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The Gorg

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; exhib; scifi; latex; bond; gag; death; cons; X

It's the summer of 2081 and the Gorg have become established in society. It's been twenty years since they first appeared.

It all started when several scientists ignored the law and carried on doing genetic experiments in secret. They wanted to see how far they could go, from that they created the Gorg. Now there are a lot of them, society has changed dramatically. Since then they had to if they wanted to survive, the Gorg are very dangerous and they breed very easily and where a normal human won't reach adulthood till they are in their late teens, the Gorg do that in only a few years.

Gabrielle and Jason have been together for just a year. He is in his early thirties while she is just over eighteen. Even though they have no desire to get married, in every other way they are. Its night time and they have to take a lot more care when they go out; that's when the Gorg are active and dangerous. Their car is armoured like every other humans' are and when they get home Jason auto opens the garage door and drives in. He remote locks the door and using the dedicated remote control releases the gas, so they have to wait while it works.

Their car has a separate air supply so as long as they don't unlock and open the doors before the gas has been sucked out they are safe. Jason watches the sensor on the garage wall till it glows green, then they unlock and open the doors. Jason has a look round to see if there are any dead Gorg in the garage before they go into the house and there are none.

“All clear. Go in and start the dinner while I turn the garage lights off.”

By the time Jason has joined Gabrielle she has started dinner. While she cooks, he pours out glasses of wine for both of them.

“Jason, can you remember what life was like before the Gorg?”

“Yes I can. It was a lot easier then; we could go out without worrying about our safety.”

“Why can’t society just get rid of them?”

“They are very intelligent, and they seem to know how to survive. So long as we take care, we should be ok.”

“Do you know what they look like close up? I have only ever seen them from a distance.”

“To be honest they don’t look much different to us, particularly when they are dressed in human clothes.”

“Now that is scary.”

“Don't worry my detector will pick them up every time. In fact its indicated that there are several outside now, but the house is so strong they wont be able to get in. Look out of the window you should be able to see them.”

Gabrielle stands in front of the lounge window with her glass of wine looking out into the garden, and sure enough there are several on the lawn looking at the house.

“Creepy, they just stand there looking.”

“Haven't you never noticed them before? They come round most nights.”

“No, it didn't occur to me that they would be just outside.”

“They are just hungry. They are hoping you will come out. I have seen them eat a live human and its quite something. They eat everything, even the bones. They must have really strong jaws and they also seem to prefer females. I guess they must taste better.”

“Now I'm really creeped out.”

“We are safe, so long as we stay inside. They will all be gone when it's daylight.”

While Jason is in the kitchen dishing out their dinner, Gabrielle strips off and stands in front of the window so the Gorg can clearly see her. Then she plays with her pussy for a few minutes, so she can see the reaction she is getting.

“You really are a prick teaser Gabrielle. Don't encourage them.”

“There is something very erotic about them. I know they are dangerous but they can't get in so why not?”

“Ok, but don't overdo it.”

As dawn breaks the Gorg gradually disappear, and when it is full light there is no sign of them. Gabrielle and Jason don't get to bed till gone one. She doesn't need to work, but Jason does.

“Last night was so sexy. Can we do it again tonight?”

“No we need to keep the Gorg under control and if they see you looking gorgeous they might try and get in. I know they can't but its still not good.”

“Ok I understand, I promise I will behave next time.”

He leaves for work and a few minutes later she leaves the house to go to the shops. She spends most of the day at the mall, and while she is there she buys several kinky and erotic latex outfits from the sex shop, including very high heels, tights and lots of sexy undergarments.

When she gets home, Gabrielle sits down and draws out diagrams on A4 sheets of paper to show the Gorg what to do and how to get dressed. Then while it's still daylight she nails them to the fence; the clothing she puts in separate piles on the table on the patio.

At about six o'clock Jason comes home from work and they sit out on the patio to eat.

“I want to get dressed up tonight. I am hoping they will as well I have bought a whole load of sexy stuff for them to wear.”

