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Jennifer's Toy

by DrInflator

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© Copyright 2011 - DrInflator - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/m; rubber; catsuit; insert; toys; inflatable; suit; outdoors; hum; climax; cons/reluct; X

The sun was bright and high in the afternoon sky on a cool Saturday afternoon in a London suburb. Tonight was the famous Skin Two Rubber Ball 1999. Things were quiet and still in the bedroom of the flat of Jennifer's friend. The sun was shining in through the open curtains. Downstairs could be heard the talking of the two rubberists about tonight's Ball.

"I wish I didn't have this darn cold,” said Kim as she sniffled.

"Yes, I know it is going to be a great ball tonight," Jennifer replied.

"Would you help me get ready for the Ball?" Jennifer asked.

"Sure, Jennifer, did you bring your rubber clothes you picked out for the Ball?" Kim asked.

"Yes, I did Kim," Jennifer said.

"Good, let's go up to my bedroom and we’ll get you rubbered up for the Ball," replied Kim.

Jennifer followed Kim up to her bedroom and asked for some talcum powder and lube to help her into her rubber clothes. "What did you choose for the ball tonight, Jennifer?" asked Kim.

"I chose my dominatrix rubbersuit for tonight, Kim," replied Jennifer.

"Is that the full rubbersuit, Jennifer?" asked Kim.

"Oh yes Kim," Jennifer proclaimed.

"Very nice choice Jennifer," said Kim. Kim watched as Jennifer pulled out her rubbersuit from the duffle bag.

"Here Kim, can you unzip it and help me into my rubbersuit?" asked Jennifer.

"Sure," Kim replied. A loud short zip was heard as Kim unzipped the short rear zipper of Jennifer's rubbersuit. Kim looked inside the rubbersuit as she was unzipping it. "Wow, you have built in rear and front dildos also I see, Jennifer," Kim exclaimed.

"Oh yes, I really enjoy the dildos in my rubbersuit when I'm in it," Jennifer said. "I guess so..." Kim replied. They both broke out in laughter.

"Now step in Jennifer while I hold the rubbersuit open for you," Kim said. Jennifer stepped in through the short zipper while she wiggled her way into her rubber cocoon. Jennifer's feet were in the attached feet now of the rubbersuit. Kim began pulling the rubbersuit up Jennifer's legs while covering her in talcum powder for ease. Kim then pulled the rubbersuit up to Jennifer's crotch, lubed the front and rear dildos with large amounts of lube and pulled up the rubbersuit. Kim heard Jennifer moan loudly as the dildos entered her ass and her pussy.

Kim then started wrapping Jennifer in rubber again, pulling up the front of Jennifer's rubbersuit over her 36DD breasts and pushed her hands and arms into the attached gloved arms of the suit. Kim then pulled the open faced pony tail hood that was hanging down on her breasts up and over Jennifer's head, making sure to twist her long blonde hair and pulled it through the pony tail opening in the top of the hood. She then arranged the hood on Jennifer's head so only a small circle of her face was showing. She pulled down the hood on the back of Jennifer's head, and positioned her hair so it was trailing down her rubber back to just above her shiny black rubber bum. Kim then zipped up the short rear zipper in the back sealing Jennifer in her black rubbersuit. Kim playfully slapped Jennifer's black rubber bum which drove the dildo in more and a loud moan was heard from Jennifer as she shook her bum with the feeling of the intruding piece. Kim kept spanking her more. "Please don't stop Kim, Yes, Yes..." Jennifer proclaimed moaning.

"I'd love to Jennifer, but the ball starts shortly," Kim replied.

"Damn, we'll continue tomorrow though, okay?" Jennifer asked.

"Sure Jennifer," Kim replied. Kim helped Jennifer into some 6 inch thigh high rubber heels. "Now you look like a dominatrix, Jennifer," Kim said.

Jennifer left reluctantly to go to the night's activities, wanting to continue with Kim instead.

Jennifer entered the Ballroom and looked around scouting the males in the room.

