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Finishing School 10

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; latex; bond; ponygirl; fem; cons; X

Part Ten

At the end of the meal we dispersed, the girls and the prefects to their various dormitories to change. Miss Broad had earlier talked of the afternoon’s “activities” and everyone was to participate. I had an idea what their “activities” may be but kept quiet; nothing, absolutely nothing surprised me about this place any more.

Sarah, Emma and I returned to Emma’s room, and sat dutifully on the side of the bed as Emma began to collect our clothes for the afternoon. My backside still stung a bit but the cool rubber of the sheet helped assuage it. Our clothes were to be identical.  Emma said.

“The activities as Miss Broad calls them, or sports really, are to be carried out in pairs, so we have identical costumes for you, I think you will like them. Okay, you can both strip off now, down to the buff. Come on, don’t be shy.”

I had undressed Sarah many times before and she me, but somehow this seemed more exciting. Slowly we slipped out of our garments, helping each other. My light brown skin glistened with perspiration, smooth and hairless. She was more tanned and looked stunning as she smiled coyly, aware of her nakedness. I had only my corset on now.

“Emma, how did you get Max…ine into her corset.”

“With difficulty.” She laughed, and even I had to laugh at that. Emma gradually released the laces and I relaxed. I felt slightly strange, my hairless body somehow lacking the contours of the corset and the flattering latex clothes. For a second I unconsciously missed their tight cling, their comforting embrace.

I went to the toilet and looked at my strange figure in the mirror, my hairless male body topped by the very feminine made-up face and pageboy hair. It looked incongruous and I felt a bit uncomfortable, it was as if now I wanted, I needed the clothes to make me complete. I needed to return to these clothes that now gave me comfort. In my present predicament, they looked and felt on me much more appropriate. As I returned to the bedroom, Sarah brushed by me for her turn, her hand gently squeezed my cock and she mouthed a kiss. She seemed to be actually quite enjoying herself.

The clothes were now arranged and I actually looked forward to getting dressed. As I was, I looked a bit silly so dressing now made much more sense. I was to be dressed first and Emma picked up a narrow tube of thick black rubber. I asked if it was a thigh strap for it was quite narrow, Emma chuckled and said, you’ll see. Sarah came back and helped Emma stretch the tube and she then told me to step into it. They had to be kidding! They pulled it up to mid thigh and there it stopped. I started to jump up and down and with them gripping it on both sides it passed over my hips and settled over my waist. It gripped me like a vice, even tighter than the corset and it extended from my hips to just below my nipples.

“God, I can hardly breathe.” I gasped.

“You look better already.” Sarah cooed and ran her hands over the smooth, shiny surface. It fitted me like a suit of armour. Next she got me to step into my now familiar pussy pants sliding my cock down the narrow sheath and out of sight. Pulling it up I was still amazed at how effective it is for hiding my maleness, my cock and balls are invisible, just a smooth mound and a pair of rubber lips with a hole at the rear opposite my arse. My body now seemed to be taking shape – so to speak; a clinched waist, relatively well-formed bust, flat genitalia and well-rounded buttocks, not to mention the hair and made-up face.

Next came a pair of sky blue self hold stockings, tight and clammy, followed by, strangely a pair of blue ballet slippers which Sarah expertly crossed the laces and tied off. I was fairly used to their strange somewhat concave shape, after my ballet lessons with Sarah, and they immediately altered the way one walked. I stood up and Emma produced a long sleeved, zip backed, high collared leotard in dark blue latex with light blue flashes down the sides and front, between the breasts and down to the crotch. After stepping into it, the girls pulled it up. It was high cut at the hips, just covering my pussy pants and exposing a good piece of my buttocks, still pink from my beating at the hands of Miss Broad earlier.

I slipped my arms into the sleeves and noted they extended beyond my hands and ended in loose laces; the bottom covered my crotch snugly and there was only a faint outline of “my” pussy lips, nothing else. Next came the helmet; she held it in front as if for my approval. I nodded. Yes, I was ready. It was in light blue, beautifully moulded, without zips or laces. It would cover my head, neck and face; save for a large mouth hole and two smaller eyeholes. The nose was moulded but with no holes, in fact there are two plugs to go up my nostrils. At the crown a brass thimble was embedded. With Sarah’s help Emma pulled it down over my head, the collar was tight and gripped my neck. Emma adjusted the plugs up my nose, now I could only breathe through my mouth. The vision was quite good; the mask is moulded to my face, as if painted on. Sarah then zipped up the back of the leotard, and I looked down at a pair of very real looking boobs, Emma chuckled.

