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Hollys' Run

by Gnjal

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© Copyright 2001 - Gnjal - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; M+/f; latex; bond; susp; cocoon; oral; anal; sex; scifi; reluct/nc; X

After the cosmetic surgery robot had gone crazy and killed Doc, Holly had run for her life.  The sandmen were after her now!  And it wasn't even her time, her crystal had months till it began flashing.  She looked down at the hard chip of silicon embedding in her palm, and squeezed her hand into a fist in frustration and fear. The explosions and screaming people back at the Cosmetic Bazaar had given her a chance to slip away unnoticed as the rogue Sandman Logan had blasted his way out of the office, killing Doc in the process. A tear wet the corner of Holly's eye as she thought about Doc, cut to ribbons by the suddenly maniacal surgery robot on the session table that they had both used to create such beautiful people with.

Well, that was over now!  Damn that sandman!  And now she had to think of some way to avoid the sandmen chasing her now.  She shuddered thinking of the one with the crazy gleam to his eyes; Francis she had heard the other sandmen call him.  She had changed from her ripped and torn twinkling grey mini dress into a unitard of tight shiny blue thinskin covered by a wispy green drape of sparklebright cloth.  Hoping to blend in with the St. Minos day's revelers, she was now in the middle of a pack of intoxicated and wildly dancing people dressed in even brighter clothes than she was. Trying to smile and laugh with the people around her, she waited till the group was opposite a Grid booth, and with a quick sideways glance dashed inside.

She had heard rumors that there was another entry into the Runner's escape route, and it was to be found on the Grid.  She had plied the grid often enough in her life, plying the femfem, manfem, and groupgrope channels to many encounters which left her sweaty and satisfied.  But the Runner's path wasn't on any of those channels.  The nervously whispered hint she had been given was that runner's could escape the city and reach Sanctuary by a contact found on the Twist channel. She had never had the courage to try the Twist channel before.  Her one friend Tari had tried once, and returned with a dazed look in her eyes, and rope marks on her wrists.  Tari only responded vaguely to Holly's questions on the episode, saying something about "the Master wouldn't want me to talk about him, he would be very angry, Holly..."

The Twist channel of the Grid was reserved for those into bondage and discipline games, and interests outside of the norm for the city in general.  Casual and frequent sex was applauded and encouraged by the city, and the other channels were full of people jumping from one encounter to another, fucking and sucking their way through the cities inhabitants in an endless parade of flesh.  Holly was more than satisfied with the norm channels, but now she had to try Twist.  It was her only chance. Shutting the door of the Grid booth behind her, she straightened her drape and stared into the dark glass front of the booth.  The dim lights of the booth had clicked on when she closed the door, and made a halo of her beautiful long blond hair.  She patted it into to shape, and leaned forward to tap the Grid screen.

"Welcome to the Grid!  What channel would you like to try today?" An over enthusiastic man's voice announced. 

The screen glowed to life in front of her with the icons representing the femfem, manfem, groupgrope and other norm channels.  At the bottom was an icon she had never pressed, the Twist channel.  It showed at picture of a man and woman, naked, and contorted about a center pole between them in a helix shape.  The expressions on their faces was slowly flipping back and forth between ecstatic and fearful.  Holly took a deep breath and pressed the Twist channel icon.

"You have chosen the Twist channel, home to the unusual and bizarre.  Please select your sub category."  The voice requested.

Holly had never seen the choices before.  But the whispered hint had been specific.  Looking for the icons that had been described to her, she quickly pressed the one with a writhing black rubber column, and the icon picturing a wide chrome collar with keyhole and key.

"You have chosen the rubber submission sub categories!  Congratulations!  Please confirm your choices now."  The voice cheerfully recommended.

Holly's hand paused midway to pressing the green accept icon as her resolve weakened.  Maybe the sandmen only wanted to talk to her.  They couldn't believe that she was a runner, could they?  Holly stared at the flashing green accept icon, and glanced at the crystal embedded in her palm.  She gasped.  It was flashing!  No!  It wasn't her time for the Renewal Ceremony!  She forced back tears as she realized there was no going back now and slapped the accept icon in front of her.

"You have confirmed your choice!  Twist...Rubber...Sub, welcome to the Twist channel, please stand still while the channel program prepares you for entry."  The man's voice ended as a soft chime sounded in the booth and the lights around her flashed between amber and blue. Holly held her breath and wondered what the booth would have her wearing before the transport to the Grid proper.  A hum started and the vibrations entered her body as the Grid Booth warmed to its task.  Holly closed her eyes as she felt her unitard and drape dissolve from her body, leaving her naked in the climate controlled confines of the booth.

"Twist...Rubber preparation will now begin."  A sultry female voice announced from in front of her.  She stiffened as the booth's fields stroked and manipulated the space around her.  She felt some kind of material building up around her body, covering her feet, legs, belly, torso and head.  She had never had the Grid Booth put anything on her face before, and was startled as she felt the material coalescing around her cheeks, ears, and nose.

"Stage one preparation complete." The female voice had a bitchy quality to it now, like it was almost sneering at her.  Holly opened her eyes and stared at the suddenly mirrored panel in front of her.  She was covered completely in tight shining black rubber!  Only her eyes and mouth peeked from the tight wrapping, with her hair pulled into a ponytail and cascading down her back.  She moved her legs apart and noticed that the material had slits above her pussy.  She stroked her rubber covered hands down her body and slipped a finger through the slit, sucking in her breath at the delicious feeling of her latex covered finger sliding between her pussy lips.

