached them at the back.  And then I began to lace it up his back, and it took a while. He expelled his lungs and I pulled as hard as I could, then after a few more tugs tied off the laces. He turned to me with a big smile and I faced two perfect silicon breasts held in shiny black rubber. Now I’m not into breasts (obviously) but on my lovers’ body they took on a different connotation. I ran my hands over the rubber surface, the silicon underneath feeling just like the real thing, and I have felt the real thing, although a long time ago. He could see that I liked to give him a good squeeze and gave me a flirtatious giggle. His waist was narrower by maybe a couple of inches, and from neck down, he could pass very easily for a woman, well it would fool me anyway.

I was still hard, just having him dressed in rubber right next to me gave me a chill. I wanted to run my hands all over him, but we had to get a move on so he stepped into the dress which had a double zip at the back and pushed his gloved hands into the tight sleeves, and I went behind him to assist. It had a high collar and I pulled it round his neck while he adjusted his boobs in the cradles, then I drew it down. It was very taut about his thighs and hips, and he did have very curvy thighs and hips. Once the hem was closed just above his knees I could see he would be forced to take small steps, so tight it was. Without waiting he gave me his mask and I opened it as he dipped his head. Then smoothing it out I zipped it down the back and tucked it under the collar of the dress. All now remained were his pumps and I saw he now had four inch heels, which did not seem to deter him in any way.

Seeing women dressed in rubber does very little for me, well I appreciate a pretty body like anyone else and of course I love the latex but oh my, seeing Ryan dressed like this just about made me come. He has a great body, but one which clearly can be “manipulated” into that of a sumptuous woman but - and this is what turned me crazy - a beautiful guy underneath. I could see he was having fun, seeing my eyes devour him. He handed me the silicone spray.

“Here, your treat, now get me nice and glossy.” And I could hardly wait, taking my time, running the cloth up and down his legs, under his skirt over his trapped cock then round his boobs and over every inch of his mask. As I rubbed and rubbed to a black sheen the outline of the corset was barely visible under the form fitting dress. Within a few minutes he was a glittering black statue, and although I might have smudged the gloss I wrapped my arms around him, my cock pressed hard against him and I just held him, feeling his breasts press into my chest.

“Hmmm you like that, don’t you? Sure you don’t want to change? You’d look great in this I know you would.” But I just stepped back and looked at him, shaking my head.

“No, not yet, just give me time, okay.” “Yet”, I just had said, and I knew then that it wouldn’t be long.

“Okay, you like being my gimp do you? Good, so you do some stretching and get some talc on while I arrange your suit.” I stretched out my quads and calves and achilles, until I felt that I could be squeezed into the damn thing. In my mind I knew this is what I wanted. Then I knelt on the bed and he stretched out one stumpy legging and I stuffed my knee into it, this was repeated and soon my legs were doubled up.

“How do you feel?”

“Okay, my calves are a bit tight but they should stretch out.” He pulled it up my chest, and I could feel the rigid boning straightening out my torso. He saw my cock and balls trapped flattened against my stomach and he gently eased them through the hole at my crotch.

“Ha ha, we’ll have to get that under control in a minute.” He laughed as he saw I was still hard. “Okay, moment of truth, no going back after this, for you will be mine to do with exactly as I wish.” I stuffed one hand into the sleeve and then the padded mitt. A shiver of excitement ran through my blood as I had no hesitation in repeating the exercise, as he expertly zipped me up to the collar.

And now I was powerless again. He raised the doggie mask in front of me.

“Any last words?” He mimicked and hurriedly kissed me hard.

“Too late, haha.” And before I could say anything he then wrapped it round my face and I opened my mouth automatically to accept the double gum shield and cheek spreaders. It took me a few seconds to get the gag properly accommodated and then felt the zipper being drawn down to my neck and tucked under the suit collar. I manoeuvred the rubber mouthpiece around for a few seconds until fully comfortable as he locked the high posture collar on. I took in a few deep breaths as I peered out through the small eye holes of the mask.

Yes, I was his again! And with no regrets.

