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The Hidden Face of Doktor Lydia von Sklaverei

by Den Sethos

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© Copyright 2007 - Den Sethos - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; bond; latex; slave; machine; rel/nc; X

The plot is not revolutionary, but still, since this is a primarily sex-oriented story, who cares… Preliminary remarks: - English is not my native tongue, so if you find some grammatical mistakes, please forgive me, and if you want, notify me, so that I will not do the same mistake. - This story deals with lesbian domination. I try my best to be accurate but since I am male, I may miss a point. If I do, please notify, I will revise the story. Also, even if I am interested in BDSM (obviously), I am not into the scene. So the same as before applies, send feedback so I can make corrections.

- This story will have a continuation. I already have a few ideas, but suggestions would be most welcome. - I am an awful drawer. So if some of my readers were to illustrate the story, I would be most pleased to include their drawings in the story. - VERY IMPORTANT: Those who seek sex, domination et cetera, should proceed directly to the end of chapter 2. The plot is simple and well-worn but those who want to understand everything should also read the beginning.


Prelude: Disappearance and Decision

Barbara was thoroughly angry with her editor. That scum refused to give a true journalist work! All he gave her was trashy boring work good enough for any gutter press newspaper. His last idea of a rewarding job had been to send her off to a goddamned reception where she had had to interview all sorts of rich good-for-nothings who did not seem to know how good their life could be. That had been the last blow. Upon returning from this reception, she had stormed in her boss's office, slammed her resignation onto his desk and then the door in his face when he had tried to hold her back.

Walking quickly through the crowd in the London Tube, she was heading towards her best friend's flat. That friend, Kate, was a nurse at one of the most exclusive clinics in London. This clinic, specialized in plastic surgery, was run by an extremely secretive surgeon, Doctor Lydia von Sklaverei . Since that doctor had taken over the clinic's management, its business had grown exponentially, just as its reputation . The employees were very well paid and according to their contract they could not be fired unless they did something particularly serious . Kate, however, had lately grown increasingly anxious about something at her work that she would tell no one including her best friend, Barbara.

Barbara, while in the Underground train that led her to Kate's flat was thinking about how they had met five years before . Barbara was not a journalist at that time. She attended the same nurse school as Kate. But then, at the end of their first year, Barbara had decided that she was fed up with all those superior-looking doctors who considered nurses as mere servants. She had given up while Kate had gone on, becoming last year a full-fledged nurse.

Barbara had turned to the job of journalist, thinking it would give her more excitement than cleaning bed-pans. She thought she would be able to uncover all sorts of dangerous plots against the world and become a world-reknown heroin. Well, that had failed. Now that she had resigned, she did not even know what tomorrow would be made of. Her account was not empty but it did not hold a fortune either. Brooding on those dark thoughts, she looked at her reflection in the door glass. She was an auburn-haired beauty of one metre seventy with startling blue eyes. Her breasts, though a mere B cup, were full and did not sag. Lower on, her hips were well accentuated, while her waist was well muscled by her morning exercises. Finally, her legs were long shapely affairs that did not fail to attract male attention when she left them uncovered. However, she had decided long ago that she did not want to be bothered by that kind of attention and she usually hid her shapes in baggy, shapeless clothing.

She compared her reflection in the window with the picture the name of Kate generally conjured in her head. Kate was a frail brunette with a stunning face but very little body shapes. She barely filled her A cup bras and she hated working out. This did not make her ugly but when compared to Barbara she attracted no attention. That meant that since she always went out with Barbara, she never came back with a boyfriend, while it was not uncommon for Barbara to come back to her flat with a new-found male friend.

Coming out of the station, she entered a building some fifty meters further and climbed the stairs to Kate's flat. She rang the bell and when she got no answer, she reached up under a flower-pot nearby where Kate left her key in case she lost hers. Barbara opened the door and entered the flat. There she froze, dumbstruck. The flat had been emptied. There was nothing left in it. All that was left was the bare floor. She whirled around and stormed down the stairs. When she reached the doorkeeper's door, she knocked and waited impatiently.

