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Storycodes: F+/f+; jail; latex; vacbed; transport; storage; toys; reluct; X

WARNING ! This story is intended for adult persons over the age of eighteen and should not be viewed by those under that age or the legal age of consent where you live. This story contains aspects of rubber fetishism and other sexual acts and practices that may be offensive to some people. This story is for ADULTS ONLY! If you don’t like seeing things such as this, Please, read no further. Unless authorized by the writer, this story is considered copyrighted and is the intellectual property thereof. Please do not post to pay sites or any place else with out the authors permission.

Julia shut off the shower, took a towel and moved to her bedroom. She checked the alarm clock. She had to hurry, she had less than one hour. 'Last minutes of freedom' she thought. She put on her underwear and took a pair of 501 jeans. She liked the male look it procured to her, and it was the best item to value her perfect cheeks. She also took a blouse from her dressing and hurried out of her house, to get her car, a british racing green Lotus Elise. While driving she thought about her situation. She was driving to the penitenciary where she had to present herself within 35 minutes now. 'What a weird situation... take it as new experience' she thought.

All begun three weeks ago. She was out with her best friends Chloée and Claire. They were in a new restaurant, it was late now, music was loud and the VIP crowd dancing everywhere. Atmosphere was good, music was good, men and women where happy, everyboday was having a great evening.

"Well, girls, I think I'll get back home. Cocktails have made their effect, and I need to work at home tomorrow. We're preparing a surprise", Claire announced.

"I'm done, also", I added, "and if you prepare something, I'd better be awoke", I laugthed.

Claire was working for an aggressive hedge fund. She was excellent in her job since she left university six years ago, but last year she had joined a particuliar fund, from then she spent even more energy in her job. This fund was sort of white knight. Not really philantropic, final goal was to make great amount of money, but they focused on mismanaged firms on social or ethical basis. Usually they were taking power by an hostile takeover and firing the management. Then replaced old habits by ethical rules and good social management. Without much spendings in communication, external and internal images generally improved at fast pace. Employees were working better and firm had improved hability to attract best talents without increasing wages. Also, clients were more willing to use or buy their services. It not always worked as smoothly as described, and the fund had also few big failures, but overall it worked and returns were attractive.

Julia's job was less glamour. Usually her company was hired but the target's management to fight back the attack. In just one year, Julia had to work against Claire by two times. But even that wasn't strong enough to break their friendship. With Chloée they all three had shared too many since they entered at university, more than a decade before. They were seen as sort of Charly's girls, always together, supporting themselves. Other girls were envying their unity and boys were attracted like bees on honey. And the bigger the pot, the bigger the attracting power. Only few succeed but prize was nice.

Chloée was currently out of job. She also worked at Wall Street, in a LBO fund. But only focusing on financial criterias and ignoring underlying business, they became in difficulty when the financial part worsened. Chloée's fund was near colapsing and she got fired. The good part was she had now time to explore NYC and go out. Nevertheless she decided to leave from the club with her friends. Leaving the restaurant, they were standing in the street waiting for a taxi. They were beautifull in their evening dresses and it wasn't unoticed. A police car stopped in front of them and a male officer lowered the glass window.

"Do you want a ride ?" he laughted, "...a wild ride", he added turning to his companion with a big laught.

"And do you want to fuck yourself", shouted Claire ?

Julia and Chloée stared at Chloée, "Was she crazy ?". Claire was even really surprised by her brutal reaction.

"Ok, if you take it like that", the officer replied with a calm tone opening his door.

The second officer joined them within seconds. "Look, you just insulted a police officer in duty. You'll have to follow us".

"You're joking, I imagine. You started with an indecent proposal, my friend's overreacted but on the whole she was right".

"So you approve it ?" asked the officer, "you see as far as I see it you cannot prove your assertion. On the other side we have numerous witnesses, including the doorman, that could testify that your group insulted two officers. So I propose this program, you stay calm and follow us".

"You're just crazy", Chloée replied.

