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Holidays at Home

by l8texallover

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© Copyright 2001 - l8texallover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; inflate; breathplay; toys; cons; X

It's the holiday season, my mistress has booked a week away for us. I am packing the cases ready for our journey in the morning when my mistress turns to me and says, "I have a surprise for you, your new suit has arrived." I knew she was up to something as I had spotted some latex brochures while doing the housework a few weeks ago. I am lead down to our playroom in the cellar where my present has been placed. There is a large box on the floor covered in brown packing cardboard and tape. I am instructed to open it and unwrap the contents. The first package to hand turns out to be a full body suit with attached gloves, feet and hood. It is incredibly heavy, it is made from shiny black latex but the material must be almost a quarter of an inch thick! 

My mistress indicates that I am to hand it to her for inspection of its strength and workmanship before she passes it back to me. "You are to strip and you will dress in the clothes that I pass to you, understand?" I willingly nod and oblige by dropping my clothes to the ground. My mistress pulls open the top drawer of the chest against the wall and passes me a pair of shoulder length latex gloves and a pair of thin latex socks. They are already well powdered so I proceed in putting them on. The long gloves are smoothed right up my arms and the socks are eased onto my feet and pulled up to mid calf. 

"Good" my mistress says, "Now things will get a little more complicated." She hands me a pair of latex pants to put on, they are black and shiny as well but they have reinforced holes at the front and back. I pull them up my legs until they are in position, my stiffening cock and balls are squeezed through the front hole. She seems pleased with the effect on me as she continues to hand me items of rubber. The next is a hood made of very thin rubber with only small eyeholes and two slim tubes for the nose. There is a gag fitted inside the hood where the mouth hole would be. The eyeholes have dark-tinted perspex windows bonded in for me to see out of and I guess I am supposed to breathe through the nose tubes. 

"Stop. Before you put that on, I have to prepare you." Soft earplugs are inserted into my ears and my hair is smoothed down with gel before my mistress helps me pull the hood over my head. The small diameter tubes are carefully inserted into my nostrils making me breathe deeper and work for my air. My mistress says, "I could use larger tubes but I think they spoil the effect, and anyway, I know you're strong and your breathing muscles will get used to it eventually." 

Next, the inflatable gag is pushed into my mouth and secured with a few good pumps. I can imagine how I must look, the shiny latex hood with dark plastic eyes and a nose flattened slightly by the breathing tubes very insect like. 

"You will stand up now." I am commanded, I have now to put the suit on. The rubber is extremely thick so it is a real struggle to push my feet down into the legs, even though they have been liberally powdered beforehand. My feet slip into the boots moulded onto the bottom of the legs and I adjust the fit for comfort. The legs are unrolled up my thighs until the latex body lies in front of me. I powder my gloves all the way to the top before plunging my hands down the sleeves into the moulded gloves fitted to the suit. The rubber of the suit is really thick and unyielding so my movement is now quite restricted. 

I pull the body of the suit to my chest and reach down to the zip and start to pull it up. I pause half way up my back because now I have to fit the hood. I pull the floppy hood up in front of my face, I can see that it has very small eye holes, small nose holes for my breathing tubes and a small mouth hole. The hood is then stretched slightly and I then push my head into it. I have to hold my breath while I try to align the breathing tubes with their matching holes. I can now breathe OK, but the tiny eyeholes reduce my vision dramatically. I now continue pulling up the zip until it reaches the back of my neck. The thick hood of the suit is just a bit too small so the last closure is very difficult; the neck of the suit grips my neck and throat tightly, threatening the choke me if I am not careful. 

When I finally get the zip up to the top of my head, my mistress locks it down to the moulded catch at the end of the zip. There is no way that I can remove the suit now. I can see very little and hear almost nothing except my own breathing, the air whistling quietly through the small tubes. My mistress orders me to stand still as she passes two heavy rubber balls to me. I am to hold a ball in each hand while she fits the heavy rubber mittens over my gloved hands, they are securely laced to my wrists and I can feel the weight of strong chains hanging from the rings at the end of my fingers. The rubber balls that I am holding take up all of the free space inside the mittens and they stop my fingers moving and prevent me being able to grab or hold anything. There is absolutely no escape now; I couldn't grip to undo anything, no matter how hard I tried. 

