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Finishing School 3

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Part Three

We walked back in procession to the main hall. Miss Broad led, jauntily whacking her thigh with her whip. Emma followed, swaggering in front of me, turning round and admiring her handiwork, and I followed, tethered at the waist to her wrist, tottering still on my three-inch heels, my rubber sheathed legs tethered by a 14 inch chain. But I did feel as if I was getting more used to the heels, slowly, and was beginning to swing my hips a bit, the flared skirt whirling around my thighs.

As I walked I felt the strange new hairstyle gently rest on my forehead and the back of my neck. We passed two girls going in the other direction, wearing standard uniform. They stopped and stared at me, I suppose I would have to get used to this. I thought they would giggle or make some comment but they actually looked at me approvingly and gave me a look as if to say “well, good on you”. I felt a bit heartened by this. I smiled back, licking my tongue, perhaps a little coquettishly and moved on.

We passed along the corridor, our heels beating out a steady rhythm on the wood floor, and then went through a common room, where there were several girls. As if on cue they stopped what they were doing and stared; I could feel the colour rising to my cheeks and heard a wolf whistle as we passed through. Miss Broad stopped.

“Yes, she is quite a stunner isn’t she, girls? Such a fine figure, she’ll break a few hearts I think.” I felt myself redden under the gaze of the girls; a couple could have been barely eighteen. We arrived in the hall, where the majority of the girls were already assembled, standing around the edges of the large room. They seemed to perk up when I entered and all eyes were on me again. The reactions varied - embarrassment, incredulity, disbelief and certainly a sort of appreciation. I decided it would be better to face this head on, and tossed my head and stared back – almost proudly, I think. I do believe that a couple looked upon me with jealousy even. Miss Broad saw this and took full advantage of it.

“As you can all see Maxine is quite stunning in her new outfit and clearly she’s getting used to it quickly, and look how well she does already in her heels. But we’re not her to admire Maxine; it is our time for the daily discipline sessions.” I then saw Peggy and Sarah walk in to the side.

“Ah Peggy, I see you have kitted out Sarah splendidly. My, what a beautiful girl you are, Sarah and that uniform does wonders for your figure.”

It did indeed. She saw dressed identically to me, flared skirt, stockings, blouse and tie, and gloves all in shiny latex. She too was attached to Peggy by a silver belt, chain and cuff. Her hair had been pulled back behind her ears, and her face was made up superbly. She looked around and suddenly saw me; her jaw dropped and she shook her head slowly, in disbelief I think.

“Ah, I see you have recognised Maxine, although the term recognise is not really appropriate. Quite the transformation isn’t it. We all think she looks fantastic, Emma worked wonders but I think that Maxine is a natural for our feminisation process.”

But the day was moving on and there were women to punish! The first girl to be brought forward was dressed in white latex bra and panties; her hands were manacled in front of her but she did not struggle at all.

“Felicity, you tried to strike one of the prefects yesterday, not a smart choice. You will be placed in this rubber bag, sealed in it for 24 hours and hung from the rafters there. It will teach you some manners and you can reflect on that in the dark smelly home you will have for the next day. It will also serve as a good reminder to the other girls as they pass by you. The bag is not big and you will find your movement restricted. There are many perforated holes for you to breathe, but…..the air will have the unmistakable odour of rubber. You may be able to see something through the holes but after a while you will probably lose interest in the outside world, and simply concentrate on your own little womb. As regards to your bodily functions, you are at will to do anything you wish, only you shall not come out until tomorrow, so bear that in mind.” 

The prefect had taken her over to a rubber bag lying open on the floor. Not saying anything, but with tears in her eyes, Felicity, a short, slim redhead of about nineteen stepped into the opening. The prefect, assisted by another, pulled it up around her shivering body. The prefects took off her cuffs and raised the bag above her head, drawing it closed by way of a chain through a series of reinforced holes. A chain had been lowered from the underside of the balcony and was attached to the top of the bag; the two prefects unceremoniously hoisted Felicity into the air until she hung about four feet off the ground. There she swung in her rubber prison, like a rabbit in the bag. There were muffled pleas and poor Felicity continued to wriggle, trying to either escape, a futile endeavour, or just get comfortable. Miss Broad approached the bag, and with the flat of her gloved hand took an almighty swing and slapped the buttocks, or what appeared to be the buttocks of the girl. This was followed by a screech from inside the bag.