Minutes later they all regretted this action. Within seconds they had been handcuffed on their back and pushed in the car, shoulders against shoulders. The ride was indeed wild, every bumps of the streets making them loosing their balance. There where hysterics, shouting and insulting both officers. Their arrival in the police station was quite comical, but they quickly stopped knowing that it was not improving their case.

A senior officer came to see them. – "Well Ladies, I just had a description of facts. Quite simple case. You can call your lawyer now but should you recognize facts, we can pick you quickly in front of the judge and you are free right after".

"We call", Julia replied.

"As you wish", Madam.

She was ashamed to call Mark, one ex-boyfriend, but he was a great lawyer, and probability that he was still awake was high. "Mark speaking", a male replied.

"Mark, it's Julia, I've just been arrested", she started. A moment later Mark had Julia's version.

"Ah, it's your group. Funny, we were in the same restaurant, and as I was waiting for my taxi, the doorman explaned to me that three handsome women had been arrested after insulting a police officer as the car was passing by".

"Very funny", I conceed, Julia quickly replied.

"Hum... yes maybe not. OK. Well, to replied to you I think you'd better recognize their version".

"You're crazy ? You know that it's false".

"Well, what's important is not what I know, or if it's true or false. What's important is what you can prove. Hardly nothing in fact. A quick way to win is to have a witness that can support you. You don't. Another exit is to prove that these officers have already done something similar. It takes time to request their files, and in the meantime you all three will stay in a cell for the night. If you plead guilty, you'll be quickly judged, usually have a big fine and be free within minutes. I think choice is easy, no ? Keep your ego".

"I see... well you're maybe right. Thanks anyway."

"No prob. Let me know. And we should take a drink together next week".

"I'll do. And OK for the drink. Bye".

Julia joined her friends, and explaned the situation. They finally all agreed that it was a nobrainer, they accepted to be presented to the judge. They were freed from their handcuffs, and hope grew in their mind.

But when they entered in the room that was called courtroom, "A shame" Julia thought, they understood that it was not going to be that easy.

"Decline you indentity, address, professionnal status and confirm that you recognize the facts", ordered a strict woman sitted in front of them.

One by one, they declined their identity and recognized the charges.

"Offending a police officer is not something that I appreciate. Your social status may make your believe that you are above the law, but you are not. As reminder I condemn you to three months jail each." the judge announced.

This verdict came to Julia's brain as an electrical shock. "Three months ? No discussion ?", she tried to protest but the judge continued: "Please stay quite. I didn't finish. I know that three months is heavy, but I want to make it clear for you that you made a great offense. Nevertheless, I don't want you to loose your jobs, so I give you, all three of you, the ability to convert this sentence in one week of our new program called "Total isolation". You all three will have to take the same decision, as I consider that you must purge the same punishion. You have one week to decide. You are free now. Officers, please take these women out of my view." Julia went home and felt tired has she had never been for a long time. All this stress accumulated at work and during the night finally took over her, and she felt asleep in her sofa.

Next morning, her cellular awoke her, it was Mark calling. "So, dangerous delinquant, how was it ?" asked pleasently Mark.

"Well, great advice, we got three months".


"No, I'm fucking serious", shouted Julia with rage.

"What ? I can't believe it..."

"In fact we have choice", Julia calmed herself, "with something called "Total Isolation". Have you ever heard about it ? I don't".

"Ah, yes. I know what's about. It's a test. Goal is to totally isolate prisonners. Psy experts have elaborated a theory that this predicament should accelerate the amendement process by a factor of ten".

"Weird. And what does it consist of ?"

"Weird, you mean it. What I've heard is that isolation is achieved via latex stuff. I don't know the details but the subject totally unable to move and most senses are shut. I've also heard some legends, as sexual stimulation occuring in the process, but I put little credit on this. It's more mass fantasm, I suspect".

"Woow. Sounds strange..."

"I can't tell you more, but I can dig it out, if you wish."

"No, thanks. It won't be necessary, because anyway I don't have much choice. I'll have to accept. One week off is manageable, even if according to Claire it's gonna be hot at work, but anyway three months is out of question. Same for her. I hope Chloée won't be hard to convince."

"I see. Give me your decision, and I'll present it to the judge, trying to convince her to be a little bit flexible. And what about our drink ?"