"Twist...Rubber...Submission preparation will now begin." The female voice of the booth sounded like it was mocking her.  She pulled her hand from her pussy guiltily and stood straight again, waiting for the next stage to begin.

The booth fields hummed into to life around her and she was prodded and pushed by them until she was bent over, arms behind her back,  legs spread wide, and her head pulled back by her beautiful blonde ponytail.  Holly grunted with discomfort and unease at the feeling of the slick black rubber sliding over her naked and sweating body as the booth's fields ramped up to another level and continued with the preparation.  A chrome metal spreader bar appeared between her ankles, attached to the forming ankle cuffs of the same metal.  A matching spreader bar forced her knees apart, spreading the slit of the rubber wide at her crotch, baring her moist and engorged pussy lips.  She gasped as her arms were pulled even tighter behind her into some kind of rubber single sleeve that was strapped around her shoulders.

"Wait!  Wait... I don't know about this!"  Holly began to protest, but the booth ignored her and continued with her preparation for the Twist channel.  A wide stiff rubber collar grew into place around her neck, forcing her head back even farther, while her ponytail was somehow being braided into a ring at the base of the rubber single sleeve cinching her arms together.  She struggled under the booths fields as a thick rubber gag formed in her mouth, pressing her jaws wide and plunging deep as it was strapped tightly down.

"MMMMphh!  MMMMMmmmph!"  Holly tried to yell at the booth, but the gag stopped her.  She teetered as high heeled thigh high boots appeared on her legs, shining wickedly in the flashing lights of the manipulator fields.  There was a momentary pause, and then she felt the fields grasp her tightly, ass pushed out.

"Stage two preparation complete"  The female voice sounded pleased with itself.  Holly twisted in the dim light of the booth, mouth working around the rubber gag, blue eyes rolling from the eye holes of  the black rubber covering her head.

"Twist...Rubber...Submission...Runner preparation will now begin"

Holly jerked in fear.  It knew she was a runner!  She began struggling against the arm sleeve and spreader bars holding her, yanking her head forward against her own tied and braided ponytail as the Grid Booth fields hummed to life once again.

She felt the fields push at her pussy lips and between her butt cheeks, and screamed as thick plugs of rubbery material vibrated into existence in her cunt and ass.  She wriggled and pulled against the fields that held her, biting down fearfully on the rubber gag filling her mouth.  It knew she was a runner! She moaned and her struggles lessened as the rubber filling her began to vibrate and throb with warm silky ripples inside her vagina and ass.  She panted as her pussy responded and the rubber pulsed against her clit.  Bound in rubber, identified as a runner, she was oblivious to it all as her body shuddered with an intense orgasm.  The booth misted the air with a strong aphrodisiac and proceeded with the program.

Holly stood quivering in the grip of her rubber bondage and post orgasm hormone flush as flaps of rubber material formed on either side of her head, splayed out likes wings to either side, each edged with the teeth of a zipper.  She tried to focus her eyes, her pussy throbbing from the rubber sliding and vibrating against it, disorientated from the effect of the aphrodisiac mist.

"Prepare for Grid insertion, channel Twist, sub category rubber, submission, runner"

Trying to back off the Grid transportation mat, she took a  couple awkward tiny steps in her thigh high heeled boots, hobbled by the flashing chrome spreader bars locked around her ankles and above her knees.  Whimpering, she twisted her rubber wrapped arms behind her as the fields of the Grid's transportation rose up in waves of pulsating green force. She let out a muffled yelp as the field pushed her tween and into the Grid in a shower of incandescence.

She materialized in a strangely quite place, with her eyes squeezed tightly shut, the rubber plugs still vibrating and stroking inside of her, head forced high by her rubber posture collar and kept taut by the tension on her blonde ponytail from where it was braided to a chrome ring on the end of the single rubber sleeve over her arms.  She bobbled on her high heels, the chrome cuffs of the spreader bars pressing into her legs and ankles as the Grid field dissipated.

"Hello, Runner..." a soft voice hissed.  Holly's open her deep blue eyes wide in alarm as she recognized the man in front of her.  It was Francis, the creepy sandman.  She whimpered, the tight rubber covering her squeaking from her nervous movements as the sandman approached her.

"Welcome to the Twist channel, Runner.  Are you seeking sanctuary?"  The sandman was dressed in a rubber pants stuffed into dark boots, and a tight tank top, with heavy rubber gauntlets covering his hands and arms up to his elbows.  He held a rubber whip in one hand and was slapping it against the palm of the other.

Holly pulled against the rubber arm binder and felt the tight collar pressing into the soft under side of her rubber covered chin as she tried to inch away from the rubberized sandman.

"Well, this is the start of the path, Runner."  Francis grinned, his eyes dancing with a weird gleam as he reached a gloved hand forward to stroke Holly's pussy through the rubber covering it, pressing in on the thick rubber plug filling her cunt.  As if in response, both plugs began vibrating and wriggling madly inside of her.

"MMMMmmmph! mmmmmmmmm" Holly twisted under her bonds, the black rubber covering her body gleaming in the light of the room, her stiff nipples clearly outlined by the tight rubber over her small pert breasts.

"Does that feel good, runner?"  The sandman grabbed Holly's chin with his other hand, tilting her rubber hooded and gagged face towards him, and stared into her wide blue eyes as he continued to press on the activator of the plug jumping and sliding in her now hot and lubed pussy. She moaned and twisted her face away from him.  Trying to fight the intense sensation of pleasure his touch and the plugs' mad dance were evoking in her.  The aphrodisiac had fogged her brain, making her weak with lust.

