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Finishing School

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; latex; bond; D/s; FF; reluct; X

Part One

I had always wanted to go back to my old school. I went to an old English public school, which in real language meant private school, and for boys only. Unlike many kids I had a happy time there. I just wanted to walk the old dusty corridors and let the memories drift back.

It was a big barn of a place with creaky floors and rattling windows set in some 10 acres. There was a playground and playing fields and a gym that doubled as a theatre occasionally. There were several dormitories on the upper floors, ranging from twelve beds down to three beds for the senior boys. On the main floor there were several classrooms, a sanatorium, kitchen and a large dining hall with huge oak tables.

To the side of the main building were shower areas and changing rooms. I was an inquisitive young lad and got to know every nook in the old building and knew every shortcut and stairway. It had been added onto several times and so there were winding corridors and pokey rooms approached from several directions. It was a Spartan life for a child particularly in winter but I had enjoyed it. Naively perhaps I now wanted to relive some of those memories.

I could drive down the long driveway and see the imposing entrance and into the large hallway that was surrounded by a high encircling balcony. The picture was as clear now as it was all those years ago. I had decided to take a fortnight’s holiday and on the spur of the moment suggested to my girlfriend Sarah that she take a trip around the country with me. She agreed immediately and was interested in seeing some of the places I had grown up in. so we shut up the flat and off we went.

She is a lawyer who has her own small practice so it was possible for her to go off on relatively short notice. We arrived outside my old school around 6pm and I was surprised to see two large wrought iron gates barring the old driveway. Furthermore I saw a camera on top of the gate and barbed wire around the perimeter wall. It now looked more like a prison than school. Were they trying to keep the locals out or the inhabitants in, I thought? There was a large sign by the gate, “Barncoat Hall Finishing School For Young Ladies”. Under this in small letters it said, “No Admittance. Visitors and Deliveries Strictly By Appointment”.

Well I could hardly believe it; they’d turned my old school into a finishing school for posh young girls. Sarah thought it was hilarious, ribbing me about going to a girl’s school. I was very disappointed however. The old place had closed and they had turned it into Fort Knox . Why? I only wanted to have a look at the place, I wasn’t going to steal anything, and I had come a long way. I was now getting mad and when I get like that I tend to do irrational things. When people say I can’t do things for no real reason, I of course have to go and do them.

“Bugger this.” I said. “I’m going to go and have a look at the place. I don’t care what they say, what can they do? Throw me out, that’s all.” Sarah smiled.

“Yeah, let’s do it. It should be fun, a bit naughty. Let’s park the car down the road there and have a drink in the pub until it’s dark and then we can skinny up that wall no problem and we’re in.” Sarah is a very spirited girl, and I love her to death. She would like nothing more than a challenge like this. She’s tall, very attractive and athletic with short blonde hair and legs to die for.

So we parked the car down the lane, had a couple of stiff ones in the pub and sneaked back in the dark around 11pm . We found a place with good cover and managed to find a way in without cutting ourselves on the wire. It was like being a child again, all rather exciting and daring. We were both dressed for it in black jeans and dark sweaters.

We collected our thoughts and walked through the wooded section that surrounded the buildings. We approached the old building and as it was Summer I noticed a number of windows open on the ground floor. One of them was the dining room and we quickly slipped inside and sat for a second on an old oak dining table. Sarah whispered.

“I like it already, old and creaky but with real character. Let’s have a peek around.” I could see she was enjoying this little caper; her beautiful complexion was glowing in the moonlight. We tiptoed into the old recreation room, which used to hold two snooker tables but which now had a bar in the corner and armchairs and sofas. We were on either side of the room when suddenly there were voices and movement in the corridor and a light came on in the room. I was nearest the exit and without shouting a warning to Sarah I shot through it and into the dark. I ran into the hallway and by the door there was a large curtain, which I shot behind.

I was kicking myself for losing my cool and of all things, running and leaving my girlfriend behind. It was apparent that she was now in big trouble. Bells were ringing and lights were coming on and there were voices everywhere. In the dark corner where I was I could get a good view of the main hall and the balcony overlooking it.