"Well, you'll have to wait then. After purging my week."

"Good. You'll have the opportunity to give me details on this arousing experience", he laughted, "the legend might be true !"

"Don't be silly, Mark. I'll call you back."

After the conversation, she stayed few minutes with the phone in her hands. 'Seems quite unreal.' she thought. She called both Claire and Chloée and they agreed to lunch together in their club. After usual chats, they waited to have ordered and alone to start the real conversation.

"Do you know what this program is about girls, I had no time to make researches this morning" asked Claire.

Julia made a brief summary of her conversation with Mark and Chloée nodded. "Yes, I've browsed internet and I have the same description of all it is about. Looks really scary to me."

"I agree, but what do you think Claire?" asked Julia

"What I think ? I think that this is totally ridiculous."

"And you Chloée ?"

"I think that you have no choice. And even if I'm totally reluctant to this option, I have no choice but to submit with you to this program, since I hardly imagine how I could be responsbible for my two best friends loosing their job. I don't believe your friend Mark will manage to reduce the length, instead he should insist to have some choice in the starting date."

"Thank you my friend, it is very generous Chloée", replied Julia. "I think you're all right concerning the period. We'll ask Mark."

Two days after Mark came with the final terms. The judge had accepted without problem that they could choose only three days before when the isolation week should begin. After two weeks working like crazy, Claire announced that her deal was cancelled, so it would be perfect for her to begin now. This cancellation also helped Julia to ask for one week off and even if Chloée was visiting friends abroad, she agreed to come back in town within two days. They were instructed to present themselves to a small penitenciary station, in midtown.

Here she was. She was just on time. She left her car in a private parking and walked in the station. She presented her ID, to the desk. The officer instructed her to follow the second corridor "With a F, not a M" he added. There, a female officer produced handcuffs and anklecuffs, linked by a chain circling her waist. It took few seconds, and Julia only realized that her freedom was indeed reduced when trying to walk as instructed. She followed her guard and entered a big waiting room. Twenty women were sitting there, all chained as she was. Silent. She recognized Claire and Chloée, their eyes were saying something like "Here we go..." Julia's guard told to her "Sit and remain silent. Transgression will be punished by one way or another." and closed the door.

Few moment after Julia sat. She spent some time to observe the other women. All were in their mid thirties. What also struck Julia is that all could compete to work as model, athletic and nice looking. "Well, looks like all offenders are beautifull women" smiled Julia. Soon, an officer entered the room. She was followed by ten female guards. As guards encircled the group, standing near walls, the officer walked to the center of the room.

"Ladies, I am the officer in charge of "Total Isolation" program for female prisoners. You all chose to apply to this program. Thus I suspect that most of you know overall what this program is about. I will explain the details now. This program is still under test and confidential in its details. We wait to have enough prisoners here to fully disclose the method to the public. Thus if we can prove that any information leaked because of one of you when free before this anouncement, these person will have to purge the initial sentence. I don't have to ask if this point is clear. This should be crystal," she added after as short pause. "A theory arised that a person placed under strict isolation from any external stimulii will focus on his mind. Loss of time increases the perception of its length. From earlier tests, it has been estimated that subjects felt time passed faster by a factor of five. But there is something more, a vague rumor that some of you may have heard. One subject initially tested, was highly aroused by her situation, had a self-sexual activity despite her situation. She passed thru intense orgasms and periods of frustation. When released she thought that she had been isolated ten times more than in reality. Psys analysed that her sexual activity disoriented her more than other subjects. Following tests included sexual stimulation, and confirmed two things. First, the analysis was correct. Second, this factor ten was seen as acurate."

The room couldn't retain some small exclamations. Most women didn't believe was they just heard. "The rumor is true..." thought Julia, and she remembered that Mark talked about this factor ten. "So, we're on the boat to be stimulated." she realized, as most other did.