It's still early, but she gets dressed. She puts on her sexiest latex mini-dress with her highest heels. Jason helps to lace her tightly into her corset and he also has to help her into the dress as it's very tight.

“You really look the part Gabrielle. The Gorg are going to really love you, I know I do.”

“That's the idea.”

She gets Jason to video her while she puts on her make up and also with her walking around the house. She puts the video straight onto a laptop's hard drive, then she sets it on play. She places it on the patio table so the Gorg can see her.

Before she finishes she puts a box of make up on the table next to the clothes.

“Ok, now we wait.”

“They might damage the laptop. I hope you are ok with that.”

“I think they will be too fascinated by what's on there to damage it.”

“What about starting the video surely it will be finished by the time they get here?”

“It's on a loop so it can stay out there all night.”

Jason locks the doors and windows well before it gets dark as he normally does, and they sit down in the conservatory to wait.

“No sign of them yet Jason.”

“It won't be long. As soon as it gets dark they will be here.”

Gabrielle strains her eyes waiting for them and she is the first one to see them.

“They are here.”

She turns the patio lights on and that seems to scare them away but after a few minutes they come back.

“They seem very intrigued by what's on the laptop.”

There are six females and one male crowded round the computer looking at what is on there. It's not long before several are looking at the drawings that Gabrielle did.

She walks upstairs into the bedroom, turns the lights on and opens the window. The noise makes all of them look up.

“Hi, can you talk?”

The Gorg understand Gabrielle, and one of them replies.

“Yes we understand you. Why don't you come outside so we can see you properly?”

“I wont do that. I'm sure you know why.”

“I guess we do.”

“Have you seen the garments on the table?”


“They are for you to dress up in so you can get rid of those rags you normally wear.”

All of them, including the one male Gorg, walk over to the table and look at the garments, shoes and underwear.

“Try them on. They will stretch if they seem too small.”

They don't need telling twice. All of them including the one male get into the latex outfits, including the tights shoes and underwear. The transformation is incredible; they all look really sexy, even the guy looks like a sexy girl.

“Wow you look so good. If I didn't know I would think you where human.”

They all put on the make up and pose in front of each other. The one guy looks just like the others.

“We would all love to go out with you, dressed like this but we understand that its not really possible.”

“There might be a way. If it is possible I will let you know tomorrow evening and you can keep the clothes.”

None of the Gorg have ever worn anything like this before and they spend the next few hours learning how to walk in the high heels and very tight dresses.

“I think you have really started something Gabrielle. I hope it doesn't all blow up in your face. You do know its not possible to mix with them don't you?”

“Never say never, if there is a way I will find it.”

“Good luck with that, you will need it.”

Gabrielle doesn't underestimate the difficulty but she is determined to do it.

Jason is quite turned on by the Gorg outside. They look so erotic and he bends Gabrielle over the sofa and shags her. The Gorg stop walking around and just look through the window at them. Jason shags Gabrielle for nearly an hour. It's the longest he has done that for and she loves it.

The Gorg can't keep their eyes off them, and they all stand outside with there faces really close to the patio window. They all look so sexy that Jason finds it quite a turn on.

He can't tell them apart they are all derived from clones so they are identical. Even the one guy looks the same, the only way to identify him is his lack of breasts.

Jason finishes shagging her and the Gorg gradually move away from the window and disappear into the darkness.

“I have a few ideas for taking the Gorg out, and I want to look at a few businesses on the Internet to see if they can make what I need. So why don't you go to bed and I will come up later?”


She sits down in front of the computer and logs onto the Internet. She finds loads of companies that make what she needs, so she will phone them tomorrow to see if they can make custom variations for her. She needs them made in a particular way, and they may not be able to handle it. She has a list of five companies to contact so she writes all their details down on a sheet of paper.

An hour has passed and she is happy that she has got enough information so she turns the computer and downstairs lights off and goes up to bed. Jason is fast asleep so she quietly gets undressed, turns the lights off and slides into bed.