"Turn around, Runner!"  Francis ordered, "I want to see your rubber covered ass."  He reached behind Holly and grabbed the bottom ring of the single sleeve and pulled her around until she stood, legs shaking from the waves of pleasure coming from the butt and pussy plugs, gleaming rubber covered ass up and presented.

"This is the first stop on the path to Sanctuary, Runner.  You'll be making the whole trip on the Twist channel, every sandman is going to want to 'help' you along."  Francis grinned and stroked Holly's round ass through the rubber, " But let's get acquainted, shall we?" The sandman dropped the rubber whip, and deftly unzipped his pants, reaching in with gloved fingers to pull out his stiff rubber sheathed dick.

Holly turned and looked behind her in horror, as he grabbed her hips, pulling her bound and spread ass towards him.  She moaned as he tapped the base of the rubber plug in her pussy and it slid out with a plop.  It dropped to the floor with a thud.  Wriggling in her rubber wrappings, Holly finally surrendered to the aphrodisiac and bondage and pushed her ass towards the sandman, impaling herself on his thick cock and making them both gasp with the long silky lubed slide of her pussy.

"Runner!  You may reach Sanctuary yet!"  Francis laughed and tapped one of the rubber wings on the side of Holly's head while pushed forward with his dick into her moist tight cunt.  The black shining flaps rippled and suddenly began sealing together over Holly's face,  quickly covering and hiding her wide eyes.

"You better hurry, runner.  Those flaps aren't programmed to open until we both cum!" Francis began stroking in and out of Holly's cunt, grunting with the slick grip pleasure of it.  Slapping her ass with his gloved hand, he admired her blonde ponytail and rubber bondage, and lost himself in the rubber slap of his hips against her ass, and the panting rush of Holly's breathing through the slim space provided by the closed flaps of the rubber hood.

Holly screamed into her gag as she came from the repeated forceful ramming of the sandman's rigid dick into her cunt.  As Francis felt the orgasmic clenching of Holly's vagina around his cock, he began cumming also, hot shots of his cum filling the rubber sheath over his dick, ballooning it inside of Holly's pussy. The face flaps unpeeled like petals from her face, revealing a panting Holly, sweating under her rubber, pussy throbbing from the intense climax she had just experienced.

"Good Runner.  Now to continue, I only have you until the morning, then you go on to the next sandman on the Twist channel..."  Francis pulled his dick from her sopping pussy and tapped the butt plug filling her ass, causing it to fall to the ground as the other had.  He grinned at Holly's expression of incredulousness as he positioned his rapidly revitalized cock at her asshole.

"Ready, Runner?  Here we go!"  Francis tapped one of the rubber wings, triggering them to seal tightly against Holly's face once again.  He grinned and moved slowly pushed forward as Holly, abandoning herself to the rubber and bondage, rotated her ass back against him.

"Welcome to Twist, Runner!"

Part 2

Holly stood in front of the grid pad and tried to keep her balance.  She was naked except for a 5 inch tall pair of black patent heels, shining black latex stockings, a thick rubber and chrome belt cinched tightly around her belly, and the shining chrome chains linking the tight metal collar and wrist cuffs to the belt binding her.  The chains dangled across her pert breasts, sheened with sweat, teasing her still hard nipples with their cold metallic touch.

"Runner, are you ready to continue on the road to Sanctuary?" Francis whispered in her ear from behind her.  His rubber sheathed cock bounced against her bare ass, making her shudder and remember how many times and ways he had used it on her, making her cum, quivering, over and over as he impaled her moist and traitorous pussy with it.

The aphrodisiac mist had worn off, and now her wide blue eyes contemplated the empty but faintly humming grid pad before her, her mussed long blonde hair in a soft halo around her face.  She knew better than to speak.  The sandman didn't like her to talk, and had made it clear that the thick rubber gag would go back in if she did.

"I hate to loose you so soon, runner.  But rules are rules, you're on the road to Sanctuary now, and other sandmen are waiting." He tapped the grid console and laughed low as the green, blue and amber incandescent fractal wavelets of the grid began rising up in front of them. "Give my regards to the next sandman, I know he'll enjoy you." Francis told her just before pushing her into the pulsing waves of the grid. She moaned as the grid forces gripped her  yanked her into the grid tween space in a shower of incandescence.

She materialized in a darkened grid booth, the smooth black glass of its front suddenly lighting up with the icons of a man and a woman twisting in alternating ecstasy and fear around a helix shaped pole.  Pictograms of a writhing black rubber column and chrome collar with dangling key blinked below it.

"Welcome to the Grid!  What channel would you like to try today?" An over-enthusiastic man's voice announced. "You have chosen the Twist channel, home to the unusual and bizarre. Please select your sub category."  The voice requested without pausing.

Holly's blue eyes widened, and she twisted her bound wrists forward, desperately trying to press the flashing amber CANCEL icon at the lower edge of the glass.  She whimpered with frustration as the tall heels made her bobble and miss.  The shining latex covering her legs squeaked as she sawed her thighs together, frantically trying to keep her balance.

"You have chosen the rubber submission sub categories!  Congratulations! Please confirm your choices now."  The voice cheerfully recommended.

"No!" Holly yelled.  The flashing green accept icon appeared and she twisted against her bonds again, stretching down to reach the CANCEL icon as the chrome chains slid across her naked breasts.  It winked out just as her staining fingers were about to touch it.

"You have confirmed your choice!  Twist...Rubber...Sub, welcome to the Twist channel, please stand still while the channel program prepares you for entry."  The man's voice ended as a soft chime sounded in the booth and the lights around her flashed between amber and blue.

"Nooooo!" she screamed.