“We’re going to have to wait a little while for you to soften down here. You really are a mischievous subbie aren’t you?” Gradually, although very excited, I began to soften and gently Ryan pressed my cock into the plastic chastity tube and then locked the ring around the base of my ball sac. In seconds I was back in chastity. He attached the leash to my collar and ruffled my ears affectionately.

“Showtime! You’re going to be the star of the evening, a cute doggie out with his mistress, ha ha. Are you ready?” I grunted once and nodded imperceptibly. He draped a small bag over his shoulder - I could only imagine what was in it, and we went into the main bar/dance floor.

I had been to the club countless times over the years, but never like this and while excited I was certainly apprehensive. There are occasionally cocks and balls on show, and bare arses, and guys in subjugation, and chastity, and even in gimp suits, but to see a guy so thoroughly under the control of his master (mistress) as I now was, was not that common. My movement restricted, arse offered for fucking, cock and balls exposed and under severe control and mouth gagged but available for sucking, I followed my rubber “mistress” into the main room. I looked ahead of me, concentrating on Ryan’s rubber sheathed calves, high heels and curvy thighs as he led me through the dance floor, which parted with approving comments. Ryan parked himself on a stool at the bar, which seemed to be almost reserved for him, and some guys made way as I sat back on my haunches and rested next to him. It was a busy night and I could feel a lot of eyes concentrated on me, and despite being covered in rubber felt quite exposed as of course my cock and balls were there for all to see.

There were plenty of other subs there, guys cuffed, in straightjackets, one even in back prayer, plenty gagged, and some in chastity, but in terms of complete obeisance I had won (or lost?) hands down, by a long way. Ryan was the confident mistress - rubber legs crossed, an elbow at the bar, cool as cucumber. He carefully tipped some wine through my mouthpiece, and although it was not easy to swallow I really appreciated that, as I was getting hot in the restrictive suit.

The evening progressed. Singles and couples stopped, introduced themselves and stayed for a drink, commending Ryan’s tranny outfit, and then taking considerable time to admire my outfit. He openly discussed our history, at times lovingly stroking my head, tickling my ears, and quickly the word seemed to get around that it was me in the suit. Yes, me, the former top, now (it seemed) transformed into the ultimate bottom. And this was big news.

Many of the guys I recognised, some I had been with. All seemed surprised that I should have been transformed so quickly. However Ryan was always quick to point out that it had been my choice, that no coercion had been involved, although perhaps that was only a half truth.

As the evening wore on, it inevitably got a bit raunchier. Ryan helped me keep hydrated by very slowly pouring some beer through my mouthpiece which I managed to swallow without too much trouble. Couples and singles continued to join us, for I was certainly the centre of attention, seemingly the complete conversion of a top to a bottom. Many, with Ryan’s permission, would stroke me and I could see serious lust in their eyes.

And then the offers started. And not subtle offers. Could they borrow me for a few minutes, could they take me to one of the playrooms, would you go for a threesome? I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. To have a powerless rubber gimp like this available was one thing, but knowing it was a former master, this gave it extra piquancy. I could tell that there were a number of guys there that would have loved to have given me a good fucking, knowing I could have done nothing to stop them; that after all would have been half the fun.

Yes, my feelings at all this attention surprised me. I initially thought (for no legitimate reason at all) that I would, or should, be insulted, or embarrassed. But I wasn’t. I actually felt quite pleased, quite flattered with all the attention. And much more importantly, with all the rubber around me and the overpowering sense of sexual tension, I felt incredibly horny. Yes, I was up for it too! I couldn’t do anything of course, Ryan had subjected me to the ultimate tease and denial, for my cock was well and truly locked up. But my arse and mouth were available, and clearly were in high demand.

With friendly smiles Ryan declined all offers saying I was all his (I shuddered with pleasure when I heard this) and, for now he just wanted me to be by his side. And the night wore on. Quite late Ryan leaned over, cradling my masked head and whispered.

“Well you’ve made me very proud, you are the belle of the ball for sure.” I shook my head and grunted, nudging his thigh, as if to say, oh no he was, for certainly he was stunning in his tranny gear. He got the message and embraced me.