My mistress orders me to spread my legs; she crouches to firmly attach the long spreader bar to the rings bonded to the suit at my ankles. She stands up and takes a few steps back to admire the new suit; I can just see her expression of satisfaction. She then produces three more spreader bars, two of them are long enough to fit from wrist to ankle, they easily clip into position on the attached rings and I am forced to hold my arms out sideways. The third is fitted behind my back and attaches to each wrist and completes the square shaped frame. The chains are lifted up and I can hear them being fed into some kind of ratchet mechanism, the rattling continues until I can feel the tension pulling at my wrists. I am pulled taught, the bars and chains hold me upright in a flat posture, unable to move or sit down. I am completely at the mercy of my mistress. I am totally restrained. 

My mistress leaves the room, she has taken a few items with her and I guess that I am not to be allowed to watch her dressing this time. While I wait, I test the frame that supports me, I try to tug at the chains and rods to see if they are securely fixed. They are very well attached to the rings of my suit. 

After what seems an age, my mistress returns. She is wearing a new outfit that I haven't seen before. My vision is obviously very restricted but I can just make out her shape, although her waist has been pulled in dramatically by a heavily boned, tight fitting latex corset, she also has a new pair of spiky heeled thigh boots and they look like they are made of rubber as well. She is wearing long latex gloves and her ponytail hood. She performs a twirl in front of me so that I can see the full ensemble. She reaches into the box again and stands up holding something in her hand. She holds the item up to my face for me to see. 

The item is a pair of latex knickers, as she holds them up to me, I can see that they have a large internal dildo for her pleasure, its base is covered in pointed nodules for extra stimulation. She then shows me the outside of them. A huge knobbly dildo is fixed to the front of them, a thin wire hangs beneath them which is connected to a box, I assume this must be the vibration control. She smoothes KY jelly all over the internal dildo and then steps into the leg holes. She gingerly pulls them up to her thighs before carefully aiming the dildo into herself and then proceeds to pull them all the way up. The dildo deeply impales her, I can see that it is causing her great pleasure. The external dildo bobs up and down menacingly in front of me. "Now that you are restrained, I think that I will keep you here like this for the next week, I seem to have spent all of the holiday money on new rubber so as we can't go anywhere, you're going nowhere. You will live completely in rubber and you will pleasure me whenever I wish!" I don't think that I'm in any position to disagree. 

The next new item is produced to increase my bondage, it is an inflatable hood which is pulled over my head and I can feel the nose tubes being fed into a single breathing tube in the front of the hood, I find that I can just about breathe through the tubes but it is very difficult, I have to really work at it. Each breath is carefully measured, I have to concentrate on making sure that I get enough precious oxygen.. When my mistress is satisfied that I seem to be breathing well enough, she fits a thick collar around my neck to hold my head at the correct angle. I can feel the hood starting to inflate but it is not the normal hissing sound from the pump, the hood is getting very heavy, it is being filled with water. The filled weight of the hood is immense, the collar does its job by supporting the hood and stopping my head sag forward, the water blocks off all sound completely. The water continues to be pumped into the hood until the rubber is stretched to its limits. 

My mistress leaves me restrained like this, I can't tell whether she is in the room with me or whether she has left me alone. I concentrate on my breathing, in and out, in and out, I am becoming used to the restriction, I can cope with the extra effort involved. I am finding my position to be fairly comfortable, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the hood, the weight is taken by the collar and the water cools my head, the hood produces very weird feelings as the water sloshes around. Suddenly, my air stops! I can't breathe! My mistress is back and is playing with my breathing, she makes me hold my breath for what seems like a lifetime before letting me breathe again, or maybe she just kinks one of the tubes to make me struggle for her entertainment! The gag does its job well, I can't make any sound at all! 

I struggle against the rods that make up the bondage frame but it is no use, they are far stronger than I am and they are firmly fixed to the suit. The chains from my wrists are tightly fixed so there is no escape! I try to make as much noise as I can but that only results in punishment, both tubes being squashed closed and then I get no air! I can feel the zip between my legs being opened a little and something cold is being rubbed into my rear. A probing finger plays with my ass for a while causing me to stiffen and stand to attention. I can feel hot lips around my cock, they work up and down its length, kissing and sucking the entire thing as the finger works away in my bum. 