The booth's fields ramped up and she moaned as it's fields gently but irresistibly pulled her legs apart till she was standing in a wide stance, teetering on her high heels, the black latex of her stockings reflecting the blue and amber waves of force rippling across her body. The rhythmic pulse of the forces around her naked pussy made her close her eyes, a shudder of surprising pleasure running through her shocked mind. The hum of the fields increased and she felt the chrome collar and wrists cuffs dissolve, disappearing in an incandescent fall of particles, along with the tight belt cinched across her belly, and sighed with momentary relief.
The fields continued to stroke her body, and she looked down to see layers of shining black latex coalescing around her hips, belly, breasts and arms.  This time, the rubber stopped at her neck, in a snug rolled collar with no apparent opening.

The front glass of the booth mirrored and she saw that her entire body to her neck was now wrapped in tight shining black latex.  The heels had been incorporated so that her legs appeared to be melded to them.  The grid fields hummed and pulled at her disarrayed hair, and she gasped as it quickly plaited her long blonde locks behind her head in a tight ponytail, secured with a chrome clasp. Her sweat-covered nipples slid against the tight latex covering them, and she spread her fingers to her sides, momentarily overcome by the intensely erotic feel of the rubber.

"Welcome back, runner." The booth announced to her in a bitchy sounding woman's voice.

Holly's eyes went wide as she remembered where she was, and that the grid system knew she was a runner.  Her latex-gloved hands balled into fists, she pulled against the fields pulsing around her, but failed to break free.

"Final stage preparation will now begin: Twist…Rubber…Sub…RUNNER." The woman's voice sounded triumphant with a nasty edge to it.  The fields around Holly hummed at an increasing pitch, and she looked down to see a thick strand of bumpy rubber forming directly over her pussy.  The latex covering her sex slid back to reveal her shaven and juice-slicked pussy lips.  The thick rope of black rubber aligned vertically with her sex, and slowly pressed in against it, moving between her legs to slide up the crease of her ass, wrapping around her waist.  The other end slid up her belly, to fuse with the strand hugging her hips, tightening down.

"Oh no, stop, stop it!" Holly moaned as the bumpy rubber rope slid between her pussy lips to press against her hooded clit.  She was panting, the soft but firm pressure of the strand against her clit, pussy, and ass making her almost swoon.  She pulled in vain once more against the fields of the Grid booth, and yelped as it suddenly pushed her latex wrapped legs together with a smack. "What?" Holly yelled as a sheath of rippling black latex began advancing up her legs, cinching them together in a single column of tight shining rubber.

The rubber continued to advance and she yelled as the fields forced her arms to her side, just in time to be engulfed by the latex rising over her body.  She pulled against it, her fists outlined in the stretchy material, but was helpless to free herself. The latex sheath slurped up over her breasts, pushing and tugging at the latex already covering them, making her moan and quiver from the sensation of the second layer of rubber sliding over her stiffening nipples. It finally paused at her neck, fusing with the layer of latex already snugged at the base of her throat.

She teetered on her heels, the fields of the Grid booth holding her upright, staring at herself in the silvered front glass of the booth. Every part of her was outlined by the shining material, her nipples hard and pushing out from the tight rubber, her legs and ass tightly defined in gleaming black latex.  Holly's breath came in pants, as she felt herself respond to strange mix of rubber and fear that was creeping into her eyes.

Her legs quivered and began to shake as the bumpy rubber strand running down her belly and between her legs began to pulsate and stroke back and forth with a slinking motion, sliding its soft nubs against the folds covering her clit, and the puckered rim of her asshole.  It writhed like some black ebony snake beneath the wrappings of latex covering her pelvis and crotch, twisting and rolling slightly from side to side, stretching the black shiny rubber over it.

"Unnghgh." Holly gasped incoherently.  Her cunt was dripping already, helpless against the erotic onslaught of the Grid Booth's preparation of her.  She closed her eyes just as a cool mist of aphrodisiac spray drifted down over her upturned face, her tightly braided blonde ponytail swishing back and forth over her latex wrapped ass. She felt a trickle of sweat run from the small of her back, down the crack of her ass to join with the pussy juices already wetting the rubber there.  The rubber strand continued its firm sinuous dance over her sex and ass as the Grid Booth sounded a soft bell-like tone.

"Final configuration beginning." The booth announced in a sultry woman's voice.

Holly's blue eyes widened in alarm and she opened her mouth to yell. The neck of the rubber sheath covering her had begun to move up her neck.  Sucking in a panicked breath to scream, Holly pulled frantically against the tight black rubber holding her arms to her sides.  The rubber sheath slid up her neck and over her chin, covering her mouth in a sudden engulfing wave of latex, stopping just below her flaring nostrils, embracing the nape of her neck in it's cool firm grip.

Her scream stopped by the latex stretched over her mouth, Holly twisted side to side in the scintillating blue and green fields of the booth, pivoting on her high heels, her breasts heaving, outlined in rubber, the curve of her black latex sheathed legs and ass gleaming with reflected light.  Another spray of aphrodisiac mist filled her nose as her hurried breath whistled in and out above the rubber gag.

"Prepare for Grid insertion, Twist…Rubber…Sub…RUNNER."  Holly could have sworn the booth's sultry voice sounded pleased.  She gave a muffled yell through the rubber holding her mouth closed, her ponytail swinging madly as she shook her head no, as the booth pushed her into the grid, tweening her to the next stop on the road to Sanctuary, a incandescent spray of fractal particles marking her departure.

