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Finishing School 2

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; F+/m; latex; enema; bond; fem; cons; X

Part Two

I slept quite fitfully through the night, visions of Sarah being forced into rubber and beaten continually passing through my mind. I left a crack at either end of the roller doors, one to look out onto Sarah’s room and the either presumably to another dormitory.

I was awoken by ringing bells and lights coming on; and the door at the other end opened and I could see ten beds, five each in a line. The girls were rousing themselves. The prefect who had opened the door was already dressed in her uniform. At the end of the room was a row of sinks and the girls one by one were filling hot water bottles they had got from their bedside cabinets. I found it odd that they were filling them and not emptying them, and then I saw them putting liquid soap from the dispenser into the bottles. This was done in complete silence; clearly this was a routine that they had been through before. They were still dressed in their pyjamas and now stood to attention by their beds holding their bottles. The prefect returned with a tray of rubber tubes and it was then that I figured out that the girls were going to be given a mass enema!

The prefect, one of two in the room so there were eight pupils, walked down the centre aisle, checking to see if the bottles were full, and screwed in a tube to each of the bottles. The girls then attached the bottles upside down to a post at the end of each bed.

“Pants off.” Shouted the prefect and they all instantly dropped their pyjama bottoms and lay them on their beds.

“Tops off.” Now they took their tops off, and what a site it was. Eight nubile young bodies, totally naked, and standing to attention by their beds. I was highly aroused, any young male would be, they were all in very good shape and very attractive.

Starting at one end the two prefects approached the first girl, who without a word handed the end of the tube to one of them and bent over her bed, her lovely bottom exposed and her head and breasts pointing down at the rubber bed sheets. The prefect, who had donned surgical gloves, apron and mask, now dipped the end of the tube into a jar of jelly-like substance. Then she unceremoniously crammed the enema tube up the unfortunate girl’s bottom. She groaned quietly and winced but did not move.

This extraordinary scene was repeated with all eight girls in complete and eerie silence. The eight girls were now bent over, their hair falling down, their exposed breasts pointing to the beds, and their gorgeous arses thrust out with little pink tubes stuck out of them and extending to the bottles above them. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and I had a huge erection, I could not believe my eyes, talk about pretty maids all in a row!

“You may now proceed. Release the valves now.” The girls in unison released the clips on the tubes allowing the soapy water to seep into their rears. There followed some heavy breathing and some groaning. One girl, a pretty petite blonde, said quietly, almost to herself.

“Oh no, please, no.” Immediately one of the prefects walked up to her and slapped her exposed buttocks, the pink tube wobbling obscenely in her sphincter.

“That’s enough of that Sally, pull yourself together, otherwise I may give you another pint.” After that there were no more comments. I could see their abdomens slowly expand and dispend as if becoming pregnant at super-speed! Finally the bottles were drained and the prefects went down the aisle withdrawing the tubes slowly.

“I don’t want any seepage now. Otherwise we repeat the exercise.” The girls now stood again, their little stomachs distended, some of them were clearly in discomfort, and sweat was visible on the brows of several.

“Very good, now you may all go downstairs to do your ablutions.” They slowly took their rubber dressing gowns from a cupboard at the end and left in single orderly file right past me. Although I wanted to get to Sarah I realised I could do nothing until her door was unlocked and so I decided I would have to bide my time.

Shortly the girls returned from their showers and returned to the dormitory and stood by their beds. The prefects would apparently get their clothes. Through a crack in the cupboard I could see them approach me! Then it dawned on me of course, I was in the cupboard that held all their clothes.

I could go nowhere and as the prefect pulled back the sliding door, she saw me hunched in the corner. She let out a screech and quickly slammed the door, the other prefect equally slammed the other door shut and I heard two locks clicking at each end!

What a damn fool I was - now imprisoned in this dark cupboard with the pungent aroma of rubber almost overpowering me. There was no panic outside, just a shuffling of feet and quiet conversation. Now we were both captives and all I could do was lie there and accept my fate. It did not take long in coming, for soon I heard the familiar voice of Miss Broad.

“Hello, young man. I’m afraid we seem to have you at an advantage. We don’t like trespassers here. I had a feeling that Sarah may have had an accomplice and two trespassers in one night are just too much of a coincidence. Now we can leave you here to simmer, or you can come out now, on my terms of course. Knock once if you wish to come out.” What option did I have? So I knocked once.

“Good, I see that you are reasonable. Now please take off all your clothes and pass them to us out here. I have always felt that men are a bit more vulnerable if naked.” It was a ridiculous proposition but I went along with it, having no option really. I wriggled out of my clothes, the lock was released and the door pulled back a few inches. I handed them out and the door was closed again.

“So, you are Max, well hello Max, and you come from the same town as Sarah, I think we can assume you are her friend. You were probably thinking of saving her, or something equally heroic. Well Max I’m afraid that you can put that out of your mind, for you are going to suffer her fate also. You have simply joined her at my school. Now you do present me with a problem however, we’ve never had a male pupil before. We are in the process of considering two applications from extremely rich young ladies who have boyfriends with wandering eyes. They want us to bring their young men in line and, well, how do I say, bring out their feminine side. So we do have some clothes for you, ready and waiting and it looks as if you will be our first male guest. Now here are some panties for you to put on, rubber of course; you will get used to them as Sarah will.”

The pants were passed through and the door closed again. I slipped into them, their cold clamminess pressing in on me as I pulled them up over my groin. I assumed they were standard girl’s panties as they did have frills along the front and back. They were smooth and tight across my buttocks, and as they slowly warmed up I have to say I did not find them uncomfortable.

“Max, you are going to come down to my study right now for a chat. I will explain your position as I did to Sarah last night. You may have heard it during your prowl around. However as you are a young man you present some interesting problems. Now I am going to pass through a suffocation helmet of tight rubber which you will put over your head. You will be able to breathe but with some difficulty. It is designed to keep you nicely under control. Use up too much energy and you will have problems breathing, keep calm and you will be fine. Make sure the small holes are opposite your nose and there also some small holes for you to see out.” The door opened an inch and the helmet was passed through.

