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Katja The Toy at The House of Lust 2: Sign in for the Duty

by Katja The Toy

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© Copyright 2017 - Katja The Toy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; latex; stockings; garterbelt; corset; gloves; breasts; jiggle; shirt; skirt; hobble; heels; latexdolls; maids; reception; electro; kiss; interview; cons; X

story continued from the part one


The Stately Welcoming Attire

The view inside the door makes Katja stop abruptly on her unsteady heels and also almost stop all her bodily functions. Except for the marble floor and supporting pillars and supporting structures, the walls are lined with rather posh, dark mahogany panels and some black, shiny and puffy upholstery that, in Katja’s eyes can only be - rubber. The furniture in the lobby are a combination of the same dark mahogany and rubber lining, some black but there are other accent colours as well. And to fit to the scene, two creatures that most likely are young and well-proportioned females under all that latex but by the looks, one would guess are kinky, life-size sex dolls instead. Except, one of them just spoke. Incoherently. By closer inspection, it’s a wonder she is still able to speak in the first place.

Both of the… dolls seem to be dressed similarly as some sort of latex maids - at least from the waist up; the other one is standing almost still, fidgeting slightly behind the reception desk while the other one is closer to the entrance, only 2 metres away from Katja. The maid is balancing on something that appears to be ballet shoes with a wedge heel that flares out at floor, forming an oval “shoe bottom” with the ballet tip. From ankles up she is wearing the tightest hobble skirt Katja has seen by far, and on her dark internet moments she has seen a few.

Maid’s calf and thigh muscles flex and bulge under the ultra-shiny, smooth and obviously very tight, thick-looking rubber while the creature struggles to remain her posture. From the hip up there’s clearly something to support the struggle for uprightness, a heavily boned and ridiculously strict straight-front corset, forcing her lower torso into a round orb and upper torso into a steeply tapering cone, over which the two rather plump and round latex boobs hover like ready to bounce up and out on any small movement she makes. Maid’s head is held up and high with similarly boned, uncomfortably high collar that forces her to stare up and forward.

And the head itself, Katja struggles to understand what she sees and comes to the conclusion that the hair looks so shiny it has to be a stylish rubber wig and the cheekbones glisten so heavily under the dim lightning of the lobby that she must be wearing a transparent latex hood. Most striking feature then again is the mouth; the lips are very full, glowing red and the mouth stays constantly more or less open, showing impeccable and even rows of pearl shiny white teeth, an equally shiny red - rubber? - tongue and palate. Her whole mouth is made of rubber!

To top up the outfit, both maids wear white shiny aprons and hilts, and both seem to have their wrists connected to sides on the rings at the tiny waistline with elbows disappearing somewhere behind them.

Katja opened her mouth to speak but ends up closing it, then opening up again, not knowing what to say. While she’s working on her jaw muscles, the creature speaks again.

“Ih iz a zhiht to zee, zih doll gnowh… Wleehh, Mihh?”

“I… uhh… ahum… I… had an appointment with… Misss… tress… Emma?”

Katja struggles to sputter out her opening line, not really knowing how she should call the person she’s coming to see but oh so soave at the middle of the word decides to go from “Miss” to “Mistress”. She thinks the doll at least would call her that.

“Aahh yezh we’ve been effpekhinh you, Mihh! Pleeh hollow zih doll!”

Follow the doll. Roger.

Just as Katja turns the tips of her shoes towards the direction the maid is swiveling herself and then starting to inch her way slowly, very slowly, towards the back of the lobby there is a strong buzzing sound. The other creature behind the desk suddenly yelps and starts squeaking and moaning with a voice that hints about overwhelming arousal but also about sudden panic, all the while bobbing and jerking on her place like trying to pry herself away from something causing her discomfort and simultaneously trying to unsuccessfully aim her clumsy rubber finger on a certain button on the weird, split keyboard in front of her on the desk, where she can just about reach the separate keypads with her held-apart hands. Katja can hear the grumping and creaking sounds of the tight rubber to the other side of the desk. And then the doll seemingly gathers up her strength, finally hitting the call button and speaks to the headset mic in front of her gaping rubber lips.

