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The Good Slave

by Master Fish

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© Copyright 2009 - Master Fish - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; susp; display; electro; bdsm; toys; cons; XX

My name is Natalie and my story starts out like most others.  I was an undergrad student at a local college going for a degree in early education.  Young and new to the big city I was looking to meet some new, and young, friends to have fun with.  I couldn’t imagine three weeks later I would be a latex slave and manikin in a local store front to a young couple.

My story starts in May of 2009… I am 22 years old, living in a one bedroom condo in New York City.  I only knew it was May because it was so dam hot  I had to keep my windows open.  I didn’t have a lot of money to pay the bills and I recently lost my job… so my windows were always open.  It was a small condo and I had nothing inside it.  Only my bed and a lazy boy chair.  I have been on my own since I moved away at the age of 18.  So recently, I have been cooped up in this condo just studying and reading for school which at the time i was almost failing.  I couldn’t stand the loneliness anymore and I needed to get out.  I was reading about some online community groups that get together weekly, to just hang out. I was intrigued!  It was no more than two weeks and I was hooked.  I met this cute guy that called himself  "Master"…  what a joke… but he was so hot, and I couldn’t stop smiling at him. 

So one thing led to another and he offered me a job at this clothing store down town.  I totally needed the money so and took it.  I didn’t care what I was doing as long as he was my boss.  He never did tell me the name of his store… but I soon found out, the next week.  He told me to show up at this address and dress sexy.  LOL… I always dress sexy.  I was 5’6", maybe 100lbs, skinny and blond.  All the boys wanted me… but they didn’t have the balls to ask me. 

I arrived at the store right on time.  It was a super hot day and I figured because I had to take a train, I might as well make the ride a little more fun, so I wore my favorite party outfit.  I loved to wear super short skirts and tight tops to make by 36C boobs stick out, but this one was a ridiculous outfit.  It was a 6" mini skirt with black fishnet stockings, 6" high heels and some skull printed panties.  I wore a two sizes too tight rolling stones shirt and my hair in a pony tail.  I always liked dressing up to go out… I enjoyed all the stares.  I called it my "alter ego".  Teacher by day, sexy bitch by night.

It was 8 am on the dot as I arrived.  The store was on a side street just off the main drag.  As I arrived it was still dark inside so I couldn’t see all that was in the windows.   I was kind of scared… the street sign said ‘MADE FOR YOU.’  He could be selling anything.  I walked up to the door and knocked twice… and just at that same time the light turned on, I jumped… either he was waiting for me.. or that was really good timing.  I could just barely see inside of the store now.  It was a clothing store… but not like anything I have ever seen.  There were no manikins in the window… just metal poles and everything else looked liked plastic.  This man that called himself "Master" came to the front door and opened it to welcome me in.

"Welcome to my paradise," he said… as he pulled me in.  "We must hurry, the first customers will be here any minute. And I need to show you around."   The store was not really big… maybe a little bigger then my condo. But it was packed full of all kinds of things.  Most I have never seen… others I figured out really fast.

He pointed to the back and said… "Go over there and sit down we need to get you dressed. Hurry… I’ll lock the doors and get the other stuff."

I turned around and he was gone.  "But I’m already dressed!"  I shouting into the dim light of the store.

Out of a back room he shouted… "Not for working here. Go sit down… I’ll be there in a minute."

I walked over to the corner where he was pointing and I saw some dressing rooms.  I could only imagine what I was in store for.  I came to realize he ran a Latex and fetish store and he wanted me to dress up in something latex.  I had never touched or even seen a latex outfit in real life.  It all smelled funny and felt so cold.  I could feel my hairs standing on end as I looked into the basket on the floor.  No more than a minute later he was coming around the corner with a bag full of bottles and some keys.

He turned to me and said… "You need money, and I need a new model.  If you want to work here that’s fine, but I can only pay you minimum wage. If you want to model here I am willing to pay you twice that and you can get tips."

"Really?... tips for what… ?"

"Being sexy and the star of my show. See we don’t use manikins… they are not real and life like as a real model.  So all you have to do is dress up in the outfits and stand on a pedestal for a few hours and look sexy."

"That’s all….?  Stand there and look sexy?"

"Yup, but its standing there in some of the tightest, sexiest latex outfits we have. And maybe some accessories….  The more you put on, the more tips you will get.  I had one model make $200 in one 4 hour session."

"If at any time you want out all you have to do is say FIRE.  We’ll use it as your safe word."  Wow hes even giving me a safe word?... this must really be serious i thought.