"Well, I see to your face that everybody made the maths. What has also leaked it that latex is involved. Also it is true. We perform total isolation thanks to a simple process : the subject is imprisonned between two sheets of thin latex, tensed by a metalic frame. Air is removed, sealing the person. Sensors driven by computer just maintain enough vaccum to forbid any movement. Don't be afraid, this process is totally safe and you are monitored by other sensors. In case of emergency, air would be injected and subject freed in less than one second, but it has never happened. Subject is fed and wastes cleaned during the whole period. I suspect that you are curious regarding stimulations, but you will have fun discovering by yourself."

"Last point, you will not be proceed in this facility, but in another one outside the town, more discreet for this program. You will be transported there soon, and be able to have a light introduction of the next days you'll spend with us. Now, as everybody seems to be completely calm, your chains will be removed to allow you to strip. A small latex helmet will be given to you and you'll stand all in one line. Start now."

All the women looked at themselves, with the same expression of disbelief that was painted on their faces since they arrived each. This scene lasted few seconds, then guards started to free the prisonners.

"Strip as you can, we won't stay here", shouted the officer.

"Well, asked so politely...", thought Julia and began to remove her clothes. Once naked, a guard gave her a black swimming cap, she put it on and joined the others to form one row. She managed to place herself between Claire and Chloée. It has been years since she hadn't seen her former campus mates naked. She remembered even their few lesbian experiences, before deciding that they prefered men despite their drawbacks...

Then they were guided into another room, more like a hangar. In the center of the room was a table, a type of machine in fact as Julia understood. On the plate, a thin sheet of black latex was placed, attached to have frame encircling the table. A robot was handling the frame. Next to this machine, a big truck was waiting, backdoors open, ready to exit the building. Two more guards were already there.

The officer standing near the truck said, "You will sit one by one on this table, on your back, arms along side your body. Then you don't move and let the robot do the work. As I already told you, it won't hurt, it's tested and safe. Then you'll be shipped into the truck. It's a very efficient way to pack prisonners. We start now, Miss, you should proceed", she instructed to the first woman in line.

She carefully lined herself on the table as instructed, arms along her body, flat on the table. Then within less than five seconds, a second layer of latex had been applied from her toes to her neck and vaccumed. She was sealed between these two layers of latex, only her beautifull face emerging between the latex from her top and from her neck. Seconds after, the frame was risen in the air. Her body emprisonned between the thin shiny latex. Tensions on her face betrayed her tentatives to move, but she calmed quickly, as her mind accepted her fate.

Every captive in the room had imagined what could be this system, but all undestimated the beauty of the result. The guards could read astonishement from their faces.

Then the frame was guided by the robot into the truck. "Next." shouted one guard monitoring the machine.

Julia imagined herself in this predicament, and for first time since she was there, she felt a strong physical confirmation of her arousal. Her pussy was damp wet, and we felt her juices reaching her crotch. Instinctivelly she tried a hand, but at same moment a guard stand close to her and said "Don't." Ashamed, Julia quickly removed her hand.

After few cycles, she saw her friend Chloée being encased and moved away. It was now her turn, she proceed to lay on her back and placed her arms before relaxing her body. She felt the pressure increasing quickly around all her body, around her breasts, then her body hanging in the air. It had been so fast ! Seconds later she entered into the truck, when under lights she saw her other inmates packed in a row. She was placed behind Chloée, her breasts pressed against Chloée's back and her waist against her friend's cheeks. Soon she has the sensation of something pressing against her own cheeks. She understood that Claire must have arrived. She tried to turn her head but she couldn't totally discover Claire's face. Captives were so astonished that no one seemed willing to talk. Julia slowly took consience of details regarding her latex prison. She felt that her pussy lips were tightly incased by the latex. It was keeping her juices in her pussy. It aroused her instantly and trigged a violent orgasm. Her body shaked all it could, but she understood that her reaction triggered climaxes for Claire and Chloée, and soon other captives were moaning in concert.

After few minutes more, the truck doors were closed and it started to move. Movements were chaotic first, but since all prisoners were tightly packed, no movement was transmitted. Julia remembered the "efficient way" used by the officer. She started to realized how weird was her situation. "I have been warned, but this is above all expectations" she smiled. "I am trapped in a latex contraption, with my two best friends bodies pressing against me, how could I expect this ?" After a while, movements were smoothers, the truck has out of traffic jams as it seemed. Then again, movements became stronger and soon the door slammed open.