“Now calm down girl, you are not going anywhere, so accept your fate and conserve your energy.” She was now massaging the girl’s buttocks and slowly Felicity calmed down and was then silent. During all this time the hall remained silent and we now watched as Felicity gently swung in her bag. Miss Broad moved on.

Margaret and Jane, come here. You too seem inseparable over the last two weeks so now I thought it was time for you to really get to know each other. You are going to be tied together for the next 24 hours, and then we will see how you get on after that.” One of the prefects brought over a large latex costume and dropped it on the floor. The two girls were naked but nobody seemed to take notice of that, but were concentrating on the punishment to come.

“Stand side by side and put your inner arms around each others back, good. Now step into this suit, you will notice it has three legs, the middle one is for both your inside legs, put them in now.”

The two prefects helped the girls into their punishment costume, soon it was up to their waists and they stood on their three legs tightly holding each other by the waist. The prefects pulled up the remainder of the suit, a sleeve for each arm and a narrow neck through which the prefects roughly stuffed their heads. The prefects pulled and pinched until the back was zipped up and padlocked. It was a very strange sight – a three legged, two headed, two armed beauty, their four fine breasts were held upright and their buttocks, all nicely in line, firmly encased. They started to move back to their position in the hall, tentatively, losing their balance for a second, looking at each other and trying to get everything in unison. They’d be like that for the next 24 hours. If one of them made a “mess” then the other would surely know about it. I wondered what their relationship would be like by tomorrow.

Next it was Judith’s turn, also dressed n latex bra and panties, she approached Miss Broad.

“You know what this is Judith, you saw us put Melanie in it last week and she did not like it one bit. It’s an inflatable bag, which will cover you from top to toe. We’ll zip you into it and then inflate the second skin around you until it is as tight as a drum; breathe through this tube and also these holes opposite your nostrils. You will be able to see through these lenses but…you will not be able to move at all, now step in.” Obediently Judith stepped into the inner skin of the rubber bag and it was drawn up to her shoulders, then the hood was pulled over her head and the single zip pulled across her chest. Her legs were held in a narrow single leg and at six inch horizontal intervals there were reinforced red straps and buckles. With a foot pump attached to a tube at the girl’s ankles Miss Broad pumped away and the outer skin of rubber started to inflate. Judith started to breathe heavily and moan through the single tube at her mouth.

Very soon the bag resembled a large black sausage, or mummy and it continued to expand until taut and then almost rigid. Miss Broad felt it, gave a couple more pumps and released the pump, securing the valve. Like an anonymous mummy, a larvae, poor Judith stood motionless erect , as the prefects started to buckle the straps tightly around her. Clearly they were not needed to keep her in, but perhaps to stop her from bending, no doubt they were also for show. I already saw dribble coming out of her breathing tube, she already seemed very uncomfortable as we could hear groaning from her. From a ring in the crown in the suit, a prefect attached a chain from the balcony adjacent to poor Felicity and pulled Judith erect. There she stood, a motionless erect mummy entombed in rubber, powerless to do nothing but breathe.

Miss Broad seemed very pleased with herself, and caressed the smooth surface of Judith’s prison.

“Keep calm dear, immerse yourself in it, you will lose a good couple of pounds in there Enjoy the ultimate experience, the return to the womb.”

She then turned round, and Sandra was brought forward, a dark skinned girl of about 20. She wore yellow latex bra and panties, and bent over the hall table as I had done before. A prefect held each arm but she did not struggle, I had a sense that she had been through this before. Miss Broad strode up and gave her six very hard strokes with the whip. I admired the girl for she did not scream or shout out, but at the end there were tears in her eyes. Miss Broad hugged her in a motherly way and Sandra returned to the other girls, holding and rubbing her buttocks gently.