"Ok… I told him...  but I better bank today… I really need the money. And your sure I will not have to be nude?"

"I promise… now take this and go to the back and shave all your body hair off.  I mean everywhere… The outfits slide on better and you won’t get any of your hairs pulled.  TRUST me… shave!"

So I picked up the bottle of shaving cream and a new razor and did as I was told.  I only had a little landing strip of hair down there and my legs were already shaved this morning.  I rubbed my hand on my now bare pussy.  I was amazed at how sexy I now looked.  My pussy was smooth and young looking.  I don’t remember the last time I shaved it all off… but I decided right there and then that I was going to keep it off.  I returned  to find him holding an outfit for me to wear.

He said, "Now strip down naked and rub this all over your body.  Make sure to get your hips and legs."

I hesitated and said, "Can you turn around"… he handed me the outfit and said… "Strip naked… rub the oil on your body and slide into the catsuit.  Zipper goes into the back."

I have to admit, I was starting to get turned on.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time because "Master" kept telling me to hurry up… but I felt some excitement.  I pulled the black latex catsuit in front of me and examined it.  It was a full body suit with hands and feet.  I slid my legs into the suit and pulled it up tight.  Making sure my feet were all the way in the bottom of the suit. I got it up to my hips when I felt the hard dildos at the crouch.  "What are these for?" I yelled out at him.  "You really want me to put this on with those?"  Inside this suit were two hard dildos I knew exactly what they were used for. One was about 5 inches long and huge for my size. And the other was a smaller anal dildo that was 3 inchs long and not a bad size.  I have enjoyed anal sex in the past and often got excited by it.. but this was the first time I have ever tried a butt plug.

He yelled back… "Don’t worry… you will only have it on for a few hours.  You will enjoy them.  You won’t even know they are there once you get it on."

I figured since I have done crazier shit in the past and no one would be able to see that they are inside me. I’ll do it.  I started to pull the suit up again and guided the plugs into the right spots.  I was surprised to find I was soaking wet and didn’t need any lubrication.  It was really starting to turn me on… I eased the suit up my hips as I felt the plugs push farther up inside me. It was an amazing, a feeling like no other.  They pushed deep inside me, filling every inch of my vagina.  I was so excited now and so damn horny I wanted to come so bad.  Pulling the suit past my hips the dildos kept tight and hugged my insides so well... I was in heaven.  I could feel my nipples getting hard and so I pulled the suit up to my arms.  Each arm had fingers and gloves built in just the right length to fit me. The suit was tight, but comfortable.  I could move around and flex but it didn’t feel like I was helpless.  I yelled for my friend to come over and zip me up.  He promptly came over and helped.  I could feel the suit get tighter and hug to my every curve as he pulled the zipper farther up my body.  It forced my boobs to point out and my nipples to harden even more.  He pulled it to the top of my neck and said. "Sweet! all sealed up!"

Click!  - "Wait?!... wait what was that?"

"A small pad lock… that goes with the suit.  It’s to prevent the suit wearer from getting out before their time is up. Also so you don’t walk off with my suits… you can't get it off without me letting you out.  So don’t walk off!"

He then pointed to the ground where there were a set of heels.  He said, "Put those on… I pulled your size. They should fit."

Looking down I found a pair of 7 inch heels on a 3 inch platform.  I have seen them before on dancers… but I have never tried them on.  This should be interesting.

I stood up and walked over to him.

"Wonderful… you can walk in your heels."  He bent down to look at the heels and "CLICK! – CLICK!"

"I don’t want you walking out of here with my shoes either."

"Fine… but if I want out you will let me out."

"Yes… just say the word."

Master then took me back to the dressing rooms and showed me the next few items to put on.  He said it would make the outfit and I should put it on to get better tips.  In his right hand was a mask. It had holes for the eyes and mouth and two little holes for the nose to breath out of.  He had me pull my hair to the top of my head and feed it through the pony tale hole at the top.  I pulled it over my face and it fit just right.  It was not too tight.. but still hugged to my face.  He zipped the mask shut and CLICK!  How did I guess… "locking me in this too?...don't  want me to steal it?"

"Nah… this one is just for fun."

"Ok… walk around and get use to the feeling of the latex. I’m going to open the store."