“H-h-hhoushe o-o-oww L-l-lhuwshh, howw way zih d-d-dowl h-h-hewwwp youh?”

Her voice unsteady, rising and lowering irregularly she can barely make herself intelligible. Katja stops in the middle of her stride, turns to the desk instead and goes have a look at this other doll now listening to the caller. Katja peers over the desk and sees the doll not in a hobble skirt but black shiny rubber legs strapped together with six 5 cm wide straps so tight her rubbery flesh is bulging and between her legs there is a shiny metal pole, fixed to the floor, disappearing under the short maid apron along with some wires coming from under the desk. Now, close enough, Katja can actually hear the distinctive rhythmic sounds of vibrators coming from the maid’s groin area. Wonder what that loud buzzer was about, then?

“When thewe ish a call ze call doll ih zzhapwd on ze p-p-puffy. Hawd. Call doll muzh ahfwew to stoph ih.”

Zzhapwd? Hm. Zapped! On ze pussy. Katja feels her own pussy shrink and retract because of the thought - is this something she will be experiencing, too? Stuck on a pole with vibrating sex toys driven inside her and then electrocuted!?

“Pleehh Mihh… Miftweff ih waiting…”

Katja can barely remove her eyes - and thoughts - from the shiny “call doll”, clearly struggling to maintain her composure while doing her best to mumble the answers into the headset. The squealing, moaning slur gives away she’s not really maintaining anything but more like about to explode into an orgasm at any moment.

“Sorry, I… I… didn’t expect it to be quite like that… I think.”

For a moment, Katja thinks she can see something that reminds a sly grin on the face of the doll who’s leading her - or then she is just imagining it, looks like the doll after all has just one expression - lips open and the rubber tongue poking between the the full lips.

The short distance to the elevator at the back of the lobby takes ages for the doll to hobble but at least Katja has a nice view to follow - doll’s round bum, the unnatural waistline and tightly together strapped elbows all wiggling in a rhythmic dance while doll struggles to shuffle her weird ballet boots forward.

“Zish elevazow, fiff ffoof, Mihh”

Fiff ffoof. Katja steps in and presses the number 5 button. The doors silently hiss close and she feels the cabin start to lift.

Come Meet Your Mistress

Silently and fast Katja travels up to the fifth floor - obviously, whoever paid for the renovations, had style but also chips to invest into latest gadgets and posh interior design. Even the new mall at downtown doesn’t have elevators this modern!

Again, without making a sound the doors slide gracefully open, revealing a view to another dim lit lobby with similar interior than at the entrance, except here there’s a lot of house plants set at select locations. On the left wall there’s a large opening leading to a smaller hallway, that in turn has a mahogany door leading somewhere. The door is wide open and there are subtle noises coming from the room behind.

“Hello? Is that you… Katja? Please, step in through the door!”

Young female voice, higher than Katja’s near contralto but still with sexy timber and a bit husky.  Katja doesn’t really know what to answer - could be another doll calling her again, so she just proceeds to waggle her way across the hall and through the door.

“Ooooh! You are wearing latex! And-- Owmahgawd! Are those… real!?”

The young lady standing in the middle of the room stops in the middle of her stride when seeing Katja’s undoubtably flamboyant chest armament, her voice filled with amused and sincere astonishment. Katja can’t help but blush a bit and then catch on the joyful and spontaneous atmosphere the girl in front of her seems to be spreading.

“Uhh-hehehe… Yes, all real and ALL natural! And hello to you, too, by the way!”

To boost her words Katja cups her boobs from underneath, giving them a squeeze and a shake - she’s never been really shy about her unnatural proportions, feels more like she’s in love with them, something other people don’t always seem to understand.

The lady in front of her can’t be much, if at all older than Katja - instead, she looks almost like a teen but Katja knows from her own experience that people in their twenties can still look juvenile - she herself gets constantly asked for ID when buying even a single bottle of beer. And to no surprise, she is dressed in latex as well.

