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In the Balloon

by Druid5

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She placed her keys on the desk and sat down to slip out of her shoes. A night of peace and quiet ahead, her flat mate was out for the weekend and she had no plans for tomorrow. She sat in silence looking at the bed, a small plain cardboard box smaller than a book sat drawing her gaze. It looked such an innocent box and yet she was having some less than innocent thoughts about its contents. Leaving a trail of abandoned clothing, she made her way to the bathroom to shower and recover some necessary items from her hiding place. Half an hour later she was sat once more at the desk looking at the box.

Her bare skin was feeling the cold of the winter night, though she knew warmth wouldn't be an issue soon. Next to her was an open bottle of dressing aid, the clear liquid felt somewhat greasy as she began to coat her skin. She slowly made her way up her legs, the skin taking on a shine as she did, the paleness contrasting her furniture. She ran her hands up her hips and round her tight waist, she was proud of her well kept body. She kept on rising paying close attention to anywhere that may slow her progress later. Her breasts were well coated as she enjoyed the feeling it left her with, she was glad that the seat had a wipe clean surface, she was getting quite moist from the process. Happy she was well covered she stood and did a final coating on her rear. Placing the bottle back in the box of items, she carried them over to her parcel. Opening the flap she revealed what looked like a piece of blue plastic, square and just bigger than her hand. She turned the box over and let it fall onto the bed. Throwing the box onto the floor along with the plastic cover, she could at last reveal the largest rubber balloon she'd ever seen. She had watched people on the Internet blowing them up and getting inside, each time she'd dreamt of doing the same, though not dressed and certainly not with others around. She didn't have a leaf blower or pump and hadn't anyone to help her but she had a plan, and if it worked she would be having fun soon.

She placed her tub close to hand and climbed onto the bed to sit behind the opening. It wasn't quite as wide as she had expected. She slid her hand into the opening to see how it stretched. It was hard but there was some movement in it. She loved how the smooth material slid over her skin, she was getting moist again. Slipping her hand back out she could smell the rubber, the feeling of excitement was building.

She had looked at videos of other items such as latex balloons and clothing being used, it had looked so easy. She flattened the balloon after adding a little extra glide gel to the inside, every little would help. She lined up her left leg and slowly slid it into the opening. Her preparations meant it slid in without much resistance, soon her toes were pushing on the thick bottom. She was thrilled by how she could see her toes wiggling through the material, the opening hugging her thigh tightly. She couldn't resist having a quick play around, from the tub she produced a long plastic tube. One end she slid into the opening of the balloon, the other she pressed to her lips and blew into. She watched as the rubber began to expand, her leg inside a growing blob of blue. Inside she could feel the layer peel away from her leg. She only blew in a few times before slipping the tube out. She clambered up to stand on the bed, she loved the way the rubber bounced around her encased flesh.

After a few minutes she settled back down and used her hands to let the little air out of the balloon. She felt around the opening, stretching the rubber between her hands. It had already been snug around one leg, two would be interesting. How she would get herself all the way inside was another matter, she was beginning to doubt she could do it, the balloon was looking far too small. Still she had nothing to loose, holding tight she pulled the opening wide and slid her right foot down her other leg. When she let go of the top the rubber sprang back a little too quick, a small pain like several elastic bands adding to the sudden tightness around her thighs. Looking down both legs were now inside the balloon most of the way, her toes all now pressed together into the bottom. She ran her hand between the rubber and her skin to ease the pressure it was applying. Better get the next step done quickly she thought to ease things a little. The next part however was the one she was dreading, it would be a difficult task to pull the rubber up to her waist. For one the balloon was stretched as high as it would go on her without getting any air inside. That would need a seal, and the gap between her legs was preventing that.

She carefully maneuvered herself into a kneeling position, pushing herself as far as she could into the balloon. It seemed so simple then to pull the opening up and around her waist, yet in reality she would have to pull against the rubber all the way. She reapplied some more glide gel to the opening and some on her rear. Sat on her legs she reached round her now slick rear and gathered up the rubber in the crook of her knee. She pulled from as far as she could inside, widening the gap as much as she could. A couple of false starts where the rubber slipped out her her hands passed before suddenly she felt the cold rubber pull across her cheeks and fall into place around her hips. The moment the rubber fell into place she could feel the air inside change, it took on a slight warmth and stillness compared to the draughty room. She couldn't believe she had got this far, her entire lower half was now concealed in the blue rubber. She moved her legs a little and rested, it had been much harder to pull the rubber open than she expected, but so worth while. While she got her strength back she ran her hands over her legs, her hands gliding on rubber on the outside yet it felt so real on her legs, it was like a second skin.

She couldn't help but play around a little longer, but she was getting worried about how tight the opening was sealed round her body. Once again she slid the tube into the opening and began to blow into it. The rubber quickly started to inflate, the shape rounding off and leaving her skin. Before long there was enough room for her to alter her position, she could sit down with her legs crossed, the balloon wide enough that her knees only just poked the side a little. The rubber wasn't just inflating out either, it was gradually raising in height. Each time the pressure inside was high enough, the rubber seal would slip up her torso a tiny amount, more so if she swayed from side to side. The balloon was now beginning to support her body, if she tried to lean back it resisted a little before another cm of her stomach was absorbed into the blue bubble. She glanced behind her and saw the balloon was just as big behind her now, in the mirror behind the bed she could see how strange she looked. A solid blue balloon getting bigger stopping mid way up her torso before her own body took over. She returned to look down at the tube and her disappearing body. Not long now before her next obstacles.

