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Frizo's Inventions

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2007 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; cons; X

Test run - Day 1

Hi there, my name is Carrie, usually I work in an office for a living, I manage accounts and things like that. I have an agreement with my boss, so every now and then I can take a long weekend and I get to go on vacation. Since some of my work can be done via e-mail or fax the fact that I can be out of office for two weeks, maybe three doesn’t interest him, so long as all my job is done properly.

Mind you, if he could know what I do when I’m away I think he would appreciate less my vacation time. Nothing illegal, of course, but when I tell you I’m on a leave, really I’m doing my second job. I work for Frizo, the fetish artist and I’m the test subject of his various creations.

Maybe you’ve heard of Frizo, but maybe not, he is an artist devoted to kink, fetish and bondage. He prepares outfits by his own design or on order from other people. Usually they are rich weirdos that want something for their “desperate housewives”.

Mind you, I’m an enthusiast myself and I really like to test his creations, my field of expertise is endurance, so I’m usually summoned when there is a “long” predicament to try.

For instance, last year I was locked for a month in a sort of hellish chastity belt that enclosed my sex starting from the knees and going up to my navel. It was quite weird having the centre of the body covered in steel for a month. It was hinged in such a way that I could move, sit, even jog. But, since it was a chastity belt I could not have any sexual intercourse neither in front or behind!

That month I went even to work, since that contraption was easily concealed under trousers or skirts. Also people noticed that my tummy was very flat, those days. I only smiled and I could not tell them that the reason for that was that my tummy was covered in steel and that I could only pee through a drain tube and waste with an enema.

Yes, because Frizo wants mine to be a real test run, so I’m subjected to the same rules as the wannabe victims. If I’m not supposed to keep the key, Frizo will keep the key and I will keep the belt….on.

That month was awful, the iron shorts, as I got to call them, were comfortable but heavy, and to clean myself I had to literally flood them using soap and the shower hose. But even if I train and I think I have a firm and athletic body, I’ve never received so many compliments for my bottom and firm ass and my flat abs. The belt was actually shaping them!

Besides, at the end of the month, the only suggestion I had was to implement something to entertain the lady locked in and I suggested that she should not be locked during her time of the month.

Months later Frizo told me that the husband and the wife were both enthusiastic about the belt.

This time Frizo says that he needs me for at least a week, and that it would be better if I choose to stay at his house, because I will probably need help to care to for myself during the trial run. Hey, don’t look at me, those were his words! I planned to leave directly from work and go directly to his house on Friday and then return on the Monday of the following week, perhaps Tuesday.

When I’m at Frizo’s he reserves the guest room with an attached bathroom for me, it’s close to his workshop so he can come and go whenever there is something to prepare, something to repair….

He lives with Anna, his wife, she is his assistant, and sometimes his model too. My size is very close to Anna’s so I think that the equipment is sometimes made with her in mind.

Frizo lives in a town an hundred miles from mine, so as I reach his house it’s nearly time for supper. He lives in a big house with a vast garden. He is somewhat secluded from the neighbours since he doesn’t want anyone to interfere with his experiments.

As I approach the gate I see it opening as if somebody was waiting for me. He is in the garden and he directs me to park my car directly next to his pickup.

“Hi Carrie, I hope you didn’t meet too much traffic reaching our little crib.” He smiles as always when he greets me.

“Hi Frizo, what’s the plan for today?” I asked gingerly.

“For today, nothing, we start tomorrow after a night of sleep. Tomorrow I’m gonna need you to prepare yourself, it is all arranged in the bathroom. Now, come, join us for dinner….”

I left the luggage in my room and came for dinner.

As usual Frizo and Anna are very good hosts. He told us about some party he prepared one of his outfits for in Europe and the looks he had from Customs when he arrived at the Airport.

In Berlin, since they were not satisfied with his explanations he had to convince a police woman to model some of the less outrageous outfits to clarify the concept. Needless to say the woman fell in love with the suit.

“See Carrie, I prepared the mannequin, remember?”

