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Freedom, Limited

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; mc; magic; cons/reluct; X

"I guess you could say I have problems in my relationship." I shrugged.

The man at the counter looked at me with the most innocent smile on his face.  I couldn't tell if he was plotting something or he was just the nicest man on the face of the earth.  Honestly, I couldn't tell.

"Sir, believe me when I say this, you're not the only man out there with problems concerning the 'fairer sex'."

What had happened was that my wife and I had had an argument recently concerning how things should be done 'in bed'.  I didn't want to tell him that, but I felt guilty about it all.  So I thought being the nice guy I try to be, I would apologize and treat my wife to some new clothes.

My friends say I spoil her a bit.  While I admit I act like a total sap sometimes, she does seem to be rather bossy lately.  I can't say as I appreciate it whenever she tells me to clean up the house right when I get back from work.  Isn't that supposed to be her job?

Well I can't exactly be too hard on her, she wanted kids and I didn't, she wanted a bigger house and I was happy where we were… some days I'm surprised we're still married.

I guess the main reason I went into that store was because I wanted to find something for my wife that could change her outlook.  So she could see things my way for a change instead of always giving an opinion about everything.

The name of the place was Freedom, LTD.  I can't exactly say it's the most creative name for a clothing shop, but then my wife's been to places like Wet Seal and Ralph Martin among others…

What I didn't expect when I walked into the place, was not a single poster girl/boy was being displayed, everything was put on a plastic mannequin for people to see, and most interesting of all was the fact that everything seemed to be more or less tucked away or hidden on racks or storage shelves.

I guess the biggest thing that surprised me when I talked to the clerk at the store was that he asked me how my relationship was with women in my life.  When does a guy in a dress shop get asked a question like that?   Plus, this place wasn't exactly suited for men in the first place, as all I saw were dresses, skirts, and fashion for women… though for some reason I never once saw a pair of pants there.

"So, let me ask you this, sir, your wife… is she the sort of woman easily persuaded by pretty things?  Or is she more into hard logic?"

"Well... (I dunno why I'm telling you this)… she likes making 'conditions' for things.  She gets me things on the 'condition' I get her things too… usually trying to top what she originally gave me.  She's usually criticizing the value of things or tells me when something 'looks cheap'.   I can't really say I like that side of her, but I guess when she's more agreeable I tend to enjoy being with her."

"Ah…I see…" his voice trailed off and started writing something down that I couldn't see.

"I want your wife to come in tomorrow for a free fitting so we can get her something that will give her a fresh new look on life."

"Don't you mean 'fresh new look'?"  I asked, puzzled by his last comment.

"What did you think I mean?  Don't worry sir; everything will be handled with utmost professionalism.  Once your wife picks out a dress from us, she may never want to wear another piece of clothing ever again.  We're very confident in our work."

"Oh…uh, alright… I guess." I turned to leave.  Something about what he said made me both worried and relieved at the same time.  Maybe things would get better tomorrow.

After work, I came home and did the usual chores my wife asked me and brought up my 'surprise' I had in store for her.

"You're taking me shopping?  What's the deal?"

"No deal, I just felt like giving you something today, that's all."

"No secrets?"  She smirked.

"None."  I said, with full confidence.

When we went into the store, I was surprised to find the young clerk I had met the other day was hard at work doing some sewing and measuring of a new dress.  The top was loose, but the sides appeared well-tapered and form-fitting.

"So, sir, is she ready for her fitting?"

"Well, are you?"  I asked her.

She was practically beaming with the 'I win this round' look on her face.  As if I'd lost an argument.  Well the joke's on her, as for once I'm just being nice instead of trying to bribe her like she usually tries to get me to do.

She was instructed to take the measuring tapes he handed her and head into the dressing room where she would be 'measured'.  Of course, all her sizes would be kept confidential, he assured her.

Well, I must admit, my wife is quite, how shall I say it… voluptuous.  That's not to say she's fat, far from it.  It's more or less that she has… softness… in all the right places.  But getting her to do things my way in bed?  Well, that's another story altogether, I'm just lucky she's my wife.

Once things were measured, he let her take a look throughout the store.  But it wasn't just something where you go shopping for a few clothes.  He insisted she look for one and 'only one'  dress that she liked.   Something about company policy that once a customer buys a dress from the store, they shouldn't have to buy another.  Strange, I know.

