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Jack's Rubber Rendevous

by Rubee01

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubee01 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; drug; latex; catsuit; bond; toys; oral; anal; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

Jack woke up in a daze. He felt as though he had been drugged, and was having trouble focusing his thoughts. As his head started to clear, he tried to sit up and felt the bed on which he was resting. It felt cool and slippery. As he examined it he realized it was rubber, and that brought his memory flooding back. The last thing he remembered before passing out was the two rubber clad girls in the bar.

Jack had been working night and day on the new system and it was finally done. "Time to relax", he thought, and looked over at the other programmer, Dolores. She was a good looking blond with a dynamite figure. On the spur of the moment he asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink to celebrate the completion of the project. 

She looked him up and down, winked at him, and accepted. "I was going out to dinner with my roommate. How about if she joins us". 

"Hey, the more the merrier" he said, as he thought to himself, "Wow, Maybe I will relax with something better that a drink".

Dolores said that they would meet Jack at the Angel Bar in an hour. Jack was surprised. The Angel was kind of off beat, but he agreed, and went to have a bite to eat before walking over to the bar. When he got there the place was almost empty. After all it was pretty early for the usual kinky crowd. He sat at the bar and ordered a beer while he waited for the girls. Soon he saw them enter the bar. As they walked up to him his mouth dropped open in amazement. Both girls were dressed completely in rubber. He had never seen anything like it before, but they sure looked good.

Dolores wore a skin tight yellow rubber cat suit that accentuated every curve of her body. Jack could even see her hard nipples pushing against the rubber. He could also feel his cock starting to push against his pants. He had never seen anything so totally sexy before. The yellow rubber accentuated every curve and fold of her body. Even her pussy was outlined within the rubber.

Jack's eyes went to her companion as Dolores introduced him to Peggy. Peggy was stunning. She was a tall African, dressed in a gorgeous lilac rubber evening gown that showed off her voluptuous breasts to perfection. The lilac rubber accentuated the warm brown of her skin, giving it a sensuous glow. The two girls moved adjoining bar stools close to Jack, and sat down with their rubber covered bodies close to his. He was crazy with desire as he put an arm around each girl and felt the warm glow of their bodies through the soft shiny rubber. He wondered how it felt to be dressed in rubber. It certainly felt good to run his hands over it.

"Well, let's have a drink!", Peggy demanded. Dolores signalled to the bartender for a glass of white wine for each of the girls and for a whiskey sour for Jack. As she did so, she gave the bartender a nod. She had known him for some time and he knew what she meant. Jack was so entranced with the two rubber girls that he downed his drink without giving it a thought. He soon felt as if he had had a dozen drinks, and started to sway on his barstool.

Dolores suggested that they had better get Jack out of there, and the two rubber covered girls hustled him out to the car, and drove to their apartment, where they guided him into the bedroom, stripped him, encased him in a tight rubber cat suit, and tied him to their rubber bed. That was where he awoke a couple of hours later.

His head was starting to clear and he became aware of the rubber enclosing him. He felt warm and smooth as he remembered the feel of the rubber clothes on the girls. He felt like he was touching them with his whole body. His cock jumped at the thought and he could see that he had a full erection, but it was encased in a rubber sheath. As he looked at his rubber cock he heard a giggle and looked over to see the two rubber girls watching him.

"I'm glad you are awake." Peggy cried. "We are wild to have some rubber fun". With that, she lifted her rubber skirt and climbed onto his head, shoving her hot juicy pussy over his mouth. "Eat it", she commanded. Jack had no choice but to obey. The soft rubber skirt fell around his head, and he could feel the rubber rustling around his head as he hungrily gobbled up Peggy's love juices. Just then Dolores straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his cock, and started pumping up and down. Everything felt so wonderful. and he started thrusting his hips in time with Dolores's pumping, but just as he was about to climax, Dolores pulled off of him. 

"Time for a switch" she announced, and Peggy lifted from his busy tongue and Dolores took his place, wrapping her rubber legs around his ears, while Peggy impaled herself on his cock. He found Dolores's clit with his tongue and licked it passionately as Dolores and Peggy both erupted in wild rubber orgasms again and again as they switched positions back and forth, but they would never let Jack finish. Every time he was about to unload into his rubber sheath they would stop and shift. He was loving every rubbery minute of it, but he didn't know how long he could go on like this.

Finally the exhausted girls climbed off of the rubber bed and stood there looking at Jack, who was still in a state of total excitement. "Well," Peggy laughed, "You look like you have enjoyed our rubber games." Jack readily agreed. He had really gotten into the feel of rubber, and the session had been magnificent. 

"But you haven't let me cum.", he complained. 

"Oh, you will." Peggy said. "When we are ready, you will have a wonderful rubber cum."

Since Jack was now an obvious willing participant, the girls released his bonds and cuddled their rubber covered bodies next to his on the rubber bed, and massaged the rubber all over his body. It didn't seem possible, but he was getting even harder. He thought his cock was about to burst from the rubber excitement.

Soon the girls were ready to start their next rubber assault on Jack's body. Peggy rolled over on her back, spread her rubber legs and commanded Jack to get up on his hands and knees between her legs and to start eating her again. He eagerly complied. As he knelt there with his face buried in Peggy's juicy pussy, she clamped her rubber legs tight against his head. He was trapped in wonderful slippery rubber. He was in such a state of excitement that he barely noticed when Dolores opened up the rear of his rubber suit. She had strapped a rubber dildo to the front of her rubber catsuit and then climbed onto the bed between Jack's legs.

Dolores spread Jack's cheeks, and before he knew what was happening, she plunged the rubber cock into his ass. Jack was shocked, but he was trapped between Peggy's rubber legs and Dolores's thrusting hips. There was nothing he could do except submit. He felt an instant of pain as the rubber cock violated his ass, but his rubber excitement was overpowering everything. Besides, it started to feel good. He lapped greedily at Peggy's cunt and gave himself whole heartedly to the rubber fucking.

Peggy thrust her hips up into his face until his tongue was buried in her cunt and pulled her rubber skirt tight over his head while Dolores pumped her rubber cock in and out. All three rubber bodies were wild with excitement. As the rubber cock massaged his insides, he could feel himself about to come. He couldn't believe that he was going to cum from being fucked in the ass, but just as the thought passed his mind all three of them erupted in rubbery completion.

As they lay in the rubber bed, resting after their wild session, Dolores looked at Jack and suggested that, since he was now a willing rubberist, he should move in with them. That way they could play their rubber games every night, and spent their weekends in nothing but rubber. Jack readily agreed, and the very next day rushed to get all his belongings moved in. From then on, Jack, Dolores and Peggy lived in rubber, and were constantly devising new and exciting rubber games. Needless to say, they lived happily ever after


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