I walked around and explored the store some more as he opened the door to some waiting customers.  It was an amazing feeling wearing this latex and I was really getting tuned on.  With every step the dildos played around in my sex and butt. I felt myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.  I turned round to find my friend talking to another man and staring at me.  A chill came down my body.  Someone looking at me in this?  They could see every curve of my body as if I was naked and I felt myself blush.  I saw the two men separate and Master waved me over to him.

"Ok… this is the deal.  You need to stand up in the window for me to get some of the morning customers."

"Really, so what exactly do I need to do?"

"Well you can dance… wave… play around or I can attach you to the pole and all you have to do is stand there."

"Well, I really need music to dance and I think I might just cum all over the place if I keep wiggling my butt… so I'll take the stand.  How long do I have to do it?"

"Well, let’s say an hour… most of my customers come in within the first hour of opening.  Most to just look, but some to play."

"Go ahead and climb up to that stand.  And wait for me."

I did as I was told and started looking around to just see a square 7 foot cube in window.  It had eye bolts on all 6 sides and some chains from two of them.  Without hesitation he was up in the window with me and locking what looked like large leather cuffs on my wrist.  I hesitated to see what he was doing and soon realized he was going to cuff me to the cube.  But by the time I started to resist… he had my second hand cuffed and locked.  I was now standing there in my latex bound body, arms above my head and locked to the outside of the cube for all to see.  He then took the small piece of chain on the floor and locked them to the d-ring on the heels I was wearing.  He pulled my legs apart just enough to make me wince as he pulled away.  I was now standing in the front window of a store bounded in latex spread eagle with two dildos forcing themselves deeper inside me. FOR ALL TO SEE!

He said… "Great… we are all set.  Now just stay there and smile at all the people that walk by."

Luckily it was a really hot day today and most people were in a hurry to just get inside… and didn’t notice me. But every once in while I got a man that did a double take.  I didn’t know it at the time but I was not only a display model of his outfits… but the entertainment of the public. Master takes his work very serious and rigged what I now call the "Great surprise".  Just outside his store. On the wall just in front of me was a sign that read, "Live Manikins, 50 cents to push the button and watch them dance."

Lets just say.. I didn’t see the sign!

I was enjoying myself for all of about 15 minutes until my life was shocked into excitement by a teenager in front of me.  HE READ THE SIGN! He looked up at me and pushed the bottom to see what would happen.  At the same time the huge dildo inside me sprang to life and started vibrating.  Oh My GOD!  I shook at the excitement, as my eyes almost busted out of my face.  I squeezed my legs together the best I could to make it stop but couldn’t.  I was helpless and at my frustration I screamed.

Master came over and looked at me…. "Oh yeah we added a special treat to your suit.  I hope you enjoy."

Oh my god was I enjoying it… but the dildo only had a 1 min cycle after the button was pushed.  And it was not long enough to get me off.  The kid only looked on as he lifted his hands to indicate, NO MORE MONEY… and laughed as he left.  It was clear he has done this before.

"So you like you suit?"

"YES….  But my legs are getting sore" ...

"Ok… well only about an hour more and i'll let you go.  There should be a bus stopping by soon to let people off and will get a lot of customers.  We’ll wait for them… I know they have a lot of change and you look like you need some satisfaction."

A bus of people? Oh this should be good!

I was just glad I had only been in the city for two months and didn’t know a soul.  But I needed the money and this was kind of fun…  I was so horny I stopped worrying about people seeing me and just prayed that I could get off soon.

Like clockwork, crowds of people started passing by the window.  I could see most were about my age so I figured they were college kids or from some event that was nearby.  I didn’t care… I just wanted to get off and off this cube.  My legs were really starting to get tired and the dildos started to get painful.  That was until three men came up to my window and showed me a bag of quarters.  My eyes widened as they started to push the button over and over.  My pussy was throbbing as the vibrator went to work.  By body was in ecstasy and I was about to burst.  I saw them step back and look at me.  They started taunting me… trying to get me to beg for it.  I was able to read their lips….  And the tall man kept asking… you want it?  BEG for it.  All I could do was nod my head up and down.  They simply walked off and left me there begging.  I could scream from the Tease!

Master came over and said… "I’m sorry. Some of the guys can be mean like that but i'll let you get you down and in a better place".  He proceeded to unlock the chains that bound me but not the cuffs.  I figured they were going to be used again.  By this time nothing surprised me.  He picked me up and carried me to the stage at the center of the store.  He pulled out what looked like a remote and flipped it on.  I was instantly in heaven.  Both my pussy and ass started to vibrate and pulsate I came almost instantly.  And soon passed out from exhaustion.  It was amazing.  I was under the control of complete strangers and enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved it.