Now it was my time to smile. Yes I remember the two days I passed in that contraption.

It was composed by an inner latex body suit with tubes, drain and vibes, you know where, and then two clamshells in clear plastic moulded on the body of the model. You were covered in plastic everywhere but on the breasts.

That time I was one of the statues at a party in Bel Air and someone told the guest that paying attention to the breasts of the statues would grant luck. Me and a brunette were in the entrance alley of the mansion. And since all the guests were just arrived and eager to start so they reserved even more attention to us. And since the breast were the only things uncovered by our suit they sensed it was right to lick, pinch, squeeze as they pleased. Some even used clamps on us.

The problem was that the one who was supposed to free us after the party was carried away by his master before he could proceed to the task, so we were locked up from Saturday in the afternoon, when we were dressed for the party, until he showed up Monday in the early morning. On Sunday we were left the whole day closed in the shells. Let me tell you my breasts were sore for the following month, but between dildos, clamps and everything I stayed in arousal for the most part of it. I remember it as a really long and big orgasm.

The rest of the evening was very pleasant, Frizo and his wife are very nice people and they told me of the things they saw in Europe. When the big clock in the living room started calling midnight, I excused myself from my hosts and decided to call it a night then it was time to hit the bed.

Morning came up and Frizo called me at 7 sharp. He was smiling and he told me to get showered and cleaned the usual way. This usually includes a thorough shower, an enema, and some nutrient cream on my skin to protect it. Then I wrap myself in a towel and walk to Frizo lab.

As I enter I see that there is a black bundle on the table.

“Ok Carrie, the suit will stay on a week. As usual I want you to signal me if there are any problems but I think there will be none. As I just said the trial will last a week or so, we, I mean, you have a lot to try, and please be sure that you will have some fun in the process. Ok let’s get started.”

With that he takes the towel from me and I’m naked in the centre of the room like the day I was born.

He takes the bundle from the table and he opens it. Now I can see it properly. It’s a catsuit.

He starts to make the thing up and just when he kneels in front of me, Anna prepares a stool and makes me sit.

My skin is still glistening from the cream and I pick up my foot and proceed to put on the suit. First one leg then the other. Immediately I feel that the suit is somewhat sturdier than usual. The latex it is composed of is very heavy and I see Frizo making every effort to open the latex to get my legs in.

The suit has no socks attached so my feet exit from the legs. As the suit ride up I can feel its pressure on my legs. First the latex was cold then it quickly warms in contact with my body. I help them so I cannot inspect the suit. We ride up slow, we reach the knees and after a while we arrive at the crotch.

And now the first surprise, there is an opening in the suit for my vagina, and for my anus. It is shaped like a peanut. Mind you I’m not really self conscious but I immediately think that this is not a good sign.

The suit is pretty tight and they have actually to roll it over my tummy. After that we stop for a while.

In a mirror I see my suit from the waist down. It is fantastic. I see that the openings delineate my sex perfectly, the white skin is in contrast with the black latex.

In its tightness the suit is actually shaping my body, I see that it sustained my ass keeping it in perfect shape.

“How is it? Comfy?”


“Anna could you please help Carrie with the arms.”

She takes a cream, a lubricant and starts to put it on my arms, massaging it to coat them well.

I’m surprised but Frizo calms me.

“Don’t worry is for the arms.”

Ok, people, that’s not an explanation!

Once they have finished they direct my hands toward the sleeves of the suit. The lubricant does its job as I slide quite easy in the sleeves only to find that the two sleeves are connected and after a little space my hands are touching themselves behind me.

“Ok, push, you have to reach the elbow with the opposite hand!”

What? Oh my god, it’s a sort of armbinder connected to the suit. The sleeve is quite tight, so I have to force it open to reach my elbow with my hand. Meanwhile they pull up the suit to my shoulders.

There is a zip that runs from my navel to my neck to close it all.

Frizo start to pull the zip. As it rides up I can feel the latex constricting my tummy in a sort of a vice. Then it comes to my breast. On the suit there are two holes for my breasts, but as I see them.