I am being expertly played with, not enough to come, but plenty enough to keep me rock hard. I am really enjoying myself, I am totally at the mercy of my mistress, she is teasing me to the limit ­ hold on... what's this? I can feel something larger being pushed into my ass, it is cold and hard, I can feel its shape being slipped into my well lubricated rear up to the hilt, I am being roughly shagged from behind by my mistress's strap-on, I can feel her thrusting into me, the two dildos of her knickers are connected together so she gets a deep thrust every time she plunges into me, she is gripping me around the chest with her arms, I can feel her speeding up, getting closer to her orgasm, she is using me, practically raping me while I am trapped in the frame. I feel her start to come, she is clenching and bucking as she enjoys herself. She holds on to me tightly as the feelings subside. 

My mistress releases from my bonds, but I am forbidden to pleasure myself and I must sleep in my new suit for her entertainment until the next day. 

My mistress has ordered me to dress again, she has chosen all of the difficult things for me to put on. She stipulates that I must follow the exact sequence as I put on my clothes. She has laid all of the items out in order. I must pour her a glass of wine and make sure she is comfortable before I start her entertainment. I was to start dressing with a pair of rubber socks and thin gloves, to aid getting hands and feet into tight suits, followed by the dildo pants. She has insisted that I wear the ones with the seven inch solid dildo and the front sheath. I was to talc my legs and step into the pants and then begin the familiar wriggle to slide them up to mid thigh level before coating it with KY jelly and then I would relax as much as possible before pushing the cold, smooth rod in up to the hilt, it always felt huge to start with and its presence had an immediate effect. The lubricated front sheath was then stretched over my now straining cock and all of the excess air was squeezed out. I can feel my mistress must be enjoying her view. 

Next was a pair of extra tight Bermuda shorts to keep the dildo well and truly snug. My thin latex all over suit was next, again, lots of wriggling to get it up to waist level and then I would slip my gloved hands down the sleeves and stretch the thin hood over my head and then I would carefully slide the zip up from between my legs, up my back and right up to the top of my head. The end of the zip was tucked under the flaps on either side making a near invisible closure. It would take probably over an hour to carefully smooth out each following layer of skin tight rubber to my mistresses' satisfaction, the tight rubber gloves making my hands ache with the exertion and making gripping almost impossible! The material would start to warm up to body temperature and grip tighter, making the next layers much harder to get on, the resistance of the first few layers sapping all of my strength as I struggle into my next suit and pull up the zip before the final layers, the last being another really tight hood and another pair of heavy gloves. 

There done. I had managed to get into the four suits, as commanded, this made a total of six hoods, four pairs of gloves and three pairs of socks. I was to step into my shiny rubber riding boots and slip the respirator into position over my rubber head and pull an open face hood over the top to give a better seal and a smoother look. 

I can hardly see or hear in my current state I was now completely rubberised! 

I can feel the restriction of the air-flow through the respirator filter so it will eventually need to be changed but it is quite pleasant at the moment. 

My mistress enjoys having me dress for her, she is very dominant and she likes to have me struggle for her entertainment. I must now help her dress, she has chosen tonight's outfit and my first job is to help her disrobe. I must avert my eyes when she is naked as I am not worthy of such pleasure. I carefully talc her body and hold her hand to steady her as she steps into her suit. It is pulled into position and the zip is fastened. She sits down and her command is "Boots" I see the boots that she is pointing at, they are shiny black patent with a five inch heel, they are front lacing. She slips her perfect feet into them and I am to start lacing. The pairs of gloves I am wearing make this task almost impossible, I can feel her impatience as I am taking too long. I finish the lacing with a good bow and step back to allow her to stand. I pick up the cloth and begin to polish the latex, she will not accept any blemishes to the shine. 

When she is satisfied with my polishing efforts, I am to brush her long blond hair until it is neat enough to make into a pony tail, she likes it to swish about her back like a gentle whip. I must then help her into her gloves and mask. The mask is a hood with open face with a hole on top for her pony-tail, the result is that she looks superb in her suit, with her spiky boots, gloves and accessories. She admires herself in the full length mirror, turning around for a full view. I am told to stand still next to the bed before she pushes me backwards and proceeds to restrain me. She fixes a spreader bar to my ankles and another to my knees and my wrists are secured to opposite sides of the bed. The ankle bar is secured to a rope that is connected to the base of the bed. This effectively stops me moving around while she fits a thick rubber posture collar around my neck which forces my chin up and my head back. She can then lift my respirator to insert a pump-up gag in my mouth which she has pleasure in pumping up until it completely fills my mouth and I can't make any verbal sound. Our safe is me humming the National Anthem, which is just about the only thing I can do to indicate distress! 