Shortly, in the bright light I could see about 30 or 35 girls all line dup there. They were all standing rigidly to attention in one long line overlooking the hall below. Some of them seemed very young, maybe 16 or 17, whereas the oldest couldn’t have been more than 23 or 24. There was no talking between them; they looked down to the hall, as if on parade! They came in many shapes and sizes but I noticed for the most part they were really very attractive.

They were dressed identically in two-piece pyjama outfits with a high frilled neck and elasticised waists, wrists and ankles. They were in different colours; maybe for seniority one got a different colour. The material was shiny and showed off the curves of some of the more shapely girls. I figured it was satin or silk or something.

Then I saw that several of the girls were chained together by means of four feet chains attached to steel collars around their necks. They were connected like this in groups of two, three and even four. The evening had taken on a very strange slant!

Overseeing these girls were five or six girls, who had to all intents the appearances of warders. They walked up and down in front of the line inspecting the girls as if on army parade. One warder would prod a girl who would alter her posture to her satisfaction and then she would move on. These were attractive women, a little older than their charges, but they certainly had a tough, no-nonsense look about them. They strutted, with real confidence in the power they clearly had, talking to the girls, raising a chin, patting a backside until they were satisfied. The girls did not seem frightened exactly, but certainly wary and obedient.

The warders were also in identical uniforms, or costumes really – and they were all in black! They had black high heeled shoes, black tights or stockings, flared mid-thigh black skirts, blouses with loose sleeves but tight at the wrists, black gloves and more strangely, black bathing caps in the style of the fifties, with a chin-strap. Most of them seemed to have long hair and it spilled out of the cap at the rear and down over their shoulders. The ensemble was shiny and, I thought amazingly attractive. It was only then that I realised that, as something familiar caught my nostrils, all the girls and the warders were dressed in rubber!


The evening was becoming more bizarre by the minute. However I could not deny that the pupils and the “warders” were extremely attractive, in their shiny clinging costumes. My attention was returned to the main hall where I saw two warders drag Sarah in. She was wearing her jeans and sweater however her head was enveloped in a shiny hood, made I assume of rubber. There were apparently very few holes for her to breathe, as the hood at first clung to her face, and then ballooned out into a formless rubber ball as she tried to get oxygen. Her hands were held rigidly at her side by the two warders. Sarah is strong and athletic and was trying to fight but she was not a match for the two of them. They held her erect in the middle of the hall, her rubber hood ballooning in and out.

Then a door opened to my left and out stepped the principal, or I assumed so, by her confident air of authority. She was tall, maybe 5 feet 10 or 11 inches, 35’ish, with a fine slim well-kept body. She walked imperiously to the centre of the hall. The room was in complete silence except for the muffled groans of Sarah. The principal was wearing a pair of knee-length boots with 5 inch heels so she towered over Sara; into the boots were tucked a pair of rubber (I assumed) riding britches or jodhpurs, baggy at the thighs and tight at the waist. She wore a scarlet rubber long-sleeved blouse, open at the neck and a pair of white rubber gloves tucked under the sleeves. Her jet-black hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. In her right hand she carried a thick leather paddle, which she gently slapped her right thigh with. She studied Sarah, and then spoke in what I can only describe as an upper-class English accent.

“So….this is our little intruder, eh? Breathe slowly my dear, there are lots of little holes in the helmet and you will get enough oxygen, just enough. But do not exert yourself too much; my suffocation helmets are very well designed.” She put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder and I saw her flinch.

“Now, you are probably wondering what you have walked into here. I will guaranty you, a lot more than you imagined. Now where do I start? I am the principal of this…er, finishing school for young ladies and you are trespassing on my land. I can have you arrested and taken away. That will do no good to you. You were just up to a little prank, no doubt, mmm?” I saw Sarah nod.