I felt the cool, smooth surface of the helmet as I arranged it in my hands. I didn’t like this at all, should I go through with it? I found the neck into which I would stuff my head. I put my nose close and breathed in the oppressive smell of the rubber. I could stay here all day or put it on now and hopefully get out of there. With the edges gripped in both hands I aligned the small holes up to where my nose would go then I placed it on my head and pulled down hard. It slipped down quite easily and once over my face gripped my neck snugly. It held my chin quite firmly and I found it was easier to breathe through my nose, although when I did the rubber smell was intense. When breathing in it was tight on my face and when I exhaled it ballooned out slightly, just as Sarah’s had done the night before.

“Now we are passing through a collar and cuffs which you will put on. Place the adjustable collar around your neck and lock it at the back, make sure your helmet’s collar is rolled up, then pull it back down over the metal collar.” I really had no option now and slipped it round my neck and locked it behind me.

“You will feel a chain coming down from the front of the collar, and it separates after about two feet into two further chains and two cuffs at the end. Fit these tight around your wrists, and you can come out for our little chat.” So I dutifully handcuffed myself; there was plenty of play in them and I could reach my groin, which I noticed was warm now in the rubber panties and a touch moist too.

“There’s a good fellow, now you can come out.” Through the small holes in the helmet I could see a little light but not much as I stepped out of the cupboard. Two firm hands gripped my upper arms. I heard giggles and sniggers and Miss Broad said.

“That’s enough girls, back to your dormitory. Shirley, you can give them their blouses and skirts now. Girls you can meet our new pupil a bit later, in the hall before breakfast. Two new pupils in 24 hours, it had been quite a night. I can see Max in his current state is going to be a problem, all the girls with their prying eyes and naughty thoughts. Emma, get a cape from the cupboard there and we can cover him up from temptation.” I stood to attention feeling very exposed and not a little silly, standing there handcuffed in just frilly panties and a hood. I felt a tap on my right leg and Miss Broad said.

“We might as well start you off in heels as you will be in them from now on; here, lift your feet and place them in these pumps.” I couldn’t see too well as I slipped my feet into the shoes. I was shocked to feel how high the heels were, maybe two or three inches, and wobbled a bit.

“Steady there, you’ll get used to them as time passes.” Then I felt a cool rubber cape being draped over my shoulders, I raised my chin as it was zipped up from the bottom, around mid-calf to the high collar. At least I was covered, I thought, as I shivered at its smooth feel. God, I felt so stupid as another collar was paced round my neck and a leash attached to it. I was then away.

“We will take it slowly so you can get used to the heels, these are only two inch, and we’ll get you into five inch in no time.” The two women led me downstairs, we took them very slowly, my face was now wet with sweat and started to sting my eyes. We came to Miss Broad’s study and I was forcibly plonked into a chair opposite her desk. I just sat there; there was no real reason for me to bolt, for these women would take care of me in my present predicament with little effort. They took off the collar and leash and unzipped the cape a couple of inches so they could get at the collar of my helmet. Miss broad sat down at the desk.

“Well you seem to be a bit smarter than Sarah and not come up with any stupid ideas of escape, so I think we can take off the helmet and have a look at you.” She nodded to the girls and they eased off my helmet. I blinked my eyes and took a few breaths, the prefects returned to either side of her desk and all of them studied me intently, I felt like a specimen in a showcase.

“Mmmm, quite a handsome chap, almost pretty really. What do you think girls?”

“Oh, he’s very attractive; he should be an excellent guinea pig. I would like to look after him and train him, could I Miss Broad?”

“Yes, me too, he would be a lot of fun.” The second one was licking her lips and smiling, almost eating me up. I was happy for the rubber cape, which was now warmer and sticking to my back and thighs as I sat in the chair. And these women were quite a sight. They were dressed in the same costumes but of different colours, one in scarlet and the other in bright yellow. They wore one-piece dresses, tight at the waist and bust, high necked and with loose sleeves to tight wrists and with flared skirts to mid-thigh. They both wore brilliant white stockings or tights and white pumps with four-inch heels, and white gloves tucked into their sleeves. They wore no masks or hoods and they were both very pretty, in their mid-twenties, probably. One had quite short mousy hair and the other shoulder-length black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. They continued to look at me as if I was a prize specimen, there were very confident in themselves.

Miss Broad was equally striking. She wore a peach blouse, with no zips or buttons but two long tails which she had wrapped round her waist, it was tight and showed off her ample breasts. She wore black rubber culottes, tucked into high leather boots, also in black. The blouse was sleeveless and she wore elbow length gloves in matching peach, reaching up to her armpits. She held a horsewhip in her hands, gently slapping her thighs with it, and watched me.

“I see you are taking everything in, Max. Good, and you can see what latex can do for the figure, it is so flattering isn’t it?”

“Er, yes, yes I suppose so.”

“Ah, he speaks.” She laughed. “Well, welcome to my specialised school. I presume you heard my speech last night so I don’t have to repeat it. Where were you?”

“Behind the curtain in the hall.”

“Oh yes, you’ll have had a good view from there. You must have seen her paddling; it was silly of her to kick me. I will warn you now; my retaliation will far exceed anything you may come up with, so I will require your complete obedience. What I said to Sarah also applies to you; I hope you were listening, as I won’t repeat it. I could hand you over to the authorities but as we have plans for male students in the future I shall keep you here. You are unfortunately to be our guinea pig. There are many rich ladies who want a man kept in order, and disciplined properly, maybe a son, brother, lover, husband, gigolo or somebody they have only just met and want moulded into something more….manageable.” She was now walking around her study, slapping the whip against her thigh.

“Then there is the gay angle, a gay gentleman might send his partner here, to bring him down a peg or two, maybe make him a bit more…domesticated. Not too many girls get sent here willingly so it will be just the same with the young men. And you Max, will be our first. Now people will no doubt start looking for you in a week or two, so your education, and Sarah’s, will be more intense. I think in two weeks I will have moulded you the way I want you. You’re probably wondering how we will be able to mix young men and women in the same school without the predictable sexual liaisons. Well, we have thought this through Max, and the answer is very simple. You will not be a threat to them nor an attraction, as you will be one of them!”

My expression obviously amused her.