Finally it was Carol’s turn; she was a striking girl, very tall with short brown hair and an aggressive personality. She was the girl who had made a pass at another, much younger girl. She was brought forward by two prefects wearing just a dressing gown, and smiling defiantly at Miss Broad. She was not one to be intimidated and passed her gloved hand through the girl’s hair.

“Carol, I will be the one to decide where and when there will be any school romances. The girl you approached is far too young to be mixed up with you. Your lover sent you here because she wanted you less aggressive, less defiant, she loves you Carol, but you are presently too much of a handful for her. We don’t care what your tastes are outside these walls, but within them I am the boss and I won’t have you seducing my young girls here. You will spend the next 12 hours in the arousal suit, which may draw some of your heightened desires out of you.”

Carol smiled as the prefects removed her gown and she stood naked, proudly showing off her wares to the gathered crowd. Without instruction, she leant over the oak table and splayed her legs. It was a superbly inviting sight. A prefect came over with a jar of lube and eased a good amount up Carl’s rear. Carol groaned, seemingly enjoying these proceedings. The suit was brought over by the second prefect, and Carol stepped into the leggings, at the crotch it had two internal rubber tubes with close ends – like thick condoms. I knew where they were going! Both were about five inches long and an inch in diameter.

The prefects pulled up the suit around Carol, pushing her hands through the sleeves and as they pulled it up around her breasts I saw there were dozens of tiny sharp nodules on the inside of the bra cups. These would press firmly on her breasts, keeping her in a constant state of arousal. She did not seem concerned, yet, as they zipped the rear up to her neck, locking it there. She was a strange sight, for hanging down now between her legs were two rubber tubes like obscene cocks. A pair of high heeled pumps were brought for her, and she slipped her feet into them, then smoothed her hands over her torso, still smiling at Miss Broad.

“We’ll see who is smiling in 12 hours when we put these in you, Carol.” Miss Broad said and handed two white plastic vibrators to the prefects. Carol surprisingly didn’t fight, I think she looked upon this as a challenge, and spread her legs. The prefect turned the vibrator on and slipped it into the rubber sheath and squatting in front of her, slowly eased it up and into Carol. Two rings either side of the sheath entry were then folded inwards and locked with a small padlock. Carol breathed slowly but continued to smile in a challenge to them by turning round and bending over to grab her ankles. The procedure was repeated on her bum hole, the time taking a bit longer as the vibrator in the sheath slid inexorably inside her. This was locked in the same way as the vaginal insert, and Carol was now well-stuffed and humming back and front.

“You will be in a constant of arousal, even someone with a libido like your Carol needs a break sometime, now get back in line.” She did so, but still seemed quite chirpy about the whole episode.

“That’s all for today and let it be a lesson to you all; now you all have classes to go to, so off you go, and we shall see you all at lunch.” With that she turned, smoothed her hands around Judith’s inflatable bag, gave Felicity’s buttocks another not too playful slap in the suspended bag and returned t her study.

The girls quickly dispersed, some under the charge of prefects, others on their own. I tried to get a glimpse of Sarah, but only saw the back of her as she disappeared out the front door with Peggy’s arm around her waist. As they left some of them glanced at me, with very different reactions, Emma put her arm around my waist in a sisterly waist and said.

“Well, Maxine, what would you like to do? Miss Broad left no instructions so our morning is free, a relative term I understand.” She giggled. “What about a tour of the school?”

I didn’t know quite what to make of this; all of a sudden I had a chirpy sister! But I had not seen the old school in a while, and it was the reason after all that I was in this mess.

“Okay, show me around, although it seems I don’t have much choice in this matter, or any other really.”

“Don’t take that attitude, sweetie,” she replied, placing her hand on my backside and giving it a playful tap, “you will find out it isn’t such a terrible place, you just have to adapt. When you realise there is no chance at all for escape. I mean no chance, and that we will transform you, whether it takes a week or a month you will realise you can actually have a good time here. Everybody leaves a changed person, in more ways than one.” We were now outside in the morning sun walking along the gravel path that surrounded the rear of the school.