“You are kidding they are too small for me!”

Now it’s Anna’s turn to smile.

“Don’t worry, my dear, I’m a professional.”

With that she takes my tits in her hands and start to push them through the holes. I moan as she pulls and squeezes my breasts, at the end I’m once again shocked at the results. They are jutting out doubled in size.

“Look, mum, I got two cucumbers!”

Frizo and Anna immediately stop in their tracks, look at me, look at each other and they start to laugh out loud.

I lose my balance and I have to use the stool to stand still, shaking with laughter as I am.

After a while, Frizo come back to his senses.

“Ok, enough fussing around. Let’s get you closed up.”

He takes the zip and takes it right up to my neck. There is a collar that closes over the zipper and then he puts a lock on it.



I start to moving around in the suit, it gives me strange sensations. There is the pressure for the heavy gauge latex and there are the tits, my crotch and my butt that feels free. The arms put in the way they are, force me to square the shoulders and enhance my exceptionally bulging breasts.

“My dear, this is gonna stay on a while, but you already know it…… There is another thing to test.”

This got me curious, I’m still adjusting to the feelings of the suit. I’m mesmerized and continue looking at the image of me on the full figure mirror that I really don’t listen to Frizo when he tells me something about a new type of gag.

I vaguely acknowledge that he is at is table preparing something I cannot see from my position, then he come to me and says….

“Ok, sweetie, open up and say cheese!”

In his hands there is a plastic mould formed around a mouth, it has forms in which the teeth can rest. It has a flange that goes directly in the throat.

He puts it in my mouth and then he directs me to clench. I feel my teeth slide in the receptacles and I feel the flange entering my throat and keeping down my tongue. He keeps my mouth shut for nearly five minutes then he releases it.

I discover that there must be some kind of glue since the contraption seem to be glued to my teeth. Nevertheless I can open my mouth without any problem. As I try to speak, the flange blocks my tongue and all I can get is a little hiss.

I’m worried, he has glued something on me! As if reading my mind.

“Don’t worry Claire, it’s a glue used by dentists, it fixes itself on the teeth and it stays effective for nearly a month!”

A month!!!!! Whatthehell, a month!!!!!!

I try to kick him but I’m not that stable with my arms locked behind me. He takes a can and he hits me directly on one of my tits.

“Naughty girl, don’t ever kick me again.”

The pain is sharp, I immediately stop myself. I can feel that my cheeks are flooded with tears.

Frizo picks me and make me sit on the stool!

Then he grabs my faces and tells me.

“Did you read the note I sent you?”

No, it’s the usual note that he send me saying that I have to be at his mansion shaved, prepared and so on….. I shake my head and say no.

“I told you that part of this test would include long term scenarios. This leaves me with two choices, do we go on, or do I have to call a dentist to cut it out? Do you want to continue?”

See people, that’s a though question. I can totally feel the butterflies flying in my stomach. Absolutely.

I take a deep breath then I move my head up and down. Ok, on for the ride!

“You see, Carrie, your gag is the my latest invention. As you may have noticed, it blocks the lowest part of the tongue and your vocal chords, so speaking is absolutely impossible, but since the tip of your tongue is quite free I think we could find a use for that mouth of yours. Then there is another feature. Right now you can open and close your mouth as you wish. But we can change it, open up.”

I open my mouth as far as I can get and Frizo pressed my cheeks until I hear a “click”. I try to close my mouth again but this time it is stuck. So I’m left open mouthed and secured that way.

“There are some stoppers on the jaw that can be engaged and disengaged at will. In this way I can secure you in any way I want, is that clear?”

He press my cheeks again and now I’m free to get my mouth shut.

“And now you are to go with Anna. For some trials….”

With that he gives my a swat on my ass.

So here I am dressed in a latex outfit that blocks completely removes the use of my my arms and mute because of a gag that is nearly impossible to see.

I wonder what Anna has prepared for me. She just smiles and directs me to my room.



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