“Yes, Max, from now on we propose to feminise you, in rubber! You will be a latex transvestite here – our rubber dolly. The other girls will hardly be attracted to you like that, so we will have no shenanigans. What Sarah will think will be interesting too. Maybe she will reject you as her lover or maybe she might take to your feminine side.” She chuckled at this. “Now obviously we can’t keep you here forever so what we have done in the past is to make a few movies of our students, and keep them here as insurance. Not very subtle I know, blackmail, but it works well enough. You can be the star in a couple of our rubber fetish movies we put out, a very lucrative sideline I may add. Then there is the other option, we may come up with a client who would take a liking to you, as a disciplined rubber dolly and keep you locked away as her plaything. I think we may come up with a number of options, it’s early days yet. Now stand up Max, we need to check you out and see your body in detail to consider what work needs to be done.”

I sat there stunned for a moment, this couldn’t be happening to me, a rubber transvestite, surrounded by beautiful rubber-clad girls in a bizarre school of discipline, and then what/ To be sold off to a mistress as a plaything. This was too bizarre to imagine.

“Max! I won’t tell you twice.” I was brought out of my thoughts by the whip being brought down hard on my thighs; it hurt despite the rubber cape covering them. I stood up immediately, not easy to do with my hands cuffed. I wobbled on my heels a second and then the black haired girl took my elbow and smiled encouragingly.

“Take the cape off, Emma, and let’s have a good look at him.”

I really didn’t want Emma to take off my cape, for during the previous ten minutes or so something strange; almost unaccountable had happened to me. I didn’t know if it was the rubber cape caressing my body, or the sight of these beautiful women in their rubber outfits, and they really were beautiful, but I had somehow developed an erection in my rubber pants! Despite the position I was in, handcuffed and dressed so oddly, and the threats coming from Miss Broad, I had actually become aroused, and I found it quite disturbing, what was my body telling me seemed to be overruling my mind. Nonetheless Emma approached me and stood closely, her face only inches from mine, a friendly smile on her face and said.

“Okay Max, let’s have a good look at you.” And she unzipped the cape from under my chin. I stepped out of it and stood motionless in front of the three women, feeling very vulnerable. Not surprisingly, the first thing Emma saw was my large erection, my cock held flat against my stomach by the tight frilly white pants.

“Well well, look at this. I think maybe Max is hiding something from us.”

“And not hiding it very well.” Said the other prefect and Miss Broad also had a chuckle.

“Max, it looks maybe as if you might have a thing for rubber, which will make our endeavours here a lot easier.” She approached me and ran the end of her whip up the underside of my hard cock. I could not account for this, I was as hard as a rock and here I was, about to be forced into a form of rubber bondage by these three women! I felt now was perhaps the time to say something, to plead my case.

“Look, er….this is crazy….I realise Sarah and I did something very stupid but……you can’t just keep us….I mean against our. You can’t turn me into some rubber transve….I mean…I don’t understand my erection…this is…..” I was rambling, what could I say? Yet they looked at me coolly, thoroughly bathing in my discomfort. Emma moved close to me, so close I could smell her rubber costume; she placed an arm around my shoulder.

“Poor Max, you really are a bit confused. Look Max, you’re here for the duration, however long that may be, so there really is no point in pleading your case, because you don’t have one. We are going to feminise you and rubberise you, we will do it against your will or with your acquiescence, albeit reluctant. But it will happen.” She chuckled and pecked me on my cheek.

“Emma is right, Max, we have far too much invested here to allow you to wander off. You will be our test case for all future male guests. Your erection intrigues me; perhaps your inner self is actually quite looking forward to your education here!” With that, I had had enough. I had to speak up, for myself and for Sarah. It was now….or never, and I was beginning to lose hope fast.

“Look you can’t just keep us here like this. Let us go, we don’t care what you get up to, whatever your kink is, we won’t tell, just let….”

“That’s enough, Max. Quiet or you will be gagged, just like Sarah.” Well, that didn’t get me far, I thought and held my tongue.

“Max,” Miss Broad said quietly, “you are here for some severe discipline and….a life change. Emma, you can be in charge of Max from now on, of course you can call on any of the girls for assistance if Max proves uncooperative, which would be very unwise of you Max. By the end of this poor Sarah won’t believe her eyes. Let’s look at you. You have a good, slim body, very slim and very little body hair. It is fortunate you have light hair, it will be easier to depilate and your beard line will not be noticeable.” She placed her hands; cool in her rubber gloves around my waist.

“This waist can’t be more than 29 inches now, we can corset this down to say 26 or 25 in no time at all, and with a padded bra, even Sarah won’t recognise you.” Then she placed her hand on my pants, feeling my erect cock held rigid.

“This will have to taken care of, don’t want you flashing and exciting all the girls. Mmm, still erect Max, maybe you have a fetish already, and you simply have repressed it, eh? But we look after it all right; we have in stock now, ready for our new guests what are called pussy pants. They’re basic panties, in rubber of course, in flesh colour and with a tight sheath inside to hide away your cock and balls. There is a narrow tube to the outside that will allow you to pee, but the interesting bit is that that outer portion is made of moulded rubber in the design of a naked pussy – a pretty vertical slit and bulging labia lips. So you can pee through your own vagina! It’s a brilliant design, from the outside you are a woman, and over the pussy pants go any other pants we choose! Now let’s have a look at your face. What do you think, Emma? I think we have real potential here.” They both examined my face closely, I wanted to scream at them, this was insanity, but all that would achieve would be to get me gagged, I was powerless at the moment and they knew it.

“Oh yes, Miss, I can work with this all right. The cream is very strong and will take care of the body hair and this very light beard here. His hair is quite long and I can come up with a pretty neat design, get it shaped properly. We pluck the eyebrows and then get to work with the make-up. Miss Broad, I think we lucked out here, most young men would look a bit of a parody, but Max here has good clean skin, little hair and high cheekbones, I can really create something here.” She seemed very excited at this opportunity, a lot more excited than me!

“Excellent Emma, I’m expecting great things from you. You start immediately. Valerie, assemble all the girls in the hall, we must introduce them to Max….or from now on it should be, let me think, how about Maxine! And get Peggy to bring Sarah down, and then we will have our usual school introduction.” She winked and Valerie (who was the one with the short, mousy hair) and Emma, now my guardian and teacher, the one with the tight black ponytail, laughed. I had an idea what this introduction would be and it would not be pleasant. Valerie, in her scarlet rubber dress and white stockings and gloves, left to assemble the school. I was left with Miss Broad and a smiling Emma, to be their doll to play with, no doubt. What would Sarah think? My mind was in turmoil.