The pump is then unscrewed from the gag and the respirator in dropped back into position. My breathing is now much more laboured as I carefully breathe in and out through the restrictive filter, the rubber layers around my body act like a corset, squeezing the air from me! 

I can see the glint in her eye as she straddles my waist and places her latex gloved hand over the respirator's filter inlet and my air supply stops. I try to breathe in but the mask just sucks closer to my face, squashing my nose, the exhalation escapes easily from the exhaust port but the next breath is impossible as I try to inhale the whole respirator! She holds me like this for about thirty seconds at a time, releasing her grip momentarily for me to grab a quick breath of air. The situation causes my cock to become rock hard and she seems to be turned on by my struggles so she slides smoothly down on me. She reaches for her favourite vibrator and begins to play with herself while she sits astride me, I can feel the dull vibrations as she works herself up to a frenzy. 

The feeling is definitely less sensitive than when naked, but her skill and control more than make up for the loss of feeling. A couple of times she has me within seconds of coming, but then she changes her rhythm to keep me from reaching my climax. I am totally in another world, the lack of air is beginning to panic me and I can see her fascination with my predicament as she seems to toy with my life! 

I wanted desperately to reach up and feel her rubber breasts, but with my hands fixed to the bed, it was impossible. She allowed me a quick breath or two to save me from expiring and I feel her pussy clamp down on the full length of my cock as she begins to ride me. The sight of this rubberised woman on top of me is wonderful. She reaches up to my face with her other gloved hand and begins to caress my face through the collapsed rubber of the respirator. 

She rides me like I wasn't even there, like I am some kind of warm doll. 

I can tell that she is close to coming, and so am I. I think it is probably her forceful movements that push me over the edge. We both come together in a powerful orgasm. Her hand releases my inlet which allows me another few quick breaths while she slips off me. 

She leaves me to stew on the bed for a while before she comes back for a repeat performance. She places a rubber covered, thigh booted knee either side of my head and I can see, through my respirator's eye pieces, the nozzle of the inflatable dildo that she has pushed into herself, the pump is in her hand. She screws the pump onto the dildo and begins to inflate it. I watch as she repeatedly squeezes the bulb in her hand which causes the hidden toy to enlarge. We have done this before so I know that she can take about twenty-three pumps before it is too big for her. I carefully count the pumps, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five! I can see the base of the dildo becoming slightly transparent as she bends down to take me into her mouth. 

She lays her chest on my stomach to take her weight and free her hands for more vibrator play, but this also puts her head at the correct angle to deep-throat me, although she has never been able to do it fully, she knows that the feeling of her throat clenching around me as she gags makes me come very, very quickly. 

She takes a deep breath and proceeds to push me down her throat, the rhythmic spasming of her throat makes me come again inside the rubber sheath within seconds, and as I shrink away, she makes herself come again with her battery powered toy. She lays on me for a while as she regains her composure, she then climbs off and whispers "Don't go anywhere" as she walks out of the room.

My mistress has bought herself some new toys, I am to test them for her. I am stripped naked and I am to wear only the high-waisted latex pants and the ball gag. I kneel in front of my mistress while she sits, I begin to dress her. First are the latex stockings, I powder them and roll them up her beautiful long legs, being careful to smooth out any wrinkles. Next comes the boots, they are her riding boots made of finest patent leather with side buckles and a five inch heel, they fit very snugly. I buckle them to her satisfaction and then I help her into her leather gloves. She then stands up for me to lace her into her leather corset. I hook the front closures together and then begin to lace the back. She hangs on to the lacing bar above her head to straighten her body for me to pull the laces tight enough to close them. It takes at least ten minutes of pulling and lacing before the sides meet each other, reducing her waist to 19 inches! 

It takes a while before she gets her breath back and then I kneel before her to hook the suspenders to her stockings. My cock is rock hard, trapped under the latex of my pants. She passes me a pair of gloves, they are very unusual, one has a large rubber dildo projecting from the palm, the rubber fingers are covered with rubber nodules, the effect was that of a shiny black spiky spider, the second glove has no fingers at all, it is shaped as a rubber spanking paddle, the very end is splayed into small stingers. I hold my hands still for my mistress to lace them onto me. 