Two minutes after her knock, the door opened, and the doorkeeper, an elderly lady, passed her head to see who was making all this racket in a normally quiet building. Barbara immediately began to plague her with her questions. "Where has Kate gone? Where is all her stuff? Why did she leave without notice?"

Taken aback, the doorkeeper began to mumble answers. "Well, this young lady, she didn't tell me what she was doing. One day, she didn't come back from work. I was not really worried, she had already done this a couple of times. And then, the following morning, there were movers who had the keys and took away everything in the flat."

"But, she didn't tell me anything! She would have told me if she had wanted to move."

"I don't know! Lately, she seemed upset, as if something in her life had gone out of control. This can't be too serious. I'm sure that in a few days, she will contact you and you will laugh about your fussing."

And after these words, the doorkeeper slammed her door in Barbara's face. Barbara went back to her flat where she resumed her usual life, but she could not help feeling dread when she thought of her friend's disappearance. And then, two days later she got a letter. It was not really a letter, it was a pair of folded paper sheets with a listing of names on it. And there was Kate's handwriting at the back of one of those sheets. The message was short. "I know the Doctor has spotted me. I'm afraid I will soon disappear. Don't go to the police. She will have you locked up before you even realise what's going on. Help me."

Barbara reflected on this message. What Doctor could it be? The only solution she saw was Doctor von Sklaverei, since it was the Doctor running the clinic. And what could all these names be? She did not have any idea. And then it hit her. The only way to know was to infiltrate the clinic. Now, she was glad of her brief spell at the nurse school. This way, she would be able to investigate unnoticed, and when she would have enough proof, the good Doctor von Sklaverei, even with all her relations, would finish in jail. Getting a job at the clinic proved simpler than she thought. The clinic was looking for helpers, only females, with very little qualification to do all the dirty work in the clinic. Cleaning bed-pans, washing the floors was a nightmare to Barbara who had given up her nurse studies to avoid those chores. But she was in the place, and nothing would prevent her from discovering the truth about Kate's disappearance.

Chapter 1 : Archives and Suspicions

Barbara waited two whole weeks for an occasion to have a look at the clinic files. She could not just go around the clinic asking where she would find proofs incriminating Doctor von Sklaverei for Kate's disappearance. She had to tread lightly since she was in the lion's den. However, just when she was beginning to wonder if she had not wasted her time, the occasion fell right in her lap. The helpers like herself were on turning shifts. This meant that they were not attached to a particular service. This Friday, a colleague of Barbara called in sick, saying it would last at least two weeks, and it was asked for a volunteer to take over the duties of this colleague. When Barbara saw what it would exactly be, she barely restrained herself from leaping on the spot : the work was to clean the archives area. Barbara immediately referred to her superior who accepted.

However, Barbara had to perform part of her old duties even if some of it would be shared between her co-workers. This meant that she would have to stay late in the evening to complete her task. This did not bother her. It was even a chance, since it would allow her to remain at the clinic when there would be little people left in the building to disturb her. That evening, after her co-workers had set off home, Barbara went to the door she had been indicated. She inserted the key given to her and entered the room she hoped would allow her to solve her friend's disappearance. She locked the door behind herself and began rummaging in the drawers which were neatly aligned against the walls.

First, she could not find anything suspicious. Though, after a second thorough examination, she discovered something that made her rub her hands in glee. Several of the names that had been on the list Kate had sent were names of patients. She could not find all the names, but there were too many of them to be just coincidence. She left the clinic at two in the morning. She had taken great pains in removing any evidence of her search. She would come the next day to take photographs of the files to study them more closely.

