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Hard and Fast

by Pete Lowery

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© Copyright 2015 - Pete Lowery - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-MF; M/f; latex; catsuits; harness; susp; gag; toys; insert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

A long text message had told you to be ready when I got home. It detailed what you were to be wearing, and how you were to be bound.

Once in the door, I went straight to my study and changed into rubber. Already hard, I only became harder still as I slid into the fully enclosing suit. It had socks and gloves and an attached hood, with a cock and ball sheath.

Dressed head to finger-tips to toe in rubber, I proceeded into the bedroom where I knew you were waiting.

You had dressed in full rubber, only holes for your nostrils open. Your suit had three built-in sheaths, one in your cunt, another in your arse and one in your mouth.

As I'd instructed, you were semi-suspended from the hooks in the ceiling, leaning forward in a sling. I could see lube glistening in each hole.

Stroking my cock to further hardness I stood and looked at your predicament. Stepping closer , I pressed my cock to your sheathed lips. You opened your mouth and took me in.

I didn't have to do anything as your head bobbed up and down on my dick.

I caressed and stroked your body as you sucked me. I pulled out and walked behind you. From behind I strapped a ball gag around your face to replace my cock. I tested your arse with two fingers before sliding my rubber rod into your rear. You squealed and grunted as I thrust into you.

Getting close to cumming, I withdrew and again replaced my cock with a large butt-plug.

I checked the straps of the sling and lifted you to standing. I gave a small push and you slumped backwards into the weight of the chains.

I didn't test the waters. I held you by the waist and shoved my hard-on quickly and deeply into your lined cunt. You shook and trembled as I plundered you.

Holding on, hard, I fucked you mercilessly. You screamed around your gag, squeezing the butt-plug and tightening your sheathed pussy on my stroking tool. I thrust harder and faster and quickly shot my load into the sheath of my suit.

I pressed myself to you, holding and hugging you. I lifted you to a standing position as I pulled from you.

I removed the sling from the chains leaving you attached.

“That's a good start!” I walked toward the door. “We’ll finish this soon...”

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