The young woman is wearing knee-length, very shiny black boots with modest platforms and staggeringly high heels but seems very confident posing and moving around in them. Her curvy legs are enveloped in squeaking-tight black rubber jeans - they must be made to measure based on the way the shiny surface curves on her every contour. As a top she’s wearing a shirt quite similar to Katja’s, slightly transparent buttoned shirt but instead of a tie the top buttons are left open, revealing a tanned chest and cleavage, covered in clear and super-shiny latex. All and all, her outfit is even rather modest, compared to the creatures Katja met at the lobby.

“Oh I shouldn’t have bothered to dress down, then, since you’re all dolled up so nicely! And your skirt, that seems like a challenge maneuvering around, no? And silly me, I didn’t introduce myself, sorry… I’m Emma and I run this place!”

Katja is about say she was already guessing that, nice to meet, blah-blah but sees Emma bite her lip and clearly wanting to say something more so she just opts to lift her eyebrow questioningly.

“Ohh… I… was just wondering… We said the hellos but… I’m a sucker for hugs and kisses and I would loooove to hug someone super-cute like you, dressed in all that rubber and all and-- Ohhh!”

When Emma is blurting out her silly thoughts Katja can barely hold her laughter and spontaneously takes the two steps to get in front of Emma, so close their boobs are touching and slips her hands around the narrow waist and smothers Emma against her gigantic chest, catching Emma by surprise. She recovers quickly, though, wrapping her arms around Katja and leaning in for a tentative kiss, like offering a possibility to either neatly peck on each others cheeks or then the other obvious choice and Katja doesn’t hesitate a second when aiming for the pouty red lips.


Emma responds with experience and eagerness and Katja can feel a round tip of a tongue poking in between her lips - okay, since we are getting comfy here then why not!

Emma lets her hands roam shamelessly, grabbing a squeeze on Katja’s boobs and buttocks while keeping an airtight seal on the lips. For a moment Katja feels dazzled but then responds to the approach by pushing herself against Emma and wiggling her ass and boobs in her groping hands. She feels hotter than ever during the day and can feel the pressure inside her climb dangerously high, her pussy already convulsing, like pumping up the energy for a volcanic eruption.

Finally Emma withdraws a bit and lets go of the tight liplock kiss with a wet, smacking sound, breathing heavy and audible herself, too. With her hazy eyes Katja can see some moisture gleaming on Emma’s forehead, very little compared to way Katja is currently feeling herself - her ears are glowing red, she can feel hot fumes rising from the all too tight collar and she is chuffing like a steam engine, trying to gasp for air with breath hissing but cannot escape the breathless feeling caused by her all too tight corset. Katja’s knees feel all of the sudden too weak to support her and she has to hang on Emma for dear life, trying to somehow stifle her seemingly uncontrollable desire to cum right there and then.

“Whhoa! Some kiss, eh? Whooo, do I feel hot all of the sudden… Hey, hey, sweetie, don’t fall down, c’mon lemme help you, this way…”

Emma almost has to carry Katja over to the couch like a sack of potatoes, before laying her down on the seat gently. She then sits down next to Katja.

“You got a bit… excited, hmmm?”

There’s laughter in Emma’s voice, as one would expect.

“S-s-sorry, I-I-I d-didn’t-t-t p-p-plan it l-l-like t-t-thishh…”

“Ohhh don’t be, everything is just fine, luv! Katja… correct me if I’m wrong… latex isn’t just some passing fashion trend for you but you get all fuzzy and warm wearing it, and today you squeezed yourself into all that latex and then scissored your way through the city in that gorgeous hobble skirt - and those totally awesome heels! - squeaking your latex-clad thighs together and you got maybe even hotter than you expected aaaand then we met and I groped you?”

Saying all that Emma grins impishly and in the middle of her still ongoing battle of calming herself down Katja can’t help but giggle like a derailed person.

“Aaaand if you need, or want to cum, I’m more than happy to assist - no reason to hold it back - now.”