“Well, Maxine,” She chuckled, “there doesn’t seem much else to say, welcome to the school. Emma is in charge of your transformation, and I will keep a keen eye on you. Now to introduce you to the rest of the school we have a special costume for you, a sort of initiation costume. And Sarah will be with you so you won’t be alone. Emma here has your costume now. Don’t make a scene Maxine, as this is only page one in a very long adventure for you. We’ll have the panties off first.”

I made no “scene” for I had no chance to at that moment. They pulled down the frilly panties exposing my still erect member; I simply didn’t understand this at all. Emma looked up, smiling coyly.

“Best to get this hidden quickly, it’s just too tempting sticking out like that.” They both sniggered at that, and as I raised my feet, they slid the costume up my legs. I looked down and saw that it was made of shocking pink rubber, and could see that it was a long sleeved leotard; then, as they raised it up my thighs I saw inside at the groin a butt plug.

“Oh God.” I said as Miss Broad pulled on a surgical glove and then unscrewed a large jar of lube.

“Yes, Maxine, I’m afraid so; this is your initiation costume that will both feminise you and acclimatise you to the fact that your orifices are…I’m sorry to say for you, fair game. Your arse, just like Sarah’s will gradually be expanded to…..accommodate any person or any thing that we choose to introduce you to. Now bend over the desk here and I will lube you.” I felt Emma’s hand on my back, pressing me over and there was nothing I could do now, so over I went, resting my chest and pinioned arms on the smooth wooden surface. Emma then moved her hand to my shoulders, holding them firmly as I felt the cool rubbery fingers of Miss Broad slowly ring my sphincter. I tried to relax; this was going to happen so I had better get ready for it. Then I felt the rubber costume being pulled up higher and the end of the plug rest at my opening. As pressure was applied I breathed deeply and tried to concentrate on something else! Gradually I felt it enter me, getting bigger and bigger, then suddenly it was past the widest part and my muscle then gripped the narrower neck. It was in me!

“Excellent, now stand up, Maxine, we’ll get you into the rest of this.” My cock was still hard as they pulled it up to my waist. I noticed that the waist was heavily reinforced and much narrower than the hips, almost as if a corset was embedded in the rubber.

“Now Maxine, we’re going to take off the collar and cuffs, if you do anything silly then you will pay for it severely, you are not going anywhere, get that into your head now and we will be able to move on.” I nodded my head, for I knew that she was right. They took off the collar and cuffs and I obediently pushed my arms through the long, narrow sleeves. I looked down again and saw that the costume had voluminous padded breasts! I bit my lip as Emma began to zip it up my back. Miss Broad had to pull in the sides at my waist due to the narrow restriction. It had a high, frilly collar in bright red, to match the wrists. I didn’t know why but she left it open a couple of inches at my throat.

“Have a good look at yourself in the mirror over there.” I did and saw the strangest sight. My long, slim almost hairless legs were still in the high-heeled pumps and then above that I was crammed into the pink costume. I could detect my erection, but only just, my waist was certainly well held in by the reinforcement in the waist of the costume and my breasts stuck out provocatively. I felt them with my hands and they were really very lifelike. Then I turned round and saw that the arse of the costume was a series of gradually reducing circles of red and white rubber. My arse was a target! And the centre of the target was the red base plate of my butt plug. The women were having a hard time not falling about giggling.

“Yes, well Maxine, we rather liked this little touch, and you’ll find out why later. Now all we need is your mask and we are ready to meet all the staff and students. Frankly I think you will be happy to be masked under the circumstances! This is a very tight mask; it has no zip at the back, so it will fit you very snugly.”

She held it up for me to look at. It was also in bright pink but with bright red lips, blue eyes, and black eyebrows glued in rubber. The “hair” was in jet black, like a skullcap but in the design of a 1920’s girl, with a kiss curl over the brow.

“Lower your head now.” I did so and Emma pulled down hard at the sides.

“Ow, my ears.” I said, as it gripped them and squeezed them against my head. Then I felt a hard rubber protrusion cross my face.

“Ah yes, we failed to tell you that on the inside there is quite a substantial gag, in the shape of a cock, we really don’t see much merit in you communicating with Sarah just now. We’ll leave her to make up her own opinions of what has become of you. Plus it is another reminder of course of your new life here. You will have to take that into your mouth now, Maxine.”

I had no choice of course and opened my mouth to accept the thick cock. The mask was then smoothed over my face and the collar pulled down my neck and under the frilly neck of the suit. This was then zipped up and now my head was truly smothered in rubber. I tried to adjust to the gag; it was certainly life like. I breathed through the two small tubes for my nostrils, but there was also a hole through the gag and so I was able to breathe through that as well, albeit in a laboured way. I could see quite well out of the holes at my eyes; these were encircled by the bright blue of the mask’s eyes.

I felt my “breasts” again and looked in the mirror, what a sight I was. I had to say that I had quite the figure! Yet, again, I saw my hard erection firm against my stomach, I kept asking myself, was my inner psyche really getting off on this?

“Yes, you are quite a beauty, Maxine; I think Sarah may even have problems recognising you. What fun we will have with you.”

They now produced pink high heels to match the suit, this time with three-inch heels, which I slipped my feet into. Finally Emma held up a pair of silver cuffs connected by a six-inch chain, and smiling and twirling her finger, told me to turn around. I did so and in seconds I was again very much a prisoner in their hands. And now I was to meet the school!

With my arms cuffed behind me, they each took an elbow and Emma pecked me on the cheek, whispering to me “showtime!” and out we went. As I stepped out in my high heels I felt the butt plug move within me, it was a strange sensation, all the more strange as I did not feel it unpleasant at all! I sucked on my cock gag as they led me to the middle of the hall.