Holly materialized into darkness and whimpered as she tipped forward, no longer held by the firm grip of the booth's manipulator fields, and slumped off of the grid pad, onto a soft padded floor. The bumpy rubber strand coiled over her sex and between her ass cheeks continued it's writhing dance even as she rolled on the floor, her latex sheath body humping up and down like some shining black caterpillar. Holly moaned and shuddered, as she finally succumbed to the latex and the insistent ministrations of the bumpy rubber strand.  She yelled against the rubber stretched across her lips, and came, the strong rippling waves of aphrodisiac spray assisted orgasm shaking her from the tips of her hard nipples to her high heeled feet.

She rolled onto her stomach, her ass pushing up and down in a gleaming stretch of rubber, as she released herself to the climax, using the floor to press the pulsating coil against her clit harder and harder. Her hands balled into fists under the tight rubber sheath, she gave one last spasm, and then slumped onto the floor, rolling onto her back, her pert breasts and hard nipples clearly outlined by the clinging latex, jutting upwards into the darkness. The bumpy strand quieted, stopping with it's now thoroughly pussy juice soaked length pressed firmly between Holly's shaven cunt lips, one of its larger nubs tight against her puckered asshole.

"Very impressive entrance, runner." A man's voice murmured from the darkness.

Holly turned her head towards the sound of his voice, and moaned. Slowly, a spot of light appeared, lighting a large rubber upholstered chair, upon which sat another sandman. His longish red-brown hair draped over the collar of the deep black latex catsuit he was wearing, and her blue eyes closed with embarrassment as she saw him smile widely, his large hand cupping his chin, fingers toying with his short cropped beard.  He wore heavy calf-high boots of black rubber, and heavy rubber gauntlets.

"I've heard all about you, Holly.  You have all the sandmen on the Grid quite eager to meet you."  He laughed and stood up, and Holly's eye's widened as she saw the bulge of his zippered crotch, his hard cock clearly outlined by the tight black latex of the catsuit.

He walked over to her, till his booted feet were in front of her gagged face, looking down at her with startling light blue eyes as she whimpered softly, and writhed slowly in her now sweat-slicked rubber sheath.

"What did you think of Francis, my dear?" He asked her, bending down to run his rubber gloved fingers over her nipples and then farther, till they tapped the now quiescent thick rubber strand bisecting her sex. Holly quivered as her clit throbbed in response and let out a soft whimper. "He tends to be too… intense, don't you agree?" The sandman looked at her with something almost like kindness, a look that Holly had never seen pass over that awful sandman Francis's face.

Holly moaned and followed this sandman's eyes as his fingers continued to tap on the rubber strand between her legs.  She searched his face, and didn't know exactly what she saw there.  Twisting side to side slowly, she looked up at him with imploring eyes, and then looked down at her tightly sheath body.

"Oh, do you want out of this nasty rubber wrap, Holly?" He asked her, fingering the rise of the strand just over her throbbing clit. Holly mumphed into the rubber covering her mouth and nodded her head up and down in a vigorous yes, the tug of her tightly braided blonde hair pinned under her bound body making movement difficult.

The sandman smiled and nodded his head yes as well.  His fingers tapped out some kind of complicated pattern on the bumpy strand's surface and Holly felt the latex sheath splitting up the sides of her legs, freeing them. She breathed a sigh of relief as she moved her legs apart, feeling the cool air waft against her naked pussy, still cleaved by the bumpy rubber strand.  The sandman grabbed her by the shoulders and helped her up onto her feet.  Her arms were still bound to her sides by the stretchy sheath, but the bottom of it now looked like a split full-length skirt, allowing her to stand and step from one high heeled foot to the other, bending her legs to get rid of the stiffness in them.

The sandman moved behind her, and slid his gloved hands down to her hips, moving her back till her rubber covered ass was pressed against his bulging crotch. "Is that better, Holly?"  He asked her, as his hands roamed up to cup her still sheathed breasts, finding and pinching the pert nipples through the double layer of latex. She moaned and braced her feet as the sandman began caressing her tits through the tight rubber.  She felt the clinging rubber strand between her pussy lips give a twitch and gasped.

"The road to Sanctuary is long, Holly.  But I think you're going to make it after all."  He grinned, and walked in front of her, making some complicated motion with his fingers.  Holly looked up as she heard a clicking sound over her head, just in time to see two lengths of gleaming chromed chain descend from the darkness above.  She looked back at the smiling sandman in alarm.

"Oh, did you think that I would just send you on your way, Holly? I couldn't do that.  The other sandmen wouldn't stand for it."  He grinned with a touch of nastiness and whistled a strange harmony. As if in response, the coiled strand around her hips and between her legs bunched and stretched out, pushing up twin tendrils of thick shining rubber which slid up her belly, splitting to penetrate the sheath under her arms, then re-emerging to form twin loops, one over each shoulder. The sandman walked over to her and looked deep into her scared blue eyes, searching for something. His gloved hands reached out and held her waist, sliding up over her bound arms, to finally reach over her head and grab the twin chains, his breath warm on her face, his crotch pressed against her thigh, stretching his muscular catsuited body up against her.  He quickly attached the clinking, glittering chains to the rubber loops at her shoulders and slid his hands back down, squeezing her pert tits through the rubber once again.

His light blue-eyes scanned hers, and he suddenly leaned forward and kissed her rubber-covered lips, pulling her close to him, grinding his leg against the vee of her sex.  The rubbery strand pulsed back against the pressure, making Holly sag against the chains as it began stroking her pussy, clit and asshole.

"You will find Sanctuary, Holly." He whispered into her ear as he continued grinding his thigh against her bisected sex, "But we are watched, so I have to play out this game.  Forgive me." 

