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I Made a Mistake…

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; factory; latex; mould; machine; encase; statue; display; cons/reluct; X

My life has been full of ups and downs and at the moment I am enduring a down turn in my fortunes, but despite everything I have always had my interest in latex and bondage to see me through!

Latex for those that do not know it is normally a liquid that sets, but also can remain flexible. Garments of any kind can be made from it ranging from Batman’s capes and body armour, to a simple, tastefully cut skirt or a Mack to protect against the elements.

I work as a night security guard in a plastics development company, I walk around the building looking into things and generally making sure that everything is well and as it should be, which is how I found the vat!

The vat is exactly that, it is a huge container supported on chains, well clear of the floor, and inside of it is tonnes of liquid latex. Now as you can imagine, knowing of my interest in this fetishistic material, I was drawn frequently to the vat.

I would climb the steel stairs and just stand and look down, sometimes flashing my torch across the smooth black surface whilst wishing I could dive in and swim around, which of course I can’t!

There are a variety of different sized tubes leading out of the vat and through the far wall into labs. It is in these giant labs that the latex is used to create a variety of objects. My patrol route leads me into and through the labs, twice each night.

It is on the second visit of this night that my torch reflects off of a metal tube. This tube is split in half and hollow and standing vertical. I poke my head inside and see a man-shaped cut out, I can’t resist so I step within and place my body into the moulding. It feels kind of strange being contained in half a tube, whilst facing the matching other half. I lean back, wriggling deeper into the moulding, feeling it give and change to match my shape, I now find myself wondering what it would feel like to be stood within, but naked?

I am the only living soul in the building until seven in the morning, so stripping of my uniform is not a very frightening thing to do. Decision made, off comes my shirt, I unbuckle my belt and place it on top of the shirt, then off come my trousers and socks along with my shoes, until I am standing nearly naked. I drop my underpants in one smooth move and step out of them, now I am naked and ready.

My cock is obviously ready as it is standing out ridged with excitement, I slip back into the tube and wriggle myself deep into the lining.

I do not see it happen, but a small light on a computer screen flickers to life, it then activates a series of sensors and detects my body position. It closes the two halves of the tube together and seals me in, before I can even move I hear a pump start up, and slowly liquid fills and covers my ankles. Slowly it is rising up my body, now covering my still erect cock, my hips, my chest, my neck!

I try to push my head back and up, but the liquid rises covering my chin, seeping into my mouth and up my nose, I can’t breath, I can’t move, I am helpless! The liquid flows higher, now coating my face, covering my eyes, sending me blind but I don’t notice because I am in pitch dark! Finally it covers my head completely, then the pressure stops, there is no more room for anymore liquid within the sealed tube.

A whirring noise starts, I feel the pull as the metal halves of the tube part, I am standing, a black, perfectly shaped creation made of set latex. I open my eyes, the latex parts, I blow through my nose and I can breath thank god, but as for moving I am immobile, frozen stiff!

I will have to wait for someone, anyone, to come into work and discover and free me. I know I will get fired but at least I will be free again.

She, the department head, stands before me, intently looking at me, she reaches out to touch my body, she squeezed my erection, which amazingly I have not lost, and she smiles knowingly.

“Bring it out to reception I think I have a use for it!”

She has me placed on a chrome pedestal with my back to a wall, she forces my erection down and covers my genitals with a cloth, and leaves me there to advertise their products versatility!

My life has changed again! I have been promoted from security night- watchman, to object of intense interest! She passes me frequently, possibly too frequently, often with a selected number of potential clients, as they leave she never fails to reach beneath my loin-cloth and squeeze my latex covered balls.

She has told me that I will be re-treated soon, and I will never need to worry about anything ever again as this time it will be permanent! She knows that I am a loner, a latex fiend, and she is going to give me the most perfect gift that a woman can ever give to a man like me! The scary thing is, I think she means it, and having an erection for two days without coming is bad enough!

I think she wants to make my status permanent some how, and clearly she has an idea or two of how to obtain her aim! She is talking about displaying me in a museum as a sort of modern piece of art!

What will happen to me, how will I cope, will I cope? Only time will tell…

The End.



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