However, she never got the occasion to do it. Unbeknownst to her, a video-device had been filming her every moves in the archives room. Her progress had been seen by the one person she was trying to frame: Doctor Lydia von Sklaverei. The doctor had stayed late at her office that evening to finish her paperwork. She was about to leave when she had looked one last time at the security screen in her office. And then, she had stopped dead in her track. On the screen, she watched Barbara at work, looking through the files of the patients. She saw her looking at a list of names. She understood Barbara was after her. However, it did not bother her. In fact, she was positively gleeful. As she sat behind her enormous desk in her office, watching again the video of Barbara's raid in the archives, she was humming happily.

When she was done, she went up and talking to herself, said, "Well, well, well. Another nosy meddler. And a good-looking one at that. She will make a perfect slave." And her cruel laughter echoed through the corridors of the clinic as she went off to prepare Barbara's downfall.

Chapter 2 : Trap and Acquisition

The following Monday, Barbara was making her to her work. She had in her purse her camera, which would enable her to take photos of the files in the archives. When she arrived at the clinic, her superior came up to her and told her she was to report to Doctor von Sklaverei's office immediately. Somewhat surprised and a little worried, Barbara went to the office she had been told. When she entered the office, the first thing she noticed was the huge desk that sat opposite to the door. Behind that desk, a serious-looking woman was sitting. That woman, was an attractive blonde in her late thirties who seemed to radiate authority. Her high cheekbones gave her an air of aristocratic beauty this tended to intimidate her interlocutor. She was dressed in a conservative black suit emphasizing her natural authority.

Seeing Barbara, she made a gesture towards a chair across her chair. Once Barbara was settled, she spoke with a little East-European accent.

"You have been employed here for two weeks now. Your superior has been complimenting your work. You are hard-working and know more about medicine than most of your co-workers. I have an offer to make to you. Would you be interested in becoming one of my personal servants?"

Barbara was staring open-mouthed at her, unable to reply. Even in her wildest plans, she had never imagined it would be so easy to fool the doctor. In this position of personal assistant, it would be extremely easy to gain access to classified information. She did not even think twice about the strange formulation of the sentence.

"Doctor von Sklaverei, I would be extremely honoured to become one of your assistants."

The doctor looked at her with a smile and replied, "So, it is settled. You just have to sign your new contract, and all will be well."

She took a stack of sheets from one of her desk-drawer and handed them to Barbara. " This is a standard contract. The salary of assistant is two-thousand pounds a month. Your salary will be paid on the account you gave us when you were hired. Your duties as assistant begin at the moment you sign the contract. Just write 'approved'  at the bottom of the last page and sign."

Barbara was so exhilarated about her good luck that she did not read her contract. She just signed.

The doctor spoke again, "Very well. You are now one of my assistants. I have work to do, but I want to do it at home. This will require your presence. Once it is over, my driver will return you home. Do you agree?"

"Of course I do, doctor."

"Then, we shall go. The sooner we begin, the sooner we finish."

And both women left the clinic in the luxurious Mercedes of the doctor. As the driver was smoothly driving the car through the traffic jams, the doctor and Barbara were chatting. After a forty-five minutes journey, they arrived at the doctor's home which turned out to be closer to a mansion than from a house. It was, the doctor told Barbara, an estate she had bought from its previous owner when he had gone broke. She had totally refurnished the building so that it provided a wealth of luxuries like a swimming-pool-sized jacuzzi, several tennis grounds and the like. The doctor and Barbara set to work immediately after their arrival. They settled in the library, and began filling forms about insurance quality only interrupting for a brief meal at noon.

They stopped when the sun began to set. The doctor apologised to Barbara, saying she had let herself overwork Barbara on her first day. As compensation, she offered Barbara to dine with her. Barbara, reluctant at first, thought about the cooking she would have to do at home, finally accepted. The dinner went marvellously, the courses all very good, the wine exceptional. At the end of the dinner, Barbara wanted to take her leave of the doctor and found she could not rise from her chair. Her limbs were like lead, she could not move any of them. She looked up in confusion, saw the doctor rising from her chair and approaching hers.