They both sleep really deeply and it's quite late when they do wake. Jason has to go to work so he gets dressed in a bit of a panic, skips his shower and breakfast, gets in his car and drives to work. Gabrielle has a lie-in while thinking over what she needs to do.

She puts on her dressing gown and slippers and goes downstairs. She wants to get the whole thing sorted by lunchtime, so she phones the first company on her list. They are no help at all, they can only make to their own standard model, but the second and third can do it to her own spec and the second one provides pricing straight away so that's the one she will go with.

She spends the next hour drawing out what she wants made. She wants to make sure she, Jason and others are completely safe; now all she needs is the Gords' measurements and their agreement.

It's a lovely warm sunny day so she spends it outside on the patio. Its completely safe as the Gorg hate the daylight, they only come out when it's dark. Gabrielle sleeps for most of the day and its only Jason coming home that wakes her.

“Hi Jason, have you had a good day at work?”

“Not bad, but I can see you have had a better one. Have you sorted out what to do about the Gorg?”

“I have, I just need them to agree to it?”

“Ok, what have you decided to do?”

Gabrielle shows Jason her drawings and explains how it will work.

“That will work so long as you get them to agree.”

“They wont have a choice if they want to come out with me.”

“If they agree I would like to come as well.”

“I was hoping you would say that.”

Its just coming up to seven o'clock so Jason gets Gabrielle to come indoors and locks the doors and windows.

She has a shower and gets dressed up in her fetish gear again. They sit in the conservatory. Jason has bought a large pizza so she doesn't need to cook tonight, and they eat it while they wait.

Just as it gets really dark, they can see a slight movement at the bottom of the garden its the same seven Gorg that were here last night. They slowly walk up to the patio and just stand there looking at the house. All of them are completely naked, although they all have plastic bags in the hands.

Gabrielle goes upstairs into the bedroom and opens the window.

“Why aren't you wearing your new clothes?”

“We didn't want to mess them up, as we are hoping you will agree to take us out with you.”

“Ok that makes sense. Before I talk to you, why don't you all get dressed now? I guess you have the clothes in the bags.”

They don't need telling twice and they help each other into their kinky clothes. When they have finished they do their make up and just stand there looking up at Gabrielle.

“You all look amazing. If it wasn't for the lack of hair you would look just like humans.”

“We like not having hair. Unlike you we don't need to mess around with it.”

“I can see the advantages. Ok, I have worked out a way to take you all out, but it's very extreme as it needs to be for my safety. If you don't agree to it I wont be able to take you out, so its your choice really.”

Gabrielle has copied her drawings and pinned them to the shed, along with coloured pictures from the internet site of the company that will make the garments for her. She explains how it will work and the Gorg just listen quietly till she has finished.

“Ok, chat amongst yourselves and let me know what you decide.”

The Gorg crowd round the pictures while chatting together and after a few minutes they all walk back to the patio. They look up at Gabrielle; only one of the Gorg talks for them, so she is the first to speak.

“We haven't any choice, so we will do it, what do we do now?”

“Brilliant ok, I need you to measure one of you so I can have the garments made perfectly. I can see you are all identical size-wise, so do that and we should be able to go out clubbing in about a week.”

She throws a tape measure down to them and they get one of the female Gorg undressed so they can measure her. They can't write so they shout the measurements up to Gabrielle, so she can write them down. After half an hour they are finished and they help the girl get dressed again.

“I will let you know when its all done. It should be about a week, so just make sure you come round regularly.”

Gabrielle closes the window and walks back downstairs. Jason has been watching all this and he grabs her as soon as she comes into the conservatory, bends her over the back of the sofa and shags her.

The Gorg are fascinated and crowd round the window to watch them again, that makes it even more erotic for both of them. It's over an hour before they get to sit down and the Gorg finally disappear.

“That was quite a experience. I bet there are not many humans who have talked to the Gorg like you just did.”