“I thought you would need a little help in the boob department, so the shop added some silicone sacs there, they look and feel like the real thing, try them.” I placed my hands on them and squeezed, yes indeed, they were very life like. Sarah zipped the back up to the collar, covering the mask’s neckpiece; I am now imprisoned in rubber again.

Now it was Sarah’s turn and quickly she eased her legs into the stockings, then the ballet shoes, she stood up, en pointe, and it was the strangest sight, naked from thigh tops upwards. Without any bidding she stepped into the leotard and pushed her hands into the long sleeves. As with my costume, her buttocks were quite exposed but there was enough room in the rear of the garment for a reinforced hole opposite her bum hole, I could only imagine what that will be for, and the same for me! She tied her long hair up and Emma and I carefully drew the helmet over her head; she looked a bit nervous now and I winked at her for encouragement. I tucked in the collar as Emma adjusted the nose plugs, and then I closed the zip.

We stood back and looked at each other, identical twins from a strange planet, I held her hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

“Not finished yet, by a long chalk.” Said Emma chirpily and produced two identical collars in dark blue reinforced rubber. There were chin plates extending out from the front and two big buckles at the back, and it was about four inches deep. She buckled the first around my neck. The plate pushed my head back slightly, in an unnatural almost proud pose. It wasn’t painful nor uncomfortable, but a faintly haughty posture. I could only twist my head marginally to the side. She repeated the procedure with Sarah, who made no comment and raised her head obediently to accept the fitting.

Then Emma turned to me again and took my left hand and rolled it into a tight fist and carefully tied the loose laces of the sleeve over it and then tied that to my wrist. She repeated it with the other hand and now I stood powerless with my hands clenched in useless fists. Sarah silently held out her hands and the process was repeated on her. Emma was now much more business-like, our earlier heart-to-heart seemingly forgotten, at least for now. Sarah and I stood facing each other, anonymous shiny blue heads, broken by red lips, heads high, seemingly proud, but actually powerless and submissive.

“Well, now that I have you meek and under control, I can tell you what is planned for the afternoon. What we plan are chariot races, and you are going to be my fine, proud fillies!” We looked at each other in silence and Emma carried on.

“And I need obedient, strong, unquestioning fillies and you are them aren’t you? There will be 16 teams of two horses, fillies, each. There will be heats, semi finals and the final. You must win, for me and for each other. You have seen already that it does not pay to lose. I know you can do it, even if you have not raced before. I will lead you to victory. The next piece of tackle I have a feeling you will not like, but all the ponies will be dressed the same, so…don’t fight it please.”

She produced a bridle, a form of leather head-harness with steel rings. She held it up.

“Sarah, you first this time. Now come on, don’t make a scene.” Sarah took a step back as Emma approached and passed straps round her forehead, over her crown, under her chin and behind her head. Emma busied herself adjusting and tightening the straps, it was all very effective. The one under her chin passed through a loop in the collar, it was impossible to remove, and I saw two steel projections, with rings at the end, either side of her mouth.

“Now the nasty piece.” Emma said. And produced a short rubber bit, about a half inch in diameter, with a short curved steel tongue projecting back from the middle. She held it up.

“This is your bit, this is how ponies are controlled. It passes control of all your movements over to me. Through this, and the whip of course, I will control you, your speed and your direction. It is rubber covered and will cause no permanent damage, soreness in the mouth and lips perhaps. But that depends on how obedient you are. If you fight the bit then it will hurt you, go where I lead you and you will be fine. The tongue will be positioned over your own tongue and extend back into your mouth. It will prevent the possibility of you swallowing your tongue or gagging on it. Now Sarah, open up.” Sarah stared at the bit, transfixed. Emma repeated.

“Sarah, come on, open up dear.” After a second Sarah did so, and Emma, a little roughly I thought, crammed it between her teeth, pushing the steel tongue down over Sarah’s. She gripped it in a grimace and she gurgled and wriggled.

