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Eternal Bliss

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; drug; kidnap; bond; susp; liquid latex; dipped; encased; sealed; display; revenge; nc; XX

Sara James sat at her desk, her mind struggling to deal with the shock she had just received. On her desk lay a stack of pictures, freshly delivered by the private investigator she’d hired. The pictures, taken over a period of three months, showed Robert, her husband, and Jan, his secretary, engaged in some very energetic sex.

How could this happen, she wondered? At 36, she was still considered extremely attractive, and she’d had plenty of offers lately. Faithful to Robert, she’d never strayed. Apparently, he hadn’t been as faithful to her.

As she sat, her shock turned to rage, then to iron determination. So he wants to be with her, does he? Well, she would see to it that he had her forever. After all, wasn’t it the mark of a good wife that she provide for her husbands desires?

Preparations took almost a year, but finally she was ready. An old warehouse, rented under an assumed name, held a large metal tank. Mounted to an overhead beam was an electric hoist. Other, smaller items, lay piled beside the tank. Now for the subjects.

The final preparations were made at home. A bottle of Robert’s favorite wine, now heavily dosed with sleeping powders, sat chilling in the refrigerator. A call to Robert, telling him she had to go out of town for the weekend, and all was set. Some of the pictures had shown the couple in this house, so she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist the chance to play his games at home. And when he did, it would be her turn to play.

Later that evening, as Sara watched from hiding, Robert ushered Jan into the house. Sara waited an hour, then entered quietly, discovering the two sleeping soundly in the living room. Now the fun could begin.

Loading the limp bodies into the trunk of her rented car wasn’t easy, but her determination saw her through. The drive to the warehouse was a short one. Driving inside, she closed the door, then dragged the bodies from the trunk. With her revenge so close at hand, she was ready to begin.

First the clothes. Carefully, almost gleefully, she cut the clothes from both bodies. Cuffs attached to the lift were carefully wrapped around each wrist. Then, with the press of a button, two limp bodies dangled over the tank.

Sara climbed to the top of the tank, where a catwalk covered one side. Standing level with the bodies, she admired her work. Kneeling, she took Robert’s cock in her mouth. Slowly, carefully, she sucked and licked until, despite his unconscious state, he became fully erect. A tight cock ring ensured that his erection wouldn’t subside. Next, she stroked Jan’s pussy, arousing her equally.

With both subjects ready, she turned them to face each other. Lining them up, she carefully inserted Robert’s cock inside Jan’s pussy, strapping their thighs together to ensure they remained joined. Now for the fun part.

Back on the floor, Sara pressed a button. Beneath the catwalk, the top of the tank began to slide sideways. Beneath, the tank was filled with black liquid latex. Once the top was out of the way. Sara climbed back to the catwalk and grasped the control to the winch suspending the joined couple.

Carefully, she lowered the pair into the latex to just below the thigh straps. Raising them again, she allowed the latex to dry then removed the straps and dipped them again, this time up to their chests. Once this layer of latex dried, the two were fused together from their chests down.

The next step was a bit more delicate. Lowering them carefully, Sara pulled them to the side so that they rested on the catwalk. Removing the wrist cuffs, she rolled them until Robert lay on top. Next, she crossed Jan’s arms behind Robert’s back. A thin plastic tie around each wrist and corresponding elbow ensured that the embrace would stay secure. Rolling the bodies again, she secured Robert’s arms in an identical embrace. Straps passed beneath the arms were attached to the lift, and soon the couple dangled once more over the tank. Another dip, to just below the straps, and the two were now fused together in an eternal embrace. After allowing the latex to dry, Sara lowered them once more to the catwalk, removed the straps, then sat back to wait.

Soon, the encased bodies began to twitch. Robert’s eyes opened first, followed shortly by Jan’s. Briefly, the pair struggled within their latex cocoon, then subsided as they became aware of Sara watching them.

“Sara, what is this?” Robert asked. “What are you doing to us?”

“Why, I’m being a good wife, Dear,” she responded. “I’m seeing to it that you get what you want. You’d rather stick your cock in her than me. Well, now it will always be there.”

At her words, the two began to struggle. Sara watched, admiring the way the latex faithfully outlined very curve. Soon enough, the struggles subsided, and she began the final step.

“I’m sure you’ll be happy together,” she said brightly, bending to wrap soft leather straps around the couple’s ankles.

“Please, Mrs. James, let us go,” Jan pleaded. “I’ll go away, I promise. I’ll do anything, just let us go.”

“And deprive you of the joys of eternal sex with Robert?” Sara laughed lightly. “Does his hard cock feel good inside you? As good as it felt when the two of you were fucking in my bed?”

“I’m sorry,” Jan sobbed, “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m sure you are, hon,” Sara replied, taking up a hair brush. Dipping the brush into the latex, she began carefully brushing Jan’s long blonde hair, coating each strand thoroughly. When the latex dried, Jan’s hair seemed made of black latex, falling naturally about her shoulders. A press of a button, and the pair dangled by their ankles above the tank.

“Any last words?” In response, Robert pressed his lips against Jan’s. “Ah, true love,” Sara whispered and lowered the pair once more into the tank.

“Wonderful party, Dear. And your collection of erotic statues is quite stunning.”

“Why thank you.” Sara smiled.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Robert ran off with his secretary. And I must say, you’ve stood up to the strain quite well.”

“I think so. And of course, the courts were kind enough to grant me total control of our joint assets due to abandonment. I just hope he’s happy where he is.”

Smiling, the guest moved away. Sara wandered toward a small alcove. There, shining under a small spot, stood the prize piece in her collection. Locked in eternal embrace, lips pressed together in an endless kiss, the naked couple glistened gently, obviously well cared for. At their feet, a small plaque bore the simple phrase, “Eternal Bliss”.


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