A similar robot took each frame out of the truck, to place them on a row in the middle of the hangar. At same instant, air was injected in each frame and the front sheet lowered. Each captive slided against the back sheet to land on their feet two centimers lower. Nobody lost balance. Then frames were evacuated and the truck left.

They were now standing again in row, in front of a door. One guard placed herself in near the entrance and described : "When the light above the door is green, you enter. Otherwise red, you stay. Easy." The green light was on, the first woman in line moved on. After something like two minutes, that the second prisonner was instructed to go in. There was still five more women before Chloée, the first of the trio. Four now. Chloée turned back to cross Julia's eyes. She seemed to say "How can we escape ?", but knew the obvious answer.

"Don't turn back, Miss" told the nearest guard. Then minutes later, Julia saw Chloée slowly entering in the next room. She wondered what was behind, but she suspected a sort of sauna since scarse steams of vapors appeared each time the door was opened.

Then taking her from her thoughts, the door guard said "Proceed". Light was green. She walked through the door and felt surrounded by steams of water vapor. Atmosphere was oppresive, with red lights visible across the vapors. Then the door closed and hot jets flushed from walls. It wasn't violent, quite pleasant in fact, no jet hitting her above her neck. A soapy product replaced the water, then more water came, finally followed by hot air. Julia was now dry and, running her hands against her body, she felt her skin smoother than before. Her fingers reached her crotch area and we discovered that even the small portion of hairs she liked to leave had disappeared. She understood why all prisonners were wearing caps. A small fog again filled the atmosphere, and still carressing herself Julia felt her skin becoming slippery. The solution spayed into the room was kind of oil microparticules mixed with water steam. She closed her eyes and waited few seconds. Then she felt fresh air rushing in the room as an exit door was opening. She left talking care not to slip, but it was manageable. She was now into a corridor with several doors along it, like cells. She was alone exept one guard. "Follow me" instructed the woman. She guided Julia into a cell with a small chair and a table. One the table Julia saw what seemed to be a skin-tight costume with hood attached.

"It's a catsuit, it will encase your body like a second skin. It's made from thin latex. Thanks to the solution applied to your body, sealing you into this will be easier. Now proceed as instructed, I remind you that disobedience will be sanctionned by increased detention period. Now put your feet into the catsuit, then don't move", ordered her guard.

Julia couldn't believe it. She had heard about latex catsuit, but found this too special for her, even if she sometimes thought that an experience would not be displeasant. And moveover occasion to try never occurred. And now she was to wear this.

She placed her feet into the catsuit and stood without moving, as instructed. She felt the catsuit adding pressing against her legs as the guard moved it up. She felt this sensation incredible and highly arousing. Latex was cold but quickly warming up against her. Again she had the sensation of her pussy soaked with her juices. "Bend over" ordered the guard. Julia bent in front and she discovered at this instant that the catsuit crotch had two dildos attached. She could hardly believe this. A small "no... not this..." escaped from her mouth and instantly a loud "Remain quiet !" fused. She heard the carateristic noise of her guard placing one hand in a thin latex glove and then pressing a bottle. She felt lube appied between her cheeks, then a finger probing her anal ring. She soon felt more pressure and the finger continued his way into her. Then it retreated to get back in again, applying more lube Julia thought. After few cycles, she felt something other probing this area. Slowly it was pushed in her anal cavity. She already had anal experience, and ranked it as pleasant, but she always had some shame taking pleasure from it. At the end she hardly asked her boyfriends to penetrated her by this way. The intruder was making its path, slowly, but without pain thanks to previous lubing. Soon her sphincter encircled a tinier base, she knew that she was now plugged. She discovered that her anal intruder wasn't oversized, and sensation was not unpleasant.