The rubber had begun to reach the base of her breasts, the seal clung to her body, but further out it was higher pushing upwards. Soon it was beginning to support and even lift the base of them. With the seal so tight she didn't want it to push its way passed, so she took out her tube and sat a moment enjoying the feeling. She used some more glide gel to coat each breast, the nipples firm and sensitive. She fingered one side of the rubber to get hold of the lip and readied herself, she would need to be quick. The moment she pulled on the rubber the air began to escape, in just the short time it took her to slip the seal up and over her breasts, the rubber had shrunk right down to nearly empty. The surface was now pushing on her body from below her armpits all the way to her toes. She was being pulled towards a bent pose, but by resisting it just increased the vacuum effect. The feeling was incredible, her body was being hugged all over, all at once. She felt herself rubbing her front through the rubber, the outside getting as slippery as the inside was now. Inside the balloon there was more than just sweat making it damp.

Still, she wanted to keep going, so once again she began to use the tube to inflate the balloon. She took her time breathing deeply to get more air, she would have to find a small pump if she was to do this more often. But eventually the balloon began to reach the same size as before, she was now able to kneel up, resting her arms on m m a she kept up her breaths. She could imagine herself as the blueberry girl from the willy wonka films, just a head, arms and a huge ball for a body. The seal was beginning to tighten as the balloon became full for its size again. She took the tube out and caught her breath. One last push. She used some more glide gel to recoat her arms and shoulders, then for good measure she began to tip the rest of the bottle into a little well she was making in the front of the balloon, if she rocked her hand she could keep the air in but drop the slippery gel down her front. She couldn't help but giggle as it slid down between her breasts and headed towards her ticklish belly button. She knew she was using too much but got caught up in the moment emptying the whole bottle. As she added the last globs, the first were beginning to run between her legs, beneath her rear the rubber was becoming slippery and she could wiggle her bum around inside. She discarded the empty bottle and returned to the tub, she pulled a couple of her favourite toys out and these too were slid carefully down between her skin and the rubber. They would come in handy later.

There wasn't anything left in her tub now, the balloon was big enough, all she had to do now was slide her arms inside. She figured the best way would be to go quickly. Sliding her right hand beneath the rubber she waited for the moment she felt the air try to escape, then pulling with her left she pushed her right arm straight down. The rubber slid up it with ease and to her surprise straight over her shoulder, it was so easy she didn't wait and slipped her left arm in after it. The rubber flexed still full of plenty of air, it forced it's way straight up to her neck at the front. Behind her the rubber was still hugging the backs of her shoulder, lacking the extra glide gel of the front. But a few gentle shoulder rolls and it too slid up to seal round her neck. It was tight but not obstructive round her throat, as she sat back on her knees to enjoy the sensations she was enjoying.

Her whole body was now sealed inside the rubber balloon, inside was so slippery and warm. Now she was inside, she could enjoy her fantasy. She tried to stand up to see what that was like but all the gel backfired, it was so slippery she couldn't grip anywhere to push herself up. Abandoning that idea she decided to go the other way, extending her legs out a little and pushing on the back while lying down. She managed to push herself back so her head was resting on her pillows, the balloon now on its side. Her back was sliding on the bottom of the rubber, while her legs were now bent at the knee to fit. She played a little wiping her body with the excess gel in the balloon, she was soon slick with it, every part of her body gliding against the other parts. She managed to locate the extra items she'd slipped in with her and left them in reach. It was pleasant in the balloon but she wanted more room to spread her legs out a little more. The tube was out of reach but an idea came into her head, she pushed on the sealing rubber at her neck enough to slide it over her mouth. She let it rest just under her nose, it felt tight on her lip but she could now breath in through her nose on the outside, and breath out through her mouth inside. Just by breathing normally she could feel the rubber inflating, her knees could spread and her legs straighten out.

With her hands free inflation still going, she was free to begin exploring her slick body. It felt wonderful to have no resistance as her hands traveled her skin, not like her normal exploration in the shower or bed sheets. The gel was also starting to work on her skin, it's extra ingredients making her tingle all over. She was in her own bubble of pleasure. She was rubbing her neck and shoulders when she noticed the seal still had plenty of tightness, and she could quite easily bring her head further in. A mad idea of tying the balloon up from the inside while she played was intoxicating, but common sense prevailed, she pulled the rubber over her ears, nose and eyes, leaving only the top of her forehead exposed. She wasn't quite sure if she actually knotted the opening she'd be able to undo the knot as slippery as her hands were. Yet details aside she was inside, she looked around her blue world, a little bit of light was making it through the rubber, but it was still too small to be very see through.