I woke 30 minutes later to three voices asking about the new display.  "When is she going to be ready…"; " is the new toy going to be used".  I could only make out parts of the story, but I knew they were talking about me. Master came over and said "Yes, she will be ready in about 30 minutes".  At that I sat up to find a store full of customers. Master came to me and said. "Glad you made it...How do you fee?"

"Ok but I'm thirsty."

"I’ll get you some water.  Just relax, you will need it for our next display."

And another cold chill came down my body.

 The new display!

I was feeling more alert now and started walking around. Master asked me to walk around and talk with some of the customers.  "My new friends" as he called it.

About 15 minutes  later he called me over to the center stage again where he had a pile of new clothes I had never seen. He said "Stand up there and will get you set for your next showing".  With that he stepped up with me and pulled a curtain down from above to hide us.

He said, "Ok, you ready to make the big bucks? This is where you will make most of you money.. What you will expect is just like what you did in the window. People pay money to see you dance and squirm in the outfits and you will keep all that money.  Are you ready?"

YES!  The window was not so bad… I was enjoying every minute of the latex and I was still Horny as hell.  I figured it would be for the best to make some more money. After all, no one could see my face.  Only my eyes and mouth.

Master then said…"Ok this is what we are going to do" as He pulled both my hands behind my back and locked the leather cuff together.  I totally forgot I still had those on and found myself handcuffed together and helpless.  Out of his right hand came what looked like a rubber ball but it was more penis shaped.  He told me to look up and instantly inserted it into my mouth.  I was shocked.  "Mmmmhhmm",  all you could hear were my muffed words.  The penis gag was not long but super wide and forced my mouth wide open and around the gag.  I have never been gagged before and I didn’t know what to do.  By now Master had stretched the latex anchor across my face and attached it to my mask.  It was going nowhere.  I tried to force it out, I tried to talk to him… but he ignored my muffed sounds.  I was now simply a mouth less statue in latex.  At this he turned to me and said… "We need to hide the rest of your face", and with that he presented a blindfold and attached it to the mask as well.  I was now a faceless statue to be.  My world went dark and fear ran through me I tried to yell fire but nothing came out - ffffmmmmhhhheeeeerrrr and Master ignored me.

He put his hand around me and said… "Just relax and enjoy the ride.  It will be over soon. And you will be happy as can be", and with that I felt my legs being pulled apart again and attached to the floor.  Click Click… I knew that sound and I was now locked to the floor.  My legs spread wide apart and forcing the dildos deeper inside me.  I moaned from the new sensations.  And a SLAP!

"Stop that…. Not yet."

What the fuck… he just slapped my ass and told me to wait?

I struggled to move my feet but couldn’t.  I was helpless at this point.  All I could do was shake my ass and the dildos did their job.

I could hear Master behind me now with something in his hand.  All I could hear were all the buckles.  But I soon found out.  He grabbed my upper arms and pulled them together as he slid what felt like a sleeve over both my arms. Then came the tightness.  I heard the zipper being pulled farther up my arms and my arms were being forced together.  Holy shit that was tight… I never knew my elbows could touch like that… but he soon forced them.  It was not uncomfortable… but really tight on my body.  It forced my arms back and my boobs out.  I truly felt helpless now.  I felt him pull the arm straps across my chest and strap them to the sleeve. CLICK… heard it again and my heart fell.  He was locking me in.

I then felt a belt being put around my upper waist.  He didn’t pull this one as tight as the other..

He said… "Ok almost ready little lady.  You are now going to make a splash".

With that he pushed me back to a metal pole sticking out of the ground and attached my belt to it with that familiar CLICK of a lock.

"I can’t have you falling over on me."

With that he jumped down and announced to the store." My new doll is ready for her big showing.   Step right up, step right up, and bring your money she is ready to shake, rattle and roll."

Suddenly I heard the curtain being pulled up and voices all round me.  It sounded like the store was packed.  I couldn’t be for sure… but a lot more than I ever saw before.  Maybe 30 people… mostly men.  I froze.  I couldn’t believe what I was doing and what I had gotten myself into.  I had never done any of this before… I was scared, yet turned on even more.  I guess I am an exhibitionist and i never knew!

I didn’t know what to do… I was tied down and helpless I could only stand there. Then I heard it…  "I get to go first". 