“I have seen powerful women; sophisticated women come here, sent here by their husbands or lovers, who want a woman they can dominate, a woman who will do whatever they want. And it may take a month, six months, but they are transformed, you wouldn’t recognise them when they leave. That is what Miss Broad does, and gets paid very well for it. They leave here obedient, submissive, but the most important point is they leave here more sexually aware and mature than they would have imagined when brought here. And it is sexual submissiveness that they now enjoy, they get pleasure from it and they enjoy serving their men in that way. Over the last three years I have been here I have never seen her fail. I’m happy to be here.” 

She smiled across at me. The breeze had got up and gently caressed my hair. I was now warm and moist in my rubber uniform, I was getting used to the tight squeeze of the corset but I had to admit that the pussy panties were not too comfortable, for the reason that all the rubber clad women around me were keeping me in a constant state of semi arousal, and the panties were keeping my cock under firm control! My feet were damp inside the stockings and I felt beads of sweat drip down my back seeking some form of exit. I kept licking my lips and was getting used to the taste and smooth sensation of the lipstick. Although I was chained to Emma’s wrist I had no inclination to run or anything silly like that, and she was very much at ease with me, walking in unison, our sides touching occasionally. She did look superb in her yellow flared dress and white stockings and gloves. She looked down at the ground and continued.

“I wasn’t a happy girl when I came here, my parents are rich and I was a real tearaway, drugs, booze, one night stands, you name it. I needed to be disciplined, straightened out. I fought her hard, I really did, God, I got some serious punishment, but gradually I learned to like the clothes – they are so flattering and so sensuous too, their cling, their shiny gleam, I even like the smell. And I suppose I became hooked, I obviously have a dominant streak in me, and that makes me perfect for a prefect. I enjoy dominating the girls, I’m not gratuitous with my discipline but if they require it, well, I give it,” she smiled, “I will really enjoy disciplining you, Maxine, you are a beauty, that cute rubber bottom of yours is crying out for a spanking!”

“Well thanks a lot; that makes me feel so much better. I’d hate you not to have a good time.”

“Ha, ha, quite the joker, aren’t you? Well I guarantee I will have you eating out of my hand in a week or so, maybe less, why? Because you have a natural penchant for this, you may not know it yet, but I can tell, oh yes. You’ve had an erection most of the time you’ve been here and the only reason you don’t have one now is that the rubber panties won’t allow you to.” She giggled and her hand lunged under my skirt and rubbed my semi hard cock, I squirmed away, but she just gave me that knowing smile.

“See, you can’t deny it.”  And of course I couldn’t. We sat on the bank overlooking the playing fields, the sun was now quite warm and I could feel the sweat build up in my suit. Beads were now breaking through the make-up on my brow. We looked out on the fields in silence, each with our own thoughts. A fold had appeared in my rubber stocking and unconsciously I pulled it up, and glancing at Emma, raised my skirt and adjusted my suspender belt. She laughed.

“Well you seem to be getting the hang of it all right; like I said, you’re a natural. Pride in your appearance already, I’m impressed.”

I had no answer for her; I pulled the skirt chastely to my knees and glowered out at the scenery. We were quiet again. Two young girls came by, stared at me and giggled, they were dressed in tennis whites, but of course rubber; blouse, short skirt and frilly white knickers. Again I found the sight very arousing, I was being bombarded by all thee images….and I was succumbing. Emma lay back, closing her eyes, her ample breasts stretching the one-piece yellow dress. She was utterly unconcerned that I was fettered to her. I lay back too, and drank in the memories of my childhood at this very same place, now a very different type of school. After a while, as if rejuvenated, Emma sat up.

“Well, we won’t see much of the place sitting here, I think we should continue the royal rubber tour, don’t you?”

I didn’t think it was really a question, so I stood and flicked off the grass cuttings and we resumed our walk, there were some in my hair and Emma picked them off in a motherly way. Then she straightened my tie, looked at me intensely and asked.