“Steady, steady now.” Emma said, placing a hand behind her head, Sarah calmed a little, breathing slower through her mouth. Emma tightened the bit to the bridle and made adjustments. A pair of leather reins was slipped onto the rings at each side of the bit. With her fists she tried to adjust the bridle, to no avail and dropped her arms to her sides. With her nose plugged her breathing through the bit was amplified. She had looked startled at the turn of events but now sat down to watch my turn. I obediently dropped my head, not easy with the posture collar and Emma cooed.

“Good, pony, good filly.” And slipped the harness over my head, and then adjusted all the straps, looping the single one under my chin. Next came the bit! I opened my mouth and the pungent taste of rubber stung my palate. I bit on the hard surface and tried not to gag as the tongue clamped itself over mine. She nodded approvingly and tied the reins to either side. She ran her hand down my rubber-encased body leaving it resting on my rubber pussy lips, and I shivered at her touch.

“Good filly, you will be a fine ride I am sure, as will Sarah. You will run your heart out for me and victory, won’t you?” I nodded as best I could and grunted. She slapped my buttocks, I winced as I still hadn’t recovered from the paddling earlier.

“Excellent, for if you do not do your best, I will be forced to whip those fine pink nates of yours, and yours, Sarah.” Emma wrapped steel belts round our waists, locking them at the back, then steel hand cuffs connected Sarah’s left wrist to my right. With a 9 inch steel chain she fettered our belts together. We are a team, a two-filly chariot team. I tried to smile encouragement, not easy with the thick bit, but she seemed to detect my feelings and leant into me. Our outside arms were then cuffed and clipped to the D rings on the sides of our belts. Now we are truly powerless. 

We sat down on the bed, for now it was Emma’s turn to change. She did so quickly, pink bra and panties, a scarlet long-sleeved loose blouse and white jodhpurs, loose at her thigh and tight at the waist. Then she pulled on black calf length boots and black rubber gloves, tucking them under the sleeves of her scarlet blouse. Finally she placed a cute little jockey’s cap of bright red leather over her hair, her ponytail draped down her back. She is the perfect jockey, all in latex and leather. She twirled in front of us.

“You approve?” And we nodded as best we could; I could not deny her alluring beauty. She smiled again and placed two fine plumes in the thimbles at our crowns. Then she pursed her lips and said seriously.

“I’m sorry but the very last piece you will not like, but all the girls have them.” She turned to the closet and returned with two 18 inch tails in colours to match our plumes. She also had a large pot of lubricant! We both groaned in unison as we saw the butt pugs attached to the ends of the tails.

“I left it until last but it has to be done, now stand up here and bend over. I’ll lube them well and take my time, but they are going in all right.” Both of us knew there was no point in fighting so, still tethered together, we turned our backs to her, spread our legs, bent over and waited our fate. I heard the slurp of the lube as she dipped the first plug in, and somehow I knew I would be first. I felt the cool invader at my rear as she slowly pushed it through the holes in my leotard and pussy pants. I tried to relax and breathe slowly and she inexorably pushed it past my loosening sphincter and up my rear. Once past the widest part my sphincter seemed to grab the narrow portion at the end, and I almost felt relief. She twisted the plug until the tail seemed to sprout from my arse at a 45-degree upward angle and then pressed the three press-studs that connected the tail to the leotard.

As I tried to adjust and accustom myself to this fat intruder, Emma repeated the process with Sarah. I could not turn my head fully, but I heard her groan and gasp as Emma continued her assault. It took a couple a couple of minutes but then I heard the plops of the three press-studs and I knew that she too was now impaled. We stood up and I could feel the ends of the tail swishing behind me and as I moved my feet tickle the back of my thighs. Emma gave us a sympathetic smile, and placed a hand on each of our cheeks.

“Well done my beauties, well done. I’m going to be proud of you I’m sure.” Finally she picked up a nasty looking loose hide whip and waved it menacingly in front of us.

“I’m very good with this, I don’t want to use it as I am very fond of you both, but I will as I want you, us, to win. Believe me it is better to win and get a sore bum than to be a loser here. We are now back to business, it will be competitive out there. To the winner the spoils and to the loser, a bit of pain and humiliation, depending on Miss Broad’s whims. You don’t want that and neither do I, so I won’t let it happen. As you run, and believe me you will, in front of me will be your beautiful jiggling buttocks. They will present a fine sight and..…a fine target. I will whip them red if you don’t try your damnedest.”

Sarah groaned and I felt her shiver, spittle formed on her bit, and Emma approached her.

