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From Lab Rat to Slave 4

by Edrubber

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Storycodes: MF; M/m; M/f; D/s; transsexual; latex; boat; cruise; enema; toys; inflate; bdsm; spank; hood; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

story continued from part three

Chapter Four

The Master succeeded in planting the seed in Jacky’s brain and I was considering calling Jacky for a long confession and getting over this problem to avoid any blackmail threats. I rented a large office space and worked out the divisions with an architect and gave the go ahead for construction which should be finished with in the next two months. I was searching for a manager and staff, but as luck would have it I found a young genius type recommended by Jacky’s mother to be manager, then a secretary that would be working there but always reporting to me, then a secret system of cameras and sound with the hard drive located at a storage area I rented in the basement of the building which no one knew about. I always believe in trust but verify.

There was nothing to do but wait, so, I asked the Captain if he had worked the routing of that nice long cruise I had mentioned and to my surprise he had every detail worked out including maps. I asked if we needed to load special supplies and he said he already stocked up here because it’s what is being consumed anyway he just added that he needed one more day to top it all before casting off. Then he expressed his happy feelings of leaving because he is only happy out at sea and in the islands.  Jacky’s mother said she could not go but Jacky was already installed in her cabin. This was Sunday, we where to leave Tuesday at 5.30 A.M.

Jacky and I found a storage company where we rented a storage for the car, and we where taking the car there Monday Night and coming back with the sedan service. There was a call from the dock master at around 5 p.m. that there was someone that wanted to come aboard. I asked who and he said a Mr.Thom from Europe. I let him come and started preparing myself to end it once and for all. He came aboard and as usual looked fantastic, perfectly groomed with a 5 k suit just like the first time I met him when I was in a rubber poncho and high heel boots.

At this point I realized that I did have something for him the problem was I just did not trust him. He walked right up to me and hugged me tight and even though I had my arms and hands between us, I could not push him away he was too strong. "Oh, I missed you so much, I love you so much, we need to spend a little time together so as I can prove to you how much I love you".

I gave in and just rested my face on his chest and said; "Well you should have called, you came at a very inappropriate time, we are leaving day after tomorrow on our liberty cruise and honestly I just don’t trust you anymore especially out at sea".

He said; "But I thought you loved me too".

I said; "I did until you tried to involve me in bank fraud purposely leaving me to take charges, and also trying to blackmail me with Jacky".

He said, "Well sweet heart there was no fraud as long as the account remained in your name and the manager of the bank was the one that had it wrong, at the point you transferred the money, I was so in love with you that I would have given you twice as much. As for Jacky I was trying to get your attention you where not answering my calls. I need you to manage my affairs for me so I won't make these mistakes. I did want to talk to you about a new research we spent 70 million on perfecting the transsexual final surgery, this is a system that utilizes all of the male organs by just reverting them inside in a way that the sensations continue only twice as much just like you. You see sweet heart very few people get to have inner orgasms like you. I just wanted to tell you that if you wanted the new surgery we would be willing to pay you another 50 million".

I said; "I KNEW YOU HAD A DEVIOUS MOTIVE FOR BEING HERE you want me for a lab rat again so you can make another few trillion".

He said, "GOD you are so difficult to understand. I have presently twenty two willing subjects for this surgery and they are willing to pay 87.000 for it. I just wanted to know if you wanted for your pleasure not mine because even if you had a vagina, I would still fuck your ass. Your ass is the hottest sex I ever had and will ever have. Please sweet heart, let’s come to some agreement, if you give me a week every month or every other month you can be free to live this freedom you want most of the time, that’s all I ask. I can buy any sex I want but I love you who you are your body your smell. I just have to have you".

I finally gave in and said; "Alright, you can go with us".

He said, "Great sweet heart I will probably have to get off in one of the islands your going to or come close to I have to be back in a week. Now one more thing, Cezar from the board of directors is arriving later tonight and I wonder if you don’t mind if he goes with us  and he is getting off with me, can we arrange a feminine companion for him?"

I said ; "I will have to see but it’s possible that companion is already on board".

He said; "There is one more thing, he is like me, loves rubber and spanking and rectal sex".

I said; "I will ask. If Jacky declines I will arrange for a hooker".

He was about to get up to go look for his friend when Jacky walked in and I introduced her to him and after he left I told Jacky about his friend and she was more then willing but I said, "Not so fast, I told you Europeans are different and strange. His friend is kinky like mine, he wants you in rubber like we planed, he wants to spank you and here is the biggie and, he will want to fuck you in the ass".

She said, "Oh, just thinking about it makes me almost have an orgasm, I always wanted to get ass fucked but never had the chance".

I said; "You will have to take deep enemas before and you will have to dilate yourself because if you don’t it will hurt a lot".

She said; "How do I do That?"

I said, "We will go to a special store tonight and buy an inflatable dildo. It’s a small diameter and you keep it in and every hour or two pump it a couple of times".

She said, "What if it hurts?"

I said, "Play with your nipples, it will feel great".

She said, "How do you know all that?"

I said, "Because I was forced to do it or rather, it was done to me forcibly".

She said, "Well, you got to tell me all about that".