“Well, you look great Maxine, now tell me, honestly, how do you feel.” What a question; how was I to answer? I thought hard.

“Well….I feel like a damn fool, that’s how I feel……rubberised and feminised, how do you expect me to feel?” I didn’t say it with any great venom, just a fact of life.

“See these?” She said, standing in front of me now, stopping me in my tracks and pointing to the various gags and pumps and cuffs dangling from her belt. “Any more truculent talk like that from you and I will just love stuffing one of these into that cute lipsticked mouth of yours and pumping up those rouged cheeks. Now let’s have a more upbeat attitude please. It’s not the end of the world. You will soon understand that you can’t fight this so you might as well join in….happily, or otherwise…” She grinned as she fingered one of the gags. I took a deep breath.

“All right, all right….I’m sorry. But just think about my side of it for a second. I’m a normal heterosexual….I think, with normal appetites and a gorgeous girlfriend who I love. Now look at me; corset, panties, stockings, flared skirt, high heels, and all in rubber. You’ve got to admit it is a bit of a shock to the system.”

She laughed out loud and put her white-gloved hand over her mouth, looking at me understandingly.

“Yes, now that you mention it, it’s quite a change, but listen to me. Forget what the others might think, or more importantly what you think the others might be thinking, and just tell me this, very simply, are you comfortable? Are the clothes pleasant and flattering, do you get turned on by the feel of them? Does you hair look great, do you look great?”

“I don’t know dammit. Do you want me to say, yes, yes, no, yes…or whatever?”  I took a breath. “No, I’m not uncomfortable except for the panties which are stopping me from….getting an erection. And my body is in good shape and, how do I say it, shows off well. The hair is amazing….but don’t you see….the humiliation. I’m not a woman, and I don’t know, but I don’t think I’m a transvestite either.”

“We’re not going to turn you into a woman….although sweetie, you would make a damn fine one. You are here to experience the heightened sexual pleasure that comes with wearing rubber, and of being disciplined and under the complete control of another. Sounds crazy, but it isn’t. This will be done by breaking down your male stereotypical attitudes to dressing like this and behaving as you are. We dress you as a woman, as stunning woman in tight, shiny rubber and firstly your defences are down and secondly you learn to appreciate your appearance, and you will take care of it. Then you will begin to appreciate the amazing qualities of rubber and enjoy your sexuality, your feminine side if you will, more. We will do the same with Sarah, you both will be changed irrevocably, it will be interesting to see what effect it will have on your mutual love for each other.”

We were now walking towards the old gym, a trip I had taken many times before, but not dressed like this.

“Here, your make-up is smudged, let me touch it up.” From a small bag at her hip Emma produced a tissue, and wiped my damp face, then applied some eye shadow and fresh lip-gloss. I didn’t move and when she’d finished I rolled my lips together for an even smooth coat.

“Mmm, quite the stunner, we’ll go into the gym and see what class is on. You’re likely to stop all the action though when we enter.” She giggled and somehow I didn’t feel quite so ashamed as we entered. Of course she was right, there was an immediate hush from the six girls and one prefect, a tall redhead with a freckled face and loose ponytail.

“Emma, I don’t know how you did it but she’s beauty.” A couple of the girls giggled and the others just stared. “We were just about to start our blindfold combat, do you want to watch?”

“Sure, it will be an eye opener for Maxine I’m sure.” They laughed and then as the redhead explained the rules to the girls, I cast my eyes over them. They were dressed in identical form fitting one piece suits of latex, all in different colours but from neck to toes including their hands. They were all around the same age, maybe early twenties and sat cross-legged in a circle around a wrestling mat. They looked a bit nervous, but definitely in good shape.

“This is a refinement on simple wrestling, here two girls will go to the mat blindfolded, on their left wrist will be a handcuff, very simply it will be the job of her opponent to cuff the other wrist behind her back. The twist is they don’t know who their opponent is. They will be wearing helmets with no eyeholes nor mouth holes. The victor will choose the punishment for the vanquished, there will be no soft punishments, so the girls have to be original in their choice otherwise they are both punished. It is a good incentive for some aggressive wrestling. Right girls, helmets on!”