She admired the shapes she could just make out, her hands creating tingles anywhere they touched. Her left hand began to massage her sensitive nipples while her right hand made its way down between her legs. The gel and her motions had her panting quite quickly, but she took her time, savouring the rising feeling. She left her upper motions to pick up one of her toys. It was a favourite vibrating finger glove, she slipped it over her middle finger and began to massage her clit. The other toy was a dildo lined with flexible whiskers, it wasn't big or fancy, but she loved the sensations as it felt like it was alive and wriggling around inside her. It was already coated in gel and slipped into her with ease. Together the tingling sensations and her toys brought her quickly to a climax, her grunts of pleasure seemed to echo in the blue dome. Her whole body was tensing, her hips raised as she exploded out, her liquids spraying the balloon and mixing with the gel.

She knew her limits and what her body could do, she hung on riding the waves of pleasure continuing to massage and drive the dildo in. A second climax peaked and again she squirted into the balloon. A second climax was rare for her, yet caught up in the moment she just continued her movements, her hands were aching from how fast she was moving now. She knew this was the one, her body was shaking as the feeling grew. Her hips convulsed and she dropped the toys as her largest ever climax washed over her, a final ejection of fluid into the bottom of her little world. She was wiped out, her mind was empty, her limbs seemed to be like lead weights. It took all her remaining concentration to remember to push her head back out of the balloon before the mood took her into a deep sleep to recover and remember the feeling she had just experienced.

She didn't care she was still laid in a pool of her sweat, juices and gel. She didn't notice her hair was slowly letting air out of the balloon. She was too deep under to notice as the rubber began to shrink, her legs were sliding into her chest bent at the knees. She didn't see how it began to shrink around her, as it lost its round shape it began to take on the shape of its prisoner. Her hands and arms by her sides were being pinned, first her feet, now her cute rear were becoming clearly defined in the rubber. She saw none of it and slept on. Her flatmate however saw it all.

She had returned early after being let down by her girlfriend. When she got in she could hear noises from her friends room. Fearing something wrong she called out to no answer, before barging in through the unlocked door. There on the bed was a huge balloon, shaking and moaning. Out of the top near the pillows she could see her friends golden locks as her forehead kept the balloon sealed. She had made sure there was no danger to her before taking a seat and filming the event on her phone. She watched as the shaking grew more intense before the third distinctive freeze and a loud exhale. She had been impressed when she could even hear the sound of her friends squirting on the rubber surface. She had never known her friend could be this kinky or fun. It opened up a whole new world to her. She had expected her friend to see her when a head popped out of the balloon fully,  but she was completely unaware. Simply staring at the ceiling in a post climax haze.

She had sat and watched the video again and again feeling herself getting wet in her pants. When she looked back, the balloon had shrunk a lot. Even as she watched, her friends legs slid up the rubber forming a ball shape inside. She quickly took out her phone again and filmed the shrinking rubber as it began to encase it's precious contents. By the end her friend was loosely packed into a ball shape, her feet poking the rubber, below the natural curves of the rubber smoothed out the cheeks on display. At the sides the rubber held the shoulders tight, arms disappearing down towards the hips. She envied her, safe in her rubber cocoon, the blissful pleasure still written on the sleeping faces smile. Yet for the layer of safety, she was so exposed. Beneath that rubber was a naked body, encased in a vulnerable position and places exposed that could be exploited.

She walked over to examine her friend closer. They'd had the late girls night in on the shared sofa, they thought nothing of walking round the place in their underwear. Yet this was different, so unexpected. She knew that her friend was out cold, she wouldn't respond too much. It was too much to resist touching that smooth rubber shape. Sure enough as she ran her fingers along the figure inside, there was no sign of a reaction. She had a pair of latex tights she wore on special occasions, but the thick rubber under her fingers was so alluring. Perhaps she might try it herself one day. Still it looked like there could be a little extra fun to be had.

She spotted the tube lying on the bed. With no sign of any pump or motor she guessed this was how her friend had got the air in. As she had seen, if it could be put in, it could be removed as well. She gently teased the rubber seal away from her friends neck, enough to slide the tube down into the body of the balloon. She gave herself a good few breaths before she began to suck on the tube. With the balloon already mostly empty, the effect was almost instant. The rubber was shrinking much quicker with her helping it along. It began to conform to her friends every curve, little details suddenly highlighted. She kept sucking until she could feel the start of a liquid heading up the tube. She carefully pulled it out from the balloon and left it to dribble onto the bed.

Standing back she just had to get some pictures. Her friend was now completely vacuumed in, the rubber sparing no part of her anatomy. Her breasts were just visible squashed under her knees, her individual toes now on show in their blue glory. At the side of her body, her arms were completely pinned, fingers pressed into the sides of her now clear rear. The rubber was deep into her crack, the rubber valley continuing all the way up to the lips of her vagina, even her clit was outlined on close inspection. At the bottom of her rear, the favoured dildo was clearly visible, pressed into the flesh. The tube had pulled away the hair from the opening at the neck, this time there was going to be no air getting in or out. Which meant the moment she awoke, she would find herself completely stuck. Taking one last photo of her friend, the flatmate left the room hoping she hadn't just ruined another friendship. Because if not, things were only going to get better.

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