“Well thanks lover. Now look, clearly you are in high demand, and of course also for a threesome, you are perfectly packaged for that aren’t you? I know you have never experienced that before, and believe me it is something. Look, my lover, you are my sub, and as my sub, I’m sure you will want to do anything that will please me. Yes? Now let me tell you that I don’t believe you having sex with others is in any way going to affect our relationship, not after what we’ve done over the last few weeks, for me at least it’s rock solid. But I think it’s important that we always venture out and appreciate new experiences, I know the bond we have will stand any test. However I think it would be good for you, for both of us, if you wanted to gain some pleasure tonight if I lent you out for a couple of hours for you to er well, broaden your horizons, hhmm?”

Hell, I thought, this was coming from a twenty-something! And as I had found out on many occasions a young man well beyond his years. He was suggesting to me that I could…. no, he was telling me that I should go with one of the couples to be their “third”. And to have fun, unhindered by our relationship.

He was giving me permission to go, to have sex, multiple sex with others. He knew he had no authority to order me, although in my physical state I could hardly put up any resistance. He was way ahead of me. He was I suppose testing me, testing me again. I have to say the idea was beginning to appeal, it would be nice to have Ryan as one of the threesome, but that was not the point of it. The test was that I would have raw, anonymous sex…. and return to him. In my slightly giddy, muddled mind I realised that this was an enforcement of my complete submission to him.

And the fact was I was as horny as hell, and he knew it, and I wanted release, and he was teasing me, holding himself back and offering something which normally I would rear away from. There was no stick but would I take the carrot? And then, once again, I realised that this is what I wanted. One, I was horny and two, I was now fully settled into the sub role. Yes, yes, I wanted this, to be the sub to two masters; now that would be fun. And so I nodded and Ryan nodded also and returned a very knowing smile of “yes, now you are getting to know yourself, and your relationship with me, you have passed another test, jumped another hurdle, and not needed the whip, you did this because you wanted to”. And more important, he knew that I loved him unreservedly, and would come running (or waddling) back to him.

Guys continued to approach us, and quickly Ryan and I set up the slightest of communication between us, where it would be me who would make the decision on my partners for the upcoming hour of lust. And after a while, two young attractive guys approached us. They had been hanging back, I’d noticed, and they were quite shy when they opened the conversation. They were well presented and deferential, I almost got the feeling that this might be their first time trying this, but this was not the case, for they made it clear they didn’t do this often but seeing me as the perfect rubber gimp I was, they simply couldn’t resist. Well, flattery will get you everywhere, young men.

They were young, both in their 20’s and certainly good looking, quite slim, but not as well toned as Ryan or me. What was it that was attracting me to much younger men, well quite younger? And it seemed that they were attracted to me, although with my doggie mask it was hard to tell just how old I was. They were Bill and Steve, and had been together for a couple of years, and had met in college. They were loyal to each other, and only played away when a third was available. As they talked with Ryan Bill seemed fascinated with my suit and stroked my head. This was going quite well and Steve broached the question, could they share me for an hour or so? Clearly they would have liked, even felt privileged if Ryan would come too, but it was equally clear that Ryan was not going to partake, but he was more than prepared to release me to them. It was now my decision. And after probably a five second hesitation I nodded. Ryan seemed genuinely happy, no jealousy, for this is what it seemed he had planned. On reflection I’m sure, yes, it would be another test for his new-found sub. So he smiled, handed my leash to Bill and simply said.

“Have fun, I know you will. He’s a wonderful subbie.”

So my new “master” gently pulled on my leash and I waddled after him and his mate through the throng on the dance floor, which parted like the Red Sea, with approving comments – oh isn’t he a cute one, I wish I had a subbie gimp like him, oh so they are the lucky ones tonight, oh, looks like he’s in for some fun tonight – and the like.

I was very glad I was masked but in truth I was kind of flattered by the banter.

Certainly I wasn’t the first rubber gimp they had ever seen, but I was clearly quite the show for present, and had been all night. My heart was pounding as they opened a door to a free playroom and gently led me in. A small part of me wanted to resist right there, and get back to Ryan, for he was my lover, but there was something deep in me that acquiesced, a serious desire for what was to come. Something I had never done, anonymous sex with a couple, and with me as the sub. I’d never been in a threesome before and the challenge appealed to me, I knew that now.