“Yes, I thought so. Now are you alone or do you have accomplices? If you do we will find them shortly I can assure you. We have cameras and motion sensors all over the grounds and the perimeter. I can’t imagine how we didn’t pick you up on them; we will have to beef up our security, thank you for putting it to such a test. So, any accomplices?” Sarah waited and then shook her head.

“According to your purse here,” she pulled a wallet out of Sarah’s back pocket and patted her back side, then drew out a driver’s license, “you have come a long way to be with us. Does anyone else know you are down here?” Again Sarah shook her head.

“Good, because you see your little prank has put us in a bit of a dilemma. We value our privacy here, and believe it or not you are our first intruder. We…take care of young ladies – daughters, girlfriends, in some cases wives, of gentlemen who feel perhaps that….some discipline is in order. In each of the women and girls here there is a wild or uncooperative streak that needs to be…brought in line. Simply put, our clients, nearly all gentlemen, but not all, want a more disciplined, trained and obedient young lady, whether it be a daughter, wife or…lover. I guaranty that whatever he wants I can give him. Most of the girls and young women, let’s just call them girls shall we, therefore do not come here voluntarily. They must be persuaded that it is for their own good, in the long run.” She looked up to the balcony and smiled, knowing that all ears were waiting on her every word.

“So the walls here have a dual purpose, to keep my young charges from straying, and to keep the likes of you…Sarah, from venturing in. I have eight young, loyal, strong assistants who truly love their work; they are absolutely dedicated to me. They are former pupils here who appreciated the rigid discipline and chose to stay on and help me. So Sarah, we take young, tempestuous, temperamental girls, or women whose gentlemen wish them to be…how should I say, changed a little, and turn them into obedient, disciplined women. The training is very arduous, but no matter how long it takes, we win! Whether it takes a month or a year, I have a 100% record of success. We take daughters of the gentry, debutantes, young wives and mistresses of the rich. This is a very selective and expensive school. I have also the daughter of the local MP, the daughter of the local chief of police and even the inspector’s daughter, as well as two of the magistrates. They can’t really afford it but I look upon it as insurance. They do not trouble me, I provide a service to the community they appreciate, and if I have trouble, such as you now, they will look after it for me. In short Sarah, I can handle you over to the authorities, tell then you were stealing something or whatever, and you will be put away for a few months in a prison full of unpleasant people.” She stopped there to let the message sink in.

“Or…..I can keep you here for a while, and knock this silly streak out of you.” Her hand was on Sarah’s shoulder again and she was speaking closely into her ear, her lips almost touching the rubber helmet.

“Yes, you would be a challenge, I would enjoy that. The wilder the spirit, the more fun it is to discipline it. We have some new equipment we could test on you. No, I won’t give you to the magistrates; you will stay here for a while. I think we will start right now, no time like the present, by giving you a taste of things to come. Judith and Barbara, take off her clothes, I will get her new costume.”

The principal returned to her room as the two prefects quickly pulled off Sarah’s sweater and then her shoes, socks and jeans. She tried to struggle but with her breathing restricted she was soon stripped naked. And her superb body, the body I knew so well, was held rigidly erect in the hall, awaiting the return of the principal. During this time the thirty or so girls on the balcony had remained silent and at attention, watched by the prefects. Whatever they felt they did not show in their expression, although somehow I felt that they did have some compassion for Sarah’s plight. The warders however seemed to enjoy their work, quietly talking and laughing amongst themselves, completely at ease in their strange costumes. The principal returned with an armful of rubber clothing draped over her arm.

“My, what a beautiful body you have Sarah. You must take your exercise seriously; well you will get plenty of that here too.” As the two warders held Sarah, the principal ran her hands over her naked body. Sarah cringed at her touch, as her breasts were fondled and a finger passed between her rear cheeks.

“Mmm, you will wriggle now, but soon you will get used to me or anyone else here touching you, you will even grow to like it. You don’t believe me now I know, it all seems a bit of a nightmare but I assure you I am never wrong. Now that you have got used to the pungent aroma and the cling of latex over your face, your body will now experience it. I love it, and so do all my assistants, and so….in time will all the girls here. It is all we wear here. Its smooth, cool cling cannot be got from any other material. These clothes should fit you all right; we will take your measurements tomorrow and get you kitted out properly. Peggy, come down here and help dress her with Judith and Barbara.”