He pulled away from her and whistled again.  The chains abruptly pulled Holly upright, lifting her off the floor until her heeled feet were kicking back and forth in the air.  The rubber strand continued it's sensuous assault on her, pulsing, coiling, emanating a strange internal warmth, yanked tighter and tighter by the tensioned twin pull of the two strands at her shoulders. Holly moaned and then whimpered as two new tendrils of the rubber dropped down and wrapped around her ankles, pulling them up until they were pressed tightly against her ass cheeks, spreading her pussy wide, allowing the original strand to sink deeper into her sopping wet sex.

The sandman sighed, and unzipped his catsuit's crotch, letting his stiff rubber covered cock jut out in front of him.  He began stroking himself closer to orgasm for the benefit of the monitoring lenses as Holly writhed and contorted in front of him, ponytail swinging in increasingly larger arcs across the deep black of her latex covered lower back.

"Forgive me, Holly, But you will reach Sanctuary, although it will be a long road…" He whispered under his breath.  Holly began jerking against the rubber bonds holding her aloft, her bent rubber-stockinged legs spasming together and apart as the thick pulsating strand of rubber slowly formed ribbed and lubed probes of warm latex over her cunt and sensitive asshole.

She yelled and scissored her knees as the probes penetrated her at the same time, their self-generated aphrodisiac lubrication squelching out from between her engorged pussy lips and ass cheeks.  She screamed against the rubber over her mouth, and began cumming, shaking with the intensity of the orgasm electrifying her rubber bound and sweating body. The sandman advanced towards Holly's rubber wrapped and quivering form, his own sheathed cock straining, hard and ready in his rubber gloved fist, knowing that the show had to be convincing, if she was going to have any chance at all of winning free of the Twist network.

Holly raised her head and looked at him with pleasure fogged wide blue eyes, as he slowly spread her knees apart, the mixed aphrodisiac lubrication from the probes and her own excitement generating a sensual heat across her spasming body.  She moaned with release as he pushed his rigid dick against the base of the strand's thick probe into her pussy, and slid inside of it and her in one motion, grinding to a halt pressed against her clit.

She screamed with passion and began humping his cock as best as she could from her hanging position, her ass clenching open and closed on the pulsing anal probe, as the sandman began fucking her through the rubbery material of the probe in her pussy.  It held his dick, sucking on it even as her pussy clamped down over it, and began vibrating against her clit and the inner walls of her cunt. The sandman grabbed her hips and began pounding into Holly's latex bound pussy, knowing that he would eventually aid in Holly's release, but feeling guilty at the secret pleasure he was getting from fucking this beautiful rubberized woman.  He grunted as the sleeve and Holly's cunt began milking his cock with strong deep pulls. Holly screamed as another orgasm took her, the echoes bouncing off the dark shrouded walls of the room, as the grid pad shimmered with quiescent forces just behind them, the road to Sanctuary.

Part 3

"Dahlia Five." A voice whispered. Holly moaned, and tried to clear the fussiness from her head.

"Dahlia Five, Holly, remember."  Holly blinked, trying to focus in the darkness, suddenly realizing that the insidiously pleasurable bumped rubber strands had been removed from her shaven pussy and ass.  She felt someone's breath across her cheek, and a soft rasp of a short beard, as the sandman leaned close once again.

"Dahlia Five, when the Grid booth asks you to confirm, on your 5th jump, Holly, remember, tell it Dahlia Five." The sandman who had just recently been madly pumping his latex covered dick into her spread and dripping sex seemed strangely serious.  What was he saying?

Holly moaned again, and stretched her arms out above her head.  They were free!  She twisted her head side to side in the darkness, trying to make out some detail.  A low indirect light grew towards the bottom of her feet, so that she could see her naked toes in shadowy profile. She tried to remember what had happened, she had cum so many times, betrayed over and over by her orgasming pussy, crying with the intensity of the pleasure as the sandman used her, while bound in shining black latex, she had trouble recalling what her name was. The light at her feet brightened some more, and she realized that it was the glow from a slowly activating Grid pad, its low hum reaching her ears as it began producing dancing fractal glimmers of recombining colors.

"Remember Holly, it will be your only chance of escape from the Twist network." She turned her head to see the rubbered and bearded sandman looking at her with a solemn expression, just before grabbing her under the shoulders and lifting her to her feet.

"What? I don't understand?  What do you mean?"  Holly felt the words tumble out of her mouth.  She stood in front of the sandman, naked, the increasingly bright flashing of the Grid pad limning her curvaceous body, still not realizing what was about to happen, yet again.

"The Fifth hop, Holly, you'll know what to do."  The sandman began walking towards her, the slick latex of his catsuit providing a dark fractured reflection of the Grid pad behind her.

"Wait, I don't understand, what about the Fifth hop?" Holly began to move instinctually backwards, away from the advancing sandman, and too late realized that she was backing right onto the Grid pad.

The Grid forces quickly spiraled up and around her naked form, tickling across her nipples, and tousling her soft blonde hair, loose and in disarray.  She tried to step off of the pad, but felt fingers of blue and red scintillating force push her back.

"No! Help me! I don't want to go!" Holly pleaded with the sandman.  He looked at her with a flicker of sadness crossing his face and answered, "Remember, Holly, remember."

The Grid Pad ramped up it's power, and abruptly flipped Holly tween, into the Grid, leaving the sandman standing alone, staring at the empty pad.  He frowned, and turned to walk back into the darkness of the room.