Laughing making her even more breathless, Katja still manages to blurt out something.



Emma makes a perfect, pouty “O” with her red lips.

“Aaahhh I m-mean… Sorry! I.. I.. am okay for now, I think…”

Wait, what!? The cutest girl Katja has ever met or spoken to offers a “helping hand” and all of the sudden she’s coy as a… as a… hmm, carp. Boom-tschh.

“You sure, sweetie? No need to be bashful, you know… And sorry, now I’m teasing you already!”

Katja blushes and still tries to gasp for air, fidgeting uneasy on the grumping rubber couch - she feels sweaty and itchy all over and can feel the latex glued on her sticky skin, making snapping sounds when she moves.

“Oh, I… I think I was just a bit dazzled by it all happening so rapidly. And you are correct, Emma, I totally love latex and wear it, well I think one could say, as often as I get the chance - with my limited wardrobe and assets, it’s not much but still I enjoy it.”

“By the way you look today, I’d say nothing wrong in your wardrobe! I recognise the jacket and skirt and based on how tiny your waist looks I bet there’s a corset underneath, too?”

“Yes, same manufacturer as with the jacket and skirt - I think their designs look stylish enough for wearing on daily basis but still make you horny as fuc-- Ah! Sorry, I have a foul mouth!”

“Hehehe no worries, profanities come naturally in these surroundings - and in case you decide to join our little team, we can work on that… Speaking of which, okay with you we talk shop now, we have plenty of time to chat later - in case you haven’t got another appointment booked?”

“No I’m all yours! I mean… I *giggle* I reserved the whole day just for this. Only wish I HAD another job offer waiting…”

“Ah yes, you told that in your e-mail, sorry to hear, of course it won’t help you a bit but I can tell you are not the only one in that situation - we have unemployed people seeking for new careers almost lined up at the door…”

The Qualifications and The Stipulations

Emma proceeds to tell about The House of The Lust more in detail, what services are provided, by whom and for what kind of customers. Katja learns there are services for both men and female clients including groups of all kinds, even bachelor party services! The range of services come in large spectrum, starting from all innocent escort services and party promoters to hard core D/s play - except everything includes at least the latex, rubber and pvc attire. The… subordinates may state on their record what, how, and with whom, they are willing to “play” and their pay depending on how rough they are willing to take it - no-one will be forced to do anything they haven’t signed up for, everything is and must be based on full and complete voluntariness. To underline her point, Emma emphasizes every word separately and pokes Katja rhythmically on the tit with her pointed finger. It tickles.

All the information makes Katja feel overwhelmed and confused. The tiny voice of reason tries to rise it’s tone and tell her to sign in for the escort and party promotions, easy money, nice clothes to wear, no fuss, end of story. Same time she fantasises about being a total latex doll, strictly bound and being fucked in every possible orifice. Even the thought of it makes her heart beat harder and she can again feel the tingling between her sticky latex thighs and unbeknownst to herself, she starts rhythmically humping and grinding while sitting, making her latex gear creak against the tight latex covering the voluminous seat cushion. It feels so heavenly when her now sweaty and clinging clothes caress every nook and cranny of her body, she only wishes she had something to really work her itch...

Suddenly, Katja realizes there is no more Emma’s pleasant voice flowing on the background. She stops her jolting and raises her eyes looking straight into Emma staring back at her with an amused grin on her face, one eyebrow lifted to an “oh I say” - curve. Katja suddenly realises what she has been doing and blushes instantly, feeling her ears and cheeks burning. Not to mention the general heat wave caused by the embarrassment.

“I… I… Y-y-you s-see--”

“Oh, sush! Stop being so coy about your arousal! Looking at you hump my couch, certainly makes me want to join the fun!”

Katja giggles nervously. What is wrong with her, she’s usually the lewd and rakish one, especially in front of someone as cute as-- no, wait! Could it be… Now, let’s face it, Emma is super-cute, like nothing she has seen before! Is she already having such a serious crash on Emma!? Just the thought of it makes her blush even more!