The principal stood back as Peggy, identically dressed as the other two, came down from the balcony and took the clothes from the principal who stood back to enjoy the spectacle. I watched transfixed, useless to help Sarah, I would have to bide my time, I thought. Sarah’s head was now bowed and she offered no resistance. They started with her legs and rolled a pair of black rubber stockings up her legs; they needed no garter belt, the stockings clung to her brown, well-muscled legs as if painted on. They then pulled on black rubber gloves as far as her armpits, again skin-tight and glossy.

Then came a shiny bright yellow rubber leotard, but before putting it on Sarah, Peggy turned it inside out and showed the gusset piece to the surrounding girls, as if displaying a priceless artefact. I was stunned to see sticking out from the crotch a shiny yellow butt plug, narrow at the end, thicker in the middle and the narrower at the base. The principal smiled and said.

“I have lubricated it well so you shouldn’t have too much trouble, but take your time she may be a….virgin.” She chuckled. Well, I knew that Sarah wasn’t, for we had occasionally delved into that interesting area of anal sex! She in fact had quite enjoyed it and I did too, with her at least, but that didn’t mean that what was to happen to her now was going to give her pleasure! Furthermore at the crotch and the breast cups there were a series of hard rubber nodules that would no doubt bring her to some level of arousal! So it was devious in the extreme, it would arouse her and yet the butt plug would be a constant reminder of its presence.

They slipped her legs into the shiny garment, pulled it up her sleek rubber covered legs and then briskly pushed her face down onto the oak table. With her buttocks exposed Peggy smiled and slowly pressed the butt plug against her sphincter. Sarah groaned as she still struggled for breath and Peggy pressed the rubber into her rear. In the complete silence of the hall Sarah groaned but was slowly impaled. They then pulled her upright and slid her arms through the short sleeves and zipped her up the back to the high neck. Then the principal handed Peggy a pair of wrist cuffs attached to a two inch steel chain. Quickly they were wrapped around Sarah’s wrists behind her back.

Despite her predicament I had to admit to myself that she looked fantastic! The costume accentuated all her wonderful curves; the black helmet however looked of course so strange, inflating and deflating, a faint hiss audible. What was coming over me? I was becoming aroused at this bizarre sight, this odd sexual pastiche.

“All right Peggy, take her suffocation hood off now.” Peggy came forward and gently eased the hood off Sarah’s head. She blinked her eyes in the light and looked around at the bizarre setting around her. Her hair was wet and matted to her head and her face shone with sweat in the lights. She peered up at the girls staring down at her in silence, and then at the principal.

“You’re nuts, you’re crazy, if you think I’m going to stay here just to please you and your barmy ideas, well forget it.”

“My, you’re a spirited one, I’ll give you that.” The principal turned round smiling and without a word of warning, took a wide swing and slapped her hard on the cheek with her rubber-gloved hand. The sound echoed in the silent hall, and then Sarah screamed and swung her rubber stockinged foot up at her and kicked the principal right in the solar plexus. She fell back, holding her stomach and dragging in deep breaths. There was a murmuring from the girls on the balcony, silenced immediately by the warders glaring at them. The three warders held onto Sarah who glared at the principal, who regained her feet and said.

“Oh yes, indeed….we will have fun training you. That’s only the third or fourth time some girl has hit me. Believe me the others learnt to regret it, as you will. You are a very beautiful and spirited girl, and I shall enjoy breaking in that spirit, and making you nice and obedient. I have plenty of respect for spirit, in the right places; yours just needs to be kept under control.”

“You don’t frighten me.” Said Sarah, somewhat naively, but bravely I thought.