She then started to walk around talking with some friends off and on, but looking for that special someone. Then as she was just about to give up and just talk amongst friends a guy caught her eye on the other side of the room. He was dressed not unlike her, head to toe in a black rubbersuit but with a full hood.

Jennifer approached him with a lump in her throat, trying to build up for a sexy hello. She stood in front of him now. “Hi, I'm Jennifer," she said. "Hi, I'm John, would you like to get a drink at the bar?" he asked. "Yes, sounds good John, thanks," Jennifer responded.

John watched hypnotized almost by the sway of Jennifer's shiny rubber bum in front of him as he followed her to the bar. They engaged in small talk for a couple of hours while the Ball festivities continued around them, looking up every once in a while to check out what's up. John and Jennifer found that like most rubberists, they were both looking for a rubberist of the opposite sex to be with. They found that they had a lot of the same interests for rubbersuits and rubber bondage. They talked till closing of the bar.

"Would you like to come back to my place for a night cap, John?" Jennifer asked, while they stood out in the parking lot.

"Sure, I guess I can, I'm off for a week now anyway, not to say I will be there that long," John said, beginning to laugh. Jennifer laughed very faintly at his remark.

"I will drive, okay John?" Jennifer asked.

"Sure, I don't have my car here, my friend dropped me off tonight,"" John said.

They got into Jennifer's car, a black 1999 Pontiac Trans Am, and sped off to her house. John began to wonder where they were going, still driving an hour later. "Where do you live? China?" John asked as he broke out in laughter.

Jennifer started laughing and said," actually not far now, just around the bend. "Here we are," Jennifer said. John was shocked as the wrought iron gates opened and they drove through them up a long road to a massive mansion set back on the property.

"Nice place Jennifer," John proclaimed to her.

"My father and mother left it to me after they died in a car accident a few years ago," Jennifer replied.

"You live here by yourself?" John asked.

"Yes, just myself and my rubber collection," replied Jennifer.

"I'd love to see that," John said.

"Oh, don't worry, you will, John," Jennifer replied with a smirk on her face.

They entered the mansion; John was amazed to see everything was finished in black rubber, the curtains, floors and walls. Jennifer led John by the hand to the parlor. "I'll be right back with some rubber clothes for you to wear when you are here," Jennifer said as she disappeared out of the room. Jennifer reappeared wearing her same rubbersuit and was holding a large rubbersuit in her hands.

"John, can you please put on this rubbersuit for me?" she pleaded with him with puppy dog eyes. "Ok, Jennifer," John said as he gave in.

Jennifer opened the rear zip and asked John to step into the full rubbersuit, as he looked down at the rubbersuit he noticed the air valve sticking out on the bum of the rubbersuit. He then realized that this is an inflatable rubbersuit she is putting him into. He of course forgot that this was one of his fantasies he had told her about earlier that night. John then stepped through the zippered opening and planted his feet in the attached feet of the rubbersuit. Jennifer then started to pull up the rubbersuit, up his thighs, over his butt and crotch and pulled his arms and head into the rubbersuit and pulled the rubbersuit tight in the back and zippered him into his rubbersuit. Then she applied a liquid to the back of his rubbersuit, and him not knowing that he was just sealed permanently into his rubbersuit with rubber cement.

"There now you are dressed for playtime, John," Jennifer said.

"Ok, where we playing Jennifer?" John asked.

"We're going down to my playroom in my basement," Jennifer said.

"Very nice," John replied.

John was hypnotized again, as he followed Jennifer's swaying black rubber bum to her playroom. John was amazed at all the various rubber costumes adorning the walls of the playroom. Then as he scanned the room he noticed various stocks, cages, chains and toys scattered about the room. Then he noticed Jennifer standing over in the corner in front of two steel tanks. "Come here John this minute!" she ordering. He walked over to her. Jennifer then ordered him to turn around. He obliges and turned around in front of her. She then grabs his rubber bum cheeks and playfully spanks him with one hand while she grabs the hose on one of the steel tanks behind her and attaches it to the valve on the bum of John's rubbersuit. She continued to play with his bum with one hand and turned on the air with the other.

"What you doing back there?" John asked.