Each of the girls now pulled on a matching helmet over their heads. The helmets covered their heads down to their necks with only small holes at the nostrils. Each of the girls adjusted the nose holes until they were comfortable. They now sat there, mute and still, an extraordinary sight. Then, blindfolded they placed their left wrists in the cuff.  The prefect now entered the ring and took one girl by the hand and brought the girl to the centre; she was dressed in bright red with not an inch of skin showing. The prefect then took a girl in white and brought her opposite the first girl. She placed the girls’ right hand on the shoulder of the other, stepped back and shouted, “begin”.

The girls leapt at each other, obviously not wanting to lose and it was no holds barred. The girl in red was slightly taller and seemingly stronger, but the smaller girl more agile. I felt my penis harden as I watched the two girls grapple, the only sound being the squeaking of the rubber costumes as they rubbed against each other. The more bizarre sight was the remaining four girls, sitting cross-legged in silence, rubber suited and helmeted, not seeing, not knowing what was happening, just waiting their turn.

The match went on for longer than I thought, but the smaller girl was tiring. The red girl now had the white girl in a full headlock, and could even have been choking her. The smaller girl dropped to her knees, unable to break the hold. The larger girl now grabbed her left arm and pulled it back, still not releasing her neck hold. As if in surrender, the white girl brought her hand behind her and tapped the other’s shoulder, and then dropped her hand behind her in surrender. The larger girl grabbed her wrist and twisted it into the cuff. There was a click and the smaller girl fell forward onto the mat exhausted, her hands now cuffed; the larger girl was kneeling behind her and breathing hard through her nostrils. Unceremoniously, the prefect grabbed the white girl’s ankle and pulled her off the mat and over to the side, then led the victor over to the other side where she sat down, exhausted. The warder released the cuff and returned to the mat. Emma glanced at me.

“You can hardly believe your eyes, can you? These girls are going to get tough really fast, they could probably take care of you right now,” she smirked, “maybe tomorrow we should try you out on the mat?” I was partly horrified at the idea, and partly very excited, grappling a girl dressed in a rubber catsuit, but I would definitely not want to lose!

Now on the mat were a tall slim girl in blue and a short muscular girl in green. The bout was almost over before it started, the tall girl deciding that rather than wrestle the other she would simply try to suffocate her! She immediately went for the other girl’s helmet and yanked it to the side, pulling out the girl’s nostril tubes. Now she couldn’t breathe and the helmet ballooned in and out as she struggled for air. As soon as she raised her hands to her face the tall girl, behind her now, slickly grabbed them both and cuffed them behind her, then stood back as if expecting applause. I had to admit it was very coolly done. There was none of course as the other girl writhed for air on the mat. The prefect stepped in and straddling over her, rolled her over on her back and adjusted her helmet. She was then dragged over to the side to join her colleague in white while the blue girl joined the other victor in red.

The third pair was now brought to the mat, one in yellow and the other in black. This match was a much more professional affair, with both girls clearly knowing a number of holds and I became highly aroused at the sight of these strong, lithe bodies in their shiny latex trying to get the upper hand.

Each girl at one time had the ascendancy, one with a full arm lock and the other with a Boston crab, which the first girl got out of amazingly well. Finally almost as a last resort the girl in yellow swung her fist to get out of a hold the black girl had on her. It landed full in her solar plexus, there was a mmmmffff from her and she went down as if shot, the girl in yellow, hardly believing her luck quickly felt her way behind her and adroitly clipped her cuffs together, stood up and let out a very muffled yelp of joy. It was becoming obvious that there was a big difference between winner and loser in these contests, the girls trying very hard to win despite wrestling their friends.

Now all three defeated girls were propped up, still cuffed on one side of the gym, looking very forlorn, heads held down, while the victors , hands free but still blinded by the helmets sat against the other wall. The prefect now spoke loudly to them.