“We shall see, won’t we? I shall transform you into a pussy cat, a rubber loving pussy cat. It may take a while, but for me at least, it will be fun, very uncomfortable for you though. I will start now. Peggy, the bathing cap please.” Peggy gave the principal a black bathing cap identical to the one worn by the warders. Smiling, she approached Sarah and deftly pulled it over her head, although Sarah tried to dodge from her attentions. Carefully she tucked in Sarah’s short, wavy blonde hair and then pulled the strap under her chin and up to the stud by her ear.

“You really are crazy, you know.” Sarah laughed defiantly. “Although I rather like the get-up, flatters my body no end, my boyfriend would get really turned on by this stuff, he would flip if he saw me like this.” Little did she know of course that I could see her and she was indeed an apparition.

“But incarcerating 30 or 40 young women and dressing them in rubber as if out of some weird fetish movie, well, you have to admit it’s just a bit crazy.”

“Well yes, I suppose to some it is a bit strange, but people, for the most part men, pay very good money for this, and of course as the saying goes, it works! But you will find out for yourself. You will learn to enjoy the sensual cling of latex on your skin as it warms up. All my assistants here did, and so will the girls up there. But you will get more acquainted with them tomorrow.

“Well I don’t have much choice do I? But I assure you I won’t be here for long.”

“Oh no, I assure you that you will be here for as long as I say, my dear. Peggy the gag please, inflatable.”

With this command Peggy released a rubber contraption from her waist and gave it to the principal. I noticed that from Peggy’s waist several ball gags, and bladders were attached to straps. The principal approached Sarah and without warning punched her in the stomach. Sarah bent over, more in shock than pain and as she opened her mouth to take in air the principal deftly crammed the soft rubber bladder into it. Her mouth and chin were cradled in a rubber support and straps were quickly passed either side of her nose, joined at her bridge and then passed over her crown to be attached to other straps passed over her cheeks and behind her. While Sarah tried to catch her breath the principal began pulling all the straps tight as the other women held onto Sarah firmly.

“Inflator, please.” Said the principal and Peggy passed her a tube and bulb, which the principal screwed into Sarah’s gag. Then she leaned close to her, almost whispering.

“Now my girl, this is just a taste – a rubber taste – of what you can expect over the next few days. You will experience bondage and rubber discipline of a kind you never even knew existed.” Sarah mumbled something onto the gag, and it came out as a garbled ggrrggmmm.

“Remember, the greater your disobedience, the greater the discipline, it’s very simple really.” She put one hand flat on the back of Sarah’s head and squeezed the bladder with the other. The bladder in her mouth inflated and Sarah almost leapt up.

“Bit of a shock, isn’t it? But you will get used to it, like all the girls have.” She squeezed again and Sarah squeaked again; the principal smiled broadly, loving this moment of ultimate power, to make a human being, so strong and young and beautiful, go dumb. She squeezed again and again, and Sarah’s cheeks started to puff out. She wriggled and moved her head but the principal held her fast, then squeezed twice more and stopped. The hall was now in complete silence, there was a faint squeak from Sarah but nothing more. The principal felt Sarah’s cheeks, smiled and seemed satisfied at the tautness, for now they ballooned out like a chipmunks.

The girls on the balcony and in the hall had no doubt seen it all before and looked on somewhat unemotionally. My heart went out to Sarah; she looked stunning in shiny black gloves, stockings and the shiny helmet, and the yellow leotard. And also she appeared so strange, with the black rubber bathing cap and, covering the lower portion of her face with straps criss-crossing, the huge gag and the pump dangling obscenely from the front. Now she was so very vulnerable with these women around her. And I was powerless behind the curtain. These four rubber clad women were ruthlessly efficient and tough and I decided they could handle me, no problem. I decided I had to wait this out. Sarah was on her own for now; I hoped she would hold out until I could work out a means of escape.

“There you are, my dear, well and truly silenced. Barely a squeak from you, which is just as well because you will be screaming for mercy in a few minutes. You have had a taste of the discipline, and now comes the pain. You need to be reprimanded for your earlier outburst, girls, immobilise Sarah over the hall table, please.”