"Oh nothing, Balloon boy," Jennifer replied. John then noticed air was coming into his rubbersuit.

"Balloon boy...what the heck is going on here, I'm blowing up?" John asked. "I'm blowing up like a balloon!" he said again.

"Yes, you're going to be my Balloon boy, John," Jennifer said.

"What let me out of this," John screamed.

"Oh no, Balloon boy, you're permanently trapped in that rubbersuit," Jennifer said.

"What? No!!" John screamed. John wanted to wear an inflatable rubbersuit but not to live in one permanently.

Jennifer watched as her new love inflated larger and larger laughing at him as he struggled just to walk, or waddle now as he was blown up so large that that was all he could do. He kept inflating in front of her, as she stood there laughing at her Balloon boy’s predicament, growing rounder and rounder still, a rubber balloon ball with tiny feet, hands and head. Then if there was not enough embarrassment involved here, a "POP" was heard and a large rubber cock popped straight out, 9 inches in length and inflated to full length where his crotch was before he was made into a balloon. The inflation stopped when his rubbersuit had finally filled up to full size.

"There my inflatable sex toy, you are done," Jennifer said.

"Why did you do this to me Jennifer?" John asked.

"It's Mistress Jennifer, Balloon boy!!!" Jennifer said.

She then pulled out a rubber paddle and started paddling his fat inflated rubber bum while laughing as he tried to move his tiny arms, around to his big rubber ass to block her paddling, but couldn't even move his arms. She then put a posture collar with a D ring around his neck and attached a dog leash to the D ring on the collar. "What is the collar for Mistress Jennifer?" John asked.

"Oh, I'm taking you out for a walk Balloon boy," Jennifer said.

"No, Mistress Jennifer, anything but that," John pleaded with her.

She grabbed an inflatable dildo gag off the wall and stuck in his mouth and strapped it around his head. Then she put her lips to it like she was kissing him and started to inflate it, noticing his mouth spreading under the hood wider and wider, until she felt it was large enough. John then stood silently a Balloon boy trapped and leashed as she backed up to take a look and make sure he was ready for his first public appearance as she circled him making sure he was inflated big enough and spanking him while she did.

The grocery store was just a half mile down the road and was a busy one at that. "Now you’re ready to go grocery shopping?" Jennifer said. Just a muffle was heard, as he pleadingly said a muffled no. She grabbed Balloon boy’s leash and started to pull at it as he followed her up the stairs watching her bum swaying again.

The front door was not as bad a struggle as the front gate. The outside of the front gate meant Balloon boy was in full sight of all passersby. She pulled him out of the gate and down the sidewalk behind her on his leash. They made quite a pair, she decked out in her full dominatrix rubbersuit and him blown up into a balloon. The people that saw them would point and laugh at the Balloon boy and not even give a second thought to the rubbersuited woman in front of him.

Balloon boy was putting up with the girls spanking him and playing with his huge rubber cock while they were being coaxed by his Mistress to use him any way they wanted while they went around the store. They picked up a few things and headed home after an hour or so.

When they arrived home, Jennifer took Balloon boy to her bedroom and threw him onto her bed. The dildos in her suit making her so horny that she took a knife out and cut out her front and rear dildos. She then sat her shiny black rubber bum down on his rubber dildo and began bucking him like a nymph unleashed, screaming out loudly as they were the only two in the whole 32 room mansion. She then raised herself off his rubber cock and turned over laying face down on her human fuck toy. She eased the rubber cock into her pussy and bucked it like there was no tomorrow. John loved this as he was face to boobs with her black rubber boobs in his face as she bucked up and down on his big rubber dildo. Jennifer came again and again on her balloon boy covering him in her cum. Then she licked it all off his inflated body.

John, having a raging hard on underneath the inflatable rubbersuit could do nothing to relieve himself. "Can I cum now also Mistress Jennifer?" John asked.

"No Balloon boy, you are my fuck toy only!" Jennifer replied. "Okay," replied a dejected John.

Jennifer kept John at bay as her toy for the rest of their lives. They even got married in there rubbersuits by a Minister. John began to really love his situation as she would humiliate him regularly which he learned to love.



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