I said it’s a long story and some day I will.

Master came back and said his friend was arriving at Miami at 9 p.m. I said, "Do you want to pick him up? We have a car and Jacky is our driver".

He said," Nahh Let’s just have a service pick him up and bring him". He then said, "when are we going to eat around here?"

I said, "Julia will cook what ever you want but Jacky and I will have to go out to buy something we need". He said; what ? I said never mind, girl things. He said fine, By the way I can stilll spank you right?

I said yes darling you can still spank me to your hearts delight.

Jacky and I were so ashamed being in that store but we had sunglasses and a scarf over our heads we found the item paid for it and left as fast as possible then we had to stop at a pharmacy and by her an enema kit of her own. When we got back the new guest had arrived and what a good looker. He was in his early thirties, about 6 feet tall about 180 pounds thick blond hair hairy arms and a beautiful smile. Jacky was melting. She got me alone and said; "To this guy I will do it for free".

I said; "Absolutely not, if he asks you tell him it will be 20 thousand for the week. If he does not ask I will charge him 20 K for you".

She said, "What ever you say I will do what you tell me".

The next day while the captain topped off the supplies, I had Jacky drive me to the new office to see if they had started work and get ready for a long week of constant sex. Later in the afternoon Jacky and I went to put the car away then settled for the nights events. I asked Jacky how the dilating was progressing and she said that it was doing the job since yesterday and it was now at maximum almost 2 inches and feeling good. I said; good soon you will be glad you did.

Thom, Cezar, and the two of us where sitting in the lounge room and master said, "I think it’s  important to clear a few things now so that no one is surprised out at sea. I love Geny more then life itself, she means everything to me and most important we have everything in common and enjoy unusual kinky sex. Cezar here is the same way and he expects Jacky to be submissive and obey his wishes, Geny plays the game with me she obeys me, she does what I order and we both enjoy sex more then any body else. Are you Jacky willing to play the game as we do? Just be aware that at no time we will hurt you severely we fully understand you to be the weaker sex. Jacky is going to be well paid for this week but that does not mean that you two cannot fall in love. In our country we don’t have the hang ups you Americans have, so the best way to think of the next week is lets play have fun, satisfaction, and enjoy".

Cezar looked to Jacky and said: "You will get dressed in rubber and be ready to spend the night with me, I brought some artifacts we will be using and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I will."

Master said, "Well get ready Geny I need to unload now." I said yes Master.

Following the lead Cezar said, "Get rubberized and ready Jacky" and she said yes Master.

We went to our cabins and got ready and as usual he spanked me first, then had me suck his dick, then got behind me on all four first, then I was standing with my hands against the wall while he banged into me then I was on my back with my legs on his shoulders and last I was made to sit on his dick and move up and down. All of this went on from 9.30 p.m. until 4.30 a.m. when he was completely satisfied and so was I.

I said; "Do you mind if I take a shower and go on deck? I love to see the Ft. Lauderdale cut and the sun come up as the sails are hoisted."

He said, "No I don’t mind as a matter of fact I am going to do the same thing." So I said let me soap you then as you always like. He said yes great. It took us 45 minutes to go up on deck and the ropes where just being let go.

An Hour latter Jacky and Cezar came up and joined us and Jacky seemed very happy and smiling and referring to Cezar as Master constantly she seemed to be enjoying it. About an hour after we had turned south and gone on sail power we decided to go below and sleep. He made me back into him as usual and we slept me with his dick inside my ass. I later learned that Cezar had special rubber shorts with a head hood at his genitals where he made Jacky be incased in it with his dick in her mouth and locked like that for the next seven hours while they slept.

We got up and out at around 2 p.m. had breakfast out on deck then decided to play canasta and had a good time with it. We would be at sea for at least a week before reaching the Dominican Republic. I kept going to the bridge and checking on our position to see how close we where getting to get them off on their way and have our peace and vacation we set out to have. The next few days we had cocktails, played games, told jokes, had long conversations about politics, the guys where very pleasant and fun during the day and demanding and incessant at night. Jacky at one point told me that she could hardly sit-down but she was totally hooked on being a rubber slave. All I said was, welcome to the club.

On the eve of arriving in Santo Domingo, we had an incident that compelled me to use the defense system I had installed that only the captain, first mate and I knew about it. I had very small and inconspicuous electronic buttons very smartly blended in the furniture that alerted the captain and the first mate. When they were activated the captain and the mate would arm themselves with a teaser and an automatic glock, and come to the area that would show in the pad. After all, we where two woman defenseless with strong man and out at sea. Anything could happen this was my 911 out at sea. 

Cezar and Jacky had gone to play their games a couple of hours ago when suddenly Jacky started screaming and yelling “ NO, No, MASTER PLEASE , NO I WILL NOT PLEASE". I pressed the button and the captain was there with in a minute taser in hand ready to break the door down but it was not necessary because it was not locked. As the captain went in Thom and I stayed outside looking in and Jacky was apologizing to her Master that she would do anything for him but not that and she continued saying how sorry she was and telling her Master  how sorry she was.