“Its the only way, if we are going to integrate.”

“To be honest I don't think we ever will.”

“You may be right, but I'm going to have a damn good try.”

“Why don't you wear the same outfit as they do? Its more fun that way.”

“Ok, I will.” 

Before they go to bed, Gabrielle gets Jason to measure her when she has got undressed, so she can get an extra outfit made for her.

“Do you realize my measurements are almost the same as the Gorg's to within a couple of millimetres?”

“I thought they might be. Why don't you use their measurements, it's a lot easier?”

“I think I will, it's cheaper as well.”

They turn the lights off and go to bed at the same time. Jason falls asleep very quickly but Gabrielle lays there awake for some time. Thinking over the whole thing she has worked out how to get them into the costumes safely, it's just how to do that with her wearing the same as them. She will have to get Jason to dress her last, and she drifts of to sleep with that thought in her brain.

They both have a really good nights sleep but they still wake up at their normal time. Jason needs to go to work, so he has a shower, gets dressed and has a leisurely breakfast. Gabrielle is in no hurry to get up so she turns over and goes back to sleep. It's gone ten before she gets up. Even before she gets dressed she phones the company who will make the Gorg costumes and orders eight sets which includes one for herself. Then she transfers the deposit to their bank account and emails the measurements. She also confirms what she wants made. She does pay extra so they will be made much quicker, in fact in only three days instead of a week.

The days pass by with lots of shagging and the Gorg visiting every night. She gets a call on the third day to say her order is ready for collection so she gets dressed and drives to the company that makes the costumes. The boss opens the door for her and she follows him in.

“This has to be the most unusual order we have ever completed but I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable to make.”

The boss shows Gabrielle what they have done and she examines it closely.

“It looks perfect. Have you treated the latex so it cant be cut?”

“Yes, it's so strong now that it would be almost impossible to cut it. In fact if we had done this first it would have been impracticable to make them.”

“Excellent, I think I may need more made in the future.”

“We would be happy to do this again.”

There are a lot of garments and other stuff so the boss packs it all up. They carry it out to Gabrielle's car and load it into the boot. She has already paid so she gets in her car and drives home.

Jason comes home to find Gabrielle sorting through the garments and the extras.

“You have them? I thought it would take a week?”

“I paid extra to get them made quicker. I really want to do this.”

“Don't you mean I paid extra?”

“Splitting hairs again are you?”

“I guess I am but it's ok, I want to do this as well.”

Jason helps to sort out the garments, now they just have to wait.

The evening seems to drag somewhat but as it gets dark the Gorg gradually appear, till they are right outside the conservatory window. They all gets dressed as they routinely do now, and by the time Gabrielle is in the bedroom they are all dressed and made up. She opens the window so she can talk to them.

“I have some good news for you the new outfits are made and I have them here with me.”

The Gorg love all this and excitedly talk to each other.

It's Saturday tomorrow, so if you are up for it we can go clubbing in the evening. I need you to get dressed in the outfits I told you about, but apart from that you will be free to enjoy yourselves. The costumes will block the Gorg detectors so you wont be found out.

“That's excellent we will do whatever you ask us to do, when do you want us to get dressed?”

“Tomorrow evening I will leave the costumes on the table so you can get into them. I will leave written instructions pinned on the shed so you know what to do. When you have done that lay on the lawn with your arms and legs extended and I will come out and padlock the zips. Then you can all get dressed. There is one costume that is different to the others, it's for the guy. It has built in tits so it will be obvious when you look at it.”

Gabrielle closes the window and comes back downstairs where Jason is masturbating.

“You horny devil couldn't you wait?”

“Just watching and listening was making me so randy. I was imagining the Gorg all dressed up and that includes you. I cant wait till tomorrow evening its going to be mega.“

“Yes I think it will be.”

The Gorg always watch Gabrielle and Jason having sex, they seem fascinated by it and Gabrielle and Jason just love being watched.