Despite her struggling there was little she could do with her arms cuffed behind her back. They pulled her over to the large oak table and while one held her down the two others stretched her legs and quickly cuffed them to the table legs. She was now stretched out fully with little movement possible. Now Peggy stepped back and allowed the other two to sit down sideways on the table beside Sarah cross their legs nonchalantly and press down on each arm to stop any further movement. One of them calmly stroked her head, now flat on its side on the table. It so happened that her buttocks were now facing me, and what a sight they were. Despite, or perhaps because of her submissive posture I couldn’t help being aroused by the shiny black legs and the yellow leotard stretched over the top portion of her buttocks. I could even see the outline of the butt plug base that was stuffed in her rear. The principal could too, as she ran her hand over Sarah’s well-muscled buttocks and gently pressed in the butt plug. Sarah moaned.

“What a fine set of buttocks you have my dear, I don’t think we’ll stop at ten, we’ll make it an even twenty, say ten for each side! Hold on girls!” the two women holding onto Sarah looked a bit alarmed but hung on as Sarah moaned and tried to rise up. But it was futile and the principal stood to Sarah’s side and brought the heavy paddle down on her left buttock with a crack that resounded around the hall. Then she followed this with another on the right cheek and another, the sound ringing round the rafters of the hall.

She was aiming not just for the rubber-covered buttocks but the tops of the stockings and the naked flesh between them. All I could hear now was the heavy breathing of both Sarah and the principal. After ten or twelve she took a break and examined the reddening expanse of Sarah’s rear, stroking it gently with her rubber-gloved hand. Then she pressed it between Sarah’s thighs to her crotch and said.

“Not long to go now, you are doing very well.” Sarah groaned but there was now no movement from her. The principal continued, in the complete silence of the hall, it was truly eerie.

Finally she had finished, stepped back and said.

“Peggy, the antiseptic salve and a glove please.” Peggy was prepared for this and opened a surgical glove for the principal to push her hand into, then she dipped it into the opened jar and began, almost sensuously to apply it to Sarah’s exposed rear, which was now bright red, and I am sure very painful. The girls on either side of her had no need to hold onto Sarah, for she seemed to have no fight left in her and just lay there.

When finished, the principal drew off the glove and the two girls raised Sarah to face her tormentor, releasing the ankle cuffs from the table for a moment before cuffing her ankles together allowing her perhaps nine inches play. There were tears pouring down her face and over the rubber covering her mouth and chin; her face was red and sweat poured from her brow. She looked defiant at the principal but it was clear who had won round one. The principal moved closer and placed a hand on her cheek.

“Now Sarah, perhaps you realise we are not playing here. Men from around the world are paying good money to have their women, girls brought here for their rubber indoctrination. You, I suppose…” she chuckled, “I will heave to educate for free. But you will be a good guinea pig. You are strong and you will be fine tomorrow, a bit sore no doubt but no permanent harm done. Your discipline will continue then. It has been quite an exciting evening for us all and I think it is time for bed. Prefects, take the girls back to their rooms please and lock them in. Peggy you will share the twin bedded room with Sarah tonight, I want you to keep a good eye on her please; it has been a bit traumatising for her I think.”

“Thank you miss, I would like that.” Peggy was tall and very attractive with blonde hair spilling out of her rubber cap; she smiled at Sarah.

The room was now clearing out and I heard doors closing and being locked. The four women, Sarah and of course myself were the only ones left. Sarah was standing between the women, somewhat groggily, her buttocks not covered by latex were bright red and looked very painful.

“Well poor Sarah, quite a lesson for you, your tomboy habits have got you into a bit of trouble. You can expect more, I’m afraid, if you misbehave.” She moved closer to Sarah and cradled one of her rubber-covered breasts in her hand. Sarah did not flinch now, but continued to take in deep breaths through her nose. The principal’s other hand moved between her legs, and Sarah somewhat strangely, parted them slightly to accommodate her; the principal smiled at this display of acquiescence and rubbed Sarah’s labia through the latex. Sarah stared at her in silence but was breathing faster; she was still held by the two other girls but was now offering no resistance to this amorous assault.