“Come on dear, no time for whining. I have you trussed like a rubber chicken. You are going to be my fine strong filly, and you dear Maxine, you too. You are my team, winning team. I’ll loosen your bit, it looks a tad tight.” She did so and Sarah grunted a garbled “thank you”.

“Maxine said you were a good athlete, well my dear, now is the time to prove it.” She ran her hands over both our bodies, professionally, not sexually, although it was a very pleasant feeling.

“Try to relax, you are both far too tense, you won’t run well like this, here, I’ll try this….” And she left her hands on Sarah’s breasts, squeezing them gently, and rolling her nipples.

“Relax, relax, you’ll be fine, looses up, good girl, good Sarah.” And I could see out the corner of my eye Sarah visibly began to calm, her eyes began to shine and she started to take strong, slow breaths. Emma wiped the dribble from our mouths, went on tiptoe to kiss us on our raised foreheads and picked up the reins.

“Tsk tsk, walk on my beauties.” She said and led us out to the corridor. We took the stairs slowly; it was not easy to see them while wearing the posture collar. But what a sight we were!

Led by the reins of our latex clad jockey, walking in our ballet shoes in a somewhat accentuated balletic way, rubber stockings, leotards and helmets in two shades of blue, buttocks exposed, breasts thrust out, gleaming bits in gaping mouths, chained and cuffed together, plumes waving, and butt plug tails swishing, we were equus eroticus in reality, two equine latex twins!

As we descended the stairs Emma did not pull hard, giving us plenty of slack and allowing us to get used to the rig, encouraging us. We passed out into the bright light of the warm afternoon and walked across the familiar gravel drive, small pebbles crunched under our ballet shoes. We went to the old rifle range, now clearly the saddling or hitching enclosure. Already there were several pairs of fillies there dressed in the same manner – leotards, stockings, masks and bits, but all in different but matching colours. They were being hitched to the buggies. They were two seat affairs but could, as in this instance, accommodate a single rider. Emma led us to a hitching post, just as if we were real ponies and tethered us there.

“I’ll only be a couple of minutes, there’s only eight prefects so we have to double up for each other and get sixteen pairs into the buggies, back in a sec.” She patted our exposed behinds and went to help with the hitching of the others. I looked over to Sarah and raised my right fist, raising hers as well, and rested it on her cheek. She leaned into me. I was touched - we were a team….and we would show them.

I looked around and saw Emma back a pair of girls into a buggy; the solid arms were adjustable and were attached to their sides by short chains connected to the belts of both girls. A prefect sat down in the buggy, took the reins, flicked their behinds and, with a jerk, off they went. This happened twice more, one pair of girls really acting up, and being given a good whipping before being forced to canter off. Emma then returned.

Now we’re not going to behave like those two are we?” Emma said. We grunted a “no” and she led us over to a buggy. She leaned back and gently pressed a finger on my tail, I felt the probe rise in my rear and went up on my toes.

“Everything all right in there, all nice and snug, no chance, I hope, of it popping out.” I grunted a “no” again and she chortled. She attached us to the contraption in the same way as the others, the arms of the buggy chained to our outer hips. As Emma was about to get in Amanda approached with Imogen, now gagged, in tow. She smiled and said to Emma.

“She just couldn’t resist asking all these questions in this whining voice so I had to shut her up!”

“She’ll learn.”

“I just wanted to drop by and wish you luck.” Amanda came to the front and placed her hands on my shoulders, then leaned over and inspected my tail.

“Mmm, can’t be too comfortable. But good luck Maxine, and Sarah, I have a feeling you’re going to do well.” She pecked me on the forehead and I looked past her and saw the look on poor Imogen’s face. She had been bombarded with the strangest images for the past two hours and now this, human equines in rubber! Amanda patted my backside and left, waving goodbye. Emma did the final adjusting or our bits, and then sat down behind us. I felt a flick on my buttock and so moved off, Sarah next to me keeping pace.

I knew the grounds well so Emma had to do very little leading with the reins. We kept up a slow jog, getting used to each others stride, trying not to knock elbows or hips; it went quite well, the only really odd sensation being the butt plug moving within me and the tickle of the tail on the backs of my thighs. I heard the occasional comment from Emma – good, excellent, what a nice pair you are, and so forth. The ballet shoes made us run a little exaggeratingly, but with each step I was feeling more comfortable. Sarah needless to say was taking to it a bit better, although no doubt the butt plug within her was equally uncomfortable.