“Up you get.” The larger of the two, Steve said, and I dragged myself onto the latex covered bed, with a little help from Bill, grabbing my hips and raising me up. I rested back on my haunches, mouth gaping, saliva dripping, as they both stood in front of me, their cocks very visible behind the latex covering them.

“I can’t think of anything more submissive or delectable than an adorable rubber gimp like you, but Bill and I like to play by the rules. Now your master was very kind indeed to package you so nicely and offer you to us for the night, but we always believe in safe, sane and consensual, and although you are clearly a good subbie, we would like to hear it from you. We’d like to be your company for the next while and I know it will be fun. Is it your first time as part of a threesome?” I looked up at them and nodded.

“And I have a feeling, I don’t know why, that you haven’t been a subbie to Ryan for long.” Again I nodded, god, if only they knew.

“Okay, well we promise we’ll be gentle with you, ha ha. Now more importantly, do you want to be with us, do you want to be here?” He placed his hand on my rubber covered head. “Are you a…. consenting participant? We need to hear it from you, not just Ryan.”

And I looked up at them both. So here I was I suppose at a crossroads, another crossroads, for years I have been a top, loved being a top, guiding my bottom, my sub to heights of pleasure. Now after just a few weeks kept as Ryan’s rubber plaything, here I was in public with two, well, relative strangers. Was I going to put my trust in them? Was I going to cross the boundary to the other side? Images of the past weeks ran through my vision, Ryan impervious to my reluctance, my silent pleas, and then being very pleased with himself at my very gradual “acceptance”.

Or was it? Here I had the opportunity of speaking up, well gagged though I was. These seemed like nice guys, considerate, and I could walk now, or waddle, back to Ryan, or maybe even out of here and back to my life as a top. Well, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The smaller guy stroked my head.

“Tough, is it? Hmm, well take your time, we want you comfortable with us. But if I may, it looks down here that you seem to be becoming a bit more at ease, eh?”

And between my doubled back legs I could feel my exposed cock just begin to harden, trying to burst out of its plastic prison. What triggered that I didn’t know. Well I did of course. It was the tell-tale sign, my cock telling me what my head should finally acknowledge. Just how had I got here in those intense weeks where the world had been turned upside down? Now I was a completely helpless and vulnerable rubber gimp, a plaything – transformed from being a confirmed top, always in control. Well of course that was all down to Ryan. He had certainly played me well.

As the other two guys looked on, giving me all the time I needed. I considered my position. Stuffed into a tight gimp suit, legs doubled up and useless, arms in in their stiff sleeves and hands mittened, doggie masked and thoroughly gagged, cock and balls exposed but in inescapable chastity, and arse very vulnerable and accessible, and in the company of two “strangers”, albeit very pleasant ones. And I had been given the option to decline.

But I didn’t.

I nodded and mouthed a garbled ok; don’t ask me why, but there you are. I was actually wanting these two young men to take me as they wished. With broad smiles Bill and Steve wasted no time and sat beside me, Steve cruelly playing with my balls in his gloved hand and tickling my rosebud while Bill took his time unzipping and pulling out his hard cock, holding it front of my head. Then he moved towards me and eased it between the lips of my rubber mask. I stretched my jaws against the rubber that was locked over my teeth and crammed between my gums and cheeks and sucked him into my mouth. I wasn’t able to deny him, and I didn’t want to.

“Such a pity I can’t get at this.” Steve said regretfully as he rolled my balls in his gloved hand.

After a very enjoyable ten minutes or so of me sucking on Bill with Steve playing with my balls and stroking me all over, the two tops got down to business. I knew this would come, and perhaps I was a little apprehensive. While I continued my work on Bill’s cock, Steve expertly raised me up on all fours and moved behind me. I now had Bill kneeling in front of me, my mouth clamped over his cock while Steve slipped on a condom, and a pair of surgical gloves and calmly lubed his cock.