I could see all the pupils were wearing the same uniform of black tunic with flared mid-thigh skirt over a white long sleeved blouse. They also had white rubber stockings or tights and black gloves tucked into their sleeves. They stood motionless again, arms in front and crossed at their stomachs. No one moved but I could feel all the eyes on me. I heard a titter, quickly stifled and I really couldn’t blame them, and I saw a couple smile, for they knew what was to come. I just wanted to hide but there was no chance of that now. I sucked hard on the gag and stood at the table, Emma by my side and seeming quite proud of herself. Miss Broad addressed the silent audience; they were all there, probably forty or fifty in total.

“Girls, this is Maxine, he…or rather she as she will now be known, visited us last night with Sarah. Both have kindly….consented…to stay with us to sample some of our hospitality. Ah, here is Sarah now with Peggy.”

Sarah entered the hall, dressed identically as I was, except for the mask! A frilly pink leotard and high heeled pink pumps - her boobs however were clearly her own and she hardly needed any reinforcement at the waist to pull in her firm figure. I could not see if she had the target on her arse, I would find out soon enough I thought. She too had her hands behind her back and Peggy had her arm around her waist, quite affectionately I thought, and after the previous night I can’t say I was surprised. She looked stunned at my appearance, of course she probably knew it was me, my hard-on was pretty clear! But even so it was no doubt a shock to see me dressed like this rubber dolly. Miss Broad spoke.

“Doesn’t she cut quite the figure Sarah? We’ve decided to rename her Maxine, and of course she will be undergoing some quite significant education here, as will you. She wants to learn how to be a pretty rubber girl. We are going to transform her into a real beauty. I bet you didn’t know that she harboured those feelings. She really gave us very little trouble getting her into her dolly suit, we’ve had more fight from a 15 year old, and so I think that she rather took to the idea. Look Sarah, she obviously quite likes the feel of the rubber, not to mention the women’s body we have squeezed her into, for look here.” She pointed to my erection, which I could hardly hide.

I mmmmfffed into my gag and shook my head, I wanted Sarah to know that I was forced into this, I didn’t go willingly. But from the look on her face she was clearly not so sure and my erection was surely betraying me. Emma held on to me as Sarah inspected my suit and mask silently form her distance, Peggy’s arm still round her waist.

“Emma will be her tutor, just as you have Peggy. Oh, she’s putting up a bit of a disturbance now, Sarah but she was just a puppy when we first put her into this. Do you hear this, all you girls,” she raised her voice, “this girl here will not provide you with any romantic dalliance!”

I stood there humbled; they had done a good job in confusing Sarah, convincing the girls and even confusing me. Maybe Sarah had not turned against me, but she clearly didn’t know what to make of it at the moment. They really were very good at this.

“Peggy and Emma, prepare Maxine for the initiation please.” Emma turned me around and bent me over the hall table while Peggy cuffed my ankles to the legs. I was now stretched in the same way Sarah was the night before. I could barely move at all as Emma sat by me and held my back down with a firm palm. Sarah watched in silence, as if glued to the floor. No doubt my backside was an inviting target, with the bull’s-eye being the end of my butt plug!

“I have decided on a small variation on Maxine’s entry in our happy family here. As Sarah was, in a sense initiated last night, I felt it would be appropriate for her to administer the introductory paddling to Maxine’s behind.”

There was a murmuring from the girls and out of the corner of my eye, behind the mask I could see Sarah looked shocked. Miss Broad continued.

“Quiet! Now Sarah dear, if you are thinking that you can be easy on Maxine, then think again please. We will be watching you and also the reddening of Maxine’s thighs and exposed buttocks. You have a nice target to aim at there; she is plugged, like you were so each shot on the bull’s eye should give her an added shock in her rear passage. If we feel that you are holding back two things will happen, first, you will repeat the paddling, and second you will replace Maxine here to receive one yourself, something I don’t think you want to go through again so soon after last night. Are you still sore by the way?”

Sarah nodded silently, still looking at my exposed rear. This was an utterly shaming experience but there was nothing I could do now; I sucked on the cock gag, I was actually getting used to it now, and awaited my fate. Emma seemed to be having a pretty good time though and caressed my rubber-covered head, whispering to me.

“Oh, you look so delectable like this, Maxine, your pretty bottom just asking to be spanked, it won’t be long now.” Then Miss Broad handed Sarah the leather paddle and said.

“Well Sarah, you can see the target easily enough, as with you last night, Maxine will have twenty strokes and I remind you not to hold back, or else it will be you back on the table.”

Sarah looked at the paddle and then approached me. She stood to my side and I looked up at her. She could not see any expression of course, just a smiling rubber face. I mmmffed into my gag, trying to give her encouragement. I nodded my head, although Emma’s hand was still on it, I didn’t want her to suffer again, I was happy to take a beating for her – and from her. She seemed to sense this, looked at Miss Broad one last time, them my “target’ and swung hard down onto it.

I have to say I didn’t expect so much pain, she certainly didn’t hold back and I bit down on the gag as she took aim and gave me a second and then a third. She took a couple of seconds for a break and then gave me three more, then continued until I had received ten. Miss Broad called her to stop and came over to inspect the damage. I felt her rubber gloved hand over the top of my thighs and the exposed parts of my buttocks. They felt as if they were on fire.

“Not bad at all Sarah, you could get good at this. Now for the next ten I want you to spread them a little, to here on the thighs and right on the bull’s eye here. All right, carry on.” She took a deep breath and swung again. There was complete silence in the hall, the only sound being the loud crack of the leather on my bare and rubber covered backside echoing around. I tried to wriggle away from the blows, subconsciously, I didn’t want Sarah to be harmed later, but it was impossible to just lie there and take this. Emma held my head firm and then placed a second hand on my back. Now I was really immobile, as Sarah continued, fifteen, sixteen……

I felt sweat run down the inside of my mask, I was breathing heavily, drawing as much air as I could through the small nostril tubes. My body inside the suit was also beginning to sweat profusely. I bit hard on the gag as she reached twenty.

Miss Broad took the paddle from Sarah, who was actually breathing quite hard herself, with just a hint of red in her cheeks. My backside was then examined as if it was an artistic masterpiece, and then felt as if it was velvet - God, the humiliation. Then Miss Broad pronounced that Sarah indeed had done a fine job, and I was relieved to know that I was not to receive any more, and neither was Sarah.