We arrived last at the playing fields, Emma pulled in the reins and the bits dug into our cheeks, so we came to a stop. We formed a nice straight line all thirty two of us in a line. What a sight! We all stood still as Miss Broad did her inspection, with Camille behind her. Different coloured plumes and tails, different coloured leotards, mouths in a grimace biting down on bits, the only sound was our breathing, belaboured by the nose plugs and bits. Miss Broad walked past us all, slowly appreciatively, trailed by Camille. Miss Broad announced.

“This is the perfect example of your servitude; you have been broken, bridled and bitted. One move of the jockey’s hands and you will move in obedience. You will not be sullen, you will be proud of your servitude and you will do your best, if you do not extend yourselves you will be punished. You are ponies; you do not have independent wills or opinions. You will do as you are commanded. Now we will begin.” She drew out two pieces of paper from a pouch at her waist and read out the names. The second pair read out was Sarah and I, so we were to be in the first race. Emma patted our behinds and mounted her seat. Clicking her tongue she steered us to the starting line. The oval grass track was 400 metres and in the first heat there were two laps to be covered. As our names were drawn last we drew the outside lane.

Watched by Miss Broad, Camille, the twenty eight other ponies and their jockeys we went off at the sound of the pistol. I went off at a good click to catch them at the first bend but felt the bit pulled back sharply into my mouth. I grunted and slowed. The speed was a fair canter but no sprint and we stayed behind them for the first one and a half laps. I was beginning to get worried when I felt a sharp pain on my buttock, and Sarah presumably did the same, and we speeded up considerably, pulling out to the right to pass. With sixty yards to go we were level but with another painful crack on my butt cheek we took the pace up again and won by a couple of yards.

Emma pulled us to a stop in the centre of the ring, the other team being pulled over to a post and tied there, looking somewhat forlorn. I felt a little sorry for them but I was a lot happier being the victor. I expected a congratulatory pat on my backside, but instead I got a very hard slap!

“Listen, I do the tactics, you’re just a….dumb pony, all right. We have three more races to win, longer ones against faster teams, so we have to conserve energy and run tactical races.” She pulled on my bit, it hurt and I clenched my eyes.

“You try that stunt again and I will seriously bruise this pretty mouth of yours. Trust me, all right, feel the bit and respond to the whip, that’s all, I do the thinking. I know what it takes to win, there are some experienced ponies here, and you are not.” She patted my cheek, this time more affectionately.

“You looked really good there, you’re both in good shape but it takes more than fitness to win. It helps having someone you know so well running nest to you, a bit of telepathy there I think.” She smiled, she was more relaxed now. She dabbed our eyes, some sweat was stinging mine.

“How are the bits, okay?” I raised my shoulders as if to say, well why would you care about us? She gripped my bit again and pulled. I grunted.

“Listen when I said I wanted you as obedient ponies I didn’t mean truculent ones. I’m being easy on you so far, be thankful for that. So don’t fool around with me, now are the bits okay?” I nodded quickly, and she continued to fuss over us, pulling up our stockings, adjusting the posture collars. Then she said.

“I have to jockey in the fifth race so I’m going to see my pair of ponies now.” She smiled. “Don’t run off.” So we were left in the warm sun tethered together, as the second and third races progressed, even I could see that some of the girls were better than others, and we would have as serious fight on our hands to win. Then as the fifth race began I felt a hand gently rest on my exposed cheek.

“I hope you know I am pulling for you both.” It was Camille, looking riveting in her student’s uniform.

“I expect I will be in the races next week but Linda wanted to give me some time to….adjust. It seems so strange that only twenty four hours ago we were effectively in the opposite positions. I was the rubber doggy with butt plug tail and now… you both are as rubber ponies with the butt plug tails. You ran wonderfully well in the first race…..look er Maxine…….I still don’t know how to thank….”

I shook my head and grunted to say it wasn’t necessary.

“Well maybe if you won’t take a thank you, I will have to offer Sarah one.” She smiled mischievously and moved opposite Sarah, her hand out of my view, but I had a pretty good idea where it was when I heard Sarah groan in pleasure. Then she began to breathe faster and then shake; it had taken barely a minute. This woman certainly knew about other women, or maybe it was Sarah whose buttons she knew how to push. Camille stepped back with a wide grin, she looked at me.