The doctor's voice rose, colder than before. "So my dear, you thought you had fooled me. You search my archives and you think you can get away with it. You know, it has been very simple to understand why you are doing this. Your friend Kate got caught because she had the need to nose around and didn't cover her traces properly."

The doctor stopped, waiting for her speech to sink in Barbara's brain. Barbara, trying desperately to fight the drug in her system, lifted wearily her head to face the doctor. A single word escaped her lips. "Why ?"

"You see my dear, I have very particular tastes when it comes to sex. I am a lesbian, but I am also much more than that. I am a dominant. This means that, how do you say that already? Ah, yes. This means I get a kick out of controlling other people. I enslave them, I control every aspect of their lives. I mould them into what I want. And I have great projects for you. If you wonder what happened to your friend Kate, let's just say that she was just a prototype for what you're about to become."

At the end of her speech, the doctor snapped her fingers twice. Two maids came into view. Barbara could not help but goggle at her outfit. Their uniform was cut like a French maid's uniform but it was made from a black shiny stuff. The maids also wore gloves and stockings made from the same material. It clung to them making it look like they were wearing a black-coloured second skin. The doctor noticed her look and spoke again.

"You're admiring my maid's uniform? It is made in latex. I find this matter absolutely irresistible as you will soon see." She then turned away from Barbara and said the maid, "Take her to the Tamer, prepare her and put her in place. But do not begin until I am there." She turned her face towards Barbara and added, a malevolent smile on her lips, "I want to witness the first step of her enslavement."

Chapter 3 : Tamer and Mistress

The doctor strolled off from the room. The two maids rolled a gurney beside Barbara's chair. Each took hold of an arm of Barbara. They lifted her from her chair with the ease of one accustomed to the task. They then deposited her on the gurney and strapped her down on it at the wrists, elbows and ankles with cuffs like the ones in the mental hospitals. At first, Barbara tried to put on a struggle but soon gave up, her limbs refusing to obey her. The maids began to roll the gurney along a richly-decorated corridor. At the end of it, an elevator was waiting for them. They entered and the elevator began to move. When it stopped, the maids rolled Barbara out and led her into a white-tiled room.

Once there, they undid Barbara's restraints and began to cut her clothes. They did not stop until Barbara was fully naked. Then, they lifted her from the gurney and placed her in a tub sitting in a corner of the room. They used metal cuffs protruding from the bottom of the tub to restrain her ankles, while her wrists were cuffed using metal cuffs welded in the sides of the tub. Once Barbara was secured, they proceeded to wash her with a hose and sponges. The water was at a perfect temperature and even if the sponges had a tendency to linger a little too long on her breasts and lower belly, Barbara began to relax. When they were done, the maids undid the cuffs and lifted her from the tub. They then dried with soft towels.

When they had finished, they lifted Barbara once again onto the gurney. Barbara tried to move her limbs and saw that her freedom of movement was at last coming back. But before she could attempt anything, her arms and legs were strapped on the gurney. The maids rolled her gurney out of the room and into another one. This room had leather-covered-couches along the walls but what drew the attention was the strange piece of furniture at the centre of the room. It looked like a leather-covered bench but one end was upturned, while the other sported a flower-like appendage. At both end, big jars full of a milky liquid were attached.

On the upturned part of the bench, two protuberances were protruding, separated by fifty centimetres. On the horizontal part, two circular cut-outs were situated at fifty centimetres from the end where the flower-thingy was lying. Barbara was led towards the bench. The maids undid her restraints and took hold of her arms. Barbara tried to resist but she was still too weak. She gave up resisting.The maids made her lie face-down on the bench, her crotch turned towards the upturned end. They arranged Barbara so that she was on her knees with the bench between her legs. The maids directed her arms so that her hands were gripping handles built on the sides of the bench at the same height as her knees.