“We have really started something here.”

“Yes we have and I love it.”

Jason ties Gabrielle's arms tightly behind her with rope. He also ball gags her and the Gorg get really excited. It's as though they want the same. In a way they will, tomorrow evening.

Jason has huge stamina and he shags Gabrielle for hours. If anything she is even more horny now. She loves being tied up and gagged and Jason loves doing it to her. 

It's gone one in the morning when Jason decides to go to bed. He doesn't untie Gabrielle he just carries her upstairs and lays her in the bed. Then he goes back downstairs where the Gorg are still outside and turns the lights off, that makes the Gorg walk back to there own place.

He goes back upstairs, turns the lights off, gets undressed and into bed next to Gabrielle, who is still obviously very randy. He goes to sleep with his fingers in her pussy.

Gabrielle is used to sleeping tied up and gagged and sleeps very soundly, as does Jason. He wakes up before she does and gets out of bed without untying her. He gets dressed and goes downstairs to start breakfast. He always cooks it on a weekend so he wont go back upstairs till its ready. Gabrielle wakes up and all she can do is wait to be released.

“You look good Gabrielle. I think I may leave you like this.”

She likes being like this but she has a lot to do to prepare for this evening so she mmmmphs at Jason to untie her and he does.

“That was quite a night Jason.”

“And the best night is still to come.”

Even though she is quite stiff, Gabrielle get out of bed and runs a hot bath. She lays in till it gets a bit cold, then she gets out, dries herself and gets dressed. By now breakfast is ready so she comes downstairs and sits at the table to eat.

“I was thinking about tonight and wondering if we should get the Gorg into lace up corsets. Maybe you could wear one as well?”

“I like it. Their costumes will still fit ok, as they are made a bit smaller."

"Ok I will go out and get some after we have eaten.”

Gabrielle finishes eating and drives to the sex shop to buy eight lace up corsets. She comes back home and puts them with the outfits for tonight one she keeps for herself.

She spends the rest of the day doing drawings of how she wants the Gorg to get dressed. She puts them all on the shed and lays out the individual outfits on the patio table, with labels as to what sex they are for. Once she has done all that she gets herself a drink and lays out on a lounger to get some sleep.

She is still asleep when Jason wakes her to come inside, as its just starting to get dark. He locks all the doors and windows and they sit down to wait. It's not long before the Gorg appear.

“They must be keen, it's not fully dark yet.”

All of them are just wearing there normal raggedy clothes, but they are carrying their latex outfits in plastic bags. They don't acknowledge Gabrielle and Jason, they just get on with removing their rags and help each other with the penis gags. They are deliberately very extreme as Gabrielle wants to make sure they can't cause any problems. Her and Jason watch with amazement as they all put the gags in and help each other do the straps up.

When all of them have done that they look at the drawings again and lace the corsets on. The picture makes it plain, they need to pull the laces as tight as possible so they do it with two pulling the laces. After a few minutes all are tightly laced in, then they pull on the rubber doll suits. They are now completely covered from head to toe. The one guy now looks identical to the girls. All of the doll suits have the same faces painted on the hoods, so they all look exactly the same. Now they will have to wait for Gabrielle, so they all lay on their stomachs on the grass with their arms and legs outstretched. She can padlock the zips, even though they can't do any harm now. Jason follows Gabrielle out with a gun and stands behind her till she has finished the padlocking.

“Ok, you can all get dressed now”

They hurry back indoors and lock themselves in. Gabrielle needs to talk to them when they have finished, so she wont be able to get dressed yet.

The Gorg can't use their hands much now that their hands are in the built in gloves. They only have two parts, one for their thumbs and one for their other fingers, so Gabrielle has provided a metal device to pull the zips up. Even then they struggle. She is blown away by the transformation. Now they have finished getting dressed and into identical blonde wigs she hoped they would look good but she is really stunned by how sexy they all look. She goes upstairs and opens the window so she can talk to them.

