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From Lab Rat to Slave 6

by Edrubber

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Storycodes: M+/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; captive; cell; bond; bdsm; punish; hood; boxed; transported; club; used; force; feeding; oral; anal; enema; slave; reluct/nc; XX

story continued from part five

Chapter Six

After landing in Ft Lauderdale, when I got up and tried to walk, it was so painful that I could not walk and deplane without help. Thom just picked me up and carried me to the limo.

For some reason it was getting worse and I was developing a temperature above normal. I found it impossible to sit so, I knelt on the floor of the limo and leaned over the seat.

Thom kept asking me if I was faking in order to get even with him. I just asked him to drop me off at the boat and leave me alone, I was too sick and in pain to be making small talk with him.

Thom realized that my condition was getting worrisome and told the driver to go directly to the hospital. At emergency, I was laying belly down on the gurney waiting to be taken to EKG. Thom did make arrangements for us to be taken directly to a private room so that we would not be exposed to the crowd in the emergency room.

After all tests some 8 hours latter, the Dr. informed us that I had a double inter compartmental separation and hemorrhage.

We had told them that I fallen from a height of about 12 feet and landed on my butt. The Dr. explained that the skin next to the bone separated causing the hemorrhage which now was coagulated and beginning to infect. He said that the first option was to inject anticoagulants and massage every hour and if that did not get the needed results, surgery would be indicated and scars in the area would be inevitable.

Because the pain would be intense with the massages, I was given a spinal shot to numb the lower half of my body. I was back on the bed face down with the hole for my face. I was tied to the bed and could actually swing to a standing position. I was sandwiched between two beds with my rear sticking out. In between treatments, I preferred be in a standing position to be able to see people and watch T.V. On the second day the Dr. ordered that I should be lying at all times and a T.V. could be installed under the bed for my entertainment. I had fabricated this long story for everybody of how this happened but, I told Jacky the truth and she, after canceling the wedding pleaded with me to reject the fake wedding from Europe and dump Thom.

I told her that not only I was not canceling but I needed to get on with the Justice of the Peace wedding as soon as possible because as his lawful wife, I would be entitle to half of his fortune under American law.

Jacky made the arrangements for the justice to come to the hospital and with just a few of us from the boat, we where married legally. Thom did not require a pre-nop therefore I was now a billionaire as well. The treatment was working and after five days the pain subsided and I was able to be moved to a regular bed. After eleven days the Dr. came in and told me that I would be released from the hospital the following day. Thom came to take me home and had a male nurse take me to the limo and get in the back seat with us.

As the limo got under way, Thom without saying a word, just open the front of his crotch took out his already engorged penis and grabbing my hair, just forced my face to it and before I could complain, I was choking on his large dick lodged in the back of my throat. As he pumped my head up and down on it, he told me that I was sadly mistaken if I was under the impression of becoming a dominating bitch and having any way of touching his money.

He informed me that all arrangements had been made and I was going back to Europe to be trained as a perfect sex slave which I should have been to begin with. You really thought that I was naïve and stupid enough to let you become half owner of my fortune. When and if you ever come out of my dungeon, you will be the most obedient slave in the history of slaves. As he was talking, the male nurse was tying my arms behind my back hands to elbow and laying out a large rubber bag on the floor of the limo.

He had to stop talking because his dick started getting harder and larger and as his body started shaking under my head, I was now choking on wave after wave of come down my throat. * No more condom *. He kept holding my head on it for a few minutes and frankly I was too shocked by the developments to even notice the taste. As I notice the familiar smell of chloroform, my head was lifted from his dick and the familiar rag pushed tightly against my mouth and nose.

I came to and was very hot, inside the rubber bag, with my arms still tied and aching, in total darkness with an uncomfortable large gag which was providing me oxygen for survival and a pain in my rectum apparently from something large lodged deep inside it. As I started to try to move I smelled the chloroform being introduce with the oxygen and it was good night again.

When next I woke up, it was difficult to believe the incredible dilemma I was again involved in. I was standing totally naked inside a metal cage just large enough to fit me in that position, my wrists and ankles attached to the sides of the cage with chains about 10 inches long, a leather collar around my neck holding my head in an upward position, I was impaled on a dildo lodged deep in my rectum coming from the ground on a metal rod making me constantly lift myself on tipi toes, a large dildo gag lodge in my mouth almost to the point of gagging. Outside the cage, I could see a typical stone dungeon with all the usual instruments of pain and discomfort. I started crying uncontrollably when thinking of the life of comfort I had embarked on and the despairing condition I was in now. At this point I would have been happy to be totally penniless but free in the streets of Miami.

I must have been there in that position for days because it came to a point that I was so exhausted to the point of loosing consciousness.

Finally the entrance metal door clanged opened and a totally rubberized male figure with his genitals showing entered and came close to the cage. I moved my head as much as I could and mhhppffd a lot in the hopes that he would let me talk just to beg for his forgiveness and renounce every cent in exchange for my liberty. As he looked deep in my eyes I knew those eyes, genitals and stature only too well. He began by saying; I know very well what you are going to say if I allow you to talk however, I will give you your answers even without you wasting my time with your babbling.

You have just started your slave servitude training. You have long difficult weeks or months of suffering before being allowed the honor of servicing my cock and swallow my seed again. You will never be free to take any decision of your own again. You no longer will have any type of personality. You are now an object and not a human being. The sooner you understand and abide by it the sooner you may be out of the dungeon and in service of you Master.