Barbara was now squatting over the bench, her torso parallel to the bench. Barbara found that her breasts were above the cut-outs and that her head was above the flower. Barbara examined it, trying to discover its purpose. The flower had three long petals. There was a small appendage slightly protruding from the centre of the flower and a tiny hole one or two centimetres further towards the end of the bench. As she was examining the flower, tendrils sprouted from the sides of the bench binding her legs and arms to it. Barbara tried to tear them but found that they were far more resilient than they looked. She was effectively bound on some sort of device, the purpose of which she could not guess.

Five minutes passed during which Barbara flexed her limbs (or at least tried) to test her bonds. Just when Barbara was beginning to wonder if the idea was to let her die from boredom, the doctor entered the room. She was wearing a black latex cat-suit covering her from head to toe, with only two apertures: one leaving her face free, the other leaving her crotch free. She was also sporting high-heeled pumps which gave her a towering look.

" Ah, I see everything has been prepared." She went on, this time talking to Barbara. " I hope you're ready for some fun. Because I know I will have fun watching you on my Tamer. That thing you're straddling is not just a bench. It's a living being, designed in my clinic's lab. It's a product of some genetic engineering, although I must admit its conception was coincidental. We stumbled upon the process to create it. But since then, we have put this process to good use as you are about to discover. I hope you will enjoy yourself."

After those words, the doctor settled on a couch and began to masturbate while watching Barbara. Barbara, at first, did not understand that 'living being' business. But, after a few seconds, she saw the flower slowly rise towards her face at the end of a thick tentacle. She tried to avoid it, but bound as she was, she was going nowhere. She tried to shake her head but the flower seemed to follow her every move and when she stopped for a split second to look for an escape, the flower darted towards her face and grabbed it. The three petals folded themselves, two covering her cheeks and uniting at the back of her head, the third covering her nose, going across her forehead and over the top of her head. It looked like she was wearing a muzzle.

Barbara then felt something prodding at her lips. She remembered the protuberance at the centre of the flower and surmised it wanted to enter her mouth. Her nose had in the meantime come to rest in the hole she had noticed earlier. The appendage at the centre of the flower was still prodding her lips, but she was not willing to let it enter her mouth. However, unbeknownst to her, the two protuberances behind her had extended and revealed themselves as two cock-shaped tentacles. The two tentacles were hovering mere centimetres away from her pussy and ass. Then suddenly, they darted forward and entered her two proffered holes in a single thrust. Barbara could not help but scream. Or at least, she tried, because the moment she opened her mouth, the appendage at the centre of her muzzle slid inside, effectively gagging her.

She was now gagged, her two nether holes filled by tentacles. But the Tamer was not through with her. The cut-outs under her breasts began to rise. Once her breasts were resting in the cups of the cut-outs, the outer rims closed around the base of her breasts, creating an airtight seal. Then, a suction was applied to her breasts, while the cups created a massaging movement. At the same time, the three appendages inside Barbara began to pump in and out of her body. They also began to shoot some liquid inside her. She supposed it was from the jars at each end of the bench. She tried to bite down the one in her mouth but discovered that a ring had been slipped inside her mouth, preventing her from closing her jaws and thus from biting.

Helpless, Barbara began to feel how arousal was mounting inside her. She was bound on some sort of mutant torture device, fucked in all her holes, her breasts sucked like crazy and she could feel the heat building up inside her. The grotesque of her situation turned her even more on. She could feel she was quickly nearing a climax. She shot a glance from the corner of her eye towards the doctor. The doctor was sprawled on her couch still masturbating but obviously nearing orgasm herself. That sight was the trigger. Barbara came. She came harder than she had ever come in her life. For nearly a minute, she was totally oblivious of anything that was not her burning lust. She had not even recovered from her first orgasm when the second one hit. It went on for half an hour. After that, she fainted, still bound on the Tamer, still being fucked in all her holes, her breasts still being massaged and sucked.