Images flashed through my mind again, I suppose I had the chance of stopping it there and then, yes, of course I did, despite my mouth being full of cock. It crossed my mind for a second as I heard Steve say.

“Okay, we’ll take it nice and slow, you have a lovely rosebud and it is screaming to be penetrated, but we’re in no hurry.”

And I felt his swollen head at my entrance, just resting there as if waiting for a starting gun. My natural inclination was to clench and resist, I was taking big breaths through my nose, embedded in Bill’s groin, trying to calm myself. Weeks ago I would never have envisaged being in this position, but a lot can happen in that time, and it had. But now I really was at the point of no return, last chance Don, last chance, sink or swim.

And under the tender stroking of my buttocks by Steve, I began to relax and showed I was ready, and willing, to accept him, and so I nudged my buttocks backwards an inch. And the bulbous head nudged my sphincter, my no longer virgin sphincter, but still a tight little love nest. I couldn’t concentrate on Steve’s cock alone as Bill encouraged me with gentle caressing of my masked head as I licked and sucked him. As with Ryan on the very first time, which seemed such a long time ago now, my partner was very attentive, just taking it so slowly, allowing my resisting muscles to gradually relax and yield and accept the progressively advancing member.

Again it felt as if I would split, but of course that was not going to happen, and liberal application of lube and expert gradual pressure finally saw the head disappear within me. I let out a sigh, and with that achieved I relaxed a little and Bill meanwhile encouraged me, telling me I was a great fellator. Steve now progressed a couple of inches further, as I took a couple of deep breaths between swallowing Bill to the hilt. Bill gasped.

“Oh, oh you devil, you beauty.” And this approbation allowed me to relax further as Steve finally pushed into me, all the way to his root. So now I was truly the rabbit on the spit, thoroughly plugged at both ends - the meat in the sandwich. Above me they must have made a silent sign for both withdrew half way and then both thrust forward in perfect unison, and so now both of them were in me embedded to the hilt.

I was stuffed, well and true, with a feeling of complete fullness, and yet there was no feeling of panic or assault, but mutual agreement, mutual pleasure. For that is what I realised I felt right then, pleasure at my position of complete subjugation, and even pride at being able to provide pleasure to others, two others. And they continued, Bill now well aware that I had complete control over my breathing and gag reflex and Steve equally aware that I had relaxed and accepted him in my rear, plugging me full. With their rhythmic pumping I managed to breathe in perfect unison with them.

I was comfortable, I was at ease with myself, and I realised that I was relishing this. Oh my, hadn’t I come a long way? After a good long while – my throat was getting a little tender - again they had a silent signal and I could feel them about to come in unison. Although young these were two practiced lovers, and I appreciated that. Steve pushed hard into me, gripping my hips determinedly while I felt and then tasted Bill’s hot juice at the back of my throat. They held their positions for maybe ten seconds, allowing me to swallow Bill’s cum while Steve shuddered and the last drops of his seed filled the condom. After a few more seconds they both withdrew and with mutual gasps, we lay on our sides in a tangled heap. Steve pulled off the condom and I saw him smile as he said.

“Well, for a first time that was pretty special. I would love to suck you off but your master has pretty good control over that area, ha ha.” And he kissed me lightly on the top of my head. Nothing more was said for a long time as we lay together, recuperating.

It couldn’t have been more than half an hour later when I felt hands on me, raising me up, fingers playing with my balls and a finger at my anal passage easing some lube up inside me.

“Ready for a second performance? Bill and I would like to change places. Bill tells me you are pretty proficient with your tongue so, if it’s okay with you, we’d like to change ends, so to speak. I’m afraid in your current predicament you’re still doggie in the middle.” Steve chuckled and raised my head and his cock came into view. Now here again I clearly had the option to decline their advances but, and again I don’t know why, I nodded in assent and raised my rear to Bill kneeling behind me.

“Oh super, well let’s have some more fun, Bill will be gentle with you, I see you are a little pink back there, but Bill is a bit smaller than me and you should be able to cope no problem. Obviously if it hurts just tell us.” My arse was perhaps just a little tender now but I’d so enjoyed the earlier encounter I was looking forward to being filled again. But on the other hand with my mouth full of Steve’s cock it might have been hard to communicate with them anyway!