I've actually gotten used to waiting for my wife to pick out her clothes, but this time seemed a bit longer than usual.  She had a big grin on her face  and was milking this for all it was worth, making me look like the 'waiting man' like I didn't belong in a dress shop.

Normally I would get impatient with her, telling her to stop trying to egg me on with that way of showing off she had a habit of doing.  I don't mind showing off my wife to others, as long as it doesn't involve humiliation at my expense, which she seems to relish at many an opportunity.  For some reason I didn't feel as guilty as I normally do.  This felt different somehow.  I couldn't put my finger on it, it almost felt like…


Don't get me wrong, I had no intention of tricking my wife into getting something she didn't want to wear.  It was just the feeling of the place.  The innocent look on the clerk's face, the way I just 'didn't react'.  While my wife would put on airs trying to rub me the wrong way.

She finally chose the outfit she wanted.  It was a simple white dress with a unique stitch-work near the neck.  It was made of a kind of simple cotton material, soft, yet loose.  The dress certainly flared out well, and it hit her ankles ever so slightly.

She did raise an interesting question to the clerk though.

"Why exactly does this come with a white choker?" she asked.

"Oh that… well, it's an accessory.  You don't really need to wear it with the dress.  It just comes with it.  Trust me, you'll look much better with it on than off, I assure you."

"I suppose…" she sighed.  I noted her slight annoyance at wearing it.  "Well since my husband was kind enough to buy this for me, I guess I have no choice but to wear everything."

"Oh, and I must inform you that there will be an additional accessory, it's just a token gift for purchasing from us."

"Oh a free gift!  You didn't tell me about this, honey…" My wife has a thing for coupons and free gifts and jumps at the opportunity to get them.

But for some reason this 'free gift' disappointed her.

It was a little white box with a ring in it.  But the ring itself was several sizes too big for her.  The ring had the store's unique insignia on it, and a few interesting little designs etched into it I couldn't make out.

"Oh, miss, the ring isn't for you, it's for your husband.   It's our way of saying 'thank you' for shopping at Freedom Limited."

"What kind of store gives a woman a dress and men rings??" she practically blurted out when she left the store.  "Well at least the dress will look good on me… and I suppose I'll wear the choker for you… but only on the condition that next time I get to pick out something nice for you to wear, your suits are getting tacky and old anyway…. and I'll only wear it once, got it?"

"Yes, dear."  I smiled.  At least she was happy.

Later that afternoon I was curious about that ring they gave me.   It was strange because the ring itself didn't fit across anything except my middle finger, the fit was snug, and I didn't get much time to see how it looked before my wife called me in the bedroom.

"So… do you want to see how this looks on me?" she asked me while slipping it on.

"Why sure… if it looks good on you, I'll take you to dinner."

"What do you mean 'if' mister?  It's guaranteed to look good on me."

She had me zip up the back of the dress and help her slip on the choker.  She took a pair of white heels from the closet and slipped them on.  Needless to say she was stunning.  She spun in place with the dress and I couldn't help but stare at the beauty before me.

Needless to say I took her out to dinner.

We got more than a few looks from onlookers at her angelic white dress that accentuated her figure, but gave enough flare to make it look like she was floating.

I don't know for sure what it was, but she was a lot nicer to me than usual.  She seemed eager to know what I wanted to eat before she chose what she wanted on the menu… in fact she asked me what I thought would be good first… which was completely different from her usual 'teasing' bravado.

By the time we finished the appetizer I was completely convinced this woman was not the spicy wife I had lived with since I married her.  This woman was completely different, and it was exciting!  Well she looked the same as when I met her, but she seemed… brighter… happier… agreeable.

We had a very long conversation about something I liked to talk about for once.  And it felt great!  But more than that, she looked to be… changing.  Were my eyes playing tricks on me, or was her figure getting…tighter?  Even the waiter made a comment on how ravishing she looked.

That night we went home and for the first time in my experience, she laughed at a joke I had made.

I had to say something.

"Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" I blurted out in the car.

"Oh Sweety, don't be that way… I just… felt like you could use someone to listen to for once." She pressed her cheek up against mine, teasing me with a gentle kiss.

I reached up my hand to caress her face, but my hand accidentally brushed up against something large and soft.

My eyes hadn't played tricks on me; her breasts had gotten a size larger!  She reciprocated by deliberately making my hand cup her breast.