“Ok you all look really good, just remember that the doll suits cant be cut, so you will be like this till I get you out. I am going out with you dressed identically, so it will only be Jason who is not gagged like we are.”

She closes the window and straight away she gets Jason to help her with the penis gag, the corset and the doll suit. He zips her up and padlocks her zip, the same as the Gorg.

Like them, Gabrielle's fingers are only in two pockets, one for her thumb and one for her four fingers so she can't do much. She is now totally reliant on Jason to dress her, which he does.

She has never worn a doll suit before so she parades up and down in front of the mirror in the bedroom while stroking her fanny through her latex dress.

“The minibus will be here shortly, so I will get the Gorg and bring them into the house.”

Gabrielle can only stand and wait, she can't really do anything. Jason lets the Gorg into the house and has for safety handcuffed their elbows and wrists behind them. They cooperate by putting their arms behind, even helping to cuff each other. Jason does the same to Gabrielle so she looks the same.

The minibus arrives within a few minutes and Jason leads them out to it. This is the first time any of them have been in a vehicle, so he has to help them in. He is regretting in a way now that he can't tell Gabrielle from the others. He will just have to hope he can work it out when they get back home. In fact he is quite turned on by it.

When they arrive at the club, Jason helps everyone out, pays the driver and leads them into the club. The door staff do scan them but the doll suits stop the scan from detecting them as Gorg. Jason leaves them chained up, it's a lot safer that way.

They cause quite a stir and its not long before all of them including Gabrielle get taken away by various clubbers. Jason is ok with that and he finds a few very sexy girls to talk to.

Gabrielle can just about see Jason being chatted up by several very sexy girls through the obscure doll suit eyes. She is really jealous but she is bent over a table and having her bottom smacked, so she cant do anything apart from having an orgasm. Her new mistress has tied her legs tightly together, so she can move even less now.

Jason has found a gorgeous girl who seems to be even more kinky than Gabrielle and she seems to really like him. He already fancies her.

The Gorg are naturally really strong and all of them have to try and cover that up and appear very feminine and weak. It's really hard for the one male Gorg to do that but, so far he has, and nobody seems to have suspected he is not a she.

“Where are your friends that you came in with Jason?”

“They are ok, with other clubbers anyway. Let's not worry about them, it's you I am interested in. Can I take you out one evening? I'm sure we would have a great time.”

“So long as you promise to tie me up and shag me, I would love to go out with you.”

“That's a deal then.”

He spends the rest of the evening with Sasha. He is already thinking about how he can move her in, but with Gabrielle already there its impossible so he will have to think of some way to make it happen.

It's gone four in the morning and the club is starting to empty so he finds all of the Gorg, including Gabrielle, and takes them all home in the same minibus they came in.

He still has no idea which of them is Gabrielle, so for his own safety he treats them all the same. As soon as they get back to the house he pays the driver and walks them out into the garden. He gets them all lined up facing the house with their legs apart as much as the latex dresses will allow. He unchains their arms, then he goes back indoors and locks the door again.

They know what to do so, they all get out of their latex clothes and lay down on the lawn with their arms and legs extended. Even Gabrielle does that, she hasn't really got much choice. He unlocks the door again and comes out into the garden; he quickly removes all the padlocks from the doll suit zips then goes back indoors. He locks the door again and watches them all get out of the doll suits and gags.

Almost instantly he sees Gabrielle, she does try and make it back to the house but she is not quick enough. She gets grabbed and tied up. She is really struggling and screaming, but the one male Gorg pushes a piece of cloth in her mouth and puts her over his shoulder.

They all disappear into the darkness stark naked. Jason has a good idea of what will happen to her and after half an hour he hears a very loud scream from the distance which lasts for several seconds then it all goes quiet again. It's obvious to him they have solved his problem.

In the derelict house where they live, the Gorg feast on every part of Gabrielle, even her bones, so after a few hours there is nothing left. Then they all lay down on there makeshift beds and go to sleep.


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