“I don’t want to tire you two out, but you Maxine, I still owe you one.” She patted my groin, where my cock was trying hard to escape. She kissed us both on the forehead and whispered.

“Remember, you must win, for me at least.” And she turned and left. Emma soon returned, she had won her second race, so she would be a busy jockey for the rest of the day. She seemed happy, and said.

“They’re a good pair, very obedient, but without your fire.” Soon sixteen girls were tethered to the posts and sixteen others were ready for round two, which was to be three laps. It was apparent that as the heats progressed the races got longer. We were drawn in the second heat again, and once again Emma played the waiting game. This time I simply waited for the bit and whip and when the commands came, Sarah even pushed me harder and we crossed over the line three yards ahead of the opposition.

Once back in the ring, we were breathing heavily, and spittle flew from our lips. She wiped us down and dabbed the sweat under our masks near our eyes. Then she helped us stretch out our leg muscles. Finally from a water bottle with a long tube she gave us a well-needed drink. Because of the steel plate over our tongues we couldn’t swallow well so she pushed the tube past our bits and to the back of the throats. It was a strange sensation but the water was much needed. She then had to go for the fourth race with her other team. This she won as well, her team was good and it occurred to me that she may end up with two teams in the final.

Soon we were down to four teams, eight ponies including Sarah and I. For the semi-finals it was four laps and we drew two tall girls. This time Emma chose different tactics. We surged at the second lap as everyone expected us to hold back until the end. We took a good ten yard lead which the others, taken by surprise, could not reduce. We slowed as we finished victors by four yards. We were very pleased with our selves, Emma had hardly used her whip and my backside felt all right, except of course for the butt plug! She wiped us down like a good groom but then had to leave for her second race.

Surprisingly to me, this one she lost, by a short distance. The other team was strong and obedient and seemed to know each other well. When she returned after tethering the others in the losers’ enclosure, she seemed a bit mad.

“Did you see that? That is what happens when the ponies think for themselves, I had them nicely lined up for a pass but they had to go too early, stupid girls. If I’d won it would have been the first time a jockey would have had two teams in the final. A lesson to earn, trust your jockey!” She saw Sarah and I make a sideways glance at each other and knew what we were thinking. She placed her hands on our cheeks.

“Oh don’t worry I’d have ridden you in the final, you’re my team, my number one team. Peggy or one of the other experienced girls would have taken my second team.

“Okay, we have twenty minutes to rest, now any problems?” Sarah and I shook our heads. She gave us another drink. All was well, we had stuck up a good rhythm and all seemed in order. I hardly noticed the butt plug any more so concentrated I was in the races. But the winners of the second semi were two big, strong girls and one, although she was masked, I think I recognised from the wrestling class. They were going to be formidable opponents. Miss Broad spoke.

“So now we have our finalists, and I can’t say I’m surprised, as least with one pair. Julia and Anna won last week quite easily, they are a formidable duo. But now maybe….they have met their match. Sarah and Maxine, lacking experience make up for it in knowing each other well, and being good runners. It should make for a great race. It will be three miles on a marked course through the grounds. There will be a catch however.” There was complete silence now on the field, she held up two pairs of thick rubber blindfolds. “This will be a test of speed and stamina from the ponies and skill from the jockeys and most of all, communication between the two. Camille and I will have the privilege of putting these on.”

Miss Broad put the blindfolds on the other girls as Camille approached us. She began with Sarah, and spoke quietly.

“Sarah my dear, I hope our little bit of fun a while ago won’t be our last. I love Linda dearly but having an occasional dalliance does no one any harm, run dear, as hard as you can, and trust in Emma.” She then moved to me and said as she strapped the soft foamy rubber over my eyes.

“Have you come up with a way I can thank you for everything yet, Maxine? Never mind, just win for me; you look so good in that outfit.” I felt her lips on my forehead and then she was gone. I was now in complete darkness, the black rubber pressing firmly on my eyes. Now we really did have to rely solely on Emma and the commands of her whip and reins. I was starting to lose confidence when I heard her say.

“Okay, my beauties, this is it. Do you trust me, the ultimate test? I will command you to run as fast as you can – through woods, streams, round corners and up and down slopes, so you must feel my reins.” She cradled my buttocks.