My hands are now converted into rubber pleasure devices. My mistress moves over to the old Victorian rocking horse in the corner, she places a well-heeled boot into the nearest stirrup and mounts the horse. Her other boot slips into the stirrup on the other side. My mistress sits on the shiny saddle holding the reins as the horse rocks gently. She leans forward to grasp the reins nearer the horse's head, looping them twice around her leather covered wrists. She assumes the position of a jockey, standing in the stirrups with straightened legs, bum up in the air, and I am then given instructions for what I must do. I am to secure her ankles and wrists to the shackles that are already attached to the horse. It is very difficult in these new gloves but I managed then I am to spank her using the paddle hand while I play with her using the dildo hand, I am to push it into her up to the hilt which will then allow me to use the spiky fingers to pleasure her. I am not to stop stimulating her until she has had enough and I am commanded to stop. 

I willingly comply, she is obviously turned on by the new toys, the dildo slips in very easily, she gasps as it fills her completely. I push it all of the way in, the movement sets the horse in motion. I begin to spank her bottom gently, to warm her up and get the blood moving, the first few strokes make her catch her breath and she grits her teeth. Her cheeks start to redden as the paddle smacks against the bare skin of her ass. She defiantly holds it up further, taunting me to really work at her, every crack of the paddle causes her to take a sharp intake of breath. The stinging of the paddle is now leaving bright red wheals across both cheeks, she is becoming very aroused, she whimpers as the dildo is slipping in and out of her while I tickle her clitoris with the knobbly glove fixed to its base. I push the dildo fully home and begin to pinch and tug at the lips of her pussy, occasionally brushing the nodules over her clitoris, every stroke makes her tremble in anticipation of what was to come, another stinging smack of the paddle or a rough tweak of her sensitive parts. 

The mark of the outline of the paddle is now clearly visible on both of her cheeks, as I plunge the dildo in and out, she holds her position on the horse, it sways forward and backward as she rides out her enjoyment. She is starting to come, she pushes back hard on the dildo, I frantically stimulate her as I continue to spank her, I catch her cheeks squarely every time she raises them until she cannot stand it any more, she collapses onto the horses back and she grinds herself into its patent leather saddle, her body clenching the dildo tightly as she comes. "Stop" she screams as she can take no more, I hold the dildo still for her as her muscles continue to spasm. She pants heavily as she buries her head into the horse's mane, her bare cheeks glowing brightly as the horse sways in front of me. 

After a few minutes of recovery, she instructs "Slave, come here so I can remove your gloves then you can release my shackles and help me off my steed and then lay flat on the floor." I obey. My mistress dismounts from the horse and walks over to me. She inspects the bulge in the front of my pants before kneeling down to straddle me. She links my cuffs together before grabbing the straps of my gag with both hands as though they are reins. "I am going to ride you now!" she hisses as she begins to slide forwards and backwards over the hard bulge in my pants. She is already very close to coming as she wriggles back and forth, bumping her clitoris over my rubber-covered cock. Her leather covered knuckles bite into my cheeks as rides me. She closes her eyes as she comes, forcing her full weight down on me to increase her pleasure. It's no good, I can't hold on any more, I come as well, pumping into the rubber between us. We both lay together for a while as we recover, "Very good slave. Next time I may release you from your bonds if you can promise to be a good boy" 

The next night, I am led down to the cellar again. I can see the next new toy hanging from the ceiling. It is a sling, it looks like it is made of thick leather with ample restraints hanging from it. "Strip" I am commanded, I obediently remove all of my clothes. My mistress orders me to kneel in front of her so that she can put a hood over my head. She pulls me around while she struggles to get the tight latex over my head until it is done. The hood is made of thick black latex with small eye and nose holes and a thin membrane over my mouth. My mistress holds up the mirror to my face so that I can see the result. The chin of the hood is covered in rubber spikes and my mouth is covered in thin latex. I find that I can poke my tongue right out and stretch the thin rubber until it becomes transparent. I am led over to the sling and my mistress orders me to lay back into it. I sit on the front edge and then relax my body into its rough leather embrace. 