Chapter 4 : Plans and Maids

Barbara woke slowly up. She was drifting in semi-consciousness, thinking about the weird dream she had that night. A dream of being captured by a mad dyke doctor and being fucked by a mutant fucking machine. She rose her hands to her face to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Or at least she tried. She found that her arms would not move from its place along her body. She tested the resistance and felt that her arm were bound at her sides by two thick straps on each. Now fully awake due to the shock of being bound, she lifted her head to look down at her body. She was lying on a leather-covered exam table. Her arms were bound alongside her body by mental hospital-like leather straps, one at her wrist, one just above the elbow. Her legs were also restrained by straps of the same type at her ankles. However, the most disturbing was that she was wearing what looked like a hospital garb, made of transparent latex. She also wore shoulder-length gloves and crotch-height stockings, made from the same material.

Realisation swept through her. She had really been captured by Doctor Lydia von Sklaverei who seemed also responsible for Kate's disappearance. She stretched a little, as far as her bonds would allow, and felt how her pussy and ass were still sensitive due to the thorough fucking they had received. Her breasts were also sore due to all the sucking they had had. As Barbara was finishing the inspection of her body, a door behind her back opened and the doctor, coming around her, came into view.

" So my dear. You seemed to have quite a treat on my Tamer. I must say it was equally entertaining to see you writhing in the grasp of my creature. It really brought the bitch in you to the surface."

Barbara snapped back, "Enjoy it as much as you can. I left a word to my editor. He will soon come here with the police and you won't be able to get away with it."

The doctor's cold reply came immediately. "Don't lie to me, my dear. You have resigned from your post two weeks ago. Your editor doesn't think he will ever hear again from you. And I have made sure that anybody who would want to contact you is under the delusion that you took a years sabbatical in a remote foreign country. So you see, I have you all for myself. "

Barbara, now understanding the hopelessness of her situation asked fearfully, "And what exactly are you planning to do to me?"

"As I told you earlier, I have very particular tastes. My plan is to have you transformed into a most adorable sex slave. To achieve this, I am going to send you to an exclusive facility who specializes in fulfilling this kind of requirements. You will be trained to become a pet, a toy that I can use as I please. You will live only for sex and especially for my pleasure. But, before you go, my maids have been pleading me to let them have a go with you. They will entertain you for the next hour and afterwards, they will prepare you for your journey."

After those words, the doctor turned away, went back to the door and left the room. Once she was gone, four women came from behind Barbara. As Barbara was opening her mouth to plead them to let her go, one of them stuffed a ball-gag between her jaws. The maid then briskly lifted Barbara's head and buckled the gag behind her. As Barbara stared wide-eyed at them, two of them began to massage her breasts through the hospital garb, another began to massage Barbara's crotch, while the last, the one who had placed the ball-gag, remained at her head and began to kiss her gagged lips and lick her face. After a couple of minutes, the maids massaging her breasts proceeded to lift the garb and began to lick her nipples. Barbara was horrified, but at the same time, she was unwillingly becoming aroused again. So, when the maid massaging her crotch, bent and began to lick Barbara's pussy at the same time, fingering her asshole with her gloved fingers, Barbara gave up pretending. She moaned behind her gag, wiggling her hips to get more stimulation. The maid at her head then undid the gag and began to French-kiss her. Barbara was so lost in her passion that she did not think twice and returned the kiss.

After a quarter of an hour, when Barbara was nearing orgasm, the maids abruptly stopped. Barbara, dazed by her lust squirmed, desperately wanting to come. For the first time, one of the maids spoke, "We will let you come, but first, you will have to eat the pussy of each of us. Do you agree?"