“That was a lot better girls, and I’m sure Maxine had a real education.” She grinned across at me and I nodded, not wanting to incur her displeasure!

“But we are running short on time; lunch is in 20 minutes, so the victors won’t have the pleasure of selecting their punishment this time. So the only quick one I can come up with is a short sharp whipping, six of the best, I think will do.” The three beaten girls groaned in unison.

“The trick here is the girls doing the caning do not know who they are doing it to, and of course vice versa. Under this method no one will hold any grudges and at the same time it will act as a good incentive to fight harder next time.” During this speech the prefect was rolling out from the wall two horizontal beams, one a foot above the floor and the other about thirty inches. She then picked up the first beaten girl and leaned her over the top beam, released the cuffs on her right wrist and then connected it to the girls left ankle, she was now bound left wrist to ankle. With a spare pair of cuffs take from the victor she attached the right wrist to ankle. The girl in black was now draped over the upper beam, her legs and arms outstretched, her head level with her knees and her bottom beautifully covered in taut shiny black latex invitingly and delectably pointing towards Emma and I. The exercise was repeated in silence save for the laboured breathing of all six girls, with the girls in green and white being stretched out and bound. Three beautiful, rubber bottoms were now stretched out in front of me, in white, green and black. The prefect then hoisted up the beams by way of a winch and the girls squealed into their helmets as they were raised a foot off the ground.

The prefect picked up three wicked looking canes and raising the hooded and blinded victors, placed them in their hands. The victors fumbled and stumbled along the wall until they found their targets and moved along the line; blind girls feeling the bottoms, rather lasciviously I thought, although perhaps trying to detect whose bottom belonged to whom! Emma laughed wickedly at the antics of the girls.

“What would you give to change places with one of the victors Maxine?”

“Well, I would rather be the victor than the vanquished, for sure.” I replied. Emma raised her eyebrows and grinned.

“Well, maybe tomorrow we will see which one you would end up as. I wonder how you fancy your chances against any of these girls.” Not much, I thought, but said nothing and watched as the victors lined up at right angles to the raised bottoms of the losers. With their left hands they felt for the right location, laid the canes against the smooth, shiny bottoms, which I could see all flinched at the touch and on the prefect’s command, began.

It was a truly bizarre scene, blind latex clad women caning blind immobile latex clad women. I could not deny it was highly arousing, and Emma noticed this and whispered.

“I see your subconscious approves of this little play. That’s a very good start; we will work on that in the days to come.”

The blue girl who had nearly suffocated the girl in green seemed to be enjoying herself and took long slow swings before bringing it down with a crack on the white buttocks of her poor victim. The other two girls were faster, as if wanting to get it over with.

“The girl in blue is Amanda, would you believe a top model before she came here. You’ve probably seen her face on magazine covers. She’s six feet with a body to die for, which,” she chuckled, “the rubber certainly doesn’t hide. She has done very well here and will graduate soon but she has presented us with a bit of a problem. We found out fairly quickly she has a very controlled sadistic streak in her, and she has indicated she will want to stay on, even on a part time basis, she makes so much money as a model it would be crazy not to take advantage of it. Her boyfriend is a drippy photographer with loads of money who sent her here as she had this tough streak he wanted controlled. Well we felt this was the kind of streak that had to be nurtured, she was a natural,” she looked at me, “just as you are Maxine; she would like to get a bit of revenge on him I think. She fell out of love with him pretty fast as she saw him for what he was, a manipulative creep. I think Amanda would like to put him through some training! He’s meant to be picking her up today, or maybe tomorrow and I think he may be in for a shock!” Emma smiled, clearly admiring Amanda for her tough stance.

“But I don’t understand, surely this is considered a failure if one of your girls does not, well, ended up the way the client ordered.”

Emma turned to me and placed her hand on my backside, smiling.

