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Going to the Ball

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2004 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF; latex; clothing; breathplay; mast; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Leah paid for her items and said her goodbyes to the staff at the Eros Boutique as she walked out the door towards her car.  She couldn’t resist holding the bag higher up near her chest as she walked so that the scent of the latex contained within drifted upwards allowing her to breath in the beautiful smell.  As she reached her car and drove off she even made sure to keep the bag between her legs so as not to miss any waft of the rubber perfume.

‘Jason is in for such a surprise tonight.’ She thought to herself.  It had been his idea to attend the fetish ball this evening, although truth be told, Leah had been thinking about getting tickets as well.  Up until now all of their games had been played in their bedroom and they had never exposed their fetishes to the outside world.  That would change tonight, she thought, and she wanted to look her best doing it.

After much deliberation at the shop Leah had finally decided on the Paris Conture Jacket coupled with the matching skirt.  She loved the way it fit her body with the sleek boning and the low cut front accenting her already ample breasts.  But the styling was what truly sold her.  Vintage design only gets better when coupled with latex, and this outfit was positively stunning.

Leah parked the car in the garage and entered the house; she had less than a couple of hours to get ready and headed straight upstairs to their bedroom and got undressed in order to take a shower.  Standing naked in the room she found that she couldn’t resist picking up the jacket to admire its beauty.  Leah wasn’t sure why but she pressed it to her face breathing in its aroma.  She was holding it so tight she was barely able to breath, wanting only the smell of the latex to fill her lungs, to fuel the fire inside her.  She had been waiting for this moment ever since entering the shop, to hold the latex in her hands and against her skin.  It had taken everything she had just to control herself and now her pent up desire had broken free and was unleashing its fury upon her body. 

Her breathing growing quicker and quicker, she could feel the wetness from her pussy escape and trickle down her legs.  She was growing lightheaded from the lack of oxygen but her body screamed for her to pull the latex tighter against her face.  She staggered backwards onto the bed as the first wave of an orgasm crashed though her body, but she still held the latex tight.  The second and third waves hit her harder still and she was unable to hold the jacket tight any longer.  The fresh burst of oxygen only seemed to increase the intensity of her climax and she lost count of the number of times her body was crushed by the orgasm gripping her. 

Leah was able to regain control of her body as the waves subsided and her vision cleared.  She found herself looking at the clock and couldn’t believe that the orgasm had lasted that long.  The sudden ringing of the telephone caused a muffled scream to escape her lips.  Answering it she found that Jason was calling to he was just leaving and would be there in an hour.  Putting her Jacket aside she jumped into the shower.

Shaving her body and pubic hair took a little while but the warm stream of water trickling down her smooth skin made the chore more enjoyable.  Stepping out of the shower and into the cool air however sent shivers throughout her skin.  She felt so alive at that moment.  The tiny little goose bumps covering her freshly shorn skin seemed to have a mind of their own.  Almost as if they knew that the latex would soon be coming, and they reached out for it as much as they could. 

Drying herself with the cotton towel Leah was able to tame the bumps, but a new fire was already starting to burn within her.  Something deeper under the skin was beginning to take hold.  Leah remembered that feeling all to well the first time she had worn latex, and each time she had worn it since, it had only served to make those feelings stronger.  She was at the point now where the very thought of latex could light the stove of desire within her and nothing would cool those flames until the slippery fabric covered her skin.

Leah looked at the clock as she reentered her bedroom.  Jason had to work late and was planning on changing there in order to save time before he picked her up, and time was getting short if she was to be ready for his arrival.  She quickly did her hair and makeup with the towel wrapped around her body and finally it was time to get dressed.

Originally Leah had just planned on wearing the jacket and skirt but after her recent ordeal she was feeling a little more daring.  She walked over to her dresser and grabbed her latex briefs she had purchased last month from the Eros boutique.  She had bought them on a whim thinking she could wear them to work all the time but after trying them one day she knew they were too much to handle.  The front and rear solid plugs were just too stimulating for her and the only thing she could think of the entire day was the constant pleasure she was in.  She had had to excuse herself from a meeting for fear of cumming in front of everybody, but she wasn’t sure that they all didn’t hear her screams of delight from the washroom as she fingered herself to orgasm.

Grabbing the lube for the plugs she greased her holes and stepped into the panties.  The goose bumps were back as her skin tried its very best to grasp the cool latex as it slid up her legs.  She felt the tops of the dildos bump against their respective holes and she eased the rear one in first before guiding the front home.  With each rod now aligned with their respective targets she gently tugged the panties over her hips until she felt the bases of the dildos set against her skin.  She could feel the beginnings of another orgasm starting to build in her from the fullness in her loins the panties provided.  But there was just no time to indulge any further; Jason would be here any minute.

The short walk back to the bed proved to be just a little more exciting than she had first thought as the shafts invading her privates began to rub together.  Bending over to pick up the skirt sent shivers throughout her body from the sensations the panties were creating.  She lifted one leg into the center of the skirt shifting her intruders as she did so and soon the second leg followed.  Leah tugged the form fitting latex up her legs and over her already rubber-clad hips.  The tightness of the latex forced her knees closer together, pushing the plugs deeper inside her, but was still quite comfortable to walk around in.  Next she reached for the jacket and slid her arms into the sleeves.  Again the bumps on her flesh reached out for the latex but the powder inside allowed the jacket to slide freely over her body. 

She pulled the sides of the jacket around her waist and began pulling the zipper up her back.  The boning of the latex jacket pushed inwards on her body as she worked the zipper up.  As she pulled the zipper higher the latex forced her breasts upwards and to squeeze together so much so that it was almost as if they were going to pour out of the low cut front any moment.  As she tugged the zipper home Leah was delighted with the sheer amount of cleave the jacket created.  The combination of the tight latex around her waist and the fullness of her chest was exactly the look that Leah was hoping to achieve.  She couldn’t help but admire the vision of herself in the mirror and she felt she could just look at herself all night, but the sound of Jason’s car pulling into the drive tore her eyes away from the latex goddess looking back at her.

Leah fastened the scarf on her shoulder as she went downstairs to meet him.  Each step she took as she went down jiggled the dildos in her front and rear passages and by the time she reached the bottom she was feeling a little flushed from the sensations they provided her.  She quickly ran to the door and as Jason entered the look on his face was priceless.  There was no need to ask him how what he thought about the outfit, the bulging eyes and the drool from his lips were more than enough for Leah.  The bulge noticeably building in his latex Jeans only confirmed her suspicions.

Jason looked amazing himself, it seemed he had also stopped at the boutique and bought himself a new outfit.  The Levi style latex jeans and the lace up latex shirt fit him well and showed off his roughly muscled body. 

“All ready I see?”  Jason asked after he had taken a moment to compose himself.

“Almost,” Leah replied, “I just need to get my boots on.”

Leah went to the closet and grabbed her 5-inch knee length latex boots and without thinking sat down quickly on the bench to pull them on.  Both dildos were quickly rammed home and she let out a low hiss as the delight they created shocked her body.

”Everything all right?” Jason asked looking concerned.

“Just fine, just fine.”  Was all that Leah could reply.

She finished pulling her boots on and took care to stand up a little more slowly so as to enjoy the sensations of the dildos rearranging themselves inside her.  Grabbing her hat from the closet she turned and took Jason’s awaiting hand and headed for his car, smiling to herself as they went.  Jason had no idea she was wearing the latex briefs and by her calculations, with each step she took tonight it would drive her closer and closer to sheer madness.  By the time the fetish ball is over she should be completely insane with lust for his latex coated body that he won’t even know what hit him. 

This was definitely going to be a night to remember…

The End 



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