My ankle cuffs were released by Peggy, and Emma helped me rise. I stood up and gingerly felt my burning buttocks with my cuffed wrists. Wow, they hurt! I was still a bit groggy, being on high heels didn’t help and Emma saw this and held my waist in a somewhat strange, but affectionate way. Sarah gave me a strange look, as if apologising and my heart was raised by that. Emma rested her hand on my buttocks, a finger pressed into my butt plug, I moaned quietly and I saw Peggy smile and place her own hand on Sarah’s behind and she took a quick intake of air. From that I now assumed that Sarah was also plugged in her rear!

This was confirmed when Miss Broad ordered us all into the dining hall for breakfast and Sarah passed in front of me. I could see she also had the round red and white target on the seat of her rubber costume, her beautiful arse, which I could see was still red from last night’s beating, wiggled enticingly in front of me. The bull’s eye was also like mine – the base plate for the butt plug.

There were three long tables in the hall, twelve girls to each table, six a side. All the girls took their places with the prefects at the two ends. I was led to the end of one table and sat down, very gingerly on my burning backside. Opposite me was Sarah, at the head was Miss Broad; Emma sat next to me, and Peggy next to Sarah, so we were all looking across at each other, a happy little fivesome! Then of course it occurred to me that I was still cuffed – and still gagged. How was I to eat?

At the same time Emma stood and left, food was brought by the prefects and laid out and the girls began to help themselves, passing the bowls between them. Then I saw how I was to be fed. Emma was wheeling in a high steel post on rollers, and hanging from the top was a bag and tube, clearly full of some liquid. Just like the girls who had received their enema earlier, I was to receive my breakfast by tube! God, I only hoped that they had used different bottles! Miss Broad said.

“Yes, Maxine, you will have a liquid breakfast today and Emma will administer it. The mask stays on for now, and the gag of course in. Now when she puts the tube through the hole in your gag it will be a bit uncomfortable at first you will want to retch, but keep on swallowing and soon it will go all the way down.” There was silence in the hall, just the sound of knives and forks being used and so forth, but I felt and saw all of them looking at me, as surreptitiously as they could. Emma stood behind me and raised my chin so I looked back at her; she smiled coolly.

“No other way of doing this Maxine, just keep swallowing, okay?” She held my chin in her palm firmly and pressed the tube through the hole, then started to feed it past my gag and down my throat. I began to retch, but she held firm and as I continued to swallow, down the horrible tube went. I could feel all the eyes on me, and could see Sarah staring wide-eyed at me. Thank God, soon it was down and Emma released the valve, sat down next to me and calmly began to eat, as did all the others, as if nothing had happened. So I just sat there, cuffed, rubberised and masked, and sitting on my burning backside with a butt plug up my rear, a tube dangling in front of my face and ending in a bottle above my head. I stared across at Sarah as she tried to eat, but she didn’t seem to have much of an appetite.

I had no idea what was in the fluid but soon, although I could taste nothing except rubber, I began to fill up. The meal was taken in silence and then Emma stood up and closed the valve. Then slowly she pulled out the tube, holding my chin firmly and giving me an encouraging smile. I nearly retched again but I was hugely relieved when it was out. Now I had the option again to breathe through my mouth. Miss Broad stood up and now began to read from a sheet of paper.

“The following girls have incurred black marks during the last 24 hours, and will be punished in the following manners.” The girls looked genuinely concerned, particularly the young ones.

“Felicity, you took a swing at one of my prefects, which will not be tolerated. You will be rubber bagged for 24 hours in the main hall for everyone to see. Report there at 10 o clock in bra and panties.” There was a groan from someone in the back – no doubt Felicity.

“Margaret and Jane, you seem to be inseparable at the moment, chattering all the time; you will be fettered together in rubber for the next 24 hours, where one of you goes, so goes the other; we’ll see how you get on after that, maybe you will tire of each other. Judith, you seem full of hot air all the time, arguing and talking back, well we will turn some air on you for a change, by putting you in an inflatable suit for today. Report at 10 o clock with the others, bra and panties. Sandra, plain insubordination, again, you will be beaten at 10 o clock, come as you are. Carol, you are a problem; you made a pass at one of the young ones here, that will not be tolerated with the young ones. The older ones can decide and fend for themselves. Report at 10 o clock in your dressing gown, naked for what may be a suitable punishment. You may all go now, as you all have classes. Maxine and Emma, Sarah and Peggy will remain to go to the showers and dressing areas. You have about an hour and twenty minutes until you report back to the main hall. Off you go.”

The punishments sounded grim and it was easy to see which girls were for it by their expressions as they left. The four of us stood and Peggy and Emma led us to the showers, me still tottering on the heels. Miss Broad followed, cracking her whip on her rubber thigh ominously.

Arriving in the shower area, and Sarah and Peggy disappeared to a separate area; Emma then began to undress me, watched by Miss Broad, coolly leaning against a row of sinks. Emma grinned and released my cuffs, somehow knowing that I was not in much of a position to offer any resistance. She unzipped the back of the leotard and pulled it down; the plug seemed to want to stay in my arse and she giggled as she squatted and slowly pulled it out. I thought she was going to split me in two and let out a gasp as it finally came out. I stepped out of the suit and also the high heels.

My body was bathed in sweat as she led me to the shower and loosely cuffed my wrists and attached them to a rung in the ceiling. My erection had subsided a while ago, thank goodness, but I still felt very vulnerable with these two women. Emma then slowly eased off the tight rubber mask, as my head was wet with sweat it came off easier than I would have thought. The gag plopped out of my mouth and I blinked the salt out of my eyes. Emma turned to Miss Broad.

“I don’t think we really need rubber masks for Maxine, at least not all the time, Miss, she really is quite a looker. Wait til you see what I can do for her.”

“I can hardly wait Emma, you have great talents in that regard.” I groaned inwardly, but said nothing as Emma then approached me with a large jar of cream and a pair of surgical gloves. She dipped her hand in and with a wicked smile started to smear it over my body. I shivered as the cool greasy started to cover me. Miss Broad spoke.

“Rather than laboriously shave you every day, Emma is applying a very strong depilatory cream to your whole body. Once you are covered from top to tail we will leave it for half an hour to do its wonders. Then we will shower you and all your hair will disappear, and not return for quit a while, and when it does we will repeat the process.”