“Anyway, as I was saying, the way this goes… After the first meeting - this one, we give the subject some time to think and ponder, it is, after all, a big decision to make, and then after a month or so, we call and talk and if the person is willing to join us, we then call… her… to an appointment with our nurse and physical trainer and our tailor and then, providing all the medical checks are clear, allow 2 weeks or so for--”



Again, a perfect “O” with those full lips.

“No, I mean… S-s-sorry, I…. I mean, I would like to decide now!”

Emma clearly tries to hide the look of disappointment on her face. For a moment, Katja wonders why is it disappointing she wants to decide now and then realises that Emma is now expecting a polite “thank you but no thank you” from her! Katja hurries to explain herself.

“No no I’m not bailing out, I want in! This all… seems like a fantasy, a wet dream come true and I have no idea if I really have the guts to act out my dirty fantasies in real life but I’ll NEVER get a chance like this again and I have to give  it a try-- No, not just give a try, I’m willing to fully give myself to… your hands!”

Now there’s anything but disappointment showing on Emma’s face.

“Oh! You are the first one willing to sign in immediately - and usually we are not even expecting that, as I said. You see, for the contract, we need to perform some basic medical and physical tests - a nurse will poke and probe you and then throw you on treadmill and whatnot, so you would be required to come with your jogging gear - I hope you DO already exercise, if not I strongly advice you to start, you need stamina in this line of work.”

“Oh I have an athlete background so that won’t be a problem. And, on a treadmill I can go barefoot, well, I would need to strip off the skirt and this corset but I could run in my bra, basically, I think they give the same support than my sports bra. Oh in case you - or the nurse won’t mind, a half-naked bitch on a treadmill, hmm?”

“Mmmha-ha, I’m sure seeing YOU half-naked on the treadmill would be a sight! But, I can only say, we are prepared to give you time to think - and even after signing you will have roughly 2 weeks to set your things at home right - in case you are coming to live on premises - our tailoring department needs some time to prepare the made-to-measure outfits.”

“Look… If I walk out that door without signing, I’m afraid I don’t have what it takes to march back in another time, no matter how intriguing this all sounds. To be honest, it sounds all too good and I cannot but constantly ponder where’s the catch! After a week of training, I’ll be sold to slavery for a rich Arab sheik, or something?”

“HA! Miss smart pants, you! Seriously, you will end up performing and experiencing ONLY things YOU agree to, absolutely NOTHING will be forced on you! The contract includes a 1 month trial period which includes a possibility to bail out with a reasonable compensation for the time - keeping in mind we will take care of all the expenses from day one, or a chance to alter the contract to better to suit your wishes. Normally we sign for one year and based on the level of contract, there’s a guaranteed annual base fee plus some extra based on how much work you are willing to take.”

“Oh, that sounds nice… And something I wanted to ask about the levels, what if I don’t want to… mingle with men?”

“No problem! The other end of the building we serve all sexes, men, female, couples and so on but right at the start it turned out the ever growing clientele is women seeking women - you’d be surprised how many house wives come here and - well most likely you will come to see it with your own eyes! Sooo I presume, Dr. Livingstone, that you prefer to hunt for the beaver, only?”

“*Cough!* Aren’t we subtle… Aaaand yes, absolutely nothing against men, I have male friends even more than women, I think, but as for, hmmm bedroom, I’ve always been lesbian. Just for the argument’s sake how much… I mean, if I choose to become a… bonk-your-brains-out-toy for girls only, how would it look on my bank account?”

“Pffrrsshht! Bonk yourself, miss… And you might want to set some stipulations, as a beginner, even more so, but the base fee would settle somewhere between 150 000 -200 000 euros, plus healthcare, nutrition, spa, gym, whatnot. And it is fairly easy to double that number by accepting more gigs.”

“Hundred fiff… TWO hund… Say WHAT!?”

That was more money Katja had even dreamed of ever having. And with free accommodation it would be basically all for savings. With some elbow grease, two years and she would have… A plethora!

“Where can I sign, please?”

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