And with that I screamed. "Mmmmmmmmmmm sssssshhhhhhh"  A stinging shock ran though my body and I jumped.  Well tried to but was forced to just shake from the pleasure and pain.

What the fuck was that.  It was coming from my nipples and not in a good way.  I had not thought about it till now but the suit  had some copper looking pads in some spots.  I figured that was in all of them and normal.  But to my surprise it was an electrical shocker only built into this suit. They were paying to torture me through electricity.  I then felt it again and my vagina came to life.  The vibrators kicked in and I was instantly dripping wet.

Fuck… my nipples by this time are stinging and I cannot do anything but wiggle and scream into the gag. Master was not going to let me go anyways…. I couldn't tell him my safe word if I tried.

Holy shit!  All I could think as my body shook wildly around and my vagina too a shock to an eager man.  The crowds grew larger as more and more voices joined the crowd.  I could also start to hear cameras going off.  I couldn’t believe it.  By body is now on show for all these men to PLAY with and take pictures of.

Fuck!  A shock hit me at the top of my vagina just over the spot my little landing strip use to be.  I don’t know if I can take much more of this.  I was shaking in my bounds trying to get out.  Trying anything… but all I could do is wiggle.

My body was being forced to take punishing shocks and my sex was being teased with the vibrators.  I had to have been there for an hour and taken 20 shocks by now.  My body just wanted to be let go and I felt myself starting to cry.

I felt my body go numb and being picked up in someone’s arms  I didn’t care who it was just as long as I didn’t get shocked again.  I felt the arm binder slowly being removed and my arms opening up.  The cuffs were removed and my arms simply fell to my sides.  The gag was released from my mouth and pulled away.  Now surprisingly my mouth stayed open as if it were still locked inside.

And then with the softest of touch the blindfold came off.  It took my eyes a while to adjust but as it cleared up I was laying on a bed in front of a beautiful woman.  I didn’t care.  I was free from those bonds and relaxing.  She then proceeded to unlock my hood and pull it slowly off my face.  She unlocked my heels and put them to the side.  OH MY GOD… my feet never felt so good to be free of those high heels.

I couldn’t do anything.  I was paralyzed from relaxation and just didn’t care.  I had a beautiful woman freeing me from my bonds and my body was coming back to normal.  It felt so good.  She then unlocked the latex catsuit and slowly pulled the zipper down my body.  I could feel the cool air come in contact with my sweaty body.  It sent shivers down my spine.  She pulled each arm out of its sleeve and continued down my body.  Laying on my back she slowly pulled the dildos out of their still wet holes and with her soft touch laid me on my side to get each leg out of the suit.  Laying there completely naked she rolled me on my back and proceeded to carress my body.  I was in heaven.  I have never been felt up by a woman before but this woman was amazing.  She went over every inch of my body with her soft finger tips.  Down my body and into my wet pussy round my butt and up to my nipples.  I couldn’t take anymore and I soon passed out.

I woke to Masters voice sitting beside me.

"Hello sexy, I think you will be happy to find you made $250 in tips today. I'll get your hourly pay tomorrow.  But you did wonderful."

"Sleep for now… the first time is always the hardest on the body.  You will soon get use to it."

It's a beautiful night i thought. While driving to My now Masters house. I stared out my window looking at the sky. The moon was full and the sky was clear. I could see bright twinkling stars all over. "This is going to be a good night", I said to myself out loud. I see his complex now and turn in. Oh no, I'm starting to have some mixed emotions.. nervous but excited at the same time. I park my car and look up at his condo. I can see his living room light slightly dimmed from the window. Every step i take up the stairs to his door my heart thumps harder and harder. My body yearning to find out what he has in store for me. Suddenly a cool breeze brushed by.. 'Burr" I thought. It made my nipples hard.

I'm now at his door, and i give a sturdy knock. He opens it. I see him dressed in casual clothing, his house smelt of fresh new paint. "Come inside slave", he said. He then shut the door and locked it. Then sternly he said, "from this point on you will only refer to me as Master".

I then understood why he referred himself with this name. He then asked me some questions.. like was i sure i wanted to be there and did i understand this is my choice. He gave me a safe word, again which was "FIRE" and then last he asked me if i understood my role. I answered, "Yes Master".

By now my pussy was throbbing. He then ordered me to take off my dress but to leave on my heels. I wanted to make sure i teased him a little so i made sure i slipped my dress off seductively pushing each strap slowly off my shoulders, sliding the dress firmly down my body making sure i bent over pulling it down so my Master could see my tight little ass. I looked up to see his face. His eyes burning into mine. Giving me a blank stare, staying very focused on his plan.