I squirmed as Emma continued to lather it on thickly, over my arms, legs torso and then….my groin. Emma is a very pretty girl and the rubber costume she had was very sexy, so it was no surprise that my cock began to stand to attention again. She giggled and gave me a gentle rub there; I was praying that Sarah wouldn’t walk in then! Finally she began to rub the cream onto my beard line which is not very dark anyway. I closed my lips tight as she smoothed it over my upper lip and round my mouth. Content, she stood back and pulled off her surgical gloves, while I stood there motionless, covered from head to toe in thick white cream.

“Now we will wait half an hour or so, please be patient Maxine, it will begin to tickle and then burn a little but the results are worth waiting for.”

I stood mute in front of them, my erection had now faded, and I shook my head from side to side, hardly believing this scene – a strange white dummy standing in front of two rubber clad women. Gradually, it started to warm my skin and then tickle, then as minutes slowly passed it began to itch and then burn a bit. The women leaned against the sinks, idly watching me.

The silence was broken by Peggy leading in Sarah on a leash attached to her collar. Sarah was now naked, her gorgeous tanned body resisting Peggy as she pulled her along. For me it was an encouraging sight to see Sarah had not completely to Peggy’s wiles. Peggy pulled Sarah under the showerhead opposite me and attached her leash above her. Sarah stared across at me, a mute figure covered in white cream.

“Yes, quite a sight isn’t she? She just can’t wait for the transformation to rubber dolly. Hardly any struggle at all, I think she’s quite looking forward to it.”

I shook my head but I didn’t think Sarah saw me as Peggy turned on the shower and Emma tossed her a bar of soap, which she gave to Sarah. She washed herself rather demurely, but because of the collar she could not do it all and Peggy, with a hungry look, lathered her legs and back and then her buttocks, which I could see were still a little red. Sarah did not flinch from Peggy’s intimate attentions as her hands even came round to her groin. Finally she rinsed off and when the collar was released she stepped down into a towel held by Peggy, who placed her arms in a motherly way around her and rubbed her gently dry. Sarah gave me a look as if to say, “what could I have done?” and left with Peggy.

My cream “suit” was now burning and tickling in all the wrong places. I looked pleadingly at Miss Broad who checked her watch and said.

“Should be long enough Emma, let’s shower her off.” When Emma turned on the taps I didn’t even mind that the water was cold at first, just enjoyed the cream coming off. After a while I looked down at my body, and saw that I was now utterly hairless! My legs were slim and strangely feminine without the light layer of hair and my groin oddly bald. Emma soaped my lower body, including my balls and my cock, which immediately sprung to attention again. When she had finished, my body had a slight pink tint, no doubt due to the cream as well as the now hot water. I was released and Emma rubbed me down, another very pleasant experience, I had to admit.

They sat me down in a chair, still naked in front of a row of mirrors. Them Emma turned me round and expertly washed my long hair. Again I found this very sensual, especially if it is done by a beautiful girl dressed in rubber; and I felt my cock rise. Turning me again to face the mirrors and standing behind me now she looked in them and began to manoeuvre my hair into various shapes. I sat mute in the chair as Emma went to work with comb and scissors. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing; maybe she did all the girls hair in the school. Soon it was clear she was going for a 1920’s pageboy cut, straight along my neck line at the back, and a half inch above my brow and straight down at the sides covering my ears. My hair was always straight and thick, and a sort of red/blonde and it clearly suited this style. Now I looked like 20’s femme fatale! The effect was stunning - tough girl and yet feminine. She stood back to admire her finished product and just to see the effect I shook my head violently and….it fell back into place perfectly.

“I don’t believe it.” I murmured to myself. Miss Broad put her arm round a proud Emma and said.

“Marvellous, my dear. Now we must get Maxine dressed, and what a stunner she will be. The hair has totally transformed her; the other girls may actually get jealous!” They both giggled like 16 year olds.

“I didn’t believe it could be done.” I said. “Sarah won’t believe her eyes, it’s like a bad dream.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, you look fabulous, once we have your rubber uniform and some make-up then Sarah won’t even recognise you, never mind want you!” She chuckled and touched my face with her rubber covered hand. “Face up to it, Maxine, your life from now on is going to change, believe me.”

I did not know who to believe, my mind was in turmoil. Emma returned with a pile of clothes draped over her arm. They stood me up and inspected my hairless body.

“Well, first things first, these appendages have to go and we have the pussy panties for that, so let’s get her in them first.” Emma stretched out a pair of flesh coloured panties and gave them to me. I inspected them; on the inside there was a tight sleeve for my cock to go through, at the end was a narrow tube that connected it to the lips of the fake rubber vagina so that I could pee without taking them off. My balls would be held in a moulded pouch between my legs. On the outside there would be no indication I was a man! This was a devious design indeed.

I stepped into the chilly, smooth rubber and pulled them over my thighs, slid my member into the tight pouch and pulled the pants up to my waist. I knew immediately that not only would they conceal my manhood but they were also a very effective chastity device as my cock was facing downwards in the tight pouch and there was no way I could have an erection due to the tightness of the rubber surrounding it. I knew during the day I would see dozens of beautiful women dressed in rubber, which I was now coming to the conclusion that it enhanced the female form wondrously, and I would be totally under the control of the panties!

Next I stepped into a pair of plain white rubber panties, with no frills. When I pulled them up the outline of my “pussy” was very clear! I turned round and saw in the mirror that they also gripped my buttocks in a tight embrace. The only consolation, and it was a small one, was that the panties did not have a butt-plug! I did not like the look of what they had next, a black rubber corset, steel reinforced and with padded and moulded breasts. It also had four suspenders on each side at the bottom for a pair of stockings.

“Oh no, not that, please.” I implored, but I knew we had gone so far that there was no way back now.

“No arguing Maxine, be a good girl.” Emma said, mockingly. I stepped into it and they both pulled it up over my two pairs of panties. Two straps passed over my shoulders and were attached at the back. The lacing came next and although I have a slim body, very soon I felt the harsh grip of the rubber. They told me to raise my hands in the air and continued to lace tighter and tighter. They pulled and squeezed, nipped and tucked, and my waist went narrower and narrower as my “breasts” got bigger and bigger! The corset went down as far as the top of my pants so that I wasn’t trapped in them forever, should I want to go to the toilet.