“By the end of this these will be red, you will be exhausted but if you listen to me and feel my commands, then you will be victorious. We can do it, you can do it. Yes they are very good, but I know you and I know you can beat them.” She patted my rear again, and then she was back in her seat. The command to get to the line was given and now I felt the pull of reins to the right and we were off. We trotted to the line and she pulled us to a halt…….we waited and then the gun cracked and we were off.!

Immediately my buttocks stung under the whip, and we took up the pace. I heard Sarah at my side breathing noisily and then an occasional yelp as she too was whipped. At each pull of the reins I turned. Were we in the lead, were we trailing? On and on we ran, I felt sweat in my leotard at my groin, in my stockings and seeping down my brow inside the mask, spittle gathered at my bit as I raised my knees and ran and ran. I could feel Sarah at my side breathing heavily too, but keeping in good rhythm with me.

I felt bushes brush my legs and then cool water up to my ankles for a second or two, and then the ground became spongy and then hard again. The whip on my buttocks increased tempo, then she began to hit me constantly, I could hardly run any faster, and it seemed as if I was flying. Finally there was a pull at my bit followed by another so I slowed down, then came to a stop. It was over, had we won?

I then felt Emma’s arm around my head, embracing me, then patting my tender backside – we had won!

She took off our blindfolds; Sarah was doubled over, coughing and spitting, gasping for air. My buttocks were aflame again, as I gulped in air too. Emma was beside herself, slapping Sarah joyfully and holding her head then kissing her forehead. The vanquished pair was led off, as were all the others up the slope to the school. It was winner take all and the losers would all, it seemed, be subject to some sort of discipline. It was a harsh reality.

We were only left with Emma, Miss Broad and Camille, who approached us with a beaming grin. She kissed us both on our bitted lips and placed a rosette each on our bridles.

“See, I knew you could do it. Maybe it was the incentive of some future rewards with me that did the trick.” She winked. “I’m still going to say, I owe you so much.” Miss Broad joined us and placed a tender arm around Camille.

“You are so new here Maxine and Sarah and yet….you have come so far. You are my star pupils, what a race! You may give Camille and me a lift up the slope here back to the school. Emma, take the reins and lead the proud winners.” They sat in the buggy behind us and Emma proudly led us up the slope. We were tired but at the same time exhilarated. For some reason, I felt very happy. Yet how could that be, dressed like this, bitted, rubberised and with a butt plug up my backside? We pulled up in front of the school where Emma pulled us to a stop. We saw three women getting out of a large SUV with black tinted windows. I heard Emma say, almost under her breath.

“Oh no, not them.” Miss Broad dismounted and approached them, with Camille staying well behind her.

“Sigrid, Sigi, my dear, I didn’t expect you all until tomorrow, but….it’s good to see you.” The elder woman, Sigi appeared to be the “leader”. She was about 35 or so, strong, muscular, blonde hair severely pulled back in a tight bun. She wore a tight leather corset over tight rubber knee length skirt and stockings. Leather gloves were laced to her elbows and tucked into a white shirt with short sleeves. She was attractive but in a hard way. As they embraced I noted her two friends were younger and a complete contrast. One was Chinese I think, and called Mia, she was only about 5 feet 2 inches but very petite and pretty, with perfectly formed jet-black hair and bright scarlet lips. She wore a short, sheath sleeveless dress with a mandarin collar, filmy thin grey rubber stockings and three-inch pumps. Her smile showed perfect white teeth.

The third girl was called Uta, and appeared to be the classic tall Swede. She was at least 5 feet 10 inches, blonde and with an evenly tanned skin; well muscled like a javelin thrower. She wore red rubber tights, a miniscule blue rubber skirt and long sleeved blouse. In her four-inch heels she was actually taller than me. Her long hair, tousled and unbrushed fell over her shoulders. They approached the three of us as we held back. Sigi spoke.

“Pity to miss the races, I so love them – the girls under complete control, utterly subjugated. And this must be Pet. At last we get to see you; my, you are a beauty.” She spoke with a pronounced German/Swiss accent as she placed her hand on Camille’s cheek; I could see Camille hold back a cringe as she stared at Sigi. “Although I can’t say I was ever in favour of you releasing her from her doggy bondage, I can see she is a real diamond, so I shall forgive you, my dear, in this instance. But my dear, I sense you are getting soft here, you need true dominance at all times.” While they were talking about Camille, Uta and Mia approached Emma and the two of us. Mia seemed very interested in me, running her fingers up and down my flanks and smiling cynically. She felt my bit and nodded approval at its tightness. Emma saw this and blurted out.