The surprise expression on Cesar’s face was comical and Jacky was in the rubber suit hood and in a shiny rubber straight jacket with the slit open in her ass area, she was the picture of sexual enticement and the cause for a slow forming erection on the front of the captain and the mates pants. My organ was well hidden but excited  as well.  Cezar apologized several times but explained that he was at the very edge and had slipped out of her ass and did not want to handle it to put it back in her ass because he would come in his hand so, in the heat of the moment he told her to open her mouth. He apologized to her many times and declared that he would do anything to make up to her. Jacky in order to save face for Cezar said, "Master please understand that I was worried that if I ever get sick because of something like this, I would not be able to serve you Master".

We  all had a laugh about it eventually  and after Cezar freeing Jacky from the Straight Jacket, we went to the lounge area and had drinks all around. Master commented on how come the captain and the mate were there so fast and so well armed. I said; "He is the law aboard whenever at sea and he must have heard her the way we did". Master looked at the long hall way trying to assess if that was feasible being that the captain’s cabin was the last one near the bow. I was glad that they both noticed that we where not as vulnerable as they may have thought and that may be a deterrent to any forcible plans.

Cezar made a comment that the captain’s alertness was commendable and he was a good man to be the defense in any case of attack at sea. To me it seemed as if he was fishing for information on what else we had as protection. I just commented; "Believe me Cezar, we have the ability to blow any pirates out of the water". Cezar made a comment that perhaps I was pathological when it came to imaginary attacks.

I said; "Not at all Cezar, if you think about it, a yacht like this represents wealth and is a red flag attraction for thieves. Defense is a very smart and human survival instinct".

It was around 2 in the morning and Master suggested we go back to games and sleep because they would be debarking tomorrow. Cezar mentioned that it might be better if he went to another cabin. Jacky started apologizing and begging for another chance to satisfy him and we all went back to fucking again. Master fucked me lying on the bed with pillows under my belly, then he got dressed in rubber shorts with the hood attached to it so that I was forced to have his dick in my mouth for the rest of the night with my head in the attached hood. It was somewhat symbolic because my hands where free and I could have forced my head out of it because there where no belts and the rubber was not very thick.

Around 7 a.m. he got me out of the hood around his groin and slowly fucked my ass again and this time it seemed like he was hitting my inside spot every time he pumped into me and after such an exhausting sexual endeavor in the last few days,  I orgasmic over and over all the way to his final hurrah. He laid on top of me for at least 10 minutes, I was enjoying the after glow glad to be under him, noticing that he was not deflating and hopping he would have one more push before leaving.

To my pleasant surprise, he started again and this time I was in orgasm heaven for almost an hour. After a long rest on top of me again we got up, went in the shower and I washed him and for the first time he washed me every once in a while kissing my shoulder, my lips and a couple of times my ass cheeks. I helped him pack then we all had breakfast together. Cezar gave Jacky a check for the 20k in front of everybody and asked her if they could get together once every month or two months. She just kissed him and said call me.

We where anchored in a bay waiting for dock space to open so, we loaded their bags in the dingy and had to have the dingy make two trips to shore because it was not big enough for us all. There was a 25 year old Lincoln limousine waiting to take us to the airport that turned out to be almost an hour away. After a lot of kissing, hugging and ass grabbing the guys boarded the private Lear Jet and took off. Jacky and I waited to see the plane disappear to make sure they where gone before getting back on the classic limo and return to the vessel that now was docked. We both where moving on our seats a lot with our asses uncomfortably sore with the familiar pain with a tingle of ecstasy.

I contracted the limo to be with us until we departed which we did not have a schedule yet. We told the driver that he was welcomed to sleep in one of the cabins if he wished or go home every night. He said he lived alone and would be happy to stay with us and be ready to go at any time day or night. The captain and the mate knew people here so they alternated being on board and went their way. Jacky, Julia and I went every where together and had a great time. We toured the city, the tourist sights trips to smaller historical towns, beaches, shopping malls we did every thing. We spent 8 days there then got under way for Puerto Rico. The rest of the cruise was as relaxing and fantastic as we expected.

We finally docked in Ft Lauderdale again but with the knowledge that we could get under way again at any time we wished. I for some stupid reason got curious when seeing blogs of special gay transvestite clubs so, with out anybody knowing I sneaked out and ventured into one in South Miami. I met many very beautiful trans like me, but also this very good looking friendly gay named Gary that talked with me for a long time, explained the way the club worked and the signal codes, then we had a couple of drinks and under the alcohol influence I was convince to go to a room with him and allowed myself to be fucked for two hours and he ejaculated 3 times during that escapade. I went back to the boat took a long shower and felt very guilty for some reason.

I went out the next day early before Jacky came and had decided to go to the mall to get a skirt I had seen some time back, when as I was walking in the parking lot, a van stopped in front of me, 2 guys came out towards me and one of them asked me if I knew where the Yacht M.V. Lost Horizons was docked? I was thinking if I had seen it somewhere and did not noticed the other guy getting behind me and suddenly a cloth was being forced around my mouth and nose and just as I recognized the odor of chloroform, the lights went out.

Look for the next episode of Lab Rat and find out where Geny ends up and the tortures she will endure and what her future holds for her.


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