“I like a free spirit, Sarah it’s a challenge. You, I know will be up to it, I can hardly wait, you have such a lovely body.” She pecked Sarah on her forehead, below the rubber cap.

“Good night Sarah, try and sleep well, there is much to do tomorrow.” Then she kissed her again on her bulging cheeks and returned to her study, leaving Sarah with Peggy and the other two girls. The three girls relaxed slightly. Judith spoke, leaning back and looking at Sarah’s bottom.

“Wow, I’ve never seen her beat as hard as that before.”

“Yeah, she really went for it.” Peggy said. “Boy, did you learn the hard way, my girl; never take a swing at Miss Broad, rule number one. You continue to fight and she will just break you. I mean I love the rubber and some of the bondage but I can do without the paddle. Come on, we’ll get you to bed. When we have you properly tied down we’ll take the gag out, no one sleeps with a gag. You’re a great looking girl Sarah, we’ve some clothes here that’ll show off all your curves, believe me. Don’t cry, now. The first night is always the worst, but it will get better.” She wiped away a tear from Sarah’s cheek, who was still taking big breaths through her nose.

“I love it here now. I get a good salary, food, holidays and all the clothes I want, all rubber of course. We have a good time here, for fun we occasionally put each other into bondage, not as severe as you will get tomorrow though. Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

They left together, leading Sarah up the stairs, taking it slowly as she was still tethered at the ankles. I followed them at a distance, keeping as quiet as I could. They went along a corridor and into a room on the right. Opposite the room was a large cupboard under a window. It had two sliding doors, one open and I slipped into it and rolled back the door until there was a two-inch crack to look out of. Through it I could see into the bedroom where they had Sarah. There was a single bed in view, with no pillow; it had a black rubber under sheet. Peggy was taking out Sarah’s gag telling her that she should behave as normally she would be tied down before this occurred. Firstly, she deflated the bladder and squeezed Sarah’s cheeks, then unstrapped the various straps around her head and withdrew it. It was gleaming wet with her saliva. She did not say anything but just moved her chin from side to side. They gave her a glass of water, which she drank greedily.

“Steady now, you won’t be able to go for a pee in the night, once in this you’re in for good, and if you want to pee, well, you pee right here.” There was no struggle from Sarah; the paddling had taken all the fight out of her.

“You mean…I have to wear the leotard and the….butt plug up my arse all night.”

“Oh yes, your orifice must be stretched over the next few days, and overnight the plug should loosen your sphincter a bit. Right, we will take your ankle cuffs and your wrist cuffs off now. You’re not going to do anything silly are you, Sarah?” Sarah still seemed in shock at the beating and the information she was being given, and just shook her head. They removed her cuffs and she stood still, offering no resistance

“Now for bed and we don’t want you wandering off so we are going to strap you down here. Lie on the bed, please Sarah.” She did so without argument, lying back on the black rubber sheet. Judith then draped a red rubber sheet over her. The sheet had D rings at intervals along the edges and a large hole near the top. They pulled her rubber-capped head forward and pushed the sheet down over her; her head popped through the tight hole. The only part protruding through the sheet was her head, and they then began to stretch the sheet tight over her and attach the D rings to the sides of the bed. She looked a little bewildered and frightened as they completed their work. It was not a super-tight fit, for she could move slightly.

Once finished I could see Sarah’s voluptuous figure outlined by the sheet. Her head with the rubber swimming cap on lay exposed and all she could do was lie there and look around her.

“Good job girls, she won’t be going anywhere.” Peggy leant over and touched Sarah’s nipples through the sheet; the other girls laughed, slapped her playfully on the backside and then left.

“Miss Broad was right, you have a super body. I fear it is going to be punished severely if you don’t behave and get in line fast. Now I don’t want you talking or making any noise during the night Sarah, you have to relax and breathe slowly. I’ll put your blindfold on now.”

“Oh, no, please….”

“Take it easy now, it will help you sleep.” She strapped the rubber blindfold over her eyes and Sarah, a strong stoic girl, began to hyperventilate and looked a little panicky.