Barbara, desperate to have her orgasm, nodded frantically. The maids then resumed their work on her body. One of them was straddling Barbara's head, her pussy over Barbara's mouth. The three others were licking Barbara's breasts and pussy. Barbara had never had sex with a woman in her life. She was thus clumsy at first. However, the lust burning inside her gave her an incentive. What she lacked in technique, she made up in energy. She licked at the pussy before her like her life depended on it. She achieved orgasm shortly after the maid she was licking. The sensation was so powerful, it left her blind and deaf for a minute. When she came back into focus, there was a new pussy in front of her and the other maids were once again licking her. At the end of the hour, Barbara had achieved four orgasms, but the shame of having licked four women in a row was churning inside her.

Chapter 5 : Preparation and Journey

At the end of the hour, the maids undid Barbara's restraints, but only to shackle her hands behind her back. They led her through a corridor to a bathroom. There, they stripped her, chained her in the tub and washed her. After the bath, the maids led their prisoner into a room, whose walls were lined with drawers and wardrobes. A stool with rings at its outer rims was standing in the middle of the room. It appeared to be bolted to the floor. The maids made Barbara sit on it , disconnecting her handcuffs, to attach them to rings on the stool. They then proceeded to select garments for Barbara.

Once they were through, they began to dress Barbara. They put crotch-height transparent latex stockings on her. Next came shoulder-length latex gloves, also transparent. To put them on Barbara's arms, the maids freed her wrists one at a time to reattach them immediately after completion of the task. The next items were high-heeled shoes with eight centimetres heels. The ankle-straps of the shoes were padlocked so that, even with her hands free, Barbara could not take them off. Finally, the maids went to the dress itself. It was a long-sleeved, knee-length blue rubber dress. Since it closed in the back, all the maids had to do was to put Barbara's arms in the sleeves and then close the laces at the back. They proceeded like they had done with the gloves, they undid one cuff at a time, put Barbara's arm through the sleeve and re-cuffed her arm immediately.

Once the sleeves were donned, they began the lacing. The dress had a special feature Barbara had not seen, it had a built-in corset. Although far from severe, this was a shock for Barbara who had never worn a corset. She tried to wriggle her body to ease the pressure, but the boning was too rigid and she came to nothing. Once the lacing was over, the maids re-cuffed Barbara's hands in front of her, attached a leash to the rings between the cuffs and led her to the front door. The doctor was already waiting there. She turned to Barbara and smiled.

" Your transport will soon arrive. It will take you to the facility I told you about. When you will be returned to me, you will be totally obedient. They will train you to be the perfect slave. But I hope your stay is most pleasurable."

Barbara tried to protest but as she opened her mouth, a maid behind her slipped a rubber ring-gag in her mouth, cutting her speech. At the same moment, an ambulance entered the proprety and came to an halt before the front door. Two severe-looking muscular women got out of it. They were both dressed in latex-made nurse uniform. They came forward, bowed to the doctor and went to drag Barbara into the ambulance. The doctor stopped them when they were about to push Barbara inside. The doctor came down the steps and stopped before Barbara.

" I will see you soon, my pet. In the meantime, enjoy yourself ." She then leant forward and gave Barbara a log French-kiss. She straightened up and said the two nurses, " Proceed." The nurses took Barbara under her arms and, lifted her on to the gurney inside the ambulance. They undid Barbara's cuffs and using leather straps dangling from the sides of the gurney strapped her down. There were straps at her ankles, knees, waist, above and below her breasts, and across her forehead. Her wrists were put in other leather straps at her sides. Once they had finished, one of the nurses strapped a gas-mask with a built-in penis gag on her face. The penis slid smoothly into Barbara's mouth due to the ring-gag. She then turned a knob and said, with a grin on her face, "Have a good sleep, little pet." Within seconds, Barbara was out .

* * *

I already have a couple ideas and the title : the Rubber Clinic . However, ideas of devices, tortures (nothing too painful, the idea is to make Barbara addict to sex, rubber, latex and bondage) and brainwashing methods (slow ones so that Barbara can understand she is becoming a slave) are most welcome .

Note: the idea for the Tamer came from a drawing by Sebastian, called the “Doll Maker”.



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