But they were as good as their word, we took plenty of time, and with lots of lube I could feel Bill enter my rear with no pain or discomfort at all. Now I could concentrate on Steve, and he was right, his cock was bigger, but not enough to suffocate me! With my dog snout embedded in his crotch I soon got used to his size and quickly I pressed down, drawing his cock to the back of my throat. Bill was taking his time, slowly in and out and now I was beginning to gain real fulfilment from my position of extreme submission. My own cock, trapped in its plastic chastity sleeve was desperate for release, but that would have to come later. So we continued, Steve caressing my head, not pressing me down at all, and Bill caringly holding my hips, just for guidance not in any way forcing me. It didn’t take long for both of them to come again, as I felt Steve’s hot juice spurt into my mouth and Bill thrust forward.

After they both withdrew and we got ourselves in order, we lay back on the bed, a little congested with three bodies intertwined, and they were both very complimentary of me, and yes, I took pride in their flattery.

After we had lain there in semi-consciousness for about half an hour, there was a faint knock at the door.

“Everybody still alive and kicking in there? I was hoping I might get a bit of time with my rubber sub before they shut us down.” Steve stood and opened the door to Ryan slipped in.

“So? All went well?” He asked with a smile. And now Bill rose.

“Your subbie was fantastic, he has a great tongue, and a nice tight bum, pretty well perfect really.” And I saw Ryan smile again as he looked down on me.

“Yes I know, just about perfect.” He stroked my head. “There are a couple of things we have to work on but they won’t be any trouble.” And what could those be, I thought. Bill and Steve gave me a big hug, quite difficult the way I was dressed as a gimp, then thanked Ryan (profusely) and left.  He sat by my side.

“So…. all okay? You liked your sucking and fucking? And with complete strangers too, you really have come a long way. A real subbie now.” And I nodded, for I had thoroughly taken pleasure in the whole evening. The past, my past, I thought is the past, what I would have done or thought a few weeks ago was now irrelevant. Yes, I was quite a bit sore now, and there was no way that I could relieve myself of the taste of cum in my mouth, but, all in all, I felt very good indeed. 

And seeing Ryan in all his shiny rubber tranny glory just made me all the hornier. He really did look the part, tight waist, long slim well-muscled legs and arms, high heels and those ridiculous rubber boobs. But what I wanted to get at was tucked away under his frilled latex panties, and there was no way I would be able to do that without assistance, as they were hidden away behind his sleek knee-high skirt. I grunted a couple of times and leant over to nuzzle his crotch, hoping he would get the message.

“I can’t believe you are still so horny.” Well that was true, but what I wanted now was him. He raised my head.

“I think we should go home and finish this there in comfort, don’t you?” I was a little saddened to have to wait, but nodded and raised my head assuming he would start to undress me ready for the short drive back, but no. He went to the door and talked with one of the staff, who left for a couple of minutes and then returned and brought back our large shoulder bag of street clothes, handed it to Ryan together with the car keys. Ryan opened the bag and pulled a black latex hoodie over his head.

“Come on then.” He said chirpily and gave my leash a short tug. Hey wait a minute! We’re not going out to the car dressed like this, oh no way. But we were. The car was at the back entrance and Ryan unlocked the back door and slapped my backside. The back windows were tinted, which was some consolation, but it appeared that Ryan had decided to gear up the excitement by driving home dressed as he was, a rubber tranny complete with mask and covered only by a hoodie (with his boobs underneath, stretching the rubber of the hoodie to the maximum), and with me hidden (I hoped) in the back. It was three in the morning and the drive was a very short one, but this was crazy I thought, and I grunted my disapproval.

He seemed completely unperturbed, in fact quite liking the experience. Christ, if we got stopped by the police; try explaining this I thought, or even stopped at a traffic light. He really was crazy. I huddled down on the back seat, again grunting my displeasure to him, but he was just amused and laughed aloud. Quickly we were off, and I held my breath, I didn’t even dare look up at him, rubber masked under the hoodie, and dressed as a rubber tranny, this was insane!


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