Holly sobbed as she once again materialized in a grid booth, the smooth black glass of its front already showing the icons of a man and a woman twisting in alternating ecstasy and fear around a helix shaped pole.  The twin pictograms Holly now dreaded blinked below it, a writhing black rubber column and chrome collar with dangling key. She stood naked in the slowly alternating red and blue lights of the booth, as the familiar sequence played out.

"Welcome to the Grid!  What channel would you like to try today?" The  over-enthusiastic man's voice announced.

"You have chosen the Twist channel, home to the unusual and bizarre.  Please select your sub category."  The voice went on.

She stood transfixed, the pulsing of the booth somehow in sync with the distracting throb of expectation centered at her pussy.  She stared at the Grid booth's display as it continued.

"You have chosen the rubber submission sub categories!  Congratulations!  Please confirm your choices now."  The voice cheerfully recommended.  Without waiting, the Grid Booth pushed through the sequence, just as she had expected.

"You have confirmed your choice!  Twist...Rubber...Sub, welcome to the  Twist channel, please stand still while the channel program prepares you  for entry."  The man's voice ended as a soft chime sounded in the booth  and the lights around her flashed faster.

The fields twisted up around her naked and trembling body in a twin helix of energy.  She felt her arms being pulled to her sides and the now familiar feel of creeping rubber coalescing around her hips, breasts and belly.  She grunted as her wrists were pulled tightly against her thighs by thick strands of rubber.

"Welcome back, runner." The booth's bitch woman alter-ego announced, and Holly heard the snap of the booth's door latch behind her.  She twisted around, and yelled in frustration, eyes wide, as she realized she could have just walked out of the booth before the Grid power had started up again.

"Final stage preparation will now begin: Twist…Rubber…Sub…RUNNER."

Holly sobbed and pushed her naked ass against the booth door, desperate to have it open again, to have the hope of freedom back, as the Grid fields continued their manipulations of the rubber advancing across her naked, sweat sheened skin. The Grid forces pushed her back and then down on her knees, as the rubber swam up over her to the neck, forming a rolled seamless collar of black latex.  The rubber then flowed down her arms to wrap like a lover's tongue around each of her fingers.

"Not again! No, please, No!" She pleaded with the booth, as the dancing red and amber energy gently spread her knees apart, and pressed her ankles together behind her so that her naked ass was rubbing against her calves. Rubber flowed up and down the bottom of her legs, to form hard polished black rubber boots, with spiked heels of shining chrome glinting like twin daggers behind her.

Holly felt the intimate touch of the Booth fields on her naked sex, the deep vibration of it causing her to close her eyes, and moan with illicit pleasure.  Her arms were pulled behind her, rubber encased thumbs aligning with the heels of her boots.  Taut ropes of black latex looped from her fingers around the spikes so that she was stretched backwards. The latex at her wrists and ankles crawled together, and solidified into one thick stretchy mass, tightly holding her spread in a knees apart position. The throbbing of her pussy intensified as the hum of the booth increased.  She shuddered, waiting for the mist of aphrodisiac to waft down on her, taking her to that orgasmic place she both feared and had begun secretly longing for.

Her eyes opened, staring up at the blank booth ceiling, as the mist failed to come.  The latex now covered her from waist to neck, a gleaming black skin of tight rubber, clearly outlining her hard nipples.  Only her pale lovely shoulders were bare of the material, providing a pleasing contrast to the deep black latex. The Grid fields waned, and then suddenly buzzed back to life, concentrated between her trembling thighs, directly over her engorged shaven pussy lips.  Holly screamed and came violently, jerking against the rubber holding her arms behind her, rocking on her knees as the fields pushed inside of her cunt like a tingling velvet dildo. The waves of orgasm raced through her, electric arcs of pleasure reducing her to a wide-eyed panting creature of lust, as she swung her latex wrapped breasts back and forth, bound and helpless in the grip of the Booth, spasming, and climaxing over and over again.  At the height of one of her orgasms,  the booth fields abruptly flipped her tween, onto the Grid and back into the Twist network.

Holly lifted her useless hands to her face and tried to feel the hood which had been sealed tightly around her head.  An attached rubber blindfold had been fastened over her eyes, muffling her into warm rubbery darkness. She dropped her hands in futility.  This sandman had wrapped her hands in thick padded rubber bondage mittens, so that they were now useless ovoids of black latex.  She licked the edge of the hood's mouth hole and stood, nervously, waiting for the sandman to touch her again. She gasped at his touch, as his fingers slid along the warm wet slit of her sex, pausing to finger the hard button of her clit.

"Spread your legs, runner!" He barked at her.

In the brief moment before being hooded, Holly had seen enough of the harsh smile of this dark haired sandman to realize that he would tolerate no resistance from her.  She quickly spread her legs.  She was naked except for a pair of black heels, the mittens clasped around her hands, and the tight rubber hood.

The sandman continued to finger her shaven pussy, the juices of her excitement dribbling over his gloved hand as he moved in front of her, a nasty smile playing across his narrow face, the dark sweep of his black hair in sharp contrast to his almost too pale bearded complexion. Holly gasped as one of his fingers found its way into her ass, the latex covering it bunching up at her tight ring as he slid its pussy juice slicked length inside of her.

"They were right.  You are a sweet one, runner." The sandman hissed at her.  She could hear the slight catch of lust in his voice, and felt an answering tremor of need echo inside of herself.  She turned her hooded and blindfolded head to the side and moaned, as he began to massage her clit more directly, while pressing yet another finger into her ass.

"Are you ready, runner?  Do you want to play with this sandman?"  He taunted her.  He pulled his fingers from her ass, and reached up to pinch one of her stiff nipples, grinning as she writhed against him, grinding her dripping cunt against his other hand and flapping her useless rubber paddle hands against his catsuited chest.