"Was that an accident or are you glad to see me?" she smiled seductively.  "You certainly love to push my hot buttons, don't you?"  At the word 'hot button' I felt a twinge in my mid-section.  I could feel her warm breath on my face as it was inches close to hers.

I had never felt this intense over my wife before!  Never!  It was completely shocking.  I was unprepared.

Or was I?  This was the biggest invitation I'd ever had since we married.  Never once had it been her suggestion to have sex… more or less I was the one to seduce her… and now…

Well we drove home in quite a hurry.

I got my first taste of things to come when we were in the bedroom stripping for the big moment.

My wife refused to take off the choker and dress.

"I don't understand.  You didn't like it before?"

"Please?"  She smiled sweetly. "  I changed my mind.  I like this choker.  I feel…'connected'  to you with it on."

Well it wasn't like I didn't mind the choker or the dress, but just seeing her refuse to take them off was… well it was strange.

The dress was wide and flared, so it didn't take much for her to strip off the lace material underneath to expose herself to me.    Once again I noticed something strange, not only was she hot, but simply having the dress brush up against her skin set her lust ablaze.

It wasn't long before I was inside her, driving like a madman's piston.  She gasped with pure pleasure, as the pressure began to build tight around my member.  I had no memory of her pussy being that tight.  She was practically hugging me on all sides and perfectly aware of it.

In the throes of the moment, my eyes felt like they were playing tricks on me, but the dress appeared to be dissolving into something… something else.  I wasn't sure but, the more I watched, the more I drove into her with excitement and wanton lust.

It was as if I had caught a fever and didn't want to let go.  She was an object of passion that I drove into with her legs gently hugging my hips.  Our lips locked and I could feel something welling up from within her.  Something that made me almost jump from the bed.   It was a lust I didn't know she even had.  And frankly, it almost frightened me.

"This dress and choker make me hot… hotter than anything I've ever been before… but I think we can do more."

"Do more?" I stammered.  I was already pushing heavy as it was.

"Not you, lover, me."  She took a string of cum from her innards and spread it gently across her firm round breasts.  "You're long overdue for a good sexing."

I must've been dreaming.  The dress she wore looked like it was changing into something more… something… intense.  Her hips were getting even tighter than before, and the material hardened around it into a smooth semi-flexible substance, like a white rubber corset.

The stuff was spreading across her entire body!   She accepted it as if it were something as natural as a caterpillar forming a cocoon.  Before long my wife now had intense white en-pointe heels, molded breasts that cupped my face, and a white rubber mask that covered her face save her lips and eyes.  Her hair seemed to have grown from the top of her head into a long black sable mane.  I had experienced latex before, but this felt different… the experience was as if this stuff were a living fluid, engulfing me, with an intense embrace.

She was silent for a long moment, but before long she dove straight for my erect pillar.  Her lips were soft yet firm as they gently pressed down and parted as naturally as if I were inside her pussy itself.  Her tongue lathed the underside while hot breath caressed the head.  I was beginning to drift off, but she woke me up with a gentle suck.  She took it in with such gentle dignity, as if she were accepting her reward.

I was speechless.  Beyond words.  My wife never used to do this.

Soon we were caressing each other again, myself marveling at the strange metamorphosis of my wife's form… playing idly with her toe-heels.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?  I'll do anything you want from now on." She kissed my cock passionately, as if it were the only thing she would make love to from now on.

The morning came and I awoke to find my wife sleeping in the white dress and choker I had put on her yesterday.  Nothing had changed, and the strange white rubber suit she wore last night was a mere figment of my imagination…. or was it?

As if sensing me wake up, she bolted from the bed, slipped into her fancy white heels and was up and refreshed before I could yawn.  Her hair seemed quicker on the rebound than usual.

"I have to make breakfast!"  she said it as though it was a major dawning realization.

"Uh… honey… normally I'm the one who makes breakfast."

"Oh no… not this time!" she tut-tutted me, "From now on I'm the one who makes breakfast, got it?"

"Yes, dear."  I smiled absent-mindedly.

I was in no hurry to expect good cooking from my wife (who never used to cook previously), but what she laid out for me in the next 20 minutes blew all my expectations away.

"Can't have you going to work on an empty stomach, can I, dear?" she smiled as if all she did was wink and the breakfast appeared like magic.

I took a few bites of the omelette she'd made.

Did I mention that was the best breakfast I'd ever had in my entire life?