My mistress first buckles my body flat to the back of the sling and then my arms are secured into position and buckled tightly at my shoulder, elbow and wrist. I lift my legs, one at a time, for my mistress to restrain them. They are tightly bound to the sling at mid thigh, knee and ankle. I hang there naked, trussed up fully and completely unable to move. My mistress adjusts the height and angle of the sling to her satisfaction. I now understand what I am to do. She walks around the sling until she is behind my head and roughly pulls my head down while she buckles a stiff restraint collar around my neck. I can see the tops of her thigh boots through the eyeholes of my hood. She moves closer to me until she starts to grind her pussy into my mouth. I push my tongue out into the thin rubber until I reach her clitoris and begin to lick her through the latex. 

She pushes harder onto me, forcing herself down onto my face, using my nodule covered chin for stimulation. She rubs herself up and down, bumping her clitoris over my nose and chin, panting heavily as she uses my face. She wriggles and squirms onto my nose, causing me to have to hold my breath as I am plunged into her wetness. She is holding on to the straps of the sling and her thighs are clamped around my head, I can feel the zips of her boots digging into my temples as her climax approaches. Her body is tensing as I feverishly play my tongue over her clitoris. She gasps and clenches he muscles as she is overcome by pleasure, I slow my tongue down to match her heartbeat, she grips me harder. "Don't stop!" she screams, I press my tongue harder into her. She freezes, little moans emanate from her as she rides out the waves of her climax. She slips off of me, and steadies herself as her wobbly legs make contact with the solid floor again. "Very good slave, you are learning well! I will release you in the morning, I hope you are comfortable!" 

I awake in the morning feeling very tired, I'm still firmly fixed into the sling but my arms and legs have lost all strength. The collar around my neck supports my head quite comfortably. I try to move my head to look around the room and I can see from the corner of my eye the shape of my mistress silhouetted against the window. "About time, I thought you were never going to wake up." My mistress stands up, she is holding something in her hands but I can't see well enough to make it out. She slowly walks over to where I am hanging and begins to pull at the hood covering my head. I have to close my eyes as she pulls it off, the full daylight is very bright compared to the dim light inside my hood. A blindfold is placed over my eyes to return me to darkness. "Slave, I have another new toy to test,Open wide." 

A hollow dildo gag is pushed into my mouth and the straps are buckled tightly around my head. It pushes deep into my throat nearly causing me to gag. "Listen slave, this new toy is a special vibrator built onto the gag in your mouth, it has switches built into the gag. For me to have my pleasure you must keep working on the dildo, you must use your tongue all over it which makes it vibrate at different speeds. You must suck it as well, it wriggles and twists more the harder you suck!" I was aware that the gag was not only hollow for me to breathe through, it was built into the back of a medical anaesthetic mask which enclosed my nose and mouth completely. 

My mistress tilted the sling downwards slightly so that I was at the correct height. "By the way slave, the air that you are breathing enters the dildo through holes in the sides so when it is fully in, you will have to hold your breath." She turns around and proceeds to slide down onto the shaft, she pushes the first few inches in easily and I begin to squeeze the gag. The vibrator springs to life, buzzing gently inside her, I play my tongue over the gag and I can feel the speed and strength of vibration vary depending on where I press. My mistress pushes down a bit more, covering the first of my breathing holes, the air begins to whistle slightly as I breathe. I suck on the gag a little, it begins to rotate and jerk gently. My mistress begins to moan quietly and pushes down a bit more, closing off a few more of the air holes. I suck really hard on the gag which makes it buck violently inside her making her lose her concentration, she pushes down fully on the vibrator, I can feel her weight on my face, her high heels are only just touching the floor as she grinds herself against the outside of my mask. 

My air has been cut off completely now so I must make her come quickly if I am to be granted more. I suck and squeeze the gag for all I am worth, I can feel my mistress beginning her climax, her legs twitch as they try to support her and stop her falling off the vibrator. The vibrator is going mad, it is wriggling around and pulsing in and out while I play the gag around, speeding up and slowing down the vibrations in time with my mistresses heart rate. She suddenly tenses, the wave of pleasure is overtaking her, the vibrator pushes her over the edge, all of her body trembles as she comes, her full weight is pressing down on me. Her back arches as she comes until, fully spent, she collapses backwards onto me, the vibrator pops out and I am able to breathe again. "Well done slave." She pants. "I knew you were up to it." She lays on top of me as she regains her breath. "I'll let you free now." My mistress un-buckles my arms and legs, they flop down uselessly until the circulation gets going again. "You have done very well slave, tonight I may let you have some fun." 