In approximately 2 to 3 weeks, you will be sent for your surgery.

You will be granted the shortest period of convalescence medically possible.

Your comfort and pain will not be a concern to us. While your new pussy is healing; your ass will be used and abused to the satisfaction of those using it.

You may be happy to know that we are taking you down from the cage because your ser vices and training are needed elsewhere.

As he was finishing his explanations, two rubber individuals came into the room carrying a large square rubber padded box. As they opened the side of the box, I could see that the inside was made to fit a person with the face pushed against an opening and held there with leather straps then another larger opening at the height of the ass so that it will be held in place sticking out for use and abuse. There where cuffs for the wrists and ankles inside to make sure I would not use or move my limbs.

They opened the front of the cage and first attached a vice like gadget to my balls with wires to a small box which responded to a remote control. The Master explained that if I spoke without permission or did not do what I was told, the vise would squeeze my testicles to extreme pain and it would remain throughout the service just in case any user was dissatisfied.

I was taken off the upward dildo, unchained and a rubber hood placed over my head and face leaving only my mouth and nose open then placed inside the box after which they secured my head to the hole and my ass to it’s hole with the appropriate straps. I felt the box being moved and could sense the different smells and temperature changes as the box was finally loaded on a van of sorts. Inside I was practically sitting on padded boards in an angle ending in my ass hanging out for easy access and my chest and tits where lying on an angle padded board as well. As incredible as it may seem, I was happy with the fabulous improvement from the discomfort of the cage. After at least 45 minutes ride, the van came to a stop and the box was unloaded and placed on some sort of dolly and promptly rolled inside.

Even as my hearing was somewhat blocked, I could hear male voices, exclamations and I could also smell the obvious sent of male excited hormones. The only words I understood in their language was; whore, bitch and fuck. As soon as the dolly was removed from the box, I felt the first dick head against my lips and was glad to taste the familiar rubber condom.

Before the dick was banging against the back of my throat, I felt the head of another dick against my hole and as it entered I was in pain because it must have been larger than normal.

I could only surmised that I was in some club or porno store because the dick intrusions never stopped, after hundredths and many many hours, my mouth and throat were sore and possibly swollen.

The noise of people talking stopped and so did the cocks. I felt something stiff and large being inserted in my ass, than the inside pressure of a balloon being pumped inside to prevent the tube from sliding out.

Next I felt water coming into my column and after about what felt like a gallon and half the water was released. A tube was shaved down my throat followed by a penis gag held in place with straps around my head and than the door was open and I felt a catheter shoved in my dick and I could feel a long tube shaking as it was snaked out of the box.

The room went absolutely quiet and after a few minutes I heard a whirling sound and felt water entering my stomach. After another long time I heard another whirling sound and felt my stomach filling with some sort of nourishment.

I was left on automatic survival mode because apparently the club was closed for business until the next day. Some time later I was awaken by the door being opened and some one undoing my head from the straps than taking the hood off and reattaching my head to the opening. I was able to get a very brief look of the store and area before all lights went out. It had large leather sofas with large coffee tables in front and an abundance of condoms and lube tubs on them. I slept again and was awaken by the door being opened and the hood being replaced followed by an enema.

Apparently I was fed during the night because I felt no hunger. I slept again and was startled when they removed the feeding tube and the enema tube to get me ready for another business day. It was incomprehensible to endure another abusive day as the one past but, there was no alternative. I was so dominated that there was no way of committing suicide which at this point I would welcome.

To the best of my estimation it lasted five days and my ass and throat where so sore and hurting that I was hoping to get a serious infection and die from it. At the end of the day just as I was enjoying the pain in the hopes of serious deadly damage, after the noise of voices stopped, they had someone insert a small object in my ass that felt like metal than the same in my mouth after which I heard the person say; it is irritated and swollen to the point of serious possible damage if not taken care of. I wanted to yell out NO NO go ahead I can take another five days, but I dared not speak. I was moved back on the van and back to the dungeon. I was removed from the box and cuffed to an X cross.

After some time the Master came in and told me that slaves do not rest on beds and lying down so enjoy your rest because your surgery will be next as soon your ass heals up. I was made to open my mouth and let a moth piece enter similar to those in diving tanks my head was strapped to the cross and he told me that for the next few days I would be getting water and vitamins through it and anything coming out it would just drop because I would be hosed down every day. As I passed the next few days on the cross I started to worry that they might be evil enough to do the surgery with out anesthetics. I was sweating and trembling just thinking about it. I was hosed down with painful high pressure nozzle and cold water.

After who knows how many days, a Dr. came in examined my ass then unlashed my head and did the same in my throat, than told the master that I was ready.

After the doctor left, the Master gave orders to bring in the gurney and have me strapped on it then looked at me and said; say good by to your balls and dick bitch when you wake up you will not be allowed to say or scream or complaint of any pain and believe me there will be plenty of pain. I was happy to hear the words * when you wake up*.

They placed the gurney in an ambulance and we went for about 20 minutes and entered the familiar gate of the original clinic where I was being imprisoned now for the third time.

Good old Dereck came to the entrance to follow the gurney to infinity of corridors until we came to a surgical theater where I was moved from the gurney to the operating table where I was strapped in. After the I.V. was installed, I thanked god for the approaching mask indicating I was about to go under.

Sound and vision went out and I was gone.

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