“Well, you seem to be picking up things fast. The answer is yes…and no. Look, Amanda I think will want to stay here and carry on the discipline, that’s not really a failure, and we may get another guest out of it, if only on a temporary basis, an unwilling one of course. By all accounts the only failure is the boyfriend, who sounds like a real prick, but then,” she smiled, “we’ll sort him out. Of course it will happen on occasion, where the pupil does not turn out to be the submissive the client wants and is in fact much more the dominant than the client who sent her here.” She was rubbing my backside gently as she spoke, almost subconsciously and I was finding it a bit hard to concentrate on three things at once, the canings, her story and not getting a hard-on, which, with the tight pants on, would be painful. Emma continued.

“But, dominant or submissive, she will be a rubber lover, it’s the perfect material for both, and that part of the conditioning never fails; just look at you, here less than a day and you like it, I know you do.” She slapped my behind and although I said nothing I knew that it was hard to deny.

“But 95% of our guests are conditioned as the client would want and they are happy with it. On occasion we end up with some follow up business when the girl is more dominant than the client who sent her here for training. The tables are truly well turned there! It’s only happened half a dozen times – but you should see their faces when they are brought here by their supposed submissives for training.”

She had now moved her finger up inside my rubber panties and was pressing it against the pussy pants covering my bum hole. I was now taking short breaths and sweating quite a bit, she could see this affect on me.

“Last year we had a seventeen year old pupil who was sent here by her mother, who complained that she was uncontrollable. Now this girl was extraordinary, a born domina. The mother was thirty-four at the time; she had her child very young and never really was able to control her. But the daughter, a real beauty, had this wonderfully natural dominant streak that we didn’t want to crush. So after training her, and of course getting her into rubber – which was not tough – we asked what she wanted, and she said she wanted her mother to be her submissive; she said that it would be the perfect role for her. She loved her mother but she needed control, just as the mother thought her daughter did! So the roles were reversed, the father had died many years before leaving them money and so it was no problem bringing her mother here for training. I have to say she was a pretty one too, but you know the daughter was absolutely right; her mother was a natural submissive but just didn’t know it. The daughter was in charge of the training and really put her mother through it, the full rubber immersion, but the mother took it all.”

“They left about a month ago, the mother rubber bagged and gagged in the trunk of her car. The daughter is I hear enjoying life to the full and the mother is adapting to life as her submissive masochist and I understand she is now taking pride in it. On the outside they are mother and daughter living together I the normal way, but you wouldn’t believe what happens behind closed curtains in suburbia! When they go out together shopping, it all looks very normal but I know for a fact that the mother is plugged back and front by her dildo panties. She is a true masochist and she takes pride in it and so will you,” she looked at me again, “you maybe don’t know you are, but I do, and we will show you how much fun can be got out of rubber discipline and complete subjugation.” She pinched my buttock through the panties. “I have a feeling actually you may be a switch and they get the best of both worlds. I just bet you would love to get Sarah into one of those suits and give her pretty backside a good slapping.”

I knew she was right, I had already fantasised about it earlier, but it was quite a speech from Emma, during which the communal caning was completed. The girls now stood around in a group, still with their helmets on. The latex suits had offered some protection but I bet it still must have been painful. I saw one of them gently massage their bottom.

“Well girls, it’s now time for lunch, so you can take the helmets off and renew acquaintances.”

They did so, and all six of them were had pink and sweaty faces. They looked at each other, trying to figure out who had done the beating and who had been at the receiving end and who had wrestled with whom. They dried themselves with towels, occasionally looking over at me with quizzical expressions. They each slipped into four inch heeled shoes with ease. Emma pulled me over to them, saying.

“Come on, we will walk with them to lunch, mind if we join you?” She said to the group.

“Course not,” it was the stunning Amanda who spoke, “we must get to know Maxine – maybe on the mat tomorrow.” She and the others laughed and I replied as gallantly as I could.

“It would be a privilege, but I think I wouldn’t provide you with much opposition, for any of you from what I have seen.”

“Maybe, but it would still be fun though, wouldn’t it?” And I had to admit, it most definitely would!

08.05.06 continued in part four

* * *

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