Tonight my mistress has promised me a treat. I am to strip for her again in the cellar and I am to stand on the plinth with my back against the six foot vertical pole projecting from its centre. My mistress is waiting for me dressed in her favourite Catwoman outfit. It is a perfect recreation, complete with waist cincher, high heeled boots and whip. My mistress pulls my arms back to secure them behind the pole with handcuffs and she buckles a large ball gag into my mouth. She then produces a large roll of clingfilm and begins to wrap me. She starts at my feet, a few turns around my ankles pull them tight to the pole and then she continues to tightly wrap a couple more times before she stops. "You'll like this, I have had a motor fitted to the plinth." She steps on a foot switch and I begin to revolve. My mistress can now just hold the roll while I am wrapped automatically. "Lift your arms." I obey as the layers of film rise up my legs and start to enclose my body, the layers build up rapidly with each revolution until it gets near to my shoulders. "Arms by your sides!" I obey, my arms become trapped by the next layers as I rotate before my mistress's eyes. 

She keeps her shiny boot firmly pressed down on the switch, cocooning me in miles and miles of film, she works the roll up and down from neck to feet until, eventually, the roll runs out. I can't move a muscle. Only my head is exposed. "Time for the next roll but first we need to give you a hood." My mistress produces a black latex hood, it has a rear zip and a long corrugated hose stuck to the front. I lean my head forward as far as I can for my mistress to fit it on me. It zips closed very tightly completely enveloping my head, my breathing air is supplied by the hose. I am in total darkness when "Here you go again." The turntable starts again, I can feel more clingfilm being added to my legs, as I revolve, the layers begin to creep up my body until they reach my neck but they don't stop, the wrap continues to cover me, it grips tightly around my hood, covering me completely. The film continues to wrap my head, more and more layers until my mistress sets the roll a bit lower and the wrapping travels down my body to my feet and then back up to complete the encapsulation. 

I have been fully wrapped, I am fixed to the pole and I can't move. The darkness amplifies the spinning feeling and now I can't tell whether I'm rotating or not. I can only breathe through the tube fitted to my hood. The film is very effective, it exerts an even pressure over my whole body, there is no escape, all I can do is wait for my mistress to decide what to do with me. I wait for a while, I quite enjoy this immobilisation feeling, my full weight is taken by the wrap so I can completely relax within my bonds. I can feel my mistress running her hands up and down the outside of my encasement, checking to see that it is complete. I can feel her running her hands over my cock and balls, testing them for a response. I twitch in anticipation, I wonder what she will do to me. I can feel a tugging at the wrap and then "Snip!" She has pushed a pair of scissors through the layers and is proceeding to cut an access hole ­ carefully I hope. 

The cold air hits my exposed rock hard cock. "I think that you'll like this, I've bought one of those new mouth inserts." After a few seconds, I can feel cool lips brushing up and down my length, kissing and nibbling while hands tug and pinch at my balls. The lips have bumps over their surface, which has an intriguing feel. The rubber insert seems to completely cover all of the surfaces inside her mouth, the tongue has prickly rubber spikes all over and her teeth have soft folds that simulate her pussy lips, the delicate surfaces formed inside are amply lubricated with a gel substance. 

She takes my cock into her mouth with a squelch, bumping me deeply into her throat and then sucking me firmly while her spiky tongue dances all over my shaft. I can feel that the end of the insert appears to be a sheath, it contains more lubricant, warmed by its location in her throat. She pulls me in deeper until her chin meets my balls, the bumps around her lips clasp tightly around the base of my cock and then she slowly pulls back, stretching me and causing a vacuum inside her mouth before plunging back down the shaft to the base again with another squelch of the hot lubricant. She uses her throat muscles to massage the tip of my cock as it nestles within the sheath, teasing me and using her skill to take me to the limit repeatedly. I try not to come but the sensations are far too strong and I tense up, this gives her all the signal she needs to start to milk me, her lips grip around my shaft as her tongue buzzes and she pulls backwards extracting the come from me. She holds me in her throat as my spasming cock pumps its load into the sheath while her tongue presses me into the top of her mouth controlling the speed of my ejaculation. 

My limp cock slips from her mouth with a plop, I can feel the lube and my come dripping from the end onto the cool cellar floor. I am panting heavily through the long breathing tube, its dead space has made me quite breathless after my exertions. 

"I don't need to ask if you enjoyed that, do I?" My mistress laughs. 


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