“Easy, easy now.” Peggy said and sat by her side. Tenderly, she began to massage her breasts through the sheet, then her stomach and then….between her legs. Sarah tried to close her legs but was too late as Peggy rubbed her labia slowly.

“There, there, breathe nice and easy now.” And she continued to rub and massage her breasts and labia. Despite Sarah’s predicament I found this very erotic. Peggy really seemed to know her stuff, whether she was a lesbian or just wanted to calm her down I didn’t know but it worked! Soon I could see Sarah visibly relax more and she even opened her legs as if to invite Peggy further. Then Peggy leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Sarah moved her head to the side but Peggy placed her hand on her head and firmly pressed her lips to Sarah’s. She groaned and said.

“No, no, I’m not a lesb….” Peggy coolly covered her lips with hers and then withdrew, smiling.

“And how do you know I am? You’re very tense Sarah and you have to calm down before you can get to sleep. Just relax and let me take care of you.” I could see Peggy’s fingers press further into the sheet and leotard and into Sarah, who began to quietly moan. Under Peggy’s expert attentions I could see Sarah now move with her rather than against her. Soon she was thrusting her groin at Peggy’s fingers and kissing her back, firmly. Then, amazingly, with a shudder she came, shivering and groaning under the sheet. Peggy stood up and said.

“Well, that seems to have relaxed you a bit, you are very good kisser Sarah, did you like that?”

“I don’t know what to think any more. My arse still stings and there’s a butt plug up my rear, then you tie me down and assault me and I have an orgasm in record time. I’d lie if I said I didn’t like it but…”

“Don’t analyse it too much Sarah, your body tells you what it likes. Now mine is telling me what I like, and I think one favour deserves another, don’t you?” Peggy pushed her hands under her skin and then began to pull down her panties, which were white with frills.

“Oh no, now wait a minute.” Peggy smiled as she stepped out of her panties.

“Sarah, you’re hardly in a position to argue, you poor thing. Now you have a wonderful tongue, so I have some more work for it to do. I expect you have never done this before so I will give you lots of time to acclimatise yourself.” She chuckled and stepped over Sarah and squatted either side of her, stretching her thighs wide and spreading her short skirt over Sarah’s upper torso and head. She faced Sarah’s body and leant forward, her hands on Sarah’s breasts.

“No, no this isn’t fair, look…oh God…..please, plerrrggg, mmmm.” Peggy sat back with a contended smile on her face as I could see Sarah wriggle within the tight sheets as her face was engulfed by Peggy’s crotch. Clearly her arse crack was right over Sarah’s nose and her pussy over her mouth so Sarah was struggling to breathe as she serviced the woman above her. Peggy began to give her words of encouragement.

“That’s good, Sarah, very nice, a little more tongue, a little faster, very good.”

She lifted herself an inch and Sarah gulped in air.

“Oh, please….mmmmm.”

And so it continued with Peggy raising herself every few seconds to let Sarah get some fresh air and then settling back with a contented smile on her face. Evidently Sarah was quite a bit talented in that field too! Finally Peggy started to shake and pant. She then climbed off, stood up and turned to kiss Sarah on the lips, lips no doubt covered with her own juices. Sarah lay panting but did not seem in any distress.

“Thank you Sarah, that was really very good, are you sure you haven’t done this before?” Sarah looked shocked and Peggy laughed.

“Just kidding, but you have a real talent there. I think it will be given an opportunity to express itself some more in the next few days. Now time for bed, I think we are both pretty relaxed now.”

Peggy then approached the door, a smile on her face that said something like “mission accomplished”. She closed the door and locked it

So I knew I could not get to her until morning and I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible in the cupboard. Inside there was an oppressive smell of rubber and I noticed hanging above me schoolgirl uniforms, slips and blouses and flared skirts. I was not too uncomfortable and I knew this was the ideal location for keeping an eye on Sarah, although my mind wandered as to what Peggy and she were up to in there! But gradually, with the pervasive smell of rubber in my nostrils, I drifted off to sleep.

22.04.06 continues in part two

* * *

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