“I must take the ponies back to the hitching area.” Miss Broad turned and nodded and Emma seemingly relieved, mounted the buggy. With a hard whip across our backsides, we leapt as she led us off at a good clip. The three new arrivals nodded in approval as we galloped by.

At the enclosure Emma pulled on our bits and we slowed to a halt. She released us from the buggy and I tried to give her a dirty look, not easy to do when wearing a rubber helmet. Both of us were breathing heavily again, spittle dripping from our bits. As she released the chains from our wrists she began to explain to us.

“Sorry about that, but I had to get you away. Where do I start? Well those three come here about every three months or so. They are friends of Miss Broad; Sigi and she go back many years. I’m not sure how Miss Broad feels about her now because of her feelings for Pet, or Camille, but I get the feeling that she feels she owes Sigi for something. Anyway, these three are genuine sadists. Every time they are here they sort of select a girl from the school and take her to their quarters they have set up over the old stables. There she becomes their plaything and they abuse her and immerse her in rubber for however long they are here for. Believe me, we are a holiday camp compared with them. They enjoy breaking down girls and playing with them. We take a lot more time, and care.”

Emma looked very concerned as she continued.

“I don’t think Miss Broad totally approves but she never has stopped them yet. She doesn’t cross Sigi, no one does; she is one to avoid, Maxine. They say she is a doctor, and does very well. Now here’s the crunch, I’ve heard she does sex change operations and other strange stuff. The rumour is she does all kinds of body modification stuff on slaves, willing or otherwise, for dominas all over Europe. They say she does piercing and branding and other heavy stuff. I don’t know if it is true, but it crossed my mind that if she got hold of you….well…”

I nodded at the thought, and Sarah glanced at me, concern in her eyes.

“Now she may not have noticed you, and I may be exaggerating but she is not a nice lady. And she’s hooked up with this pair. Watch the Chinese one, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, right? Well, she’s a tough one too, that’s why I had to get you out; she was already eyeing you up.” I swallowed as best I could; things were turning definitely for the worse.

Slowly she removed my bit, my mouth was sore and I licked my lips as he gave me a long drink from the water bottle. She removed Sarah’s bit too, and she took a long drink, we were all silent for a while, thinking on the sudden turn of events. Sarah then turned to me and hugged me and Emma gently placed her hands on our helmets.

“Well, you did me proud, you ran almost as one, which I suppose you are. I’m sorry about the whipping but we had to win, and….those lovely cheeks looked so good jiggling in front of me…..and those cute tails, that I just had to whip them…..and we won.” She wiped us down again and applied some lipstick through the mouth hole of the helmets. I rolled my lips, tasting the familiar sweetness of the gloss. Our happy reverie was brought to a halt when Camille arrived, looking very concerned.

“Linda….er, Miss Broad wants to see Maxine in her room. The other three are with her now, oh God, I’m sorry, it can only mean that they want Maxine for the weekend” She placed her arm around my waist. “No one likes them but we can’t do anything. I’ll take you back Sarah. Emma, you take Maxine to the study.” We embraced without saying anything more, and Sarah and Camille left. Emma and I begin our way back to the school in silence, and I feel I have to break it.

“Well, you’re a bundle of laughs.”

“Look I just told you the way it is, okay, so prepare yourself, I’m not enjoying this. Just get ready for anything to happen, they’ll try and break you, they will. It just depends by how much.” She pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them together.

“That’s the way they like you, cuffed and submissive, and you had better jump when they start ordering you around, playtime is over, Maxine.” She really looked quite depressed and I was coming to realise how much she had come to care for me, and Sarah. We passed girls on the driveway; maybe they had received their punishment for losing already. They gave me an encouraging smile as we entered the old hall.

I took a deep breath as we stood outside Miss Broad’s study. All of a sudden things had taken a serious turn for the worse. Up to now my immersion in rubber and submission had been gradual and if truth be told, I had not only accepted it, I had embraced it. The rubber, the pony play, the bondage classes, the tranny costumes – yes, I had embraced it all. But now my life would take on a new chapter and if the rumours were right, and Emma seemed to believe them, these were dominas of a different kind. The last few days were probably a cakewalk compared to what I was going to have to endure coming up. I swallowed hard as Emma opened the door and led me in to meet my new mistresses.

30.05.06 Continues in Finishing School II - Part One

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