Well, work went fine for most of the day, but when I got back, I think I almost died of shock.

The house was literally spotless, something my wife had a hand in no doubt, but more than that… everything seemed… somehow arranged according to my tastes.  The remote for the TV was right where I normally put it instead of where my wife used to make a habit of hiding it.  My books had been lined up properly in the shelves, and my home-office was more than made to be more efficient.

She'd done quite a number to the place while I was away.

But instead of pointing it out to me, she stood silently in her white dress, choker, and matching heels. Her head was bowed humbly as she stood next to my dining room chair, dinner waiting for me.

I accepted her offer and sat down.  She continued to stand at my side while I took a bite of the stew she'd made.

"You know… you can sit down and eat with me now…" I said, with an awkward lilt in my voice.

"Oh really?  Thank you."  She smiled as if she were getting acknowledged at last for her efforts.

For once, the room was quiet while we ate.  But something was bothering me.  Every time I would take a bite and look up, she would be looking up at me, waiting for me to take another bite.  It was as if she couldn't eat unless I did.

"You don't have to wait for me, you know… and nobody said we needed to be quiet at the table."

"It just felt… like I should." She said.  Her voice was softer and more mincing than usual.  I didn't expect it out of her, but she was getting more and more soft-spoken than her usual abrasive self.  It wasn't something that I didn't appreciate of course, I definitely liked the changes, but… the question was…why?

My question was soon answered later that night when the phone called and she answered it.  It was one of my friends from work asking for some information on a client that I had.  Not only was my wife acting like a secretary more than a wife, but she literally shocked my friend as well.

"You know, you shouldn't be sneaking with another woman after work, man."

"What are you talking about…?  That's my wife."

"It is???  You're not pulling my leg?  That's your wife?  She sounds different."

"Don't ask."

"Hmm… you must've done something… maybe I'll ask for pointers some time."

Me?  What did I do?  I bought her a dress she fell in… love… with…

It was the dress!  It had to be!  Not just the dress though… the choker!   Something about my wife wearing those two things brought this change.  I didn't know how exactly, but I was bound and determined to find out what.

Once again I found myself at the Freedom LTD store.

"Sir, welcome again, how can I be of assistance?"

"How?  How about explaining what that dress did to my wife?"

"Are you unhappy with the fit?  Was it damaged?"

"That's not what I asked…"

"Is the ring not to your liking, sir?  We can always fit you another."

"Read my lips 'What happened to my wife?'"

The man gave me an innocent smile once again.

"Have you ever read the story 'Rheingold'?"  The young man smiled.

"What?"  I shook my head.

"It's the story about a cursed ring and the valkyrie bound to its fate.  You should read the story sometime, it's quite the page-turner.  Now, if you'll excuse me… its closing time and I must be off."

Before I knew it I was shoved out the store without so much as a mutter or complaint out my mouth.

I decided it was pointless to hang around that area, so I left for home, my wife would be waiting for me, in that dress she always wore.

I remember it was about 7:15 when I got back.  I was going to get some sleep soon… but not without a little excitement from her.

This time however, she surprised me with a little more than what I had expected.  She wasn't wearing the white dress as before, now she was wearing what appeared to be a delicately embroidered white lace piece.  It was as if I wasn't having sex with my wife at all… but with some beautiful stripper girl from somewhere else.

The only thing that remained the same was the white choker she wore.

I hadn't noticed before, but the choker had my name engraved on it.  And whenever I touched it during our 'escapade' it was like sending electric shocks down my wife's spine.  She was enthralled whenever I would pull and tug her or tell her to do things.

I just knew it was the choker… but I also knew it was the ring too.  I asked my wife why she liked the choker so much now… and once again she gave me the same answer.

"I feel connected to you.  I want to be what you want me to be.  Even if it means I'm nothing but your play-thing."

That was a few months ago.   We've done lots more since then, and the dress I bought her is just as advertised… she seldom ever takes it off… unless I want her to.  Normally though, the choker stays on.  And at night, when the lights are out, it's like she becomes the greatest woman I could ever want, the dress disappears and something out of my dreams emerges.  During the day, she's her soft elegant humble self.  My neighbors are starting to wonder.

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to marry this girl.  Sometimes I wonder who that girl was I first married… but then I think about the ring and the choker.

Nah… as long as my wife is happy, I'm happy.

The End



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