Finally, when I thought I would faint, they stopped and tucked the laces in the back. I stood in front of the mirror, the gleaming black corset shining like armour. My waist was now clinched seductively down to about 26 or 27 inches, and my rubber bust saucily thrust out, even my hips seemed well rounded. My mouth dropped open. The transformation was not complete yet but it was extraordinary – and Miss Broad and Emma knew it too.

“Emma my dear, I can hardly believe my eyes, she’s going to be a stunner all right. A fine slim body, pert little bottom, and just look at those breasts, now the stockings.”

I sat down as they began to roll a pair of gleaming black rubber stockings up my legs. They were very tight and gripped my slim legs firmly. I pulled them up and smoothed them out. Then I attached them to the suspenders.

“You did that very well with the stockings there, Maxine, you have a natural feminine side, I am sure. You cannot deny this Maxine, look at you, you have fine, slim legs and the shiny stockings do so much for you, and look at your smooth torso too, not quite hourglass but well, you are getting there!”

I stared down at the gleaming black stockings gripping my legs, the tops of the stockings held up by my tight corset. I did not know how to express my feelings.

If I had seen a girl dressed as this I would have gone crazy for her – no doubt at all. I could not deny either that this had done something to my body, and more disturbingly, to my mind, for I could feel my cock hardening and trying to escape up from its tight rubber prison. I found this all very confusing. I looked at her dumbly, shaking my head, my new hairstyle flopping from side to side. Miss Broad smiled and pinched my cheek, knowingly saying.

“You don’t know what to say because you really find all this rather exciting.”

I was about to deny this but she placed her rubber-gloved hand quite gently over my mouth, I could have pulled it off but I surprised myself by not even attempting it.

“You can really do nothing to stop us force you into being our rubber dolly and you know, I think you find this side of you that has clearly laid dormant all your life, more than a little intriguing. You have had an erection almost all the time you have been here, you would have one now if it wasn’t for the rubber pants keeping your cock under control. So what does that all tell you?”

I thought of making a long speech, denying this, but I said nothing at all, this was not the time for heroics and frankly I had no plans at all, up to now they had been so efficient that there simply hadn’t been an opportunity for escape. Miss Broad looked at Emma as if to say “case proved”. Emma now brought forward a brilliant white rubber blouse, but first she handed me a pair of shoulder length rubber gloves in gleaming black.

“Come on now, you did well with the stockings let’s see you get these on.” I smoothed them out and stretched them over my fingers, then my wrists and up my forearms. They watched me approvingly, nodding and smiling at each other. I could not deny I liked the grip of them. The blouse came next, a simple affair with buttons at the wrists over the gloves. Emma buttoned me down from collar to waist and then handed me a bright red rubber tie.

“You should know how to tie this.” And I took it, raised my collar and tied it in the best way I could, lowering the collar.

“Excellent, now for the skirt.” It was a classic schoolgirl skirt, widely flared and barely to mid thigh, and with a tight waist. There was a rear zip from just above my arse crack to the waistband and Emma zipped me up. It was a very good fit now that I was tightly corseted. The flared skirt was really very short, about four inches above the knee, and showed off my legs to the full! They slipped my feet into black pumps with three-inch heels, and then wrapped two padded cuffs around my ankles attached to each other with a chain of about fourteen inches. Emma said.

“Apart from stopping you running off, and I don’t think you want to anyway as you are rather liking this,” she giggled, “these will help you take nice lady-like steps. Soon you will hardly notice the chain. Now Maxine, let me do your face.”

I sat down; still a bit dizzy from what I had been subjected to. She tipped the chair back and I stared into her eyes, but she was now intent on her job, to make me look beautiful.

“You know Maxine, you have fine bone structure, and a lot of women would murder for your smooth skin too.” I didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted, but she continued plucking my eyebrows – God that hurt, how do women do that all the time – then after cleansing my skin, she applied a light face powder, blush, eye shadow and then some work with the eyebrow pencil. Finally she applied a rich scarlet lipstick and then gloss. I rolled them together for her and tasted lipstick, for the first time on my own lips.

Several years ago, just for fun I had one of my ears pierced and Emma saw this as she was mussing my hair. She squealed with joy and dug into her bag of tricks, produced a gold earring at least an inch in diameter and slid it through the hole in my lobe.

With supreme pride she stood back and Miss Broad, equally pleased, held her hand. I looked at them and gingerly stood up, stunned by the apparition. I had never considered my appearance less than masculine but now, unbelievably, I wasn’t sure if even Sarah would recognise me. The cute pageboy hair, the earring, the high boned face with shiny lips, the bright blue eye shadow and the angled eyebrows, the clinched waist and the ample bosom and the gleaming slim legs tottering on the high heels all contributed to a hugely convincing young woman!

I shook my hair, I licked my lips and took a step in my high heels….and then I felt a stirring in my groin again. What on earth was happening to me? Emma kissed me on the cheek in a sisterly way, and passed a two inch silver belt around my waist, locking it behind me. From a ring at the front hung a chain about 4 feet long ending in a single cuff which Emma locked around her left wrist. She handed the key to Miss Broad, saying.

“You are my charge from now on Maxine, where I go, you go, we will be inseparable. I’m so looking forward showing you off, they won’t believe the transformation. Wait until Sarah sees you, somehow I think she won’t believe her eyes.”

I didn’t know what to say, but stared in the mirror, was it narcissism? If I saw a woman like this (me?) I would be hugely attracted…by me! Was it me I fancied, or the rubber clothing, or both? I could not deny that the cool, clammy grip of the rubber had a strange yet exciting effect on me, both on my body and my mind. But Emma did not allow me to dwell, she playfully slapped me on the buttocks, straightened my tie and led me out of the showers, Miss Broad followed us, very pleased with herself.

“Nearly 10 o clock Emma, time for the punishments in the hall, we’ll go there now. Maxine here will get an idea of what might happen to her if she transgresses the rules.” They both laughed, knowingly as we went to the hall to watch the punishment of the poor girls who had transgressed the day before. Although I did feel sorry for them, I had to admit that part of me was a little excited to see what was going to happen.

22.04.06 continued in part three

* * *

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