"Now slave walk over to the couch there is a table next to it. It has different items for you to choose. Pick four of your liking."

I walked over anxious to see my choices. He had many."Hurry he shouted you have 10 more seconds."

I quickly chose some rope, a medium size chain with 2 locks with it .Also nipple clamps and a medium size whip. I handed them to him. He then looked at me and asked "Do you trust me?"

"Yes Master."

He then placed a tight fitted black hood over my head pulling my ponytail through the top. It covered my eyes completely. Next i heard him climbing on something and rope being strung through some chains i think.. i couldn't really tell.

"Put your arms up Slave " His voice still very stern.  He then grabbed both my wrist and started tying them tightly above my head. "Spread your legs slave" He shouted again.  Then i hear him grab the chain. He began wrapping it around my waist, then another chain, pulling it from the top of my ass around and under my pussy. My body jerked.. the chain was cold.  He pulled it nice and tight around my pussy, pinching my lips together, and rubbing the chain on my clit.

Slipping his fingers inside.."Already turned on", he said. My pussy was for sure soaking wet.

He then grabbed something else.. the nipple clamps. I could feel the warmth of his body coming closer to me. First pinching and rubbing my nipples then he put the clamps on. ' feels so good'. I thought, I knew what item was last. My favorite.. the whip. He began slapping it on my ass really hard... not missing a spot. Then slapping the insides of my legs sliding it up and down whipping my pussy. Next he began smacking my tits with it. I could feel the clamps pinching harder. I could hear myself breathing heavily. My body was quivering with excitement.

He then grabbed my face firmly and said, "Now Slave don't say one word, Just listen". 

My head was spinning by now, what could be next i thought. Then suddenly i hear more footsteps coming from behind me. Was there someone else in the room? As much as i wanted to ask i knew my instructions and i wanted to be a good slave. All of the sudden i started hearing kissing. Now i know there's someone else here. I then hear them getting on the couch in front of me...wrestling around.  Then i hear it a female... moaning then a slap. It must be an ass i thought.  Then i hear him starting to moan too. i could hear their bodies slapping together. I know my pussy is dripping by now for sure. I can feel the chain rubbing against my clit. So i start rubbing my legs together making the chain rub harder.  Fuck it feels so good. 

I can hear the couch material moving the sound getting faster and harder.  The moans getting louder and deeper... and then it stops.  I then hear them get off the couch. I hear their footsteps getting closer to me. A hand starts to touch my pussy.  I can tell it’s her hand. Her fingertips so soft.  She started rubbing my pussy, pulling on the chain more.  Then i feel a hard SLAP on my ass. My Master has out the whip again. He starts rubbing it between my ass and pussy. Then i hear keys. It must be the girl because he was still whipping me all over my body. He stops. She begins unlocking the chains.  I hear them drop to the floor. He then grabs a hold of my hair gripping it very tightly."Still don't say a word. You may make any noises you like but no words.  I also want you to ask my permission before you cum. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes Master" i said.

Breathing even harder now. Then someone rips the hood off my head.  It was his Girlfriend! She was standing there naked... long beautiful legs, dark reddish brown hair.. and a nicely shaved little pussy. She was holding a dildo in her hand. My Master was still standing behind me gripping my hair. He came closer to me close enough i could feel his hard cock against my ass. He then grabbed my ass really tight with one hand and with the other hand took his fingers put them in his mouth getting them wet and then slipping them in my pussy."Oh yea she’s ready" he said.

The woman then got down on her knees spreading my pussy lips apart and sliding the dildo inside. I was so wet it slipped right in. She then pushed a button making the dildo vibrate. My knees are so weak. She began penetrating it and out. First slowly then gradually getting faster and harder. My Master still holding tightly with one hand on my ass and the other on his dick thrusting it in and out of his hand. I could feel his breath and hear him moaning. His girlfriend smiling staring right into my eyes. I had to bite my lip so i didn't yell. It was so hard not to.... mmmm I’m so close.

'Keep going', i thought faster and faster put it deeper ..and she did. FUCK! 

"Can i cum Master?"

"Yes" he said.

I could feel my body shaking all over. Every muscle inside my pussy aching with pleasure... i started cumming all over the dido.. all over his girlfriends soft hands. She then started pulling the dido out slowly... my juices all over it.

"What a good little slave you brought home", she said.



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