"Stand up now", said the other woman. As she stood up, she felt her plug slightly moving in, deeper in her ass. Her mind realizing her situation triggered a smooth orgasm, her juices flowing out, her sphincter contracting against the plug base and her legs shaking so much that without her guard's help, she would have felt on the floor. "Well, as least you don't fake it" laughted the woman. Regaining balance, Julia tried to calm herself and reach normal breath. Her guard continued the dressing, guiding the front dildo into her soaked pussy. Julia was again on the edge of climaxing but at last time the guard slapped one cheek. "Not again". It came by surprise and Julia lost her excitation all of a suddend. "Now we continue cool" the guard added quietly.

Julia felt her torso now encased in the suit, then her breats and arms were sealed. Finally she was instructed to place her head in order to get in the attached hood. As the latex was applied to her face, she felt the guard placing her jaws against molded rubber guides. As she tried to close her jaws, she found it impossible and discovered the presence of a latex bulb in her mouth. Her guard finished the dressing without problem "Another reason for the cap" thought Julia, "they know their stuff." Ironically this thought relaxed Julia, as the guard proceed to zip up Julia in her new latex prison. Julia could see thanks to transparent plastic lenses. She noticed that her three intruders had each an attached tube hanging. Then she heard a woman voice, very close. "Our hood has earplugs incorporated, allowing us to give you instructions when needed. And to shut any external sound otherwise. Follow your guard, you are ready to start your isolation period, set as one week."

The guard opened the cell door and instructed Julia to walk. Each time she moved her legs she felt her lower intruders moving in her. She knew that her crotch was soaked with her juices, but she concentrated as she could on her path. Reaching the end of the corridor, another door opened, bigger than the previous ones. She couldn't believe was she saw. A vast room, twenty meter high, big as a soccer field, where frames were packed like containers. And in each frame a prisoner was stuck, between the two usual black latex sheets. Hundreds of captives were stored in total isolation. She was guided to the base of one structure, few similar machines as she previously experienced were standing there. They stopped in front of one frame ready for use.

"You know how to proceed, so lay down on the table, as before". Julia looked around her, on the nearby frames. It seemed that captives we slightly moving, fighting against their cocoons.

Julia saw a small screen on the base of these frames, she tried to decypher what was indicated, and with a shock she understood that Claire was imprisonned into the right one and Chloée in the left frame. She could see how deep both where breathing, in a state of arousal that must be extremely strong. "Now, proceed, or one day will be added." said the voice in her speakers.

Still shocked by what she saw, Julia was too weak to fight and she laid down on the table. As she placed herself, the guard placed both her lower tubes in a small hole made on the back sheet. Again, as soon as her hands were laying flat on the table, the front sheet was applied, her gag tube passed through the sheet and the frame vaccumed. She felt her frame being moved into a vertical position, as her friends frames. This time her head was also imprisonned between the sheets and her vision was cut. She was in total darkness. Suddently latex expended in her mouth, but not too much still. She understood that breathing was only possible through her mouth. She suspected that the inflatable gag had an emply tube passing by, with the front latex sheet leaving a small opening around her lips.

"You'll be positioned in your allocated slot. Don't panic, again every is safe. To unstress you, we explain how it works. You'll be fed by our breathing tube, it's a special solution that cover all your needs. Your wastes will be ejected thanks to your lower tubes. Your anal plug is quite complex and opens randomly to eject your wastes. You have nothing to worry about. Just purge your duty. Countdown starts now."

She felt her frame moving for few seconds then nothing happened. She tried to realize her options but nothing was available. She was encased within two layers of thin rubber, plugged by anal and vaginal dildos, gagged, unable to see or to hear. She thought of her friends experiencing the same fate. Then she felt her lower intruders starting to buzz slightly. "Oh no..." she thought, but it was useless, vibrations increased. She tried to move, to escape but not even the slighest movement was allowed to her. Then she felt her vagina gripping against the front dildo. Her sphincter start to contract and relax around the butt plug. She understood that an orgasm stronger than anything she had experienced before was building in her. She thought of her situation, totally isolated for one week, without any way to escape, all her opening impaled by rubber, unable to control the vibrations of her lower orifices. She exploded, reaching a climax that she wouldn't even suspect the possibility. It lasted long seconds. She already had lost track of time.

On the screen, the countdown timer was doing the job for her : Remaining detention : 6 d 23h 42m 21s.



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