"Oh, I think you are, runner, aren't you?"  He abruptly stopped massaging her sex, and put both hands up on her naked shoulders, the black latex of his gloves lay in stark contrast to her pale sweat slicked skin.

"Show me, runner, show me you're ready to play."  He pressed down on her shoulders, till she had awkwardly dropped to her knees in front of him.

Holly turned her blindfolded face towards him, and heard the sound of a zipper being pulled open. Something thick and rubbery bumped against her hooded face.  She whimpered more from the lust quivering its way up from her mutinously throbbing cunt than from fear, and moved her head till the sandman's rubber sheathed cock touched her lips.

"That's it runner, show me how much you like the Twist network." The sandman grunted as Holly engulfed his stiff dick to the hilt, and began pumping it up and down with her slobbery mouth. The sandman slid his booted toe forward until it pressed against Holly's spread and dripping cunt.  He smiled as she began humping it, her hips rocking back and forth as she continued to suck on his cock.

Holly began panting between slurping sucks on the sandman's thick dick, raising her black rubber encased hands up to rest on his hips, the feeling of his rubber boot on her clit bringing her unexpected illicit pleasure. The sandman watched Holly's hooded head bob up and down on his hard dick, admiring the way the room's lights shone off of the shining black latex.  He reached down and pulled her mittened hands over so that they were pressed against the base of his cock and balls, and groaned with the intensity of the pleasure of Holly's sucking mouth running up and down his shaft. His cock jerked, once, twice, and he pulled it out of her mouth with a plop, and shot his sticky white cum across her latex covered face.  She slid her tongue around the edges of the hood's mouth hole tasting the dripping cum, and continued to grind her pussy against his now slimed boot, abandoning herself to the intense stimulation it was providing her.

The sandman watched Holly, idly sliding his still hard cock against her hooded face.  Holly began whimpering, and her legs spasmed together around his boot, her arms wrapped around his legs, her breasts pressed tightly against his rubbered thighs, nipples hard and jutting as she came, climaxing with a yelp, hooded, blindfolded, a runner in submission to the Twist network. The sandman smiled, and pushed her off of him, so that she fell back with a moan onto the padded room floor. He dropped down between her legs and snagged her mittened hands to raise them up above her head.  Pressing the shining ovoids together, he waited until the rubber flowed and sealed Holly's hands into one round ball of stretchy black latex, cinched tightly around her wrists.

He  ran his gloved hand over her pert breasts, offered up for his inspection by her upraised arms.  She moaned underneath him, and he reached up to tap lightly on the side of the hood wrapped around her face, smiling as it flowed closed over her gasping mouth.  She struggled underneath him, arching herself up till her nipples scudded across the latex covering his chest, wriggling her hips and grinding her pelvis against his.  The sandman grinned and used his booted legs to spread Holly's wide, his cock nuzzling her wet pussy lips.

"Do you want it, runner?" He hissed at her.

Holly writhed under him, the feeling of her hands trapped in the rubber, held above her head by one of his large hands, as his other toyed with her sensitive nipples completely overwhelming her. She tossed her hooded head side to side, a prisoner to its tight dark rubber confines, and stretched her mouth open against the shining black latex covering it.

"Yessssss" she groaned, the ache in her pussy crying out to be answered.

The sandman smiled and licked the taut latex over her lips. It immediately flowed into her mouth, gagging her with a latex approximation of the sandman's thick cock.  Holly jerked and thrust her hips upward, capturing the sandman's real dick against her engorged labia. She writhed against him, frantic for the orgasmic release she knew would be hers when he began pumping her cunt with his latex sheathed cock.  The sandman laughed and plunged his shaft deep into her slippery pussy, watching her black rubbered visage, blindfolded, twisting this way and that, as she moaned around the packing of the latex penis gag. Holly, felt herself lose what little control she had left, and began slamming her hips upward against his pelvis, her naked sweating skin slapping against the gleaming black of his catsuit, leaving wet marks at the point of contact.  She felt her pussy spasm as he pistoned in and out of her shuddering cunt, and pulled against the rubber binding her wrists as well as against the tight hold the sandman had on her arms.

"mmmmMMMPHHH!" She screamed around the thick rubber in her mouth, and shuddered into a series of electric wavelet cascading velvet orgasms, her legs stretching up to wrap around his waist, her black heels snagging the latex of his catsuit.  The sandman looked at Holly's contorting body, hard nipples, breasts slapping against him as she jerked underneath him in the grip of her intense climax, and began shooting himself, his cock jerking inside of her cunt, splashing the walls of her pussy with hot white jism.

Holly felt him cumming inside her, and groaned, her pussy clenching around his hard dick, milking it of every last drop of cum, her legs pressing him deeper and deeper inside of her, as if she would swallow him up with her sex. Holly started, as the dildo gag in her mouth suddenly gushed a hot sticky substance into her mouth, and began sucking on it, the sweet warmth of the liquid filling her with a feeling of contentment, and erotic abandonment.

The sandman gave one last deep stroke of his cock into her spasming cunt, and then pulled it out, standing up, to watch as Holly reached down with her still latex bound hands, and began sliding the shining sphere of the fused latex mittens across her exposed clit.  He could see the rhythmic indentation of the latex over her mouth, as she sucked on the penis gag.

The sandman reached up a gloved hand and stroked his chin, "A sweet runner indeed."  and continued to watch with interest, as Holly brought herself quickly to another orgasm, moving his other hand to begin gently stroking his own revitalized latex sheathed cock...



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